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The Mic is Mightier than the Sword | Bishop T.D. Jakes & Tony Robbins in candid conversation

2021-06-08 | 🔗

Known as America’s Best Preacher, Bishop T.D. Jakes shares with Tony how you can become a great orator. Combining passion with power, instinct and intellect, Jakes creates a recipe that you can follow to have your message touch hearts and souls and change the world. This dynamic conversation with Tony and T.D. will touch your heart, make you laugh, and teach you wisdom you can use in your daily life. Interested in hearing more from Bishop T.D. Jakes? Listen to past episodes where he took part on the Tony Robbins podcast here.

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Show Notes:

1:17       Tony welcomes T.D. Jakes

2:17      TR: Why this book, why now, why Frank Thomas?

3:30      Don’t drop the mic: the power of communication

4:13      TR: Tell us the story of you watching the news with your father

4:54      A man of color speaking on the TV was very, very rare

5:30      Dr. King grabbed the mic

6:17      Talk to people outside your bubble

7:20      Dr. Thomas challenges me to explain how I do what I do

8:20      “Great communication isn’t just tangible”

9:38      TR: What part of Martin Luther King have you embodied or has become a part of you?

10:27    Church was about more than just faith for the African American community

12:52    What you don’t know can be expensive

14:11    TR tells story about being abroad

15:20    Different types of poor

16:20    If we can share blood, we can share conversation

17:31    TR: What do you see is the purpose of communication?

18:45    Respect and communication

19:20    Whatever we respect, we give time to

20:40    The book is just as much about listening as it is about speaking

22:00    Some of the greatest breakthroughs come from the bellman

23:00    Aligned interests = trust, but not respect

24:05    TR: What is presence to you?    

25:24    It’s difficult to trust people who want power without investment

27:45    T.D. Jakes on his ancestors

30:14    TR: What is the value of suffering?

32:30    “When they march, they should sing”

33:50    TR: The unification of suffering

35:30    TR: Psychological immunity

37:16     TR: What’s a situation when you fell flat?

40:00    TR: How have you had to adapt to be more effective without an audience there?

41:48    The pandemic created a vortex, and so faith became tangible

44:30    On avoiding criticism

45:30    TR: How can you deal with the fear of public speaking?

46:48    T.D. Jakes: Talk to yourself

48:20    We label to file people away

51:35    TR: Where is love in the magic of your power?

52:30    Nike’s synergism

54:25    Car wreck, do you want me to call the police or the ambulance?

59:22    When I don’t have the ability to articulate what I need, I can only be angry

1:01:55  "We don't treat the successful because we believe success cures personal pain and it doesn't always do that."

1:04:38 TR: How important is drama for someone to be effective as a communicator?

1:06:10  Example: Floyd cried out for his mother. Every woman identified

1:08:50  Adornment        

1:10:40  Sweeping dirt floors

1:11:50  TR: What makes someone a great storyteller?

1:12:30  Bible story: Bartimaeus

1:15:30  TR: How do you know when to go off script?

1:18:38  “You have to engage intellect and instinct”

1:24:30  We were chosen to have this conversation while the clock is ticking

1:25:53  TR: What are the most important things to guide someone to not drop the mic?

1:28:18  "Diversity invites me to the party. Inclusion asks me to dance."

1:34:20  "If I didn't change the world, I changed somebody's world. If I can change somebody's world, then to them, I changed the world."



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How can we ever get a pike, ass directives here today? I had the privilege to introduce to you or maybe reintroduce if you watch the Pike S last year, that we get a dear friend of mine, a man who's, a great Virgil. Leader is a man of inspiration, is a master. Communicator is a man of God. I, the speaker of the gospel, the voice of hope and web and warmth, and- and I think I am the voice of reason for tens of millions of people, including myself, is really unique. Subjects is a bishop is also a tv and film producer. Isa Grammy, winning ordering music producer is at a New York Times number one best seller he's written forty bucks. Yes, forty four zero and he started out being raised in West Virginia, and these starts as first church at twenty three years old and West Virginia and now
he has his own church, of course, the Potter House in Dallas, Texas S, three thousand people the producer, non denominational Durazzo. You have this incredible, gifted ability to move people so much time magazine back at you guys want so you, the best preacher. The United States rejecting most creatures, gonna model around the world today. So I want to welcome my dear friend, tv Jake's, thanks for being here today. for a heavenly I'm so delighted. Every time I get to breathe the Sabre share. The same space will be other sides with you always about a lot better, learn something that helps to bet broad. My perspective looking forward to the conversation or February runners, I'm here listen and learn, as I always do when I'm with you brother we talk about his new book, it's called, don't drop them make the power words can change the world is for when forty pages of pure magic in this, that below its markets,
George, you give stories, strategies tools even have apart Crimes so to speak, who goes through and he's a brilliant scholar and shows where some of this organisation come swimming. Your history, like the shoulders you stand on just like I do and differ shoulders, but also he goes through it and takes one of your sermons in a car houses break it down. It's really it's stored no book in a remit. your books, but this one is truly unique. I first question supple: why does But why not liable communication to me is obvious. Why now seems somewhat obvious, but tell me why, for you now It tells me but Doktor Frank, Thomas his role and perhaps just clarify most people drop the MIKE you're saying, don't gotta make people think that's the goal. Maybe you can clarify the matter Well, you know brought the bikers up that I became very popular months. They departed at the end of a performance ever brought the by ETA became a cliche to represent that you had this powerful moment. It was addressed the right moment, so I just reversed. It had set bounds,
by an immensely. To be honest with you Tony, I started writing a kind of a legacy, but to a password next year. The ways of what I had its period during my tenure ministry, the over these past about forty five years, the diversity of platforms that I spoke on both faith platforms as well as secular platforms as well as business plan, what's an entertainment platforms. I had such a panoramic view of articulation from so many perspectives Then I started writing about that. I believe all that the pandemic came again
Rachel tensions arose about while, while I'm talking about Turkey, our nation is trying to have a conversation, I would talking over each other and at each other not to each other, and I had to include some elements about bad added to it, as well as your intimate both personal relationships, I don't got. The bite of talking to your children are brought the bike when talking to your wife, though drop the MIKE on dealing with heart, sub decent after two to believe in the power of communication to be the conciliatory agent that is necessary to back up the world a broken hearted people. The substratum of what may be right, but this beautiful tell me No, maybe you're there on his right about the book about the What's a one night watching your father watched, the news in a very special man came on we'll begin obviously a part, these one of the role models in your life. A very important ones, to tell us more about where it is began and held out the belt. The believed knew that
A person with a microphone can change the world well while I have about six or seven years old, my father's, like Goliath, giant to be a huge mammoth mayor, both physically admin, get up, there was huge- and this was one of the rare tabs that he wasn't working, that we worked a lot and I was watching the news came on and there was a man of color speaking at that time. That alone was a rarity turner. Your tv set it see. Somebody will look like you speaking was very, very rare. At my father's expression I dont know I went back and forth between looking at the way my father looked at him and looking at amazement at how he handled the MIKE and how he tackled the problem that word pervasive during that time. I grew up there at the sixties, color bathrobe, color water, founded that the vehicle
bore all say also was going on in our country by then tat. The leaders of the chaos going on right, bow added, stood of grubbing up, a girl, like some people, did during those times at our doing today that you can read the much added at it taught me at a very early age. It lifted indelible impression upon me that might turn out to be more powerful than a gun and we live in a society debated anything we don't like. We want to shoot it, but but what made to learn is a power words about communication, but the king example, rather Mahatma Gandhi Daddy identifies it anyway. Nelson Mandela exhibited it is today. Part. I think you were going to ever have a more perfect union. Did we have to become more involved in speaking speaking
people outside of our sphere that needs. You can't just me see I was talking to see. Owes you really need to get down the grass roots and talk to people outside of your bubble? We have created all of these bubbles, but there s fixy eighty, because we don't get back to start about this preacher start. The bridges believes that I believe is believe restart the believers yet were brought into this margin. I asked a society that ask us to live together and we can't live together if we don't learn each other's language and how to talk to each other. I of the things I was touched by the book. Was there understanding that western histories usually taught in written form but west african history you're an outward industry and usually taught in an oral form there are times. Obviously, weapons were slaves, they weren't able they weren't allowed. Even reader. Do something about it, your, but it even goes earlier than that. It was the tradition of learning and you are
you ve, carried by tradition, honour Doktor Thomas. I just played a role in looking at some about a mean, obviously welcome Thomas's expertise is in african american preaching. I mean that's what his doctor that near that's what he teaches at the university and it's the substratum of what his passion. Is. He not only the preseason, professor and theologian, and a scholar and challenges made to explain to people how I do what I do, which was very, very challenging, because you know you do what you do. You don't really often think in terms of passing it on. I just some unexplainable way that causes them to be able to benefit from the dynamics of what you do, because what I do, as such a mixture of the science of linguistic said the art of connectivity,
collaborate together in such a way that you can distinguish the science of from the art of it too, though it is one thing science to feel it is the artistic part of it there I am, to explain something that is not always tangible. It is about we got a great communication is. Is that just tangible is not just a definition of the word? It's all the differences of applications, come from the word and whether you are having a discussion that we are or whether you tried to talk to your wife. We use the same words, but they don't always made the same. Understanding. The distinctive can determine whether you end up at the boy S court or have the second horrible, bigger we expect the I've always had the things their backers? Most are invisible, force and right. Look a little. You look at physical bangs gravity too much you're dead too little work right radiation without an upward dead too much work. But were gone is the most powerful force, its human emotion and
snaring. That words are triggers, amounts, emotions and Responsible proudly responded, and we certainly know that choice, but different words have different person. Do you really been extraordinary adds I've been such a band of yours is both the quality your intellect most important leave your heart, but also your capacity to express that in a way they re. is the human heart. The cushions, through those limitations in your church is not all after American, your churches mixture, so you been ever reach people all over the earth juries What part amendments to get back the emperor second weapon, if you remember you embodied or has become a part of you, I'm curious them. Your perspective throughout our never be as such necessity compare resolute. I think he was one of the most amazing orators up of magic, racing raw material and written about it to pay such picturesque language and words the way his voice inflection. His presence
This is where the rhythms all led to an unstoppable force that actually change the world as we lower and saw but out to get affected all of us in some way to be inspired that that there is hope in the inn and talking to people in need which then you have to understand the underlying inference of faith. In the black community made something different than it does at both like abilities, were a church is totally about fate. For us, it was the civil rights movement was born. It was well for schools and started. It was the first by force. People like a week and frankly, Gladys by many others say more. They started out in a faith powerful, because that was all the level we have. Consequently, today, when you get ready to reach our community to bypass the faith element that is to bypass the gateway, then open up all of it,
community to absorb understanding, bad preacher Would you say a preacher? What you pitcher depends overture experiences are at artificiality, that includes activism, that include social justice. That includes business advice that includes looking over contracts before people by have, as we come to our pastors, expecting a lot more from them. He has just elements of faith. He asked what his his baby, I'm much like. Gandhi was a model for him as well that peace could be the solution that unifying us was the answer. Not separating us. A beautiful picture book did read brought some of that history of the african american experience in the midst of it teaching be about to communicate and bring their voice board. It's it's. A beautiful synergy that you created here grateful that you created it one of the things that I would like to say, particularly to your audience,
living in a bubble is expensive. Now you make statements that you had to spend billions of dollars to correct the damage, control and public relations most seals executives. Entrepreneurs are our focus on biodiversity and inclusion and equity, and, as you do that you hire people for decoration, you also have to include them into your life. You can't just simple them to your office, but it'll them into your life, so that you can circumvent choices. Maybe this means something at this community. I have that it myself and at the book I talk about how I offended many can help people while I was tryin to ingratiated them, and I did not Add that what a particular word met in their society. I quickly found out as as lit up by social media for about two and a half days was far hell in Britain. Though, I quickly retreated as a wow look what I did love there. So much
above the expensive, be detrimental ETA can cause you two earlier date, an audience as we become more global as a country which is more brown. If, going to ingratiated have a following: a building tat. You had to be diverse, your ability to communicate with them and understand sensitive doubt whether it is for some with the learned distinction or whether it is for somebody who is smaller stature. Getting there language to communicate with that sensitivity. was laborious I'd those frustrating, but it is, it is the catalyst to which growth is attained. You have to go beyond that which is familiar to you as there's no expansion underway. just live on a box right in the night and right there's one thing that makes people happy as progress in growth. By word, we grows who have something to give rise.
RO we don't have much more to given in life, becomes really empty it just about the self, and anybody who spoke is in itself see somebody. Well today bitter extremely well off in an angry all the time where the angry about their angry, because they really are growing. Will you give it somebody everything you think that's enough, doesnt matter what color their skin it there some form of brown. I have been given We have an example of one of my early days and as my twenties I went overseas with every time I was broken. This country, United members? Now it's going, I'm said this so important. Bikers doing this, and that and also because it really growled up and then I started with the linkage, do its bit of what it means the middle finger. Tension out, I was like smell, used, really understand, because the pursuit of its wording about that most of us when we go receives really study I'd get a briefing about the culture. Yes, we don't
people in our own country, who are distinct from us, pointed out without provide them with the dignity of the importance that says, you are worth studying. You are worth the focus of my intellect so that adult inadvertently a fit. and you have to you have to learn the language of the people that you want to reach. What is the most effective way to do that at the back gives us some Ruth Rome for expansion for development, for the close of this for a more harmonious about perfect union whether that you'll get is a marriage or in the workplace. There's a different type of poor all poor people about the same. There should be withdrawn.
Being poor, the inner city and being poor in it and in the battle of America on a farm where your barely able to make its big there, both poor, but they have different that now makes it different enemies of different with aids to contend with they. Don't you not stepping over needles? You not dealing with gave balance you you're dealing with a different kind of poverty So when we start respecting each other's story, I'm listening and learning that story rather that allowing the media to tell us who other people are. We do a lot better at so what we are doing is about brought the bite is less keep talking, even when you get it wrong, even when you get trawled even were corrected. Even when you get your feelings, hurt dont brought back and start talking with.
how to keep talking, because we ve gotta keep breathing the same air drinking the same water, sharing the same space, often ensuring blood transfusions. If we can share blood, we can share conversation right. We have so much more got in the way of body just ridiculous, but it gets magnified. You knew, I know you know, talked offline you'd, seen the social women, those out I'll be watching. You see how there is a certain class of people, now are treating you like your lab rat. They know how to stimulate view by giving you a majority believe in and piss you off by making other extreme cheap certain from you to keep your line, and it just makes a trail a trillion dollars limits on these countries with a trillion dollars now with a deep as but one of the beautiful things I think that you do and I think it's required. If we talk about quality communication, you too said the first step, in my mind, gotta know your audience. Gotta know they need to know the arts argued others. I think there are linked.
giving you out maybe was on the back of your book that Doctor Thomas gave was this idea is to talk about fear in the power, but your time about paying into power right, you're, moving name, power should that be give do that? If you know someone story: what do I do with their experiencing, including your wife or your children or someone else, so I want to know for you to me. Communication is about connection it's really about serving in some way, man, that's what the whole purpose of it. We can earn early. That's what I do. We have nothing, but What you see is the purpose of communication and from your perspective, and how do you know when you're effective way What makes you so that you can upload smoke your way you, you know you are so, could you make of it Well, you know it's war either many things men courts, but first of all We are one of the few species that are able to communicate both verbal
verbally added writing to chase the meaning of something with a voice inflection with other suffix or prefix changes. Definition that will work and were able to write that it were able to read that were able to speak that so you see righted books. You out european policy that sort of thing I think that without one a little said with a hundred sixty three characters, we will never get the gettysburg abreast. We would never Adam Henry was worth Longfellow. We would have never gotten EDGAR Allan POE. We wouldn't have gotten judge whether jobs it all of those great writers there's an orders of of all different cultures and cans? call the day when we respect language- and I think respect is substratum of communication- you cannot communicate with something something or some one that
respected up to study at at at ass. A guest in the book is not enough to study your material. You also have to study your audience. You have to study who's coming at the world. What is the demographic. What is their story? What a sensitive touch points were there at all to be, great orator, you had to baby illustration that connects with the crowd that audience that situation and putting that kind of time into it is respect because, whatever we respect, we give tat to whatever we don't we. But without give time to add so subliminally when we don't really though, the research wasted, you're, not important. and so we have to be ready to take the off the parameter of our sociological construct to embrace the first tat. Some people- and I think for me,
I was amazed that the people thought that I was a great orator. I've ever thought that I was, but what what is really striking to me, is to be able to attend to wished to heart, took to be able to express what a daily feels like you'd have. What what does pen field What does love feel like what does hurt feel like what does? What does depression feel like the boy aim? Do the bore a debt we are at being able to take those words? Have users paintbrushes? The a picture that you can say about abstract feeling that I am having the more congenial our relationship is going to be the boy empathy we're going to have the more connectivity becomes possible because we we are hearing at the book. I talk
While the book is about speaking, it is just as much about listed as it is about speaking because if our rules by hearing right bow did eventually both to be just going to deteriorate though there's nothing wrong with that of the deterioration of my speech is coming from did I hear a wooden living ever tat right now that we ve lost arguing, show up at the way that we speak to each other about each other. We have stopped listening, so we have stopped speaking to each other correctly. That kills merits that kills a business that kills a company that kills a company that that have a way of listening to spend sober that kills a business every time you don't have a web listening to not just the person, the bitter see sweets, but the person who is pursued the world, though something you need to hear, really smart people make. Everybody, a teacher strata,
the cover stood it that's. What makes you smart you'd, never stop loading you'd! Never stop! Learning at you can learn a little something for just about everybody, including your children. The greatest some people. I know men or women. They practice that they don't talk about a big actually institutionalized it. I'm your friend the bill pathless. beg us any got he's always told me. The greatest breakthroughs he's gotten from the bellman Gonna be blind counter because they know but you said you guys got your book that I've used often as well, and it said the best one. Communication is when you hear what's not being said in order to do that, you have invested a different oh molly of history, but also in this moment to see and feel experience Robin Hood
it's in your mind what you think, you're gonna say. I can't tell you how many times I have organised the talk, my number one thing: it who's there. What are really really want, what are their wounds? What are the herdsman and it was not as many products I well before every doc. I have this battery of about forty questions that I ask my team ass, good ass, the people and I get to see some people there and then customize it in a way that really make sense, but I I'll bet. You bought something else which trust and respect those who qualities are the most important foundation for quality relationship, business, personal, intimate, drastic water times, gonna wanna. Take your trust, somebody response most we'll give me as well as the feeling, or I trust, because they ve done what you know. They said they do, but I regret that something is done what they said to do and then they didn't as it yeah. What could you trust the managing an idle? really believing that use the metaphor, amazingly? Well, I don't know who you are you can, if your interests or line,
confine our interests, the line. We can trust each other. If I win in you and if I lose, you lose it worked. I didn't hear you can trust somebody, but then respect was taken speck somebody. You know, I think it's knowing the other person bring something to table. You don't have. That requires honesty with yourself, some ability, but also just opening your eyes, but there's no human. but I've ever met, but I'm not see. I couldn't learn from that, isn't superior to me in some way that I don't look at myself as inferior cuz. I also know I have a unique life. Experiences are certain things no one's like me and so me to see that person and an equal level, but I can trust and respect without that. Communication does not last breaks off very very quickly, but I'd like to know whether a presence in open, great communicator top presents, Martin Luther King, as presents I'm not staying your Martin Luther king. I know you're very humble, but you have your own unique presents and that by the way really important I see so many people try to copy you or look I'll be me
it's usually entertaining right, because the their missing their power would be to be themselves open. Right ways presents for you, How would you describe what it means to speak from the sole cause? I know that's language that in the end and you what would you You describe those topics. I think that I am the most powerful, where I am the most passionate me too, as it, that is to say about that later, I have different. Here is really care about it. My heart has to be an agreement with my brain, for my mouth Poland, as our understanding that about yourself by limit the subject matter that your bread, but it woke, impact the odds it's more powerfully because it of synergism between what is passion in your heart and what comes out of your mouth at the bed is better important to say, comment about. The word. Trust are you, you know
was to set up a press, you're gonna invested it and I think it is very difficult depressed people who want power without investment- yes, sir, regardless of what the nature of our relationship is. The greater the investment Luckily, I have to be able to trust you. that it best. What should be the curiosity? It can be more work. My favorites sentence is: what did what did you mean about their or we'll get through with the meeting, and also what did you think about that, because it is to that that I'll make sure that what you said, what I heard that what we experience we walked away with the same thing that maybe your perspective get brought man that's respect to ask questions. Is respect we'd, never ask questions,
the people that we don't they have answers at anybody without asked questions. We don't respect salt so to invest with your curiosity to adverse weather. It's fine actually work, study or research, or to invest your gift to be able to reach a person, It creates a truss because there is an investment there, and I think that that is a very very and I will never care how much you know until I know how much you care and the more. I know how much you care, then what you know can become more beneficial and it could be bent in the warehouse and a trustee balls out of that Annabelle of a relationship evolves out of that, and I think that's very important today, because we we are allowing that which is artificial to replace that which is
virtual emotional you'd, better the words, so the days went out by patients about purpose by pay by threats by weaknesses, my fears but bad certainties. Emma insecurity, makeup the elixir that makes me who I am, and it's not just the parts of me that are glad or is it support of them sent me that are broken and shattered and sensitive and tattered and torn. To the whole elixir at the recipe of who are ultimately become I walk out stage at that. That presents that presents is a composite above all about it, The answers by that their debts, yet this share is also my grandmother, my grandfather, a bug, waits grandfather. By great regret. Father at all. My ancestors are all sitting at this year, so so but so that share out the bright, because I did get here about myself. I have the sum total of everybody who came before
so true, I have a simple rely to everybody. Has it I'm not a great big Randal, really look at myself as a speaker, grandma communicator, but I'm a source of inputs, I'm here to help someone make a shift. It's really Michael, my persuade my communication is to persuade someone wants possible for themselves in a move them forward, as opposed to what's impossible. I don't know about that. I had the terrible task of heavy just big bad, so I don't know what I'd do. Let you get away with that. We work together, best arise. Thousand people stay. they put me up to speak, as you said, I could watch at all. This is not bad you're, not beds rise, not blood smoke. Radicals wouldn't have that's. What's a beautiful we're different approach, you so eloquent your song, your languages, so amazing what I think It's true. As we both I have rule. I want to be binding on the best possible way to learn from somebody else. Who is precisely, I don't have enough bell. You bear mightier than just speakers speak right.
I also took place in your pockets in different parts of the book about two thirds. Where do the book you interview a doctor top you bring about you, Thomas Right, several chapters and that's right, that's really beautiful pieces about the world. we talked about, I want to go there will be later by lumping choose me right now. Is this idea about him. He asked american community, so Lisbon so wild about because of so much pain, meaning You ve got so much unjustness, some pain so much just Insanity and you can find still the stalls death, that's the power anyone? I know not what color their skin, who has hoping to deliver. It's usually because they bring through hell and kept going, and then they added attention by making the movie of Man's search for meaning. I know if you ever did ever read the book by chance the gentleman? the jewish Marianna grew stronger, walk. When somebody is like in a really bad lies, I give a tunnel women.
his family, being killed. Front of them children, the gas chambers, by bad experience, because he created a reason to communicate in the future a reason to live in a future. Make sure this never happened again. It's a pretty amazing story, but again the people they can. Each people saw- and so many of us are trying to avoid suffering, and yet suffering, get out a deep meaning. I dont want suffering on any human being. My whole goal is the ends operate with people's passes again but I also know that values upbringing. You addressed that, whereas someone you know what is it where do you see? It is. What makes life amazing is that there is life would not be valuable if the clock were not taken. It is a fight that we lose people that makes us learnt about people you you can
have boats without self areas? It is the polarization about experiences they have caused you to find the man you gotta, be a balance, said, no matter how much your net worth, you cannot escape suffering there. It's going to be her feelings, heart bodies, heard circumstances, loss of loved ones at the gate, each one educates. You had some way that love us enjoy it about that others seek it awarded, but it, We all of us experience it added is what its carbon above all of us, a lot of us escape it. We come here Beckett with Dad. You could take nothing with you that your tea- all of these little toys, that replay with it. The best between the two debates held with we don't get a lot of them in the task with us, and if we do, we still
think of with us. What we do have is a collection of experiences in moments and memories that enriches us that engage us that cause us to gradually gradually very gradually become better people. I don't It should become a better person overnight ethic gradually become a better person drew a mixture of good. added such sad and re, the pleasure and a family. You start to draw conclusions. And you start thinking about that. I wanted to tell you this because we were talking debate. We take a buzz of the job Louis said Louis before he got what he thought about black lives better, as opposed to civil rights, will He said in many ways it has the same purpose and synergy and passion. Then he wanted the people to go forward and then he said the stranger state These are the only thing I wish they would do that they don't do. He said
when they march. They always say. That's good experience, doesn't it yeah? It's because the deadlines, the Spirit into a dozen article higher consciousness to it. The unification of singing and support, not just anger, is unified, but, like the higher spirit, is unified, any tat, saying wild dogs by two Well, what are termed non EU, and, while you're being over the head with clubs, desert sound, the song that comes I was so who has had to, their way up? It has voted their fingernails that somebody who to voice lessons ITALY, beautiful town, but when you say from your soul, you seen from the wounds of life, whether they be warned that were inflicted through the voice, abruptly vessel still boards or parents with
others. It changes he says to say got seals all over me because I got jointly decided to do so then that's. What is missing is the missing ingredient for not just one particular movement of the missing ingredient typing for someone humanity that living in this place of raw wrong good and bad, and there is not the unification, there's something about the human spirit, but is used the town, the pitch, the feeling that comes from having experienced. That is what penetrate It's the only universal experience. I don't be war time. No one thing you can catch up and his ring stay there. That's our choice, whether statement about everyone's gonna extreme stress that your letter destroy your drive. You right who is not going to have an experience, regardless of the Congress going regardless of their economic, gutless. Other he's through the background. Well, somebody people love them.
everyone's gonna averaged rooms. We're gonna lose about one we're gonna. Somebody says you got cancer. There is going to be in a position where you get raw. There's gonna be a fire. Your home, there's a calm. You dropped down. Gonna lose your job as exciting as all that, but there is no one who escapes it. I've seen us about these people, the woman or child, was born gigantic physical difficulties, and I watched the suffering we go through known skates. On the question of what you gonna do with it, and I wrote the other thing that those extremes dressings deal with. I've noticed they they remind you, one. You really are. If you push through, if you keep pushing through it all you ve got I'll, keep going It doesn't. George you real friends are like. Oh really cares about you right now, maybe a facebook, friends and no disrespect, but the p actually care about you when the going is top and everybody else goes up to their snub nose the people, the matter you need a million of those people. You need that Europeans that you really love and are therefore love. Another for you It is. I begin, strengthens your psychological immunity
friend was locked up. You know ignores the man for like ten years beads flowery they meet european acid from his p, we're gonna back and burn him, I'm a real, welcome years ago. This gap in coffee I gotta go the girl he workers peacefully, ironically enough room- and What is really being abused in my opinion has spread. Looking out, I mean, like you know why, because they can do I do not believe me, those laughing- they could make me stress now- you're, that's the immunity that comes. If you can push that sovereigns, I want for anybody offering I've loved you. You got through the people, love about you, there's a purpose in it. If we use it, don't let it uses of white stress uses ass. You stress covered uses. That's all you to make better movements better decisions situation that happened here. A year ago we have begun to use, it might be used by sir I've couldn't really won't tell me this year,
both made mistakes. Speakers right, you talked about your book. I member early autumn. I used always these bring ass the dense. I could show people really deliver not to talk, but a transformation inside always absolutely who'll years got something you can't change, is not an uncontrollable Bobby used, probably get loose, probably depressed. That was my signature and had always seem to work. I found a way and this time this person Three people pointing in the person involved here- and I used to be that anyway- and I put that person up there indeed I was there. It was. It was a rigorous, but must be an hour happened three hours later. What about thirty percent of the people are left in the rooms? I wasn't given up when I finally cracking cherries, with almost nobody left the building. Where words I gotta get some invested a little bit and wonder you James, perhaps above all, to try and do something in front of an audience in twenty or thirty minutes, but what situation, you felt laughed and what did you learn from Gaza?
A data huskily bed with a budget has high school kids, of which I had nothing in common. and I walked in the room, and I I just I felt like I slept. I don't know whether I did or didn't, but I felt like I plug number one you don't have to is it. I want to be there anyway and they're sitting. Cannibalism we like you, what what are you gonna be talking about had at at the combination. In order to be effective, I have two five there's a chapter, the book weapon. About five. It. The joy ass quickly ass, I remember, and I have had to fight the joint. What connects us? Yes, what? What? What? What is a bridge that connects us? I could not find that bridge RO is enough tab. Had I been terrible job but I learned from it that finally, the joy that connects us at building out from there,
Here s how we are able to embrace new at different times of audiences, if you find the joint, what is common to us all right now, what is being pumped into our veins? It's what's different about us. Constantly you constantly for ratings for dollars for advertise for hit on other on a site. We are big pit against each other continually until our houses us, but it is not just our country, a whisper, without relatives. long ago, at the time to get a better deal. Because it goes bankrupt about at times like this, not humanity. Conflict zones will Divers America's you're really good draw my in your speeches. But what is dramas conflict? And so you think about it. There was a movie or a book in the movie, starts out with we gotta main character and are happy in her help, even a great relationships in the joint later economically connected a god, they're beautiful mission,
through their happy in their helping right relationship, beautiful, beautiful, measured and helping in the end they re who's. Gonna go that bill. Nobody knows, fortunately, human beings are pulling my drama, but dramas now use. Where bleed the leaves and the media. And now you have to go to the news, it follows you and your social media, a different world. You- and I both about the experience of reach. We find ourselves speaking the empty rooms talking the cameras, Ai Weiwei, obviously maybe the pieces, and you do sermons you do you go about nine people, mists rocket, auditory, adult Do we want ordinary by countries unseen, unfortunately, on the screens and even the roads, but it's not the same. They tell me something how you have to adapt to be more If that is without an audience there or have you had your? Are you doing sampling? Well, it took me back to how I started.
Do you know about better? My first about five hundred people, seven showed up there all the reports on the Roma trickled down here to row at that. That is the advantage from starting from groundless. Zero life could ever do is put you back to where you started, so it goes back to where I started at an end. where I started was preaching to the people that I imagined were missing Well, that's, very good idea. That's what started up with these within it budgetary audience now meet legendary crowd: imaginary, need at an imaginary circumstance and from bad. I begin to speak to those empty chairs, as if there were people there. there's something about five thousand Six at our about, as though they were there's something about. If you can invasion something
that hasn't materialise. Yet, did you had the power to make that thing become whatever you? A They are what the world, what empty I at this evasive did it if it were not about Turkey, though I was it. It robot look like a fool, but about people. You know what my It's all over. The world has quadrupled it this year. card number to gone up three hundred percent in this year. Two hundred and fifty two different countries, saw me into our service it this year spite of the atrocities of the virus, said Anne. The social justice issues about that it created a for tax weapon. all over the world are looking for something the old want to wildlife is is is filled with boisterous Wade's, add at killing air all around us, leaving us
but the best, your for, which seems to be birthing solid, the whole about do that's what faith becomes almost tangible, sense of anything to hold onto other than the inner This is like work it out at the job that they put you out. A ball attended a live weights, because of the process of everything, big unstable. You find a so core of who we are is threatened with everything else else's shaking around does that's when our core becomes more solidified but profound to say this to Athens what you would talk about everybody suffers, that's true, but people were trained The thing, analytically linear afresh in finding the most difficult when they are safe. Because I had that allows.
base. Mostly they haven't been worked out, was more like a guy to give out a kid has protected us alive, never break the bony Scatterbrain responses adopted. He broke off your plans, Give it to me baby, I'm gonna life right exactly right for them. When I talk about don't brought the might struggle with fine words to it, press abstract ideas as struggle with it in advance better to write it right. It is better to speak, it speak it don't start out talking on social media, about sensitive issues that the rule we often alienate obvious is that we we're talking to the wall. All about something that we should be talking to a friend about, because If there is a test- and I call you when I say I think about this idea- does this have crazy to you? And you say: if I were you, I wouldn't say that, because somebody could pick that this, where thereby you. Try it out, on millions of billions of people,
I were shocked when we get all this blow by coming back there at us, because you cannot, if your world does not reflect the that you speak to on social media? Did you haven't develop the skills speak to that audio jet, Tell your audience. Your life becomes a microcosm of your following. Then you have a litmus. the test right ideas to see how they responded? Different settings and death absolutely dry of echo avenues? Adam Aristotle also said to have criticism, saying nothing. Do nothing can be nothing backwards and got an auction. Anybody really cares and we also have an answer now. What used to be like somebody like by Bill Newton Dunn, watching that something has been cancelled and you're right, get rid of it and everything else. It's it's a funny. Little phase we're going through one of the nicest worthy buying what Europe is about
precisely because built you know if someone's gonna pick up a book as there will be a greater communicator, I'm gonna do a beyond one person in person can happen again upon the person the biggest years be dying. It's real up here in the top to its rate, is public. Speaking I don't have that. Do you remember the beginning, but look at the beginning of thinking about me quickly, I learned their zero a year. The thing about you want, but I'm focused on serving you and noticing what is working and if it does it not being attached to it, just change. changing changing gonna find it because I'm here to Sir, if I can you're going to help people even afraid gossiping about yourself. that's my approach, what was your approach to approaching someone who You think I should really have a voice I want I want to share, but I'm just afraid, especially the world were talking about your Gibson good advice about the audience, are not just dealing with the fear of getting up and speaking in front of a group of people, I'd say,
Ah, you grow as a speaker and you're, not gonna, go from big silent, all the time to being an orator that speaks in front of millions of people on the first trip less than with three yeah let's start with ten yeah. We have you know the tabs. We live, and now everything gets instant. Ethical Jason. You know we cook about that posted eagerly. Greatness is not something it's not about you download you did something that that has to grow like a rose Bush it has to grow, it has to be bothered, has to bud and blossom and bring forth fruit that whole process is necessary does it informs itself as it develops as it develops? It increases itself. It becomes more profile as it about so I would say to them to start out in a room. You know before you go into a room you go and to begin to build confidence,
some dexterity a whit numberless, a bad start is while spaces It says that it is really strange this. This would make the whole interview I'd love to yourself. That's great. Yourself with gauge ourselves. We entertain ourselves. We have so many things to entertain us that, with use, our brain. Anybody ever tighter one of the great privileges of growing up poor. I was poor, but I didn't know it, but one of the great things about being a poor kid who didn't get toys you had to create toys are sticks, it rots, I got out and play a creep bed and it made you created so sometimes you have to get there before you get there and you have to talk before you get in the world and I get the rehearsal a big able to verb. Alas, what you are trying to happen
to verbal, as it is quite different, whether you will you take a couple of my business. If you take a couple, you bring them for counselling. and they had to verbal eyes what their angry about a lot of tat is very difficult for them to put it at work so they started solve together, but also about other you don't get it sober. Would you the verbal ass? What you are angry about at the boy? They begin verbal ass. They had to calm down to do that. They have to date to do their bit, that they had to get engaged to do that. In the process. A little fair, discreet, Z, in at a little perspective, creeps a little by little boat if I'd does allow you to sleep, it so, rage and what we do We call you babes you re Spider Europe, this Europe, that your house,
whatever we want to call you. We call you main to avoid listening, because once I could put you in a category isolate you there and I don't give you credit for bigger, obey your white man. Europe will at which they retired people that the level of you they can put you the FAO discredit. You That's why I don't like labels even want people, I got a better stress it, minister, but don't put a period when God, but a cover up other play per hour, leader ever see YO. create or a writer I'm about father of a guy, I'm a fool, I'm crazy, I'm funny, I'm stupid, I'm smart That is sitting at this chair right now. And to have all spectrum of yourself engage the process. Would you speak to people
because I have heard you speak, you you'll make the lab you'll make the crowd everybody job and then leave it to find it, dog, cart, wells and stuff like that? You can get them, but you bring all of tony rabbits. Comes to the state, It is not just a piece of it. It's all have the cuts to the state in order for you to be a great orator, you have to know who you are and bring all of yourself with you when you stand by the boy was it abrupt? That means that you might is attached us up to it's. The floods. Its power is not just speaking it's a platform. It's a spade risk social media that biology its arch strawberries fulfil its views. So, whatever God gave you the work with, that is your microphone and you you care about drop it
I love you personally, I you know that it was a strong word Roma people, but just the truth. I also think that when you look at what makes you away Given my my looking across the table, you it's all those parts of you that you describe people don't want it again because it to our most people got advisers. Is Figured out. Robot also didn't want anything. They have to be. Questions were passes, waited not be question rather think or communicate persuade or share or anything in this label somebody with them. bingo I've been. Can you tell me if I'm wrong behind it. All the one thing they go through every shield is not judgment, but love I mean you can't influence somebody while you're judging them. for so much love. I loved my audience as I really think you feel they are another different everywhere like you're right about this well, and when I went from twenty nineteen we're going two hundred and sixteen seventeen cities in seventeen or eighteen countries on two or three times
five, six? Seventy programmes, one million people to do a billion people this year, and I gotta be almost why novel baby girl, because I can only be a no man's communes and light events. But I let, when I got it, China Big what's different than one I'm in Japan and then even looks them whose there in bad audience in that country what's going on? What is this? What is the experience some? people don't want to do that. But where is love in the magic up. Your power is everything. I've exotic Progress is also absolutely all my people say: you'll love these people. You got a bit of your sitting. You're trying to do a pleasant Asian, just gone is everything. If you don't want funny about it. When somebody loves you, you can feel it yes, you can set it at all. It's it's great to say it, but could also said that the legitimacy of it through and the way to engage with the person about,
Can we feel I love toward each other? The people who are listening to us cannot, I feel that is infectious. Its contagious, it spreads its way to the audience, its breast of the family, press to the cooperation its Bristol everything that they took a tour several years ago. I thought about it. A book about content I think everybody from the gate to the sea. Oh everybody, was said the same thing about the company, how it started what was important to it, that the message has permeated the entire staff of thousands How did the people? They were all infectious excited about a mighty at at at at all. that was so inspired only, but maybe, but I thought I want that in my life I wanted my office. I wonder, family, the synergism, where we had the same story at the same. those years, a boy garments about status means there.
The brain has gone before he goes out. Some have you tried to get the brain to go out and you have to build the bread inwardly before Build it out with an that's true of our culture here you know, maybe they don't talk about the mistakes they made, which they made plenty bright, dragon child of the job. Peace offers ever gone right. You wanna hear Nike Down You can also look at what they ve created. The number of people whose lives have been touched, the jobs, the people, people going to school, almost they and their focus people what's wrong is always available. We to look at, we can fix it. Constant. You ve missed, What's right is always about one. If you can't spend more time on what's right beget unified, we gotta. Here what's wrong and address it and also, we'll try, because otherwise there is no balance, then it just becomes judgment and there's no one. I think the penetration, the unifying you're that make somebody a great leader. Is they create a culture
rich people, follow the culture leaders grated culture, a culture of love. Everyone will feel it s. Like you said, it's infections starts to touch everyone for what happens. I want to say this because I think it's important, he asked You start dealing with sensitive issues between a couple between races between cultures between countries we asked that we often look for because we are solutions already added is Google. a boy whose fault Eddie into the stream, from whose fault is this? You can resolved the problem. I had this. experience that that I share the people were really enjoy the book, but I was driving down the road and I was a young man and I came over a hill at West Virginia and when I came over the hill there was a car wreck. pull over to the side of the road. I ran over to the bad there blood all over the windshield, which was cracked and he was blue.
And I said to them. Do you want me to the police it now call an ambulance I never forget it because I'm calling the police swains who was at fault Call it an endless list. I just want to get better with a brig I'll get the ticket later right. Now I need evangelist ass. They were called. The police on our society that needs an ambulance. We understand that it is better that tell it about our history? Is it blaming? You is only the reality without payment, facade of we really are so that we can be, While we all the way we are now, we have to go all the way back to what happened. Did you can't come at the last seen over movie and figure out? The movie from the lesson You gotta, go all the way back to the beginning at five about why this character,
is enraged, so when we about? Show that our secrets, but would you Would you urge you have the arab sequence? I, what raw with us today as well? Have a conversation about them, because all we hear when we talk about yesterday is that's not my fault. That's the police, stop it! I want the ambulance. I've just telling your web Ok, that's all we would sobbing defensive, which those beverages which killed. Employees, which kills, Albania, as a country, all that we stop big of defence of we get greater. On that eleven fought for a period of time. We stopped being defensive and we got greater we were arguing for unified above all, we need is the Euro. All of us and that the countries too
solidarity. Nobody cared Rachel was always by who was white, who, with democratic who was republican, we had been attacked. I am saying it shouldn't, take three thousand people All we got far out of the building to bring us together and remind us that we are better together that we are a park said so beautiful, so beautiful I think that we were living in a time in which unification is the power and we have to be able to go back and bring us all. We have to understand where things stand but we also just like in a relationship. relationships regarding about the question I want to Know- is not just with right, will you what would you need? More importantly than what you want you? That's! The Jimmy isolate the commission's statements and has gear drawing up your eminence, I'm gonna, be expression gods, Bratislava, roman spire, millions of people like forty five minutes now, my mission. Toys abarbanel if we also sincere and real- and it shows up
every way anybody will. How can I, sir? How can I do anything, we come to that place, gets rid of a lot of those pieces. Gotta chose this. That's what I'm here for I want this to be better for you and I think we have to show them to each other. I use them the relationship is internet order of business. I wonder whether the racial situation or with other countries there absolutely We have to be pay said: yes, the patient, because sometimes, if a doctor walks into the hospital room at I suppose, What did you need? He may not have the ass to be able to articulate what he lays But if he ask him how he feels yeah tell you how it feels it hurts right here. I don't know I don't know what I'd need to fix it, but it hurts. right here and I think that there, while develop the language it takes, wow even ever merits my. Why was it
right this is. What do you need? You now depends on your own We talk about dinner with What do you want? We're gonna help? How can I go anywhere? But but if you will, let me find my way into the conversation, because I may not have the ability, I don't have the ability to kids. The right to use the language of the oppressed. What I don't have the ability to articulate what I'd need. All I can do is be angry Arab. This angry ever I want I view the fix it, but I don't have a right to prescription so so what has happened is when we know someone is injured. We have the step, their limitations to articulate what Oh, I forgot what they need. it didn't relationship, sometimes I want my wife to fix up there. ever even articulate
was wrong at that, they with her, because she did the southern that I've ever even say or maybe If I wanted to say, was wrong with it. As you just starts grand, I don't know a deserted arable. I had to take the time to allow to be patient with the pace, because they do not always have the ability to write the prescription, because there the thoughts of blood by their pay- and, I think, a bit has hurting way about. The people who are the boss agree in this country? Are the people were the most hurting? various level America, where the still by but males, have set, bowed and the farmers about making money at the crops about Roy at those animals Russia there or what urban areas where there is where your trap by invisible wall, of systemic, a racial cop perplexities that are difficult to articulate its
face it. It's it's Hauser, yet so many things it's fun. I believe its generational problems fabric that understanding that we all have these needs. We have to be patient, with the patient at those of us who doubt had those needs black waited Browed at their black white. About who don't have those needs on the basis of the fact that without had those bits, but we have other dates. That's Brotherhood of humanity by need what Tony needs, but I need something- and I can relate to you made, because I know what it is to be successful at still have a need, because people out there, if they see you up Maybe you don't need anything. I bet that appear you got a vice cop euro, big very day.
as you know, the boat is the car. You drive it because of the patent you're feeling it up at at at at that. We treat the successful because we buy the live that success cures. Personal pang at it doesn't always do that. Doesn't I roundly does not actually be a year? Doktor Thomas was begins. What's on his back and big influence on you and so many beautiful ways, I know he wanted. It appears to make sure that your place in history was there as well, by articulating this unique way in which you have been able to communicate to hundreds of millions of people around the world through all these different tools. That rather than scalability. The technology brings us when you bought a message to the went beyond scalability went apart and one of the great way see describing you together describe what you do. We use the metaphor of cooking and I learned by reading the book. I didn't know that you really enjoy cooking, this idea of a recipe. This idea that you need me, but you also.
The directions combination, is the essence of how you get something done, even as a communicator, but I also- Brown I wanna get simply to talk about three pieces. He bright described that are part of your back when you talked about. Are you always do things and scratch using meeting these fundamental ingredients that you use? Many of those come from the christian tradition. Some of those obviously come from the african American driven. The combination of the two where's the many examples, but there's really pointed out that I really bout interesting ones drama here this, idea that you can use drama effective way to capture the humans. Beer to awaken somebody to something and then the secondly talked about was the will to adorn this idea that we, had this desire. All of us that comes from within this desire have big beauty, experienced beauty sureness of a beauty, but you gave them really unique. Understand is for me, the Latin America as to why what's the African Americans are pulled in a certain direction, some people think
exaggerated beauty or overdone beauty, unease. Others, there's never a beauty and it's never overdone just not responding in a big sense, third one was storytelling and burglar which your magical adultery. So can we start Maybe what drama and running? when he tried Romany, gave these six elements. I wrote about eagerly Freedom of bottle expressions are about drama and the miracle american Communication every american churches what was unique about it. Was you use the freedom of full body expression, the freedom of emotion, to be expressed, the town they could marry the volume and call in response and then those pregnant Cyrus's.
and it's like a rather like Europe procedures eyes. They said to me what dangers? Here's your dna on its, what ails you damn your African in opposing the criteria. I certainly match a part of it, but tell me all about about how important drama is for someone to be effective in the communicator, whoever there talking to analyse. Take a second, look at this idea of adorned a beauty and little storage and what you want at the time of the get out of all is take the drama. Christ spoken parables, yes, no stories gas and they were dramatic stories, and he did them to describe the abstract kingdom that we couldn't see, and it said the kingdom of Heaven is lacking. It's a drama, take something that you can't touch and brings it down to something that you can relate to reallocate driver can access. It connects us-
with the abstract ideas. It breaks at centre stage after through the dynamics of historic, because it is easier to scrutinise character than it is to admit. That's me hear her carefully so that their backing just after through a character, a certain man had two sides. I can teach us. the devil character that that I can say to you directly. Are you treat your keys? You document about that with your kid you're gonna get the feds obvious at the other. Sorts of that fact a bad result. You, your other, had to fight to your defence. Run worry less stories in Trans European. Dig you internal! If I want you to think about your high school years down the line, and I want to talk about your mom I'll talk about my mom and you go there, you can help it right exactly at all of a sudden. You are you're at that moment. A perfect example of that was when George Floyd cried out shop its day for his mother. He asked why women black women Brown-
Every mother of the planet said saw her child other than me. Hold up. You did about the Euro, call for Barbara uncovered baby. You know there are certain things are common to us. Creates that does whether archer so important, because drama creates a platform to do that. The second big guy was about bravoes important in it up in a remote control. Were we cook up, but that we should cut you off without them said the law? If you stand there like a stick at the, only things will with his lips and you don't have any problem with were used to sensory overload, though all of the device, is that we have and were watch about those green simultaneously at now you want to bring me and for our at lecture me as a whole and captivate bad tinted. I think that the drama, the fully gaze with the
oh cacophony, of the orchestration of you. What makes an orchestra beautiful is how we take all of these different instruments and orchestrated to produce a saw. What do they say they ve got a speaker does. Would you take all of you and you it's not just bring it. It had brought it, although the table in his behaviour to orchestrate it in such a way that there is harmony to produce at expected in. So we do that through the instrument of privatisation startup. About a daunting. Yes, we had to a door poverty. The man's adored me get out of it How did you do the bad legislative you? It would mean by adornment, if you, if you wish, to decorate toy heads too. To take an abstract idea, make it visual to make a colorful to make it more palatable. Adornment is what we do with food. What we see
in it. You know what we have for dinner tonight with kids cover the house. What are we haven't for dinner tonight? You don't say where we have in common and were happen said a minute we're having a little paper recurrent seasons out a little bit of garlic powder. So the sprinkled overtook him. You don't give them the adornment, you Tom, we're have objected, but when they taste it did Norma this heavy seas of it that make the two can exceptional, because you actually just gave them the chicken with the adornment it would not be merely as a sensational, so there waiting for us to be able to bring Cecily to the statement. is it to be had experience about something to be endured, but something debates. People walk out that you should have been there. I carried even tell it like you told the do you set a bitter
What they say it is. I didn't have the covered about about garlic, powdered added I didn't have the crush clothes, but but there was something about that chicken that was acceptable. it is always bought. The chicken is dormant, etc Doorn a message to adorn addressed tat? It is the fight, the two, found out of your league to propose it is Did you have music at the background? For the first case, it is the fact that the tinkling up up up up Chablis glasses connecting together. It makes about memorable all of that. It acts as a door about, but it is at the moment, but it dawns above it, and so we come from a history that require the door
because we, the bad money- and we didn't have things so we had to adorn the moment through little things like job in the broad what we got married, which was Africa tradition you had to do at the moment. We could go shopping. For what it gowns and at the level of that sort of thing. But that does not mean that there is not a poetry either poverty that there is that that there's like class at duty, even in paying their theory, is that there are certain things Doin, even the boss, a palatable situated they cause in that you at the back up and look at it say what I'd never will forget beard Soweto in Alexandria in South Africa, the going into this very oppressed area, and they had bird flu
wars and I've noticed the floors were dirt, though, would know tat the carpet. Nothing like that they were dirt floors, but they were swept. Yes, they swept the withdrawal. They kept at least, and I will give you could see the broad parts in the dirt their door what they Yes, if you got a door and a few other daughter, mansion and so did, the art of great speaking is to adorn it to justice flows down like mad streams of living border cascading, bowed people's bought at the dead. the law about till you, that's a boy. That's a Europe that the mastery of linguistics too, to adopt or something that otherwise would be hard for the audience to hear. But Doktor king was masterful at a daunting
Otherwise I what makes somebody great story: teller, their drama is a part of bad weather composed is there. That makes a great story teller, because you know, Jesus, you said was a great story. Teller by big part of the little Sea related to people with stories didn't go say: go Recruit, Christians he went to the fishermen had become fishers, a ban writer, I understand all process when they buy bring a man, so But what? If it makes somebody rate storyteller? How can someone become better steward. when we vote leaves spaces where words to communicate our deal that is to say ah, is about our desire is for me,
but by debates about says, set up to be set by the have always said that sad Biggie and he heard the Jesus was passing by it- doesn't describe the Palestinian when the sad that had cut into its bones tanks and pains at the disappointment being set there every day it just says he sat by the highway, sat baggy method, it doesnt dramatize the fact that though he was glad he could hear and how, in spite of losing what did he had not lost every day and he had learned out of use what it it gets what he did not have that's not written there. But this part of the story, yes cries out to Jesus at at this. Decibels screen have mercy on me if it that's all, you read, but you did three with the intensity.
Did that it was the desperation that provoked the screen, but that his heart beat was racing at its blood was passing through his brains and his men were string when he screamed above the ground to catch the notice of a fleeting moment that if he lost this moment He may have lost his lyrical and saw desperation, bribes and beyond protocol and makes him become more rapid, bumptious demonstrative to get the attention of the only help available, because it was in fact. Passive, but so long ass. You see that such as what is it there was a fact a pause, that's the break, the pause it back. It allows the you're a moment to catch up to the privatisation of the moment. or you just read the words right.
And why do you need a breach of the disco to read the words? yeah. You When our words I see pictures, that's why these as widely felt as the pictures did I described the pictured, but just the word I described the picture that is created So there you have a sense The perception that goes beyond that, which is intellectual, goes out to the soul, and you can feel glad bottom is at his desperation and his groping pressing feet, standing up and probably to get to Jesus the hopes that he might leave just a we'd better than having paid you step into the experiences of your there, any Brad, slowly, As I always say you can't move people you're, not move. You can't touch. People do not touched at leisure,
the experience you can't rings someone's about experience in Europe, magnificent bottom linguistics, but your computer today to step into about moment and livid as if you're there yourself and share with your audience, them to experience it as well as its gorgeous. You talk. having the ingredients and then having the instructions but you and I both go off the instructions and back you talk about that. Your book, you said, advocate the languages, but something like you know what ray communication is overdue, inexact language, but it's passively to follow directions until you dont like knowing, when that When do you know not to die my own version, but when you know not to get rid of what you thought you're going to do so in all our work and my team, I created them, I'm crazy over there
four hours and hours days and days later, let us I mustn't active, I believe sequence matters, the dog bit Johnny Jolly bit very different. If your job right, no sequence matters- and I feel- and I lay all men- are globally audience- eighty or ninety summer time. Oh, you I'll use some of those things, but Madame is equally because I just feel something else is needed right now. I could see you. I can feel it. I dont what baseline presupposed element, most cases so How do you know when the goal of script give us an example. If you gonna scope- and why was more effective if you're, not my little they ask you at a law, roundabout way, I'll break up and Johannesburg was invited to go on safari as a part of being a guest speaker there for the billionaire should they had over there and they invited me to go on a safari, and it was my first time going on a safari. I took my son with me and
up sitting beside allergy early that wanted. My wife, what here going she stayed in the house with the door close bigger than the weather animals? Massa that I got up earlier, we got out there. We were at the The fact is the largest who's driving the jeep and out of the air, but the engine of the jeep is a battle chair place were Zulu is sitting with a rifle Edward Boy through the jungle. Yes, bad at the zoologist, explaining all the various compose of the other animals. Teeth are cut in such a way that they buy the bridge they prudent without destroy, get an outdated, so desired, or God. If you please, I saw that the planet to be self, sustaining right down to the the health threats of animals and what it does to the soil. It's very interesting, but the problem was we had been driving out.
If we had not seen the elephants- and here he explained elephants, but he couldn't fab yet too. At the end of the day the Zulu stood up on the edge of the jeep and licked his fingers Put it up there at said. The elephant is over. There. And all of a sudden, it exploded my head exploded, because not because of the bad day about that. So that was incredible not because we found the out of it. So I wanted to do that by headaches, voted because suddenly I realized I was sitting at between intellect he could explain state he could find it has. Damage, both intellect an instinct.
What makes you able to remember a particular piece of content affirmation that a stats whatever it is it your yet it wedded to deliver state tells you how fast it? How did deliberate, how to convey it in a way that is most effective and instinct happens in orbit. It doesn't happen on the paper happens. At the moment. There is a state. I have got up to speak with figs written down on a piece of paper at right. Before I go speak, but for your nerves away. I fervently hope that the same may be opened at that time, most of the street, but I'm not exaggerated is most. no values beating my brain advance. It's gonna like making closets and a beggar girls. When you got a castle jacket, does about argued, mazato money deposits of experience like an emotion and commitment. you're standing here to communicate whether what your passion about what you begin help them. Then there's plenty They run part of life. You no result.
I was so people success in life. As a result, the good guys, like you, make good decisions, you're, gonna, great life, good we're done some experience. What parliament has begun job and expand? I have begun to bad judgment, but it's like right right now, but I think wrestling bavarian snake, whether you have used we're not you're, still a human being, and I think we all have about people. Don't always trust it, and one of the great just that you have that's. Why media, what you do like you, how about you done your homework. You know your core message: the messenger that you're describing. What does your message? but you also can vary in the moment. An then bother all those places the legs of the level that we're talking is unique to the human species, but instinct is common to all forms of life. It's. Why turtles lay on the beach at the moment that that that day
colleagues, our heads they instinctively turned toward the water at sea. Turtles were immediately by the way down to the water without instruction its instinct is why. birds fly south and the weather is instinct- is web whales made in Mexico. In January in December to large, because his instinct to go with it. Others are warm, so the birthday the raising of their babies instinct, We have both God we have both. We have intellect we ve got, the zoologist we're the intellect we ve got the Zulu. We ve got the state at if we put them together. Because sometimes what what what your son, if you're losing ground with him, your intellect your degrees,
Your accomplishments. Arriving at the check is instant to understand. This is a big, but this is a bee. Their moment, be, there are moments, do that come with warning labels, its instinct and so did. The instinct is just as important as the intellect whether you building a sermon whether your poet take out of the oven. The instinct says that the resolute said leave it in. Therefore, our twenty bet, it's my estate, says is done at our kid they ve overrides about, intellect up pull it out there had. I left it in the full time for a while, but they would have a draft, but by instinct save my intellect what we want to do it. The reason I wrote the book is to adorn you with both both the intellect at the instinct to be able to be better at verbal. As it says, the sensitivity to know
where and how to bring your best self to the stage whether the stage is a typewriter, a laptop whether the stages the company you own or whether the stages the family, you love, we don't want to lose early stages at the take that will cause you to lose. The stage is, if it already mass about you otherwise. The speed of light and used it about some of your book. Anybody could give course you with your book people big it up. I think up instincts and intellect are harnessed when you have a purpose than bigger than yourself when there is it when there's a purpose born what you're doing more than yourself there's something about life support, something at supporting more of life like you. Do it yourself, it certainly what's gonna show up boy, but everytime. You of your family is one more
like you did them inside a community humanity another with virtual signalling, bullshit. I bring about you know. What's in your art, glad I am I periods. The incident ambient like come together for a higher purpose and you don't have to think about it. It just comes through you the job issues that are recognised and use it, but when you're already locust observing attends to happen in my experience so The older you get, the the closer you get to to Valuation, selfless, giving effect to toward purposes destiny and legacy. I think you're younger your private proved yourself, I have a little at once you answer that initial question. Do I have something? Then the question becomes, how can I use it to better serve something bigger than myself, because we had the memo, my life, I realise that I am I I'm not living with you. I have died.
yeah you're mortality without a doubt without here How I know that I about living with you that I have dined with you. Our conversation become so rich through the avatar, Do you right now? I lose sight of the fact that everybody will hear our conversation. that's how recess of the cup so which, because while we were chosen, but only to live together, but the dire together we're having this conversation is tat. Well, while the clock is ticking yes, while the clock is and we will never- if we do this again tomorrow, at the same time at the side, at the same cause, we could not recreate this.
but to save our lives. This moment stands at a category all by itself to be savoured to be enjoyed embedded dissipates. It goes to live in our memory bank. Our memories are gone Yes, you make it so rich guys. You said my wife. I was going back to death because she always bears everything the death in this area, but that being a counselor, not a jailer. That's the deal that some people think about the jailer becomes fear, and I think you are you loaded. Does somebody in the book here you're tired? about when we steer something we there We the worship it or will we don't understand something we worship? Betting was Alice. Walker will either where's your bed or we fear it right. Learning learning how to utilise their councillors, though, that you find a more deep meaning in your life is so powerful. So I want to ask you in a word: that's so divided. If we're not right, the MIKE
our intellect not just spewed brings and our instinct What are the most important things that those of us who have a voice- and we all have them on the world? Where do they have any other voice? The question is: will you be heard, it doesn't matter what the scale of reaches its scale of death of reach rights not reach like I'd get as many people have you, can I go? What would you say our some things? Maybe some principles. would say, would guide someone to not brought the making that moment. Internet people away would bring a waste? make sure we find ways to appreciate and unify rather corporate. Do you talked about in the book? Remember correctly the language, energy use or something like those that communication that separates or builds a bridge in those moments not screw it up by just our own emotion or an desires, but used to build a bridge instead of distancing you're putting people wait. Let's let covered lighting become our teacher,
There are eight billion people on the planet, but it has affected us one at a time where the real change happens, one at a time, yet it didn't affect every country at the same rate or the same place, but little by little one. At a time it's Fred and at first we called it an epidemic, and then he kept spreading and spreading a minute ago is a pandemic. Then it became a matter. It was almost unstoppable when it happens one at a time. At best,
Every body listening at us can do one at a time we can change the world. If we delegate that responsibility to Congress or presidents or senators or governors, then we will misappropriate our own human responsibilities, because the changing of the world began with every inhabitant in the world and so to the degree that you haven't Florence, you start to change where you are, whether you're an entrepreneur. You got three people on stare at all of them. Look like you act like you, dress, like you'd, think, like you, did. You have a challenge to integrate your team, and I have an experience that not only creates diversity but includes by invites me to the party a closed of asked me, the bat that sounds so that you stop. One by one by one year, is a great mistake.
she's gonna want already here that those beautiful So the right me to the party. estimate, the bats gorgeous. That's good I think we have been doing a lot of adversity with it by the people to the party, but never asked to dance. They did the terrible about two hours happy hour. They don't go to the event that the golf course they don't about really get our life, the decoration for books, and so when you include people and make them a part of the family, the dinner distances began to change at all its stars. What do you mean to dinner? It starts with you covered. My house about just becoming the to yours? It's an amazing experience you come out of areas that you control, how much more learn about people when you don't control what TAT Deniston
What we're gonna have for dinner. What's gonna be other menu and what kind of music is not? We played as long as you are in control. You may invite me into your control, but it's the obscure, still subordinate Give up the power of always baby control at sit down. The floor with with the Japanese and have a meal, even though United with chopsticks. the experience where you'd all control law the variables it starts on that level. One too to you. Brad pass the highways. Allow you to bypass it. so does her heart, because anything you can drive pass. You can live. Talk about having the experience. I have always said that I believe is a poor substitute for an experience absent
you gotta believe about White Black Brown, probably gonna, believe by China. Where did you go to China and not a sanitize version of it rides right described We call it american friends and, moreover, let you go be there with real people. Real experience then you start seeing the universals and you also see the differences in pay, not just learn them mainly become a part of you. My final question: either Thank you for gold for so long. If it quite forever with you just look at the time over the you before I asked you that I'm going to just sit right behind everybody got to go pick up this book. If you touch a bit by now, you never will be we're gonna, pick it up and just don't brought them right! This is your opportunity, my last. Where's the what's the purpose, your life at this stage at sixty three years, all growing one is a purpose because it everyone expressed the different later many purposes and would you passion about Tibet, I've, always been somebody. What are those crazy? In that case, individuals with body could change the world.
And I remain optimistic- that I can change the world here and with the degree of strengthened days and win and breath that I have left. I want to do things in that their leave the world better than when I found it. So when I look at real estate, I'm looking at a housing, I'm looking at creating a workforce, housing and creating better community options for people who are first responders because now we're living in cities where the people who serve the city can't afford to live in the city they serve. So I had this lofty notion that I can change world that I can get inner city. Kids pointed to word, says: technology engineering, a man like that I can make inroads, thereby exposing them.
summer places on stem and and and after school classes it helped to subsidize what they're not getting in school? I still big. I can change the world out of the thirty thousand. Formerly incarcerated inmates had gone through taxes. A finnish re entry initiative are, one have word, were tactics. The end made for a job at all. The other had a meeting with sea. Oh said: will you give them a chance at all I'm trying to supply need and supply because Sometimes there are ceos who really want to make a difference, but you put that add at the Wall Street Journal while reached again your pride, the touch and so I want to be a bridge that connects supply and the man so that the best of us could go forward with the country. other than to sit around the pool waiting, those that we have elected to,
trains, the world, because they are encumbered by politics when it comes to changing the policies that create a better more holistic country and a better and safer world. Sometimes they have to obey the rules and it will take ten years to do something that you and I can get together and do in ten minutes. If we don't relegate all all the change to their plate, certainly as a degree of change belongs to them at all they can do it but tat the king. Was it a senator, you know he was it. He wasn't. A mayor or governor of president was dated. Thirty back here at yeah there's, but hardly a country. You don't do that doesnt locally, wasn't. He did all of it before it was forty.
we have- we are the people we have been waiting on at its starts with we speak up, but when they speak up, it is when we speak up and at still think I'm right towards that I live to work better than I can leave a legacy behind me that that I change. If I didn't change the world- I changed somebody's whirl yeah. If I somebody's world? That, then I changed the world has to that's beautiful Well, thank you for not only share with people how to be more effective communicators professionally. Personally, but spiritual and sorrowful nourishment that you always bring because of who you are a man in his soul. You take in what is heard today from this man, salty yours and decide. What can you do? It's today, dagger, so many times people's. I don't know how Kinda know how you know what why you know,
what needs to happen. You knew why you did happen then you know how will show up the tyranny of. How is what keeps people from stopping and starting? I should say it's what stops people. So you're, not one of those individuals, and I today people been inspired a on multiple levels, delivered deeper, richer and more integrated life. So blessings to my brother and thank you for you. I once again thank you for your time and for the interview and most of all, sincerely. On a personal note, I thank you for your friendship. It has often been a blanket. They kept my heart war, egg here you're better and more to give? I am bag. I did. You can feel myself my as a matter of other pressure. You and I know people be touched because of deeply touched by what's real and what's wrong. and other so much faith in the world, Reality television is basic. You well right! That's nice couple brothers get together and talk truthfully. So thank you great privilege and all the criticism
you take your attorney Robles Forecast is directed by turning robins and produced by the Taiwan's team. Copyright, Robins research, international.
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