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The Unflagging Faith of Nick Foles | How the NFL’s star quarterback overcame his fears and self-doubt to find freedom – and success

2019-01-31 | 🔗

What’s standing in your way of achieving your goals, your dreams? What is holding you back from taking that next step forward? For many of us, it’s fear. Fear of failure, fear of the unknowns. We become our own worst enemy, doubting ourselves into paralysis.

But imagine what your life could look like, if you were able to find a reason that was so much bigger than yourself to propel you forward. I’m not talking about money or material objects, I’m talking about a greater purpose and a resounding and unflagging faith that for you, there is no other option that to give it everything you have.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you will hear a very special conversation between Tony and Eagles Quarterback, Nick Foles. Now this interview happened after Nick helped lead the Eagles to their Super Bowl Championship in 2018, where he was also named the game’s MVP. But what you’ll see is that even in spite of his incredible accomplishments, Nick’s sense of past failures and mistakes is never too far from his mind.

Nick reveals his constant battles with self-doubt and a fear of failure. In fact, it was this fear that almost kept him out of the NFL entirely. But through his faith and his family, Nick found a greater sense of purpose and strength that have helped him move forward. And he’s even adopted an entirely new perspective when it comes to fear.

He’s a firm believer that if he hadn’t experienced failure and pain in his past, he wouldn’t be where he is today. And along his journey, he’s seen how immensely important it is to be open, honest and transparent about your weaknesses. Because by acknowledging and even embracing your deepest fears, you actually free yourself, and can then grow into the person you were meant to be.

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visit. Tony robins dotcom, slash results schedule that free session today. What standing in your way of achieving our goals, your dreams holding you back from taking the next step forward. For many of us fear fear of failure of fear of the unknown we become our own worst enemy, doubting ourselves into paralysis, but imagine what your life could look like if you were able to find a reason that was so much bigger than yourself to propel you forward and I'm not talking about money or material objects. I'm talking about a greater purpose and a resounding and unflagging faith that, for you, there's no other option than to give everything you have. Welcome back to the Turner Ovens podcast on any York editorial director for our eye, today were sharing a very special conversation between Tony and the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nicholls now what heads up about this episode, we
In short, you does meeting archives and this interview was found. We was never intended for public release careful review that we decided that, even though the audio is up to the quality that were used to bringing you, we still want to share this powerful message. This interview happened after Nick helped led the Eagles to their superbowl championships in two thousand eighteen, where he was also named, the games, envy p. What we see is that, even in spite of his incredible accomplishments, next sense of past failures and mistakes is now here too far from his night. In that something. I think a number of us struggle with Nick reveals his constant battles with self doubt and fear failure. In fact, it was this fear that almost caught him out of the NFL entirely, but through his face and his family Nick found a greater sense of purpose and strength, and that's how the fork he's either Jobs in an entirely new perspective when it comes to fear
he's, a firm believer that if he hadn't experienced failure in pain in his past, he wouldn't be where he is today. And along his journey he seen how immensely important it is to be open and honest and transparent about your weaknesses, because acknowledging and even embracing your deepest fears. You actually free yourself, and then you can grow into the person that you are meant to be. You do You just recently yeah. We just got Tom yeah not all combat,
you know vigils useless, ties how's it going Yes, There's wire, swirling, Mercedes grass. That's all I think, as we saw in the video is really asked me. I fell, means asking what I didn't, I feel is often lose no profession other gonna, critically, evaluation, I thus love is a game after pregnancy. Louis now it's just you step.
My wife got sick were years ago with passwords. Zack artists in german limousine saw users livings that we dealt with from families perspective, but you know my powers of all my faith, my family first, in my vocation, whatever I do, that No stay there. That's always levy where you goin in the season. When asked put in a position that you know, most people think is impossible. Stressing the Lord to guide me and then just no haven't was conversations with my when I get home. We talk about everything. Is our mind. What we're going to consist of orders. Emotion was emotional Rocco's, there's a lot a lot of stuff. They fear starch peeping in. I cannot do this on my word. I let people down why let the city down you do now and you know I got a point called the interdependency, is not a point of procedure, night arm injury and my elbow the semi backing of all
That is my first time stepped back, and you know her own do all that and wherever he goes, Jersey Access, my previous down Vigo, so I was trying to pick up. I'm going to office that I hadn't had its ton of resting I'd run. I've been running scouting, but what I have learned a lot- we ended regular season blasted gave almost gives open on Christmas day. I'd employ well, The next day was it gives Dallas appoint a quarter. Didn't I- either someone freaky now, like you know, he's gonna be the reason we lose knives. They answer the questions. I'm talking to him like no other times I read it. I know my answer. The questions is a great we get by wings. You everyone I wake up. I go to the Bible revival. Do divorces are right, but I started journaling thousands. It was day for me was drowned. I've never done how my entire life there's to top it you're, not that when I was just step away from the game I started early and then the season. I start your lines there's. So much going on inside of me. Tat I had
let out, and I couldn't verbal eyes it, but when I put it in the paper came out and like sort are released, I could see what was going on his luggage. And then just around me should record book S and the sea now focused on mostly to other times just sort of We say that whilst we are so like being in a moment, I think we get so distracted with everything that we want to achieve that. We forget that the most important thing we do is in a moment be present. I got talk to you right now. This is the most important moment. I am using the words that are these my hour to share with you. Nowhere else experiments zone What did you wouldn't be destroying when it's all yours? I think the big thing I noticed was always. There is fear. Ah Jupiter want our last year because they think they're we, but you have to be able to address the sphere to conquer it.
To do that, I'm a rise. Would I was so worried about being the quarterback that this office was installed to be, instead of being the court back. A gotta design me to be, whereas I play differently than other quarterbacks. I wasn't trusty my own instincts. I was trying to state into a steam, so the weak, the violent before the fire ass we went back to Peter soon in the coach, is both free right. They put together a touch of a hundred fifty of previous passes into doesn't thirteen fourteen. There were positive fifteen yards completion, so their big time place in the one thing I noticed was there is nothing that was drawn up like it was in practice. I didn't take three hates throwing three heads Leyden worked rope and always doing on the Basle were always do, is going back on the football field and almost free, so They may it honestly to go. I stress off because, unlike I dont have to oversee this, I have to do, is preparing the film rooms, propellant, prepare enemy rooms and once I had to feel just play football interest, my instincts, the game.
Jim, so much easier, almost became therapeutic where you know one thousand, the Superbowl, Are you don't know how you gonna be when you get to that states that you don't know how your emotions are being especially the situation we read as a team is that two thousand, as a quarterback you don't know like if you don't get on the field and also you're gonna be so likewise. We do wrapped up, but there is a point, the game, Nelson. Our you're, like a thirty, are fastened thought a slot bade ever walked into the huddled in, like I'm, just I'm to relax. This is too much fine innocence. If there is a huge stated, there's so much pressure, but I was able to learn a lot about myself, trust my teammates prepare to the best of our ability. When I went out there, I was just really reacted and playing the game that I places as many members as well.
The German might have been the reason I was different way from the beginning. That point I say the big thing that I learned going through that tough time of You know that off season, after Saint Louis Endless identifiable, much are reported jobs, even dream refugees doesn't damages upon it behind closed doors. We get it. Hey man, you know there are things going on here. I just stay home and identical log in and I was good figure out like how to step away from the game? It was a liar swollen, It is while in what I learned TAT was Would you somewhat how wise and I were we talk to organise our about everything and I support the new some deep down beside me. I had to do with it talks a lot about that any deeper press conferences, like you know when you're goin through struggles. We built this time your growing. I knew DE down like the good Lord, was allowed me to growing away, but I wasn't really moving
and it wasn t until I went on legalization came to my brother along our way back and I had already, it's actually read- that I wasn't gonna play anymore. Noise agreement or another man, You know I got the item, I why sixteen called- and I felt the pressure coming again. I can handle it. I got here stock August, I don't wanna plaguing likes, you do it remember sitting there with her, you know she's tough on her. She knew she didn't want me to play to place. You knew that there was something deep inside me did I faced as I had the ability to place either something I need to say summer Rebel S, prayer and in the browser based we have. Got a point you direction and he did it, but what I saw was a need to choose a need to choose a step away from the game or need to choose, go back either way. Wouldn't flags are interested in him or the reason I chose to come back and pointed out in my life was TAT was what I was so fearful of, and I need a static. Then, if you don't come from God and I need to trust gotta go into that,
That I think I didn't want to do so I decided or face. I fear you and I think that is really going to be. Like honest stated, you too have opportunities to share, because I think that what is top of Let's talk about, you suffer me to talk about it. But then, when I decided go back and play is every moment has always been to glorify God. Didn't I people to build their relationship in the locker room to be in the community to be a husband, be your father give high priority street and it is the game. I will be before lot ends up where's you're, trying to hang onto the inner failure. Trying to hang onto you take up. I've chose to go back and play in you know, thankfully the gipsy she sat me up like you to be happy, but now it's just like I find such a joy, there's nothin fresh upon me. I just got their way. Lock reminds boy, you know being honest with them:
the aim is for a start, a media are trying to be. Everything was politically correct, if you're afraid to say there are now two suit. Narratives too, I don't care about the timing. S request its opposition from my perspective change because but I want to invite me How do you know what I think they my perspective, changed so much to wear when you're victorious alot of people would expect you say, like the sovereign people, Facebook, for me, it's very humbling because I know where I was, and that are very, for to be their wisdom, victories with wanting to see others a great responsibilities and that's what happened. To be honest? Eight years a great example of monsieur the story? That's a great responsibility that being given because their platform, so that's that's how I process thanks, but that's because of the life Ernie of went through all that, I'm going to victory, learning, haven't graven tourists, have an amazing wife
last saw him. Do you see someone who is spheres nervous see you're jealous rejection, really. What would you say there will be weighted himself ethically question. I think what I would recommend from my experience will be slow things down. For me, it was journal, for me was. It was something that I never thought I would do. In my heart. It was in my mind and I did it slowed everything down rugged pony and in a moment this time we were struggling I'm using a on there's a lot of closer in your brain is lot. It is. Is also less like he's got likes me she's, going on. I try to mean that stuff up wherever these simple in your brain, I think it agrees everyone wants to ask you to game. What were you thinking? I test questioning
I know they want to know, and I can also say whenever I play my best, I'm not thinking much at all. There is no obvious to understand the moment is like there. It's like just stare, uprooted, relaxing the spiritual experience whenever I baggies there's Alaska One on my head, spitting, like there's things going on now that I know that I can hold back and even in the tough times I've learned a home back in to call myself down. In a formal. Some of them all mom. So the big things these examples of this year off. Why are you will stand also open game on Christmas day? We won, but- we'd like proud so rather, game Never wanted you. Might there I've, never Aren't we argue whenever, actually that bad and you still income, we balls, they were normal. I've never won it, but
the game. We had an opportunity to again film arranged win and I was able to just call everything down the way I do is I got up. When I play the game, I pray to God, but has not for prosperity is aegis. Hey cast atmosphere like home back in slow things down, and I was able to win them only slow, everything down and complete. You know four or five passes in a row be very efficient to getting the filtration when the game. One agenda? That game want to say: why would a failure that we won the game, but I want to say how much energy was a failure, but other days I've never won a game. I bet it my career, I built a success of it. It was a matter perspectives and but I had to learn that perspective.
That's right, you you what was it like? A big rings when there is a special team arms when most desolate aegis I'd be most definitely not been on, and that's because the young players are unselfish. Everyone's about the team that Stockholm in our own or mister lorry to Coach Petersen those earlier. Ah, you know they build that into the dna of its even in the the leaders of the team. Have you know get out there with the work ethic, the words they use the examples the seals, your brain guys longed to bind it afterward of illegal mentality, family. Able to do tat was amazing. You guys,
you know that's the only way this would have happened this year will use your vote because we are, our tree was filled with injured guys. They are likely to be hall. Famers were pro horse, but gallery will step up in the guys they were injured, help those guys to succeed where a lot of you you guys get injured in there. I mean on my husband- and I don't want him down my spine, but here is like guided her than the guy who's into itself in the guise of Spock, as each region only want the team to succeed, so there was a munificent digging in you step in the hollow the guys, always support. They never doubted. They knew that we had up the battle we workings and stuff, but there is never complaining, you know often struggles again. Decent one complained: decent scarlet often complain. Desert tat weighs that's a test of a champion, but you see that as a championship team, whereas vizier team were the office is important points and they go to sideline the decent YO atam or vice versa. It's not gonna, be they're gonna, be a five hundred twenty they're not going to do it s, not how you went in the fourth quarter. That's not
when the by Austria to be brothers yet be family, but that's created through like way rooms, locker room. All those times makes what is there to mobilise the Congolese? It is genuinely family. Now those priest and probably every locker room in the world is damning. But I don't think that its acted upon genuinely with your whole heart. Nazi, that's different is differences. Could creation always says Are you only interesting? Are you invested? I might be in the words of a basic zanuck. Are you all, and are you just here because I hear and pursue the valor you all to give everything you have to sacrifice where this team to give a little bit extra work after backed, is to give a little could actually work in the film rooms during pregnancy. Verity. Have we get off? You go home like recover? Our? U invested or hardly region
joining and then a and tell us it surprised now. Well, yeah, there's only one quarter ass, you know how do you think about that going for real, because they know it's gotta be accountable. You're gonna sliced. True, how I want you like about getting. Is this all out? Our perspective, you know, a lot of creation is grateful to be far the eagles ungrateful for cars Ah, you know ever stop what happened incarcerated in Fiji, colors cow procedure, and then you get injured. I've been there. I ve got into my first around here we gave in use in that was my last game before I join the tedious last year, and so I noticed to go through that song. Very aware of this when I took over, I made sure, like we always know carsington part of
if you want arising within rousing afore, like I know my spot, is no, the backup Carson right now running their resembling a genuinely want him to be healthy armies, an amazing, quarterbacks, amazing, Percy, just so much great stuff in the community with is A wants, outpatient, initially quota, we Iraqi be room. Hang me any such fell like it's just a grave room, a guy's laboratory that want to push each other were very different. I would say like personality wise, but we all have very similar Corbett these and I think, when you hit the field were not trying to, like you, know, we're all competing, but we're not trying to cut eaters legs out. We generally get excited when other once exceeds what that's all that our perspective. That's what I think is good
Honestly, I think it's from going through what I ve gone through in life was built. Muscle, know for sure I mean we're. Not talking. Must I don't have one must do. I know your things tat. I met. I got big heads a lot of stuff appear, but is he's going through? That is instead us in entitled attitude. Is it's a great latitudes, very blast humble and is something that I really believe that you have to be brought your knees you have to go to me. Sometimes go through enduring saw my heart, as we all know, let's not fond of stressful anxious times, and we all experience them, but when you get through and sorting depressing, thank you God like when you learn a lot through those things. So now I'm in a situation now going on your seven and ourselves. It's very unique upon me. The first quarter back in history, the game to go from being a super champions. You're born dvd to sit on the bench while at the same time I think is agreed on this leader, intact, locker room to share
they have an opportunity to start a bit into the day? Like you, I am very grateful for the opportunity to have right now and if it goes back to Justine in a moment, I don't I don't know what the future holds. I'm not gonna worry about the Roma. Do everything I can right now to be the best for us. I envy of your father. Vespers I envy of your father because of your team. At least the way, the situation, so it's so beautiful reflection, in such a way Lee? we saw me no words just under my feelings.
This means Yeah we have a new book coming out. You know it was a crazy journey. Even decided to do a book in such formats. Why isn't operate about it? You know the reason we decide to use their story. There's nothing can relate to anyone. Does I'm very transparent, we're very honest vigorously chosen given away all the proceeds of all charities, virtualization twice, that was the big reason we did it s really for processing giving place popple name. Believe it. My journey, you success. Failure in overcoming nods nazi work is deciding on title. A book is hard, But it was just one obvious. It is my journey basically entering the Unifil,
My ears do in official a lot of its use, this easier in the play off the good git up so soon after the Superbowl. What you deal with and then there's flashbacks earlier life that people have been there is issue the journeys. A lot of its talking about you're, the ups and downs? very honest, very drinks, and you know it. I learned a lot about its tossed like put stuff on paper. The right people might read this. So, let's talk or does not like a fervent personalities. All my name is a lot of stuff out here. We all try to hide output. Now, therefore, one reads: The other and a lot about myself is really fauna. Go through my wife. We both edited everything. We were to the author justly worth a tender policy. They were greatly to this. It happened so fast meets a three month. Process utilities are nine to twelve,
so do it, but I learned a lot about myself. It is like journaling amid european share. Your wages lie a comfortable hi about twenty hours. You have this year a lot of the stuff, but with it you know, he's pallaby three four six hours and you re mostly drained it in an end of a cause you're, given everything you have to it. So if someone region, if my daughter region when she's older, like she gets a nobler father, is earth, were you know how you know how I was at this day? I think this is a really special book. I think very impassable. No I'm! The team report has been amazing, so it's been a very common process. Use Entire Thanks. Somebody asked that's all
to a mayor. Experience of preparing these. One meanwhile, the ticking of risk Madam president, the one you gotta go now became was roused because did you see Well, aren't you, minister, would you what do you know about yourself in there? I had no have a sense of it. Just now right now lost this obsolete. I wasn't able to visit the book boats. I think seminary classes.
The reason is, I want to grow more spiritually. My mom is a very strong position, my dad, please God, but it was never. You know him given his life, the price that we ve always had those conversations east from a city which is some tough, Georgia's music guess I'll get his perspective, but has been up to me to share the gospel tat we ve grown alone is an amazing man like ie. Just a very kind hearted is not one of my heroes, so going to go under similar is something I want to do to grow. To learn more, I would love to volunteer, be Highschool. Pastor, too,
there. You can priest several service here in the high seas around at our local surgery, California, but is more so that I could be around the kids in just one on one. Just talking like we're talking now, budgets learn about their lives, their struggles and then share with them. Maybe some I've gone through then just from a biblical perspective and help him that way. So that's what my heart is with that, but then also voluntary codes. Local high schools help a kid who foot off Medea families in the restaurant, as somebody get involved that always stuff in the community, maybe someday start a foundation doing do with data. That would invest this platform and that's where we say like you achieve something. So great. A lot of time and people achieve that This is not what they thought. It would be an that's where they struggle, whereas I think a great story is when we are the suitable medicine, like the monitor amazing, as athletic accomplishment for this city ill its lead period always be there but, like I said my faith, my family comfort studying chain so.
And I was on stage- are brought my daughter, lilies, and I can tell the tell you this is a lot of photos. Ass, I, like until your daughter when my trophy was in my daughter, who is it on body with a lot of pride and honour for this city, I always will we gave it everything we habits. Daughter, her hurrah state will be the greatest moment I ever have. Is its forces not restrictive and change? That's where I don't. I don't see the I've really began. What I'm gonna do in life. I think this is just a great platform and honour to be far. I signed a lotta joy, painful Bobby no longer doing this, but I think it is keeping your privacy create just in a good Lord. For me, it's just a good Lord with everything I have been said, another twenty robins. This isn't something if you
All I'm saying is that you never know what life what's going to happen in life through the journey. I think the big thing you know it's out last year, your fear combined use your can paralyse you. It has for me, but is learning how to is. Learning was really going on inside of you. What is generally my brother's music weathers talking to someone if you, copper that life will always have its challenges. Will you be able to overcome their fear and you'll find a lot its lawyer data day? Thank you do and with you accomplish greater danger, you achieve greater things. Your bless other people, you impact other people, s on this, so special and, as you know, on the side of your partner that great, a greater minister once told me that the greatest prayers Lord freebie life, your base, because if you do that and when the US wells in astronomy
you pretty much did that now. At the same time, the repeated kennedy- but it's true you just are truly You're beautiful, so we ask, leave us gain the divinity gonna me as rather make enough times. I presume the tenor of inspection. Is directed by twenty robins and hosted by twenty Robins and Mary Blockade in New York. Is the executive producer and steps in as occasional host digital editing by Jean carve a home and Adrian Dilatory, copyright, Robins research, international.
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