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Why you will never earn your fortune | Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk on building wealth, growing a business and finding gratitude

2017-09-08 | 🔗

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we’re bringing you to the #AskGaryVShow. Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and CEO and founder of VaynerMedia - a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary has also made his mark as a public speaker, venture capitalist, New York Times bestselling author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s “40 Under 40” lists.

Gary is also the host of his podcast, The Gary Vaynerchuk Audio Experience, and of course, the ever-popular #AskGaryVShow, a business and marketing focused Youtube show with over 800,000 subscribers.

Tony recently stopped by the Gary V Show to talk business, wealth, strategy and psychology. They discuss what it means to be Unshakeable, the power of gratitude, and their morning rituals, and they give advice to entrepreneurs and business owners on how to stay focused and keep your mental edge when things get tough - so that you won’t just achieve financial freedom, but true fulfillment.

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your Gary Vainer check, is a entrepreneur and see YO and founder Vainer media a false, vestigial, digital agency servicing fortune, five hundred clients across the companies for locations Gary's also made its mark, is a public speaker venture capitalist TIM specifying author and he's been managed to both queens and fortunes. Forty under forty, lest he also host his own podcast Kabbah Gary of inertia, audio experience and, of course, that ever popular ass, Gary Veto to business and marketing Focus Youtube show with over Eight hundred thousand subscribers Tony recently stopped by the guarantee show to talk about business wealth strategy in psychology the show they talk about what it means to be unshakeable: the power of gratitude, and they share their morning rituals with each other. They also give advice. Entrepreneurs and business owners on how to stay focused and keep their mental edge when things get tough, so you don't just achieve financial freedom, but true fulfilment
legend in the room- and you know what I really like- twenty and I'll just go right into it. Thank God for your documentary, because people realise that you could and backing your cover. Various okay, you curse, now looks bad. I was personally tweeting like toning, corrosive Bulgaria, Tony for about a quarter of a person that watching right now and live stream and on the show that doesn't know who you are once you get me. The one second thing in and obviously to is a big day new book. Looking the shot is a good one is a pretty quick. Your last month you become a finance programmes for twenty five years. I like write books like I like so my words to the black market hated, but I really want to write a book that would protect people. As you know, an eight year bond market, second largest in history, everybody knows crashes, commoners, always volatility. I, like I want a genuinely protect people but, more importantly, show them how a crash in some of the good
economic at times your life, if you are prepared for it to leap frog. Where you want to be so, if you're a millennial out there, and you got all this from school, stilts crazy. I know that I have the strength us before you bottom line subjects literally job during this time, or if your baby boomers, you do get started away to too late, I think is not too late in these situations caused the corrections provide opportunities like never before, and people just Prepared for itself partner, impunity, yes been raided. The only name history raided the number one financial visor in the United States three years ago by barons two years in a row by CNBC and this last year. Forbes, this report came out of the first lesson is number one. So I won't be: will now I'm I'm his partner board of directors, but he, scrubbers business from nothing and basically, two thousand eight good to two billion during the worst economic targets. He warned everybody there's gotta, be a crash
Here's what was not here is ready to make more money during the crash enabling imagines that with no advertising to she got nice. I join him a year ago and partners, seventeen billion no out twenty three and a half billion and assets because this. Guy knows what he's doing side to the best of what I learned from the fifty best industrial Robin offered re Dahlia Carl icon shrink down, just some really enough for yeah nice. I asked the success of the algerian size rated by hope. Workers years destroy the fear, with real results, with a real strategy, may could play book and get people, so they can really one for my audience. I don't know I don't talk about this often, but I've mentioned a couple times in the blog, both why library, my family business, and vain or media were built out of horrible crashes. You know I got involved in why my brief time and ninety nine, and just as I started, getting going, nine eleven happened and the two thousand crash happened.
And being a media was started in two thousand nine right on the back of all the issues. So for me, I'm a big fan of this and I will say one other tippit, there's a lotta youngsters who are watching who are on the flip side or not sitting with that who are making some money being influencers, have found themselves into some quick, fifty a hundred that nothing will turn fifty thousand dollars in cash. Into millions of dollars quicker than a bust, So then let me do us that you participate Oh right, so like preserves that's right. So so here's something you MIKE on this interesting. I am sitting on more cash. And not because I've made more, I am actively sitting on cash right now, because My hope is that there is a meltdown and I can buy things for zero dollars and twenty cents on the dollar five cents on the dollar alone about a year and a half you were talking you're, perfect talking shop. What could I still have the same mindset? But yes, after all, these people learn some really interesting facts. First by trying to find them.
Impossible and warm of its impossible on the market for catches you Cnc Mps, their whole purpose in life is to make fortune tellers look good coffee and no one can do that's exactly right that I now so. But logically you say we, for the crash, but while people are waiting, people making money hundred per se unbelievable, not some one hundred percent to one hundred percent does not cover. Just since November, with the president's board you have preserved so tell me how I'm doing this wrong or write what I'm also doing with the rest of my activity could not have it's a piece of my wealth, I'm being ultra agree. Sub and driving the other way they are playing on both sides of extreme. I get. So exactly real estate like yeah, but also is the first time and knowing where you strong way we, but what people to know about the market is really important. Stock markets, provided you and I have no million people that have made a fortune and then go that's right, whether it be an athlete attacked or anybody. Unlimited people because number you never once
right. I just saw fifty cent just went bankrupt. He mean a hundred million dollars on vitamin water would cause. You got a tip immediate, like forty million dollars and broke, it is about about horse. I wasn't powerful, Caribbean Johnny, Johnny, Depp, seven fifty million three quarters of a billion, and they say it's gonna go bankrupt, nourishment thirty thousand hours, mother wine, but you shouldn't. I shouldn't. I got on chemicals, but You don't run away to fortune. You unfortunately terms you make money or slave you and I, multiple busy, as is right, but the other way to do it is through the invest, I was told me when or how great your businesses you shut up money machine on the right side of you would know, employs no moving parts. It takes fifteen minutes here. What do you know what to do? That's what this is, what the present people from time to time the mark. Yes, a watch this for small you gotta correction. Every year,
people are already reacting. I tell people the market never took a dime from anybody only you did that because you got fearful yet so last year nineteen hundred humming. Sixteen years we had an average of one direction a year correction by weight, Now it is when the government, hi you drop by ten percent up to ninety nine percent, that twenty percent or more becomes a bare marketer crash. So we get one of these every year. So June January, January that is out of the market. I remember two point: two trillion dollar melt down, yet people freaking out market boss, minor points in a day on the web people of other battles they attribute great value. The number one has one guy: the history of the world. Large judgments. Fifteen billion is Ahern sixty by bill. You need a five billion dollar network and a hundred billion to talk to him, I got him to share with me they ve on tv. They say what do we do with the incoming, because it's a correction
a girl, retorted Robins book. I explain why they made anything. You sell some countries that I guess I gotta give me the realities make money in the time at seventy five years, but here eighty percent of those corrections never become a birthmark, they all crept back does likewise. But did you sold you but poor. Look at the crash crashes happen, five years? On average, we ve got eight without one due from your right to be somewhat bear, but while you're, pairing there's opportunity, that's happening because personal everywhere market, based on average a year go down there three percent, but you know lose thirty. Three must sell s right and what they want people here, two centuries of american business Every single bear market was followed by ball market. So you know two thousand people lost dippy percent. This is where the recent or sixty million- listen. We're Bosman wins buffet you gotta stocks. It is so it's such a great concept, I believe in it so much, which is, unless your bedding
America disappearing. You will win for citizens that will not apply to keep her bodily every month. On average, we have a new high, so high. Oh my god, it's gonna crash, but let you one please the timing missile. Maybe the pay path is. I just did the J P Morgan, alternative investments Competent Miami out the ability to attend, yet to prove it with your network scorn of people. There is amazing, grew Jamie more twenty years now sharply. One also suffer in the last twenty years. The ESA. Ninety five hundred gave you an eight point. Two percent returned you doubling or money every eye nears every government, but they found was. If you are market on the tens strain days in twenty years. Instead of eight point, two four point: five, almost half as much money if you miss the top twenty days trading in twenty years, one day, you're you're doing it. I want you gotta too
I returned to. My final point is that if you miss the top thirty days, you lose money makes a tunnel in twenty year makes sense so the most difficult. The dumbest thing you can do is beyond the market. Not you can get it could play in plenty in the market because I believe in it and then also being proposal. Twenty listen, I foresaw. What am I ever things about you from afar, we get the hang wants, a blue moon ran and cause your near, but from afar not a lot about you, you, you fuckin, hustle like You, like you're, the book came out today, you're freaking everywhere doing your thing. That's why you're good at We have a very large audience of like you. I know What you're doing here we have a real awesome opportunity, because I think we can go deep in a narrow field, so the majority these people, I dont, think are- are looking at the stock market. I look at the characters here. The way they pick up the way they think about the stock market, so different world where you might not have cash and where you might have Dep.
Or if you're, not even that, you just don't have a lot of cash. Talk to me about somebody sitting with ten thousand dollars which spyware for high percentages is still a ton, but is there anything that if they are Fifteen hundred dollars are, they should be out of the market. Liquidity like I know, we're, doin, very, very, very micro here, but actually want in Belgium, I wanted my plot? Pay off is act. We bring in valued everybody watching geyser example. The book we think of uncle governing phone calls crush you erika so forget. Does the ten thousand dollars what matters the system you put in place the shit you do randomly every now and then could you got money is not going to help boost right, so isolated, fuckin fat, whip or watch so the number one piece most important financial decision for everyone watching every this room? Really, we all now you're gonna become an owner instead of somebody that is constantly. You know you, lies in practice. If you have an Iphone it, you don't own apple. What's wrong! You're consume
you're, not alone. How do you do it? Every person is room. It's got regardless. What you can get the money or not to make the most important financial decisions to be an owner. I think a percentage of my income No matter what off the top it's! I don't see it put down an investment account what's the number you might actually I'm starting point as unstrapped. I too, all business owners. The example of a gentleman to story, Theodore Johnson, maintain fifties, works Ruby s? Guy never makes fourteen thousand a year he tyres with seventy one million dollars. He gives wait thirty by million boys. Anyhow, possible. A friend of yours did what went Egypt comes Diamond says. I'm gonna make you rich, and I read some important you're right he's ever make your retching with twenty percent tax on you, because you talking I can pay my those incidents he said, listen adjusted. The government gave you an additional twenty percent. Actually patchy challenge in paragraph two in your brain address
that many business investment out. The compound make another comment in seventy million dollars. Labour movement for demanding a facebook stock because while the charter we always having here, like that's the punchline, I like we know because we live in a world lashly years. I've been yelling and anyone tell you now that just perfect, we know facebooks low priced link that even allow here's what you gotta be careful in the something way down. You taught me was modest amount of these. The earth tell me, I don't care what it is. You know, you're gonna doesn't want you, no good, just sort, of course, whatever I was gonna drop fifty to seventy percent. Some time in your life. That's rightly said it is later life, which is why diversity matter sets yes, firstly by let's talk about that, permit like ask and raise right like that, non debatable data. It is interesting to see where one or two things you don't just don't the horror. Of course. It's me you gotta have across the board boys.
Nor is it because there is an interesting debate that if you actually knowledgeable about a sector, yes and you're, only putting two to four thousand dollars a year of work. That's an interesting debate. And we're not going from Amazon you have shown. You can also be more heavily ordered stocks. You can take much losses to show more time, but this collect combating as a simple example tinier relic nineteen years all documents into say three bucks a month. One thousand bucks within the range of anybody here talking about yet guy starts at nineteen. Stop doing it at twenty eight We ve got some thirty by brown. You put them in the market. On ten percent of the thirty years? But let you they pretend to be more conservative, as twenty years has been more eight percent in April. About thirty, nine and forty one thousand another guy got a million box of fifty thousand dollars. I appreciate but, on the other hand, his best friend waste These twenty nine, it has the same baby, but here
best thing to sixty by people in almost eighty grannie doesn't get the millionaire the map, the MAC I gotta, get back. You got some guy, so Don't worry about it. Gonna work Listen to me in your whole life outside got away from watching this. My last look, I don't need a hundred per cent profits. Five million bucks, I'm doing with this one, we felt a hundred million people between my donation and additional donations. I made on twenty fifteen hundred million people asked her to my partial being America. We are a billion people, how two percent this goes to that reputability, people the next seven years, even critical, critical and its outcome of the While these, while Chris is trying to figure out a dial, a phone talk me real, quick about the Netflix documentary impact, I'm I'm. I try to trade culture and attention I could take in the ecosystem. You been a known brand for decades. Where does that work?
The impact of that our documentary, huge huge, because it's taken son for Netflix goes immediately put me in a semi to countries that are translated for all those languages, huge so the level of disclosure and it's free, your art therapy, Barney Networks, and they got five stars and it took up like crazy. Southern concentrating on went to by what the adverse area to fight, and it's like we'll pick it up these young guys, gonna talk to me the abnormally will now. Isn't Gary been shrunken. You're only asked carry me show what tony Robins. What's your name and are you excited a third of a huge barrier Bobby you guys. This is absolutely credible. Money was branded dead, it and I'll come in from Denmark Power Love and they want your question. I don't wanna be off topic. That's ok,
Where are we adjust our blood here? Both of you are a huge advocate for gratitude, the leverage your energy is how you got interacts with now everyone worlds. Firstly, you the area social media. Up like that doubt my question, for you is like how do you become threefold, so grateful yeah, exactly half its energy adversely from ITALY here, not just by it I'd Adobe here documentary on network, since we know that for the first time of exposed you actually my father, who owns it into an agency in Connecticut very successful, he could do it. Huge inspirations out. My colleague David here contact and fell into you're an engineer. You got it
they're big ass hands to rather well listen beg you put a question to my question- is how you create the gratitude? yeah. I got like how have you been grateful because of their I think this is an actual disagree. First question right. Thank you so much because I actually thinking nailed it, which is, I should think he's right like like in and what I seen you in from others like gratitude, it's incredible with gratitude. Does too ass everybody up our anger, fear when you let them dominate. You your trouble and you can't be angry ungrateful simultaneously, though antidotes we only have to get really work and he can't be fearful angry while simultaneously so For me, the answers question. I don't hold dominating grateful A system like giving a life of your great pilot. You not apply Jack. You still have a checklist, because if you miss the checklist The consequences are too big, so I'm big meditate, her
moment attentions of an active, it's been called been in nature. Nature been ripping things open its being on stage, but I started a few years ago doing what I call priming. What priming, as is most people, think their thoughts are their thoughts. Really about crime by the environment. That's why you want to quit environments like you create icebreakers. It makes you do your best, but there's a study where they took group of actors. They had got two hundred people and the only nobody wanted each person in different ways they how they have a cup of coffee. They want them to you straight all this for secondary, looked down, so you can't say yes or no and taking it they get their phone, they adjusted. They take em, actually beg you open same facial expression for every person, only difference, half gotta, iced coffee, the other got hot coffee. Thirty minutes! Go by they send out an assistant. Researchers is not with a quick word, may come up to these same individuals and say it to meet your time. Give you twenty dollars. We just paragraphs entails you think, I'm his character, complications there either
and they say what do you think of the main character and the single story? eighty one percent or given ice copy say the person is called and uncaring. Eighty a one percent variants of those are hot copies of the persons warming connected in carrying with nothing else, but copied thirty minutes earlier high school. I can take you. So what I do is I got up every morning and I made a radical change of my statement assembled the old myself I prime, for ten minutes every day, because then you have them and, as you have a life years so I come in. I did this radical breathing change. These three. The thirty brasswork bring the area spoiled it out. We know schools in a dream of eastern philosophy. The the breath is like the string on a kite mind you can change the mind if I lose radical breeding fix a minute there. We think for three. That's really simple. I say three minutes. I focused on three specific individual things that rape of women out about an intellectually stepping up the moment. Yet remember it scandalous and just
So when it has activated not yet paupers about chemistry, three minutes in prayer and blessings, starting with my family moving out clients. Friends before me, Ninety three minutes I wanna call for Dr Weir. I focus on three important outcomes. Laugh. I want to accomplish I don't think about one accomplished, and I see it, I feel experiences not ever rifle. Article, fifteen or twenty minutes of appeals will go, but what's happened is now your dear. Hoping urine. Prime time you are in prime time and to me that's all do what you, prime yourself, you start noticing things to be grateful all the time and when I asked certain tumble down when the first billion are investor international best from the whole world started with nothing got today. Lastly, my son was the secret, the wealth never get. You looked in its modest twentieth. What you teach things which thing, gratitude how many billions- and I know that are miserable human beings than there so unhappy he's other poor.
You got a billion dollars, but you're frustrated, angry saddle. The time your life is pursuing its how many people nothing but the great book for the family, but have never to that. Is the game to meet to me. It comes down to its cousin, which is perspective, yes, So I do something very similar every single day. I make pretend that, my mother, dad sister brother, why for children are killed Now I know this is a different version of it. I know it's a little. I know it's a little different. I took up the blame on its sometimes even in detail, but I will tell you it's very fleeting and usually happens within a toward them still, but I promise you. I know it's a little left the old saying what that perspective does for me. Nothing and I feel it. Contra- and I feel I feel it in my soul, controls and and- and it just makes every bad thing and by the way- and I am sure for your business when
The last line of defence hardly say occupation. The doktor form the less than we pulled it out. I set fire fighter because that's what I think I do for a living like it just problems like might like when I get With this in mind, we look my point. Seven problems, seven fires that put out like that would do for me. It's perspective, like I dont understand how people don't get that their seven plus billion people that there's some We people that have worse than you, this country under people you're, I care, but if you live in poverty in this country. You're the percent you're, not the ninety nine burnt. The planet was endorsed by the sense of eight million dollars. A year ten thousand year? Why you're that eighteen thousand, but you gotta, start with greater you're one of the richest humans on creature like Ajar, Preachin Deronda, don't produced. Hello gerrymander shocking Journey ass Gary do so yeah we're reply? you're on man which remain where from go. Others look outward
also Miguel? What can we help? You? Ok, oh twenty years in college right now I admire junior year. The hours are really crazy, got going to school for game design that I really want to do I already I really want to be able to purchase. My Ok! Ok! So I also I work part time I have. I just started the marketing business I've been more money, but this is the first visit thing, I've ever turn and I'm trying start my own game. You two journal just begin my name we're out. There were now to put my learn, basically all my own following yet become excrement, surfer, video games, myself I'll. My question is how How do you know whether nurture trainers basically take too much right are you stretching yourself you in
yeah yeah yeah, like on until I got it, you know I gotta tell you this is such a clause. The question for a lot of entrepreneurs, you ve done it. I've done it. We ve lived their lives right, like you know like what weirdos weird is doing a lot of different things to see if there's upside in it, which all my great things have come from you to stop and where does it starts to Europe taking too much and now you're trying to do everything which means you're doing nothing. First I'm always begging the question. Most people who start business very often will start to in three for more in recent years to the first one is in succeeding in violation right, and so what happens that They never gonna be success almost case unless they get lucky. You won't even bout across something it's easier to do. But most of all, is looking for that next level. What my view, as is its greater past all these things we find. What is your flagship? What is it you're? Gonna kick your soul to because if you don't do that, the inevitable challenging and come up and you're gonna then move on to something Anja percentage level and so
Look at his business is about constantly adding such mass about doing more progress. Anybody else, but is also simultaneously about Europe I called you. Your ability to go through thresholds of control is like. I can remember when I didn't have fifty thousand dollars, keep the doors open up. My company, I twelve employs and eleven wanted a quick of aid. A person running the show. And the details be like five hundred million to me today and I figured out get through that door, and once I shared I all of related that were handled y know you ve done this is well, and then I you, five million or lawsuit, was totally unfair. Unjust, and I've only have addressed the amount of time in a g, I got a bite. The bullet new environment was more like a partner who took a company losing a million dollars a day and, turning to one point, five billion in positive either Jeanne names anyway, and he wanted to join a business with some other partners not doing the multi level side. Do the business
put in ten million bucks, we open and temporary employment but I find joint and several, which I didn't understand in those days without met and two of my part, responsibilities and they went broke. We bought some more companies and about a hundred and a million dollars in death. I was on the hook for no one else out any money. Nothing was someone I want to throw up a new place, of Control, so you and you skiers, snowboard any thing you're, maybe it. You're just knew at it and you think you're going down a blue agree that turns out to be a double, and so two choices? One is we got a guy slam underground, try to hang onto your life or the other is big. You focus on what we want and carried away curve. You find a way and what you do it a couple of times the annual do you have no more fear about my biggest one out of that that lead me to believe. I have thirty one companies now to give you an idea: seven different industries as diversity.
Like your stem cells to virtual reality that exclusive the NBA on virtually additive example, and we do at twelve and employs. Were three continents and we got billion dollars and sales. But I did actually first data one freaking out exactly all masterful at it. That way, one more medical problems. We must remember this, but I'm old member guy, I'm pretty old mail Nl, diner, debris name, you know the data for gold on the spanish galleon gives anyway, I have a billion dollars and goal, but it took him like thirty one. Like everyone else, Only that you do not want. The sun was killed on the journal. That key may not give. You can imagine thirty one years of going out there. One years of going out there getting my from investors in showing nothing,
there's always looking for the new business. That was re opportunity. I love what I was doing is mostly rewarded by low margin business and I have these meetings. You have that maximize and those others. However, I don't believe I have not the right beliefs I have not the right beliefs three believes to be successful in your business. You have to believe number one wonders bleed got thirty one years. Europe's number one control was out there. We're doing it. I believe I'm gonna find. And there were three are believed to be worth it. I believe that treasure in your business. I have now had a career for twenty plus years. I at I now had a career for twenty plus years at every was running one or two companies was never or day. There was never a day in my life, where I didn't have something that I called the eighty percent of what I do is exactly what you were saying: I caught the meat, the main dish, You can go and have side dishes and if your meat, if you're stake, is perfect,
always be able to absorb the losses because our smaller losses and then when something overhear becomes bigger, you can turn that into the main part, and that could become the stake too many people have all side issues and no stake our system of about two most western Africa, massively overestimate what they're going to do in a year. The unrest, nay, what they do in decades. So what happens if they can all disappointed frustrate the adults with game hiding their lack of patients, business, something you know. I've been pounding patience. You ve got me this year. This is why I am delighted that I generally think I'm the most patient. Do you know that I can tell you that we do not do do you know that I generally call myself a tortoise inheres, costume, dolomite energy or my stage presents computer. What I've actually been doing? Now I get until I know you are, but I think but but the reason I want to put it out there is, I think, is an important thing that
it's an enormously important variable. I think so too mentioned one thing with it. You really, I think, all businesses, though we ve, talked about focus, excellent piece of work. Why don't you say I all businesses should be business is the business of the business you're becoming because if you only run a business, your excited about it. Every time you gonna miss the cash flow management, as is only focused on the data, not anticipating the competency, Gary be in your knee ass carried me show what Tony Robins who's this Yo Gary Meagre. Let me go, how are you going? go man, what your question a couple! Banded together, you know a cap. What I
you are building to think right. Now, it's all business, my creative theo and my personal brand ok go my creative to build up like photo video content for small businesses and my personal brandished, my creative content and me doc. Many my like their integration Youtube. Ok, though, I'm wondering should I leverage should I use my leverage and community from my personal Brandon. Funnel then you know my business, or should I keep em suburb or what? But what you think I do will look at me say. I know where you asking this, because I've lived this life right now. The thing that's interesting about me- and I ve talked about this- is a lot of my audience: doesn't necessarily represent the clients of being or media later me. Does he know gonna two hundred, ninety five million dollars in revenue this year and its mainly fortune five hundred companies who are not slowly watching my twenty five minute blog now What I knew about being in the business you'll be in the future, is that the technology would drag people down and that the fifty
we are old, cliche executive would eventually watch Youtube. Ambien Instagram. I would tell you as here's what I would say to you brother intent matter. So much is lawyers The content you're putting out with stuff you're doing creatively, isn't just a gateway to get clients. Just because of that I think you'll be perfectly fine. It's gonna happen. Naturally, any first and foremost, because people can become aware of you Listen, I wrote a book called Jabbed algebra hook. I think it's ok on your personal brand once in a while is anybody looking for small business clients as long as that? Three six, seven percent a year? That's an arbitrary number as long as your audience doesn't feel like. That's your intent. Look Tony, and I get appeared to a lot of people that we are opposite of but it's our energy in the way we role that people think we look that part they intend to matters. So I would tell you that you know as long as you're asking instead of making
You win didn't mean people landing pages where they get you in some content, then content the sudden gotta pay to keep going. That's making people pay putting out good start to the world. Then maybe some of the coming your way, jobs on January hook, was give give, give and then ask most people interpreted, is given and take a very big difference. Ok, oh my poor Randall give like lead complete like if we back oh you're, describing have nothing to do with my fear that they will work and ship. They will work. People do dude. If some doing people give me business because I'm a jet span, that's real, we the method on jets, but it became a court like absolutely speak, your truth, how pure intent work hard a lot of good things happen and by the way I heard your structure strategies on point.
You ve got an eighty percent stake, your building personal brand over twenty you're. Doing you tube an interim today, as we record this. That's right. You got every piece in place: keep on with your intuition big brother functioning loved you. My voting, Tony won't, we transition will get one more question in here. What's going on with you, social media. I remember very, very very the last time I reached out here that inspired, I called you and it's a brow snapchat. This was fifteen months ago. Talk to me about your journey on that and one other thing that we have new before we leave. I've never ass do this and I think it's really fun ask your new may not remember. I will never forget being itself by South West, two thousand eight nine or ten, and I get this e mail is Anthony Robins and then it's a boy female and I'm like manner how click Gary Tony Robins Holy shit. I don't have to recall that what I am
Curious about is, do you recall why you wrote that email that in particular, but I use audio emails much more than ready emails because containers your voice, TAT tried taxi keg that normally apply. Lines or by it, but it s something as emotion too I was here. I can guarantee that I peace there so that come on I've gotten us and I'm not letting you look. I want to know what's going on with you in social, all of us want to see this person alone. Lois Gary Baynard Shocking Journey ass Gary be show with Tony Robbins me brother, whose this awful dug up effective. I love a man by question for you it. How can I possibly thank guarantee for quickly draw the years silent job? Seven, I'm looking at my hundred one wife right now by you know your pal, you written often the book any Tony.
But you shall have made it. I did what I call it to give you the gratitude, broken away this without a company here, not back the just grass root net. It's been born and I appreciate you get up When is known about the man I appreciate. Listen, you go impact, one other person the right way to do it and that's more than to pay back. But if you find yourself in New York, or wherever, I am often mean often a couple weeks for herself by come and take my hand, Thirdly, announcing it, our hair brother will manage, could see a thank you for the love without back I've forgotten that amazing parents who made was that one which warrant behind would be when you became a Hollywood star positioning, is guided, wrote that is legally blind. That's why the stories about seeing them, and someone outside this house knows that, and he what my audio programmes, because his boy
about you, listen to you what you fairly brothers, never run a moving his life Saddam. They asked me three times. We have appreciated the now. They sent me to stay like you rented only laugh or cry, but there were they. Then tell me: was they we wrote that section, the writer didn't do it. He had like a fortune, teller doing it if you but Mary Robert July for Change- and I start speaking Intel here. They didn't tell me this came about so here's my voice and a common tie, Robin Donegal story so cool, then I'm going to do to peace, and I got Jason Alexander there and look. I wrote this whole thing myself now. What yeah me? I'm scared, you might think so as losers, because what personal script is an actor So what are your mother? Would you see him as an active because it prepared for a good idea. Over and over again the Thunderer Tonia.
For me, what has been your journey on social where you? Where are you now? What are you excited about? Are you into? It is hard, for you view very busy. Like everything you know you don't pander to some. Actually, I'm I'm curious to where Europe is yet warming, yet so Tyler. Rachel, but I do all my own personal component yeah get him to go. Let me get the picture yet we have yet another thing. I found that Facebook live as one of my favorite tools at this stage. Yet because we get the course of a million people watching your or shall we ask honour bound so that towards emu animals viable tools, but you ve got a million. People must re intolerant obtaining any. What? What do you want to see how this is? This is your chance. This is, it cover you been waiting for. I'm gonna, I'm gonna get army to be your predominantly your shield here. This is the right way to do this. Where's the place that you'd like to seem focus a little more on for me. Yes, I do ask me six months ago I was at Snatcher yet Elsie Instagram stories, yet we are doing today is on your honor. I love. It is not a fairer world
more Europe is able to connect with advancing, given that little sleep on the visa to finance about to see my mother Instagram as you more your personal life. To a great extent, you know each piece happier if you're gonna, basically mainstream media, they haven't grotius point is exactly right. Six months ago I d been snapshot and the like, and tomorrow somebody might bye, bye create one feature and we all care it's such a moving market. Without about my main criticism of people watch plant once you won't see for you too, Problems have achieved a lot of so many of you have achieved a lot too success without fulfilment of the ultimate failure. This guy's very fulfilled. That's what works twenty four hours a day is whole hustles it if a dolphin same thing with me, if you don't find what girls, you other the treatments worthless. I had it, We call conversation. I talk about the other book here because money he's not gonna, make you happy it'll get Resources will give you tools, but
two million euro brain is always looking for what's wrong, as is trying to make you survive if you're gonna override that you got him what it is that kind of a bill you most and abuse discover that anymore, all of your juice into that forget the money. The money will be fine, but what you really will have is an extraordinary life. That's what this character is done for himself. Could you live it every single day? I live it every single day. There's nothing short of that. That's going to give you what you want. So how can you read? This you'll also find a decent there about how to master the mind cuz. This is what messes this up you can be a billion euro is really just the operating system. Baby would only preachers and apply that they can think about Microsoft, miserable think about Microsoft, euphoric, so take control, remind that's really bad end of the game. For you, that's how you do things you got to ask a question of the day: that's what every guest us we get to! Ask a question and they'll be thousands of comments on Facebook and Youtube so give that a thought of what question you want answered number to I'm about to take sure what this man I'm really give away hundred copies of this scramble the next twenty four hours. Long, exciting questioning is what
is your definition of a magnificent life? I'd, really curiously ordering an urban area, for a mechanism life which, to me is life on your terms. Stiffer everywhere yours is dividing people. Think about it. Pleasure Gazeta, you keep asking questions, will keep answering them the turning weapons podcast, is directed and hosted by twenty robins and Mary Bouquet any org. Is our editorial director an occasional host the protesters is produced by carry song and other Culbertson Jimmy carve a and Adrian today our additional editors special thanks to die, and I call for a creative review. Copyright Robins research, international,
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