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Your Success is 80% Psychology | How to Use Mindfulness and Meditation to Prime Your Nervous System for Peak Performance

2022-05-23 | 🔗

Mindfulness and meditation aren’t just about spirituality or stress relief.

In today’s world of constant demands and digital distractions, mindfulness is about making your moments truly matter and living up to your full potential. It’s about your power to put your attention where you want it to be and not on what someone else dangles on a screen in front of you.

This is just one reason why Tony Robbins incorporates a gratitude meditation into his daily morning routine to prime his mind every single day.

If you’re familiar with any of Tony Robbins peak performance strategies, you know that your ability to maintain a peak state is a key component of living the life you desire. Your state is affected by the way you use your physical body, your ability to direct your mind’s focus, and the language or meaning you give to your experiences.

Knowing this, it’s no wonder that we aren’t able to be the best version of ourselves when we are in a stressed state. The incoherence of our head and heart, the jitters in our nervous system and body makes us less effective and less resourceful.

In this 1-hour episode you’ll hear from Tony Robbins, his wife Sage Robbins, and podcast host Mary B. as they discuss one of the most valuable skills to maximize your mindset and prime yourself for power, clarity, concentration, and focused attention.



[0:00] Hi it’s Tony Robbins…

[1:15] I used to think meditation was a waste of time

[2:00] We don’t experience life, we experience the life we pay attention to

[2:39] Tony and wife Sage and traveled the globe together for 22 years

[3:30] A podcast on meditation? I’d be outta here. But…

[4:03] Twin hearts Sage and Tony Robbins

[5:30] Why does time go so fast?

[6:20] One of us is a meditator and one of us is not

[7:12] Meditation definition | What is meditation, really?

[8:20] Styles of meditation

[9:57] What’s your outcome?

[10:30] The science of meditation

[11:24] Be here now and notice

[12:24] Our attention is the most important commodity

[13:15] Self-judgement and imposter syndrome

[15:50] Ellen Langer Harvard mindfulness

[16:37] Just close your eyes for a minute

[17:28] I’m thinking about a grilled cheese sandwich

[18:23] Meditation is not something to achieve, it’s something to experience

[19:04] The throughline is gratitude

[19:30] Thoughts are like clouds floating by

[20:22] How do I stop the thoughts in my mind?

[21:25] There’s an entire universe inside of us

[22:22] Collective mind

[23:19] Sage and her baby in the rain

[24:25] In the busy-ness we miss the nuances

[25:00] Mary B: Meditation has gotten really trendy

[26:25] Story: Full Moon Meditation with Tony, Sage, Billy Beck and Mary B.

[29:13] We will never experience this moment of life again

[29:43] Profound knowledge

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Hey everybody. It's tony robbins welcome to the podcast. Listen for the last forty five years. Yes, forty five years have been focused on the subject. How do you help people increase the quality of their life, whether it be increased equality, their business or their relationships or their finance and you want things I've learned is that communication? the basis of all relationships with its business of personal and we're. great communicators, we're not stressed, but we live in a world where the demands are constant and we can get trained into having that part of nervous system known as the sympathetic system. If you don't know it is the part that makes you go, go, go go it's that a dream last part come to dominate our lives and wonder I've learned is in business. For example, you know the choke on the growth of a business is always the leader. It's the psychology and the skills of the leader, your personal life, the quality of your life, really comes down to the quality of your communications. New relationships will make somebody a greek Indicator is being able to hear, what's not being said,
But when you're stressed you don't hear other people, you not even able to listen, you think you're with listening, but you're really just trying to get the job done, and some of the most valuable skills is to manage our psychology and I've. Psychology is eighty percent success and skills. When percent, and I think meditation for me when I used to hear about meditation. My mindset was it's a waste of time Rotation would be going on a run which, by the way, is a form meditation. I ought to be physical, like to be a man what kind of a dynamic meditation? What I do sittings still to meditate just didn't seem real to me. I'm just a waste of time and try not to think thoughts. Well, good luck with that, but I started creative way. That way for me, which I call priming, and I do it every single morning, no matter how busy I am busy you aren't too and so to be a meditative, you may have to have some giant spiritual outcome, but if you what the best you to show up for your family for your friends, your business, for yourself. I think it's important to find a daily practice.
A meditation comes in many forms. I mean it's really important for us to realise that in life, you dont experience life manifesto. We experienced the life we pay, tension to we experience what we focus on The human brain is basically has three skills distorts, deletes and generalized. If you're really angry, you have to delete all the things you could be happy about. It you're really really happy of delete all things really pissed off, and so, whenever we focus on wherever focused goes. That's where energy flows and learning to direct our attention- or our focus is really what this is about, so that you experienced the quality of life, you really desire and deserve for yourself and for the people who want to serve, and that only happens, if you can do a reset, and so one can best people I know of on the planet, to talk about this courses my way sage. She is a walk thing. We callers age for a reason, she's she just as this bill for state about her. I am the largest the fishery of this woman's gorgeous love
but her ability to stand in the centre of things and we ve traveled, together of my forty five years for twenty two Here's animals crazy, where most people would never be able to handle it looking years going, it honey thirteen cities in here and sometimes twelve sixteen countries being every time zone and still be in your centre and give your best and so really want her to share with you. This, along with my partner in crime, here, Mary be there of two best people. I know share this with you, but I wanted to let you know how important I think the subject is before them. begin with you, they're gonna, to walk you through many ways to look at this that I think we really useful, but I know out people I know if someone said always gonna be a podcast meditation. I would I'd be outta here in the past, but today. I don't look at is that I think it is this I guess now to direct your attention because right. Now, that's the most valuable thing you have and you look around- were no longer any information society that died a long time ago. There's too much Information were drowning information were starving for wisdom, but that
Wisdom is within you when you can calm the mind and when you can giving everyone else, your focus and attention and directed to what matters most so without further do, let me pass the ball tonight. Favorite humans on the planet, sage Robins and mary be I'm touched. Any weapons We don't want you to know that my intentions on you in this moment and my heart is flooded and I love you so dearly rotten in the leg. Is man, with all my soul, so I know I'm here. I'm passing you to someone who will be beloved. because she is a beloved. human beings. She treats all human beings with such love and trust and respect and honour god comes to her only always so merry b. Absolutely the same, this is, are our family
out there and have an impact together. So the ball is yours. Take it away, I love you think you any it is made of twinning twain too, which means it is world meditation month till you know, that's said roberts You know you inform me hello, everyone or we are hurdling toward the half way point of twenty twenty two. Can you believe my heart goes: it doesnt reared in twenty twenty by this time go so vast could perhaps be because
as we need a little more mindfulness. We need a little more meditation in our life. If I was a little more present would it feel like I was getting everything out of these days. What do you think well gosh? It is if a question you know, I think the gift of meditation is it does it brings us here now its calling our attention back or attention back to this moment, You know in life to business and through external activity we can miss you know we can miss the beauty of the simplicity of moments that life is offering us and I think that's the beautiful blessing of having a practice is. It start to tune our awareness serve. Our attention to this moment here now I like, when you got a practice and ngos that something that I can get my my head around legs
a practice? Let me just start by saying: we jump trade in here and I'll start by saying one of ass is a tater, the other one would like to, be put it sighed it's great, although I don't do much of it myself, but I thought that we, we thought that that would be relevant to you out there listening? Has I think some of you listening we'll be diligent season meditated and others will be more of my camp like its half through the year. My wrist, Lucian was timidity and I still haven't done it so hope he said you are the resident expert in this conversation, I you know I say, certainly I'm an expert. I feel like a baby on the path- and but you know I'm happy to share my experience and I definitely have a passion for it. and a lot of terms. I think when you don't remember before I started, and I thought like had this identity, I'm not a meditative, and yet were all merit of a moment's, you know,
times where we slow down, and I think when we slow down our energies natural, come towards our centre and the whether it's you know going for a walk on the beach or whether it's looking the waves or ordered you know, watching your puppy bree their play with a toy in the morning or being with her little one, there's those moments where life slows down and there's a different level of connectivity to the moment, and I think that that is meditation. I watch are our little one, our daughter every day and on this issue, so scold me Michel letter D, sit and sometimes hinges. Gaze often too I mean into nothingness I dont know what she's experiencing, but it's a very it amiss this may cause? That's a very meditative stand I can do that. You do what you do and I think that's a beautiful gift for those out there. There is saying I'm and meditate error. You mare that believes that you're, not a meditative. There is the formality of
having a sit or having an intention of sitting down or we're gonna certainly discuss at today. but gosh. I've done sorts of meditations walking meditations Nature meditation breath meditation heart meditation, you know: mindfulness meditations, where that's more active others. You know dynamic ones where you dance, and you know you experience your energy a pie and then you allow to you know, drop in. I think that you know I fear diverse enough and dumb, but so wonderful it. It's not one particular path for anybody. I think that's what so beautiful. I think but so meaningful, but us coming together and having a conversation, is in overcome. together in bringing our life experience, I really racket. I said I really believe we all in moments when we slow down enough to notice. Ah, what life is off. Us here now that I have a few kay. Marijuana you and tony often, tease me that I'm kind of
the slow on around here, in fact, by nay, nay, my mask got my spirit: animals, often the slot. Yes, we are comparatively to tony robins aid robins. I think I'm not doing so bad words all relative speed however, even as someone who lose nature might be a little slow and watery ay never my thoughts, seem to never move faster than when I actually sit down and try to meditate and, as tony would say, with anything that your undertaking what's the first question you should ask yourself is: what is your outcome? What is what what's your outcome said really? What's the result that you're after when you sit down chaired kneel down. However, you do it what it! What do you can you do like what? Why is the result that you're after when used nanda for premeditation fifteen minutes later? How do you know that you have accomplished you're what you set out to do when you went in there in the first place,
I dont know that is necessarily a result. Per se, I think there's a lot that's happening in the realm of invisible forces. I mean you had yesterday having a conversation getting ready for this and you'd mention that I think it was stanford had said that to meditation benefits p, serve affect your blood pressure. Every every great reputable university has set at harvard set its demonstrated, oxford anything mayo clinic it There is no shortage of proof, scientific evidence than meditation. Is it can lower your blood pressure, can reduce your stress again, add grey matter to the parts of your brain where you want grey matter and take away at where you don't like it's. It's not I mean another reason to do it, I'm not doing it. Just fine every excuse in its often like hey, I'm not good at this, while a cup
things I want to you know I I'd mentioned earlier about not necessarily having a result, even though I think there are many gifts of it, but the majority the time it's just to be here now and notice, what this beautiful life is offering an there is also you know how to unravel thoughts. You know so stood in a longer serving in to meditate on once. You know my own response, her reaction to something to have more of a sincere or broader perception. in a moment or of a inter action? That's an given a dynamic and a living meditation, and I think that you know from that perspective that helps to create space. So you know rather than resolve. Maybe it's just the benefits and the gifts, is tangible and intangible and you can speak the science. I can speak about my experience, but I but there's
Think when there's so much as demanding our attention, externally. I think it's a beautiful gift. to give to oneself to come back this moment into notice, even just to even call your eyes and to hear your own breath now to connect to I'm alive. Here in this moment of my bodies being breathed, that's a miracle no and so some time. It's the simplicity of of that gratitude. That reconnect, sir. We collaborates for my of so I dont know. If it's much a result. is much is an experience. And that experience can be vast. especially when you'd dropped the expectation that it should be a something cause- I might see it as and nothing else.
I don't know about emissions you're, making me feel better because you know me, I think, in life to be I'm not a sceptical, cynical person. I am in fact, irrationally optimism, most all other areas, except perhaps many he should do. Does sit down and when you talk about invisible forces is like thoughts of sir and invisible forces, so the thought parade starts, crews and by whom planets like I got an each room. I choose. guy camp, my back herds, who I mean just explained and then had been then comes the self judgment because just feels like these excuses and then it's like, I can't meditate That's it I'm unlovable, I'm an impostor stupid. I mean it escalates quickly and I suppose, from what my limited understanding of meditation mindfulness is. Is that's exactly the reason why we meditate in the first place is to become aware
of the craziness of our thoughts. You know think of for honest, we ve all been there. You know we ve all heard at those moments of beating ourselves up or had the moments of judging ourselves for judging another. I call my judges, you know just go suggests. Nets is constant in hand who narrative and so you know I I don't know I think adding that extra layer of you know, continual defence in trying to hold up an identity is so much in a phraseology these these days as impostor syndrome and had so innocent because its I am, I am an impostor sec. No I'm I'm human I experienced this that, in the other you know, I've gotta, harder, I'm a love- and I am I am grateful and I appreciate life and sometimes I can be fresh it'd be selfish or be because that's part of the human
experience in a moment. You notice to find me no deal go and you come back home to our nature, which is love. his joy witches ease grace and extend that and I think we in lately internally and our nature were all that. It's just you know it gets cover with conditioning covered with wounds or life experience, and I think that's one of them gifts of this evolution of life is, we all get to. You know find out back to a deeper truth and experience, you know a broader perspective and kinder reality of life, you you and tony ever friend, ellen langer and I've heard her she's, people call her the mother of mindfulness? Yes, she beautiful woman and she is the first tenured harvard professor in this continent, female harboured per person- Sir, very bright woman, and
she I've heard her say like there, but were not really their language. When someone is asked her, what mindfulness is and ice we know that feeling and that something like my outcome would be. I want that clarity of experience and clarity of mind and presents- and so well, I dunno. If mindfulness and meditation are kind of all this I clump them altogether. Guess I don't tell me well once again, I can only share my experience. Ah, but you when I started to meditate to actually sit and have meditation and I'll share exactly what I've done you know the beginning. I would you know I had this expectation that it needed to be ten minutes or twenty minutes or fifteen minutes and and I it didn't work for me so on in the very beginning, and so I would just close my eyes and tune in for maybe one minute two minutes
united I'd literally think of it is like my moments of grace cause, it was just like like taking that breath and and feeling actually what was on inside and noticing the sensations and just watching, but in my eyes, are closed off our eyes are closed and we're sitting in meditation and thoughts arising. Rather then I shouldn't be thinking that. Why am I thinking that why my thinking but cleaning my closet or the sandwich. I wanted you to have to do this or I didn't call my mom today. You know and so, if you know, can just what that experiences. The thought comes up. You know whatever sandwich I want to eat, or I clean my closet and if we're not resisting that are making that wrong or demonizing that or labeling ourselves. If not a meditative are thinking. Why can't I do this and I'm a failure, but just no gosh. I I want to have a grilled cheese, then issues the thought coming up in a ghost and then the net,
Thought comes up and goes only get to watch that experience and it's interesting cause it's it's really more. Observing them rather than the resistance in and damn. You know attaching to an expectation that it needs to look a certain way and once again, I'm only simply sharing my own experience, but when I did that I no, it's like you can't effort meditation No, you can't like it's not something to achieve its something to experience and were all really good at doing I mean you know we'll sit for human beings. We human beings will sit for thy twenty thirty minutes and scroll through social media. and be all else in somebody else's business. You know and not think twice about you notice be random layer aimless these you know looking at something on social media, but two, actually say: ok, ominous sit, inexperienced actually what's happening. Inside and connect to the gift of that reality and I say again
because we're alive- I think, that's for myself. That's all lisbon. My through line like like my body, speaking breathed. I do nothing for that. You know my heart is beating that's a gift if we wake up in the morning. That's a gift in for myself. I think that's, that's it. through line of that gratitude or that awareness and then you know getting some distance of the judgments that are coming up in just watching that that common rise, you know Michael sing as a very dear friend and shares a beautiful metaphor of you. No thoughts are like clouds for outside, and it's a beautiful sunny day and club come by. We don't judge that there's clouds, just the clouds come by that doesn't change that its sunny behind the clouds. You know in the clouds floating by, and I think if we you know having that metaphor, so help me when I was, it in meditation because his thoughts, you know
rose or came by. It was just like clouds floating by rather than those clouds why the clouds there I'm failing as a genome blue sky observer, the clouds shouldn't be there, which would be absurd. You know we don't judge the experience of nature. we don't judge. What do you know him happening vague, whether it's raina. Maybe we do at times, and if we do, we suffer that does that annex helpful and I think you know the cloud floating by metaphors helpful, because we did actually ask on tony's social media council to send in some questions I have a few a hands down. The majority. Was you know c d, dish in the house, wrote my mind, always wanders. I found it. I find it hard to get back to life this jessica line. How do I start my mind from wandering and more missing amount? One thing seem so hard man about rights. What to do when your thoughts. wander off
Alyssa when it's difficult to find stillness in your thoughts actually cat. How do you stay focused like that? That but I can't I mean, there's hundreds in here- that's just a sampling, but by far that's the most, that's the most common one of just like these thoughts, but they to your point there just like in the sky are what they are just noticed them network work anytime. I talk to somebody who's really seasoned in meditation. It's like all you just notice, you just watch you, don't judge them and it may you make it sound, so easy work has, I think, tat if sitting here and I close my eyes, I'm hearing on body being brave thoughts are coming and going. Maybe I'm hearing you know the fan, in the room. I am fairly, I'm hearing your! U no papers wrestling whatever is happening. That's the experience that life is offering. So, if there's just that little bit of I guess it's willingness to appreciate or two
just allow and accept what ever is here and tuna, into in to the sensations on the external costs. Normally there so much happening out here that you know attract, our attention. I think it's Beautiful, is an entire universe inside of us do you know, I mean a whole network of capitularies and veins and our heart pumping in our body breathing, that's on He'll to me, you know that's unreal to me and then, when it was just like ok embracing the reality like thoughts, just then go. I mean, I think, that's where we all neatness human experience we all have. reality. You know we all have the reality of a thought and under universal. I'd say you know, there's a cold active mind I mean have, I think, that's where commonality. If you listen to any human being psych random thoughts you know absurd ones that it's like. While what does this have to do with his experience here now it's there, and so it is that's you know, and so it is and so
for myself. I started out by doing. Thank you know that I said one to two minutes and I would do that may be two to three times a day, sometimes I might go outside and just say, take a breath and close my eyes and she'll nature and feel the breeze on my face and just noticed that sensation of the breeze on my face- but I was wrong side and you haven't a conversation we can miss sir. I can miss them, actual sensation of or rain perhaps you know the other day I had in our little one in my arms and I went outside and you know just what Seeing her feel. rain on her on her face was beautiful, and so I was watching her and experiencing that I was having you know my own expense. instant sensation of that and it's like. Ah We can miss so much and I've missed some much in my life, and I think the gift, if you, talk about a result and I don't know that it's you know, I'm sorry link with the word results. I don't know that's the right
phrase for mere right experience. For me, experiential. I think the gift is being more awake and aware an alert to what happening here now and then if I'm in life and I feel a reactionary somebody says something to me in feel entangled in a moment, and I think that's where the gift, like the work of mindfulness. It sank. Ok, let's go! back to this second here at this moment here in and take a breath and and tune in and cause otherwise it's just it's one thing it's another and it just like life happening in like. I said we get so caught up in the business, and through business, in my own life experience, we miss the nuances commission. The sweetness and I think, that's you know as as you know, having a consistent practice in our share here. My experience in this conversation there's more beauty,
in the most simple things when before for the simple thing might have happened in I missed. I missed the moment. Ok, I want to zoom out first section because I want to give our listeners those listening, who might not know you say, drop and see how well as I do, you read me listening right now and going like she's talking about the raindrops and the nuances of life, and I thought we were talking about meditation which to some people, looks like sitting on a pillow causing your eyes in a cave or that too, That is all meditation, especially in the west, I have to say, has gotten real trendy and everybody is in there, you know fancy pants in their smoothly in doing there detention and I don't know there's a part of me even feel it. As I talk about it. There's a part of me that has like a like or not
sentiment? Maybe it isn't there something I feel something of like is that the authentic experience that everyone is talking about an even as we we want. And even as we talk about the expectations of meditation like one expectation is gosh. I wish, like my thoughts, could just calm down a little bill, and, other is like? I, I feel one with the universe and the blade of grass You mean everyone, we know my enemies and friends and the animals like. I have been expectations, and so I hearing you talk about the miracle of life. Can we talk about the full moon, meditation, yes, that we did this again, probably links back to my grand expectations for ten minute meditation. It was. Moon meditation. It was a full moon, coupled aid.
to go many folks- there was the eclipse and- and it was this powerful energy and many folks do a meditation and again that can be a very trendy thing and what I love about this is myself and billy, and tony and sage sage had brought it up and said: hey, do you guys want to have this meditation, so We are gradually are little being bags. We went out to the backyard made a list. well, semicircle circle of friends, and each had a little prayer book and it was really intentional if there was a lot of joy and yet there is also a reverence for this move. This is something that shines at the sky could see how people believed that it was. We know godlike like this, the thing that rises in, especially in its full capacity. It's just its magnificent. and so in your sage beautifully, you said prayer
and we held hence all of us, and then we, you asked us to close our eyes and we had kind of a silent meditation for maybe what would you say five ten. You have it. I say ten minutes, under the moon, and I feel like, the edinburgh ten minute. I'm not do this by the end of the ten minutes m. Unlike man has it, in our life sucks that's got out and I found myself like side. I am given to coincide eyes, you wake he's penetrating billy and and he's like. How would you describe billy he's tony's trainer and he is like this. Mostly beef cake prototype. My little protein shaken unlike come on. Billy's not meditating, he's not in it, and you close the meditation and I look over a billy and he opened his eyes and is a hundred percent earnest he's like while, like africa, where we were,
and I had this feeling of lake. Feeling left out like he was. body lists and I was in my mind. Well billy. I love that man he's one of my dearest. Ends, and ah you know we had so many conversations and talked about meditation and how this exact same dialogue of his frustration of like it, I sit and I'm you know my or just got you mind is going in. but that night I think you know that's the gift of dislike Is it's never the same. The moment we're having right now and say this is whenever will never experiences exact moment again. So to me, it feels like you have already reap the gifts of meditation and with that comes gratitude and are in wonder for this experience of life, because somehow you ve gotten through at some point you get through
the chatter and through the problems of small mind, and then it's like this. It opens your eyes some and then I think that's few if someone were to ask me: ok, mary, like what do you want, why we, review of a sudden started meditating tomorrow? Why would- and it's like, I want tony- sometimes talks about profound knowledge. And you know, there's a lot of knowledge, small knowledge, but there's also these things at her. These insights that forever these breakthroughs that change forever. The way you of your life- and I Do I have a belief that meditation can get you there and, I think, were given examples of really bright, extremely creative people, artists whether its steve jobs or re dahlia or remaining names at my appeal to sort of our business minded or achiever audience that swear by men. Station, so I know that there's I know that the treasure chest is
Buried treasure, I believe, exists, and I hear you talk and it's like ok, she's, got it. She has even know she's got it didn't do you I don't know if it's got it because, honestly, I still experience chatter, my mind can still get entangled. I feel frustration. I feel As you know, I feel all the scope of human emotions, but I think that that's the gift of the practice at stake. ok we're all in this thing here in this human experience to give to be alive, and mind chatter. As you say, you know we all like to turn the volume down. Maybe that's no more accurate than through it or you. I haven't mastered that and yet in a moment to come back to this moment and to question my thoughts ah or to just notice. Ah, what I, experiencing here now, and maybe what I've missed that broadens my persist
in that moment and therefore life more beautiful than it was the moment before cause if is believing a story or believing a thought or in my mind, shatter I'm in that reality. I'm I'm I'm. You know I'm not connected to the moment. I do that translates at all. It does, and I also am remembering what I was going to say about saving his candles really dangerous, really smoke, and it's okay. I'm sorry mean to interrupt you the day I was going to You say it dont know. Sage robins, like I am lucky to let me tell you something about her. She will like sometimes will be at a seminar at a crowded conference in an airport, at a soccer game, driving I'd read, look over it like me, sentence and her eyes are closed and now I've
to realize like she's, not sleeping she's, not narcolepsy dick, he is meditating and shall I just be sitting there eyes closed kind of, like you know, warm smile on her face and, unlike she's just in this moment this. This is what so, what I! of about that, and what you have taught me already is that you can do this anywhere. Yes, you don't have to be a tasseled rug. No, nice flow. and I'm learning that from you so and people are like this present moment. You could do it right now. What are we doing right now? You could- and I also like how you mentioned before, like. It's whatever sounds that you hear like sometimes I am neurotic enough that all here, a sound and and that will open up. That's that's distracted hanging focus on my breath? If I hear that neighbor's dog barking and it's like okay, just that's what that's what life is giving you right now go with the neighbour
dog barking. Know your dog barked. Whenever it is this, is it go into it and notice where your mind goes see what thoughts come up that incite at bag? Think theoretically, I'm getting close sir, to an understanding and then at the same time it's like it like you said: it's not something you do it's not something to achieve. It's not something! You understand. It's like this, I don't know what is it like? I think it's something that we are in. taken as a remembrance through this process of life for us all, you know that it was an unloading and I remember once and if they gave interest earlier, This may be a few months ago. I heard it Allow me go off and Ah, it's like well. That's part of this experience right You know the smoker Campbell here it's getting a little wily. That's part of our experts Hence right now, I'm you know if I think shouldn't be happening. Then I'm crazy, I'm suffering, you know
I think you know the gift of meditation the gift of mindfulness. Ah you know I dont know if it's I think it's coming, except actually is coming back to more of our nature, and that's more being this, you know, and you know, trust We ve lived an incredibly full life. has been a lot of doing, and even have experienced a lot of beautiful things, this life and yet the states of being so what I mean by that is it's not like one redoing, something it's just gis. being here now, Anne and noticing and appreciating or just expire and what this moment offers. I think rather than this moment should look different than what it is that when we missed the moment- and I think that that's part, a lot of you know them,
Chatter was experiencing just it's like if you close your eyes and you're willing to just you know for two minutes for three minutes experience. What you experience in awe not have an expectation, then its, then, what ever since whenever you here, whatever whoever knock on the door no one, whatever thought arises and falls. It's just part of this work strata of life that's happening, part of like the cloud it's coming the sun going behind the clouds. It's like it's perfect. It's just this harm nea. He experience. But it's not. harmony harmonious when you know we believe the thought that it should look different than what is here now that I mean I that is probably the most accurate way that I can describe meditation it's allowing of its allowing it's just a in accepting you can put any word of those or just simply pay
the even more accurately just watching her observing. You know what is Here in this moment you sit there and you close your eyes and you stay focused and you fall asleep. Well You know you focus seems once again so like like too focus of eta and maybe I'm projecting right now, but I feel like there's effort and that I think you know Watching feels more sincere because, as you watch, you watch whatever comes designing hence noticing serving witness consciousness. That's that of accurate, and I think that you know a lot of time. Here take one other thing, but that it was amiss for me when I first started station. I had this Expectations are laundered psyche, no gosh. Like you don't mind,
in my mind, is going to stop or there's like this awakening in or you hear about people having awakening experience, an enlightenment experience and everything was like out here, you know what that felt like this result her this chair, such this chase of this something that was here But, as I was wanting this thing out here, I was missing what was happening here and that's the that's the seduction that may be a bit of the illusion. Has its banks during that we wake up here now this moment. You know, and I think this so many practices like there's some people from different that unit listening right now, that of from different cultures are different pass of life. and different experiences and that's the beautiful gift. This human experiences there, so many choices and pass home within sight of ourselves, and you know as we walk this, I think we recognise that you know we ve now
really left home. Just a realisation that you know this is the awakening. This is the gift is meditation may be right here right now. This is us living our lives and appreciating and being present to this moment, doesn't get more beautiful than that until the next moment. I want to mention one more thing: if you're agnostic, if your atheist, if you're believer what's so incredible about this, is it's really irrelevant? You can still have a practice of meditation, what religion. I'm glad you no matter. How can we imagine that was another question that came in and social media too, and I don't want to miss it. Someone wrote, isn't meditation hindu, intrinsic transcendental meditate auntie em your given a hindu wholly word. I feel it goes against my christianity. Can you speak to that?
I want. I want you to answer that as someone who grew in a half grew up in a house where my parents first question was often set against the church I can relate and I dont believe it is. But I would love to know how cloud address that once again, I think if meditation is about coming back to this moment. Ah, if it's about do you know, experiencing. What's inside of you what's inside of us, is you know it's a miracle affair? I believe it you believe that a creator created us so it's tuning into that miracle and gosh. I I think that's complementary in. I almost look at like if you're prayer, it's like a filling up and meditation be considered as an empting out, that's overly Plastic and that's not, you know completely accurate, but you know it's something that I have related to. and so I feel like the two go hand in hand,
in such a beautiful, meaningful way. I do. I, when I was in college, I went to a real thomas merton face yes, thomas in the twentieth century: trappist monk, christian monk, theologian, mystic author. I pull the quote from him because I just think it so beautiful and also uses the word contemplation christianity. You might hear it be cop and you may hear it described as contempt, if prayer so contemplation, meditation rare any of those words, I think whenever you're comfortable with you can put to it, but I thomas Martin, in from new seeds of contemplation rights, contemplation, is the highest expression of man's intellectual and spiritual life. It is the spiritual wonder it is spontaneous. Ah the sea,
crudeness of life, I get emotional readings of being. It is a vivid realization of the fact that life and being in us proceed from an invisible, transcendent and infinitely abundant source, and then contemplation is above all awareness of the reality of that source. Who, I think that's just, I think that's it. I don't want to put words to it that no delay well, that was beautifully said and expressed, and once again I think they all you know. Life is so beautifully vast. It isn't this or that if I pray I can't meditate, I meditated camp, pray. What's contemplation, you know it all you, nuts, all this puzzle, peace that comes together to make the greater whole and you know for myself
before. I start meditation. I wish to say thank you. You know, and tat, no matter, you know whatever your religion or non religion wherever you come from your back on your culture honouring that and praying away. That's true for you or you can prayed, the source that beach, your heart, you can beloved divine source, sir beloved creator. Thank you for this moment. Thanks. for this life, thank you. Firm surrounding me, think for renewing me. Thank you for storing me, thank you for filling me here now a man doesn't have could be, or it could just be. Thank you. You know but for myself I always start from that place That's just sincere for me. Let me talk to you about my expectations I'd love to you, knowing that we were coming into this conversation today, I pick the book off Michel by your friend and tony spoon.
Doktor. Andy Newberg spoke it somewhere, conferences, Blamore. I open up his little book, called how enlightenment changes your brain and unlike nuns, but I want to make me meditate. He writes knowledge, wisdom sighing reason: oneness unity, ecstasy, awakening blue, this liberation insight, transcendence transformation, self realisation, illumination clarity, inner peace, holiness, revelation god, emptiness selflessness, giving some out pure consciousness. he says throughout history. Different scholars. Have you every one of these terms to define and capture the essence of enlightenment and then by proxy. See meditation some have said is way to enlighten meant to this awakening. so sit on my little. I sit crisscross alsace and, unlike our let's go, some realized
And I see you. How I'm going I was wrong and I also continue to learn from you, and I hope that I hope that someone else there's smiling tony in fact told set our last episode. He thought listen to any cried his eyes out as tony robbins You know him he's such a site. after he's, such a softy he's, usually the first one in tears. Any said you guys are funny, but you are a little serious and last one he wanted to laugh. So in an effort to to talk to, hopefully not take ourselves to seriously. I will also say that I will come to you and say like sage on fuel and crazy, cakes, my mind and to me that means like whether it's I am feeling anxious or scared or angry or frustrated, and so I know I'm hooked in my mind and we've done like you mentioned, Michael singer, we were lucky enough to go to his and temple of the universe here in florida,
and he talks about like theirs. Struggle world, and then there's thought or and then there's your emotional body. So there's really these three things. So if you're sitting their eyes closed, your attention might go to something in the external world. A knock at the door, you phone goin off, and it might go to a thought that you have like that. I locked the door where my keys and thirsty you, I thought, or a feeling, like, ah still so mad at this thing happened, you mean if those are the only three things when you when he chunks him, like that, it's like, okay, I have these three things to contend with. I should just be able to sit here, focus on my breath, and be aware of the miracle of life. It's would you boil it down. It's like wow. This seems pretty. This is pretty basic and there is little dictator site.
A tyrant that is like did you do this? You should do that. You should know about just, and I hear and when I listen to the net later, that we all have it's like. Who is running the show? What is a little voice? What do you make of that little voice? Do you have that little Of course, I do everybody has a little punk errors. We, I think, once again, that's where we all meat- and I think that's the real oneness of this human experiences that we all have that voice it's only a dictator if you listen to it ass right, you know, and so you know whether it's you know opened the door do this or do that you know if you're listening to it and believing the thought I think you'd I am speaking, this I just have to share. I know have mentioned it her name in the last podcast five katy She has a process called the work and the four questions, and was not come, the work out come and
this is another active form meditation is theirs for questions and to turn around- and you know you do the process of actually writing it down its college. A neighbor were cheap and you meditate into it, and the gift of this is you know: mine can work so quickly and and and and the narrative can happen so quickly that to slow mine down and to actually write it down. It's amazing because of it's your own consciousness, guiding you through this process in, but so unreal at the end of this process. If you stay with, it It always is so remarkable to me what I've missed, and I think that that's the gift. Meditation. It's like you know you, about noticing you we speak about watching it, What are we noticing sake? What we ve missed you know what we ve missed in what so amazing about that about you know I've I've, gush, I've known katy. She said
dear friend, by the wages down a beautiful sister on the path I started doing the work really seriously. I'd read her books, but I actually wasn't sitting in doing the work myself and I probably started doing that maybe about five years ago, but you know I'm, I meditated notice, I was willing to notice. I had a desire to notice what maybe I'd missed, and just to see is it true. You know I that day I chose a different path and Yes, inquiry really has been a credible tool. I its marvin and one saint active format. Patient, but there is a process of answering questions and meditating in who is sitting with that noticing what being shown. What you ve, missed, you're, so vast in what meditation is, is what it could possibly look like, which I love
You with all the you know you and tony, have given seminars in service all over this globe. You have traveled to india and china malaysian know in these poor so maybe that we think of like where meditation is born in it done this way and you and even we have we have done our share of, like you know, alpha brainwave, meditation or korea the nose national isolation, nostril meditation that Sometimes words get put to ever. A parson are things that are almost our intimidating, like tony's as like in industries. When there is this language and then you kind of get psyched out cause you're like I dunno what that means, whether it's medical field or the financial field, or if it's the same thing there's I feel the even in it when I step into this realm, and you have this ability like a lot of folks of
wrote in and said. How do you know you're doing it right or what's the way do do this kind of meditation do this kind of meditation and you're kind of like I had this conversation with my sister and I questioned this thought and of course this is about meditation, but I want people to see like you often use the word in worry. You talked about byron, Katie's, the work when just these four questions so that where the inquiry comes in and many folks who teach meditation you will say you sit with your thoughts. You notice that What's that come up and you question their validity question the truth of this or at the very least you look at that thought, and you don't judge it, you don't try to should or shouldn't it. You just accept that thought is coming in like a cloud through the sky, one of my outcomes of meditation would be, and people often promise this self realize.
station or or seeing seeing of oneself, know thyself. Socrates are all in this house, so crates yeah, no two thousand over two thousand years ago- and you know, says this know thyself, and does that mean and everyone else like can see us? Why can't we see ourselves? Yes, and then there are the last to know, and so there is that that curiosity and minutes, I really want to know what objectively, what is out the outside experience of what I'm like that. I know I'm not seeing because we're too in our own stuff or too busy defending is, as you know, the human nature would often do We justify we all speak for myself when I sit there oftentimes when I notice what my mind is doing in meditation. It will be built
some defence or making some case for myself for justifying something I wish I hadn't donner wish I had done. I guess she caught continent in meditation they can be interchangeable. Then, of course, yes, you know, I mean beyond sitting. You keep mentioning a sitting meditation, but there can be a walking meditation. You know going on a walk and cheese noticing the beauty, the birds chirping, are. You know, The due on the grass sore You know the ants in front of your: are we we've got this little geckos? You know runnin around town here, and you see this nobody's and say: hey you other that all next flap out like there's so much in homes on moving quickly. I miss, and sometimes, if I'm walking from here down the hill allow gist slow down in an notice all these gifts that are right in front of me that sometimes, when I'm moving quickly, I walk right by inside. Look at. That is a walking meditation and by the way I do sit
you do a ten minute meditation in the morning and I close my evening the same way I do have the practice of that, but the practice us, I think the gift of it of integrating whether its mindfulness as you call it, what you know, Ellen's body of work and live in katie's. You know that, questions is this can be something that's you know, takes flight and makes the inner experience are I may I'll speak for myself, my inner experience more kind when that coherence starts to happen greater level of harmony. All of us. Sudden, mind or consciousness starts to notice something different I've noticed star to translate and every day no waking exe variance or or life just data day. Is that, as a circumstance comes up, and maybe I feel hooked or I feel frustrated by a moment, it's like ok, this is just a thought. The thought or whatever judgment it is in his. I identify with that thought. I suffer. You know. as I get a little distance in
Oh, is this true or take a breath and psycho my gosh? You know maybe just notice in a moment before, possibly what I missed. I think that's a that's the gift in the blessed Think of awareness of alertness of coming back to this moment of bees, here now, because it so easy in a world of social media in a world of with new. Who's in her. So much bombarding us with you known to some
watch bombarding us when's the last time you know, listen to a podcast or read a book or ate a meal without checking your texts or looking in an alert or something it's we are so bombarded so to have attention again. I think that's another thing, that's on my target when I talk about outcomes or results that I'm after and meditation, and it's that ability to just be where I am and where I put place my attention and not have something else dictate to me where to put it and you know I'm glad you brought up michael singer before it, so I grabbed two books last night, when I knew we were going to sit down and have this conversation today. The other one is our friend Michael singer's book, and I can tell because scribbled in here that I read it in twenty fifteen and I am it's always great to go back and look at the notes you scribbled in here, but one of the things I had written on the inside cover
clearly was something that I had gleaned from reading Michael singers book which to me, and I've heard a lot of people say this reading this little tiny book was the first thing that open up this understanding, in my mind, of like wow, that little voice in their widen. Why haven't I thought about this? Why am I thought about her before and so it this book pointed That's me and I had written in the inside cover. Now, when I used to hope now, what used to hold me down becomes what makes me up now, what used to hold me down become law? Wake me up. So where there is a belief I had about myself- let's church, that isn't cycling in my mind for hundredth time or a belief that I've heard someone has about me or that I've made up that someone has about me that cycling my mind for the thousand time.
Now I'm able to catch that, and that makes me out till I k that little punk and your mind. It's doing that thing again and you are taking orders from it like you're the boss. I really like what you said there. It you're it's only a dictator if you listen to it rather than just like these thoughts are coming up. Let him be let him pass through. Do you have meditations where you're, like oh mind, was chatting away today or are you like? Do you still have those days where you're, like hmm a little weak? well today, why don't affected? but I have the moment: swear mine rifts, and I call on you know that my tension back to this moment here, papa yeah. I just you know. I follow my breath You know you just it's just it's no big deal, you know come back here. You know It took the kindness if you know, if you have
a child, and you know they're up to something or you know, wandering off at six sweetheart. You know: hey, that's, that's! It's come back this weighty or die. It's it's ass. You know little rascal, it's like how beautiful to extend and offer that graciousness to oneself to myself just you know it's like no big deal. You know we have noticed the gift of being in forties is that life. You know, sir, to have a different level of inward flow He does simple things. This wasn't like something like you know, a big thing I I was like gosh. I have to do this or I can never do this. It was just a happening, you know if I went on a plane before we'd go and if we at the airport and you stop it, stop at a magazine store- and I do not by a bunch of- the and be slipping through and seeing you know, who's doing wider, whose wearing wider buying wider. What the heck there or dino things about their relationship, individuals, juicing It was until it's not
You know it really was and then all of a sudden life became more interesting. Here now, rather than what was more interesting over there externally, and That was something I consciously thought, but I was reflecting last night and I was like caution. No, when that happened, or why that happen, but it's a result it was raised. I guess that. As a result, you known, though, having that extend to you different level of mindfulness throughout my life, just noticed myself, making different decisions you know took. Every morning. I wake up, and I check my phone the news alerts when I was I you know, and it's a feeling all these things is I'm reading it and spirits that mad, and so I took that off my phone. I turned the what if it collating alerts up my phone, I'm not on any social media whatsoever. Personally, and so it's you know it's given me the beautiful gift to have
more time and space for myself, and I think, like that's the most you know is that the self love, I think, that's a part of it. What do you think it's a result of your practice of meditation? I feel myself, this gift that we have as human beings. They were able to know that were thinking and then to them realize like while and then all these distractions- also coming in. How could I ever have room for the creativity that I want the you know whatever it is it you want to do with your life. If it's just this decision action from one distraction to the next internally and externally. I know enough to know that's not home than an go. Do great things You know, and so pairing down the external distractions and then paring down the internal distractions nets. You know what I made the same mistake
it's not pairing. Now, yes, that's beautiful, wanna, see just cut yourself, it's noticing yeah, then I think it pair it but you just by noticing it almost pairs down. Well You just did is exactly my opinion. My experience of mine, less this meditation. I just got yourself that's what this beautiful life's about. You know its catching. You suffer mary, I'm not the most a human being on the world, and you are- and so you know, used play soccer and, if you're, to kick you're at the ball into the gulf what kind of ball. If you were to kick it into the goal- and you know I'm sure he did do that every time and if you're at practice, he didn't do it every time. But then there's the times where you did most times we ve learned with practice- and I think, like you, know, cash We have such a huge exe,
take our mouth who, whom I say we have such a huge I've, had such a huge expectations And you know I drop that and I dropped the notion of enlightenment. Have awakening cause. What life showed me was gushed. That's in this moment that only time that we could wake up is here now you just did it you know I'm just looking at you were here. This is this: is this beautiful life and for the was a view that are listening right now. You know just take a look around take a look at your surroundings. You known to us, see and what you ve noticed? Maybe just a moment before your breath you now it's it's beautiful to be here now, and I think that that is the greatest most powerful One of the most powerful profound gifts of meditation is coming.
in coming to the moment, has railways in the moment it's noticing it. I felt that even in just that moment, it's like it can happen in the enhanced Kids. Why did you feel you satellites? I can explain it If I'm really, like you said, focusing Adam to hold on to do to do you know just like. What's gonna come next its control, its certainty, unrealized, that's what tony would say it is you're driving need for certainty. I know, which I know is just a nice way to say your for control, your illusion of control, some
semblance of control is life that I have none of yes and then to just get quiet. I feel my heart like take a breath in that and also there's this uncertainty of what the next sound we might hear could be or the emptiness of that, and that helps me to say. While I have no idea what a minute here next or what I might notice next with my eyes or that I feel like oh how? How cool is that and I feel the need for certainty, relax and I feel myself settle into while there's so much I'm not in control of, and I can be okay with Adam and I can enjoy it, not just be okay with it. I can actually really enjoy it and to me that it's like we're sitting we're just sitting here
and I have to manage my mind of like don't ask stupid question. Add value, make sure that this is entertaining or that folks are getting things from this and then in a moment it's like you know it. Let's just have a conversation should be real. We're just sit near people want authenticity, take a breath. Yes, we just feel like this little anchor. To this moment. That's beautiful, I say I meditated. That's a beautiful thing, your vote bill it in your honesty and sincerity. I think it's really beautiful thing human beings, you know, as we drop. Ah defence. You know life is kinder, that next breath
and tat. You know we don't need to be a certain way. I think that's the gift of this human experience we get to be I'm uniquely me, your uniquely you matt, I I know, your beard. I you are how you express yourself, we all anna maids and express life uniquely, I think, that's just so beautiful and fricking phenomenal. Does that line meant of where we all meat of this human experience and then just that you know, beauty of how we all express that's cool, it's cool, even just like a ten second moment, you can tundra view can touch upon it. That any meditation you're making this really easy, and thank you now. That's the intent, I think No for those views reading your questions in the can so hard on ourselves and I've been that human being so
No, the intend here wishes to simply share the experience and share many pass. Do you know really all beautifully and us up in the same place and I don't have it's meditation I don't have it stage of life, but there's no other place. rather be than here now. Tat is a freedom in that and as I go forward when I catch myself, if I'm future paste, you know bringing my attention. My awareness, my back to this moment just the matter what's up, in the external world. It's ok. I'm alive when it, you know looking at making Vicki singers book here, one of the beautiful gifts of that book was chapter. Seventeen the another. He had the antennas, gender, seventeen and Do you know he talks about? You know how death is such an amazing teacher,
and die you talk about. You know we have no control, we don't know what the next sound is gonna, be we don't even know four we're be here to morrow, then us none of us. An hour from now, and so you know we are here in life, is a miracle and it's a gift to be alive no matter what is happening. It's a gift to have this experience to feel they, since agents to see what you're saying to you know all that these beautiful miracles, that item Of just life happening through us as us uniting that's the gift of that and a reminder of the preciousness and meditation has brought that more to life. For me and when I forget you know that's gifted this life. Waking up is in this moment. You know that's the gift of king that were in,
we're already home. It's true we're already home here we are. I think that's the gift of the other side of a meditation is the feeling that you are able to experience that in your waking out out of meditation, you awake the waking moments, it's there with you, but I can feel it. Your meditated urge is every listening, I don t there ain't. You think, that's just that's beautiful statement and that's a beautiful reality. Because we all our its own nature, its air, we are meditate tone- would say some people say I'm not getting results. Antonio say, you're always getting results. They just might be the results that you want in that same way. Were always meditating. If you stop
watch your mind is always meditating on something it might just be the circus and not the miracle. I get it, I think I get it well that you have a bit of a gang one thing I feel, like I'm learning in real time from this conversation with you is what I want for meditation in what I'm trying to get away from, and so at at our seminars, Tony teaches about towards values, moving towards values and moving away from value and there too, very powerful things and, and also people are motivated, stronger, some some by what they want some by what they don't want. You brother, ass? By listening to this? What motivates me more so What surprise you and I say that I think I was approaching meditation
by aiming at avoiding this like restlessness of mind and body, rather than moving towards these enormous profound insights into life on this spinning planet and the nature of what it is to be a human being with a heart beating in the chest I want more of that. I want to move towards me to every day only every day, every day and laughing are you laughing This is us simplistic, I'm laughing, because its
pitiful when we recognize yes, the simplicity and and the beautiful opportunity that life allows us our life gifts us and to notice and the preciousness to mote notice, the gift and to notice. What's here now. Ah, I think there's nothing more gorgeous in the human experience than this moment and die. You know we ve mention many different. Ah fire you know And katy and Michael singer, I also to mention that tone. It is a beautiful priming, expiring. and monitor gratitude meditation, and In the beginning, it's it's a guided meditation that you go through and you know I think of you know what you're grateful for and it's it's it's a really beautiful process cause it's I you know once again: it's just guiding the attention ah
our attention is such a precious commodity and to be able to guide invite it to our gratitude to beauty to what's beautiful and blessed in our lives. I think that's incredible give because there's so much distracting us to what's wrong. What's off with wrong about s, what's wrong about the world what's wrong about! You know, And it's just beautiful to step to an expanded perception. And to guide that process. So those of you that our interested will make sure that we You now have the link of that priming experience, cassettes incredibly profound impact impactful for people, it's great place to start, and if you are just starting out twenty robins priming well, I hope that listening to This conversation has made. You want to meditate has made it, I feel it
I actually feel and excitement right now. It doesn't feel like this. Like all this thing, I should do it feels like this thing. I really look forward to doing. Well, I you know Well, I'm doing not daring to go. It feels some a excited to go within without it's not it's not doing catch myself. that's all that we can never do you know, our share a couple tips that I have found helpful by the way you do not have to do this. There is no, right and wrong in this process, and if you hear this and think it's a little nutty, then please drop this part so something that I've found to be helpful way before him It I'll stand up and I just shake I'll shoot. my hands. I shake my arm my whole body it's almost like going on linear, like I'm, not doing it, for
anybody else just you don't I'll say to myself. Like I release and I let go, I release unethical and it's just letting go of it's no longer needed in that moment, and I feel like that psych it just gets. You know I just critic an unbound space rather than sitting there and it's like being more in mind. I just feel like that alone. And then ass. I sit down. I want to just mentioned. First is like it's. It's also goes back to exactly what tony teaches that foundation is always physiology. Allergens. Yes, so if you are someone who might be described as little uptight I'll, speak for myself, you just shake it out the same thing that we would do people live I are always jump and around at those tony robins jumpin. It's like you jump around because there is a physiological beer body will have. spawned a cascade of hormones just by movement, and so the give yourself an edge, a spice
It can it out, and sometimes we ve been sitting at a desk all day we are carrying your body is carrying. You know, there's a book. This popular, the body keep score. Our body holds onto a lot of things to say to sing step one shake it out and check it out, which a moment gave you non linear, which has looks a little crazy. I've seen you do. It does like a little odd, a little strange that once again, this isn't for anybody by yourself and by the way, I'm not doing it for a long period of time. Sometimes I don't even know, maybe like ten seconds and then, as I sit down I'll, make the sound of awe and I'll just be like and continue doing that until I run out of breath and there's something about the physicality and as well the sound that had psycho k for myself, it's easier to just drop into that space ah suggested that with me too, and I also want to clarify. So it's not like an,
an arm. It's like a sound like whatever comes out of your mouth. Very like an emotion, and it feels it has like a tune to it. Just very out of your body, in the same way that you're shaking it out physically your letting it out utterly just another- some modality just get energy moving and by the way, I don't do this if I'm just doing a two minute meditation outside or I don't do this, if I'm doing a nature meditation. I do this when I actually do a sit, meditation and I just feel like it helps to create some. Unbound rather than bound energy and adjusts, releasing you know, revise our body were energetic, were spiritual being it just you know it it, it opens the channels. Make it out, let it out and then and then you sit down and in your position. What tell me what your position looks like Jeff deny something I with their no, you can sit just singer snow, not a bet, you can. Again, you know if, if, if that's your path and that's what
been drawn to and that your practice then beautiful. If you do so impostures arsenals, that's beautiful! That sure. If that's what's true for you, if you want to just sit so that you're completely come but once again this isn't about perfection, this isn't about being in a priest I sway this. Is it just simply experiencing there's no right the wrong way to it. This is not a formula, This isn't summoned it. You have to do it just experienced something that resonates for me. I just love to tune and once again to the miracle and add the gift of life, that's the most sincere, ah, an accurate and experience. and perception in reality. We are all. So bless to you know, look at how we're supported. We are whatever your listening to this honour watching this would have device when a miracle in a few laying down or if you're, walking or driving a car. What a miracle like we're so gifted with such
level of abundance of you're sitting on a chair, or You know sitting on the ground like we are here I always had taken care of, and yes, you're lucky enough to have legs and supported. I think that is, you know a lot of times missed so many miracles. Thank you for tuning in and think fairy tuning in awe to this conversation, but also to yourself, is there no more beautiful place to be so bless you on your journey down gutless? Thank you looking for dear and from you all in comments and responses. Thanks for sharing this with us.
and soon will see again soon by The tony robbins podcast is directed by tony robbins and produced by tony robbins team copyright, robbins research, international.
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