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500lb. Serial Killer /// Part 1 /// 173

2018-01-09 | 🔗

500lb. Serial Killer /// Part 1 /// 173

Part 1 of 2


December 8th, 1996 - An overweight man picks up a woman from a local bar in southwest Baltimore. He invites her back to his trailer with the promise of drugs and alcohol. She decides to join him. They are only there a short time when he starts making sexual advances toward her. She turns him down. They do some drugs and then his advances became more aggressive. She continues to brush him off and then he attacks her. Somehow she manages to escape and have the man arrested. Just days later this man is arrested again this time for the murder of a young woman. After, he starts talking to investigators about other murders. Tonight we discuss Joe Metheny, his crimes and confessions. Beer of the Week - Duckpin Pale Ale by Union Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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