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500lb. Serial Killer /// Part 2 /// 174

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500lb. Serial Killer /// Part 2 /// 174

Part 2 of 2


December 8th, 1996 - An overweight man picks up a woman from a local bar in southwest Baltimore. He invites her back to his trailer with the promise of drugs and alcohol. She decides to join him. They are only there a short time when he starts making sexual advances toward her. She turns him down. They do some drugs and then his advances became more aggressive. She continues to brush him off and then he attacks her. Somehow she manages to escape and have the man arrested. Just days later this man is arrested again this time for the murder of a young woman. After, he starts talking to investigators about other murders. Tonight we discuss Joe Metheny, his crimes and confessions. Beer of the Week - Duckpin Pale Ale by Union Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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Sergeant and MR smith you're gonna love. This house bunk bed in a closet, there's no field manual for finding the right home. But when you do u s a whole wonders insurance canal protected the widely restrictions apply, in new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park what were the address should have been. He was shot and killed I'm dvd umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock, as I dive into the motive behind bruces murder a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen epoch. loads of counter clock season. Five, wherever you listen to podcasts I
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The following day from letters written and sent by inmate number two: seven zero, eight nine six joseph roy method, he, while serving to life sentences without the possibility of parole,
You have always asked me if I have any remorse for what I have done. Nope I sleep just fine. I did most of those sorry pieces of shit, a favor. They had one foot in the coffin and another on a banana peel long before they ran into me the first time took a life. I was scared shitless. I was We fifteen years old I try to get little twelve year old girl to notice me, but she never would school for the day and I followed her all. I had done this several times before she would through this little patch in the woods. Well,
One day her luck ran out, for that was the day that I killed her. I experienced a lot of first that day she was my first kill. She was also my first rate. I ran up behind her and grabbed her pulled her, to those woods I push on the ground and told her to take her clothes off she was a little slow, so I helped her by ripping them off. I beaten raped her for two hours, and I stood up to look at what I had done. She was holding herself and crying. She was dirty and bloody. There was a big rock lying about three feet from me. I picked it up and started bashing in our head with it. I dug shallow grave and I buried her. And that is where she is resting to this day
that same rock that I killed her with. Is her headstone happened back in september of nineteen. Seventy. I used to walk back into those woods many times when I was in the area just a check on her. When I was a kid, the tear my toys. Apart, just to see what was inside of them, I used to get off on hurting things. It started with bugs just seeing what would happen when you pull the legs or wings off, then I moved to animals when you kill someone it feels like times absent goes in slow motion, you get excited and the adrenaline starts pumping. then, when the life drains from your victim, it becomes very quiet and you stand there gazing down. What you have done. Reality
back to you and then you get scared. You don't know what to do. Most will run away from the scene. best way to handle. The situation is to try and hide the body until take a little time and calm yourself down when it gets dark, get a shovel a couple Trash bags in a bag of line now dig a hole. Three to four feet. Will work line, the bottom of the whole, with trash bags strip, the body of all the clothing, a jewelry and put that in a trap, bag to take with you throw away somewhere else, far away, now take the bag of lime. Some all over the bottom of the hole in the place. The body in the whole now poor, the rest of the bag of lime. All over the body then take the shovel fill in the hall
Your first kill is the hardest anything. else after that is like swatting flies and stepping on bugs. You have no Feelings at all, as I was young when I took the life away from that sweet little twelve year old, redhead girl- I was our first and I was her last she's been lying out there in those woods and a shallow grave, cold and naked. For thirty seven years now- When I was in the outside world, I would by six beers each year. And go sit beside her grave and drink them. think about what I had done at that very spot on september, nineteenth nineteen, seventy Anyone else would have probably started feeling remorse and would have probably started crying at that gray. But not me every here when I would go out there, I would do the same thing,
I would relieve the murder in my mind, then I would pick up my beer cans and I would go home That's a big difference between me and people. Like you, I had a lot of bad things happened to me when I was very young. I learned lock it out over the years. But in reality all that did was make me hollow inside. In some ways, that's a good thing for when you no longer have a conscience or the abyss? a care. Having motions are feelings No one can hurt. You anymore sure as hell. No one special, in fact I am damn far from it, I'm nothing more than what life has made me. I have made a lot of decisions in my life and sad to say most of those decisions were wrong ones. I am not
proud of the murders. I did out there well to tell you the truth Maybe I am a little proud of what I did I was a hard worker truck driver, forklift operator. It seems the best thing I ever learn how to do is take the life. Another away from them. There were several people killed that one might say that I feel bad about, but most of them we're living on borrowed time, I feel I may have done most of those drug addicted crackers, a favor. I definitely help them to get off of drugs. These are the words of convicted serial killer Joseph.
Why methanol joseph? Why method you heard me jack, Describe him as a serial killer. Captain you- and I were talking about something the other day. I thought it was an interesting conversation. The old school, a thought was that to be a serial killer, you had to have killed three different people at three differ. Times kind of the new school of thought is that a serial killer, somebody that cute kills two people at two separate times You had a feeling that you were to be lumped into that group. You you're more of the old school of thought, the id the three number three or more killings yeah? But what I can tell you said you kill one person you get put in the category
a real piece of shit while whether you're of the school of thought of three or more killings makes a serial killer or two or more joe, method, any kind of I mean you- get any closer to three or more than what he did. He was convicted of two killings, plus an attempted attack that he did on a girl that he got fifty years The problem with Joe, though, is he would confessed, too many more killings throughout the course of his life and actually you heard in the first trailer where he talked about a cold case, the other woman he had killed when he was a truck driver, and this last trailer to this show you him talk about his first kill of when he was only a teenager himself, killing a twelve. old girl did, he hid followed into the woods and pulled her into the woods, and this confession actually has and proven true or false, correct
neither has the confession that he made to killing the woman when he was a truck driver, we'll get back that and a little bit, because where we finished up yesterday was covering his trials while his second trial he was convicted, As we said, he kind of went crazy, telling the jury a bunch of horrible things that had it he did to his victims. While he get sends to death in that trunk, and his lawyer is going to appeal. The death sends the Joe received now this would be appealed several times, and this thing went pretty far up the chain from my understanding before they over turned his death sentence, one of the deciding judges this to say about overturning the decision. I do agree that the sentence of death in this case must be vacated. Mr Metheny, if the record in the statement he gave at his sentencing hearing
are accurate. He is a serial murder as such, he is the ultimate characterisation of evil, there may well be many sincere proponents of the death penalty, who would hold a position that death would be an appropriate penalty for MR methods act. And the legislature, however, has not established cereal murder as a death qualified offence, in other words, person who commits two or more murders during one incident can be sentenced to death, but a person who It's one murder a month for twelve months before he is apprehended making him assyria, murder cannot be sentenced to death. In my view, this is the judges, veal. The reason. The death sentence was sought in this case. Is that MR method? He was a heinous cyril murder because cyril murder is not a death qualified offence in this state. The state of maryland the prosecutions sought the death penalty on the premise,
the MR mouth. He robbed the victim when he buried the victims, clothing and purse separate from her body. This strategy, which was successfully employed by the state in the circuit court stretches Marilyn's death penalty statute beyond the scope of intended, but what was intent by the legislature. but this is the problem, is the justice system? You know whether its than this country or other countries, there are some really stupid things there are, and you know, unfortunately, that judge has to this uphold the laws in his state as they are created and- and I think he did that in my appeal- in this case, as much as I would have liked to have seen. You know I've I've come out on here and said certain people do deserve the death penalty. I'm not I'm not saying that I'm for it at all times but I think this Joe method. He is a real monster and I don't
No, that there's value end just holding him somewhere right. But it's it's ridiculously stupid right at steve bid to think that yell Oh you killed two people at one time. You deserve the death pony. You killed four hundred people and for is one of the crime here several times You you just you hey, will give you five years. How I don't know it's ridiculous right right, wanna give before we go through some of his confessions. And some information that Joe would provide to us, because I want to look at and I want you and I to take a look at him and in determine which ones at what times do we think he's telling the truth? And I what times Think that he's lying because you a guy here that's been convicted to multiple murders, but here
ultimately go on to confess to like ten different murders and it's very possible that he has done some or all of these? Why? He lived in nomadic life and plus he and some nomadic jobs being a long haul called truck, but I want to give a little further background on Joe math. so we have a little insight into who he is and possibly how he became such an evil monstrous person. So we had it we're gonna, dig a little deeper and see what else can find because there is more here. Let's talk about methods, police record price. To these this attempted rape and the two murder convictions, so math unease criminal record showed nothing more than you know. More serious than common assault drunk. disorderly conduct in an occasional bar room, fight right, common assault on who
I don't have the information on who the victims of these these about money. Some of that is females, it's possible, he could also have common assault charges stemming from bar room fights bread, but so this here. Is we don't see anything in his background pointing towards this? You know escalate. behaviour of this attempted rape and the two murders. But what is not on his record. His record will show this this. Something we have to discuss. This is from an event that took place in nineteen. Ninety five joe was chart with killing two thirty three year old, homeless man. This is right brewer in randy piker, the court record stated that the motive for the double homicide was a supposed turf spute between rival homeless camps and in no such things exist. It both men both of the randy's,
the victims have been mauled with a wood cutters, acts that method he kept or a rotting sofa at his patapsco area. Camp ultimate We joam Anthony, was acquitted of the murders in baltimore circuit court. Get this the the jurors sent the judge. A note during aberrations. If he liked me sequoias, don't circle I always put a may beyond their to just in case I wanna hardy answer. It's about demonstrate. Well, me: love marriage, not begun mean the dancer, not judge. As what I want to know. I would like to go to fridges, big boy the letter, the note that they sent the judge during deliberations suggested that they thought that another homeless and other than Joe was responsible for the killings aka. So
I bring that up, because we were talking about other things that oh may have confessed to and if, in fact, heed Did the other murders that he's confessing to well Then he would later claim that he, in fact did commit these killings, that he did kill these two homeless men after a night of drinking beer. Okay. Well, we also know, like we said before. We know that he was homeless at the time. We know he lived in like tent city, so is it you know that puts him in that kind of community right n. Was he defending himself or defending him for his turf, I don't know, I'm not gonna give this scumbag aims uses so well. I can give you his confession to those murders of you'd like to hear it now. Well, we need we need included in the shop. So this is strange,
captain, because where this confession comes from is apparently Joe was paid three hundred dollars, and it's been reported, I haven't been able to figure out which website paid him three hundred dollars, but a website offered him three hundred dollars to confess to some other murders they had. They added at some point spoke with him and he had said I've killed other people and I'm sure there was some negotiating goin back and forth trying to get this information for their website. I found this compassion on multiple website, so I dont know who added those p. Him, I'm not gonna. Get into that. I think it's weird to be paying them. guys anything when they're locked up anyway yeah, but this is Joe Metheny his words and he says to sort out. I will tell you about myself at the present moment, which is locked up. I am for
the eight years old. I way about four hundred fifty pounds and it's not all fat. I've locked up for almost eight years now, but when one has been sends to a couple life senses without parole, time doesn't matter anymore. I have problem with being locked up for no one, put me here, but myself and I deserve to be right where I'm at cause. I had well law abiding yours, they told me so I was only convicted of two murders in one kidnapping for the one got away. I got fifty years for her. The first murder I was sends to life without parole, one they gave me the death penalty. Sat on marilyn's death row for three years and then they turned my sins and gave me another life without parole insane
down here for the rest of my life. I killed seven people three men and for women to men. I chopped up with an ax under a bridge and south ball for I was found not guilty for them because they couldn't prove. I did it under that same breed I also kill two women and one man who was fishing, who just and to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I weighed thereby these down and I put them in that river. I show the police, where I put them about three years later, but they couldn't find them, it could not charge me for those murders. my murder. Rampage started out as revenge, but ended up as a passion for the taste of blood in the overwhelming said, of power one gets from taking the life of another. It started back in july of ninety ninety four I was at work. I was a truck driver was working overtime. This one night, then I got
and I went home as I always did, but when I go, the door and turned on the light. I notice that there was nothing there old. Lady had taken everything, including my son and left me hurt, leave was not my problem, but she took my six year old son with her. She was a crack at it. I would have paid her to get out of my life. All she had to do was take my son to my mother's house and she could have had everything else and be gone I found out about six months later she had moved on the other side of town with some guy. They had her selling herself for drugs, they got busted and they took my son. From them for child neglect and child abuse. I had no, chance of going to social services and trying to get my son back. Do too I pass criminal record, so I took it upon myself with the hatred I had for these two who had lost my son to go looking for
I have found out from someone the day was lit under a bridge in getting high with some homeless guys, lived under that bridge. I went under they're looking for them. They were not there, but the two homeless guys they got high with we're down there. They were passed out on some old. Stinking mattress, and that is where I left them, except they were dead from being chopped up that same night. I lord a crack addicted woman under the bridge. I got her heart and I was trying to get information out of her about where my lady was she acted, she didn't know, so I beat the hell out of her raped and killed. Her I put her some bushes and I went and lord second woman down there. I did the same her as the last one, but as I was to throw her in the bushes, with the other one I noticed old man down by the river fishing? Looking back up at me, I grabbed his pipe. There was laying by now
down on him and I laid his head wide open. So I put the two. Girls in him in the river and waved them down with rocks very busy night. For me, five murders with in seven hours I, why up in the river and I cleaned out the crime scene as much as I could, then I left two and a half weeks Later I was arrested in charge, but the murders of two men that I had chopped up. I spent close to eighteen. in baltimore city jail, waiting to go to trial the trial. One week and it was thrown out of court because of lack of evidence. I was free again. I went back and I talk to my old boss. asked him to give me my old job back at the palate. Company there was a little trailer on the property. So I told my boy still, let me stay there and I would keep an eye on the place he agreed to this and gave me the keys to the front gate and the main
The company was on a dead in road and it was very isolated. It was perfect for what I wanted to do I lowered to women up to that trailer. I killed him butchered their bodies up, I cut the meet up and I put it in some tupperware balls and then put it in the fur caesar I bury the remains in several shallow graves, in a little woods behind the company over the next couple weeks. On the weekends I opened up a little open pit beef stand. I had a real roast beef and pork sandwiches and why not? They were very good. The human body taste very similar to pork. If you mean sit together. No one can tell the difference. Everything was going pretty good until I ran out of my special me, so I ll another woman up to my trailer her in there and I started to Ripper close off and knocking the hell out of her. She was screaming
but there was no one around to hear her, except for me and I just kept on laughing at her. I turned around for a split second, and that was my mistake, for she ran out the door before I could get to her. There was a chain link fence with barbed wire. On top of it, there was a stack of wooden palates next to the fence about ten feet: high that woman scale, those palates like a monkey and jumped the fence ran. To the main road where some guy picked her up. Well, I The cops were on their way, but I didn't run. I gathered up her claws thing, grabbed the keys to the gate, and I went out and opened it soon. As I said out of the gate, a cop carport up in the cop jumped out Hold his gun on me and told me to get on the ground, that is where it all came to an end. They took me down a book me she had, I told them that I said I was going to kill her like the rest, which was true,
had me sitting in a little room down at homicide, drilling me and damn near kissing, my ass true to find out what I had done. They pulled me out of city jail a day for about a month. Taking me back and forth. Between the company and the bridge I had them crazy at the company digging up the remains cause I had there remains buried in seven different holes. The only thing, feel bad about in any of this, as I did get the murder the two I was really after. That's me, ex old lady, the bastard that she got hooked up with sergeant and MR smith you're gonna love this house bunk bed
in a closet, there's no field manual for finding the right home. But when you do u s a whole wonders insurance canal protected the widely restrictions apply. In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist. Ass he stood in the park, what were the address should have been. He was shot and killed I'm deal. You d join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I dive into the motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen epoch loads of counter clock season, five, wherever you listen to podcasts this spring, transform your outdoor space
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sort of calling Joe method. Cannibal killer and I've heard rumour that this other name was created joe himself. He started calling himself the real life Hannibal lecter. Now what get into a little more of an undersea, any of these sandwiches. These cordon quote sandwiches that he claims he was making using parts of his victim victims makes with beef and pork and then selling them to people that he knew that can fashion was from the internet you know somebody had paid him for that can fashion where we get this next bit of information comes from letters that wrote to a pen pow while he was serving his sentences, life sentence and these letters. He describes this stating that this all too place at or near the border line bar that place are we now
He hung out at all the time he stated that he would get his pay check cash there every friday after work, And a lot of people will go to the borderline on sundays, and they would walk over to methods, barbecue stand and grab a sandwich and the walk back to the borderline bar eat the sandwich and wash it down with a beer while watching sports on tv. Joe provided his pen pow with the recipe stating that he would first go out and look for a woman working the streets of baltimore. He has stated that these types make for the perfect victim as he puts it, because no one seems to care about them. they disappear, but they are not really missing. He pretty much the same ammo and a lot of these cases. They took place leading up to his eventual capture. He would bring the woman back to the trailer late at night because there was really no one walking through that area. His words, no one
here, the woman screaming as he was attacking her. There than him, which was fine with him, because he liked to hear them screen and, like you said before, you surrounded the whole trailer with piles and piles of of skids. Yes for the pilot, so that problem acted as some kind of sound barrier correct. He said He would have enough energy, he would torture the hell out of those women now we're going to go into anywhere near the amount of detail that Metheny has used to describe the deaths of these poor women right, but some of them he basically according to him, took them to the woods would feel dress them. Like you, what a dear or something that you were hunting for food, he would use it. ex all to remove pieces of meat that he wanted from the victim here, that he would only use the backs of the arms and legs. He would then take the meat he would cut it up, put it in a all in rinse it real clean. Then he would,
the bowl with water, a cup of salt and a cup of red wine. Then let it sit for about four hours. Then wash it one more time then rub it down with a little pepper and tender eyes. He said he would then throw it on the grill, with some beef and pork meat He would mix it with the other meats and then make and sell sandwiches. So, according to Joe method, he he was not only killing these women, but he was chopping them up and said, them to people. He knew at the borderline bar and people that would walk over to his open pit. Barbecue stand one of the many more extravagant, Let's say confessions that this man has made answer kind. put these confessions into some form into some order. So we can look at em. We first have the confession of his first kill says: he's fifteen years old, any killed a twelve year old girl
and later. He would state that, on from what I could find there was actually three separate confessions where he said that he had picked up a girl working one of these truck. Stop lots and had killed her while he was a truck driver then later in life. We know that was married. He had his son and he went out loud. king for his wife, who had left him to kill her and ends up finding these two homeless guys kills the homeless guys in that same night. He kills two girls that are working the street because he thought may They would know where his ex wife was now and then they he has to kill. This guy its fishing in the river, because the guy solemn, the guy solemn and then we know that we have at least the two murders that he was convicted of and the one attack
on the girl, while he was living at the trailer and then claiming that he was cutting up the bodies and selling them as sandwiches So a lot of words coming from this guy and a lot of people have stated you know what he's just like you know he just here scumbag that killed two women were not locked up for life and then just lied about all this stuff. I have some questions here. I have some. I have some thoughts and curiosities as too are all of these lies because a lot of these schemes since that we hear from him that we see from him- and me, you some of these were not provided to law enforcement. Some of these were provided to pen pals that he quiet, while he was imprisoned or he was paid, form, that's correct. but a lot of these are very detailed confessions. So I
question the validity of any of them. I look at the first one when he talks about his first kill. When he's teen and the twelve year old girl yeah. Now I didn't I didn't do likes super digging here, but looking for somebody to have gone missing too, have been reported missing, approximately that age in area. At that time. I couldn't find anybody. You know. That's assuming that Jos telling us the truth, telling us the truth about the girls age and about the time yeah I a partial truth. No, maybe, if he is telling the truth, there's no one that went missing at that time and with it being, as he said, a twelve old girl, twelve year old victim that somebody that I would assume to have been reported missing rather than some of, Some of his later victims in life may have been a strange
from their families and never reported missing. So doesn't seem to be any indication that that in fact is true or his first kill now we do know according to his confession that he sold to the website according to the compassion. His first kill was the two homeless man, so we have him contradicting himself You said something earlier, and I think you really keen on something that is, that is very apparent here. Regardless of in this started. This murders rampage started for Joe methana. He definitely to do things he has done. He has a deep hatred for women, be a specific kind of woman. I don't know,
He definitely has a deep hatred for for women. What what point in the in his life did this start? I'm not certain. I can't say with any certainty. What I suspect here captain is that that first kill that he says that he did to the twelve year old girl yeah. I wonder if that Was just a fantasy yeah? That's what I believe. I wonder if that was something he had fantasized about eat, maybe even to the point where he had targeted of damn or maybe even followed this girl, like he said he had followed him for several times. Just two. long to go through with it. More. Maybe he did a saw her right. You know, but just didn't, kill her that one to me that confession comes off to me to be a fantasy, where I do think that we start to see some true. though, are where we talk about when he was a long haul, trucker now out on the road for several days or weeks at a time and he's picking up,
girls that are working, these different lots and he's claiming that he's killed them and buried some of them. Now I could find three confessions and throughout those three confessions talking about those types of crime. He would have had for victims. One of them would have been a daughter of one of the women working the locked it. Here's what I think in these situations captain he did later provide names for these people. I think that if these people If there were people that he actually killed in this manner of their war, women that he actually killed in this manner, he may have used false names when, when group later reporting this. Now our distant other name, my guess is that I'm guessing that this probably where his killing may have started, and it's it's have nothing to basis off of other than a bit of a numbers game. You know
two thousand and four the fbi. They they unleashed long haul, trucker, serial killer initiative to the public where they started explaining to us that you know We can come up with about five to six hundred different victims that we believe have been killed by these different serial killer truck drivers. Well, and the fbi stating back in two thousand and four that there's possibly two hundred of these people types of killers out roaming, the interest. It's in the highways of this great country and I've scary. It right so I'm just kind of playing a numbers game here I dont know that he killed those four people. I don't know that all three of those confessions are accurate or truth, but I think that he's probably trying to tell us that, that's probably where this began for He probably killed one, maybe two women. While he was out on the road and then when he came back here, he try to
establishes life back here. He had a wife, had a local job where he didn't have to be gone for weeks. At a time he had a son that I know how he treated the sun, but according to his words, he seemed to care about him to the point of it. Lee swear. He was upset and angered that the son was taken from him. Wonder if there's any truth to there being a son. There is a son. he does exist. He's alive, he's alive now what I think about that confession, regarding the homeless man. The two women under the bridge and the man fishing ivory think he probably killed those two homeless man. I don't know, I don't know what to think about the two women under the bridge, the guy fishing, although the too, as one year, drinkin thou, much booze and you're doing that mean drugs. You know. what part of his reality. You know what some of this stuff
dreams he add or was or to the black out I mean: how much does he actually remember about his existence right but the reason why I say that I think he killed those two homeless man is, you know they had some kind of evidence to make that arrest two and a half weeks after they were killed. It wasn't enough evidence to make a trial out of it or to bring into court for It- or to get a conviction for that. But let he goes on to confess to I. I think he did. I think there Probably there was proof beforehand and then later we have him confessing to his. Nothing to lose, he was acquitted. He can't be charged with it again and tried again now that with the women and the guy fishing I've. from some local people- and I dont forgive me This is wrong. I can only go off of what these people have told me. They ve told me they would shock that anyone would fish in that river at all. I,
Oh here and ohio. We have some rivers that nobody would fish it so three I'd fish. So the summit local people don't believe portions of this confession or all of it. Because of that simple fact. The other thing you tapped into something good there too. talking about his mental state. Is there a chance, the in some homicidal rage. He killed these two homeless man and then blacked out and maybe dreamt that that He continued to kill, I mean you're talking about. He says it would have been five victims in the course of seven, seven and a half hours right, which is very much like american psycho right. So Here again, I think we have some partial truth to to his confessions, and then these later confessions we know he killed these women is, there are potentially one or two more that we don't know about. I doubt it easy to talk a lot. He seemed a lot of maybe even fake crimes.
If any seemed to keep the bodies he seemed to be lazy about the disposal of the bodies is what it appears to me. Yeah, I think, is just a lazy person in general and the thing for the sandwiches. I mean what's in arresting here is, question whether or not there was even a stand that he sold visa, but you said that there is those so right, definite evidence or witnesses of this even better. There are some people they use a work at the same company would show and people that used to go to the borderline bar that not only witness this but said they have purchased the sandwiches from jail and so you have some of the people that are like now, saw made up he's. You know, he's he's is porn our chain
and then you have some people that are like I'm, not certain, but I am afraid that I probably a human flesh. Here's what I think so so we do know. We have some proof that the the barbecue stand existed, and I was with you, I question that heavy had even existed at all, because if you google, some pick, of Joe method, I'm not buying any food from this guy. I don't care what line up. well? Have you seen his crazy face he's crazy lace you know, I heavier set chef. I don't mind a heavy sit, shout nervously dawn. Yet I don't like a skinny chef is what a railway, but I also don't like crazy face Jeff anyway? I think the ugly face. I think that he sold the sandwiches as we have the witnesses and say that I think we have a situation captain where his work
I got very small joe methods. World got very small, he got addicted drugs. He became hard core alcoholic and, at some point, He lived and worked at the same place. He walked down the street to the nearest bar to cash is check, sat on a stool every night in there and when he wasn't in there is back in his trailer doing drugs, his the world was that little city block and I think his lay at the end. To you know all these people later gonna talk about it. All he's locked up, he's arrested. All we have nice, he was this. He was that, but in the end Joking, go to say to all those people or thing to himself all those people had the last laugh on you yeah, I might be locked up. I might be serving life in prison. I had the last I have on you, because I saw you say because they had human flesh on them
a lot of evidence of this in the autopsies you're right. There has been statements from law enforcement to back up his claim or to deny his claim that might does be be protecting the citizens and also protecting the victims. Gallo. My guess is it's a lie. Read you now and in the end I think you know what evidence we have of this is like you said, there's not evidence of such an autopsy. He described how he removed the the meat quoting meat that he used right.
We don't see any indication of that in the findings was clear from his first, the the confession about the twelve year old, where he is rejected, or he feels rejected by a girl, or maybe multiple girls write a probably was rejected later in life by women, and probably just society in general, and I think again that shows his hatred and maybe his hatred came from his mother, I'm not really for sure hatred of women came from his mother, but what I think these confessions and when people are actually now listening to him. I feel like that was you he knows he's locked away. He did have some except separated from his employers are coworkers and now that is in jail,
then their mates, nobody really wants to talk to him. He seemed like he had some intelligence, so by talking to you, know, people that run websites or pen, pals or whatever, maybe just felt like. I have to keep given them something and that's a form of acceptance and that's kind of what they want who's going to play into that. So I get some kind of acceptance. That's how that's my gut feeling on some of the the crazy stuff he talks about, but what's really hard to deny is that he did have certain confessions that were almost one hundred percent truthful right. So it's like he can't keep that in the back of your head like well, there's not time after time after time, where you find out that Joseph is liar
so, I hope for the obviously the victim sake him in any way that bought a sandwich that that that statement is false, Joe method, he was a serial killer that I had never heard of until fairly recently six seven eight months ago, something started looking into his story a while back and even though he was the serial killer that I had never heard of him only one that after reading these stories, and these newspaper articles He certainly one that I won't forget, Dont mean that and a good way, Joe has passed away, he did die in prison at the age of sixty two last year in august, serving his life sentences and the western correctional into two in cumberland Marilyn prison.
Those found him dead and unresponsive in his cell. He was described by prison officials to be morbidly obese at the time of his death in his believe that he died from a heart attack and again, if you'd, like old episodes, are bonus up. So you can find those that true crime garage dot com in the store or you can go find those on itunes.
Unlike the captain says thanks for listing thanks for telling a friend and like I say until next time, be good, be kind and don't listen. sergeant and Mr Smith, you're gonna love this house bunk bed in a closet there's no field manual for finding the right home. But when you do u s a whole wonders insurance canal protected the widely restrictions apply
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