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A Dark Past /// Part 1 /// 114

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A Dark Past /// Part 1 /// 114

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What if somehow you learned about someone's past? You know the secrets of a monster. What would you do? One murdered woman and two missing women all had one thing in common, they were married or had an intimate relationship with the same man. Tonight we chat with Private Investigator, Gina Frenzel. She got involved in the investigation of a serial killer but to do so she had to sit down with the monster.

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My name is jason alexander, the star of bedtime stories of the angle side in a brand new scripted comedy pakistan, which I play palm springs. Hotelier mel haber through in the nineteen seventies turn the run down ingle side into the best kept secret, get away for hollywood's elite. The series also stars- Brian Jordan, Alvarez Michael, the keen richard kind, lance basque, and what you can find bedtime stories of the ngos. I didn't on serious example or stitched or wherever you get your bike. Ass, don't forget to follow the jobs. Are you never misses episode support For this programme comes from arkansas escape to your natural state go from outdoor adventures to indoor attractions in just a few miles, or a few minutes near at all. but far away planted trip at arkansas, dotcom.
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the this is true crime garage, and this is the case of a dark past the. What if you thought you knew someone secrets what if you had learned about someone's past a very dark past and you suspected their person of murder, multiple murders, but this person, this evil dangerous person is not in prison. He is not tucked away behind bars. Society is not safe from this killer and you and I are not safe, because this monster is still walking the streets. Maybe he's living in your neighborhood, where you work where your kids go to school, you know his secrets. What would you do? Would you act on what you now? What if you could not just turn him in what? If the police knew what you knew, but they had? No proof would you confront the man? Would you confront a killer killer? How close would you get the we're talking with Gina Frenzel, a licensed private investigator in the state of texas gina? Can you take us through your typical work week? A typical workweek is is a lot a lot of research work. Everything starts at the desk,
and on the phone and betting everything that we have to do but the most common cases there, that we work are We called it domestic cases. You know cheating, spouses, child custody, those types of things that kind of our cash flow to keep to the business going and then I am one of the few branch out and try to volunteer, for missing persons, families afford cases to be higher, apply to work on cases, especially missing persons, are like the cold cases, the best like the historical aspect of it, commonly I mean those those are few and far between. If it families have the money they'll come too. If you asked for services, but families don't have a lot of money and that part of it,
Unfortunately, why they end up being call cases, so I tried to choose a case to during the year to work on We got your family nearly at the texas case because I can get a lot of the work done. You know locally, but times like right now, I'm working on a missing person case out of washington state for a family. The case of we're gonna be talking about. He goes back a ways I believe it starts in nineteen sixty two. How did you get involved, and this is actually one that kind of found me? I was on my way to a private investigation convention up in Dallas and austria, link with a colleague of mine and I decided to download some stuff on my kindled. Read it out Did you have downtime and in during during the Frances, downtime, and also in I'm a big leader. So Looking at how to blame the whole thing on amazon be honest with you, because
looking at my suggested, reading less now, god, there's somebody else. You know pick up my candle and look at my Reading list would probably need therapy when their dine Read all true crime stories, the only Fictional author, that I read is John gresham, the rest of europe. true crime in and there's no filter on anything, I'm pretty morbid, my reading list So amazon course closing on that and at the very bottom. There were three ninety nine cent book and it was called gone. And I was like. Oh ninety- nine cents, I'm cheap too so yeah I'll, take the ninety nine cent book. You know and it's a short read. I think it's like thirty pages or something. This is the book gone by jerry Mitchell and it's about Felix valle. Who is a suspected serial killer, so the gun on this convention. I read an suspects abating it I'm gonna be people that some?
thing is really interesting to me. I don't just read the book and be like other was cool and lay the book down. I get online and I start research in and I want to know the. Some downs and less than rice of every little detail about an email and This guy. I don't know what it was. There was something with a mad in which was one of the missing women. That really is it would be inside. You started research in a warm. I am still- and doubtless- and I google name and pasta that he is living canyon. Lake well like an hour and a half from where I live so on my way home, I just kind of crews through the area in bali being a private investigator. You give the privilege of you, don't get it the proprietor databases, and so I just ran his name through there. Figured out where he lived in Joe Biden and push you without fail at the time has come funny. He yelled at me
I by that was an interesting little interaction. and then I get home and about Week later I thought man, this is this is still out there. Obviously theirs. The question of his guilt or innocence, I wonder if jerry Mitch, we would need any help, cause juries in mississippi. So I just cinnamon email and offer my services today. This is me, this is what I do. I'm wearily in the guys back yard. If you need any research work done or anything like that, I'd be happy to help because, Do you want to help the families get closure and there was a fire on the property. with women. I had nothing to do with felix at all. Ok, so on the property, where felix veiled, suspected serial killer lives, there had been a fire previously there, cause some damage and
jerry was interested in information about the fire. And that's how I got involved in then I had euro intention of talking to felix at all. You don't I treated that's just like. I would any other case and you're you're, suspect or europe I'm park target Here's leave are never talk to them. All They are the very last person, chain of investigation that you talk to? at the very end of your investigation. That's when you you know had a blow your wise, so to speak, and you want you talk to them is over. Everybody knows that you talk and everybody else in europe, thing in and if you talk to that person, sometimes it book from when they take off so you're in the neighborhood you're talking with fire investigators, you're almost pretending to be investigating this fire. But, you have no intention of speaking with the owner of the property felix veil. I fear
catch him talking to felix by this morning, but I am, I was talking jerry on the phone, and I said well, I'm just come in You know mt, I'm not really getting anywhere as far thing, and I said I'm just down the road from where felix live. I'm just going to. knock on the door, and I laughed a little we laughed in jericho back said: oh, don't worry about that. He won't he won't to you, he doesn't have any anybody. He does It opened the gate, he wouldn't even talk to law enforcement. I tried nobody. He will not ask anybody, of course, because he's hiding from a murder investigation. In my mind, oh really, you wanna bet bat. I took as a personal challenge and drove over there and his gait was open. I think of his gait was an open. I probably would have never got never got. With him. You know as far as visiting or anything like that, but his gave happened to be a lot. He polychrome as that, but I
walked in and knocked at the door and then went on from there. You read a story telling you that this guy is probably a multiple murder. You suspect him of killing at least three people. Now you decide to go to his property you're on the page, inside the gate, and you're gonna knock on the door What is the interaction like with with this Serial killer with with the suspect, zero killed house you can like a leaf and I'll tell you if you do that, not just because it was felix but bigger Is it the prime target? You know it's, you suspect in the case and any no matter how long you ve been investigating or if you ve never been in that situation before you go be nervous, and it's a good thing As it keeps alert, driving over there, I'm thinking to myself. What am I going to say to this guy to give him the floor to me, I mean, obviously, if I just walk up and say: hey, I read
I can read it. You ve killed three women. Possibly it's not going to talk to me. so I needed a story. Unease, a cover story, don't use the fight on the property and says that I was investigating the fire and technically one the porter. Why? But You know I it morphed from there and I had camera with me, because I was using for another case that was working. Tell it's gone out with my camera bag, and told him I said: hey that insurance company is in this getting aspire, even though, and a few years ago they reopen investigation, investigation, come out and take pictures. There's this big car, chris lab with his health burned down and there still score. marks on the slab. So the birch tree alone, discount weird stuff. So I said they wanted me to discuss photographs running so it about a twenty minute, interaction and It was radiant cold in and he was
put off in the beginning. You know he didn't want to mess with it, and rightly so. I mean, if someone came to my house, I would put pride, would want to mess with it either. You know but eventually about five or ten minutes in the conversation color, but doubtless gordon. Little bit and we're walking round and I'm snap in all these random useless photos. He said some. during that. First, twenty minutes that. he spoke about a girlfriend, not one of the three women but a girlfriend, and actually you I met later on. That was guess they had a falling out, obviously in, and he had said something along the lines of a personal response, nothing significant but I left there. I thought to myself that he he laid down as gourd enough to allow me to come back for second time to see. If I can get him to really talk to me and the whole the whole first part of it
station he was just like you know. The attitude of take your pictures and get off my property, but it suited. We started chatty and he cannot let his guard down. I knew I could go back at least one more time during this first interaction with felix, were you recording your conversations yeah as recording the first one I was wearing the sun dress because it was like marge early April and it was it start out of a hot day course. It turned chile in that evening, but I wasn't undressed prepared to Go and talk to him, but it was a sometimes in the industry, you have to dress a certain way for certain situations and another case it I was working on. There was a gentleman I need to talk to. And the only way I knew he was going to me as if I showed little cleavage before lack of a better way of women inside that way well
What is the hindsight I was never dress that way, go to talk the failings in the first place. However, it probably help the problem with that is usually I will put the recorded, I use I would put down in my bra, and I didn't I have one on that and I'm like a crap. You know what am I gonna do where I got a record. This could be the only conversation I ever have with this man. It has to be recorded in a more and so my next option- usually my boot. While I was aware tat was worth sandals, though it problem We went down into the front of my panties and sat there the whole time while I was walking around with them. Picked it up. You know, I was that's the first time I've ever use that spot cried my reporter, but it worked I was a little worried and I thought: okay, if I sit down- just a little olympus digital
quarter, and I thought, if I sit down it, could pretty well push a button. I've had that happened before and it stops it in mess up the recording of all kinds of things happen, but in that first interaction I didn't sit down and have a reason to set down, so I was I am grateful for that day goes better than you had expected better than planned. Now, you're back in your car you're driving away, you probably start to feel some that you're safe again, you can shape the nervousness, but now it's time to call jerry the author of gone and let him know that that you just you just spoke to Felix and not only that but Felix went into this personal information Nl jerry, just kind of brushes is off, but realise the importance of this, because Felix has left the door open for another visit. I said I try to go back and he like you're crazy about like a guy. I am in nice. To me,
You owe me he would lose out. He didn't know- and I said I'm gonna try to go back and see what he does another day. I go home and your journal, and it's just you know when you I've. Never jumped out an airplane. I never would have rather sit in a shared with us there, a serial killer than jump out of an airplane I'll be relaunched by it. Those p for they jump out airplanes. You know them they do that. the adrenaline rush. It's the same type of feeling. I can imagine, and but then when when it down you just crash you now I slept at all. What are we heading? where's it I've, never sleep along and when I got up the next day, Jerry, like ok, I've, gotta figure the plan that's how you gonna go back you. You have no reason to go back. What are you gonna tell him? I said tell him that my pictures were shit and I need to take better pictures. You d the plan to get back there and talk to felix again by now
speaking with a suspected multiple murder wants is, is nerve. Tracking, but to go back there. A second time is just crazy. You know I didn't. I didn't know what I was going to be up against, so you prepare your body. Physical body like you're, going to be on surveillance for the whole night, which you know you The plant protein you stop drinking. water. You know, so you don't have to go to the bathroom. You know the whole thing and which was a good move on my end, because he didn't have a bathroom and I told you is about two o clock in the afternoon or shut myself. I'm gonna leave me, I'll talk to you. When I'm done. I was in there for six hours talking to him that second time six hours, it was crazy. so now, you're in Felix is run down house, it's like it, stored shed almost an felix he's elderly at this point correct the he was Seventy three, seventy two! It's time
but on your first visit you didn't go into his home. I stepped down about one foot because he asked me to come in so he could put on a different shoe, and a jacket but I didn't get a good look at its historic shared. It's actually a sword that he lived there. Two rooms, storage shed, wasn't very big at all. Probably the whole thing was probably five hundred square feet: No tat sounds like he lives like the captain. I tell you the bit o factor was on pegged at ten I mean the guy had serious, be videos, horrible gagging, but. he's very he's very need in clean and offences body was not clean, but his stuff with very well. I mean almost have point of OECD very well organised and clean, and everything has its own place and compartmentalized. It was very interesting
so not a home at all. This is not a house and all this is stored shed. Does he have electricity? Does he have running water note that he had water and electricity there? So you have like this concrete lab where this old house was there's nothing there anymore. If at all, an acre why behind it was stored, shed was stored should still existed, so he can does that into a goal, five bedroom and there was electricity. to sort shared. But of course this are running water, though he just go to the bathroom in the yard. That's easy enough! If you're doing a number one, but what about a number two pretty sure he would just dig a hole and take a crap in the yard, I'm not I'm not kidding I'm he was like that you know, and so, while I was there and that six hours. He offered me wine and I take it. You have to in those situations and
I didn't want to, but I I did and and thought to myself, okay, milk, this because hey you don't want to obviously get you know drunk or anything. and two you dont want to have to the bathroom one point he said, I'm honest about go to the bathroom and I've been ok and he do you need to go and I was like no I'm good and he said well, I can tell you is that if you need to and I'm thinking to myself, no, you can't thanks to the offer. You know if I would have had to have gone ass. They would have done it anyway. You know you're off, or pee your pants or go squat in the yard and have a serial killer watch you p, whatever I'm gonna go. Scotland yard knew you nervous on that first visit, but during the second visit I mean, are you scared at all, because now you're inside the guy's home, I what I don't know if I will take care of five, but I was I was anxious and nervous And a little scared because it, main thing was when sit in that storage shed
the time. There was only one way and one way out and that without one door and he would between me and that door, and so our double doors that open, but they were blocked with boxes and creates things like that. You know you think that of course it's in my nature when I walk into a building, I always look at the escape you know, how am I gonna get out of here the fastest way possible, and so of course, that's running through my mind the whole time and then I realized I mean he's he's back in the day he could easily nobody's ass, I'm sure he worked out a lot. He he tries to eat healthy anyway probably pretty strong. However, I probably outweigh him by about seventy five. Now, I'm a big girl, so I thought to myself: ok, this guy seventy three and yeah he's he's still works out and he's still eating healthy and the whole thing, but I could probably take him enough
to get out of the building. If I needed to you is this: guy could just get extremely violent, very Equally, I mean you have to watch his mannerisms trying to pick up on it on what, he's doing on his character. What read into him is this guy some rampage? You know if I said, I think he's just snap and you know, kill me right there or what's what's the situation, So that's always in the back your mind, but then about halfway through the post war meeting that six hour meeting, I guess was pissed off and your demeanor changes a little more. What did he do to get you you know I was aggravated because he wouldn't say in what I wanted him to say. He was just kept going on about this manoeuvre and but the when you're undercover you're in a position to where you can't be like shut up and get to the point. You know you can't do, especially with feelings of all people. You cannot do that coffee. sit down in your done and that's it and I will
ITALY, that door wide open? because we didn't know how bigger window with what was some characteristics that you were picking up from him out like this guy, is the most nor sophistic hello. I've ever met in my entire life. on top of that he's used what he pursued. It's his. Superior mental state of everybody is the way he views himself to take the lives of these women and legislative pissed me off. so my demeanor changed a bit. I had to keep it in tat, but my demeanor changed a bit about halfway through and then from forward. It was just like I'm on a mission in this son of a bitch is gonna talk to me whether you want to or not you know, about a year because after all these years we're talking about guy that was married. Twice he's intimately involved with another woman. We have the situation where the first wife found dead and the There, too, are just simply missing here. He gave me
detail about his relationship with a net. pretty good detail about his relationship with Sharon. He never really talked about mary. It all just very, very briefly, you know in this in all of, like ninety percent of all, this information came in at six our time timeframe that back that meeting, He never would say my lover, annette my wife, and that he never would say that he would just say this girl The girl I met, I he gave me detail from how they man all the way to kind of civil bound and and even though he is talking about his past relationships, he's not telling you what you need to know what happened to these women at some point. During a conversation I think ok, this is my. This is where I'm gonna get my smoking gun. How do I know Ask him questions without grilling him, so to speak, because I have to be oblivious all this information. It can no, that I know everything already he's going, though
I think you can say to a man like this is what happened to her, because that projects and an accusatory tone towards him if you all day long, you gonna well, what happened to her was exquisite. not with him. What do you mean what happened to her? Are you saying I did something to her? That's how he would and now you're walking a very fine line, because you can't ask him specific questions very direct questions without him. Shutting down, you still need information and all he's willing to say is it these relationships? Will they fizzled out. I said: do you ever see her again? This was the weirdest. This is the single most strangest thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. Ever is this moment when I said to him? Oh that's sad. It sounds like you really you know, had a deep love for her. Did you ever see her any more
and I new damn good. Well, he didn't you know he murder, there's in my mind, but his you know how they talk about. Oh, so I thought I'd turn black and. Their demeanor to changing the instant hoping- and always I thought to myself. Ok, whatever you know, I'm I'm very sceptical. I don't trust anybody and I'm just like whatever, whatever I saw all that happened in that very moment, and that was the only time that I was true for the lack of a better time, terrified in his presence. If he was, he was standing up for forever. If I can't remember- and I was sitting down- prime immediately more vulnerable in the physical ratio and I said, oh, I thought to myself- I'm gonna put the opium and get him. talk about. The end of their relation complexity, discuss. This is how we define our separate ways: ok, what a guy love story. That is- and you know all the details I have here
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We are talking with Gina friends or a private investigator in the state of Texas who is in as to the suspected serial killer of felix avail. In vienna, who do you believe is his suspected victims? Okay, I m we'll terms I think his first victim is important veil, which would be the first wife and basically his felix. This story is that. they were out on the boat and he has done. trot line fishing, you know and I like it dusk and he has to stop water and you guys down the finder. He can't find her and you know her. He found three days later by I think what happened based off of.
I based information off of what what he's call me one People have said that you know at first hand Mason from Felix and then thing green and red beard industry or you know, letters the captain. You noticed all the pieces of the puzzle. I think what happened was that they were he took her out on the boat. Major go out on the boat with him. She didn't choose terrified of water, is night and took her. Their strangled her head her in the head. I think you might hit her in the head first, with wanted oars put her into the boat grand and put her into the boat drawback to where he dumped her body, which was couple miles down the river. Put her in the water and. turn around laughed and if you will
The pictures of her body come out, I mean all of that there's so much that indicates that yeah she's got have a head wound and the oil and stuff on her front part of her body per her panties are actually pulled out of the back of her pants and me, it just indicates you know, I'm I'm moving somebody across in the docs that he that shall beach a boat docks where he kept his boat. So maybe there was dark, there were no. There was no night light there. Anything like this and I've I've taught several people- they grew up in the area and knew that well and you don't you bob, was broken or whatever you decide on their own the dark and need work on it in those oil in all kinds of the euro on the doktor is in clear that she had some kind of oily substance all over her from her clothes. So.
also the scarf around her neck, I'm back in the of course the ladys ward scarf, and they would wear it over their hair to keep their here. You know blowing in the wind, but it was shot. the three or four inches or just down into her throat, so you don't go that from accidently drowning, but what would be felix, his motivation for killing his wife. She gonna they just had a baby. He was just a few months old and she thought she might have been pregnant again she was nigh turns out. She was not. She had female problems, it caused some issues that would mimic whole being pregnant and felix is documented telling someone that he didn't want to have the first care must was the second kid yeah. I think his words were. I fix that bitch to where she'll never have another kid. You know that kind of thing you'd mentioned to me that the field
had some mommy issues. What did you mean about his his family and his mommy issues In my undercover work with him, he claims, keep in mind out of that six hours of Jeff. dragging on about everything here, he's very trend and then all meditation type of product of the sixty you now stereotypical person like that. Well. Out of the six hours probably for of it is him talking about all this just cramp just, but you have to endure. During the course of that he's talking about he claims to have it He asked me what the earliest memories I have, and you know I I said I don't know three or four years old. I can't remember, and he claims to have memories of him in the womb he says He remembers, as
born breast feeding. Any talk about his fascinated with breast feeding Even third journals, it's just weird. They talked about breast feeding on his mom and playing with her nipples to the point of stimulating her sexually and its two issues. We but then you have, of course, there's there's the all the siblings and his the second fun or the I'm sorry. He saw her son and brother? I can't remember the age difference, but he's got his younger brother ronnie and close. You know they stay close by. Apparently you feel it was very, very close to his mother in the doorway. You know just in a weird way, a natural and quasi touch. You dont with me. What would our district thank you, but throughout his.
Why you? Don't you? Oh, I got the impression that his mother was oh felix can do no wrong. You know felix is he will he is the The child- he is whatever He goes wrong, mommy's in a cover up foreign to or china, and I go to speak now. Nothing in it. He she knew that he did something she has. The truth is that I don't think that was the case. I think what it was to policy Ok, he's done something poorly, and or IRAN don't stop deceiving deceiving and so on it's going to act like it didn't happen and we're not going to bring it up and we're not going to talk about it. Of course you have to attribute some of that to the generation too, but all these years. We didn't learn this like a year later, but all these years he has they circles and the man
eyes down every fuckin thing he's done. Everything on market movie rights done everything but the I'll start game referred to by some eighty five. You no net disappeared, my tea for so where are they the job we're there were later. We learned that he kept them in the attic of his mom. How we get them his mom. Didn't. Obviously she knew he kept things up there and there was a pretty strong chance that she might have at a journal or to throughout the years. Who knows, but He glanced such a no lifestyle that his prize version that he didn't have with them always stay it is apparent. What do you know and think about his second victim was? Was she a wife or a girlfriend? Sharon was his second victim and she sharing heavily and she was girlfriends longtime term girlfriend, but a court the feelings she took off in a boat.
Sailed away with a couple one point. In a letter he wrote to her mom she took off with John. and then at another point he wrote in something else to somebody else that he took off with a. Another another name young couple: they took up with no name and nothing is concerned, and accept the fact that she was in a boat and she took off with this couple claims they both did. Pornography failed, I don't he obviously could have performed in that kind of setting out of I think she probably did Kevin stripper and I think evolved into. Maybe one or two pornography felt it. What happened was some time, but some in nineteen. Seventy three: they go to for that and to do
I mean he told me, that's what they did. They went over there to do that, and I think there was a different man. I think the nest That actually sharing when he refers to vanessa letters, I think the message actually sharing- and this guy John, I think, is probably somebody that she either in pornography industry with or somewhere along the way in relation to that, and I think it policy took over. Because very obviously he after because he didn't He didn't want the kid responsibility and there was a life insurance policy that He was able to quite gone partially click them karen. There was no budgetary gains for her positive death and felix is very That's it and very jealous and very controlling what happened was John John guy is end vanessa being shared
an intimate relationship. Ok at the beginning, but then he gives only tell us and you can a baby. If you're not gonna, be with me, then you're not gonna, be with anybody He rented a boat. I think he drove off the coast of the keys and kill them both dont them in the autumn and came back. That's what I think honestly to her body will never ever ever be found. I think and I think there is pencilly a male victim, with hearts of Felix his first wife is found dead. He claims she drowned in the river, and but her bodies found three days later in its obvious. That is, special circumstances. Then he has this other relationship with a girlfriend, and the mother is looking for the girlfriend because she disappears. He claims that she took off. With another couple. They down the middle of the ocean,
Felix doesn't stop with the relationships there does Hee he he He has another suspected victim. Yes, third victim was a wife, a net Kramer avail. She was. Came when they met and they dated and travel around they met. the gradual houston texas of all places they day for a while he convinces married to sign off people So she can marry him. Claiming that was driving or travelling around and and I think that even said then or to a moment one stage. You know if we to get married because he's travelling with a minor and we each other just get married in an, the matter he lets mother says at that point, you figure if I don't allow her to get married, then
I'm calling never gonna fear again. It was worth it got to one of those situations, so she said. Ok, get married they get married feel at the use, pedophile plain and simple. I have zero cyril, they off of all the information that I have gathered during the course of my investigation. Felix is pitiful. With that partially can be, in my mind, explains why he would be attracted to fifteen your girl anyway,. She was not. You know, you look at it in your girls like what are they put in their milk in order to Let them they're like the gospel from the boots in you, you're thinking, you're, not fifteen, was not like that. She was very thin frame. She did not have big breast, you know almost a boyish type of figure and I it preferred little boy little girls in his pedophilia well
So to me, in my mind, that explains partially explains the attraction to combat but from the very beginning, He knew about a nest getting an inheritance when she was eighteen, I'm her father was killed in a car crash in mexico and she was his only job in mom and dad were divorced. But here, life insurance policy they pay. To a math that she would get when she was eighteen and and Felix. They would never really help down a job. Hardly ever the first with his first wife. We see the motive of not wanting to have the child, but there is also the financial gain of the insurance policy collecting a portion of that We later learned that that money that he received he you
zero dollars of that to pay for his own wife's funeral. He didn't pay for her funeral at all. Now We have the situation where he puts himself in a relationship with a young girl he believes is going to receive money when she turns eighteen. So he can, he can foresee the financial gain here and that all always financial gain from the very beginning to think that this money- and then he just planned his course field. He never gave up day. They met each other, they separated. She was in oklahoma. He goes back. He goes to oklahoma to to find her for months now, she's, not there, he tractor down. She was bernie of all places which is between here and calculate where I am genuinely poultry and she was at this private school. There tracks are down. He was after her her money, the entire time
when she disappeared, I think there was about forty. Your fifty thousand dollars. That was unaccounted for. and there's no doubt ended up in his pocket, so they married, they travel around and win She turned. I mean it's just like clockwork when she turns eighteen bacon thence, her mom, her mom had bought this house with a back apartment garage apartment. So there They could fixed up and have income A residual income while they were living up in Oklahoma. Well, he convinces to convince her mom sign the house completely over to an end did her mom Mary said that it was. But a threat. It was basically tunnel over else type of thing it's very intimidated by. this situation and it always coming from Felix. So she does
signs it over to overturning, because if the money, if I understand right, though the money some of the money used to buy the house, was from amiss inheritance from their life insurance policy and so that was the idea was Mary, said: look, you know: she's young she's, she's, very artistic You know the whole starving artist mentality. I want to set her up in a situation where she can have them. Vigil income and still be free to it, bore, her artistic side, and I worry about. You know. Financial issues So it was a smart move in the onset, so she signs it overturning just within two or three months later, a net time over completely one hundred percent the felix two months later and net disappears so yea I mean com,
do. Where is she? What is his explanation for where she's gone, Does what is his story? stories. So an inconsistent like completely inconsistent with her. He said. he took off on a hound, bus in saint louis giraffe air. So she could go so this boy friend in mexico and then and then another story was there. He put them we're in saint louis camping there on this new, no road trip camping. Ah she meant to be. At the bus station, I decided she just wanted to take off with them. She didn't want to be married to him anymore and he's like fine. Here you go. Here's your Here's your money in your yourself! You hit the road he clay but she signed the house over to him, as I love offering both his words for being a file
this figure and a lover and a teacher you now just very everything, was very much, I'm so great. She loved me so much because I'm so or some shit this house cannot mentality and and he was so there. Or his stories on her that she here, took off and and they met the agreement, and that was one of the things he told me, but he said it numerous times over the years that they agreed to. where each other were ten years later and meet up say, hey and have a cup of coffee type of deal. Well, that's what me and in my meetings with him was to say: oh have you all seen each other? You know that's when he, you know, of course, turned black what do you think the real story is in What's he Day or the week that he said she took off on the bus and the last time anybody saw her, two weeks later, approximately two weeks later, they
being feel examine that were down in louisiana informally, louisiana like charles area at the any fair with his family and they have provided that, and so for staff, for it is a water than what happened. Oh I don't know, I just have my gates wrong. Well, what happened was I go down their stay with his family and. They go down there to stay with his family and go to the county, fair and the whole thing and then they say, hang we're gonna, take often go camping for a day or two and he's they're gone for three days and he comes back by himself and his niece. I think it is one of the family. Members said that he was acting weird and he eating meat and felix, was not a big meat. Eater now not to say he was. One option: I never eat meat now he would eat me. but he wasn't like you, don't give me a stake. Everyday, I'm happy girl, that's not,
how he was he would selectively eat me. very very few times in his life, okay. They said that he came back and he was acting strange and he was eating meat and just just bizarre just bizarre I think what happened was the abbe went campaign? I think you know she was already eighteen. It was time for him to move on with tired ever he tired of her and he killed her is more but as a sound like us tells me, I can't explain it. I have no proof of this whatsoever. My god tells me he chopped her up He threw her in a by you somewhere, where he knew there were alligators. He knew the area very well. He lived there when he was married to marry his first. Why her body will never be found again. I think that It happened to me, I mean a net. I think that's what happened to him. So what happens when he comes back? He comes back ak a few it later That's mother, Mary Hayworth,
There was a man with a man in his own. She said he saw spin off a story that she took off on the button that's when she immediately missing. and reporting to please. And what do you think it's not right, mary, never, Mary Kramer. Never never once offer. took off from the very beginning like within, weeks of her disappearance, he or she always said phil He killed her and disposal her, and I know he did any line about it and she's always been just diligent about never giving up- and of course that's what brought took fifty years, but it got us today they now, but there were some signs. You know there were some red flags that went up things that her mother had seen regarding, turmoil in their relationship during the time they were married, felix
choked her and beat her up and she left him and she comes back to live with her mom. she's, gotten pregnant, any major have an abortion. He didn't want kids and then she d be peter up chokes her you're not chopped around. Obviously the terrified she back and stay for their mom in Oklahoma, and then he comes up there to come, get her and she reluctantly goes back with him. I think her term was fearlessly, smartest man I've ever known in the law. Of all love, you know that kind of thing. So that being said there was there was that domestic violence in that relationship and after it wouldn't until probably a year, maybe two years later,. Later after his arrest after Felix's arrest that we and women. In fact, right up until the trial, we were getting pit and we talk to all these people. We ve
several women did the same thing here yeah. He flatly one woman says you: he was choking her in the shower and abroad, came in and saved her. You know and this was all from from the disappearance of No, it was why it it went anywhere from nineteen sixty eight all the way up to like nineteen eighty, you know in those that timeframe and laws in california by but the the interesting thing about it is ass forward to the house Oklahoma home. He is owned up until now thousand and thirteen literally his own. All these years and years as a rental and therefore couple living there a young couple and sudden, there's this room up in the attic and. It's always locked padlocked and its future his where I'm the landlord that's working my tools and whatever the dumbest, my stuff, but
this couple a mad, a free rein. of everything else well, baby they're going by the house from him- and this is interesting about this- is all taking place all coming out at the same time, I'm under cover with him before he gets the rest. It is all happening same time, and, of course I was unaware of it at the time. But when you look back in time line, you see it, so once the owner financed this house for this couple, but what's in the room. What's in the secret felix room and he said: hey, I'm going to come up and I'm going to clean out that room and then you know I'll unlock it The house is yours. Work done. Everything is done to goes up against the stuff you leave. A few weeks later the new owners of this house they hate, open that room and We now cause he left some stuff behind back in an old suitcase like from seventy that means old, old soft side suitcase shop
inside the suit case is a is a bag and inside that bag is amiss, clothing. It's her belongings, and it's also, in the suitcase it all shoved way back up and what tucked in the corner of the eve of the house and they find it and they immediately call them on it and for the police to come and get it well. At this point,. I can't members he'd been arrested, get or not, but they had heard the story about another wow. This is weird, then, when they see the media reply and please come and get it well. What is in this bag? I'll tell you it's! it's a weekend, bag, first and foremost among both flag of the whole bag it's her. Birth control from birth control is in the back. Ok, I don't care who you are, if you're taken off, if you, whatever age of wiser in as a woman you're on birth control, because you're not gonna, have a kid you're taking off
You might leave your shoes behind your taken to birth control. I will check it out right now, so birth controls in there, and there were three different forms of birth control. Okay, there was a pill, a sponge and spun side. This girl was serious about not getting pregnant and from what I understand abortion. Rightfully so was probably one of the most horrible experiences you know it. Stays in her life? so she didn't want to go through that again and she didn't feel if she didn't want kids, so she wasn't going to take the chance of getting pregnant. So it's birth control. a swimming suit, and clothing, like a hat hath appear fables. I think I must respond undergarments, but I look at it ever female and I'm looking at that bag. I think that is they weakened bag so much- assumption on that is, if that was but she had while they we're down in the vienna during the
Time she was seen and he gets back home after he killed her. of her body, goes back his family tom stay there and not have to It goes back home to Oklahoma Now the colonies like oh shit, I got bag I'm gonna shove it up here in the corner and I'll take care of it later they never did in literally he truly forgot about it, but when he went off there. He kept it padlocked this all these years, thirty years, forty years when he goes out there to give his stuff. For these final time to turn the house completely, over to the new owners. He forgets about that bad and they find A bright did you guys miss me Did you make me I'm still here. We still here a lot of information there, captain lawton stuff covered regarding this felix character and his
asked relationships. and talk about creep factor I mean to peace. In a shack. Sky. That you believe has killed multiple women and he's he's the thing between you and freedom, the door and she feels Gina feels like he wants some kind of friends if a relationship with her and that's, why he's allowed her in his home, allowed her himself to open up and speak with her and talk with her about his past and yet she she would fall right into his victim ology. At that. And, if my word of slippers say the wrong thing or if she were to act out of turn and ask the wrong question may well, it could be lights out for gene now, you said either or I mean he could say something that he didn't want to say and now she has a die because of that around a lot more to dive in two in part, two of a dog past, and for
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