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On April 30, 2011 Jeff Hall hosted his last Neo-Nazi meeting at his home in Riverside, California. Before sunrise the next day he will be shot in the head and found dead on his couch.

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The The. The two thousand and eight stock market crash took place on September. Twenty ninth,
when the dow jones industrial average fell, seven hundred and seventy seven percent according to wealth, simple dot com. This was the. Single day loss in dow jones history. Up to this point, the stock market crashed in two thousand and eight because too many well had taken on loans. They couldn't afford lenders relaxed their strict lending standards to extend credit to people who were less than qualified. Frankly, people with bad credit and little to no savings were offered loans. They could not afford. Meanwhile, banks were repackaging these mortgages and selling them to investors on the second dairy market, this and some questionable, and in some cases, illegal activities by some lenders. Banks and real estate firms drove up housing prices to levels that many could not otherwise have This did not happen overnight. These bad practices
really started in the nineties. Kept building in building a crisis was virtually inevitable once the housing market slowed down to thousand and seven the housing bubble was ready to burst, and it did the aftermath of this catastrophic financial event led to massive job losses in mortgage defaults. As investment firms collapsed and automakers stood on the verge of bankruptcy. The federal government stepped in and bailed out company after company the build up of bad debt resulted in a series of government bailouts, starting with bear stearns, followed by fannie Mae and Freddie MAC Then the investment firm lehman brothers collapsed. It was the largest bankruptcy filing in us history. Up to that point, the federal announced yet another bail out this time. It was
the insurance giant american international group. A g Which ran out of money playing the subprime mortgage game each bailout announcement affected the dow jones sending it tumbling, as markets responded to the financial instability, global markets were swept up in the panic, causing global instability. The labor department reported big job losses across the board This was the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and the unemployment rate reached an alarming ten percent. The nations biggest automakers, known as the big three, were in big trouble and asked the government for help. The federal government took over the general motors company in chrysler in march of two thousand and nine and ford motor company
received a bailout faced with job losses and increasing mortgage payments. Many lost their homes to foreclosure the loss of home I'll use combined with declining stock totalled nearly one hundred thousand dollars on average per. U s household. At the peak between late, two thousand and six, in a mid two thousand and nine the economy. Ass nearly eight point: seven million jobs in america stopped building homes. This creative hardships across the board for american families.
This is true crime garage. The police started off this week discussing the stock market crash of two thousand and eight, as it does play a factor in this week's case. But our story starts off nearly thirty years earlier, with the birth of a baby boy, Jeffrey Russell hall was born november, twenty first nineteen, seventy eight, his mother is joanne Patterson. I couldn't really find anything about his father, but Jeff Paul's child,
That is not our main focus in the garage. Today, our focus will be his adult life. An early adulthood, Jeff got married to Latisha kneel and the young couple had two children, a boy and a girl. Their names are joseph and shirley. Joseph was born june, nineteenth two thousand shortly after the birth of Joseph and then surely Jeff and Letitia split up it wasn't long. After the divorce, the latisha was pregnant, but not with another child. By Jeff, no latisha was pregnant with twins by another father. The birth of the twins was successful, However, in two thousand and three, the two still very young twins were hospitalized for failing to thrive. This resulted in child protective services. Stepping in investigate the whole family and living situation, social workers, which
the way may be the single most difficult job in america, so cheers to those who do that job and do it well. The social workers reported that Latisha and I'm guessing captain her new bows home had no electricity or gas. That seems to be a reoccurring theme here. As of late on our show, we spoke a couple weeks ago on our jelly rain episode, about parents raising their own children, plus some adopted children in a hurry. with no electric, no gas or outdoor plumbing only, but that was by choice from those parents right the whole if we are talking about right now, the living situation that we're talking about right now. those amenities and I'm guessing that tisha and her man's home. Well, they just chose not to pay those bills. I could not pay those bills and the over at the electric company gas company while they shut that shit off,
Thinking here that this home, only had running water because the could people over the water company in most areas won't turn it off. Even if you don't pay so social workers found poor living conditions for these two children, a film house, with maggots growing living and even flourishing on dirty dishes throughout the home, yummy yummy, The children were not well taken care of, in fact they were malnourished. The kids were not either they were covered in dirt and covered covered in bruises. We ve got take these children out of this bad living situation, so easy fix right when the biologic, If the parents are separated, we will just send the kids to live with and be raised by dad Jeff hall right. Well, that's going to be wrong because daddy's got a drinking problem right
Paul was on probation for driving under the influence. As a result, his two children were temporarily placed with their grandmother. And then about a year later, this would be two thousand and four by now, Jeff must have cleaned up his act a bit because Jeff hall was granted full custody of his two children, Joseph and shirley after Jeff's divorce to his first wife and the mother. of his two kids. He was in a good relationship with a woman named krista mccary and the two did get married and they would go on to have three children together and it looks like they were all girls. So eventually, in the hall household we have jeff and his second wife krista his two children, Joseph and shirley, from Jeff's. First marriage and then Jeff increased, his three daughter, so a larger family of seven all living
or one route with such a common theme in this country where parents are unable to take care of their one. Kids, first marriage and then then the second marriage they go on to have more kids and, like you, couldn't take care of the first set of kids. Is it the ones that can't that can't take care of the kids, the most tend to have the Those kids are you trying to have enough kids so that eventually a shameless situation. They just raise themselves, they raise each other or maybe. it. Just such a great tax write off well Jeff. And a living and provided for his big family with his job of course, and Jeff is a plumber, but then some time in two thousand and eight Jeff lost his job again. We should keep in mind for those not old enough to have experienced this as an adult
the wicked triad of the stock market crash, the housing bubble bursting and the massive job loss truly affected, everyone in some shape or form and, of course, some more than others country right as set in the trailer america in most areas anyway, stopped building houses and a lot of people lost their jobs, and some companies were dead, peering on, he was a plumber, but I think his specialty was new builds right. and they really stopped building houses for years and as said, some companies were disappearing, so even if you know your laid off from your job, but then eventually, your company, that you worked for goes away so that job disappears for ever for eternity and it would take years
for a lot of these jobs to return years for the economy to recover right, but a plumber with new builds once the new builds go away. You still have the trade of being a plumber and people always, plumbers by an and he lost his job and when he did, he was not finding work, and it sounds like this continued for some time a good deal of time. set by this and in what is just a display, a bizarre ignorance Jeff decided that minority in jews, were to blame for the thinning job market and his in need to find a job. This is going off of the words of his mother. I cannot Tell you what influenced him too to decide. I too join the local neo nazi movement, but he did and
words are that it had to do with his inability to find a job, but here's this guy, look there colony, sucks. Your job is gone. You can't find or maybe you're, not really looking for work. So then you start looking for somebody to blame and and then for whatever reason he's in a situation where there is a local neo nazi group. Somehow he not only becomes a pie that he becomes, though a thriving member yeah. He becomes a bit of a leader in the local chapter. Now we mentioned the unemployment rate peaked at ten percent nation wide but ingests air in his local area. It at one point was as high as fifteen percent. Those numbers are normally you down, so it could be as high as twenty twenty five percent for those that don't know and decide
really what I think some may think. The neo nazi ism is a global phenomenon, and I saw something that just is happening. There happened in this country, but its representation is in other countries as well. In fact, in many countries Of course, NEO nazis seek to employ their ideology, to promote hatred and attack minorities and, in some cases, create a fascist state. There's probably larger groups found in european countries than than are found in the states and, as said he would grow to prominence amongst these idiots right. So he becomes a bit of a he's, the leader of idiot. He becomes a bit of a leader, a vocal guy, vocal leader in his local chapter. This is for the
I should also show list movement or the end ass em, and I guess the s m is the largest neo nazi group in in this country, maybe in most countries- I I don't know enough about this. To be honest with you here captain, it's not something. I've spent much time on in my lifetime reading about when you see some of these meetings, they're pretty small, and it also looks like the average person that's attending, seems like there's some normal people or they. Here to be near you on the other that there's other ones that look like that may be. Their parents were cousins. It's it's! It's a unique group or minutes it's like Walmart EP at midnight. That's the head! That's that's rude to that
Walmart people well, so he is involved in this group. Nl said he's a vocal leader now, why thing where he really. This really apps on the map, where you start seeing this group not just being bob because are always involved in these. I protest and things like that, but you see Jeff's heavy involvement. This starts with a rally near a day labour site in Jeff's, hometown of riverside california? This was an octave or of thousand and nine now at the rally Jeff in the of his band of idiots war, world war. Two era, nazi uniforms, you you know you don't have to use much of an imagination picture, one of those not only did he join this little hate club.
But apparently these members, like the play, dress up as well, but think about how stupid these individuals are. We can't get jobs were work were lazy. That's that's how I am taken. These guys are lazy. I know people struggled through this time, but they are protesting day, labors guys that would sit on the corner somewhere and hoping some owed pick them up to take them to a construction site or whatever, instead of protesting. Maybe you should have been in that line, waiting to get picked up to do some work that day if we travel out of town and even out of state to join in on these rallies, I mean there were there were to that. He went to that. We're out of state, I'm suspecting it was was several more and they look. This is really when I questioned someone's motivations right when somebody
Is complaining that hey I'm involved in this- or this got me involved than this, because I couldn't find work? If that's the genesis of this whole, we hate club that you're in I don't understand he's not spending more time out looking for work, to be a lot of time involved with this with his neo nazi group,. and then also spending money on money that he does not have re on. On playing dress up with his friends right and basically it's because if I hang out with these losers, the king of the losers, sir makes makes my dick fill up bit bigger. It's people giving him an excuse for this horrible behavior in two thousand. in ten jeff hall, ran for election against in incumbent for the western municipal water district board.
as a member of the national socialist movement Jeff to what I hope is to the astonishment of everyone listening he received about a third of the vote That's right, just a little more and Jeff would have been elected, and the good people of riverside California would have had a hate fuelled racist sitting on the board of municipal water district, this people look at this from the outside. Looking in especially people in other countries, they'll go. That makes sense, because america is quote on quote a racist country. They did guy managed to get a third of the vote. One problem amongst other problems that we have here in the states is that people in communities. Pay very little attention to local elections are voter turn for local elections is, is really despicable. Right people
pay attention. They don't know what's going on, they don't care and therefore they don't now, when you have a guy as vocal as Jeff hall who says hey, I'm with this in SM, he's to his s m brothers and sisters and saying get out there and vote for me vote for me because then you're putting one of you on this board of water and actually the board of water. There is a decent amount of power that comes with that. I won't go too much into it. One, I don't know whole lot about it, but anybody that has said in one of my favorite shows goliath, seas three will understand that there is a decent amount of power and responsibility that comes with this position. He did not get elected in march two thousand and eleven hall and his group of about two dozen white supremacist took to the streets in the affluent primarily residential claremont, los Angeles county, sometimes called the quote city of tree
and phds they screaming confrontation with counter protesters of more than two hundred immigrant rights activists who dick who declared the group as racist dozens of officers from several police agencies were on hand to keep the peace during this whole three year time period. Remember: jeff divorce, his first wife, the mother of two of his children, Joseph and surely years ago, and the kids were taken from her. His first wife eventually move out of the state of california and remarried, but in early two thousand and eleven she moved back to california and because she did such a great job as a mother. The first time she was attacked
to regain custody of surely and Joseph and all fairness, though people make mistakes, people should be allowed to up to turn their life around and get back involve with their children's lives agreed now, according to Jeff's mother, julian patterson, she says the little. Joseph was a difficult child. He was volatile and at times even violent and said he was kind of an odd duck from the beginning. While this all to the point that Joseph was kicked out, several different schools over the years. I saw one report that said he attended, I believe seven different schools, I'm guessing he was kicked out of all of them- some of the more notable offences committed by Joseph he attacked students, he attacked school staff. I believe he was accused.
did stab aid, another child with a pencil- and he was even expelled for choking a teacher with a phone cord. so this is a very violent little child deb, it's the chicken or the egg, though because he was also, I guess, violently, discipline by his father. He was abused. Is is the way that I I see this, and I don't mean to argue that point, but I'm just saying from everything I read, it wasn't a sin city wage where dad gets drunk and mad and starts punching everybody. It seems to me like this situation. Was kid gets in trouble? Dad takes the pie, the punishment too far. The kid experienced is your abuse yeah in his tent,
years of life. Up to this point, the kid experienced twenty times that child protective services were called on his parents and they did not move the child from the house. Maybe they didn't find anything wrong going on, but usual where there's smoke, there's fire and that's that's twenty calls and the other thing to a lot of his his behavior and and the problems that the Joseph has This stems from something we talked about a few weeks ago with Julie rain walkers case. It's a very similar situation during the pregnancy, with Joseph mommy and daddy were drinking and using drugs I was using smack and drinking alcohol all the time and I since she's the one carrying the baby dad just as much to blame, he was using and drinking as well during that pregnancy. So
a real problem which owes if controlling here behavior, and then it sounds like as the captain. now a real hob, a real problem with jeff controlling his behavior as well. The difficult thing with Joseph though the real problem is not just controlling his actions, but it also seems like understanding of consequences of his actions. His grandmother said that the Joseph doesn't understand cause and effect, and I think that this state may here captain is a bit more complicated than just the way it sounds on the surface so Joseph having the inability to comprehend the consequences of his actions goes beyond just his failure to understand that. He does something bad, he will be held accountable and there will be a punishment for his bad behavior, but also it's his failure to recognize and be a
to understand that his actions also have lasting effects and consequences on others as well. Meaning. He doesn't understand that if he violently attacked someone, it's not just Joseph acting out. It's not just getting that anger and aggression out of his system. It is him physically ring and causing harm to someone or something his violence can have impact, can cause real trauma and can have lasting hurt or damage or even permanent damage. Or destruction, the the.
The alright, we're back cheers the UK than she is to all the people in the back. Did he have fun in jamaica? I did jamaica had fun because I was their words were all glad that you're back I'm I'm glad to be back all right. Captain, let's get back at it. We are now at April of two thousand and eight and Jeff's little dress up hate club, while they're getting some media attention. On saturday April thirtieth a reporter was on location at Jeff hall's home. This was for the purpose of witnessing one of their
meetings, this was a typical saturday meeting. I don't know if they were hosted at every other, It is my understanding. It wasn't every saturday, but they called this their saturday meeting, hosted by Jeff at his home at his house and at this meeting his wife and children are present. There is some video footage of small portions of this meeting that are available. It does not appear that the children were participating in the meeting. They were simply there and can be seen running in, and out of the house is more more. a family barbecue, so they might not have been participating in the conversations being
I had during the meetings, but you when reporters talk to his mother about how these meetings went down. She said look these were these seem like family barbecues, where people are happy to see each other having some drinks. Grilling out food and and kids would be running around playing. Yes, that is a part of it, but I I want to be clear. There is some formalities to these to these barbecues. They they are official meetings. You can see video footage of individuals taking turns standing at the front of the room, addressing the rest of the group for sitting in rows hanging on every word of the person giving their speech at the time. One- and I want to be clear, though, to learn their not forcing the tenure the sit down and listen to every word, but those kids are in that area. So they're going hear all his words, the right, that's what I mean gonna hear all this hate speech. You can see
the children in the video footage that I saw, you can see them running in and out of the house repeatedly opening and closing the sliding glass door to access the backyard and then to come back in from time to time so you're exactly right. They are hearing this and it looks like most of the meeting portion was held in Jeff's living room and following a round of hate speech, they would finish off the get together with a cook out and then oftentimes games as well. The reporter interviewed, Jeff and other members of the group and even spoke with little ten year old joseph who showed off a leather belt bearing a silver insignia of the knots s s that his father gave to him. The article would run in the new york times in may of two
thousand and eleven. The title was white. Supremacist emigrant rights activists face off in claremont. This would be Jeff halls. Last ass am meeting, you say is cut it in s m national socialist movement, not smart man right or knows, Does my very no stiff members want all fairness. There were females members as well. That's why the members can I have stiff members, at four o two, a m may first, two thousand and eleven twenty six year old, krista macsharry, calls nine one one yelling into the phone. She explains that her husband has been shot. She's reporting her husband, thirty two year old Jeff hall, has been shot in the head there is some audio available online. I've only managed to hear a clip of it, so not the full audio file, but you can hear christie yelling and you can also hear
sounds like children crying in the background. She says that her husband has been shot. And the shooter was her son Joseph. When asked by the operator. How old is your son Christus as ten and. Broader, clearly surprised by the answer, or maybe even to the point of believing I did not hear the woman correctly says again. What age is your son and Krista says ten now, if I could captain I'd like to read for you and everyone else, a police report filed with the county of riverside supreme court of California, this was filed. May Seventeenth, two thousand and eleven, and I think this best describes what the police findings were regarding this homicide right now. and you this is an official document filed with the court, so it does get up.
Over petted, if, as you must use names as much as possible to make it super clear who is doing or so and what do I think me in the listeners, her all used to you been repented on may first, two thousand and eleven riverside pd was dispatched to in the address, is redacted in the city of riverside calif upon arrival, Jeffrey hall was found deceased on the couch with a gunshot. to the left side of his head. There were five children ages, ten, nine, seven three and two
and sold in the residents, along with their mother, Christa macsharry. Those subjects were removed from the residents and transported to the magnolia police station for interviews. Detective roberta hope, well conducted interviews with four of the five children. Obviously, the two month old was not interviewed during the interviews. Three of the four children knew where christa and Geoffrey kept they're gone and the youngest name rejected three years old knew the gun was in the house. Ok, so before we we move on from that captain. Let's clear that up with them,
things? There's five children in the home, the once just a baby? We did. We can't interview the baby, but of the four kids that we did interview. Three of them knew exactly where the gun was. There was used to kill, Jeff all right located in the home, where the parents hid it, and the youngest of these four did not know exactly where it was but knew that there was a gun present in the house, so no secret that there are firearms in the house, and these children know how to some of them know how to access This firearm, the oldest child, which is Joseph admitted during the interview that he was tired of his dad, hitting him and his mom. Now he calls his step. Mom mom, just to be clear, he's known her for it for years and krista really is the closest thing he has to to a mother she's the acting mother.
Joseph said that he thought his dad was cheating on his mom and thought he might have to choose which person he would live with Joseph told detective hopewell new, his mom and dad had a gun and knew where they kept it Joseph said he went into his mom and dad closet got the gun, which is a Rossi three, fifty seven revolver from a low shelf in the closet Joseph said it was right there on the shelf. Joseph told detective hope well that he went down
sarah with a gun pulled the hammer back aim the gun at his dad's ear. While he was asleep and shot him Joseph said he went upstairs and hid the gun under his bed. That is where the responding officers did find the gun when they arrived at. The house. Detective hope well asked shirley, nine years old about the guns that were in the house surely described the gun as small and black she said, mom keeps it on the shelf. Behind the jewelry box, she said that all the kids knew where mom kept the gun. Shirley said had a small gun and dad had a big one. There was also a rifle that was found in that same closet, surely said: all the guns were kept in the closet. She said that she had been target practicing with mom and dad, but was told not to touch the guns. Detective hope I'll talk to now. The name is rejected. I don't
The name of this child, but it's the seven year old daughter who said she knew mom, had a gun in house and dad had a gun. She said: mom kept the gun in her closet, where the clothes jewelry and other important stuff are. She described the gun as black and silver. She described the gun sitting on a low shelf, and this little girl put her hand up during the interview to about the level of her forehead and said that that is how high the shell- was so. This is a low shelf in the closet. The girl said that dad had a big gun, obviously describing the rifle. That she saw him shoe at target practice in that he keeps it in the closet. Continuing on page to the residence at again, address rejected was filthy,
there was dirty clothing on the floors everywhere, you couldn't walk through the upstairs rooms without stepping on clothing. On the floor, the bedrooms smelled like urine the better mattresses, pillows and blankets were stained and soiled. The floors were dirty and didn't appear to have been vacuumed in a long time. The bathrooms upstairs were all the filthy officers located there three fifty seven magnum revolver under the bed in Joseph's room officers, also located an empty holster on the described lower shelf in the closet of the master, better A bolt action rifle was also found in a locked case on a higher shelf in the closet. There were several edged weapons in the closet of the master bedroom. There were also accessible to the children, knives bladed weapon
that sort of thing the downstairs was very dirty. Empty beer bottles were in the area and national socialist movement flag in california republic, flag were hanging in the bing room, a twenty two caliber rifle was located in the garage, leaning against a wall accessible to the children, the rifle was unloaded. There was an locked cabinet in the garage with ammunition approximately ten feet from the rifle the cabinet contained twenty two caliber long rifle ammunition as well, several edged weapons that were accessible to the children. This detective goes on to state. I interviewed krista about any abuse in the house against the children. Christa said Jeffrey has been violent with Joseph and herself Christa said, Jeffrey kicks hits and yells at Joseph more than the other children. Chris's said that Jeffrey did these things
to punish Joseph Christie said Joseph would get punished for being too loud or getting in Jeffreys way. He's the kids getting punished for four, pretty small and fractions right crystal said, Jeffrey would get out of control when he punished Joseph, including punching and kicking him several times in the back christmas. Joseph would get punished on a daily basis, but not always to the extreme punching and kicking christmas said. Jeffrey would also punish the girls but not like he would punish Joseph Christa said the girls would get yelled at pushed and spanked by geoffrey for their punished
the detective says I interviewed christa about the weapons that were in the house. Christa said there were two guns and she knew that they were register to Jeffrey. The officer says they were not register to. There was no registration located, so there weren't registered to anybody. That's what it sounds like, or at least based off of six days of investigation- that's what they came up with. I dont know what found after this was filed. Christa said there was a rifle that was kept somewhere in the closet and they also had a black revolver in a holster. The black revolver is. One found under Joseph Joseph's bed used to kill his father christmas. father was located on the lower shelf in the closet, and she admitted that the evolver was on a low shelf where the kids had access to it. Chris has said that Jeffrey kept it there, so he had access to it. Chris said that
he did not think the children knew where the gun was kept. Obviously, we've interviewed four of the five children. The youngest child been old enough. She would have known where the gun was as well right. Cuz three out of the four noah exactly where it is in in the fourth child knows that it's in the house, somewhere god. This is laziness upon your responsibilities, and I want to go back to one of the things that you said is when you see the reports, there's cameras inside their home. It doesn't seem a mess to me, or I hurt very dirty at all mean that what you described, that's abuse, to have your kids sleeping on piss filled beds.
your house to be that dirty. That's abuse. That is laziness of your responsibilities of so, if you're not even willing to clean up your or help your kids clean up their bedrooms, are you going to really know if the your guns are secured. and away from your children well, but what I see here captain is no attempt to secure the guns. It's not like day all we forgot, and this happened era. It just appears that they there's no attempt to really the most that they're doing to keep these guns from the kids is to tell the kids don't touch the gun yeah? But it's just so weird because and again I'm not the reporter, but the house doesn't look dirty. So the fact that the upstairs is just a design MR error, but you have to believe it. I mean it's it's official report, but I am possible. They go oh well. We have some news. Reporters coming over, we gotta clean the downstairs real, quick
it's what I think happened, and I agree with you that was what jumped off the page to me immediately. I'm like wait a second. I just watched video footage but now mind you. It's not they're not going around and looking in every crack in credit, of this allows rooms. It's two rooms that you see in your getting really up. You know I have all view of the living room, and maybe portions of the kitchen at times, but that's what I thought to unlike wait a second this this report, What they're reporting here in this court report is from roughly about twelve or less twelve hours later from what was videotaped right on the day before and I'm and house didn't look dirty to me and, to be honest with you, it looked fairly clean, the the small portions I could see but you're right that the report, as it reads, is clearly specifically talking about the upstairs of the house, which is not visible in any part of the video
footage that I saw so we go on about we're talking about the inability or that the lack of carrying to secure these gun away from the children. It sounds like you know. Old Jeff wants to have at least this hand gun accessible to him at the quick. So in that thought, he's not gone a step further to have it available to him, but not to the children. Or any one else, and the detective does get christa to admit on the record is says we're here, Christa admitted the closet door does not have a lock on it, so they We even have the ability to lock the closet door to keep these guns from the children to which, after that statement, the detective says. I advised her that there was so much junk and clothes on the floor that I did not think the closet door could shut. Christa, just acted surprise that the children knew about
gun krista said that Jeffrey did bring the gun out occasionally and put it on the nightstand for protection. Christus said jeffrey took Joseph target shooting when they went to a border trip, so Joseph knew how to shoot guns. The detective goes on to state that the conditions of the he says, apartment, which seems confusing to because it very much it's always described everywhere else. As a house- and it looks like a house to me, I thought I I can see the outside of the house during the report as well yeah, I don't know if maybe it was a duplexer right, but but it it's a house right. We can agree on them or maybe, renting the house, so that's where the term I dunno the detective says that the conditions were filthy
sanitary for the four children and infant to live in the residence was also unsafe, with loaded weapons as well as edged weapons readily accessible to all of the children. There appeared to be some abuse of the children by Geoffrey. According to Christa, although there were no bruises found at the time of these interviews, there have been numerous contacts to this family by child protective services, but most of the allegations were unfounded due to a bitter child custody dispute over Joseph and shirley by Jeffreys ex wife, that is the official report,
was filed for the court system right. So we have this ten year old. That doesn't seem to understand a great deal about cause and effect. That seems also like he's been abused by both sets of parents and he's been in situations where the situation becomes abusive, being dirty or p filled beds And then his dad becomes the leader of losers and he's constantly, probably speaking, hate speak plus speaking about violence towards other people. Yeah, and it's I mean look, it's a We talked about the stock market crash in all of the the bad practices and miss dealing.
That were going on behind the scenes that really lead to that. Where you see something that hey this is inevitable. There is going to be something bad that will come of this. That's the same thing with Joseph He's born with behavior issues and disabilities because mom was using drinking during the pregnancy he's a vic day one on this planet on the big blue? Marble and then he's raised by a guy that can't control his actions right. Trying to you're trying to teach kid to learn about consequences, learn cause and effect, learn to behave, learn to control your actions, but yet the the father in the household free time. He gets mad or see something or hear something. He doesn't like it's a smack or it's a whack or it's a yell. It's the father,
using violence to solve his problems does not teach the child to do anything different that a very lazy way of trying to discipline the child, and on top of that, you have again these children A born with these lazy parents and then the parents continued, have more children as like you're you're, too lazy to one take care of yourself, let alone take it care of a child. They brought into this earth and now you're going to have five of them too. care of it's ridiculous and you, you also have a man who is preaching that there are masses of people out in this world that are lesser than you that are not equal to you to a ten year old. Does even identify that what that means does Is his understanding of the all? This hate speak? That's going on in luck when the camp was on it. I mean it. It didn't sound super
crazy super violent stuff that they were preaching right. But who knows once that camera was off? What kind of talk was going on? Was this man screen about genocide, work but these were let's not get twisted. What they were saying was uncomfortable to hear. If I heard that in public and be the first one to say, you need to shut your mouth, you don't know what you're talking about yeah I mean I comfortable to hear I'm sorry go ahead, it's what I'm saying is we're in their meetings, but they are talking about. Is it still hate speak that not be saying we're going to go around killing every breed yeah one hundred yeah. I'm I'm not confused about that right. What I'm saying is that speak that I won't stand for and whether it's in somebody else's house public but yeah, I'm wondering how far does it go when the cameras aren't there I mean we have. We have a lot of things going on in and again
we're getting the perspective of a ten year old, but he saying some pretty scary things to the data gives, when he's being interviewed, that look this this statement by Joseph his terrifying he's told police that a few days before the shooting, his father, just Jeff, threatened to remove all of the smoke detectors in the home and the house on fire, while the family is sleeping, that's horrify that really happen. That is a horrifying thing for a child to hear and then, let's times at the ten, because it's your own father, saying that to you or to your family. This is this child. Telling police and detectives that he is being hit and kicked by this man and he also witnessing his mother, who technically is his stepmother, but right into it's, his mother, being abused
I this man as well hit- and he even describes it a few days before he shoots his father- that that jeff through a glass, or or beer bottle, or something of that nature at christa cutting on her face, and I find it interesting that in that report he says he kind feels like there is a divorce is going there Would it be a split up? That's going to happen between mom and dad he's going to have to choose who he lives with you almost wonder, all enough to know and understand the krista is his biological mother. Belong at a choice will be stuck with this piece of shit. Loser, the guy that he scared of he's afraid of his father's father was dealt a good hand as father, pissed it all away and was lazy and didn't work hard and then, once again, the finger at everybody and wants a blame everybody in other cultures and other religion and people of other colors are all to blame, but himself he's not
he's blame in every by himself, and this weak minded piece of shit then takes it out on children, and his wife. That shows you how big of a loser this guy was, of course, and his is blaming masses of people for his? failures. Failures, of course, he's blaming his own family, behind closed doors for those failures as well, or his own unhappiness and strikes out and lashes out at them like, like a like a child. Would like a like a like a infant Or a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. This shows that all their their hate speech and all their rhetoric is nonsense. in these people ago. While we just want to protect the white race, you dont want protector, weight ratio will want to protect your own children, their sleep in and p filled beds. Europe.
acting your children, massive pile of shit. Of course, Joseph was arrested. He was taken to a juvenile juvenile hall the other four children were taken into protective custody. This is because Christa was later arrested in charge with criminal storage of firearms in child neglect, look I'm for people owning guns, but the most important part owning firearms is being a responsible owner of firearms and understanding that you, you, responsible for that gun at all times, no matter where it is no matter where you are you are the one that needs to conceal that and keep it locked away from a child. This. This boy regard
of his problems even regardless of the abuse. That's going on. Let's set that all aside, but this kid knew where this gun was an when he talks to police. He clearly You can blame this on his age. You can blame this on his disability. You can blame it on everything under the sun, but when he's talking to detectives, he saying things that are clear that he does not understand the concept instead of putting that gun and shooting his father behind the left ear at zero rage at near zero range. He shot this man right. He says to detectives. I just wanted to. I just thought I would teach him a lesson. I just thought that I would teach my father How it feels to be hurt- and maybe he would learn something from this and we could be friends again. He also asked the detective How many lives does a person get he?
and some other questioning he says to says about his father. I I hope we can be friends again. If he's not dead, he doesn't understand what he did or or what's going on in incomes and ammunition, readily available to the two, a child of that age, very, very dangerous, damp, partly that's disability, but also its partly his age when yet about, but also the lack of responsibility that is, parents took upon themselves It's just like. If you saw a ten year old that didn't know how to ride a bike. You don't blame the ten year old for not knowing how to ride a bike. The parents never took the time to try to teach sick child. So the fact this kid never had. Maybe never had a conversation on life and reality in anything right, but this is all
different story, maybe not even a story at all if they would have bothered to just lock up the guns. Now julian patterson, Jeff halls, mother and Joseph's grandmother, she was given temporary custody of the other four children on a enter view. This she did was sixty minutes. She said that she was not surprised that Joseph killed his father, but she expected it would not have happened until her grants. And was much older on january, fourteenth, two thousand and thirteen joseph hall. Despite his age, The time of the killing was found to be responsible for Jeff hall's death. Joseph was sentenced to a juvenile detention facility until he reaches the age of twenty three. He is eligible for parole at the age of twenty Joseph turned twenty years old in june of this year, so
but then again it becomes the conversation of chicken or the egg and as far as ten year olds are- or I guess, young children committing violence, it gives her parents that would end in death. There's not that many cases it seems like there's multiple reports. I've seen rats like nine ten year old, since one thousand nine hundred and eighty and then I've seen also reports where it's like this happens roughly once a year, but I thought something that was kind of Telling from the grandmother was that she suspected that her grandson would eventually kill his father had just would happen later in life. Yeah, I mean so. Let's, let's annulled
is that for a second, I I take her statement to mean possibly a couple of things. Maybe it's her opinion that this boy Joseph was was violent and misbehave, in misunderstood the world from day one and it never changed, and it never change when he was five when he was seven when he was ten years old and never to and he was violent enough. The dish He believed you know it's differ, when you analyze her statement because you go, does it doesn't mean she began he would kill someone or or specifically kill his father right at some point in his life, You also have to wonder. Is she deflating the blame that that you could put on the victim here and that's what's very good
call in the telling of this story, and even when you hear interviews by the family of Joseph of Jeffrey hall and Joseph hall, you have situation where looked a victim is not likeable. The the victim is, is talking about some pretty disgusting and disgraceful things and teaching them to his children, likely Deadlines teach them to not only his children but other children and as hard, because you don't want a victim blamed. Somebody and again the problem with death in this case is this raises bastard. You can't write his wrongs either because he's dead, so there is. There is no change in him now now, but then on the on the flip side of things.
Would he have gotten worse, and would he have made this small group of small minded individuals? Would he of made them stronger and would they have caused harm, and would it have gone from not just protesting and hate speech to? Actually, no activity activities against other people, and you wonder if it's just better world now, because he's not here. Well, it's exactly the same thing that we talked about a few ex ago when we were talking about the ninety. Ninety five article written by criminal, adjust john d lula. Where he's discussing you raise children and in a tear environment that is filled with with hate or neglect or or violence. This is what your teaching them to become rare. They they they feel they become
one of those three things where they either neglect their own children or they grow up to become violent, and you start to see that violence lash how to others in the communities in the early ages of even teenage years, and with with Joseph again it's a difficult situation captain, because His statements to police clearly showed me. He does not understand the ramifications of his actions or anything that he did that night it doesn't. It doesn't make it that he should not be punished right and I say that, because what you're doing is you're creating a Dangerous situation for the public. If you continue to allow this child to to live in a community you're you're putting everybody else in danger because of that and hopefully hope the. He was young enough when he went into the system and look I'm gonna get attacked for
because there's not a lot of people that, like the system, I don't blame me, I'm not I'm not cheering on the prison system here What I am hoping for in Joseph's case is that he can live in an environment that has clear rules a black and white, that there are no play area. There is no father, smacking punching kicking him. There is no father overreacting and beating him up over something that this child is able to. live in an environment where there are clear cut rules that there's some form of education that he can get in. maybe he can live in an environment where he can be rehabilitated, and he can move on from this at some point, because we are already at a point where parole is, is a discussion for this young man Yes, really interesting, because when he asked the question
How many lives does my father get it's very clear that the child doesn't understand what it is to be human, but clearly his father, believing that there's some kind of superior race or that were different or that he didn't understand what it was to be humans the for everything. True crime garage check us out at true crime, garage dot, com check out the store page. We have some new shirts. We have hats, we have beer, koozies get all the good swag at
roger com, our eye captain. Thank you too. You really good stuff. This week we will be back next week with another off the record on Monday and another case for you on tuesday, Why does back here in the garage until then be good? be kind. Don't litter.
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