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America’s Highway Serial Killers /// Part 3 /// 592

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America’s Highway Serial Killers /// Part 3 /// 592 

Part 3 of 4 


This week we pick up right where we left off with more bad guys and bad news from America’s Highways. Tammy Jo Zywicki was an amazing young woman who had just one year left at Grinnell college before going on to some big and wonderful things. When her car broke down in central Illinois that all changed. Most of us would have stopped to help the young woman or felt guilty as we continued on our journey hoping not to be later for our next stop. Unfortunately in this real life true crime story that was not to be. As her Pontiac sat on the side of Interstate 80 (I-80) Tammy had her head under the hood trying to fix the problem but then along came a spider. A predator saw an opportunity and pounced. Police have come up with some suspects over the years and we are ready to serve them up to you as we close out this four part series. If you have any information regarding the still unsolved murder of Tammy Jo Zywicki please call or email your local FBI office. If you have any information regarding the still unsolved murder of Kristin Schmidt please call the Oregon State Police - dial *OSP or *677 if you are calling from a mobile phone, or dial: 503-378-3720 

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back in two thousand and three we started seeing a marked increase in the number of bodies recovered along the side of the road and as we started digging into it more and more, we started noticing within
our database, a number of bodies long this either road victims kept coming up as prostitutes, specifically, trucks, tat, prostitutes and one after another. Our main suspects or confirm defenders were identified as truck drivers
and so putting those pieces together, we started to say something is going on. We have an inordinate number of victims and offenders from this rather specific pool of the population. So what's going on here, what are we missing and this is not say that every truck drivers serial killer? Obviously, but when we see them come up when we know that we've identified one as a subject, they're extremely difficult to track down and the mobility of their occupation allows them access to so many different areas of victims, election and then victim release locations. So we've developed this initiative to try to focus in on these cases to help those agencies who are investigating these types of cases that don't know where to turn that don't have the information or know what information they should even be requesting to try to track these guys down and then once they've been identified.
then too then tie them to similar cases nationwide, and that's where I got really come soon is because it's a date of peace. Of these similar types of cases we can use things like. The offenders are more like building a timeline on this subject and being able to place them in the location of a similar case to tie them back two additional cases, the heard it right there, that is the voice of a great woman, an incredible crime fighter who we have talked about so much recently on this greatest of true crime shows greatest. Of course, that is, if you prefer, little hint of garage in your crime reporting turns out most do that they're at the start of our true crime. Talk in today's trailer was the vote
of Christine palos, ilo and fbi. Crime analysed who worked on the highway, serial killer initiative. And, of course was so instrumental in the identify. serial killer, cm little and his victims a case and serial killer that we profiled here through weeks ago in the garage and a three part series, starting with episode: five, eight five titled sam little, the killer of women back to Christine Paul follow. I think that someone should build a statue of this woman for all of her brilliant and hard work that she has done over the years there's saving lives, no doubt ass to make a one out of mashed potatoes and helping to find justice for some victims. When justice looked to be so doubtful that is agent policy, us dropping us some knowledge about the fbi's highway, serial killer initiative and via cap, which-
listeners no stands for the violent criminal apprehension programme. Now we going to start off today, talking thou, a young woman named Tammy Joe, is a wiki who, unfortunately, could possibly fit into both of those categories. Concerning the f the eye, the highway serial killer initiative and via cap and this is such a scary and sad story tammy, Jos, wiki was a wonderful very intelligent, bright, enthusiastic young woman. Now, if any, one wants to look Tammy up. You can find her on the f b I's website. F b, I dot gov Tammy can be found under the seeking information category there they have listed reward information as well, which says the fbi. is offering a reward of up to fifty thousand dollars in this case and listen carefully, because this case is incredibly solvable so
listen carefully, because, as our friend Robert stack said, maybe you can help solve a mystery. We will start true crime story off with a paragraph from RON arians masterful article from people as in the he wrote on this case, I told the long road back rods, article k in august, twenty third of nineteen. Ninety three, this was one year after the crime and starts off by citing some statistics. Just keep in mind. These statistics are from nineteen. Ninety three and the article starts off statistics in crime reporting tell us much about murder in the. U s. We know that on average twenty thousand americans are killed every year. And we often learn how they were murdered and why far less Visible, however, are the repercussions of those homicides. The pain that a victim's family and friends must
live with in the months and years after this is the story of one such cried. The king of a twenty one year. Old college student honours shortly after august, twenty three nineteen. Ninety two how it challenged and changed the lives of her family classmates and community over the following. Twelve mile as in any investigation captain, the timeline is always extremely important, so the die right into the timeline and a shoutout here to the good folks over at further dot com who have one of the most comprehensive timelines for tommy's case, or timelines gonna, start in august, twenty first nineteen. Ninety two august, twenty first was a friday that year now we already said that Tammy was quite intelligent, but she was rather driven as well. In fact, Tammy as a double major in art, history and
spanish and she has recently returned from studying abroad in madrid good for her cat. Then I think if I ever get the opportune ready to go to madrid. I dont think that I'm coming back. Nor would you study, but Tammy is back and she's getting ready to start her senior year at grenelle college, which is a private school located in grenelle iowa, home of the fighting squirrels. As said she's Indeed, in Spain, during the spring semester of her junior year, then Tammy spent the summer living at home with her parents and working at a video store this in new jersey on friday august twenty first tammy in her younger brother darin, are leaving from their parents home in new jersey. It's my understanding, they moved there. The year before, when their father Dan was transferred, Tammy grew up. Most of her younger years in greenville, south carolina, so they're heading from new jersey to pittsburgh. This is because Tommy's pair
since there are already in pittsburgh, their visiting either family or friends, and tim and there will be stopping their in staying the night darin his night, Years old and he's attending nor western university. The plan ambient air and will stay the night in pittsburgh with their parents from there they will drive about. seven and a half hours to northwestern university to get Darren to campus Hammy will stay one night there with a friend of hers at northwestern. and then Tammy will continue on travel, solo from northwestern university to grenelle college, so Sammy will travel the two hundred and ninety five miles from northwestern tournelle by herself. This is roughly a four and a half. Two five and a half hour drive depending on route in any way, that's funny travelling knows that's too long days of travel, so everything starts According to plan tommy,
and daring arrive in pittsburgh. They stay the night. There on saturday august twenty second term and darren make the long trip from pittsburgh to evanston illinois home of northwestern university. Now this leg, The trip was not only the longest part of the drive, but this is where they start to run into some car trouble. tommy is driving a white nineteen. Eighty five pontiac tee one thousand for door, hatch back. Darin with later say that they have stop a couple of times because the engine was stalled tee one thousand model sounds ago they don't model from the long road back article daring explains quote the engine would just de celebrate the oil light would flickr and then, when he had, pull over the engine which shut off after the next to stalls I added oil and water and it ran fine once in evanston, Tammy
drops daring off, and then she stays the night with her friend. This brings us to sunday august. Twenty three before Tammy left daring says he checked s thing on the pontiac and told Tammy. If the king started doing what it had done, the day before to just stop somewhere like an arrest area and wait until the evening when it was cool and then continue to drive, so thousands captain like the car, was mostly overheating, sounds to me to be the problem in this being august, just because when the grudges mean more mechanics, Tammy left avid, stan noise heading west to grenelle Tammy made it chicago heading toward interstate eighty, at about five? Five p m that sunday about four hours, after she had said goodbye to her brother and eleanor
state police officer, spotted a white nineteen. Eighty five pontiac parked on the westbound shoulder of I eighty. This is five miles: east of la salle. located next two mile marker. Eighty three, the locked car, was tagged as an abandoned vehicle not until two p m the next day, which would be Monday. The vehicle would be towed away. and not until seven p m with the owner be identified of this abandoned, vehicle right, but we need to fill in some of the gaps here yesterday, and so we have Tammy she'd, leaves are friends home around lunchtime that day now, at approximately three to four p m witnesses with later report, seeing Tammy pulled over on the shoulder of interstate eighty. This is as said next two mile marker eighty three, the exit for utica. So, unfortunately,
doesn't make it very far before she runs into what we can presume was additional car trouble bright. On what route one would take. You are look, add a four and a half to five and a half hour drive from northwestern to grenelle college. Tammy only made it about an hour and forty minutes to about two wars of dr time her. how is a little curious to me, I would have taken eighty eight until a picks up in her stay. Eighty, so she's a little further south than what I would have expected. It is still in route to grinnell. Now, here's where things get a little messy police, say according to eye witness statements they have about twenty different vehicle types that supposedly stopped to help Tammy. But why particular stood out to law enforcement. That was
a samurai truck or a tractor trailer. Before we get back to the article, it is important to note the Tammy's friends at grenelle college often just called her z on Monday august twenty. Fourth, now this is back at home in new jersey, her parents, there's a wikis had expected tammy to make her usual check in call when she arrived at grinnell when she didn't telephone on sunday evening, turns out. Neither parent was overly concerned. They said quote: we thought you probably met up with friends, and it got too late to call this is Tammy's. Mother saying this is her name is land, but by monday morning, when they still haven't heard from Tammy, they be and to worry- and we have her father- Next as by then we knew something was wrong. It wasn't like heard not to check in with your statement
problems with car before and hey of ages. little bit of water. I add a little oil. It fixes the problem it could be The reason why her driving it is a little different than what you would have taken, because that could have been some issue going on with the car that she tried to make a stop to fix, got back on the freeway and and then in the car stop working, and not only that the reason for two to go kind of into panic mode. Here for this awake, would be not only the the concern that she didn't call sunday night. She still hasn't called Monday morning, but by now likely spoken to dare in your son, who has told you yeah. We ran into some car trouble from between pittsburgh and northwestern, and I told her what to do hard, checked out and looked to be fine when she left. But now you know hey ma
twenty one year old daughter is driving solo by herself for five and a half hours roughly in a vehicle that is not an tip top shape right. So Tommy's mother Joey and she repeatedly called tommy's friends at grenelle wondering Anybody had seen her and, of course, nobody is reporting that they had. In fact, somebody wrote on the message board, which was located outside of Tammy's dorm room and wrote Z, where have you been your mom's having a cow, so everybody was
affecting her to show up at some point. Unfortunately, that doesn't end up being the case, but I feel bad for her mom cuz. I hurt really bad to have a cow, but a couple things one when your vehicle is not driving correctly you're more likely to get into an accident. So you have that to think about or if she pulled over on the side of the road she could get hit by a moving vehicle. People drive like yahoo's, and then you have other possibility that if she breaks down and a bad location that she is met with the wrong crowd or somebody with nefarious thoughts stops to help her instead of somebody being a good samaritan. So a lot of possibilities of of putting yourself a bad position. So now we have both parents that are extremely worried. Joanna asked grenelle police to look for tommy's car. Then began calling iowa and illinois state police.
It was only after their daughters, hatch back had been toad, ended, description logged on a computer that deserve wikis learned of its location, now keep in mind this is we ve already pointed out This is going to be later on Monday. Once this vehicle is toad so hank when he fight out, this new information, her father there he immediately find a missing persons report with the illinois police, because that's where the vehicle is found in the state of illinois, he described his daughter in the report as five foot two inches tall, one hundred and twenty pounds blonde with green eyes. And long blonde hair. Now he later added that she was proud Bobby wearing turquoise shell. Why rim glasses and had her here. in a ponytail and when seen by her brother. She was where
being a white t, shirt, dark, shorts and gray running shoes. She also had a fabric friends necklace and a green watched it played raindrops keep falling on my head also reported in the report that she was caring about one hundred and fifty dollars in cash, credit cards, a leather handbag, extra clothing and a box, and several amorous now in illinois, the state police they scoured the interstate, the eighty site where Tommy's car was found eventually using metal detectors, search dogs and a helicopter. The car, which this is really disappointing to hear she's me, sing. We can believe that its due to her car trouble, but when pull I find It- and they say It started up without any problem. After being tone, but I
you stated earlier. It sounds like the car, possibly was overheating, so when she pulled over on the side of the roads, Kirk was down when they try to start it back up. It starts up fine. Yeah. You just get a chill out for a little bit there, so it says in its reported that they checked the vehicle for fingerprints. The problem with putting that item right here in our time line is I dont think that it fits right here in the timeline? I know for a fact that they checked the vehicle for fingerprints. However, this was done days later. It wasn't done right after it was towed or right after it was identified as belonging to this now missing person What? Because state highway patrol sees abandoned cards all the time, hundreds and hundreds of them a day, and so this is typical procedure. We're gonna, take the car were, give em
a day for the owner to come, move it all they don't move. It were till it now you figure out who owns? Is who called now we got a contact, somebody that is connected to them, so it is a process. And I know what the law, these missing person cases you like more murray and stuff, where people go law enforcement I didn't do enough well if they could go back in time and if, if somebody would have told them hey, you need to really do your due diligence and look for evidence in this vehicle, because this person will be missing for the next twenty or thirty years, but abandoned car becomes very routine for law enforcement and you're right captain. That is absolutely the case, specially in a case like MAR murray's, where she is not reported missing for several days, but in this case it is quite a bit different, because the vehicles toad at two p m she's reported miss-
at seven p m and identified as the owner and driver of the vehicle that was told so yeah take some time for those things to work their way through the system, but They had all the information illinois state police did at that time that night and it wasn't fingerprinted that night. now when the vehicle is eventually searched, we learn that Tommy's leather bag, the money, any money that she was carrying credit cards and a cannon e o ass camera we're all missing from the vehicle so either she took those with her or somebody else took those from her on Monday august, thirty first investigators announced that they were looking for a white five axel semi tractor trailer with two brownish diagonal stripes on both the tractor and trailer. They say that drive by witnesses reported seeing the truck.
and its driver near mile marker? Eighty three on interstate eighty on august, twenty third, roughly between three four p m and a man was seen with the semi truck as well in that and is described as a white male about six feet tall with bushy dark hair them and appeared to be talking to a young blonde woman who resembled Tammy are missing person. The two were standing by her car. Apparently checking something under the hood. According to some of these witnesses, illinois state police, lieutenant hurled, brig mandela said of the man he is the last person we know who may have talked to her he's, not a suspect. We just want to talk to him now, of course, with this announcement. Captain leads
flowing in this is when we get about sixty people reporting that they saw Tammy on the side of the interstate between three and four p m. On that sunday afternoon, the hood of her car was up some reported, seeing a green dots and pick up behind her vehicle, another described a tractor trailer truck with stripes down the side of the trailer, but again over twenty, Vehicle types were reported as being seen parked at that general location and that general time which work He confuses matters quite a bit later. Police would say that we All of these reports of people seeing other vehicle, stop there on the side of interstate eighty but re weed have any one coming forward saying that they were somebody that act. We stopped to help Tammy or somebody that
florence as these, they stopped and spoke with her right and just think about the distance that she was covering that day over two hundred and some miles. If somebody stopped to help her, that was traveling that distance, like that there they could be two three hundred miles away when capture looking for answers nine days after Tammy disappears. This is anti tuesday september first, A man driving on interstate forty, four, this is in Missouri and the state of Missouri. This is for hundred and ninety miles from where team was last seen this may was driving for his work that day any stopped because he was concern that his tools in the back of his truck we're getting wet. That was raining fairly heavily at this time when he stops. Whilst I he noticed something wrapped in a blanket secured,
Both ends with duct tape. It was about fourteen feet from the edge of the roadway. He said there was a foul odor. The man is thirty. Seven year old, Lonnie dumont, he said quote, I was finished and was coming around to the front of the truck. When I smelled the oder. I looked right and saw the blanket in the grass just from the shape of it. I could tell it was about, so demand drove to a nearby highway patrol station and tells them what he witnessed. Then he returns to the scene with an officer they made a small cut in the blanket and saw a human leg. the body which was lying face up on a grassy slope again about fourteen feet from the pavement had been wrapped tightly and a white
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our we are back, cheers maids cheer shares to colonel now, they're, not gonna, be out too. By this body right away, ryan, fortunately, it's gonna take dental records that would soon tell detectives at this was in fact the body of their missing college student. Tammy A wiki Tammy was wearing an east side, eagles t, shirt and shorts that had a greenville county recreation, soccer league logo on it important to note really, kind of a bizarre fact of this case. These are not clothes that she had on when she left Evanston
remember, we have our witnesses there, her friend her brother, the solar right before she left He also had on lacy panties and a brawl embroidered with the word love and the brazier was like a nude, color or flesh tone. And we have her mother who goes on record joanne stating this is not anything that Tammy would have picked out for herself or purchased for her son love to her knowledge, so go ahead so leans towards idea that maybe the perpetrator of ducks her or tricks are to get an egg in into my vehicle. I'll. Take you down to the gas station. While now, once I get you in the vehicle, I can control you and then he puts her in a situation where he says we need to pull on this outfit or you put on this lingerie or whenever that seems like the situation, but keep in mind the east side, eels, t shirt and the short with the green, County recreational soccer
league logo on those those Items belong to her. She just wasn't wearing those according to our witnesses when she left just a few hours earlier, but yeah you're, right, with the undergarments this accord to her family, they're saying these, were we don't believe these to be hers and we believe, whoever doktor made her where these, for whatever reason at some point. Now the lawrence county coroner, his name is dawn lincoln, had performed the First examination of what was initially he described as a shoe, less badly decomposed body, and he states in his
early report, it appeared to be a white female, approximately sixteen to twenty four years of age. She was clothed in a blue t, shirt with eastside eagles soccer, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine printed and white lettering on the front and had a pair of faded blue cut off sweatpants athletic socks. That is the description of her clothing. Some of the more rim findings from our coroner here are seven puncture wounds made A sharp instrument, no more than a half inch wide. These were found in the upper chest area, the weapon had penetrated the lungs, liver and para cardio sack around the heart. The victims right bicep, was also puncture, possibly due to a struggle, or maybe she went to defend herself or block the knife with her hand or arm and received the puncture to the
right. Bicep bright, a bruise like discoloration, appeared on the right side of her neck and arresting, and then a quote from the coroner says. The odd part was didn't appear to have any blood, just some body fluids on the sheet and blanket from the de composition, and quote he some aid that the body had been out in the sun for four, maybe five days or so. Let's take some inventory of the situation here shall we are victim, has been stabbed seven times, sick, times in a circular pattern around her heart, and once in her right arm, the knife used was small per the report, most likely a penknife is what experts have said, and I reviewed conflicting reports on the amount of defensive wounds, some say that she put up quite a struggle. Others say that there was a
uprising, lack of defensive wounds. I'm not one hundred percent sure why the discrepancy in this description will hopefully, whose able to read the son of a bitch is testicles up, but discrepancies ike make it hard to examine the case yet, and it sounds to me like they ve done a couple of examination, so maybe they had other findings later but again. We can only report to you what we have viewed and read ourselves from the prior information in that report. The other thing that really sucks here for any type of investigation. Is we don't get a good idea of when she was killed or where right? Where were simply told that here intimated that she had been out in the sun for four or maybe five days. Well, it was nine days later,
from the time that she was, we can just say, abducted, we don't have to keep saying, disappeared or went missing. It's obvious at this point that she's been abducted by somebody and had to have been abducted on day than her vehicle broke down, nine days later, when the body is found in. If our corner is suggesting that it's for five days out in the sun, I think he's kind of ball parking here. Captain, I don't think he's you know giving us. I don't think that's a real a window of time that we should be really anchored to hear in our investigation right, but it does. sound to me, unfortunately, like there was a possibility that she may have been held somewhere for period of time, and obviously there stating she killed on the side of the road there. Everything it's too she's been killed elsewhere and
Somebody pulls up and dumps the body there. Fourteen feet from the edge of the road on this offering a lotta killers will take their victims back to their home and then torture them at their home and then once they kill the victim, they they dumped the victim, but some of these truck drivers they can just they can use their truck as their little torture. Chamber and when their done with their victim, they can then this dump him the side of the road. Well, in of the serial killers that we started off talking about last week keep it and he had a partner for some of his murders. He had his girlfriend riding shot gun with him. So in that situation. You have somebody that is there to help. You control your victim, while yours travelling and keep in mind too. We also have the factor in the distance between where we know she was last seen and
where the body is eventually found nine days later, it's. What did we say? Get four hundred ninety miles, you that's it. sixty miles an that's over hours of driving. We love my right there, so we have at least one day in some kind of vehicles transporting the body way, regardless of The situation and she may have been sitting out there. Her body may have been on that road side, for the entirety of those for five days as the coroner was stating this been out in the sun, doesn't mean it She had to have been there and that location, but he saying he's been out in the sun, and She may have been there that entire time the the thing to and we're gonna be go back to this a couple times, because it's worth really exploring and parsing out as much as we possibly can hear
we have several reports of a bunch of sightings of such vehicles, near mile marker, eighty three where Tammy was the last time she was seen or believe too been seen alive this again nine days before her body was discovered almost five hundred miles away we have all of those sightings. We have those eye witnesses, but apparently No one saw whoever left tommy's body on the side of the road might, but again the semi truck or a truck car being on the side of the road. For five minutes is not that unusual. It's not going to be something that sticks out like a sore thumb and if you're doing anything in the middle of the night bright, I dont know anybody driving buys gonna be very suspicious allowed for travellers around the side of the road to sleep, correct was more likely
early nineties than today well and think about how much of your. You only need to do limited activity to get the bought body from a vehicle to this, Location on the side of the off ramp lawyers lanes is about a hundred and twenty pounds, she's, not that heavy well in regardless you're carrying or fourteen feet, What I want and pointing out here is, if you have a small vehicle, that's one thing, but if you have a tractor trailer that offer a decent amount of concealment too for what you We're doing in that limited amount of time that you need to be doing yeah. That's excellent point now This is a week later after the bodies found this takes to tuesday September eighth tommy's, a wiki was laid to rest following a casket closed ceremony, in a mass at a catholic church in newton pennsylvania Now, by the time the tammy was buried, the hunt for her killer heads
worked nationwide interest this, especially after america's most wanted aired a spot announcement on her disappearance. That's what prompted a flood of tips bout. The truck with the diagonal stripes and logo debts is our now found in to the investigators and because death involved in abduction across state lines. Remember she was believed to be abducted in Illinois she's found in Missouri. We of have the fbi agents, the fbi and agents from the diy that will join the fourteen illinois state police investigators, working with also the missouri authorities on the case right at the beginning of the investigation. does wikis criticized the police
For treating tommy's disappearance or how they treated her disappearance initially, as though she were a runaway, and this is. this is one of those things we reviewed this stuff in seeing this and other cases too, it's just incredibly disappointing. It's a real got punch every single time, but we're to stay on this for just a minute here, because I have a big issue with this one: ok, luck with captain! agree you get like a victim or somebody, that's missing. That's the age like twelve or launder thirteen and under in the cops look at you and say: well, they probably ran away and you look at em cross. I go and are you kid me there too young to run away what the hell, maybe with sixteen seventeen year old? Maybe if you have some kind of delinquent juvenile, I get that situation, but what their response was what the illinois state police response was. This she's, probably off with a boyfriend somewhere HO known to which the parents and
form the police. She does not have a boyfriend too. and they were told well she's power bubbly off with one of her guy friends somewhere. She ll turn up This is why you don't assume, because you may an ass out of you and me. You know each other, specially an investigation you just grab assume probably off with a boyfriend or something. That's that's ridiculous. That's, like you say, lazier stupid, then I think that's both want here, the thing to. I worry that just the wrong lazier stupid, or both person answered the phone that day, because you gotta believe there's plenty of good officers, men and women in the illinois state police, it too. Especially today, but even back then as well, and this is just really a black eye for the entire department. When you have somebody who gives this type of response, because
should taken account in factor in the character the individual. That is being What is missing in the circumstances rounding, that disappearance right so or where she went missing from she's, not going missing from a location that she has a heave history. A big background. No she's driving through number one in number, two you'll find her view. Go on the side of the interstate debts that's alarming in itself, without even having a missing persons report about this bullshit, like less say, I'm I'm from ohio and you find my car and west virginia, and they just then assume, while we don't know exactly where he was going or where he was heading sperm, but by I was off with a girlfriend, but there's no evidence of that you have no evidence. Eight, and I even know anybody in the area is this.
And that's not even taking into account your character and what what I'm trying to bring up here with Tammy is. We are talking bout a twenty one year old woman young woman who is scholarship at a private college right. This isn't somebody that just willy nilly decides I have to show up one day or just goes out of her jib right. There just decides: oh I'm going to smoke a bunch of pot and ride, shotgun and chase the sun for three or four days. No, that's not the type of person that she is there's nothing wrong with smoking, pot and jason and so what I am also disappointed and is, let's go back to something that we ve already covered- that I believe, is key and in a second black eye on illinois state police. Here the coup honor says that her body was out in the sun for four may be five days: she's, sing for nine before the bodies located. If you
taken this report. This missing persons report seriously, there's a chance you could have to her. While she was still alive, we don't that for certain, because we don't have the scientific facts to back that statement up, but we can base it off The information that's been reported that there was a possibility that you had a couple of days to find her and instead your answer, is well she's, probably off with some guy friend somewhere up to no good my dad. Don't worry, she'll turn up in a couple days. And the detail that you up earlier that sheep swirling around my head. This idea that choose enclose that her parents state belonged to her, but in undergarments, but they dont believe are connected to their daughter. They dont believe she owned. Those undergarments can't say what
one hundred percent certainty we can only base it off of what the family has said by this is not something that if wavered on over the years. They ve said this from the time she was found until today that we don't leave that those were hers. We have no reason to believe that the they belonged to her so we have a task force. If you want to call it that if you will write that we have the illinois state police involved. We have Missouri authorities and we have. The agents all involve now these wikis over the years have pointed out the special in the early stages of this case? This investigation, they didn't feel like that communication between those three agencies or or, however many agencies were involved in this was great. They don't think the community, asian was great that there may have been some men fighting or or at the very least, not sharing of information, and we have
said time and time again that the two of the best weapons that we have an fending off cereal offenders. The these days is that we apprehend them faster, right. We have less serial killers with numbers as high as twenty thirty forty people by because they're getting caught simply after one or two victims and allow that is based off of two factors. Two major key factors: one technology and two communication between all of these law enforcement agencies. Now the I way the fbi's high waste serial killer initiative and- by cap and things like that, are all key pieces in opening up those lines of communication and kicking off the conversations, keeping the information flowing and getting the right people. Now, what
I will say that is of good work in Tammy's case is. She is on several databases, is really to me the start of of any of this type of investigation that first thing I do when, when we take a look at a case for ports light- and it's a call, case. The first thing I look at is what databases is our victim on or in most cases what what basis should they be on an anti mommy's case? If you look her up she's on several databases, couple that come to mind. Of course, we ve already mentioned the fbi's website, she's on these seeking information, category free and, regrettably, some others also have her on the iowa cold cases. Database in probably some more. I hope, because those are tools, those are tools for
not only solving these cases and bringing justice for victims and their families and their friends, but also tools for us to keep the public see if by getting these monsters off of the streets, out of our communities and in this case off of our nations interstates and highways Debbie. Any young female that is broken down on the side of the road or pulled over on the side of the road is a potential victim for one of these monsters when you read about cases like this and about some of the other case, is we we've covered in the last couple weeks, going back to to sam little and last week's cases But tommy's especially its when it makes you wanna just. fall to your knees, and thank god that we have cell phones these days, because I would guess- and I would have
the tammy situation would have been that much different that much better if she would have had some ability to communicate with somebody else or call for help now on the better side of the investigation captain. We do know that when they were working the case. They worked the case quite hard, as far as I can tell there were and from all over the country that were looked at as possible suspects, many of them truckers persons of interest included men from as far away as tampa Florida. humble county, california and nashville tennessee? Now I'm going circle back another time too, What I believe is one of the key elements in this case and is really it's it's sad. That. So little came of this because in any case, as a detective you with and having so many potential witnesses would be a godsend.
so in review and with a little more detail in the early. Weeks of the investigation. More than sixty drive by witnesses. Six, zero rise by witnesses, reported having seen tammy on august twenty third right Altogether, they claim to have seen twenty six different types of vehicles this, including cars, motorcycles and vans, and trucks that stopped help her with men and women at different times, apparently offering her assistance. Remarkably, none of the people who Opt has ever come forward to notify police of their encounter with Tammy quote. We can't explain it b. I agent bob long said quote, except that maybe the people still don't know about the case or they're afraid to get involved.
We pointed out there that the fbi's concern that maybe people have not heard of this case or for some reason they would be afraid of coming forward. Look it's been all of these years later and nobody Gonna fault you for calling in a tip or information today today is the day make happen if you know something say something report it. If you have information keep in mind. There is a fifty thousand dollar reward. For information leading to the identification of the individual or individuals responsible for the murder of tammy Jos awake, he and the fbi
Anyone for anyone with information to contact their local fbi office or the nearest american embassy or consul so much more. To get too, we want to hear your thoughts on the blog at true crammed garage dot. Com join us back here tomorrow, since at times in bad channel and until then be good because and don't worry.
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