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America’s Highway Serial Killers /// Part 4 /// 593

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America’s Highway Serial Killers /// Part 4 /// 593 

Part 4 of 4 


This week we pick up right where we left off with more bad guys and bad news from America’s Highways. Tammy Jo Zywicki was an amazing young woman who had just one year left at Grinnell college before going on to some big and wonderful things. When her car broke down in central Illinois that all changed. Most of us would have stopped to help the young woman or felt guilty as we continued on our journey hoping not to be later for our next stop. Unfortunately in this real life true crime story that was not to be. As her Pontiac sat on the side of Interstate 80 (I-80) Tammy had her head under the hood trying to fix the problem but then along came a spider. A predator saw an opportunity and pounced. Police have come up with some suspects over the years and we are ready to serve them up to you as we close out this four part series. If you have any information regarding the still unsolved murder of Tammy Jo Zywicki please call or email your local FBI office. If you have any information regarding the still unsolved murder of Kristin Schmidt please call the Oregon State Police - dial *OSP or *677 if you are calling from a mobile phone, or dial: 503-378-3720 

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Most of us are used to driving on the interstates and hardly give it a second thought, but we should some of the nation's worst criminals, including serial killers, proud those busy highways tonight news thirteen's came. Holland is on special assignment to report on the danger and
it's a new weapon to fight it. She was somebody's daughter, most likely, murdered and dumped in the harsh new mexico desert. She still had a ribbon on her from a county fair in missouri, and she wore handmade jewelry her bloody body buried in a shallow grave two men on horseback stumbled upon the body here in nineteen. Ninety nine, just outside of grants. The case had grown cold so ten years later, in two thousand On the f b, I headed back out to the woman's grave site. Her body has never been identified. Three never found my wallet or any I be. The interstate roadway system connects cities, towns and communities across the country, allowing anyone with a vehicle to move quickly, easily and anonymously, because the new mexico, Jane doe, was found near interstate forty, the f b. I wondered if she could have been murdered by a serial killer. We look at any connection to the highway. Just this year, the f b I utilized a new tool to try to craft the new mexico.
If they entered it into a program. The agency created in two thousand and four all the cases in the database have one thing in common: the victim or suspect had some linked to the interstate local law enforcement officers are able to submit violent crime cases involving rape, murder found human remains and suspicious kidnappings to the f b. I the f b. I then decides if the case should be included in the database. This map shows the more than five hundred cases that are in the serial killing database. The fbi and officers across the country can search the system to see if any of the case,
is can be connected and traced back to a serial killer. Oftentimes interstate, the of opportunity to target drug users. The tigers investigators, for example, will look for a link to a transient or a truck driver following interstate, and you may find a depth here more victims down the road at a killer at the end of the line. That's exactly what spurred the f b I's highway. Serial killings database in two thousand and four investigators noticed patterns in up to two hundred unsolved cases. Numerous prostitutes working truck stops had been killed and dumped mostly along. I, forty from Oklahoma all the way to the east coast, the feds, along with local agencies, linked a bunch of the cases and arrested long haul, trucker, John Williams and his girlfriend at the time rachel cumberland. For about twenty of the murders, the f b, I then realized cases not obviously related might be so
aided the highway cereal killings database and opened it up to police and sheriffs departments across the country. So every law enforcement agency no can look into the database, put their cases in their modify their cases and do their own searches, and this system works agencies across the country. With the help of the f b, I have identified about two hundred suspects and nearly six hundred unsolved cases since the database began. Detectives in new mexico have sought to of four cases in the database, although it doesn't appear there connected to a serial killer yet, but there still looking for the killer of new mexico's jane doe investigators hope the highway serial killers initiative will help crack the case and bring a daughter back home to her family kim holland care queuing news. Thirteen now, if you would,
to see the highway serial killers, initiative, map or check out the specific items found on django's body go to our website at krqe dot com. If you go to fbijobs dot gov and you go to the category of seeking information, you will find a report and a poster. Information to help solve the murder of tammy, J, the wiki and
When I read some information from that poster, I wish everybody will go to fbi dot, gov in view that their and review that information. This is a good review of everything that we covered here yesterday in the garage captain, and it says the tammy, so wiki was found, murdered and lawrence county Missouri August, twenty third nineteen, ninety two and it has a picture of her nineteen eighty five pontiac tee, one thousand that she was driving. That was a white vehicle with new jersey. Plates, the description of our victim. They have heard listed as blonde hair height, five foot, two inches tall green eyes, one hundred and twenty pounds, and she was a caucasian female There is a reward. The fbi's
bring a reward for up to fifty thousand dollars for information leading to the identification of the individual or individuals responsible for this crime, and it gives us a little bit of a brief history in this report. This is the wiki was reportedly last seen with her vehicle at mile marker. Eighty three on interstate eighty in central illinois between three hundred and ten p, dot m and four p dot m on august 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. It was also reported that a tractor trailer was seen near the wiki's vehicle. During this time the driver of the tractor trailer is described as a white male between thirty five and forty years of age. Over six ft tall with dark, bushy hair
some of the victim's personal property is known to be missing, and I want everybody to pay close attention to these items here, because finding these items, locating one of these items could be the breadcrumb in the trail that we need to create to lead us to Tommy's killer. So these missing items- these are to be missing. Items include a cannon thirty five millimeter camera amy ethical, wrist watch. The watch is loris brand. This one's very interesting to me here captain because this doesn't It's not a one of a kind item, but it's an item that I've never heard of before. So I must be somewhat rare right. This wristwatch loris bran, l! Oh, are you asking case? I'm not saying that current correctly, but at the time that she went missing, the watch played the tune. Raindrop
keep falling on my head. That's interesting, so this item would be of particular interest if any one can locate an item like that, and why There are important because we know that a lot of killers like to keep items of their victims have souvenirs might be some items that you would stumble upon europe, uncles office or something where it doesn't make sense for them to have these comes now we went through the disappearance. Yesterday, we went through all of the items and the time line as and the details of the early investigation and why we have now here. Captain is we're kind of lost in the aftermath a little bit we have her parents, her family, who are searching for answers. We have investigators in three different agencies that we know of that are working.
The case. We have tommy's parents, hank and Joanne who they appeared on a couple of different tv shows and radio shows trying to raise awareness for their daughter's case. They appeared on am philadelphia and they also on the Oprah win free show and on the other winfrey show they were focusing in highway murders of women. We have acquired, from joey and her mothers as tough as it was emotionally to talk about. We decided on lots of exposure to keep Tommy's story alive, her husband, hank added that they wanted to help. Take back america's highways, then expressing his frustration at the slow pace of the investigation at the time of the upper winfrey show. He stated I just want them to find the person who killed our daughter if they don't catch that son
Bitch I dont know what I will do that said stuff. Now we have julian sister Bonnie, who says losing your kid. Is every parents worst nightmare? She said I just told joanne hang in there, if you let yourself fall apart the criminal hasn't only taken one life but two or more rather understand the parents frustrations, but these types of crimes are very hard to investigate because we don't know exactly who was in that area or why they were in that area. agreed, and this is very likely a stranger on stranger crime and where proper We are dealing with an individual that has the ability to travel, great distance and a short period of time again. The other problems with the investigation will be that we don't know when exactly she was killed or where so. We are missing. At least one crime scene
In this case we have some more quotes from her mother joanne, and she says it's coming on one year, this is leading up to the one year very sad anniversary of their daughter's first disappearance and then death right. She says it's coming up on a year, still no results from the investigation, but what can I do? I have no faith in the f b I or police in particular. She is concerned about a recent loss of possible evidence. The evidence was this: we have witnesses at a gas station near where tammy body was found, they reported seeing a truck and a trucker that might be could be linked to Tammy's case police who initially said they had collected receipts from this gas station, turns out that they never actually did
and the receipts were eventually thrown away. Master sergeant, Harold hendrickson of the illinois state police said the oversight occurred because they were simply stretched too thin. In this case, like many others, the victim's parents take on this responsibility on themselves. They don't trust the f b. I they don't trust the police department, so they're going to start reaching out and trying to support other individuals that have been through the same type of situation and trying to brain awareness to crimes of this nature. The first of these situations of giving back and an advocate not only for their daughter but for other victims out there to my knowledge. Captain came before just the day before Tammy would have turned twenty two
years old. When we have Joanne her mother who stood before about fifty or so students, she was a speaker for a talk sponsored by the south jersey survivors of violent crimes to have an impact to make people aware of highway homicides in america of prevention of such crimes and the role of police. This would become a mission, one that would soon blossom into other talks. Other support group visits from Joanne and members of Tammy's family in iowa A local private detective had volunteered his services to tommy's family. This is former grenelle police chief, Jim errands. He was investigating trucking companies and their roots. He in the police believed the likely killer of Tammy was a trucker, because Tommy's body was found a
sufficient distance down the on ramp to have been dumped from the back of a truck so this is really interesting here captain because we got two angles to this theory right. One angle is the because her body was transported such a great distance away I am somewhat relatively short period of time. It makes sense that the killer had the ability to do this, and so therefore, a trucker would fit this scenario and could be up a possible occupy. We should have our suspect. Yeah makes sense, but they're going to double down on this thought. In this theory, this gym errands, who is saying that us and the police, when we look at where her body was located, where, where where was actually found, fourteen feet from the side of that on ramp or off ramp.
They're saying that if you took a truck and you lined it up to just where, where we would meet to you know, get almost to the turn So we have a tractor trailer right. The back of the trailer is about this since from where her body was found to where the vehicle would make the turn that make it so it almost like fit perfectly right, like it's almost like a puzzle piece when you're looking at this crime scene of where her body was eventually located, the private detective goes on to say that I also believe that the murder may be responsible for other unsolved cases in that region, and he said I want nothing to do with the reward. I just want to catch the guy, I believe he still out there and I think he's going to do it again now, at the time of that interview, the price detective was referring to the one hundred thousand dollar reward. That was off.
up by an anonymous pennsylvania donor to anyone with a tip that would help arresting convict the murderer of tammy The waking right as he had in the past, her father hank, continue to feel then, he was somewhat somehow partly responsible for his daughter's fate because of the faulty car Well, that so they've heard a lot of pushback from the general public right they've a little bit of victim blaming here saying you know why was She driving a a safer vehicle, a better run. vehicle. Why would she travelling alone and pursues a college student now much college? ass. Well, and not only that this. This is here's the thing we don't need. The pub to point that out to the parents of a dead child that when their child has been murdered.
They russell with all these, with all these thoughts and in second guessing themselves in questioning everything they did every day every day. So we don't have to do that for them. Trust me that This is something that, when, when your child is taken from you and when you're a loved one is killed, especially I'll that you you're supposed to be protecting right. Then you're, going to blame yourself, you're going to blame, is that you did, or did not do through the course of their lifetime and say constantly go what, if I could have done this, what if I she maybe I should have done this- and this is just another example- he's saying that he feels partly responsible for his daughter's fate, because he he raised her to be cautious with strangers, Saying that maybe if she had been more of a free spirit or if I had raised or to be more of a free spirit than she would have just taken,
first ride that was available to her and got through the hole thing without a problem. You know we did say that multiple people according to witnesses stopped that day, so maybe the killer, the abductor would seem to be, one of the last or the last person to stop, and he saying if I, what a razor different and in I'll be so cautious. And worried about strangers, then maybe she would have just taken the first ride just got in, and maybe that wouldn't have been a problem. It would have been somebody that would have been okay for her to ride, but the the first person that stopped could be the the murderer. You know, I I understand what you're saying in this case it seems like malt would poop people stopped, but there could be a situation where the only person that does stop is somebody. That's there to harm you except well. Exactly there's no correct answer to these questions are the
things it that eat these family members up of victims, that I mean the stuff etc, and he goes on to say in this article. We said that what so frustrating There are prostitutes and other kinds of women and crazy situations, and they are still alive. Then there's a kid. Tammy someone you protected, nurtured and guided. She worked hard went to school on, a scholarship did all of the right things and someone takes her life. It's unfair totally wrong. He says people talk about god and how he controls. Things Why did he let this happen ray? I do want to go on to point out some of the better things here in regard to the family and in their thoughts you know, win win pressed with those type of questions. Why was she travelling alone? There's a wikis have said quote: Tammy has incredibly good judgment. She wouldn't get into
car with a stranger. Her mother pointed out tammy street smarts, adding that her daughter was a strong willed, tough cookie who worked. many jobs throughout our life and keep mind she traveled to spain on her own. She was in another country for a semester less than a year before she is abducted and killed right by the person with a knife or a person with a gun. It's a whole different scenario. Maybe she is the type of person that wouldn't have got in a car. With a stranger that gun that knife told her otherwise agreed, you may not have a choice in the matter, but why The families pointing out is they're, saying what. Why would we have any concern of her travelling by herself
Why do you know? This is nothing new to where she went to a whole nother country by herself for a semi colon. As apparent at some point. You have to let go and let them venture off into the world. You can't protect them. Twenty fourth yeah. If your kid is fifty seven years old and you're, still a helicopter manuel there's other who's. Calling going in that dynamic yeah I mean you can put your child in a bubble if your bubble boy well, let's get into some of the possible suspects, because we do have suspects that have been that we will recognise by name here so the first one is clark. Perry, Baldwin he's a long haul trucker from iowa. He was stood in may of twenty twenty, this after four zack genealogy linked his dna to the nineteen nineties era, slayings of three different women. women from wyoming and tennessee the des moines
reported that clark, perry, baldwin age. Fifty eight at the time was taken into custody at his waterloo home after investigators linked his dna with seamen and other materials recovered from the victims, two of whom were pregnant. Baldwin worked as in oh or the road truck driver for most of his career living in nashua, an waterloo iowa. An springfield ill, an springfield Missouri and ninety ninety one. He was charged with raping a twenty one year old, hitchhiker at gunpoint and wheeling county taxes, the woman police, a baldwin, struck her on the head, bound her hands and mouth and try to choke her to death.
He allegedly admitted to the assault but was released pending grand jury proceedings. The charges were then dismissed after the state was unable to locate the victim. That's according to court documents, or what else do we have on this giant? Pile of don t turn will go back to the register for this next bit, which says the nineteen nineties, martyrs baldwin, is accused of include, ninety one murders. In tennessee of thirty two year old PAMELA rose mccall and her unborne foetus. Pamela was last seen at a tennessee truck stop days before she was found in the woods off of interstate sixty five and spring held tennessee. She was located in march of ninety one, an autopsy determine she had neck injuries and die.
of strangulation sperm, was recovered from pantyhose that she was wearing and wyoming Baldwin was charged in the death of two women whose bodies were found a ninety. Ninety two. The bodies were found roughly four hundred miles apart, the Men were never identified, unfortunately, and are referred to as bitter creek betty and I eye ninety jane doe. All these crimes, vermin through coitus and forensic genealogy was conducted to lead detectives investigators to baldwin. morning two investigators. They had always suspected that a truck driver killed the three women in all three cases here We learn captain than investigators zeroed in on baldwin. After finding dna in commercial genealogy databases,
some one related to this us back to his profile core documents state, this now we had waterloo, f b. I who secretly collected dna from Baldwin's trash and a shopping cart. He used at a walmart and testing revealed that we have a match, adding an a we to CBS news investigators from multiple states. This after we ve already figured out boom this guy's a long haul. Trucker am boom, he's a serial killer investigated for multiple states, started looking into whether baldwin could be responsible for several other unsolved homicides, and we have active with the iowa division of criminal investigation. That stated, we are looking at any connect, it Baldwin may have had two other cold cases right. One case involves the nineteen. Ninety two death of Tammy, JO, is awake:
age. Twenty one in iowa college student, who was last seen after a car, broke down on interstate eighty in illinois, so investigators from multiple states are looking at thing at this clark, perry baldwin for possible involvement in any of their unsolved. I wait- killings good news here- they have his dna. They ve already connected his dna to multiple cases that we know of unfortunately, shortly on four Finally, recently what we learn here, captain is it why they were looking at bald when, in the case of Tammy Jos, a wiki they have recently backed away from that idea. Now I have seen it reported. The dna evidence has proven that he's. Not the perpetrator of tat means
murder. However, it's a little inconclusive. I have not seen anything to back that statement up. I've only found that in one location, so I'm a little I'm a little sketchy of that being the absolute in this case, but it would make sense knowing that they do have his dna. We should note, though, that the case they kicked off all of these different stories that we reviewed this week and last week is the unsolved murders, Kristen. schmidt. We should note the baldwin was a free man driving around this country. When Kristen Schmidt was killed, he wasn't apprehended until twenty twenty, maybe not responsible for murdering tammy, but possibly
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gideon lines. So you want to make sure that you want your subscribe to that you're downloading the episodes or that you listening through wifi if you're not, and it loses signal, though a rebuff her back to a spot that was previously downloaded as were streaming. So that's why you're probably hearing lines repeated, so you want to make sure that you subscribe, download or listen to the ship well through wifi. Thank you so much for that. This is going to lead us to a case where the highway serial killer initiative by the fbi provided information that assisted low
go law enforcement with homing in on a killer, a killer trucker. This takes place in two thousand and seven when sergeant pat posting leone, a veteran homicide investigator with the nashville police department had a case in which a twenty five year old sex worker name, Sarah harbour, was found on june. Twenty six, two thousand and seven her body was found behind a truck stop in nashville tennessee. She had been shot with a twenty two caliber gun now: plastic bag fastened over her head with electrical tape. Just three weeks earlier, on june sixth, forty eight year old, samantha winters also, a sex worker had been found in a trash can at the pilot travel center on highway. Two thirty one in lebanon, tennessee she
also shot with a twenty two caliber and her head was bagged as well. Now, on a hunch are detective called the fbi and learned that sure enough. There were a number of recent cases in which sex workers were found dead along highways in the states of georgia and tennessee all had been shot with a twenty two caliber gun sore detective in his partner spent hundreds of hours, reviewing videotape footage from the truck stop from the night that Sarah disappeared, checking out all the big rigs that came in and out in looking for anything suspicious. noted one yellow truck that parked and departed within a thirty minute window. Very short for a typical trucker. Stop they put out
a b on the look out for the truck purely on instinct and the next day are detective found that truck at a truck stop near an area known to be frequented by sex workers. So he goes up The truck knocks on the cap, we get a generic looking white man that comes out of the truck. His name was bruce mending hall. Now this is from the allay times quote. His shirt was unbutton. and he wore no shoes, ass stig leone, that's our detective sized him up He said he noticed a speck of blood on the man's thumb and what he thought were several corresponding drops on the drivers door of the truck men in hall commonly agreed to submit to a dna swab and signed a consent form granting the detective permission to search his truck. Guess what they found in the truck thong, some whipped cream and nine iron, a cell phone, an atm
that did not belong to him in fact belong to a thirty one year old mother of two, had gone missing from a truck stop near indianapolis just twelve hours earlier. He also found bloody women's clothing in a plastic bag gun cartridges, a rifle tape, a nightstick latex, gloves, handcuffs sex toys and more than three hundred items of what was listed as items of interest, the van blood or dna that would link him to five victims. king him to at least five female victims, this all located inside his truck, and that is not the worst of right. You think it can't get worse than
anything that these two garage, whose of already listed for me now it does because they found a piece of cut out flesh containing the tattoo of what would turn out to be one of his victims. So he does have a random piece of flesh to that. tat too on it as a souvenir yeah. Who knows I'm not going to try to get inside his mind. I don't think this is a gene gum situation, buffalo bill situation? Where is creating a skin suit? This to me might be. We ve seen this in some other cases where a killer will, in the hopes of the victim not being aid to be identified will remove a tattoo by cutting off the flesh where the tattoo is on the body, and so that appears to be what he did here, either to deter investigators, make it more difficult for them to
identify the victim or, as you said, who knows, this could just be some kind of sick. weird souvenir that he kept for any number of disgusting reasons. Now. Fortunately, he's picked up by this good detective, who not lazy knots. But did all the extra work, did all the smart stuff and got this monster off of our highways. And in two thousand and ten this bruce manned and haul guy was convicted of first degree murder. He was sense. life in prison. He eventually confessed to killing six women These were women who had last been seen near truck stops in tennessee, indiana, georgia and alabama. We prefer the smart, not stupid, not lazy police officers, but on the flip side of that captain we prefer stupid and lazy criminals oh listen to this, because when this bruce men in hall, while he's away
trial trial? He digs himself a little bit deeper right but offering to pay to other inmates to kill three witnesses who were scheduled to testify against him worth class now police catch on to this as well. This ends up earning men in hall, a conviction for conspiracy to commit murder and an additional thirty years test run on the blood that was found in men and halls truck, showed that it belonged to Latisha Milken, a twenty eight year old drug addicted transient from tennessee patricia was reported missing in june of two thousand and seven her family hadn't heard from her in some time now. Blood links him to her disappearance. Unfortunately, she has now
been located in her body, has never been found, so he's a he's, a scumbag, but how would he be connected to smith's case or zu wikis case? Well then, of course, the obvious answer here, that he's a long haul truck driver in both situations. That is where the investigation is taking investigator, so he's reportedly a suspect and multiple other murder keep in mind. Men in hall was a truck or for eighteen years.
Who knows how many women he could have killed during that time period. We know that he's guilty of six. He suspected in several other homicides. One of those is in fact tommy's. A wiki are grenelle college student there was found, stabbed to death and ninety two, the one that we spent the majority of yesterday talking about now. This report here states that mending hall is the prime suspect and tommy's murder, and I think that part of this is because he was based in illinois. This is where Tammy went missing from the law, ass, known location, makes of where Tammy was before she was later found killed. But it's interesting to me here: captain the on several news outlets. We find that bruce, men in hall is listed as the prime suspect and tommy's wikis case,
And I'm not doubting those sources, I'm simply pointing out that if you go to other news outlets, they actually just that. Another guy is the prime suspect in Tammy's murder, Now, mendenhall has a few nasty monikers and is known by the names of the truck, stop killer, the rest, stop killer and the prostate shewed. Now those names are cool, but his name should be more. Lake were wrinkly balls, panties, never killer. He was not picked up until two thousand and seven and, as we just stated, he is listed by some news outlets as the prime suspect in tammy case, but because he was not were arrested until two thousand and seven kristen schmidt
could possibly be one of his victims, although the caviar here with bruce men in hall, being the perpetrator of christians murder, is that he was not known to travel to the pacific. Northwest so we don't have anything directly linking him to organ where she was picked up now. Some words from the great detective pat posting leone, who retired from national homicide. After twenty five years on the force and was the one to crack the case that ultimately took down this trucker serial killer, bruce men in hall, he said, quote: there's evil out there. Unfortunately, I wish that wasn't the case, but there is real evil out there there's true,
evil and lurks everywhere. You have to really be aware of your surroundings. Burst men and hauled did not have killer printed on his forehead. You would walk past him in a grocery store and not look twice at hedges said stupid. This is going to bring us to another suspect and Tommy's case. Short list of suspects, which included the name of a man named Lonnie beard broke this man, detained and interviewed just two months after Tammy's body was found He then was Lonnie, then was thirty. Two years old, he had served some time in prison nine years for two counts of armed robbery. He received concurrent twenty year sentences, but there were significantly reduced, unfortunately yassin. What this points out, though, is a history of violence or violent crimes com.
By this individual right now. I dont know how cooperative he was with their investigation or during the course of these interviews that took place two months after tommy's body was found. The report's do stay captain that he did give or was forced to give hair samples and fingerprints but today, what we learn is the investigators are saying the problem with. That is great. He gave us here samples and fingerprints, but we don't have a whole lot of physical evidence in this case there wasn't a whole lot of physical evidence found with tommy's body and authorities, didn't know where the I'm scene was or even when the murder had taken place. So again, we're missing that other crime scene, we are missing the location where she was killed and we know she was killed due to being stabbed put law enforcement has never recovered the
murder weapon right. So there is not a lot that were working with here now, He had to let this lonnie beer broke. Oh right, because it will have any evidence directly connecting him to tommy's murder and when they do even though they liked him a lot they didn't make, they didn't make his name public at that time. Now this his story is, is really interesting in the way that is all tied up in with tommy's case, and this is why I kind of question those other outlets and say bruce. Men in hall is the prime suspect in tommy's case because we have one witness that doubles down on the doubles down on this, Annie person being a good suspect so in january of nineteen. Ninety three right,
he was killed and ninety two we have a nurse will just refer to her as a nurse. Her husband was a judge okay, so that adds to some credibility here. On her part, she calls the state police, in regard to tommy's case she's calling for the second time. This is january of ninety three she's calling for the second time the first time she called her call was made shortly after Tammy went missing. This woman witnessed too, me on the side of the road on the side of interstate eighty she'd, when a description of a man that she said she saw standing with tammy on that day. In that question, in that in that time, that's in question and her second call. She said that the man she saw came into her clinic, so she sees a guy with tammy on the day. The Tammy goes missing. She,
reports this shortly after Tammy goes missing to police now she's on the phone a second time months later in january, because she's going oh yeah, you know that guy that I told you. I saw standing with Tammy that day he's in my office right now, right it's the same guy, so I couldn't I do with a name before to go track. This guy down an interview him, but today, no, his name because he's in my clinic there is god so she identified him to police Islam. beard, brown and this man was from Missouri who had family in the le sale area so think about this here, family in the general area of where she goes missing right. He also has ties. HU, the area, the general area, where she's found, while that's kind of difficult consent
that their four hundred and ninety miles apart. That's a tough coincidence to get over when you have this guy that you can now interviews wheel dink. I dont know how aggressively police pursued him there. Some reports out there that say that day. They may not have taken some of these calls as seriously as they should have. I don't want to go to. far down that road, because I don't know the details of of such were also, sometimes that is under staff. What we What we do have today when we look back on the case, is this detective saying that they think several things in regard to this witness her statements and lonnie as a potential suspect, so detective say one the nurse we believe her to be a credible witness, and on top of that, they find her statement. Her witnessed statement, extra
Valuable and they let it carry a little more weight because they say one. She knows the time that she saw Tammy, and this is based off of fact, because she had just left a mcdonald's restaurant just swung through the drive you picked up some mcdonald and she had her receipt, which was time stamped, and she said that she went to the mcdonald's. Shortly before. she saw Tammy and the man that she described standing with time. So we have, we don't have somebody looking back and going. I think it was on that day that the girl went missing know we have a date and time stamp. That puts this witness in the area of egg confirms the time in the dagger exact So, according to investigators, when they start looking into this Lonnie guy ship bag, shit faced supposedly he's on occasion, from his truck driving job he's also a trucker winter.
We went missing he's supposedly on vacation at the time now his wife says well, he couldn't have picked up tammy and killed her because he was at home with me a Missouri, again where they live, is not terribly far from where Tammy's body was found. The other thing who is they figured out that this Lonnie character once owned a green dots in truck the one that banzai witnesses thought they saw. Yes, so we have this tractor trailer truck the scene and will work. We ve provided a description for that and will look to put some pictures on our social media of this tractor trail. truck that they were looking for information on, but we also had this witness. It said they saw a green dot. And truck I'm assuming that witness is the same as the nurse. I don't know that for certain but we do know that at least one witness said they saw this green dotson truck lonnie have
own one at the time that Tammy went missing, and Oh by the way, police or find out that he cleaned it. Steam cleaned it and sold the truck shortly after Tammy's body was found, surprise, surprise but seems like There's a pile of evidence piling up on this path. Shit there, there is in fact there at least one detective tired. Now that, on record with several news outlets, saying, look he lonnie beer broad was our prime suspect. I believe that he is guilty of killing tammy. He thinks that the case is solvable so much so that he says that he thinks that there is enough that they could lay out there to the public to convince everyone that the could go ahead, enclose how the case now? What interesting to me is: let's find so
more evidence on this guy. I dont want to just close something out: it be nice to get some dna connecting this guy wants, problem, though, is Lonnie passed away in two thousand and two another A strange thing in the lonnie being a suspect situation is it's been, were I had not seen any names linking so really tying down this fact, the little bit better or put in a bow on it, but it's been reported that he gave a watch that was similar war, damn near the same as the one that was from Tammy and from her car when she was found killed. The plays the raindrops keep falling on my head that he gave a watch to somebody that he knew? I believe a family member gave this as a gift again. I'd
think that that's a one of a kind item, but I think we all can agree here in the garage that seems like a rather unique item very that there's, maybe not one hundred million of them out their unique new york, and so that seems like less than one hundred million. Yes, it seems like that's an awfully big coincidence too. To kind of get over. That's a big hurdle to get over and not connect him to tommy's cakes, other quake heating. Now we don't have any thing linking him to Chris In this case. I know we went through several individuals and in fact we could spend a high
oh year, going through this fbi's highway serial killer initiative. Once you start looking at all the suspected serial killers, looking at all their victims, looking at each of the actual trucker serial killers, they came up and I still think that that is going to be how they. track down, Kristen Schmidt's killer. That is going to be the avenue that leads them to Kristen Schmidt's killer. I think it's a very solvable case. Me too. I think tommy's cases very solvable and in a lot of ways I'm rather pissed off that Tammy's case isn't solved. It seems like There was a lot of meat on the bone there a lot to work with and if maybe certain people at certain agencies would have just acted a little quicker maybe we will find ourselves in situation. The situate is this. We are just a month away from the third,
a year anniversary of when Tammy was taken and killed. Long time has passed, but it's too long without any answers as to long without any well and then double down on that here captain, because next year, in june of next year, will be twenty years since Kristen schmidt was killed. Now back to christians case, we posed a series of questions on the unsolved murder of christian schmidt to the organ state police. One of them was in reference to a two thousand and fifteen article in the la grande observer, which reports that police have identified a suspect any person of interest several years ago, but no arrests have been made
The oregon state police would not answer our questions about that person or persons, but it's worth noting that the o s p detective gregg rutherford, told the observer that investigators believe kristen fell victim to a serial killer. Saying quote: we suspect it was a serial killer because of the method of death The killer appear to be experienced. He said that there were details about the manner of death it. They were keeping close to the vast, because only the killer would know them. then d, a martin burn bomb, told the east or ghonim way back in two thousand and three quote their running test to try to find out. If there's any dna that can be salvage from kristen,
yes, what they do d o do have dna from christians killer. That's all they were able to extract a profile from the sexual assault kit and some blood found on christian right. We don't Why the killer was bleeding, perhaps christian, scratched him? Hopefully she fought like hell call them damn near to death, or perhaps he cut himself hitting her. Or on a weapon that has not been disclosed by police. The o s p would not tell us when we asked this question, but good news. The two samples yielded one consistent dna so far, the OECD told us in an email, suspect profile. Dna was loaded into code, is early on anti date, there have been no suspect hits from Curtis, but the agency.
I also told us something else here- is the email exchange to crime garage. What is the current status of the investigation? Are you considering the use of forensic genealogy answer? Forensic genealogy testing is pending for suspect dna. I'd identity, patient pending to us. It sounds as though the dna profile from christian skill or has been submitted for foreign. Ec genealogy analysis way and we might. Some answers soon as to who killed this young woman, I'm hoping that the same thing is happening and tommy's case and that we are only days weeks, maybe even a couple of months away from solving one, if not both
these horrific most fascinating stuff. Thank you so much for joining us here and let us into your ear balls for another couple hours.
Colonel, do you have any recommended reading for the beautiful listeners we'd like to recommend ginger strands book killer on the road violence and the american interstate ginger strand, set out to write a book about the interstate highway system, but became so taken with the number of murders that the project morphed into a study on highway homicides in the suspects who commit them check out killer on the road violence in the american interstate? You can find that great on many more great recommendations on true crime, garage dot, coms recommended page and make sure you follows on on instagram or twitter or facebook. We appreciate it until next week be good, be kind and dont with
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