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Amy Baker /// Part 2 /// 620

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Amy Baker /// Part 2 /// 620

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This week we review a cold case out of Virginia. One that sadly sounds familiar. On March 29, 1989 - 18 year old Amy Baker was driving home from a relative’s house. Her blue 1970 Volkswagon Beetle ran out of gas and sputtered to a stop alongside Interstate 95. Amy was traveling southbound on the interstate. Her vehicle was found a short time later by police near Blacklick road. Amy was killed by an unknown individual a short time later. Police asked for the public’s assistance in this case early on and are still seeking the public’s help to this day. If you saw something that night, if you have heard information about the perpetrator or the events of that night, please contact the Fairfax County Police Major Crimes and Cold Case Bureau at 1-703-246-4525. 

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well get your grand garage wherever you are whatever you're doing, thanks very listening. I'm your host naked with me, as always, is a man who serves up soul roles and painting the paltry lady the gentleman the captain yeah above spent most of my life living in the gangsters Paradise. It's gonna be seen and good to see you thanks for listing. Thanks for town of france,
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star review, be doubled. Eatable are you in? That? Is enough, the bees ride, everybody gather around grab at share gravel beer, let's, some true crap hmm fortunately Amy bakers, no longer with us and thirty. Three years ago, someone took her life after she ran into car trouble on the side of inter state. Ninety five way back in nineteen, eighty nine now police have been up front and investigators have been up front with the public here captain and telling us here
is what happened and the reason why they are telling us in this case and which is a little bizarre, because we ve seen in other cases where they tell us nothing about what they know. They happen and still ask us for our help us being the public. The old we're gonna keep the information closed the best statement- and this case there saying here is what happened public now. Please help us out. And you'll, see why they are desperate for information from the public based off of the evidence. What the evidence suggests them in this case, so police have said repeatedly in the case of Amy baker that, what happened. That night was it. Amy ran out of gas, she d c to leave her vehicle. She walked started walking toward the this gas station that was near by and some one unknown to her abducted, raped in murdered her along
her way along the way to getting help for her vehicle. We have several reports that will back up this statement from the local law enforcement, the first being from the rich men times. Despatches I quote the night of march twenty nine nineteen, eighty nine amy Elisabeth baker was driving south on interstate ninety five, when her nineteen seventy volkswagen broke down, forcing her too onto the shoulder just south of state rout, six, one, seven, six, seventeen exit in fairfax police believe the eighteen year old, stafford woman was walking
the exit ramp and had nearly reached the top about nine fifteen p m. When she was confronted by her assailant, she was then forcibly taken into the nearby woods, sexually assaulted and strangled this again all according to the police. Another report that backs this up comes from the washington examiner that reports on may twenty nine nineteen. Eighty nine baker was driving south on interstate. Ninety five, when her car stalled out round: nine p m the eighteen year old left her blue nineteen. Seventy volkswagen beetle on the shoulder and started walking toward an x on station on near by blacklist road police, believe someone accosted baker at the top of the exit ramp and forced her into the woods. now note that this timeframe right, the nine p m, citing makes a lot of sense. The police
did the beetle after ten p m, with the hazard lights on, but Amy left ants house around eight twenty, the distance between falls church in winton is about twenty miles. It should have taken me- maybe thirty minutes, even with some traffic to get where her car was found. It seems that if Amy was seen. This is all key to this case. We have an eye witness. Now it seemed If Amy was seen around nine the timing lines up. Nearly perfectly and in some cases that we ve covered the timelines don't line up. So it also means that her car was therefore we could say quite a while before was spotted by the trooper around. Then and end. The original report says just after ten p m, we had a press release that was issued and twenty ten note the years,
right. This case takes place in nineteen. Eighty nine. We have the police actively asking the public for help. In this case we yester We cited a two thousand and five request from law enforcement to the public asking for whoever called crime stoppers On April third nineteen, eighty nine with some information. Please call us back, we are still looking for you. We want to talk to you. We believe you know something that is of great importance to this case and to this investigation as two thousand and five, this press release is twenty times So what should be of no and should be a kudos to the police and an end? The investigators in this case is that they have actively been working this case all of these years later, so this press release that was issued in
De Ten says its title: nineteen, eighty, nine homicide of aimee baker- and this is now the cold case investigation that is happening in her case and the fairfax county crime. Solvers. Had this news release from the cold case investigation, twenty ten, it says crime, solvers, seeking information on cold case homicide, fairfax, county crime, solvers, is seeking, is still seeking. The public's assistance identifying the person responsible for a homicide that occurred, twenty one, years ago about nine p m. On Wednesday march, twenty nine nineteen eighty nine eighteen years Old Amy Baker was driving south down on interstate ninety five near black lik road. When her car experience difficulties
amy abandoned her blue nineteen. Seventy volkswagen bug and walked up the exit ramp onto blacklist road toward the x on gas station. I believe his claws back lick road and not black lick road detectives believe that her attacker confronted her and forced her into the woods near the top of the exit ramp where she was sexually assaulted. strangled. Her body, which was found two days later was partially Barry in some leaves detectives continue to investigate her death and would like to speak with anyone who may have been in the area at the time of the attack or who may have knowledge The incident, in addition to the one thousand dollar cash reward offered by crime solvers a twenty six thousand dollar private reward, is also being offered for information which leads to an arrest and indictment.
In this case, anyone with information is asked to contact crime solvers by phone at one, eight, six, six, four one, one tips witches eight, four, seven: seven! You could also email at w w w dot, fairfax crime, solvers dot, org or text tipp, one eight, seven t ip one, eight, seven, plus your message to crimes to seven four, six, three, seven, as always, collars never have to. give their names or appear in court, will come of things I find difficult, and this one is that nobody knows, witnesses that we know of saw another vehicle. but because this is so close to exit ramp aisles.
Often wonder with this case: did the perpetrator get off that x? It parked somewhere and then walked back on foot that way they could make. They could commit the crime they can commit the rape, the murder and then walked back to their vehicle. I would like a better description of what the officer who spotted these vehicles remember the vehicles that they were asking. The public to call about so a cup things here. What this tells me is those, even though those are pretty vague descriptions either that information didn't reach those drivers and they don't know too how to police or one of those drivers, does not want least knowing that they were in the area that night and so on. What I'm talking about is that eighties Buick,
And the ford escort the police were asking for. I want more of a description by law enforcement of. Why are these vehicles of importance? Ok, they were in the area is what we're told. What does The area mean where they parked alongside the interstate or was one of em, seen on black like road or were these just simply vehicles. It had happened to pass by around the time. The other thing that's difficult, though, to captain is the vehicles that are in question that the police are asking about information for those vehicles? We have to keep in mind were spotted by the state trooper, which would have been after ten p m. Her car are based off of the time line that we ve gone through, and I know it was a little repetitive for the listeners there. But the reason why we went through multiple reports was to confirm what police have said always has happened in this case right.
Around nine pm, her vehicle was already broken down out of gas hazards on she's on foot, and they have a witness. Some kind of witness has told them that she was spotted on foot up near the exit ramp, right, so she had made it at least a short distance before someone accosted her. Those are, are their words and so they have reason to believe. Based all of this, I witnessed deciding that she made it pretty cool at this gas station before the abductor happened upon her. So again that again this is what this is all very weird stuff, because I keep goin back to how the vehicle was found in its found in the unlocked state that the doors were not locked. Now, that could just be simple
could be something as simple as she intended to lock the doors but for whatever reason failed to do so, because the change in her pocket suggests to me, her intention was to call for help and remember she's only about twenty minutes away for her home. My Yes here, if I had to try to crawl inside the victims, mind here would be that her intentions were to call home ask dad or mom to come and meet or her or bring her gasolene, because nobody saying that she had a gas can which, which is a little weird to me, to seeing how this is not the first time that she's run into this problem. But all indicators. To me are the is that she made an effort to lock her personal, longings in her vehicle flashes on and intended to make a phone call and then
back at her vehicle rather quickly and this gas stations not terribly far from her car so it, and I want to point out that something that I think when we attempt to profile, are victim in our victims. Movements of that night. to me, that is very key, because no there's a lot of people out there out there, that are gonna, say well, maybe buddy offered her help and she got to somebody's vehicle that certainly a possibility, but I would put it at the very low probability based off of two things: one, if I'm in aid, in year old woman, and I am on the side of the road at night, and I and see the exxon station from my broken. Vehicle. I get in in nobody's car I've I've walking to that gas station and two. We have what policed
Us are an eye witness the saw her walking and saw her up near that exit right. So here we hear becomes another question, though. If you're an eighteen year old female. And you walk in and you can see the gas station you're, not Gonna get in the car of a stranger. That, doesn't mean you wanna get in a car of somebody. You are familiar with an eye. also wonder, is the body was found is that the crime scene, because if she did get into a vehicle. It's it's very likely that the vehicle became the crime scene and they decided dropper back off. at this point. They would have access to her keys. And so they could of unlocked the door
could have been the ones to put on the flashes. Who knows yeah, I mean it's it's difficult to say exactly what happened here, but we do have the statements of police that seem pretty definitive in their seats. Many of her car broke down ran out again gas. She was walking on foot when she was accosted in abducted by somebody unknown to her and taken into the woods where she was assaulted and killed there. Again, we don't know exactly what their basing all that information off of. We do know that There was an eye witness that this or walking, but for them to repeat that statement to the public and then ask the public for help time.
Time again, it sounds to me like they have reason to be very locked in on that situation. The other thing, too, is an end. I know I've said this in in a previous episode in somebody tried to challenge me on it, but I ever viewed hundreds of cases. I've never ever recall and sometimes you're playing the probability and you're playing the numbers here when you're trying to profile these things. But never reviewed a case where somebody's abducted, sexually assaulted and killed and then returned to the area where They were abducted from its to me? I'm not saying it's never ever happened in the history of mankind. What I'm saying is Out of the hundreds of cases, I've reviewed that its I've never come across at once. So that being the situation, I would put that at a very, very small probability
Well, obviously, technology has changed since nineteen eighty nine, but don't you think, because the sexual, saw because of the rape, because Strangulation that we would have some kind of evidence to test now to get this douche bag. to get this murder off the streets where they answer to that is I have to answer for you, yes and no, and as as we will see, will get into it. So luckily we have some more information that comes by way of the family, and this is really important information to me here- captain because it's coming from Mary who is Amy bakers, aunt, who was with Amy bakers, mother sue. Mary is the one that that first finds the bought, and she
posted on a fair, fax message board about the case and I'm going to just read part of her post for the listeners, because it was rather lengthy. But here's the important stuff is is, as the colonel sees it so says quote. Thank you for your concern and compassion about Amy. Her car broke down at nine thirty at night in it was dark outside at the time. His believed, she was walking to the gas station to call someone for help, but never made it that far before being abducted, I had parked my car at the gas station the morning we started searching for her and you couldn't see the spot where we found her from their. However, since she broke down on interstate ninety five, I still find it hard to believe with all of the traffic at that.
exit the no one saw her with any one. We know she made it part way to the station before being abducted and knowing tat is always a busy interchange. Black lick, which is the other road, did go across ninety five at the time. Remember we achieved said that that area has changed a little bit and we believe she was heading for the gas station on black the near the top of the ramp. The only businesses around that area at that time were the motel and the exxon station. No, the ramp was not icy that in fact it was very warm for a march nine, almost like spring, we do she made it to the top of the ramp and every one was checked out that worked close to that area. That night She never made it to the exxon station.
she had. She would have made a phone call for help and a call was never made. She had relatives that drove toe trucks, that's very important and she would have called them the first time she had broken down by a different car. She knew who to call, and then he said and then just some items for my notes here? Remember that change was found in the pocket of Amy shorts. We know this based off of the police reports and we know that her wall it was found in her vehicle, so her as pointing out that the most likely spot. An arms are what her aunt as pointing out is likely spot on amy intended to use the pay phone at that exxon station to call for help.
the other problem with some of these cases again is technology, because at this point meal today, If someone makes a car were one, they could have a cell phone, so they could call you decide the road but less. she made to the gas station and made some phone calls. I'm sure there was Everybody in her family that she could call pulled their phone records to see if she called, but because of the change, because nobody is is a that. They heard from her probably more likely like you said what they believe that she never made it to the gas station. She never was able to make a call again. I'm putting a lot of weight in the the investigator statements to the public they're not going to try to mislead us and then ask us for our help a week. You know, as stated One, we don't have anybody saying that they spoke the two amy,
I found phone that night and you're right. Captain women, I'm sure, not everyone, that's related to her or who she may have attempted to call that the phone records were in fact checked or confirm that she didn't call them. But we also have the statement that everybody that worked in the area at that time Has been interviewed by police, so what I'm getting at is we have zero eye witnesses that put her at the pay phones year, eye witnesses that put her at or inside the exxon gas station. This the congested area, high traffic area and also imagine we don't have a ton of people that she's going to call it's not a list of thirty people. What sounds like she would have called her home. before she would called one of these relatives the owned a tow truck. I'm lucky, I d- I know that we live in a different world today than we did in eighty nine and nobody can remember anybody's phone number because we don't have to these days, but I I still can't a man
in an eighteen year, old woman, knowing that the tow truck relative's phone number by heart I she's calling mom and dad, and we have. We have one from the from the family statement that they were home that whole night. So I again I'm just going to have to go off of the police statements to the public base and based off of what we do know and what is pointed out that there has never been brought to light that to believe why's that that she never made it to that exxon station was so frustrating because one the cub show up. They find the vehicle they don't find if they do a bare search they find her right away were able to pursue, of the crime scene a little bit better. But on top of that, there's a lot of missing persons. Cases where the the purse-
rex on the side of the road, but it's kind of a desolate row. There's not a lot of people on that road. she is on a road where it's up I, say a pseudo busy exit. You have a hotel you have a gas station. And specially at that time a night you have a gas station that is open. Does this Eighty nine, not every station, is gonna, be open, twenty four hours or even into the late night. So it's so frustrating that the find it sooner and so frustrating that there- is not an eyewitness coming forward and tunnel more information that somebody chances are. Somebody saw something and is thought we never followed up on it or maybe never even heard about the crimes as they were travelling and passing through the area or maybe the they knew something, but there were afraid, but either way it is
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weird spades, welcome back so much more to get into, and so such a frustrating case for the baker family chairs to you, colonel cheers. Captain your exactly right, a frustrating case to the heartbreaking and frustrating to the baker family and then frustrating to all involved in look again there were some mistakes made in our opinions. Early on in the case of a great search, was not done of that area, and not that I would expect for a great search of their area to be conducted that night when her vehicle was found, but certainly the next day, and certainly given the items that were found in her vehicle. I would have expected there to have been a better search of that area, but we can't change that. One end to the current day: investigators are not response,
for those mistakes they they are currently bakers, cases very active and again, I only point that out base off of. recent information coming out of law enforcement. One and two you see the consistent and constant effort to ask the public for help. We, see this as late as two thousand five and then again in two thousand and ten and two thousand and eleven and even in twenty twenty. So there's been an effort to keep this case in the media and remind people from time to time that this case exist in that it still unsolved, and then we went through those multiple reports that were coming. AL early on in this case, because I wanted everyone to understand the consistencies within those reports. Again, it seems like
Police are pretty locked in on the following: the amy pulled over put on her hazards and started walking along the highway up the exit rap again, we know that a witness saw her walking since we know the timing and that she made it to the top of the exit ramp. That's import, the the the quote: that's been made of made it to the top of the exit round But here's the thing her body was found a mere two hundred yards from her vehicle, so we're sitting here you say: frustrating captain. I agree we're sitting here one what the heck happened. This area was not really a pedestrian area at all, but it was a highly traffic gid area. Amy is walking so did some guy come along in a vehicle and an angry. Upper and drag her into the woods or you know,
as you pointed out earlier, there's still a possibility that pulls up in a vehicle any drags, or into the vehicle, rapes and kills or in his vehicle and then but again I go The idea of what why backtrack to the area where the car was found just to get rid of the body. This is right beyond risky. If the killer was in fact in a vehicle did he pull his vehicle over in chaser into the woods. That, too, is risky right because his vehicle with sitting there on the roadside. It would have attracted some attention and we do have. We do have the statement from police in two thousand and five that says police, don't leave amy knew her attacker. Rather, it was believed to have been a crime of opportunity, a stranger on stranger attack unless the it wasn't a car and it was something like a motorcycle where he could can hide.
Behind her car right. That's what that's! What I'm that's the thing that I can't get around in this case if the perpetrator did have some kind of vehicle motorcycles very interesting to think about, if he I did have a vehicle. Where did he leave the vehicle during the attack and during the murder? Again it it's difficult to, because we talked about this in the nancy eagles encase that we cover not too long ago. Tire tracks would be key, but you're, not finding the body until two days later, we know that where would have been other vehicles that could have contaminated that area with tyre tracks tire tracks near the body would be of of a bigger concern. The entire tracks near where her car was found. The other thing should we don't know, did they dust
car for prints, because we said the possibility that he could have come back and placed a purse or something in the car right. I think that's of thing, though too would she get in. A car with some She didn't know they said Was likely not, but it's like well, she gets up to that exit. So now, she's inside of the gas gas station She feels a little more save some pulls up and says: hey. Can I help you know I just ran out a gas and the guy says: oh well, I have a gas kin. now? It changes the whole game. Ok, why? call somebody in bother somebody and wait right. We all time for them to get dressed. to come, but you'll come back, and they're gonna have to get a gas can or something or we're going have to leave my car on the side of the road,
you see what I'm saying. So it's a mere, maybe a norm, normal situations, Amy wanna, get in a car with a stranger again to attract or get into a van the stranger, but what of there? offering such a simple solution. Hawaii gas can we can just go fill that up real quick. and put some gas in your car and you'll be on your way or. If she didn't have a choice. What, if there's a situation if she's pulled in or there's a a gun, a knife or something that's presented, a threat level that is presented that she doesn't believe that she has a choice in the matter. Yeah it could have been threat level midnight so, let's go to ninety ninety five. This is going to be roughly bout six years after Amy's murder. This is when the fairfax counties for member cold K squad was formed,
these case was just one of many that the union is going to be tasked with solving now, as of nineteen. Ninety eight fairfax com He had seventy one unsolved murder cases on the books dating as far back as nineteen sixty four fairfax county police have a good solve they are closing more than seventy percent of the approximately twelve murders that occur in the county annually, so a very good solve rate by fairfax, counting there are between fourteen hundred and fifteen hundred officers on the force. So a rather large force, detective decline inherited the cardboard box full of Amy bakers, murder, investigation evidence this in ninety. Ninety two after
other detective resigned. Amy's case still generates phone calls to the counties, crime, solvers hotline and to criminal investigators. Police continued to compare these circumstances of amy's death with other seemingly unrelated, but similar crimes around the country, again their working off of They seem to have evidence that they believe this is a stranger on stranger crimes, so good by them to be looking at similar crimes, not just in their county, not just in their state but around the country detective Klein's experience and the extreme violence of this crime of Aimee bakers. Murder has led this detective. To conclude that who have killed. Amy Baker has a police record. Believe it or not. That's pretty much the end of what we know
sure about Amy's case, except for one thing something you asked about earlier. Captain there is Dna in this case, in ninety, ninety nine detective klein told the times dispatch that the autopsy on Amy turned up dna evidence belonging to the killer, detect klein, has had the dna re analyzed and run through a state database of known offenders. The work allowed detective client to eliminate five names from a list of six suspects that he compiled. So this call case detective com. up with six suspects after reviewing the evidence after reviewing the file and working the case for a period of time. The deal evidence that they have that was collected back in nice. in eighty nine.
as a eliminated. Five of those six suspects that this detective had repeat that again: out of the six suspects they had. Five of them have been eliminated. Yes, detective klein after he worked the cases of cold case detective after he had time to to review the evidence, review the file test, some things and work the case for a period of time. He came up with what he says. So suspects, and he says that the dna evidence that was collected back then back in nineteen. Eighty nine has eaten. Emanated five of those persons from his short list of six suspect, What's that mean they have one left? Well, there's some there's some problems so when,
earlier, when I gave you the answer of yes and no when it comes to right, don't we have something today that we can test. They can lead us to finding this offender. Well, there's the problems- and this also creates a problem for the detectives statement that he believes based off of the evidence of the crime that he thinks, whoever would have killed. Amy baker would have a police record. So the offenders dna is not. Code. So what that means is data? Have anybody on file that doesn't mean that this guy never committed another crime? This doesn't mean that ever committed another felony, it just means that from the time that they started that the code is started, collecting Dna offender dna, the d
That they're, looking for in any baker cases not in the code, is database. As we just pointed out, the dna collected at the time did not match those five, others us back. So let's get into the weeds a little bitten and get into some better detail with us, so that this is all based off of information that coming from fairfax county police. This says dna evidence was also collected at the scene. but at the time the technology wasn't at the level that it is today there is no longer enough of the sample left to conduct additional tests. So basically they ve used it all up. The dna evidence that they had. They use it all up The only hope now is that a suspect turns up in quotas at some point or police to suffer discover a suspect who is a match after a one to one comparison. What I'm pointing out here captain is
the biological material, that's left there, there's no or biological material left. So we cannot go and do a forensic genealogy right, but you think about this. Its investigation game commits a crime and eighty nine maybe commits a similar. crime and ninety. When he's arrested for that crime, he is then put in prison, but they don't take his dna and then he's less safe murdered later on that year. His information, his dna, would would have never been collected, and there are so many obviously possibilities of this person being arrested for another crime and them not getting his dna. That's correct, that's that's, absolutely correct and so The other possibility that we have here that we should explore- and this is where we need people that no Amy baker to come for. This is conversations that should have been
had in maybe maybe these conversations took place and that's why we are where we are today. So I think it's probably an error on my part, to say that this is offender dna that this a suspect dna, but we, We see that they are using it to eliminate people but I don't know where that dna came from. The reports are that it was collected at the scene where her body was found that you know, and without getting to you know, I'm not gonna, to get injured to too much discussion of our victim here, because we know she was attacked. They believed that she was sexually assaulted or that a rape was committed and then she was murdered. That's been their statement so based off of their statements. I would suspect that to be the killer's dna, it's that it belongs to the the rapist,
and the killer, who are the same person, is there a chance that we could have a situation where there was a consensual sexual encounter, leading up to her cot, both before her car breaks down. Saying you know some time earlier that day and This kind of buggered up the investigation right because there's a chance that she could have been abducted, assaulted and killed but it's not in the traditional sexual slack rape manner that we're thinking of so bring all that messy stuff and disgusting stuff up for good reason, and that is because there is a suspect we we said that has not been cleared through. I'm sorry- and I say that because there is that sixth suspect one who has not been cleared by dna
So you think that that's pretty easy right, but there is also a suspect that the police really like in this case, who has been cleared by the dna nor that's plus pretty interesting. So that makes the dna very confusing here in this situation. Right and this, the suspect is Melvin irving, shiftless, so melvin shift lit is a convicted murderer. and he has also sexually assaulted and attempted to murder another victim, but thankfully smacks him in the head with a bottle damn near. Knox him and she fleas the scene, his later able to testify against him, so the sexual assault that he conducted on these two victims, one that was me one that he attempted to murder was that he forced the victim to perform oral sex on him
He was unable to perform he's unable to get an erection, and yet he murders the one victim and attempts to merge the other victim and by the way, in both cases, strangulation was the method of murder and the method of attempted murder. So this is not the colonel just bringing up a suspect here. This is a suspect that is being looked at in this case by the investigator is that are working, this cat, yeah you're, not being all willy nilly or sing along ding down. So we, We see science help in so many cases. We can also see sitting. Nations, where science is confusing stupid science and is not so helpful right, but again you
think that they would have information about Amy's, personal life and details of the events of her personal life that led up to her car running out a gas before she's because the period of time that goes down between her running out of gas and the murder. Some of that is going to be based off of science off of the coroner's findings at the autopsy, and some of that is going to be based off of. I will This is and who are those eye witnesses. The eye witnesses are her family no the time that she left their home to travel home her family that she spoke to on the phone says, I'm leaving I'm on my way home I'll, be there soon and the potential witness that saw her at the top or near the top of the exit ramp.
You are going to include all of those in your phone. Names and in your statement of making a time of death which they have stated occurred within thirty two may be sixty minutes after she left her vehicle. We should point out a couple of things before we move off of this suspect: melvin, irving shiftless. So, while I've seen too, I've seen several reports that that make him the sixth suspect or an unclear, suspect again that they, the clearing of five with the dna, based off the reports. I've seen doesn't clear him in this case. Right he's one of the five that the dna doesn't match, but to say that it cleared him is difficult has, it seems, like he's, remained on their list of suspects based off of his previous crimes. The more
They he committed the attempted murder that he he committed, but the dna doesn't match up so I I we need to point out all angles here, especially when we're talking about a quote, unquote, suspect here right. So we should note that Melvin irving schiff lit he did get out of prison one month before Amy was killed, but one local paper. This is free lance star reported that Melvin urban shift. Let one of the regions known killers now serving time on rape and murder. Charges was cleared after a comparison with evidence taken from Amy's body, so he he were made
a very confusing suspect in this case and in this way on the list of suspects, and we don't have other people being named publicly very frustrating and frustrate in properly for law enforcement, because so much time has gone by, but even more frustrating for Amy. Bakers, family and friends and loved ones, and to expand on that frustration. Captain we have a two thousand and fourteen article again from the freelance star, the report's fairfax police. This is detective John Farrell, who is the cold case officer in charge at at the time of two thousand and fourteen in charge of Amy's case. He acknowledged publicly the frustration, a case such as this brings to the family and to police. He would not speak.
at the time specifically about the case, in particular, about the condition or the availability of dna evidence that was recovered from our victim and we pretty much. We got pretty much the same thing when we contacted the fairfax police cold case unit. The the email that we received back was the Amy baker cases an active case being investigated by our cold case squad. Due to the case being active, I will not comment on suspect or evidence status at this time. We always welcome the documentaries so that the public knows we have not forgotten the victims and the potential that someone out there listening will come forward with new information. If you saw some
say something or if you ve heard something say something in this case is solvable. This case is very solvable and its one captain that their there are some local rumours and such that that we didn't feel would be appropriate to review here for reasons that we cannot get into at this time. But this is a case of where you may find us revisiting on off the record at some point, as as clarity comes forward in some of this information that we are currently sitting on again, like the captain says, if you, if you saw something say so
thing. If you know something, that's the. I think. That's the the other thing that we need to point out here right. A lot of time has expired between the time the amy was killed, and today somebody likely has told somebody something along the way, something that they did back in nineteen. Eighty something that they're not proud of something that they they may even be scared of some. That's been looking over their shoulder all of this time. So if anybody is safe anything to you over the years, and you know something help this family out. Please please help this family our help them find some peace, right. It's been a long time and sue baker in the wonderful baker family they deserve to to have some peace and to get some justice for their daughter who never made it
That night I want to you so much for joining us here in the garage and thank you so much tag in us in your stories on instagram, we absolutely love it and we I've seen those Nor do we have any recommended reading for the beautiful listeners. You know at this way
Captain we are recommending a book by christopher bury de titled talking with serial killers. The most evil people in the world tell their own stories, and I blanked a couple weeks ago when we talked about the texas monster. That is Kenneth make duff, and I blanked, because I should have recommended this book when we covered that case, because there's an interview with Kenneth macduff in here, and I use that for part of the research there's also interviews with several other serial killers. This is the most evil people in their own words, so check out that great title again, it is talking with serial killers by christopher bury d can find that book and other titles, including podcast other books, maybe movies, documentaries several. commendations. All on, I recommend a page on our website. True crime garage doc up- and you know, they're good- to come in from the goat.
Until next we'd be good behind dogma.
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