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Amy Mihaljevic ////// 22

2016-03-23 | 🔗

Amy Mihaljevic ////// 22


Amy Mihaljevic went missing October 27, 1989 in Bay Village, Ohio. Her body was found early the next year. The story of her unsolved kidnapping and murder was one of the first cases presented on America's Most Wanted. To this date her killer has not been found. True Crime Garage found someone who believes he knows exactly who killed Amy. This episode the garage guys sit down with the King of Cleveland Crime reporting, True Crime author James Renner. They sip beer while James presents his case of the at large killer and how even at a young age he was determined to track down the truth and seek justice for Amy. For more information go to AmyMihaljevic.blogspot.com and for all things James Renner go to JamesRenner.com

Beer of the week - Jackie O's Mystic Mama Garage Grade - 4 bottle caps

Recommended Reading - Amy: My search for her killer: secrets and suspects in the unsolved murder of Amy Mihaljevic By James Renner Available at www.truecrimegarage.com on our recommended page Much Love Nic Captain

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