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Amy Mihaljevic - Suspects /// Part 1 /// 345

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Amy Mihaljevic - Suspects /// Part 1 /// 345

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This week we revisit a case that we refuse to give up on. Sunday will mark 30 years to the day that 10 year old Amy Mihaljevic was abducted in plain sight. Join us for a discussion regarding some of the suspects you have heard of and some you may have not. Beer of the Week - Scissor Kick by KCBC Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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One of the high priority leads. The fbi is jacket, an area man resembling the joy of the suspect he left his job last friday, has not return, but authorities My comment further on that
We disappeared from the shopping center. A week ago today and today, fbi agents and bay village police were back in the center talking with people who might have been here them. Amy fortunately, left base where, with a man, she believed to be your friend sometime between one and four p m last friday. Having centre was busy Few, who were here remembered anything unusual about the man and the girl. What went on was a ploy that was developed and carried through and it looked like a natural action going on. It didn't look out of the ordinary at all today in that same one to four p m timeframe. Officers were true, the job memories of shoppers to possibly recall something from a week ago that they did not consider important them. Police, want anyone else who was here last Friday afternoon to call them, regardless of what they believe they saw anything
police also are seeking other children who might have been contacted by phone as Amy was by a man as a friend seeking the child's help in buying a gift for a parent. You have had some of those. Yes, we have how many I'm aware of at least three, perhaps more john Harrington channel three earlier this year in episodes three o eight and three, I entitled Amy Michalek, that was from june of this year. We were able to do a detailed time line of this case. This is an unsolved abduction, assault and murder case of a ten year old girl ten year old, Amy Michalek. This weekend, unfair
Chile will mark a sad anniversary. It will now be thirty years to the day that amy was abducted, taken from a small shopping plaza that was just walking distance from her middle school. The abduction was not a violent one, Amy did not scream. This was not a snatch and grab situation. A man calmly walked up to her and she left with this grown man. This was witnessed by two of her classmates now, for anyone who is unfamiliar with this case. Don't panic, you don't have to go back and listen to episodes three away in three o nine. Before listening to this week's coverage we are covered. this case in a way that these are pretty much stand alone. Portions of what is a very, very big story. So what is How a thirty year time line of a very big case. You get that in depth. In those episodes for those that don't know are set up, captain you can listen,
true crime garage for free on anywhere that you listen to pod, you can get episodes from the law, six months or so now we have been doing this great show, thanks to all of the wonderful listeners out there for four years, so the oder episode you can listen to those for free when you download the free state europe go to our web. To learn more yes, somewhat save for years too long, now. I say all that captain to point out that we did an in depth interview with james render the only person who has offered a book that is devoted solely to Amy's case. That was way back in march of two thousand and sixteen episode. Twenty two. The purpose of this week is to discuss some of suspects in this case. Now the information you are going to hear today comes from many sources, this being in ohio case, the two must have been watching this case for a very long time, but one
source that we will use often is Cleveland magazine. This here is from there coverage on the ten year anniversary, which says the Amy a case became the most intense search. for a child in local history involving every can civil law enforcement agency and an army of volunteers federal state cow, and local law enforcement personnel logged more than sixty thousand official hours, and thanks there's more off the clock. Hundreds of promising tips were tracked down and dismissed. Fourteen thousand people interviewed a hundred and twenty potential suspects investigated in quest an intensely eight thousand leads pursued and abandon. The story was feature in major newspapers, and our national tv shows, like america's most wanted, an unsolved mysteries, two million copies of the Amy poster were distributed. That is an all fifty,
dates and in europe and all the way to australia before we get to the suspects. First list get into some of the known impossible movements of the killer. We ve talked at length about the phone call or calls to Amy's home setting up the meet up at the plaza. I do want to mention it sounds to me: the police, b, I leaned toward the idea that there was more than one call to aim at home, but regardless there was at least want. We have talked extensively about the abductor choosing Friday as the meeting up day. Let's get into the other phone call, the call from Amy to Margaret. So for those not super familiar with the case, the way this works is Margaret is at work. Jason Amy's brother arrives home from school. He calls his mother at work, he does every day on a typical day. Amy would arrive home before jason and Amy would call
margaret at work each day when she, I arrived home as well on this day, J, It is the only one to call, and he points out to his mother. That Amy is not home. This is not of great concern. As Amy told her mother, there was a choir. Try out that day at school. Ok, then there was a second call on this call again, margaret and jason, they determine the amy is still not home. Now margaret is a little panicked. going to leave work early. But then- and this is according to cleveland magazine article at three forty pm Margaret gets the call that she needed its amy calling to say everything is fine more asked how the try out when Amy said: okay margaret ass. She said she had the impression that amy was calling from home. So they talk briefly and then by by see you soon
that was the last time Margaret ever spoke to Amy. Now before we get into the experts in what they say about this last call I want to address this. For so many years, in fact, up until the last eighteen or twenty four months, it has always just been accepted and understood that this call was made after Amy was in the company of her abductor. Now, the sudden. After all this time, people are starting to call that into question. I get it it's interesting to ponder? But it seems extremely unlikely, and of course we don't know for certain, but we do know class got out at two ten that day amy walked with friends, and it only took a few minutes to get to the shopping plus And most of the good timelines out their say that Was around three p m when a man approached Amy spoke, her and led her away so awkward. To the cleveland magazine timeline. We have forty minutes. That's a big discrepancy in time
so I absolutely believe the amy was in the company of her abductor. By this point, I think the call was made from a pay phone, a motel phone or somewhere the abductor lived or withstand the interesting thing. Here, I think, is you can put a cap on the distance that they could have been from the plaza at the time of this call and the maximum would be a forty minute drive from the plaza now people who believe that amy would have behaved much differently during that phone call. If, in the company of her abductor, that's fair. but it's possible that amy may have been unaware. This she was being abducted. Yeah. Let's remember this is supposed to be a secret shopping trip to get a present for her mother, so she wanted wanna, give away the surprise
yeah. He could have allowed her to call in reminding her hey. Don't you know don't give up on this idea that we get this secret shopping trip to do she. You can't tell your mother this. I've had some people question why? I think that a pay phone is possible or would have been possible here they point out in this very obvious, but very good too. They point out if she was afraid of Amy was afraid a pay phone. We open she could have just fled the abductor, then in there, but you- and I captain being children of the eighties. We are old enough to remember pay phones quite a bit and use them quite a bit when we were children and One thing that I want to point out is something that's kind of forgotten to day the at a lot. A gas station still remember the pull up, pay phone, the one that was constructed in a manner that wasn't in a booth, but it was out It was in a way that you would just pull up with your vehicle you when you
get out of the vehicle. You'd pull up in you punch in the number and make the phone call from sitting inside of your vehicle. This could have been a situation that he used there. we do know- is that a phone call happen. We can't say for certain if she was quote unquote under his control, you know, meaning he had a goner I've on her or he had already expressed a threat to her. That would have kept her under his control right, begging. Thing about this logically, are going to take that chance. However, under your control, she knows this is now a dutch, and she knows now that she's in some kind of danger or less have her call her mother, or do you keep plain it cool? And yet you call your mother before we go shopping, right either way. We do know that the call happen. We can only speculate. What was going on at the time what the experts say about this phone call.
checking in with her mother in the abductor, allowing this call the firstly detective on the case, Jim Tomkins said: quote: that's critical it bought him an hour or more precious get away. Time for the man, authorities were calling the unknown male expert, analyse also believe. This event reveals employ, details about the unknown male. They are so He was standing right there and that he I have known the amy was opposed to call now. This could be something he learned from Amy on previous phone calls, in conversation on the day of the abduction or even possibly amy threatening him if, in fact, by the time she figured out tat he had abducted doktor. Is she saying I have to call mom and dad will be looking for me, you're going to be in trouble. So some of the experts believe that he stood there and told Amy what to say during that call
The late and great f b, I agent, Robert ressler, says it tells us he was executing a bold plot that included Amy her family and the police, pointing out that the bay village police department headquarters is right across the street from the shopping plaza, he goes on to say this is an intelligent man presentable well spoken. This is a complicated personal crime. when Amy's body was found in that field three months after her abduction, the cuyahoga. Any corner and f b, I say is determined that amy had been deceased for some time most likely the murder had occurred. Shore. Lee after her abduction, probably a few days or less shoes, killed immediately, Amy did eat, least one meal after she was taken, may be more per autopsy revealed blunt force trauma to the head in stab wounds to her neck. It appears that the blunt forced trauma on its own was not fatal, but the stab
were over the years captain. There have been thousands of tips and hundreds of suspects and in this sense we are using the term suspects very loosely. Some of these men were just look alike suspect these were leads it. The police received at be received because somebody looked like one of the composite sketches right and we ve seen this would like the delphi murders, some ngos, hey, look, this guy looks just like the sketch or just like that, photo, but they live in California and you can't prove that they were in indiana at the time job that that's why I don't like some of these suspects well and it gets difficult for law enforcement because of of two factors, one with Amy case with the delphi case. Not a lot to go on. You have to throw that sketch out there, but they throw that sketch out to the public, knowing that we're going to get a wealth of leads that are no good
You know they. They only need the one good one, but we're gonna get a whole bunch of people coming forward saying I know somebody that looks just like this guy and Amy's case and the Amy composite sketches We pointed out in our previous episodes. Technically there were four composite sketches released over a. it's a little more than a one year time period, but there was a sketch release the first weekend. And then fbi artist came in and did to ski sketches that appear on the same footing, here and that's the one that I refer to as like the famous composite drawling, where you see that to individuals and was only one man that abducted or, but we have to somewhat different looking individuals and that famous composite sketch one to thy witnesses, one claiming that they saw a man with classes and one claiming they saw a man without classes. So that's where the initial
I think confusion started yes, the first composite drawing is basically a matching of the two eyewitnesses accounts they are like. I will take, will take everything throat and a blunder and boom. This is the picture that part of that comes out the, Fbi artist did separate one so why? The reason why you are seeing two different composite drawings is one is from one eye. Witness in one is from the other eye. Witness both of these. I would His were children. Ten or eleven years old, both that both of these, I mrs word, not up front and centre when they saw. This guy they were distance away. Twenty five, thirty feet away and saw this man interact with Amy, the thing that law enforcement points out and has continued to point out over the years is they think that This is a very quote, unquote, general description of somebody that this this
not somebody that is distinguishable right? This is not somebody that would stand out in a crowd, and that's, why you get so many look alike suspects, because this kind of just looks like your average Joe right now investigators said that, out of all of the potential suspects ever to appear on the radar screen less than who does remain priorities after acute investigating early on on the local level, there It was rumoured to be two very good suspects. In fact, these men they were suspects even before these body was found, suspect number one was billy strew neck from fair view park. He injected himself into these search efforts. He joined the volunteers and helped to search for Amy.
was question several times this, both by bay, village, police department and the fbi. His story was checked and then double checked. according to cleveland magazine billy, was found to have serious personal problems. Both medical and emotion, but all unrelated to Aimee's case months after Amy's disappearance, Keaton seemed a lethal amount of ethanol, dry gas and died three days later right. But to be clear, they believe this was on purpose in this was technically a suicide yes, an fbi agent, Robert wrestler, who was briefly involved in the case question this aspect. Personally, wrestler maintain that he had a gut feeling that Billy strew neck was hiding something wrestler
it or cited this suicide as a possible indication of guilt and wrestlers book. Whoever fights monsters wrestler says through neck was a good candidates to be the one they were calling the unknown male. Now all other investigators insists that he was not the guy, stephen adder, who was a supervisory special? for the national centre for the analysis of violent crime said after his death, meaning through neck, we had access to his home and belongings fbi agent, dick ran adds. There was not a shred of evidence for this or any other crime at her says that billy stood ass quote simply didn't have the capacity to commit this type of crime, some in the local community believe he still could have been the guy. We covered this angle of the investigation in depth-
Our other show off the record yeah I am, couple issues with their detectives: the investigators saying that they don't think Billy was capable of doing this, because most people pry wouldn't be capable of dying out from a suicide by ingesting gasoline right gas so that that takes her determine individual and I also think this his involvement in the the their involvement in the investigation, the contact with the mother- and, unlike you said there big thing- is a once. He died from this suicide and wrestlers saying why I believe he's basically saying right because there's a suicide. He believes that Billy had something it might have been an indication of gill than he was
we're come by gill or he was afraid that he was going to be arrested and people are going to find out what kind of answer he was and he's gonna have to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Any more of those reasons or all them together, would have been enough for this individual to commit suicide is what ressler beliefs, and then said I have. These invest scares go while he's dead now, and so we can investigate this property, but we didn't find any evidence of any kind I don't know why, but my group has always told me that this crime was the the first as far as a killing would go by this individual. There might be some and appropriate, touching or lookin or possibly even exposing themselves to younger,
the but but to me this is this- is a one time: fain, possibly never gonna happen again, and, and so that would lead me to believe all look at some like Billy and he makes a really good suspect. And then you go what we investigate his house in his property in and all that stuff, and we didn't see anything climb well, but here's what we do now. We know that there is a crime scene. I would call a crime scene where he abducted her, even though she went willing, I'd still call that a crime scene, and then we know that she went into a vehicle to me. Those are the two crime scenes and then plus, where her body was those are the three places that we know. We don't have much evidence to suggest that she went back to his house or or wait database house.
So I'm just saying that you can be searching and this location, but it's like again what, if a you, you're saying what if the phone call was made from a hotel or motel, and yes no. It's like you want to find any evidence at his place because he never took the victim back there so block week. We can't We could say here and spend our tyres all day and try to figure out why we have the fbi, I- and we have other agencies later saying that he billy strewn act is not our guy they're not gonna, give us all those rights. It's what I will say, though, too right, but it's not as clear that we we don't have like some strain of dna, that we can test to make sure that it's it's billy or not billy, right There is physical evidence in this case, but we do not have we done.
Have dna evidence that we can test in the sense of of current types of investigations, so but but here's here's the thing we got it. We gotta keep in mind while we're going through these aspects. Okay, so these the same investigators, or at least the same agencies are on record over the years a saying: we're not gonna one huh percent rule out any one. and we hear that, like with the delphi case now, we can Take that for their word, we can take that for what that is supposed to mean. We don't know exactly what that means behind. the doors and behind these closed or meeting that they're having regarding these aspects when they say that look, I I think that if we, if we were going to create a top ten list of of top ten suspects in this case, I didn't just go through and pick out suspects that were
mention in the newspaper or mention, and local rumour or anything like that? I went through. There was there's more than ten of those I went when I picked out ones that, I believe should remain on some kind of top ten list now. This suggests. Little garage list here, but I would billy strewn act on that list. Until I had further information to lead me to believe that they are in fact right that he's not there die, they could have come across some things to say: he had a one hundred percent iron. lad alibi for that day. We don't we don't that, because that's never been said in the public. Also, one thing that I do want to to comment direct we are now is where they say. We simply I believe that he has the capacity to commit this type of crime. Now you pointed out that he, soon death in all in and killed himself, and that takes a certain something I guess, but that takes a somethin well
but what what they may mean here- and this is not so much that he couldn't have physically committed this type of crime they may firmly believe that here, of an emotional state- or he was he had these personal problems. They may fully believe that he could have physically committed this. Type of crime. He wouldn't have been able to not crack or not tell someone or come for, you see what I mean like that. Not only did this crime happen but- a person, as far as we know, has also never can fight it in any one, never confessed to it. Never never had a mental. break in just in just came clean or or freaked out. So that might be what fact that they mean on this and again though, yes there is a crime scene that we are unaware of it. There was a place that she was killed there. That's the missing puzzle, peace here, but
What we have dick ran saying is: there was not a shred of evidence for this crime or any other crime that they could find at his, warm or belongings, that they were able to view. Now. There is ok, rumor in the area that, and we have wrestler, whose on record saying this, I dont know that it's in fact true, but. We have local rumour that family removed his items am had access to his apartment before law enforcement did after his death because they weren't. They weren't fully aware that he was dead at that. You know immediately after his death. It took some time for that word to travel to them before they went in and looked at his apartment, so local rumour that it's like a it's a really good family secret. You know best kept family secrets, that billy soon I did in fact kill Amy, mahal, civic and his
family knows about it and they know about it because they were able to view all of his belongings What we would know later is it there are things missing from the crime scene. There were items we had on her person that have never been found, never been located, and we know for certain from dick rents statement: in fine. Those items in belongings or in the space that they were able to view regarding billy strewn a right which makes me wonder. the crime scene was a vehicle. Those items could have been left in that vehicle. That vehicle could have been discarded with all those items. But one of the things I like about billie is when she went missing. Him was a suspect when her body was found. He was a suspect, and I believed the day he still has a really good suspect, the
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ever you find your favorite pod guest arrive were basque. Cheers me cheers to everyone, so suspect number to an end. That he may have been one of the very first suspects, even more so than Billy strewn act. He worked at the horse stable, where Amy went horseback riding on the weekends. Some say he looks like the composite sketch. Personally, I think that is debatable. I would say his appearance was vaguely similar to one of the composite sketches. So this is at the Holly hill farms riding stable, where he works. Amy an avid horse writer. She took lessons for two years and her favorite horse. It Holly hill was named razzle, Holly hill farms
which is no longer there, but was for many years. In fact, it was just in the last few years that Holly hill closed for good selling off all of the farm land to make room for new housing developments. Holly hill farms was low. aided on national road and the old address list, the form as in Avon lay But if you look at it on a map, it was very close to where several communities meet. You have avon lake westlake and bay. village. Nagel road was not far from the train tracks; it ran behind them, a holiday home, in fact, the night The Amy went missing police and mark mahal levick anne frank, were actually looking for Amy around those train tracks. That was one area that they really focused on board. Amy would ride her bike there and go back there and go back there friends from the neighborhood, so that was one area that if you could fit
her if there was a reasonable explanation, as Why she was missing and she was out on her own playing. They thought they might find her there this de the night that she went missing now at this time There are still trying to explain it hey why? She is missing right there that no one was aware of the routes used by the predator to lure her to the shopping clause, right that ever not learned by the police department until saturday morning. That's when the case, a fish We went from a missing persons case to a kidnapping, and the fbi was I called in now. Most of that we are back in nineteen, eighty nine- was farmland. The man that we are talking about the suspect his name was Harold back and he actually lived at the writing. Stables where Amy went weekly This do jumps on the radar for several reasons for
early on investigators were fully focused on the call to Amy's house the rules for the meat up and abduction information in the call again could offer insights to who the purple greater. Was they were working off of the idea at the time that the abductor have known Amy, Margaret or both persons involved with Holly hill stables would have known Amy and Margaret margaret s would ride horses there as well. This man world bound. He was the son of the owners of Holly hill. According to what I could find. He was a vietnam vet and he lived in an apartment above the garage. Holly hill. It seems that he was an avid hunter. Sorry been told of persons going to the stables for writing lessons and seeing Harold what they said
he's wandering around a camouflage with a bow and arrow. Some, I think thought this was weird. Maybe I mean maybe he was just hunting really from the stories I could find about his behaviour. It's really a mixed bag right. So some of the girl Holly hill said things like we thought he was creepy, even both or Amy went missing. Other said he was strange but thought that he suffered from ptsd from the war years later, his brother gregg would say that Harold was a suspect for a couple of reasons. Greg says law enforcement said that amy was taken away in a blue pickup truck the farm owned a blue pick up there. for my understanding was a shared farm, vehicle and gregg says Harold came home, lay on the night that amy was abducted, Harold bounds parents who owned the farm and lived on the property, this kind of ads
due to the whole scenario here they were actually out of town when she was abducted. They were down in florida for that week, which would make makes sense. You know parents or out of town. That's where you stand. This is applied opportunity right, and we both believe that the abductor picked that friday for some reason, bought investigators also said: here's a guy that probably left work and then probably didn't return so, but that that would still put him in that case, gory rights right into be clear. I believe in that clip that we heard there's they're talking about a dick individual, not harold downright right. But the interesting thing here is an evil. It is on that property and works there. His parents are the owners, they're gone they're out of town yeah. There would have been other people in and out of Holly hill form that day that we again, but he doesn't
really does he need to be accounted for. Now. Right, I mean he eat becomes a goes as he pleased paragraph correct now James Renner says when he first actually interviewed or spoke to herald on at least two occasions. He says that when first asked harold says he didn't oh amy, from any of the other students at the stable, Then later Harold tells rent a very specific story about a time that he saw Amy at the stable and ask her a question. So this is kept lately different stories from the same guy about the same situation, two completely different answers. What to say- We have known her from any of the other girls to then go into a very specific story about a time where he had an interaction with Amy brain harold, question by the fbi. The day amy was abducted. Well, that's what
Hey, I'm a little unclear here captain if it was in fact that saturday, I remember the f b I was called in that saturday is says they Harold, interviewed the day after she was abducted, but it could have been that sunday, regardless. It's gonna be that first weekend he's question very early on during this whole situation he's question at his apartment and He did allow the fbi, agents and officers to come into his apartment and also allowed them to look around not look around his apartment, but also look around the farm property and inside of his parents home the fbi agents left and when they left, they took nothing with them. The Feds question harold bound multiple times the first week the amy was missing. Harold did not like the treatment from law enforcement that he was getting
so. He gathered up some of his things and he went and checked himself into a local vs hospital. Some suspect he was trying to put up a wall between him and law enforcement. Re his brother says, Harold believed that they were trying to pin this abduction on him and he he was, he got afraid, and so he went and checked himself into this view. Hospital, loyal and think about this for your work this farm you ve come back from war. You know your little off, or maybe I don't know little off your working around a lot of children and one of em comes up missing and and maybe and in your kind of considered, by at least some of the the students to be the weird guy through the creepy guy right. But how many times our ass,
if the school had a janitor, where the guys nothing but nice, but kids great yet rumors, all that guy's a little strange now he's not being strange. Just saying hello to you or said hi to you, but but the those rumors and special actions grow over time too. Well in that's the thing to the eye, one. a point out where some of the kids at holly claim the guy was creepy or or doing weird things. Sometimes things are good. weird, because your child- and you don't understand a situation ray no, the grassy, this dude it's wandering around and camouflage any. He has a bow and arrow in your like. What's that guy he's doing here and ended, but but
as an adult, somebody would know a couple things: one eat he lives on the property, so he should be there. There's no reason for him not to be their right to he's a hunter, and this is this is a large property that his parents own. This is private land, its farm land he is allowed to her. their brain we and also as an adult that doesn't seem so weird as a kid not gonna lie man. If I show up to write a horse and their subdued we'll hook it around still like in the woods and in camouflage with a bow and arrow I'm going I'm staying away from that did ya or the fact every time you shop he's there you go. I hate Why is always here why he always at work our he lives there or take this scenario where a guy comes into in an area and maybe does it say hello to the kids, because he's trying to stay out of the way some kids will take. That, as this guy's been really
creepy, it didn't say hello, yeah so where we look at harold bound and say: does he look guilty? Does he said guilty. I go with looking guilty would say, no but sound guilty. I think yes, because of the that to me. If, if, in fact that's true and one conversation he claims to not have known amy at all and then another conversation says he had direct enter action. and names her specifically right, but that's that sounds a little weird, but as I come from long for, investors as now from danger and you never know it could have jogged his memory, but your who kind of think well if I lived on property where a young girl frequented action.
Went missing in them was later found dead. I dont know that I would forget her, so I don't know that I would need something to jog my memory now captain. I will say this: if we go back to the famous composite drawing of of the by the two classmates who say, they saw who took Aimee, in my opinion, added the two suspects that we have discussed today. Personally, I think that strew neck looks much more like the composite. Drawing than this herald bound right. It would be interesting to see if a the law enforcement did any kind of line up with these eye witnesses. So we do have to keep one thing in mind. An end in remember. You were talking to me last week about misinformation When there is bad information thrown out their driving,
insane in some of these cases it can hurt the investigation and it makes you wonder specifically in this case, is it possible that the man who took an killed amy does not look like the composite drawing and therefore someone who knows something never picked up the phone. or never sent an email with a tip and a name because as uncomfortable as it was to suspect a person close then maybe even someone they loved it made it how much easier for that person and so much more convenient when they live. that that composite and they were able to say to themselves well, it can't be,
He doesn't look like the composite bothwell back to the truck thing. You know. I witnessed the saying that maybe she's abductor in this truck. Ok, so my thought is, if you don't have a clear cut eyewitness accounts of the vehicle, how sure can we be of thy witness accounts of the man they saw with Amy right an and that that kind of bothers me a little bit yet in the way that the shopping plaza is kind of divided up? You know, Some stand alone buildings in the immediate area, their several parking lots in the immediate area. The thought is, there's a couple of ways of thinking of this one. As said earlier, this was not a violent abduction. This was not a kicking and screaming situation. Nobody that saw anything that day, new. This
was being led away to be abducted, so once saw her get into a vehicle, and the thought is either no one saw her get into a vehicle or that he potentially parked his go in an area that would be less visible and led her, you know finally away and then into his vehicle. Makes me wonder, though, your you. Have this ruse goin a meet me somewhere want to buy a gift for your mother. Is it possible? You know, here's a guy that works at the stables when Amy sees me, she isn't going to be freaked out, because she has seen me before, and That makes me wonder you like I get. That is the issue that I've always had with that in the issue that I've always had with with people presenting a suspected Amy would have known directly. Personally, I think that its that its highly unlikely, just in the sense that she's
told that this individual somebody else on the phone and too arrive and learn that he is not in fact who he says he was makes it up. You know weird from jump street right then right. So all right, I'm getting off topic here back to Harold bound so law enforcement blocked off nagl road and they searched that area extensively and the captain they searched for days the search law enforcement, found a pair of sweat, pants in the field or a wooded area in immediate area, these pants very well I could be the same ones that amy was wearing. This does not help Harold one bit, of course, so law enforcement focus
serious attention on him for months. They did intense surveillance, exhaustive investigation. All of this yielding nothing Harold took polygraph test and I want to be clear: that's plural tests, ero re harold requested that he be questioned after they administer truth seer, the f b I complied with this. He was subjected to questioning with truth serum pumping through his veins. Now I can't tell you if he passed the polygraph test and I can't tell you what the f b I thought about his. Answers during the truth, serum questioning, but I can tell you at some point They were no longer interested in talking to him any more right which makes you believe when he's chicken to be a hospital. This is all a part of it. A look I'm being accused of something this is. This is heinous.
I see why and individual would want to do anything. You want to get me it's surround. You want to give meal a polygraph test, I'm not involved in this. I I think- and we've talked about this before- I think it's one of the scariest things in the world to think about being accused of a heinous crime of with little to no evidence and how much that In fact, these individuals lives can I can I tell you what the local rumour and local thought was on Harold bound in his his reaction to the end of investigation. Knob, tired of you talk, so the general thought here Is that because he served in vietnam because he served in the war that what he witnessed thereof,
experience their left him mentally unstable and it was. It was Harold that they understood this, though he knew that he wasn't of mind to put up a fight in two. Her claim as innocence in the in the you know, innocent reiterate that made sense to him, I guess and the eyes is that he was living at home and he was working for his parents because because of what he saw, in the war that might have been the extent of his capabilities at that time, and when he became under under fire and under questioning for this abduction of a girl that it that it tipped him any. This is the only way I know how to handle this. I need to go. Get checked out, get looked at where Some proclaim that that is a sign of guilt that he said.
The shield himself were run away from the problem. Other other suggests that it's just he's innocent and doesn't understand how to early fight. This, and I don't blame him, I mean you're being talk to pay the fbi, and multiple agencies and in the end, what we do know took place as he was polygraph multiple times. He was question, do they administer truth serum by his own request and at some point law enforcement they ve never cleared him. But we know that they moved on from him right. So again, though I mean, could you imagine being accused of a crime like this? This is a heinous crime, a conscious young, beautiful girl. This a smart, intelligent girl. he has so much promise and any kind of no her you? U alleys, you may not know her that well, but she works where you
right, so their eyes. Now you direct ties to you in the fact that once people's didn't I can fluttered and one of these mothers mentioned in that phone call on the roof, and he would have now like I have known her as well yeah. But it's us once you are accused of this. Are there some speculation about you and then try to clear yourself and I'm sure, there's some people and his family. That gave him some looks and he knew that they just didn't believe him, and I just think that with crusher spirits you I think for for the most part, it sounds like his family had his back now regarding his brothers gregg in his statements that appear in runners book Amy, my search for her killer. That statement about the blue pickup truck the law.
Horsemen said to the family that amy was taken away in a blue pickup truck there. the only place. I've ever seen that statement, and in fact I dont know how great came with that may be. In fact, he was told that by law enforcement- but I have also seen public statements from view early on in the investigation where they were outright telling the public. We do not have a description of a vehicle, an ant but that when they release these composite drawings and saw him on these open yelled at the captain, when they release these composite sketches of of who they think was at the plaza that day or if they had a freak in vehicle description. It would have been included on that. As you and I have said many times, vehicle description is so it's easier to vehicles to easier to track down, then a drawing of a person right, and I even have a newspaper article-
from very early on shortly after her body was found where the chief of police for bay villages saying I would give anything for even a vague description of a vehicle. We don't have that right. So I dont know where that information came from, but it doesn't seem to be accurate. It may have just been a way of crank up the heat and ass some questions and hoping that this dude my crack, but the other that we night. We need to think about two when we talk about Harold being a good suspect or not being a good suspect, you can be a good solution in the eyes of law enforcement for a period of time and then through We checked and then no longer a good suspect in their eyes right, so we reference those sweat, pants, were found near or on the property of Holly hill. We we need to think about this portion of the investigation to the pair pants that were found on Holly hill farm property.
made Harold or someone from Holly he'll look like they were involved. We know that the results of the autopsy remember When Amy was found, she was found fully cloth redressed after death, most likely but fully clothed. Those pants found on that property simply were not hers. Now, dick wren, when ass around the ten year anniversary about Harold bound specifically ran said he didn't. I'm as certain as I can be in an uncertain world. Is his exact quote in fact, yeah and back to this blue truck fade first, a second you know It's it's heard. One time you ve seen it no other time again is it? Is it something that was brought up by rendered. That was then twisted later.
It's a pot! Well, he was a statement from heralds brother gregg to render right that's what I'm saying, but the statement this conversation that happen What was there a twist and turn to get there? You see what I'm saying and, and just because somebody put in his book does not mean it's one hundred per cent accurate is all I'm putting out there well yeah, and that's why I said we don't know where greg came up with that information right. You know that he he I mean he could have, he could have. It could be total fantasy for all. We know. and that conversation happen fifteen, years after adoption. I think a lot of things get changed and distorted in an and miss remembered now from the
the articles. It came out around the ten year anniversary in regards to both of the suspects that we have discussed so far, strew neck and harold bound didn. This is the statement that they gave at the ten year. The tenure mark it says, investigators have virtually unanimous in the certainty that Neither one of these individuals was involved in the abduction or murder of Amy, my holiday, while other than that? I like about this individual. Is that there's there's other phone calls made and there was a set of girls or or one girl that actually wrote horses at those stables. Ah, so there would be the connection of the phone calls yes and again it's, where annette able to determine which, in fact phone calls were connected to Amy's amy's, aiming kings
the the I fact one and all for your support, your love and your concern, without which I would not have been able to make it through this past year or years ago, to do just across the street from the tree on the run and Martin Amy was abducted from a baby shopping shop, a little more Three months later, the body was found. Let's failed, avoid that are passing, has laughed with positive sides, with a smile on your face and say she blast our life for a while Finally, she is gone, but now we must live on sugar,
Civic leaders and law enforcement officials spoke of love and community togetherness and the amy fond, and the continuing search for the child killer and we're not going to give up until we see this same, throw amy has touched our lives she will live. over the monument says that amy lives on in our hearts. Amy pulled a community together as a family, and we still are a family supporting each other. Loving each other. We know that amy is in god's love and care, and his love and care are with us. There was morning and there were drawn faces and there were some tears, but this was not a ceremony of Sarah smile and thank you for coming in bay, village, John Harrington channel three news we want to
everybody out there for listening for everything. True crime go to true crime, garage dot, com and, until tomorrow be good, be kind dont. Let.
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