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Amy Mihaljevic - Suspects /// Part 2 /// 346

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Amy Mihaljevic - Suspects /// Part 2 /// 346

Part 2 of 2


This week we revisit a case that we refuse to give up on. Sunday will mark 30 years to the day that 10 year old Amy Mihaljevic was abducted in plain sight. Join us for a discussion regarding some of the suspects you have heard of and some you may have not. Beer of the Week - Scissor Kick by KCBC Garage Grade - 4 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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the sounds of rural actual county, warn of a passing train, a tragedy averted the site so long county, road, seven. Eighty one warn of a tragedy committed white ribbons. Heaven strong in memory of Aimee, Michalek Amy's body, discovered right alongside eleven eighty one. Last week, the ground has been scraped by investigators for soil, sample analysis and other portion is covered with flowers left by shock residents. Who now have more personal reasons to help in finding Amy's killer? Does he was bent down
So I couldn't see him that well, Larry Schuster has told the f b I and amazing story on the day. Amy's body was found. Schuster says he saw a suspicious looking stranger drive back and forth near the discovery site and he claims the driver looked very much like the police, composite sketch of Amy's abductor, as I was leaving coming up towards two twenty four. That's when I seen him going back down again backup. I think he was coming up this way to see what was going on and see. If anybody found him found the girl, Amy Mahal of acres, one girl, this community will never forget as a card on the floor, whereas proclaims from the people of new london ohio, we're sorry amy. There is not only a sense of pity being shown by the people of ashland county, but also a sense of precaution as well. Even though many neighbors tell them, in their opinion, Amy was probably killed. Someplace else they say they plan to play it safe, just in case her abductor.
Is still in the area. This is the land on which kind of wires, but much of his life as a green farmer and of frequent hotter. He says he now has frequent thoughts about it I told my wife learn ass? You see this on tv all time where they brought in I find a body as well, but you never figure it's going to happen right in your back door, while yours claims and are being watched more closely as well as property. While the community awaits the arrest of Aimee behalf of ex killer, in actual county jack Marshall reporting for the ten o clock news our eye. We have three more suspects to get too before we wrap up for this week now. I know which one I would like to end. The weak on so too to choose from where do you want to go next captain? Do you want to talk about
a suspect who has been on my mind a lot lately. Or would you like to talk about the people's suspect, dean ranco you now and rustling they get the people's champ more high? Would I would call dean wrinkle the people's suspect, because any time we ve. spoke about this case from parts are known. That ceiling. I oh yeah, that's the guy that we get the most emails about or the most blog post about was talking about. The first guy kids he's been on my mind to ok so the the suspect it's been on my mind. A lot lately is kenneth. Robert stand him. He was a on time, moraine ohio resident, he pled guilty to thirteen molestation cases. He received sixty years in a georgia prison now back in the sixties, Stanton was charged with sex crimes involving children and committed to a state hospital in this
of michigan from which he escaped he later was caught and arrested, rested in recommitted. He was diagnosed at the time. as a criminal sexual. Psychopath years later, he was declared to be fit to live in society and release Now I know a lot of people going to let you know maybe laugh at those weird statements being back to back like tat but back in the sixties and the seventies, a lot of states did operate that way. They believed that this type of stuff could be you could be rehabilitated and they would issue back out into society. Now, let's get into him, In detail, because he's very, very interesting for many reasons now nineteen, eighty nine. He was molesting girls who were home alone. This is believed to have started in jackson, mississippi
He would pretend to be either a police officer or a food safety inspector right he's using this method to get into the home with these girls that are alone the eyes using a ruse yeah would knock on the door. Basically, he would. He have follow these girls around, make sure that they're going to be home alone, knock on the door and he's presenting himself as an authority figure, a police officer or Food safety inspector, giving them reason to one trust him and to let him into the home to look into whatever it is. Claiming Heeny he's. Therefore, once inside the home, his typical It was to blindfold in molest the girl. Now, in the summer of nineteen eighty nine one of his victims began screaming sir, loud from inside the home, that stanton was scared away. A neighbor boy heard the scrapes
and this draws his attention to what's going on right and he sees stanton fleeing the property. The boy god bless him wrote down, stands license plate number gadding. Yet he gives us to the police after the girl calls in the complaint and then later once they have his immunity. I was listening photo. They have some photo of him. The girl identifies from that photo stand as the assailant. Rather than being arrested. He fleas the area he was suspected salt, not only of several in mississippi, but also in the state of alabama and georgia as well. His car his vehicle was found
abandoned in ohio in december of nineteen. Eighty nine, so first list think about his time for bed. We have him molesting girls, young girls, nine ten years old, he's using a ruse to get into their home and then once he's caught for this are suspected of this, with with two witnesses to eye witnesses. He flee the area- and there is the summer of eighteen, I now his vehicle is found in december of eighty nine. The thing here is, you have to fill in the gaps, but we know that his vehicle was found abandoned in the state of ohio, so that would put him somewhere in the area now, let's think about his previous crimes in m, o fermented right right, he's molesting these girls he's using the ruse using a ruse to get into their home right he's a criminal sex.
psychopath, as they labelled him he's using a fake identity. On a girl home alone and the victim ology is similar. It so similar. In fact it's girls of the same age living in nice neighborhoods, but fear not because then the fbi adds Kenneth rob stand to their ten most wanted list, and then one of true crime, garages, favorite old, shows unsolved. Mysteries featured the stand and case on the october, twenty fourth, nineteen, ninety episode of their great show- maybe you could help solve a mystery. That's right and some people were able to help solve a mystery because viewers of the show started, calling in with tips it Stanton was living in a trailer park in moraine, ohio. Well, captain guess: who else was watching unsolved, mysteries at night
Well, the pervert. On the run, Kenneth psycho Stanton saw his face on tv so Stanton took off again and stem is smart in scared enough to run, but like a behaviour that we discussed several times on the show he can't help himself. His addiction owns him. It controls him. He is addicted to molesting young girls to victimized. Girls. So even you'll see this with all types of of criminals: repeat: offenders real offenders? Sexual predators but no matter what situation there and no matter how scared they are or if they are already running from law enforcement is based. someone that fits their victim biology and an opportune to assault rape, kill,
whatever it is that they are into because they're so absolutely addicted to their desire, resolve an outcome of that victim and that opportunity. So just five days after stand please from ohio. After seeing his face on t v, he sees an opportunity, a nine year old girl, and he can't help himself. He tries to molest her, thankfully he's unsuccessful, and he is arrested, was was thinking about this for a second, because you have killers such as like Dahmer, which will say that he he did this thing and and he he killed a guy and he's never going to do it again. We we hear these guys talk about their urges and how they're trying to control them, and- and there were it's almost like a drug addict. You know. If you read like miles Davis, his book he'll say and that's the last time I did heroin and then the next pages
and I was in new york- don't heroin and it's very similar to some of the stuff ted Bundy would talk. Bout, but again, remember one ted Bundy was on the run in florida. It's almost like this stress. The heightened stress makes the addiction stronger with these individuals yeah it's it's it's exactly. As said in addiction, You can't you can't get away from it in the longer you are from it. The the morn increases so as said Thankfully he is unsuccessful. This attack leads to his arrest. This all takes place in a motel in rock hill south carolina. So once again, on the run. Ultimately, Stanton ends up pleading guilty to thirteen molestation charges receiving.
Sixty year sentence eligible for parole after forty, but we can throw parade. then did die and prison. This was in august of two thousand eleven. So he is no longer a threat to communities who there is no threat that he will get out of prison. He is thankfully, no longer with us stand. the reason why I like him for several reasons: ok, one he doesn't look unlike the composite drawing my two high It is already known to have been using ruses. They were working he's all right, train himself to the level that his ruses are working to get into the homes of these individuals. Now we ve talked about how the cereal offenders. Whatever crime it be, they are learning through trial and error and what got him cot was being in the home of the girl that he was victimizing Now she screaming somebody from the outside here:
these screams alerts them to hay things going on and they see this grown man running out the door running through the yard in getting into a car, and that boy was smart enough and had the wherewithal to write down. This creeps listen white number, so you're saying I'm saying: maybe he adapted and rather than knocking on the front door now he's gonna use the telephoned to enter their home. Yet you have to get other. I gotta get the victims I'm out of the house. I gotta get them to me rather than meagre. to them, because me going to them is what almost got me caught and now I'm on the run appear in ohio somewhere, wasn't there a bunch speculation that the perpetrator or would have been like, maybe an alley way, but probably that he didn't actually park in. If you look at pictures
if the plaza where he picked up amy at it, looks like there's a little parking lot in the middle yeah you you could have had Amy walk just a short distance before you would be not visible to most and have your car kind of ash they're right, so you create this ruse to get her out of the house. Though, the problem, though still put him in her into a public area, but then you're able to move your car out of the way and let you said little walk and innovative ideas. right right and one thing I've wondered about. Two is: if at some point did you could switch ruses? Can only when you're talking about a ten year old right, so you you tell them at one point that you're you're going to take them somewhere that may want to go, go shopping by something for their mom I'll, give you some money afterwards. That is your rooms, but at some point, if she, if she fit starts a figure you out or
or if you just want to change it completely to take to take the lead, you could present yourself as an authority figure. You could say something to this child of look. You met stranger at a location, and you left with them. Your big trouble here, young lady right you're in big trouble if you're Parents find out about this you're gonna be in big trouble. I'm a police officer, I'm under cover and we're doing these type of operations, and you could present yourself as some type of authority, figure. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility we'd at some point. What we do in cancer. Mise. Just based off of simple logic some point she knew that, whatever he, you know that being trip was not going to happen as some
she knew he was not who he says he was and at some point he took control of the situation. Now that could have been seconds before she was killed. It could have been ours, it could have been days, but we know that that happened some point and that's why I go. I go to him because the rules that you is using at the time is not terribly and similar to what was used against Amy, but I think the problem with Stanton as good as a suspect is, I think that he makes in as good as a was terrible of a human being that he is. I mean we already the difference between oh shit. Well. The difference between him and several of the other suspects that that are often brought up he is a known pedophile here he's been convicted multiple times on multiple accounts. We know that he is in fact this. In fact, somebody that would be looking for a victim of this age and heard
under the problem is, can you put him the immediate area that day or leading up to the abduction that gets very difficult. Do because this man was already on the run, he's not he's not got up, permanent address on paper right right and that's that again. But that makes me that may seem a better suspect in my mind, since he is on the run that he has been able to have the ability to find location. So the fact that you know it took so long, I mean what was it almost three months between the abduction and when she was discussed Third correct. This person would have the know how to find a location and- and
We have a they're alive for a while, yet as terrible as it is to say this stanton psycho stem, he would have been skilled at this right. Unfortunately, I mean it start his first time now, the other thing to within be being on the run. Captain that makes an interesting is. Does he need to be accounted for that day that evening, the next day you know we don't write We don't have. We don't even know where he was my way He was on the run, but he fled in this summer of eighty nine. We know that his vehicle was found. in ohio in december of eighty nine and then later, we have reports that he was still in ohio and moraine ohio in october of nineteen. Ninety, so we can't really put him in the immediate area on october, twenty, seventh nineteen, eighty nine, but we can put him
in the state of ohio, for the of the time of the abduction roughly and the whole time that she was missing. So he's he's an interesting suspect that again the issue becomes. How did he get the phone numbers to contact these girls? How did somebody on the wrong somebody unfamiliar with the area. No ties to the area how would he have come into communication with with Amy plus with the others that received phone calls that were connected to Amy's case right in Amy's case and in others? I am not going to say all, but it has been reported that the phone numbers were unreal state. So it's not as easy, as some have pointed out where they say well, you could have just been driving down the street and saw a potential victim and followed her home and said: oh, they live at one.
two three james place: I'm going to get into the phone book, and try to find that address and phone For now I can call that numbers. Is it wasn't that easy? And in some of these cases, so Stanton looks good because he would be the type of offender that would carry this out. The issue again is putting him there at that time and giving him the knowledge he would need to carry out a ruse. It was miller too. He had in other cases while, like you said before, with other suspects law enforcement, saying they don't believe some of those suspects are capable of a crime like this law. Enforcement is definitely probably saying hey here. He is capable of more than capable. Yes, If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings, newest podcast,
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all we're back filthy animals. Every one are you filthy is hell. Ok, so kind, now, let's get into dean danger. Our dean ranco info obviously has several It says, but the main source for the first part is a bombshell article from the cleveland scene, titled person of interest, the f b. I finally has a top suspect in the Amy michalek murder, and this, of course, by james Renner and the article is from two thousand and eight. Now the article starts off by repeating statements from an eye witness on the day, Amy was abducted. This states that the eye witness saw a man walk up to Amy
his hand on her back. He leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Then the man puts an arm around Amy shoulders and leads her away this eye. Witness is Amy's age in describes the man as caucasian. His hair is thick. He is wearing a beige windbreaker with plaid lining front, pressed khakis and a button up shirt will come back to this. I witness in a bit the article states that, just like amy at least three others received a phone call. similar to the one the Amy said she received before she was abducted. As we ve commented over the years. This number should be debatable seen higher numbers, but the words directly from law enforcement are there
they believe there were two or three calls related to aim in case the girls. In this article, of course, now they're they're grown up. These girls went to school in north homestead. Ohio, north alms dead is about a ten minute, dr south of bay village. So not far away and, more importantly, the two towns if shared the same area code to one six. This is important as it is believed that the call to Amy that set up the arrangement to me at the base square shopping center came from Amy area code? Remember we talked about billing and how billing was conducted by the phone companies back in nineteen. Eighty, nine great everybody who hears this case at the first go well why the hell did they just tracer call they were billing long distance calls differently than local calls. So there's no record of local calls because they don't bill for
they discharge you for the monthly service. Same goes further other two or three calls they would have come from that to one six area code. Now that is still a huge area that still a large population, but when we're talking about a case, it has gone unsolved. For thirty years we have said how many suspects there are, this somewhat at least shrinks that pull a bit. Let's take that info and go exploring. Shall so, let's say those calls are in fact connected that. The collar to the three girls in north all said is the same man called Amy. So now this means You need to find a link between these four girls, Amy included, all of whom should mention, worked eleven years old. At this time, the link could be a person place, a club,
or an organization. It could be anything, but it needs to connect all for girls, and this unknown suspect the article states that in early two thousand and five, an agent working the Amy case contacted the girls From north alms debt, the agent wanted to know if the girls went to the lake erie nature and science center, they had and in fact the article claims they each went there in the weeks. Leading up to aim is objection. Amy two went to the nature, and, science center, but the article does not specify when her last visit was or how close to her abduction. The last visit would have been That information may not be known to any one at this point, including the police and fbi. But what we do know and can't say, is Aimee had been too enter before and on multiple occasions keep in
This centre is close in proximity to both her school, her home and the bay square shopping plaza and base off of where the other three girls tended school amy would have alive closer to the centre than all three of them. The three girls were ass. If they remembered signing in at, check in or a log book by the front door of the centre, this being writing their names and phone numbers in this book. This question received a mixed response from the now grown up girls, but keep in mind. This is fifteen and a half years later may eventually at least two of these now grown women contacted james runner,
passing along that they had been question about their possible connection to the lake erie nature in science centre back and nineteen. Eighty nine, then a man contacted runner about someone he was told, was the suspect that the policeman have been asking about a man who once had volunteered at the nature centre and who was a science teacher back in nineteen. Eighty, nine that man was dean, runkles. Dean was born in new london and grew up not far from Amy's body would be found just little more than three months after she was abducted. This is most interesting as retired special f b. I agent phil tours NE, who is currently active on Aimee's case and has been for years, stated that he believed that amy was transported out of bay village after she was kidnapped, as the town is too dense,
to close knit to be a likely place to commit murder. He stated that the murder likely took place in ashland county, which the murderer was probably familiar with runkles born in nineteen forty four after high school here, bowling green university majoring in education. He got his first teaching job teaching Science, it sailor way middle school. This was a nineteen sixty seven, he earned the young educator of the year award while teaching there. He was also a pretty good ragtime piano player, good enough to play at cedar point for a regular gig during the summer's. In fact, one point He quit teaching and played piano a dizzy land for two year. Yove actually went back into teaching, yes, and then he did quit again in nineteen eighty seven. At this time he returned to lose london and move back in with his
parents. He got a job working at a pet store. It is said that, when the store, when the stores, mice pop nation became overwhelming rankled dough, aid, mice to local nature centres. Some have said he very likely gave some to the lake erie nature centre. So if the lake erie nature centre and science centre is in fact the link between these four girls, Amy included and if the calls were in fact connected dean, wrinkle would have been someone price Billy linked to the centre. During that time, in the fall of nineteen, eighty nine and decide note
we all know. Amy was abducted in the fall of nineteen. Eighty nine ranco applied for and was hired at hoard junior high and am hearst ohio bronco continued to work there until two thousand and three and after that he moved to florida. Now earlier we spoke about the young person who saw the man approach Amy that day, outside of the shopping plaza now over the years. This eye, witness has been shown many photos of men and ask if this man looks like the man saw with Amy that day bright, it was reported This article that when this witness was shown a picture of dean runkle, the response was There have not been many photos that have been this close. I would definitely tell them meaning law enforcement to investigate this guy. This is interesting. For several reasons, we have one of the eye witnesses being shown a photo and saying hey this out of all the
those that I've seen today and out of all the photos that I've seen over the years. This guy looks the closest out of all the photos. I would tell investigators to look into this guy The weird thing about ranco is We know that he was a teacher and there have been- many people that have gone back and try to well not try do they did interview former students of his just like some of the others, other suspects that we discussed today and on today show it's really a mixed bag of opinions about this individual. There are some that say: no dean did some weird. They
and he was a weird guy. He was odd. He was even creepy at times he said some strange things relates to handle rats, that's weird, but then there were other. There were other kids. They had the you know very extremely positive things to say about dean, runkles saying that he really inspired them to continue their education and inspired them to go into teaching themselves or really got them to take a strong interest in science in summer and biology in some of the things it Dean was doing in his classes. So again a mixed bag of opinions about is nature his yeah you're right, but just to be clear, you could be. You could have sick, fetiches and still be a good teacher or good worker. Well, yes, you can. You could be the best guy in the world one minute and then be a total. You know a whole the next I I don't doubt that at all, but the reason why point
An hour is, there are so many things out there. They just straight up label him as a creep right, and I think you know, if we're gonna before going to label him a creep. I think that's hard to do on our show, because I'm seeing mixed opinions by by you know his students throughout the year les, but out of all the suspects. When you see dean, rankles picture and you see the sketch you go while there's your guy, I mean this. Is it almost looks like a drawing of his of his picture? What I would label the Third, composite sketch- yes right there, there again is where I think we have a problem with there being a composite sketch out there for the fact that there was there was four of 'em. That's what I'm getting at where'd, you would say he looks like the third one. You may not say that.
It's like one, two or four right. So right, that's that's! Where that composite sketch gets old. It gets a little weird now. Also, the other thing too, is this individual and I look, I believe, her statements. If she saying this is the closest that I've seen since then I don't doubt that statement at all. I don't doubt that she believes that to be true Other thing we have to keep in mind along this: lines though this she was abducted, was abducted in october of nineteen eighty nine. This witness saw this man for a very limited time at the plaza on that afternoon and then is seen this photo of dean, rankled, ten years later right in two thousand and nine the cleaver seen ran another article. This one is I'd new witness to Amy's abduction, ideas, runkles. It says, and I'll just read the first part of this article, because it's not along
for nearly twenty years, rick burns waited patiently for the police to return to his otto body shop across the street from the station. Show him photos of the man he saw with Amy michalek the day of her abduction, but they never came. Burns maintain That's a strange man with shaggy hair parked in sudan in his personal space closest to the bay square plaza on october, twenty seven nineteen, eighty nine. He remembers the date because it was all so the day he brought in his newly restore truck to the shop to show off to his buddies and was missed to find that somebody had parked in his spot. burns, says the strange man later port, around the shop to the pumps where he was standing in the back seat was a young girl. He believed to have been Amy Michalek. The man asked burns for directions to eye for eighty
and then left two days after Amy disappeared, f b, I agents came to burns's shop and to look through receipts for the previous two months. They took his statement and that was that he never heard from them again and now burns reviewed a series of photographs of suspects and non suspects without hesitate. According to this, article burns picked out former amherst middle school caesar dean runkles as the man he saw at his shop that day. Basically, this is an eyewitness statement saying within days of the abduction I gave a report. To police. Did I saw a man shaggy here. Man asked me for directions and in the back seat of his car, I believe was Amy Mahal of it
I then waited for nearly twenty years for them to come back and show me pictures of possible suspects. They never came back well all right. Where do we start here, because this looks bad for uncle on the server? but when you really kind of start scratch and clung through this statement and through this article look, I believe articles written with the best of intentions. I also believe that rick burns is, is a good I am means well and means the best for the situation and probably is just simply trying to help taboos. Article written by I believe it was written by well. There's there's multiple reporters involved in this article, so I don't want to. I want to say anybody specifically without having all the names but
what I'm getting at here captain is. We now have a very public statement by the bay village police department. That says the kind of contradicts the statement given by rick burns in this article. Okay, so their statement is yes, we did talked a rick burns within days after Amy's abduction. Yes, he gave a statement he his statement at the time says he didn't see anybody he didn't see anything suspicious had ever. Anything suspicious. The article says he reported something suspicious and then waited nearly twenty years for the police. To return to ask him questions again: bay, village police, Women are also on record saying that rick is a very good guy. He's done nothing but try to help this investigation, but the problem is there going to believe his statement that he gave within days after
abduction and not the one that he came back to give them nearly twenty years later, which they say is a different story. Have not seen the police reports. I have not seen their notes. I have not seen the case file. I do believe, You think they're saying, though, for several reasons I do believe rick burns, probably good guy- that only wants to help I believe that he probably believe somewhat. What's he saying How saying that he saw just miss, remembering it probably wasn't, amy and probably wasn't on the day in question, and the reason why I say that is for several reasons. He says the girl but I saw in the back of the car, I believe she Amy michalek! Well, if you're saying that within two days of the abduction one, if you believe that price that statement. If you have already made that connection in your mind. Prior to that statement, you should have gone to the Please yourself to give their statement wrought way
for them to come to you to look for receipt receipts and then ask you, questions, pray and then, on top of that, if you firmly believe that there is in fact what you saw. Then you don't wait them to come back to you, you remind them. Hey. I information that I have passed along. What's going on with this yeah and I think with runkle, there's a leap to kind of figure out how he got the numbers to make contact with these girls if they are connected, ah the nature center. I don't think there's one hundred per cent proof of that. I think the tough thing about runkle is that he passes the eye test of one of the the drawings and I think that's hard to for people to get around. You see this picture side by side in
while that looks like the guy, and I I think people have a hard time moving on from that. So I mean there are some other suspicious things with runkle. I mean you said that in you're, exactly right in your statement of we can't one hundred per cent connect him to that nature center, and some are saying that the nature center is kind of the intersection between these girls killer where, where that gets a little skewed, is we can't one hundred percent put him there? However, it has been reported that he has that bronco has made some incriminating statements in regard to his involvement or possible involvement with the lake erie nature centre. Again, we don't have one hundred percent proof from law enforcement, stating that he was a volunteer around that time that we can put him there within the weeks or months leading up to the abduction.
He does have a general knowledge being from the round about area where Amy's body is found was found, and that seems to be a general consensus amongst the experts in her case that the killer, the abductor knew that area that there was something familiar or something something that is of are important to the killer, that, rather than just driving and driving and driving in coming to a place, sound the middle nowhere in dumping the body, so there is connection there as well right up, but again, I'm I'm with you captain it it's a loose. These are loose connections. Some of them seem a bit of a leap. We would be miss if we didn't bring up a rumour regarding wrong call and I stated as a rumour, because I've seen people try to prove it either way, and I dont know which to be true
right. The other rumor is that at some point in his teaching career. They became aware the educators became aware that they did not have runkles fingerprints on file, and this is something that standard practice. Out the state of ohio brain when they learn this, and he wasn't the only one. There were other teachers throughout the state that they did not have their fingerprints on file and what they did was to try to bring their record. To date they went around all these teachers and said: hey. We need you to go down, get fingerprinted, we're just gonna added to your file, no biggie and the rumour. Is that win approach with this request, ranco who was close to retirement, who was close to collecting a pension retired without notice without pension, and that he just left very quickly after this
quest the others very fish veneer. It's true. There are people that say that that is not in fact true. I can't prove it either way and that's why I took you and that's why the captain took use through his work history. We know when he was employed with the state of as a teacher, and we know when he was not employed now Amy was a duck nineteen. Eighty nine. He didn't you know he continued away They are until two thousand and three Roy one. Be that hard to figure out if there is a connection between him and like open or something and if he is receiving some kind of pension fur from the state and that would come the europe that rumour well and I think, you're absolutely right on that. But I've seen people with two different claims in both stating that they have evidence from the state of ohio to back up their claims in their saying opposite things. One is saying he retired
without a pension and retired abruptly boyd. Need some that works at open to be a little shady and then the other staying. In fact he continued to work there and submitted to their request. So I can't savers, which one is right, you're right, somebody that's on their lunch break, it open give the captain a call he's available. Were sent me email and tell me tell me information, and I know you breaking the law and you might get fired for it, but chances are you not gonna get caught? Those records might be public record at some, they might be, they might be well. Can we move on from uncle and in a sense that as much as we could from any of these, spangles bunco wrinkle right, I think, All of us look good in some form or fashion and they're all being presented this week as suspects that we believe that is, if anybody gives a shit that the garages list these people were.
Be in our top ten. You know there are reasons we see to dismiss some of these aspects, but also plenty of reasons to keep them on the list as suspicious characters. one thing that I think we should include on are top ten suspect list would be. The unknown male theory and in actual reality there. Theory may have the highest probability. Add of any of the suspects. So one of the leading detectives on the case back in the day we are discussed him. Jim Tomkins, said quote of all the suspects. Twenty to twenty five were most interesting, but we have never had the sense of yes This is our guy authorities, believe the unknown mail is still out there and then
are ways to catching him. There are several ways in fact. First are the things Aimee had with her that day, Aimee had these things when she taken after all of these years of searching, none have ever been found, some are rare enough to be memorable and unique enough to be clearly identifiable, as we have said before- It is not unusual for this kind of criminal to make the arrogant error of keeping a momentum of his crime a trophy the unknown male kept one or more of these objects even for a short time. Someone might have noticed the more distinctive of these items is a pair of shoes, when her body was found, Amy was dressed almost exactly ass. She had been when she disappeared in october, but forensic him.
The gate and has confirmed that she was not simply seized and slain. She had eaten again and after she was taken, so she ate at least once the experts are certain that her clothes had been removed, then put back on her body after death all except her shoes in her ear rings. The shoes were uncommon. There are black, other ankle boots, with vertical rows of silver. Studs some have theorize, maybe the killer had a problem, getting them back on her feet. Now he either toss them out, or maybe he kept them for a period of time. Now, stephen editors, as the earrings are even more likely souvenir items, they are particularly important just the kind of things the offender might give to another female. They were tiny, blue turquoise, silhouettes of
horses' heads according to Amy's mother, they were mounted on gold metallic studs. Amy also had her school backpack, which was a fairly common blue, denham design. with red piping in black plastic buckles and a plain white nylon windbreaker. The last item- amy's dad, gave her this black leather folder with a brass clasped, on it and it had the buick three chevron. Logo and the legend best in class on this is a fairly unique item as well. Another thing that could get this individual apprehended. Is actions and behaviour. of this unknown mail, a tip needed from some one in the public to put law enforcement onto the right guy here are some notes from Thomas Kelly, cleveland magazine article, this is from the x
its regarding the make up of this unknown male. Obviously, because his idea it remains unknown. These are simply theories, not facts, but they state that some of this information when he is finally caught will be remarkably close to much of the description provided by f b. I experts they go on to talk about the suspect, composite sketch that was released and saying, remember the undistinguished drawling of the slightly built man unremarkable in appearance. They say forget it set aside, because it could be that the poster man is not an accurate portrayal of the unknown male. They say this is mary possible because the eye witnesses would have had no.
Reason to scrutinise this man. There was nothing extraordinary about his actions or appearance. Wren emphasizes that people should not hesitate to contact law enforcement if they have some information, but the man doesn't look like the drawing and he goes on to say. I cannot say that strongly enough, even if you suspect somebody- and he doesn't look like the drawing, regardless- that there are four of them out their contact law enforcement, the go on to state that the offender, what the can't say for certain right is the affair as a white male at the time of the crime. He is believed to be twenty five to thirty five years of age. This would have put him if he was in his late thirties to mid thirties would have put him older than the average for first time child aggressors
they state? He is not remarkable in appearance he's with an average ranges of height weight and build, he may look presentable, but not accomplish or professional. He is socially marginalized according to eder, not in the mainstream, not a run of the mill citizen he won't fit in with his pier. Very well, especially women. people who know him well described him his odd or difficult. It's likely. He was living alone. single roommate or maybe still his parents house at the time of the crime, it is most unlikely that he was in a successful marriage with a normal home and family life. One of the most intriguing aspects of the report is that the killer was most likely
have undergone some sort of dramatic change in his behaviour, personality or appearance. In the weeks preceding the crime he developed a sudden compulsion or obsessive disorder experience a personal catastrophe or an emotion, back. He may have started drinking heavily or stopped drinking. Suddenly he may have gotten it. Hard drugs or quit a drug habit, there was a drastic change in his life, maybe a sudden fascination with a cold or radical religious group. Dick ran says something happened to them. man in the fall of nineteen. Eighty nine something that I been noticeable to close friends or relatives. There was a pre event stress something that took him from fantasy to action. this may have been reflected in a dramatic change in his physical appearance. He led, Herr grow long or cut a very short. His health suffered his weight fluctuated. There were changes
in his appearance or lifestyle. In addition, one important logistical aspect should be noted. This man was not passing through. Authorities are confident that the unknown mail has reason to know this area. There is the need for such a predator select a hunting ground where he can move comfortably through the tall grass. Another expert explains that the echelon, county location is just as important. This was not random when you decide using of something that could ruin your entire life. You are going to be careful the unknown male new county road. Eleven eighty want he had been there. on that lonely stretch of asphalt before he knew he could quickly put Amy's body, just over a shallow ridge, a few yards from the pavement and expect that it would go undiscovered for weeks or maybe even months ran, confirms this conclusion saying
yes, we think he was familiar with bay village and familiar with the area and ashlyn the experts go another step, saying he believed he had knowledge of the family, personal knowledge in considerable detail, I could go on and on with this unknown male theory, I do think that this is one that deserves to be on the list a lot of people were out there going. Well, you didn't make it through ten, of course, we'd make it through ten there. This is such a huge case and we still have some suspects that we would like the vet a little further to see if they should fall our list, I think the ones are we covered this week- are very good suspects that they should be, and on other list out there. I think they're, the most popular yeah and in this case, along with several others out there, but you don't see this in a lot of cases I would describe this case is having a tornado of suspects there are so many of them out there and when
try to wrap your head around it. You can't because it's like like on the wizard of oz, when when dorothy is being taken away- and you can, she sees the farm hands for a little bit rainy season for a little bit. Any tenacity is again and that's what this cases like it's a tornado of suspects when you try to focus on one there's one another one that will fly by and pop in your mind and another will come up here and there throughout your time. On this case now, there are some truly great it sources for information on Amy's case. Unfortunately, when a case is thirty years old, in thirty years, unsolved many different. but I have had the opportunity to take a look at it, offer their opinions, expert opinions and tell the story of the abduction and the investigation. We have bitten off a big chunk of that. I think in our coverage on true crime garage now at five episode,
dedicated to her case. But if you need some more and if you want to know where some of this information came, some of it ripped right from the pages we used sources. the plane dealer magazine. This was in october twenty Nineteen ninety issue, where they featured in article called amy by Michael Heaton. We obviously talked about the clean magazine october. Ninety ninety eight article title, who killed Amy by Thomas Kelly. There, of course, is James runners book Amy, my search for killer, and there is also who killed Amy Michalek, a podcast by our good friend bill hoffman. So there are plenty of sources out there at some point. If there is some new information, we will revisit Amy's case again and probably again until this thing is solved,
I will say this, though, kept coming up on the thirty year marker of that tragic day of that terrible day. I find myself after looking into this case again within the last few weeks of a restore I hope I wasn't going to you know when we covered this in june, just before crime con. I said this to a few people at crime con and thanks to everybody who made the trip. I said this a few people at crime con, but I I refused to say it on our show- and I told you this off MIKE at that time. I had lost all hope that dissing would ever be solved, and I I just want to throw it out there that that's how I felt at that time and I'm gonna throw it out there that, within the past few weeks that hope has been restored,
I'm feeling better about this case as we're moving towards that thirty year marker. While I think it's it's one of the reasons why we we cover these scenes to try to get the word out. I think it's going to come informations when I come from an unlikely source and that's going to lead us to something the Do we have a recommended reading this week? Why, of course we do cat in this. We are recommending the blood on my hands by shannon o leary. This is an auto biography, but it's a story about her family and a story about her and unfortunately, it involves horrific abuse and a terrifying murder that played out behind the scenes of her family life, so check out the blood on my hands by shannon o leary. You can find that title as well
a bunch of other ones. If you got a true crime, garage dot, com and click on the recommended page until next week be good He kind and don't you dare litter.
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