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Annie McCarrick /// Part 2 /// 381

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Annie McCarrick /// Part 2 /// 381

Part 2 of 2


Join us was we take a focused look at the first case in a series of disappearances of young women so perplexing, it became known as “Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle.” Beer of the Week - Smithwick’s Irish Red Ale by Guinness Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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Nancy Annie's mother jumped on an overnight flight to dublin. She arrived on tuesday march thirtieth and went straight to the local guard station to report her daughter, missing. Anti assured the guardy there daughter, would not have just left. She was happy and. The to be living in ireland. stranger, Annie's possessions, anything that you would it into space somebody taking with them if they planned on leaving, they were all found right where Annie left them in the flat. The guardians investigation got off to a slow start. Annie's me, in the photo and public appeal for information were not issued for another seven days, this is seven days after her mother arrived
father joined Nancy and dublin for the search of their daughter. The mechanics together stayed for six weeks, working with the guardy on the investigation, The guardy put together that Annie had called her friend and that day asking her to go hiking that Annie had been possibly seen taking this bus in the direction of innis carry which then I truly kind of shifted the focus of their investigation from the sandy, area to the ennis, carry area re and then, of course, we the possible sightings of her at the post office and the pub after that, there was nothing frustrated with the lack of progress. The mechanics hired a seasoned private investigator recommended to them by the. U s: embassy, one local printer even offered to
ten thousand flyers advertising Annie's disappearance, which, who did her picture and her description, which quoted the outfit. They believed jeans and a large satchel act which her mother Nancy says, Annie talk with her everywhere. This description of her clothes is pretty much backed up by what we saw on the bank cctv footage with their private investigator. The mechanic canvas the in his carrier area. Going door to door with Annie photo to all of the homes between the small village and johnny foxes, pub guards the officer spoke with all of Annie's france. Two former boy friends were question.
Although gardi would not address whether they were actually suspects ran. All those with records of sexual assault in the vicinity were question. Official searches were conducted. Hundreds of acres were in fact search In this investigation, a computer generated sketch of the man in the wax jacket, supposedly seen by the bouncer, was circulated. describing this man as being in his mid twenties five foot, nine inches to five foot ten inches tall with dark brown hair Media blitz, saturated the news with photos and details about Annie, resulting in hundreds of tips, the mechanics, desperate, even consulted psychics bring in this investigation, But despite all these efforts, no trace of Annie mccarrick has ever has ever been found. The private
get a hired by the mechanic family. This is Brian Mccarthy says that, after looking into Annie's disappearance into the following all the leads that he could find, and I couldn't get a great detailed answer for this here captain, but he says The private investigator says he does not believe that the woman seen at johnny foxes that night was Annie. everybody has their own beliefs. And you wonder why is that coming from evidence that is coming from a gut feeling, this case is weird, because when you look at something like Brian Shaffer, I can so weird to me that these missing person cases shaffer, goes into a baris last scene,
answer: valence mar murray she's last seen at eight p m. Now we have any case. She was last seen that day that she went missing at that the sis ii tv footage. It makes that footage so much more haunting but yeah, but yeah. Some. This one's different and it feels different because you can't really have the argument of normally with the merson person case. You go okay, well is there a reason they would want to run away? She kind of already did she s she's, living elsewhere, yeah she's living across the pond, thousands of miles away from her family. Thousands of miles away from where she grew up. So that kind of already happened. But she didn't
so in a way where she wanted to lessen contact with her family, she was still close with her family, her mother's coming to visit. Yes, her father didn't want her to go back, but at some point your family gets over that so there's no. If she wanted to lose contact with her past or her face, All she had to do is just not answer the phone anymore look, and I know that rules have changed since nine slash eleven. So this being one thousand nine hundred and ninety three may not, We apply to what I'm thinking now, but do you need a passport to travel from country to country? europe, because a lot of changes, how hop on a train and and go to another country- where in the? U s, we're not so we're not built like that. You know it's we're traveling to another state, often but nine eleven need a passport to get to canada right you didn't before, but
I'm getting at here. I only bring it up because we do know her passport was found in her apartment. She was planning on leaving she's all, Slowing down her travel in some manner by not taking that with her be wrong, but I would I still think to this day you just need your id to get to certain the trees that you don't even need your passport over in the uk. What a jerry seinfeld about a driver's license. What what is required to have a driver's license? Apparently just a face. You know for the You're taking probably need no hands sad captain after a year long investigation, guardy turned up really nothing new. In this case, well, I guess, there's also thousands of sightings the that they had to run down, and you think about investigating anything, could imagine time. You get a call saying all we think we saw her at this restaurant are. We think we solar here
and how many five foot six sixty five foot, ten burnett american. Did somebody me and go: oh, my god, I think that's Annie. So the amount of work that they had to put into this case was was tremendous. Nancy and John her parents returned to the u s this, it's earlier where the year long portion of the investigation. Now in our time line they they went back months. but they did go back to ireland again in It's more this on the first anniversary of her disappearance, re hopeful that the publicity just from their visit and the reward money, which was now one hundred and fifty thousand dollars that's in dollars as announced. They were hoping that this would spur I'm type of movement on the case it did not.
They knew about Annie's case was reported until october of two thousand and eight when article in the irish times reported the following and bear with me I read through this guardian, investigating the disappearance of and presumed murder of american student animal cart. Mccarrick have interview to new suspects. The suspects were identified after the guard. These cold case review squad recommended a reinvestigation of the case by guardy and bray county wicklow the case was formerly handed over during the summer and has now resulted in the identification of two new suspects in the press the murder of the new yorker, the eye times understands the investigating team selected, the two men for interview, based on a review of statements taken when miss MC character disappeared fifteen years ago, and also
based on more recent information from members of the public guardian believe miss carrick was last seen in johnny foxes pub in Glenn Collen county wick allow on march twenty six nineteen ninety three, so We have the private investigator who says I don't think she was ever there. We have this article that makes it sound. Like guard vesta investigators, leave that she was at johnny foxes and it goes on to mention a few different things. I'm going to kind of skip around here their mentioning all this stating while this going on in ninety three, while a convicted jailed rapist has, been noted in the media as a suspect. Neither of these two men that were interviewed is neither of them were arrested or considered to be upright. A prisoner any time and as we said it
and sound like they were officially suspects and does sale as article that neither of them have a criminal record. But what is interesting is there saying we went back, reviewing all of the old information that we did have and because of this We see this in a lot of cases when they go cold and you hand two new investigators ago. All wait a second. This lead in this lead. These were potential leads that we do not believe were properly followed up on at that time, right, I know where to go at that time, So now we're going to talk to these two individuals and try to clear some things up, at least lead that they're following up further on, but we don't the nature of those interviews And we know that they weren't considered as far as the media knows, to be actual suspects, laws over there are different as well too, because, if you're accused of a sexual saw or rape
as a male. They do not use your name so, and I've thought about this just in the last couple of days, because There was some charges against possibly charges against the ufc fighter. Gregor that have never really hit the main. and media and america, but a lot of that is we're not clear if he was charged or not because they don't use Persons name saw in one sense. You think well, that's this country for protecting the males, but on some level maybe it's a way to to buy everything being a little more. closed down a little more controlled by the courts. its allowing for the female accusers or their female victims to be able to come forward, and
two way that they they feel more likely to come forward. If that makes any sense, I think where we need to go from from here captain is we need through what we introduced to everyone in the trailer, which is ireland's vanishing triangle- and I will. I do want to make a special, no hear about my research for these cases that were about to get into I relied quite a bit extensively in fact, on a book called missing, presumed by Alan Bailey, yeah come on here in that in the different documentaries and things their talk about that book. I'm I'm assuming this pretty well written something that we have yet to mention which goes along with the vanishing triangle. Is the Investigative initiative called operation trace so at the time
between one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, a significant number of women band and in a mile area outside of dublin and the lender area. and what became known as the vanishing triangle. Six of these cases are particularly well known, so let's take a brief look at these disappearances, which did begin with Annie mechanics, case. So, following her disappearance, we have the disappearance of jojo dollard on. november ninth one. Ninety five twenty one year old, Josephine known better as Joe Joe dollard went missing. She was away for us who lived with her sister in Callin, a small town in the county of kilkenny. That thursday night. she met with friends in dublin- quite a ways from home and plan,
turn home by bus. However, she missed the last bus and started hitchhiking which, as we said, was fairly common during this time. Her first to rides took her half way home to the town of motion, and I hope I have that right. Probably don't m o o n e, where she called a friend from a phone booth. there's a round midnight captain. She told her friend. Did she was hitching a ride and waiting for another ride to come along. Multiple witnesses later told the guy D, that she saw that they saw a young woman talking in the phone booth, but with the door open, and she still trying to thumb a ride, even though she's on the phone. apparently while she's on the phone with her friend she tells the friend hey hold on a minute. She's gone for about thirty seconds
for returning to the phone and saying to the friend, I have a lift. I'm off a witness driving by told police that she saw a car pull over near that phone booth and saw a woman get into a vehicle. Joe Joe dollar was never seen again. Guardy officer spoke with tee to drivers that picked up Joe Joe and drove her. You know as far that far that night, but again after that point, it's it's really a mystery. We also have seventeen year old sierra breen who went missing from Seaside town of dundalk and this is on february, thirteenth, nineteen. Ninety seven. Sierra's mother said that she and sierra went bed around midnight and when she got up about two in the morning, she noticed that her daughter was gone.
They found the latch to her window, it was unlocked the general thought here it is the opinion of her mother and the guardy was did it. some point in the night sierra I did to leave on her own and left. The window you know when out the window, leaving it unlocked so that whenever she was going to sneak back into the hole, She would have a weigh in she, too, never been seen since then, in august of nineteen. Ninety six in the town of tullamore Twenty five year old hairdresser named Fiona pender, went missing. She is reported to be seven months pregnant at the time of her disappearance. She his last seen an apartment Did she shared with her boyfriend John Thompson? He says left for work to go work on his family farm at six, a m- it was
this. She may have gone out ass, Sometime after he laughed but, but we I know is she is never seen again after this statement of John Thompson, saying hey, I left and she was. She was fine at the time a friend stopped by her apartment later that day, but curtains were drawn, so she assumed Fiona was asleep and you know nobody answers the door, her family report. Her missing this was not until the next day. Extensive searches and inquiries turned up nothing, we have a second fiona to go through as well here captain this is in february of nineteen. Ninety eight fiona Senate does here after leaving butlers pub in Wexford, she had recently suffered a break up with the father of her child
everyone says she was in good spirits and had social plans. She looked forward to this. According to her family that night, she met up with friends at the pub, and that closing time to walk a mile along country, roads to or home this is the last citing of vienna. She was not reported missing for ten days, her home that she was renting at the time provided no clues that I could find in any of the report I think the thought here captain is that she never made it back to her home that night right, in july of ninety eight still another mysterious disappearance. This was this is the tipping point. Okay you talked about earlier. All nobody should be hitchhiking. We all these missing. Women Here is the noise from the seventies, though
timeline yeah yeah different histories. We certainly learned our lesson. Unfortunately, here in the seventies, in the united states, but this is when hysteria is going to set in, at least in the sense of the the press. And in the media, for fears of a possible serial killer, comes about when we have the disappearance of an eighteen year old student teacher deirdre Jacob, as with Annie's kay Deirdre spent the day running errands in her home town. She was a new bridge thanks to cctv, footage is known that deirdre hit the bank at two thirty p m the post office ten minutes later and also went to the grocery store. She also visited her grandmother at the sweet shop she owned in town called. She called a friend from a phone kiosk and met some friends at a pub she was last
exchanging greetings with a neighbor accord, The one article quote neighbour saw her about two hundred yards from her home and then suddenly she was gone. She was stand, at the side of the road about to cross over the street, and then she was gone according to articles from the It was established that deirdre never made it to her front door never seen again, despite swift and massive official searches for her. her family has some kind of hope. It sounds that perhaps she ran off to start a new life. But of course they I know how unlikely this is in the book missing: presumed I Alan Bailey. He writes it was as if the earth had opened and swallowed her whole that's like,
every missing person case, though right like yeah a lot of them. It's almost like there's another dimension that they dislike into. well you're, hitting on something here that I wanted to really make sure that we pointed out with that of Annie's case. Okay, that's What we're spotlighting in these two episodes Annie's case yes have these other ones to consider, but with her case night ninety three? I feel like the problems, all the things that are problematic about her case and the investigation we wouldn't have those problems in twenty twenty there would have been a lot more cameras going on there. Cell phone ping, technology, Yeah cell phones? We would street cameras, business cameras. We might even have cameras on these buses and pointing out here is not so much so it's the correct, one of the timeline and her whereabouts along that timeline. We
we mentioned that a lot of those sightings whilst of them are very believable, they are a fish lee unconfirmed, so dont, don't know what time she went missing no don't know what account is the first false one right Hey. I saw her at the post office. wasn't week, we have other video evidence to that she never made it to that post office. We know something happened before right that potential site now. Are you take the pub for well with technology now or people constantly going places all this is a heavy tourist attraction. Guess what happens at heavy tourist attractions pictures are taken, and would there be a way with the three hundred and some people there taking pictures could week? Could we have got picture of Annie like in the background of a picture, to confirm that she
they made it to that pub yeah and in with all of these unexplained disappearances of young ladys anna Lot I mean these are low risk lifestyles that most of these, ladies, are living. That's when start seeing the headlines in the irish media that are going. It talk about a possible serial killer, preying on women in the area. Around Dublin. So we a bit of a media frenzy. Here with this now after deidra disappeared in nineteen. Ninety eight then gardy, commissioner pat byrne, established, operate and trace under an fbi trained assistant commissioner named John hickey to investigate possible links between. the original six cases the to vienna is Annie Joe Joe Sierra indira rain commissioner byrne believe that all six missing women
I had been murdered, although it was premature to suggest that the cases were in fact linked at one thing, I'm going to Here captain when we talk about this vanishing triangle or what kind of list how many victims we possibly have I've seen this list at with, as with as few as six victims who we just mention, it seems many common. That eight is the common number reported right, but I also seen this to include up to fifteen strange occurrences and two, them being murders that took place before Annie mccarrick went distant, went missing What I do want to point out, though again a seems. be the most common number one inch. Thing to me about that number. Eight is within a five year and four month time span we have eight women
who are all me within what a in years of one another all go missing and there. This is like no trace of them has ever found. They don't find a body. We talked about that in the trailer. How at some point they. bring up a reward that just results in into leading investigator. to an actual body right. You have missing persons, you have, you have some terrible tear. things working against you in your investigation, a murder it can be easier to investigate than a missing persons case, especially When you have the commissioner coming out saying, hey because there's been no activity, we believe that these eight missing women have been murdered. We don't know if there's a link between any of them, but the thing that they don't have the would have in a murder investigation. You don't have a body which which
and contain a lot of evidence illogically clues, a lotta leads you'll have a crime scene, you're really working against it right away and have you seen footage surrounding areas that took place in the searches, some of them. Yes, yes, I mean. There's some spots are so desolate and it's almost like the perfect grounds to be able to go. Oh hi to body or to bury a body, here's the other thing to we talked. We reference that term, the wick low area several times now and What we do know is when you look at when you look at lists that contain the fifteen that I had mentioned, They found some bodies in that wick in the wicklow. Mountains is what is often referred to as the more I kept reading about this captain. I started wondering like you know how like here, we say all the you know, like kind of kind of a
common dumping ground to hide bodies, be it even when they the crimes are perpetrated by by different individuals. is it like the place beyond the pines, where all the. everyone's kind of when you need a place. Dump body: this is where you go, but one thing that I think we see here and I'm I'm not going to- I don't want to miss- anybody it or take him down any roads that we don't have to go down, because we have a lot still to get to. there there's no part of me that believes all fifteen of these cases are, in fact, connected, there's. No part of me that believes all eight of these cases are, in fact, acted. There are yes, there are some similarities. However, we have in some of these cases where individuals close to the missing person to the victim have been suspect,
of being involved in their disappearance, where we don't That with Annie Annie's is a little more mysterious and part of that too, is she's not from there she's not from the area should not live there. Her whole life. She has it a shorter time span and a smaller circle of people, and yet she goes missing. and we don't have any clue as to where she is the captain? You have a lovely voice. Thank you for for singing that generally. Take me that long now, just you know like one take, me in the shower. I get a little higher
so I do want to mention here. Captain we talked about this book missing, presumed and really in this case, in these cases here, there's really nobody more qualified for this type of book, because Allen Bailey thirteen years as the nash, coordinator for the operation trace task force, the task force event. We came to the conclusion that there was no serial killer involved in a statement that we would see by bailey, told to thee, wick low voice newspaper in two thousand and fourteen he said quote in the end, we could name viable independent suspects in five of the cases. On the other hand, others believe that Annie mechanic, Diedre Jacob and Joe Joe dullard, are all linked in some form or fashion that it is
likely that one killer is responsible for those three disappearances right, gardy assistant, commissioner martin. Do who was the initial lead in the gator on Annie's case spoke with the irish times. I'll twenty years later. This is in two thousand and thirteen he said to her. The similarities between the cases of Annie, Joe Joe and deidre could not be ignored these, were he considered They all go missing around the same area around the sea in time of day. There was just too many possible similarities for him to to set that aside Now, though, I think we should get into some persons of interest who we know were considered in Annie's case first, this is a core.
To the april two thousand and nineteen university express article called ireland's vanishing triangle. We cited this article earlier. In fact, But they say that guardian originally focused on a man Annie knew this was based information gathered from one of her friends that Annie had a liaison with some one she had worked with. According to the friend Annie heads in this man on the saturday before her disappearance, she told her friend that she had quote. Let things get out of hand with him and just wanted to forget about the whole thing. Gardy question the man and blew apart the alibi he provided, which this of course is going to cast further suspicion. On him, you provide an alibi that doesn't seem to be true. After intense
The questioning the man admitted to the the interlude with Annie and told police. He had lied to hide from his girlfriend the fact that he was cheating with Annie duisburg. According to this article, the guardy took this at it's value and it looks like never- they never revisited this man in question now the book missing presumed also dismissed this man as a suspect. This leads us to Robert howard, an october of two thousand and five the baby, see news reported that the guardy investigating the missing women of the She try angle, had filed paperwork to interview, a convicted murderer named robber howard. He sixty one years old, known in the press as the werewolf howard's wreck its have been sealed, but had recently been open in the press. Determine that howard.
multiple convictions for rape, murder and child abuse. The files indicated that police in both ireland and england, suspected that howard may be linked to the disappearance of up to six women too. This is in particular, were being examined. To see of howard could be responsible. These were the cases of georgia dollars and Annie mechanic since being convicted in two thousand and three howard was served, a life sentence for the two thousand and one rape and murder of a fourteen year old girl in london. Her name is Hannah Williams. Her body was found two years after she went missing. Howard reportedly had up to twelve addresses in various parts of ireland throughout the 1990s. He was linked to a sexual attack on eighteen. Girl in dublin in nineteen ninety three, the same year that Annie vent. So this very
dangerous werewolf man is rapport or believe to possibly have been in the area. The same about the same time, the Annie goes: mess brain Here we have one that I know you you're going to like captain infect missions aid going to like, I think you do like it. This is the IRA. Hitman So in two thousand and nine hitman man, ok, I've a retired, detect, that's what I tabled it. It might be. You might notice some in two thousand and nine, a retired detective sergeant. Remember we have Alan bailey reveal that he had a very reliable source who told him what happened to Annie. He says this theory is explored in depth in his book now, according to bailey this me, and had been seen by the bouncer at johnny foxes paying for anti. So under this theory,
Annie was at johnny foxes at night with this man who happens to be a what what I'm calling a hitman he's a hit man for the west belfast brigade of the irish republic and army or irish listeners might work call that the ira was an extremist militant group which fought to end british rule of Ireland and ensure unification of the irish people under the democratic government. This supposed hitman had Add from murder charges in north ireland and was on the lamb in the republic of ireland living with some friends and a safe house near Johnny foxes according to bailey source, the hit man and and he got a little drunk and the hitman old, annie things he's not supposed to talk about so
This is talking about illegal activities and about his organization, might have talked about the murder charges well, when he realised that he had related secret information to her. He recognised that he needed to get rid of Annie. he either offered her a ride or otherwise lured her into his ford sierra while making sure that they were not seen leaving johnny foxes together after Annie and the hitman left in his vehicle. He says he strangled her and hid her body under some bushes. Where He told his colleagues what he had done with the safe house, yeah they they were don't I don't have information if it was the people at the safe house, but I think that's a safe assumption yeah. He said they work to help dispose of her body. More thoroughly somewhere in the wicklow mountains, where
would never be found. Yeah buried her. Apparently this IRA man later reportedly return. and to northern ireland, where it is believed that he may have committed a sexual assault to which he then fled to america. It seems the the last known place he was possibly living was in the state of texas right note that bright, but it wasn't that he fled that the IRA helped him leave Yeah, so to make that clear, this is a story, being told to Mr Bailey about what possibly happened to Annie that night yeah and what tough about this, and the reason why this makes a lot of sense to me is that you have another member of thy, the a coming forward, and basically saying hey by the way that was Annie and this guy
that was a part of the ira murdered her and we, the collective group of people, help covered up so by coming forward. You're, not you not just making the claim that again, we ve seen it and said cases where some eight comes forward and makes a claim against somebody else and maybe they're more involved than what they're stating but they're still involved. So you have somebody coming forward and not coming forward in the greatest of light. I got come forward and confess against this guy, but also have to confess I have to confess against myself, and on top of that, I have to confess against other individuals. That I know are horrible individuals like to know more details of this theory. That's where Added to Mr Bailey, because I think where fall short, we still have no body. There's there's. No one to lead us to wear Annie is IRAN,
there are some low. Yet this area, it's gonna, be hard for you too. remember? Unless you put it, a certain area based off of a certain landmark. You would it'd be very difficult, we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of acres that they could have buried her. I can get on board with that so, but the other problem is start. Looking up the ira and sexual assaults, I mean there's multiple individuals that rape, children, that they covered that up their sexual assaults they covered up. They were covered up murders but that should have been charged with crimes and they were having them now, they're sending them to america, so they want to have to face these criminal charges
and one of the things that I really do like about the eyewitness at the bar. Was he even states in his initial thing, okay, flat chest, we have a broad shoulders, a militant haircut, and I just think with that. I witness count with eye witness accounts. The percent newer, sore and line to put her on a bus that would put her in that area that some evidence that she's in that area and then, like I said, the other guy coming forward and then why does it it's gonna led to a dead end, anyways is the IRA is covering up all this nonsense that other members have been apart of and like I said to even explore some of these claims
I didn't see anything on the first five or six pages of google as you search because they're they're, showing all these other cases, that the IRA has covered up or or sent people away, so they couldn't be charged with crimes. It's horrible. so that leads us to a man. That's probably better known in this case, or these cases, and his knee is Larry murphy. Now, according to the irish american, which is a station and many other sources. There is a I suspect in Annie's disappearance, at least among the media. This is the convicted rapist, an attempted murder, Larry murphy age, thirty, five known in the press as the beast of bolting last, carbon, really bad names in this case he's a wealth. They refer two towns and villages cart he's a
carpenter and handyman at one time he was living in wicklow, county and two thousand and apparently had no criminal record when he abode, did and repeatedly raped a twenty eight year old woman who was walking alone in a parking lot. After closing down her business, he was stalking this one I watched her routines. He hid his car our near by so he wouldn't be seen on camera. He's waiting there for her and as she was to get into her vehicle. He shoved. Inside tighter up moved her shoes and drove to his car he transferred the victim to his trunk and drove off with her. He drove her to a remote forest road in the wick low mountains, where he is,
attacking her and raping her, and it looks like he's about to kill her the headlights of another vehicle suddenly shine on his vehicle inside we have two hunters. Their names are trevor moody and KEN Jones. They saw All that this woman is being attacked and they go Go to try to rescue the woman to which Larry fled The woman survived and was able to later describe him Furthermore, one of the hunters trevor new larry's name- it was somebody he knew it turned out that Larry had a history of violence toward women, including one whom he had tried to strangle. But these incident had never been reported. and trevor had encountered murphy in a pub just a week before this, where a female friend told trevor that murphy was frightening and creepy
when guardy showed up at murphy's home after the rape and attempted murder. His wife asked what was going on and the guardy risk to which I'm sorry murphy responds. I raped a girl ass. Larry was arrested, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years. However, he only served ten years and was released in two thousand and ten, moving around europe until he was inevitably recognized and then moving on he was living in the netherlands with another convicted rapists when the media tracked him down, and so he moved on again apparent sightings of him even false ones by residents of various small towns have caused near mass hysteria because of murphy's connection in eyes of the public to the missing women. It is believed that he is returned to ireland at some point in his living somewhere with his head down
and unbeknownst to his neighbors. Now murphy is considered be a very, very serious suspect for Annie's disappearance, as well as some of the others by the irish press, at least for a few reasons. One. It seems that he was living in the area at the time. Two. own motive was to adopt rape and a fixed date, young women walking alone in daytime committing his heinous acts. in the wicklow mountains, where it is believed it Annie, possibly was heading on that day in question, murphy fits the disk, Action of the man allegedly seen with Annie at the pub he has been described as having boy next door looks also marie he made some comments during his interrogation that betrayed the fact that he had likely done this before when being question.
About the young woman. He was eventually convicted of attacking. He says quote Well, she's alive, isn't she she was lucky this this almost giving off the impression like there might be others that have not gone away scenario where you have a bunch of people gone missing, stops yeah. So that's why a lot of people believe that he's connected to more these cases and, like you said I I think you can you say all eight are connected or all fifteen or connected. I think that would be irresponsible, but are a handful of them connected very possibly in his if he responds both for the navy three of these young very possible. It seems like he's a serious, serious aspect in the diedre deirdre case as well, or something like that
After many many years later, they found his phone number was. Believed to be in the possession of deirdre right at the time that she went missing. But of course you know you can't put these things together at the time. This was I figured out until much much later so he's a serious person, consider not only an annex, but in two other cases. well the fbi profile. I do say: Larry fit the the profile of the probable person ansible for possible. Even role of these unexplained disappearances. I do want to A step further, though, here because we say he resembles description of the man at at the pub. I don't believe so. We all say that he fits the the fbi profilers profile of the probable person,
both of those scenarios a lot of people fit both of those the description and the profile. But if you look at the sketch they made and you look at picture a picture of murphy, that's not the same person, not saying that the sketch is correct. I'm just saying I don't if I think, if you compare the sketch to a picture It's not the same guy. When this dude was in lock up the beach when he was in lockup Apparently he told some other guy that he did kill deirdre Jacob right that he lord her into his car and killed her, but I when a point out the guy, comes forward and says hey. He told me this. This is also another key convicted mark so I think it's easier to believe person on reddit who says the taxi cabs were not that common back Ninety ninety three in this area, then to believe somebody who we know has murdered somebody
it's a possibility. Sometimes these guys get locked up. They get behind bars and they start trading war stories so to speak and- and even in some ways living out a little bit of a fantasy by telling these stories or hearing these stories before We move on here captain. I think it's important to point out that our expert that we keep referring to and expert is the perfect word for gentlemen, Alan Bailey. He says he I was not agree that murphy be named as a suspect in all three of the cases that we keep referencing. This is Annie Deirdre and Joe Jos case. He told the wick a voice quo, it's dangerous to name him as a suspect. If we say that Larry murphy did this, then people tend to exclude other possibilities, and quote, I think, that's just. Responsible. I what he's not saying please do not here
but he's not saying what he's not saying is that he did. Murphy is not a suspect saying it's dangerous to say, he's a serial killer and we believe him to be responsible for x Y, z, right and then therefore, or were not doing our due diligence and we're we're automatic ruling out other possibilities, yeah and another person that has kind of been brought up in the spotlight as far as the missing girls, all or all fifteen. Is this guy mark hennessy, because he killed lady in similar fashion, justine valdez, and I believe he ended up there. Some people call it suicide by cop right because he was killed. He was of father of two and go out in the blaze of glory. He was found meeting these girls
on tender and but what happens is he looks pretty old but he's forty? So if you do that math at in nineteen. Ninety three he would have been fifteen if we believe that Annie this bar. If we believe that at all we have her being reported by syn with a guy, that's twenty late, cannons want easier, and yes, this guy he's forty and he's bald and and could been premature, bald, possibly but it's just one of those things that mark was in the news and it was a similar crime, and so then people to sell newspapers go well. We must bring this guy up and talk about the missing girls yeah, and I mean, if he's fifteen, that doesn't you know that doesn't rule inside the realm of of syria. killers- fifteen
certainly an age that that killing can start its. air, it's very rare, but I think we're I have a little bit of an issue with. It would be more so the fact of the like if he was responsible for Annie's disappearance and then he murders in two thousand and eighteen that there would have been other things that he would have done between that big entire- I got married and had two kids ass. Your man he's been busy with that right, but it's also weird
it's the outcome, it's almost like once he knew he was going to get caught. I can't live anymore. Take my life, and so some people point that to evidence that he killed more than one person. He was responsible for more things and that's why he wanted to die. I I just don't see it fitting and again. I can't rule out the fact that somebody else came forward to say we helped bury Annie's body and that really sticks with me as something like. I said you have to come forward and claim that you did something wrong and you're putting yourself in theirs. consequences for that, so if they would have done their due diligence, they would have followed this lead if they would have got the guy, maybe he's in america somewhere doing the same same shit for all. We know, but it's like if they would have got the guy that guy that came forward, he's going to get in trouble for some
two and that's why I put a little bit of weight onto what he says. I also put some way and to what the bouncer says, because I feel like there's a conviction and what he saying like I didn't, know, annie. Once I saw her that she went missing. I know that that's the girl. I saw that night but very adamant about it, he has not changed the story now one. We've seen multiple times in these types of cases, unfortunately, is what happens here. The mechanics divorced about five after their daughter, disappeared in ireland, Annie father John died, not too long after that, never knowing what became of his daughter, Nancy Mccarrick is sign to the idea that Annie is dead and She has spoken many times of wanting to have her daughter back at least a grave to visit. She told the irish son quote:
pretty sure I'll never see her again. My greatest wish would be to be able to take her home to find out what happened really would be a gift at this point and quote, and two and ten Nancy Mccarrick was awarded a death certificate for Annie after court proceedings. She brought to have daughter, legally declared dead. That same year, a friend and colleague of Annie Marisa mackle wrote an op ed piece for the herald newspaper about The release of Larry murphy, she writes of her horror that a rape an attempted murderer, a suspect in many abductions, someone who has refused any kind of therapy in prison and who express no remorse for his crimes was being allowed to go scot free. She laments. The Annie was confident and brash by was also naive and trusting often
home alone at night after her shift. She writes Annie told her of her life for ireland in her convictions that she that the law, the country was safer than her own. The irony did not escape the rider and too Twelve larry murphy appeared in a rare tv interview on irish tv. Three's show mid week he denied his involvement in any of the missing women cases and maintain that if the guard d had any evidence connecting him to the cases, he would have been around did the woman he raped, but who managed to escape thanks to the hunters. Invited those two men to her wedding two years later after her ordeal thanking them on her special For saving her life according to a write up,
or the irish tv show cracking crime. There is a common he held belief that any is buried somewhere either in the dublin area. Or wicklow. Mountains in may of two thousand and nineteen, and I don't know what, if anything, has come of this just yet captain. But I found this interesting and wanted to include it here. Last year the independent report the fbi profile or john douglas, reached out to the guard d to offer his help in solving the cases of the missing women. and again, we are stuck here all these years later, in Annie's case twenty seven, years later, and we have at least eight missing women, no bodies recovered and the the leads are short and the clues in the trail
I mean, these are all cold cases. By this point, do you have one area or one theory that you lean toward or suspect that you like? I know you reference. The The ira thing makes the most to me I mean organization, have organisations covering up for people and and again a guy coming forward that could then be charged with no tampering with evidence could be moving a corpse there. There's a lot of charges that he could have been brought up pawn and I know their systems different than I but just because he comes forwarding confesses that somebody else did. It doesn't mean that he wouldn't be charged with crime. And again it's us look up how many accusations they have been covering up. It's it's terrible
well, and I find that interesting, and I like that, because there is wait there, you know it the truth of that theory is it there? You know, be it just over a week this or somebody buddy implicating themselves as well as others at least that's something where, with everybody else, that's mentioned, it's pretty much speculation. There's there right, there's nothing carrying those theories any further or those suspects any further. Where, with with the ira thing, there is, I have something my thoughts. My suspicions are total speculation, but there's a problem, a big, big, big problem. I have with this time line and with some things that we know happened. Oh And if we use a little bit of our thinking caps here maude tight and try to
you're the thing out. I think it points in an in the opposite direction that the investigation went remember once we have witnesses that we think we saw her on a bus right so that rise, the investigation, all the way out to the indus, carry area and away from her town that she was living in the highly suspicious thing here is the gross raise. You know, she's she's a baker, she somebody that is good enough at baking, she's being paid by the restaurant to provide them with pies and baker and things like that- and I just think to my own life. All of those bridge rated items that would have been like priority number one for me. In that moment too, I go, I feel something happened to stop that process that she was going about. Her chores
errands for the day and something brutally interrupted all of that right and then possibly because who went missing people coming forward, saying they want to help and by coming forward it was the investigation away and, like you said, I think, there's evidence not just of the grocery store items, but the fact that she had clothes in the washer that didn't get to the dryer and the pie on the on the countertop. It all appears like she's in the middle of a bunch of things at her house where she could. safe and all of a sudden all of those things those action stop so either something drew her out of the apartment or something took her from that apartment and that really the cuts, this timeline in half that really means that that a lot of those things that were said to have occurred after the time that she came home did not occur, that those were not real, sightings,
It also doesn't mean that the IRA story is wrong. It could just despite a different person, but we don't have another account of a missing person that we know in the area. So here I go with with that thought. I want to take it a step further I would love to know the you know when we talk about these says, there's always like one person in there somewhere that you're like I wish I could sit down with that person and get their first hand account. So I can try. figure out, if I believe it to be truthful, are not right or if this person just trying to help, but they dont have great and for me I would love to talk to this colleague this person that summer knew her or maybe even knew her. Well, that says I saw her on a boss because, where I remember this is the point
that it says I saw her. But we didn't speak to one another right. They go on to say that the Annie was on the second level of the bus, this woman was on the first, she never sees Annie get off. getting off. Right nothing from that story is, did she see Annie get on the bus, because I start to call into question if Annie's on the second level and I'm on the first, what I have even seen her at all so that seems a little weird and where I want to take the system further, where my suspicion immediately goes, which I hope that when you have a cold case. As we said earlier, you go through. and you look for leads that were not properly followed up on the first lead that I all into major question here, and maybe it was followed up on. We just do not have enough information to say so, one way or the other. I question I'm suspicious of this plumber guy because
he is the one that says I saw her, leaving the complex well, his state might only be believable because later you're, believing she was seen at a bus, stop and then she was seen on a bus if we can prove that those others I didn't take place. Why is this guy saying that she left her apartment complex at this time, but she left willingly and left the pie on the counter wet clothes in the wash in in groceries. That require you're right, but the french arraignment him by drawing up floor right, but just because summer are leaving the complex doesn't mean she's, leaving then get on the bus to go on a hike. So again, his story could be completely true as well I'm not saying that. It's not I'm saying that that would be the first lead that I would want to follow up on, because there's a ass. He saying he saw her leave that complex because what he needs
it's for his alibi or to not be involved is that he knew the investigators to believe that there is a witness? It saw her leaving? her own via the will wonderland from that area, but one of the reasons why they leave the plumbers that we have the next. I witnessed same we solar, flagging, donna, a bus. So, I don't know again. I wonder fruit true, but I already pointed out that those are unconfirmed sightings seems. Like they believe those sightings to be real, or at least one of them, but again, if, if those sightings are incorrect, then that's what that really highlights the suspicion on this plumber guy because his story, comes believable because of those other later witnesses in the timeline. If we improve, prove that something happened to her before and she never even went to the bus stop. Then we got it
we got draw big circle around just that short time frame, it's just that. It's just like two hours that we have to call into question its of course, I think we both believe that when you look at all the missing women's cases that Fifteen of them are probably not connected. Eight of them are probably not connected, but a handful of them could be. I don't know of any falls into that scenario or not, I would argue not. But as far as like this murphy guy, what we have to do something with our system. We have to start looking at things differently. These individuals, these women, better, salted and raped there are living with scars for the rest of their life and were putting such small
if the penalties on these criminals- and we know that these criminals after they become a rapist, they're more likely to repeat their offense, and we we need to do something to change that and a n. I was watching that show. I series are unbelievable and they were saying you Rape is one of the only crimes that If you said, hey officer, I got my bike stolen they just assume you're telling the truth. It's The only crimes that so by then combats few and says all your raped, o re, you sure you're not making that up. They they want to do that. If you said my car got stolen, you sure your car got stolen, you know so we need to do
some things to change this and in one of the other things as I think, if, if man could feel the way women do and there was a threat to us- and there was a threat that I possible could get raped, leaving the house, then maybe men would take it more seriously and, like you said, when you have, they calm the beast and they just letter. Let him go I think that's ridiculous. When I don't want to get it. I dont know the ins and outs of the meaning of the poor system in ireland, but that option As far as here goes. What I can say that has changed in the years is an individual like that here would have served the full fifteen not got now after ten to get out early
to say never, because we have seen certain situations. You know everybody so proud of the fact that the text is very very harsh and strict on their prisoners, and they are very quick to put in a bead ramp it to get you to the execution as fast as possible. They. they have only to that, because they learn. the hard way they were letting out violent criminals in the seventies and in the eighties and nineties, because of their prayers, were over populated and its point they're they're, letting out the the guys that are. violent offenders and then at some point The prisons are still overcrowded and they were forced to let out violent, violent. Visuals some of them who were previous murderers, some who onto murder afterwards, so they learn the hard way, and now we have the taxes that we know and love today, huh
today. What I'm getting at is if this dude the beast, this terrible guy, who I do believe, is probably guilty of many more things. I don't know. He's responsible for Annie's disappearance, but I believe, he's of other horrible acts, this individual nowadays. Here, anyway, would not be let out until he served the full fifteen if he were to AL. It would be because he did try to rehabilitate himself by taking classes therapy, and so on and so forth, while he was prison for those fifteen years right, again, though, with an individual like this I'd like to bring up something that John Douglas told us, you can't really real ability, someone who has never been habilitation, in the first place The
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