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The. Hello, hello, hello, welcome to the garage, you know what that music is it's the door opening come on in the us, If my garage sound like that
permanent, so welcome back through the true crime garage come on in grab a seat grab of beer or beer this week is We have a harpoon. right ip, a good. Time beer If you will hobby happy very happy I haven't had a sip, yet I just got smacked in the tongue with hops against them. Apps on your on your mouth, so how's it goin on great So as always, I'm nick this is captain phantastico. We are coming to you well, probably not live because you're gonna be listening to this at another time, but the we are alive, we are living in the garage, as always with our. Here and with a new case for you. I want to thank everybody for listening from that for the first couple weeks as we build and put this thing together,
Hopefully we keep getting better and better the funny thing about this case, those I'm always planning to you about how pick cases that no, sir, or at least I've never heard of cause, I am not like you, you are. more interested in murders. I am I'm not. not interested in this high disregard audio. That's what I do it's a terrible hobby it, but I do like other things that are more normal, that the f b I will be coming to your house and my house, If be, I am pretty normal, I'm just a dork suit eyesore. I stay at home, a lot watch a lot of football and when football's not on, I start combing the internet for cold cases, but so I I googled April tinsley and one. The first thing that comes up with is one of the lesser known unsolved. Yet again it again with the lesser and well, I think it's, but
You gotta admit it's a fascinating case and I thought if you're in the indiana, area, the full, especially the fort wayne he added that it's a very won't well known case to them and hopefully by us putting it back out there. You know me we get those tips or anything that needed to him too? heat up this cold case one more time and I've done that a couple times where the media has gone and try to stir up some. you call it momentum and then americans most wanted. It twice over the geisha you up at an end. when they did they, they released some new information to which will get in all that. But how about we hit him with the hidden? What the trailer here we go.
The first nineteen eighty eight, the good friday, the little girl playing outside, is abducted in broad daylight. Three days later and twenty miles away, her body is found by a jogger in a rural area. Two years later, in the spring of nineteen. Ninety nine words from the killer appear on a barn door. These words keep getting darker each day. The two thousand and four the killer would taunt and terrorize the public again the case of April tinsley, the alright. So there you go now,
will fill in the details for your fan as a co. You gotta, do you get a part you prefer that I start. the beginning gotta begins a good place to start well. Thank you good, so as was mentioned, is the April tensely case the general breakdown of the day. This she went missing is its april, first nineteen, eighty eight good friday about three three thirty in the afternoon. This is presumably a day when there may have been no school. Usually I think most places have already started their spring break at point so she's an eight year old girl, magic. She either had school that day or had the day off for spring break outside playing with some friends, and it sounds to me. I've read a couple different accounts of it, but it sounds to me like she, I
was returning to her home and then decided she had to go back to the friends house to get an umbrella that was left there, or maybe she was returning to her home to fetch an umbrella right. If a friend well- and I witness would later say that the was last seen being pulled into a vehicle by an unknown man by an unknown white man who appear to be in his twenties or thirties. Now is the sketch than they did. I think so yeah there there there's a sketch that they have on the internet and it's it. I've looked up this case a couple of times, because it is it's an older case. I mean as we're going to put that sketch be a picture on our website. So they can. This goods website and then said. Down to this case
and we're. Can we constructing a website by the time this episodes released? We very well could have it be done by them and we will. We will give you that web address If anybody would like to contact us for any reason for show ideas or comments on the show or let us know how much aid us they could. Just com major, they could call his pager bonn real quickly at org, or you could send me an email at unsolved and ohio at ya dot. Com Ok, so April is last seen being drug into a vehicle by an unknown subjects, and I've heard again different accounts, but it sounds like it was a a probably a truck, a pickup truck the dark ford, pickup truck by a guidance in his twenties or thirties. I think-
and we will see this later on in this case, because there's there's more than just more to this guy? I think thin, thin somebody that just woke you don't just wake up one day and say: hey, I'm gonna go abduct a girl. I think this is planned out. I dont know if she was being watched, there's some people to speculate that she was there's other people to speculate, that it was just a crime of paternity yeah. It's all based. I think how you look at it, because you can look at it as You can make it very simple, opportunists case than this. eyes, passing this girl- that's walking either too. We're friends house, because the one things I read. It said she was gonna go except the umbrella for from our friends house, but never made it friends house, so it could
B, something where guys driving along seizes girl there's the opportunity. Then egos goes action what gets interesting. I want to jump to far ahead, but basically, a decade later there are starts becoming some signs. notes some things left and that's where it gets interesting. But now, if you just cut it off, they prefer when she goes missing, they find her on April. Fourth but it should be noted that her mother reported her missing like an hour after after she, she last seen her, so it was reported very quickly right so You know sometimes people speculate with with parents being involved it with the
you know, demise of their children or whatever. I don't think that's the case here web you dots, that's unheard of when when a mother or father is reporting the incident this early in this. I witness only came up with the oh. I saw her being drug into a truck. believe it was after she had told police that, after the No after she was reported missing so not too long after, but then and I wanna play mr scepticism. But you find out a girl goes missing and people report false stuff organs on some people were weird and they want to be involved in a case right, so they just go out. Well, you know what I did see this guy, they never said April. I saw guy drab dragging a girl. There was this, girl, that kind of fit her description,
but which is weird though, to because it must have been a child? I wonder if it was a child that reported that, because you would say an adult would immediately notify somebody. I mean, if I could be a kid that this you know once they heard it on the news there. Like hey Mom dad I actually saw this they normally so so three days later, as you were saying April, fourth, she's fine and about twenty miles away, in the north eastern part, of indiana. This is like a year country kind of area, She's found dead. By a jogger Whose jogging in the area- and this is very rural area- almost like a detour field but she was. I didn't see my shoes
covered up or anything is pretty out an open yeah. There is almost no attempt to hide the body, and I think there picture online and I dont know if you'd just Google April tensely than theirs picture of a girl on the side of the road. But I don't know if that's an actual picture of her. I try to follow when you see the picture, you can kind of follow the link, but it wasn't actually taking me anywhere. So I don't know of that, but I'll throw that picture up on the website as well. So you don't have to go fishing, Google all the time for it. So but the interesting thing here. You know if she were if there was. very little you know like you said, it doesn't appear that she was too. to be a hidden or anything like that, so you have to wonder is
You know three days later good friday, saturday, sunday, monday, okay, so she's found on Monday April, fourth by a jogger. Now is this a jogger that only jogs monday through friday during the work week or is or Did this same jogger go the same path the day before, and there was nothing that right You would notice from at least a picture I saw and then just a police. Caption was that she wasn't there was no evidence of her trying to be like head. Whereof like yours, even think about the road and if you just go five feet off the road or ten feet of the road. That's it way, more of an effort which then, You think the guy's, a traveller, the guy. that's a crime on his way to wherever drops the body off
I know I'm becoming mister. What if, but well, I actually and will get into this later, but I I have a suspicion that he's not a tray of traveller, a lot of people I've read some people- speculation on this case, where they they think could be a traveling salesman, nor truck driver or yeah truck driver or theirs. I guess there's train tracks near. There's train tracks in the fort wayne area and there's also train tracks in the area where her body was dumped and people speculated? You know their seasonal workers that come to work on those train tracks to repair or more maintenance them or whatever that it could be somebody that was in that line of work, I could see may be that some one that that the does travel to the area, often
that's only way: you're talkin meeting and to a a traveling man type situation and in will go into. I think that later, but let's, let's discuss what. if anything they did Joe the day, she's abducted and the day that she's found that reveal anything about the suspect to us. I I think the interesting thing here is she's. Acting on a holiday there is also a major holiday that occurs the day before she's dumped or found Ok, so you have good friday and then you have easter on sunday and then found Monday morning, if If, for whatever reason, we can think that bob- it favours been listened to the show they can tell that we don't know how and by what if we can think well if, if that, if
It leads us to believe that she was dumped sometime after midnight. Easter sunday before this jogger found her in the morning fly speculation though you would you would Thank you would want to. You would want it pulled. Body at your vehicle and lay it on the side of the road after it under cover of night would be, speculation, what I, but what I wonder about is: does this tell us anything about the person that took her too. This person, as I said earlier, didn't just wake up that morning and was driving around and decided. Oh, maybe possible possible. I think after view this case into forms either go with you that was just random or you go with the theory that there was some kind of plan I think there is a plan. here's why it makes more sense is random, though this girl, like she was walking home from school.
and there would be a pattern that somebody would constantly you may like. You know The school gets out at this time and then all these people walk from the school to their houses. Ok, that's more clay to be planned, not when a girl is, home Decides that she's going to visit a friend germs Well, when I say I think this was planned, I dont think it was planned with her speech. Finally as the target. Ok, I think was planned as in this is in opportunity this this time period presents an opportunity to me where I we have more alone time or more free time than usual. and this is something I've been thinking about, doing Maybe I'll go out trolling looking for a possible victim. and the reason why bring that up is people people. Travel for easter, ok well
if I'm some weird pervert guy that's been To do something, dear sir, or forced myself upon a child, but at what married well. That presents a big problem, because this is something that you need to do and in an area that you're you're, not you know people. Are gonna, see you, you don't want people to know that you're doing this right does my does my wife have to travel, to see. Family, but I can't go for some reason or am I or does my occupation? Allow me to have more free time during this time, because, because I'm off work, because maybe I'm a teacher and I'm off work like like she's off of school, it almost seems to me like if this is something that you ve been thinking about, doing and been pining to do for a long time. sounds horrible, but wouldn't you want to enjoy it you want to. It almost seems like the
tension was to take somebody and keep them for a little bit of time. I I wish Somebody could tell us if. When they speculate that shoe expired after being taken. Yeah I find that I couldn't find it anywhere either and I in it's a big difference. If They think that she died at friday or if they think she was kept for a couple of days cause. If he, if she died on the friday, then it would just be kind of soon that he's looking for a place to drop her of it, so she's found in its clear that day They knew that she was raped. They knew that she was suffocated, that's how she passed away and later they don't tell us this at the the beginning of the investigation because you know they got hold onto some things, but
Much later it's revealed in its went. I believe it's the second time that America's most wanted featured the case. It's revealed that a sec object was found with the body. the dna was found either on the body or you know, or both. I imagine on the body and. I believed I read too that the girl was dressed that they breathe. Appeared to have been drastic and before being left there The sex object also points out a couple thanks to me because I've heard some people speculate that this could be sixteen year old boy could have done the done this. But nobody in specific either. Not I do don't have it, but it's just speculation, maybe they're profiling. Maybe it was a sixteen or seventeen year old boy. Why have a bit of a problem with that? It
you have to buy these things at an eighteen year old in up store and they can still on you? Could you could steal and but but most probability, points to some one of age to that have purchase something like that. If it's its male, why would he be buying it was? It was that is what was found in which again, if and very weird to me that it was a deal I mean I don't Me I any of these things, but certainly eighteen or ninety, I dont know that I would have the confidence or the guts. Go into a storm purchase one of those things so this old most points out to me that this is somebody that had this object with the purpose of using it. For this particular reason again. If you go back to steal it from our friends, sister or friends, something which is a possibility, but I also believe that it points out that somebody, that's probably as Person this eyewitness had said somebody.
Twenties or their thirties. I feel If somebody in there. Probably there made twenties too late, twenties you think at some point, once the evidence came out that here we have this object, they had the actual option that maybe then, if it was stolen that summit would say we are actually that I had one of those that was stolen and we thought it was this boy Earl It it's a you can find it on the internet if you want to, but that does not yeah, I'm not posting that we're not put that on the site, but that, but the object that we're talking about is kind of a crude looking thing. And it makes you really feel more bad for for the girl and her family, and but so what What ends up happening later is two years from then they
feature that the newspaper, the local newspaper fee, there's the case again to kind of bring it up well about em. sweet to two months after they feature the case again. This this boy he comes forward. And he says boy. I found this this scrawled onto the site of of of our bar in this barn is closer is two years later. It was. It was two years later for the for the barn and he had that. Look up that pedro, quick cause that doesn't sound right to me, but I just want to make sure We went over this out. There actually will be a picture of this yeah. This is this is from the f b I's web, so the f b, I are released.
basically a timeline. So it's it's a map and what it does is it showed you where she was abducted and fort wayne. Says you were the body was recovered yeah man you're right I don't was off another so then, He said two years later, there's a barn note and there's a picture the bar no and will put that picture as well. on the website that, happened. Ninety ninety so go on yet which is it and a lot of people, wonder if the if featuring that case again in the newspaper kind of probe, thee killer to come out and scrawl this no on the side of the the barn so. The boy says that I I saw this this.
What am I really like? A barn door that looks like it was corroborate. Yeah group, it appears to be like a white or grey barn, He said that he noticed the words but didn't read them, and and over the course of three days they seem to keep getting darker. I've heard that. The thought is that the that the person coming back in writing over top of their old writing, because they didn't want either we're getting the results they wanted by the you know when they get up there and they start writing on it and they're. Like oh shoot, I brought the wrong material for this. You know it It's been said that that the That is three layers: the mary bottom layer appears to be pencil than this lead layer, is black crown crayon And then the third layer appears to be black permanent marker also was actually com
it was not carved it was it was then the poorer and looks is so crude that it can. I looks like it was carved by a knife some right in that that you get that image from that, because that's where the guy kept coming back in writing over top of what he wrote before. and there's some misspelled things and there, if you can, if you I find those on a board up, and course my It is not working, it basically says I killed I think you might have just put kill. I kill em an rape April Marie tensely. And I will kill again bait. That's near them. What I remember so Yes, as I kill eight And looks like it says year like, he's trying to say eight year old, but it's what's happening is when I pose the picture. You will see this better, but
so it's a barn door, but you get the panels to see I kill a year, but he what's that are on the other side can it looks like I can yea, but is you're, a euro old, but on the d is so crude, it is actually Oh, how it looks like a sex Then this says April malone April is actually spoke correct on this one april, Marie. now and then miss spells the last year, is so it's it's. timidly, but spells it without the insults see I s. AL you buy
let me finish princess. I will kill again it doesnt here, so you can see here. See when I'm looking at but the hour I'll post this picture on the website, yeah it it looks like he misspelled again where he looked like he, he spelled, it almost looks, looks like he's puts eileen yeah. It almost reads I killing, but it, but I believe he is trying to put. I will kill again and then There might even be a ha ha. I believe seen a picture, you see the h in the that on the other door Ok, it's like larger much larger writing any in two thousand and four they finding notes writ On and on, yellow lined paper, yes an hour we're talking about fourteen years difference and that's where it gets pretty fast
for me that is a guy said in that and the intro is basically you know when you put this case. Let me start research in it once you find out that there is now notes being left ten years later, tenant clementine, please that's the device sick ten years later. Oh yeah you sixteen years later, but fourteen years of any activity. Basically, if, if the, if it's connected Well, let's get into that, is it connect the ok so. There is information that comes out in two thousand and four. After that information comes out the fbi I and the fort wayne police department announced that the. The writer of the barn note founded
nineteen, ninety nine nineteen. Ninety, the same person that killed April tensely now, they don't say why. So we speculate. How could they come to their conclusion?. My theories are. either dna was left at the barn that matches the. found on her or Maybe there was a note left with the body. you know they waited years to tell us about the sap sex object right. Maybe maybe they ve never disclosed that there was a note that maybe reads the exact same there for whatever reason they definitively believed that them, the author of the the crawling on the barn is the same. Is the killer from nineteen a so now. Let's into the stuff, the can in two thousand, and four So over the period of a few days and eight, every
I could find it couldn't find actual dates for any of the things in two thousand and four. I could find with spring time. Yes, four things are gonna be laughed. so there's gonna be a know about Single basket and no on a bicycle, a note and a mail box and a note on another bicycle. So now, but all of these bicycles are clearly young girls, bicycles, they're, not they're, not ten speeds or a boy's bike they're. All a young girls bicycle, and I wonder if maybe it no or maybe they do know that if she was visiting her friend was A bike to visit a friend I dont know that she was. I don't know that she was on a bicycle. I dont think that she was what, when I
link. The notes on the girls bicycle points out to me is the he. I think he knew price. To showing up with those notes that little girls lived at that house so it's, moreover, I am drop in this as not only a time, but the threat and the Note that was found in a mail box, a little girl There is well ok, so it's they don't seem to be. Totally random. I have one of em. You only read one of the new year go and relaunch, and in from from what I have heard is they're all pretty similar. The fbi only released one of the notes, but there pretty similar. They were all found inside zip block bags, written on yellow lined paper.
This one does it have any lines on it, but like yours, telling me earlier that year, tend to just print the handwriting on in black. Over a white piece of paper on these websites to help I d five, the handwriting. They cannot take the lines out of the paper in the color of the paper so that handwritings really well defined. Ok, so this one reads: I honey been watching you. I am the same person that kidnapped. And rape and it's ok. So it's napped and adds a in russia. Anne and right and then again a and killed.
ro. Tensely April spelled wrong, spelled aid. R o. El Intensely is spelled, as well. The act is here spells tensely. De, I am s l. Why so? You reverses their ellen, you are my next. He's trying to say victim, buddy really miss spells victim yeah and if you don't report this to the police and because its again in an I don't see this in the past. or tomorrow or on Local news. Something I will blow up, you.
I think, he's trying to say I will blow up your house yeah. This is, and it is very clear on the? U and then he goes on to say something but killing everyone, but you will be mine, you know so that the girl will still be alive and he'll take her is what he's implying- and it is sounds like we're stumbling to read these, but when you see them online, you can look at look them up. They're all over the internet, f b, I dot gov has them youtube, shows them The fort wayne police department website shows something samples and samples of these letters we're stumbling to read these, because we can only read them as good as he wrote them. They are very poorly written there crude. Britain, there misspelled theirs. many grammatical errors now, but I want to point out something. There is something you couldn't figure out there where he said
If I don't see this in tomorrow's paper or on the local news. Then you couldn't figure out what he rode after that it. here's to me that he wrote a zero seven. If I see this on the local news: zero, seven. my guess, I did a little research. My guess is dead. There is a big. There is a big network, out of date, no high, which on the western side of the state which the closest major city too the state of Indiana. These took power. is all this took takes place on the eastern side of indiana. there's a channel seven news out of no higher? I thought he's trying to say if I dont see this on the local news channel, seven, zero, seven, so speculate that this person live within the viewing area of that channel.
which carries into Indiana yeah. Are they people in that you now throw off. Please write. And in again police and fbi speculate that their these crimes echo error. Spelling errors are purpose you don t, try to throw people off from figuring out. identity of the person. Regarding the letters and how their written. I've heard some people say that they speculate that the person could have taken the pieces of burn turn them upside down to write. in that would be Clear writing the letter backwards, which my explain while some, why sometimes he's kind of jumping a letter or skipping a letter You can also see that he's written over top of a incorrect. It himself at times so that makes sense to me. I don't think that's the case. I've also,
heard that maybe he is right handed in he's. Writing it with his left hand, or left handed writing it with his right hand to purposely so you identify his handwriting think that's the case either it might be, but thing. I've noticed with a couple of the letters in particular the letter. P is used a lot because he's he's reminding us that he kidnapped this girl the letter p is weird to me, because I don't know how you write the letter p, I don't like most people write it, but it's he right at different differently than I racket. His His pencil does not leave the paper from the top he starts. The letter p to the timing, finishes it so. does is he's he's taking the pencil or pen and going straight down.
Make the line of the p a straight line of the peat and then pulling it back up in like a looping motion, and then he finished but the circle of the p. So pencil never leaves the paper which I dont know. If you will take a piece of paper right down the letter, peeve real, quick to see how you write it, but that's not how I write it. So I think that's a little bit of a telling. Oh, it's weird is. So, if you look at these words. on kidnapped. He does that. There's a looping p and then he does kidnapped and rape now on rate, Turn that ways not looped it. Now it's definitely there's no loop but you could see where maybe you wanna actually pull the pencil up. Then, if you look at paper on the first p is done how I do it and then, one has the loop in it. He also puts
loop, sometimes in the lower lowercase. Are that happens a couple? in his ease his the lower ease that the pencil again does not leave the paper where he he he starts off. and the centre, any he he doesn't make a straight line in canada, makes almost a circle and circles back around to finnish out the bottom portion of the lower casey. So that to me was seemed strange, I dont know how most people right, but that he doesn't right the same way. I write so that kind of stood out, but here's one thing that I found that I know you'll find in arresting some people say that his notes, resemble that of the zodiacs and here's a little visual, for you are ass. The listeners can't see it, but you can find that if you dig deep enough on the other than on the website as well
it might be the case. I I I think anybody to say to go as far to say that this guy is the same guy is the zodiac. Would be a huge stretch is a completely different part of the country. It's many years later. It would make the purse if, if the person there comparing the case as well right and if the, if, if I witness is correct that the the male subject that he or she saw was in his twenties or thirty's. That would kim like. Eight or nine at the time of of some of the earlier zodiac, but what's interest? on the high honey pussy two hours. He messed up like he, he corrects himself, but the o is position on age, where almost absolute, the zodiac sign Well, in so all for these letters, the
did we say we said already that that three of them were found on bicycles. One was founded a mailbox correct. So There were other items with these notes and that's how the f b I knows that it's the same guy. So this is little disgusting, but with couple of these notes he also had, used cars, so they found dna with a couple of these notes and compared to the dna that they found from the crime scene, the dump site, it's the same dna we one of the notes There were a couple of polaroid pictures, and one of them in particular, I dont know they dont describe all of them, but one described as the were portion of a male body in its nude lays down
so they know that the suspect is white from that picture, and. They can see a bed spread in the background of the picture, and one thing: the police did that I thought was really smart and interacting if you, if you see this paisley. patterned budget beds at its like a blue green. Almost I didn't pick up on this right away, but they I found out They went to a lot of local hotels and to check Bedspread there, because they, it appeared to them to be something that would be typical of a cheap hotel and pretty, and as soon as I heard that I thought that's that's right. That's the way thing looks to me: doesn't look like something from somebody's homer so some tidbits there, that they ve thrown out to everybody to be on the look out. You know this is somebody that
think knows the area well because they thought all these letters were if it was predetermined where they were gonna leave these letters they and one thing I speculate. I almost wonder if this guy, need to witness the. The intended little girl finding the letter- I am I could almost see him getting some kind of kick out of, Add of seeing the shock on the face of this little girl or north sea her reaction to to finding these disturbing things, whether be nude photos of himself condom whatever, but he also the letters were in ziploc bags, so and he's fully intending on people finding these letters. He doesn't want him to be destroyed by the weather. The ringing law all the letters or outside it set for them mailbox.
right there, one in the mailbox was actually discovered by the male man But it had dna with it as well, but As we said earlier, There was a little girl that lived at that residents so can it almost seemed predator. you can't rule out the fact that this again. A guy could be say a truck driver. Neither stoppin fort wayne, and then the guy has a lay over every time. So he is day of doing nothing, and then he scouts the area. You know if You're in a town. A full day. Every I through every couple weeks, that's enough time to scam area. So I want to exclude the traveller theory while some I've also heard mention. Then I mean we're talking about a hotel, get yeah yeah that Points to towards a traveller
points to somebody that has a family home and needs right needs. Privacy did to do these disturbing things It's also been suggested that maybe he's a utilities worker somebody that outside often driving around often they would be in area for a little bit of time in a neighborhood prepare rip, repairing telephone lines or or You know any different type of utility of electors agenda delivery, gaming, p s. and they wonder if that allowed him, the ability to go on noticed when delivering these letters and adopting the girl, yet whether he works for the telephone company or your to see those trucks on the street and the guy pulls up drowsily willis, talk a little bit about the sketch drawing
the initial sketch drawing yeah going again. Is pretty interesting. We're talking earlier. The dna What they did was this company, The dna your dna has a map, so can kind of tell you how the from features of a face work. So basically can pull dna evidence out and which they did from this case, and then they created the pot sketch Applause, drawing yeah based on the dna that now the Then I saw you tube woods I can well older video was I actually had the rapporteur at the time, take a drink from her bottle and then they took. her dna and then to the sketch. And the girl, the kind I wasn't gonna that close
world dies her hair blonde. She looks like she's natural blonde, but the sketch brown. She is, in fact unnatural brunette but she had that the rapporteur has these very. I'd say like a dominant feature of cheek bones and that did not show up in their drawing so that's why I'm gonna go okinawa? We you took evidence of this bottle, and then he made a sketch and this girl. Doesn't it Eighty per cent, looks like her. Well, I think, there's things they were. They were calling it at the time snapshot. Dna like we can do a snapshot of your dna and figure out what you kind of look like I don't think we can put much weight in to what they speculate, that his actual face looks like like what you're just saying with the rapporteur
but one thing that I think that we can figure out is okay, so there this dna they're saying came from some one that has hazel or green eyes, not brown, not blue. This and his fair skinned their of european descent, ancestry above and. Fair skin, maybe freckles and light, brown hair took to brown hair again is browned black, yet. and they think they can also see some of that, though, from the photos as well, I mean you, can you can see them the light colored hair on the legs of of this person that took the pictures, an older sketch. It was done a long time ago by sir to nineteen, eighty eight from thy witness accounts
I've seen on the internet where people say well that that sketch looks a lot like the east area rapist. This was again from California also known as the original night stocker or more recently has been called the golden state killer. and some people even speculate that those three people were different people they're, not one and the same picture does look like, a composite drawling of of one of those perpetrators. However, again. Just like with the zodiac the time I cannot forget, it just doesn't fit if it's a little like ten a little, Like some ted Bundy cooper, drawings too. We all know tat was was gone by that time, but tat he was certainly at least locked up, if not already executed, but
Yes, the picture does look the same, as is the golden state killer or the east area rapist, but again like the zodiac, the timelines or it would if this person was thirty, saves thirty in nineteen eighty eight for him to be. in california committing the crimes that they think could be linked. would make him like a ban on that Those crimes happened in seventy force of fourteen years earlier. What he sixteen not not impossible, but I think that they have dna in those cases and they would be able to. We got to keep in mind here. They have the dna. So what does that tell us? They tell us that tells us right away. This is not buddy that is linked to something else. If if he has done other things of this nature than he is if no dna at those sites, so any any crime or any specks that did other crimes that left dna.
the dna is not the same. So it's not the same people unless this is the far ok, so that the first sketch to me when I went and was watching on you to theirs, small, maybe a minute and a half video of your talking about new Europe's new leads common in the uncle is talk in talking, talks very elegant from very almost kid like which then It's a stretch but then The letters are very kid like very crude. I would hated tis to evens through oh anything out there like there, but there is some resemblance yeah and primarily its there's, this very dominate, chin and sketch, and
he has that and that- and this is like as a purely speculation deserve. Random theory. I think any time that you're looking up any of these cases, one of the fun things tat, do fine, but what happens to me is something happens is colleague when some they saw the K list back to the zodiac the. What basically, when these people are, comparing these letters to the zodiac letters there comparing K, ok, so If we get a hundred people write a k, a lot of them we're going, have similar features. So some of us Just popped in their head, just random thought I I don't like to dismiss those, that easy. So I see the sketch I see the interview ago, while those guys look similar Well then, the dna sketch to me the
how they took the d sketch and they did their computer rise. Image to me, looks. Ah similar to a younger at edwards yet again these these ideas or just random thoughts that part and my head there wasn't like. I have much information, weapons. It will most certainly cover at edwards at some point because it's a case that unite gus many times, but that. I didn't see the same, or the resemblance doesn't mean that it is not there and mean Like I said these are this: these are conclusions. I came to this kind of as I'm research it as I'm. Looking up the pictures, all this picture, pops up and I thought What I thought was interesting as if you take the original sketch and then you take,
what the dna came out with. They looked totally different people will again with ETA edward. So so of his crimes that they. Victor him of they found dna so again, they would be able to link his dna to this war. One the problems within edwards with anything was the idea that All of them are leaps and all of them, and then here's how you connect added Words to every case was trying to set somebody else up right right but again in the ones crimes he was convicted of, most of whom they had his dna right. But that's not to say that this provision in ok. So he leaves dna at the crime scene and then sixteen years later, he leaves dna again but didn't you didn't you?
cup the edwards time line in it it didn't yeah. If you go to the cameron called case. whole time line of all these things with what I'm saying. That's what makes the whole at edward stuff hard to believe is well the reason why it point to this other person strongly. In almost every case, is because that's what he wanted you to think. and if that, if all that was true than his, maybe one the smartest criminals ever, but on So those are dislike random What's that kind of popped into my head, just that they I thought were interesting like us that there is now a lot of weight to it. So. she should we go over the fbi profile yeah. I may we
much covered everything so far. Everything that we looked at. we went. We went through skin tone, we went through. I. Color, hair, color age, random, lots, thats here some other things at the fbi has said to in there behavior profile of this unknown man, their labeling him as a preferential sex child sex offender, someone who who would show and unhealthy interest and young girls and who is, is from as comfortable with the north east fort wayne area so what they mean by preferential child sex offender is somebody like that may kidnap and kill once they don't We have the tendencies to do it again that not something they have to continually do they also go on to say that this is someone that
probably owned ape a pickup truck around the time of the eighty eight action of intensely, and they also speculated that at some point that they own. or borrowed a truck pickup truck the had a webcam a cowboy camper in the back. They got the small camper that would look the same. Color is the vehicle again. that points, to maybe a traveling guy. I'm assuming somebody saw that in the area at the the time of the notes or the abduction Also, this is somebody the owner borrowed or is known to have a polaroid camera two thousand for if we can we can make the leap and assume that these pictures were taken close the time that they were delivered in two thousand and four polaroid cameras and polaroid film was not common.
You didn't find that in every household or the old picture, yeah well, I think that the fbi was able to trace the film that see when I was actually David. It was that the furthest did they couldn't find out where the film was sold, but could find out that it was warehouse at in a new jersey. Warehouse in like two thousand and two or two thousand and three. So this is not particularly old, fell. that's their profile. I would like to go ahead and throw in a couple more things on this, so real quick of my own to sense. If you allow me, I think I do this is somebody that that probably lived in the channel seven viewing area I know I said that earlier, but I really firmly believe that I, I really believe that this guy likes see.
his case, his secret in the paper and on the news I think that's has helped him to not do this again, I all I think that there are a couple people there is at least one person out there. That knows who this guy is that thinks that suspects, this guy of having done this crime, but there's some off There's something missing in the profile or there's something in there. That is wrong, that this power, and can't fool we commit come forward and say hey this guy. I think did this. I think- and what I think that is, I think that age, the just too broad I think, when you say somebody in their twenties or thirty's. Well, you know asked forward now there in their fifties, you go well. There is a lot of people in their twenties and thirties at that time, or maybe he wasn't actually. Maybe he was eighteen. Maybe he was thirty five you know maybe use forty at. I believe the second airing of mercosur
what's it like spawn another hundred and sixty like credible tat. So I think that's one of the things that's kind of like a bonus of the show, is it kind of takes this case, some may be put in the spotlight again, and maybe it hits the right persons ears and I also want to go a step further to say that I believe that this person is guilty of sex six with a minor before the action of eighty eight. I think I think that some of it, or or suspected it right. I think that I think that this person what might even be guilty of incest or at a younger age of like twelve, Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen engaging in and acts with much. Younger girls weather maybe from the neighbourhood or whatever. I think that their people,
particularly ladys. What be a wife, a sister cousin friend, Somebody suspects the sky of doing this. And for whatever reason there not coming forward. All so I think there were up the show for this week. We will have that website for you and, like I said, if anybody wants to give us show ideas, you can send those to answer in ohio at yahoo. Dot com that's unsolved. I am Oh H, io at yahoo dot com What the website will be available, so You can do goods. The website will have the pictures there are treated, a couple, the youtube videos as well, and also, if you have any questions or comments, leave him there. There will be little section underneath the rope
doing so, and we ve also got some request for some products: we don't know what those will be yet, but we are definitely. king the tyres on on that. So we ve heard your request, and we are working on honouring those requests. So thanks for joining us in the garage for one more time, we will see you again next week. Same play same time have a good week.
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