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Arthur Shawcross /// The Genesee River Killer /// 198

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Arthur Shawcross /// The Genesee River Killer

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Episode 198 - Arthur Shawcross, the monster often referred to as “the worst serial killer, you’ve never heard of”. That may not be the case as Shawcross came from one of New York state’s more populated cities. This man was a convicted child killer set free by the state to kill again. During his time in prison Shawcross allowed members of the media to interview him on several occasions. Shawcross also had several pen pals that he wrote to often. This week we discuss the life and murders committed by “The Genesee River Killer” and speak with one of his pen pals, John Paul Fey. John is the co-author of the soon to be best seller “The Shawcross Letters”Beer of the Week - Genesee BeerGarage Grade - 3 out of 5 bottle caps

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The people on the outside do not know what evil is a quote by serial killer, arthur J, shawcross, f b, I criminal all adjust in former army criminal investigator colonel Robert K, ressler coined the term serial killer. This term was used to separate them from spree killers. Ass murders, as defined by the fbi, a serial killer, murders, two or more victims as separate types murder,
is one of the most complicated and difficult crimes the solve. Often there are only two witnesses present when a murder is committed and usually neither witnesses talking, because one is the offender and the other is dead. According to a study conducted in the nineteen nineties, sixty two percent of the time, the victim of a serial murder is a complete stranger and, as we know, stranger on stranger, murders are extremely difficult to solve. At one time, arthur J shall cross was reported to be the most studied serial killer of his day,
interviewed extensively by local law enforcement, the fbi and dozens of psychologists. Yet no one could say for certain why Shaw cross had committed the atrocities. We know him to be guilty of some wonder if Shaw cross himself knew the reasons why there is little doubt that he was truly evil. This week we take an in depth, look into the life of one man and those around him and examine how one little baby boy grows up to become known as the monster of the rivers, the rochesters strangler and perhaps the most and tortuous of all the genocide river kill it.
Our third john shawl cross was born and kitty remain on Wednesday june six nineteen, forty five. This call Incidentally, on the one year anniversary of d day, his parents are arthur roy cross elisabeth, better known as bessie or Betty shaw across his father was twenty at the time, and betty was just eighteen at the time of arthur shaw across his birth. He would be the oldest of four children, the story about his parents, courtship and marriage is a simple one, and it goes like this. His father in the marines and had returned to the? U s and early nineteen. Forty four: he and betty were childhood sweethearts, both now adults and lay
that same year they got married. The name shaw cross is derived from the old english, which loosely translates as belief. in the cross and the colonel, an old english is translated into drunken bloke. Arthur was born. months. Premature, but outside of that there were no complications. He was a healthy little boy. He spoke his first words earlier than ever. but walked later than normal at four years old. Arthur says this is when he started getting punished by his other using either a broom handle or a belt when he would get into trouble. I want to bring something up right here before we really get into shaw crosses history, something I want all of you to put in your detective handbag into keep in mind as we discuss this guy. Throughout this time line, there will be accusations from arthur about sexual encounters and abusive behaviour by multiple family
first, these have all been adamantly denied by all people involved, except for some of the beatings from his father, which have some school records to support those incidents. I will include some of these story. throughout, but not all, as these are pretty much all unconfirmed accusations by shaw across his parents and siblings, maintain He had a normal childhood and state the described events were largely the product of arthur shaw across his imagination, other than these school records is his family. Birds, denying that he was beaten, announce Akim, correct. They are denying all of these allegations from arthur shawl cross as he recounts his child. Now most of the time, I would just report all of the stories to you,
and let let you all in the captain, decide what is the truth and what is not the truth. However, in this case, I will just repeat a few, because there are a lot of these stories and and on a kind of backup. My reasoning behind that, with this arthur shaw cross, would change his stories at times will regarding these accusations throughout his life and, frankly, I dont believe a lot of them to be true First story is true, however, at five years old, arthur aid to imaginary friends, one was called Paul, who was a boy of arthur's age and the other was a friend who was slightly younger. A blonde haired girl, with no name during the months that follow arthur often carry on long conversations in baby. Talk with these imaginary friends, which gave
others, the impression that he was talking to himself later. He would tell us colleges and authors quote- I had to have these friends because I If someone to play with no one else liked me now, his childhood consisted of frequent nightmares. Bedwin which he blamed on his little brother Jimmy and he stopped to stand out as being quite odd to others and he was asked nick name by the other sculptural children as ADI at six years on a fun nickname the kid now- and I imagine he was probably already I'm you know four arthur and then they the audience at the ADI. At six there's already started running away from home. This is believe that he did this just to get attention, as he would often return even also kind of tell people advance, I'm running away. It didn't seem to have any serious significance to his life at that time.
He would say mom and dad I'm runnin away and then say: ok, see at dinner. At eight years old shawl cross begin bullying, younger, chill, when he was nine years old, he receives the first head trauma incident, of which there will be quite a few. He was hit in the head with a stone for which he received stitches in claimed a cause numbness now also when he was at nine years old, and I believe this could be one of the largest in packed full moments in all of shot across his life, not just as a boy but forever so his grandmother on his mother's side. She seems a letter from a lady named thelma June, who lives in australia get day. May Thelma june well, for though you who, like soap, operas. Here's your true crime, garage, soap, opera moment of the weak, shaw crosses
Father remember we had said he served this great country as a marine. Well back in nineteen forty three a year before little arthur shawl cross was born his father was actually married to this thelma June, a woman who had he had met in australia while on leave. They had a son together and- and this was a they named, the son hartley and after this, after his time, was up. key and nineteen, forty four returned to the: u s: he never mentions to anyone that he is technically ready married and has a family when he gets back in- and you know, gets married here in the states and starts a new family, very honest guy. So it's at this very pivotal point that little arthur shawl cry His mother discovers that his father has a wife and child in australia. This changes the family, dynamic, incredibly and, of course, for the worse at
years old arthur he continued his odd behaviour, which caused other children to bully him. While he bullied weaker, younger children, he began shoplifting and committing other petty thefts continued to run away again. This is behaviour that strongly leave. The arthur was running away simply for the attention he would receive from his family and others. At this time. He also began to get bad grades. In fact, he flunked the fourth grade and was forced to repeat fourth grade at eleven years old. He says his mother caught him masturbating and threatened him with a butcher knife, and he also Would the later say that not only did she threatened him She inserted a broom handle into his rectum. Moving on when Shaw across was
thirteen years old. The shaw cross family moved in a bunch of the extended family moves to brownsville new york, so three sets of relatives move near by and then this area ends up being nicknamed shaw cross corner now arthur does not fit in school. At this point, in fact, he doesn't even fit in with his cousins and other family members according to them. At fourteen years old, later in life, this is the age when the sexual claims really start to escalate as an adult. He would claim that at fourteen he was having oral sex with sister and cousin on a regular basis. He also says when he was fourteen, he was tricked into getting into a car, which later led him to have been raped by a male. Stranger shaw cross also said that he was having sex with animals. Been killing a chicken during the act we won't get into that
but chickens were not the only species he claims to have had sex with. All of this extra curricular activity leads to failing the eighth grade and that's how arthur shock cross ends up being sixteen years old and still in the eighth grade, as he has failed to grades. At this point, I am implying that all the sex with animals what caused to do bad and as he did have focused on school, stop having sex with chickens right. Leave the chickens alone already. people around him refer to him as a loner with deep mood swings. This is also why We see another case of him occurring a head trauma. He was hit with a discus. Can you imagine that that's gotta be super painful eustace? He was hit with a discus and spent four days in the hospital
seventeen years old art is a freshman at general brown high school, but he dropped out that same year, so he would have been twenty years. Old when he would have finish school or Actually, he would have been on pace to fail a grade once more. So twenty one, possibly right at the time of graduation had he graduated he would drink would be bringing beer to school while there, a already where you ve, been out brown sexless chickens, bringing new meaning capped into the old matthew. Mokanna, hey quote from dazed and confused. I getting older and they stays the same age of chickens, never get older after dropping out of high school. He used all of that extra free time to burglarize hole terms, any started peeping in windows. He broke into stores, stealing Both merchandise and cash, he how
is either somewhat skilled at this, or at least very lucky, because he has never caught nor arrested for these crimes. He also took on a new persona. People say the Shaw cross became extremely violent at this age. When he would be crossed, he was known to have fired twenty two rifle several times at different people threatening them. He was feared in his neighborhood on, even though his bullet he was bullying the weaker, so I think this is his way of gone. If people aren't gonna like me, well then screw them, I'm gonna, make them fear me, Yeah. It doesn't take a very tough man to threaten people with a firearm brent now, in nineteen, sixty three shaw across was arrested for the first time. This was for burglar, rising, a sears department store. He broke into the basement of the store and set off the alarm
he claimed he here. He he claimed to have a good reason for this. He told the judge that he was poor and that he was stealing christmas gifts. So this found favour. with the judge, so he was only sentence to eighteen months probation. He received no prison or jail time. For this sab, burglar rising the department store, Nineteen sixty four shaw across found love when he met Sarah louis chatterton when he was Looking at the family, bargain centre store the two got married in september of sixty four at a baptist church. He would have been, let's see, nineteen at the time and Sarah was twenty years of age, After marriage, he held a job as a butcher and he claimed it was his favorite job, his here's, a quote from sharp shawl cross regarding his time spent as a butcher. He says
I used to eat a lot of raw meat and sixty four and sixty five. When I woke worked as a butcher, I used to butcher nineteen cows a day and just like the taste of raw meat, you know I'd just caught cut off a chunk, and I could tell just by the taste of the blood whether we could turn it into stakes or hamburger, but shall cross would not be well to stay out of trouble and, after a probation violation for unlawful entry, his wife, Sarah files for divorce the marriage lasted less than two years: sauntered. Sarah, later go on record as saying arthur was very immature and always faking ill. or injury to miss out on work. Sex with him was lousy. He just couldn't keep it up.
And if one you in on a chicken at twenty years, old shaw cross is arrested for beating a thirteen year old boy. This is, after the you through a snowball at his car. What shall cross called a supped up pontiac for this shot up? That's what he says summed up: pontiac scooped up pontiac. I guess that's what he's trying to say for this Shaw cross receives six months. Probation D is okay, so so he's in his car, are, and then this teenager throws a snowball, it's the car, yet I dont know if he could have been driving or could it has been part, and I witnessed the boy throwing to snowball at his car. But he that I don't know how aggressive he was with the thirteen year old. But according to the record, it states that he was arrested for beating a thirteen year old boy,
Now, during this time, he received six months. Probation he's also evaluated by a psychologist who labels him the an emotional and emotionally unstable personality. You think right that guys have sex with chickens and beaten up thirteen year olds because they threw snowballs at him when he is twenty one. On April seventh, nineteen sixty seven arthur shawcross drafted into the: u s army. He is private number, five to nine six, seven zero for one and started his training at fort Lee virginia. He then completed his basic training at fort banning and georgia and was designated a supply imparts specialist he meets Linda Ruth, nearly while, on a thirty day leave
Also, while in the military he fell off of a ladder hitting his head and can cussing himself so another head trauma He marries Linda nearly in october of nineteen sixty seven. They both have stated that they thought that there was a good chance that he would die in vietnam, so they got married in advance after getting hitch Shaw cross was stationed in south vietnam, where he served a twelve month tour of duty with these supply and transport company of the fourth infill tree division. Arthur Shaw cross says that he was based in the central hi lands and was a rambo type. One man first strike weapon fighting in the heat of the action and one of his letters he wrote. I a woman who was hiding some ammo in a tree. She die right off tied her up gagged her than searched the area found the hut with another
Earl inside of the age of about sixteen knocked her out with the blood of the gun and care her to wear the other girl was there was a lot of rice, ammo and other stuff in the hut I the young girl to a tree still gag tied her legs to they didn't say Anything to me at all, I had a machete that was very sharp. I cut the girl's throat then took off her head and placed it on a pole in front of that hut that girl at the tree peed then fainted, I stripped her, then I gave her oral sex. She couldn't understand what I was doing, but her body did. I untied her, then re tied her to another small tree. She fainted several times. I cut her slightly from neck to crotch. She screamed in shit herself. I took my m16
pulled on a nipple, then put the gun to her. Or had and pulled the trigger cut off her head and placed it on a pool where they got water. Another time I went on patrol and shot a kid change. into a tree. He killed one g, I with an m one, our own weapon, that made three again patrol, I killed two women in a river after they killed two g eyes. They had a map of base camp plus a k, forty seven rifles and ammo food into Eighty thousand dollars and money belts. I split the money was some guys smashed. Yea kazan ammo took everything else back to camp. We let the bodies drift down stream, he also claimed a combat kill a total of thirty nine which, when invest gated later, was also discounted as a fabrication authorities claim
killed, no one on his tour of duty and saw no action shall cross and energy We'll talk about his time in vietnam and it seems, like the story changed from the way. I heard him tell it to the way your tone it and it's like than if he tells it again, it changes a little bit. I mean the stories are roughly the same, as is the details can switch yeah, and I think there are several things that make that differ. Alt one. The most likely thing is it he's lying and totally making up these stories, and he can't keep his lies straight to he tells different accounts, a different people. This this account is taken from a letter that he wrote. Right now. He also claims a combat, kill, total of thirty nine. So often, when he's too king about these different. Let's call murders that he did while on tour. Key just were simply refers to these very
comes as the girl or the older woman or the boy that was tied up to the tree here. Give any names or a lot of times, not even specific locations. To kind of give you an idea of Who he's referring to in that long quote: unquote combat q, total of thirty nine that he claims to have had one he was john rambo right, but that doesn't mean that he wasn't going off on his own and killing people that he wasn't supposed to be killing and just murdering in vietnam. Yes, he he. I mean we can't account for every waking minute that he had, while on tour on that tour of duty. For twelve months in october of nineteen,
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injuries. Although veterans administration, Men are found, no substance to arthur's, claim the former soldiers come in bad ring, though one him a seventy three dollars a month: disability pension shortly after being discharged from the army shaw cross, had nightmares and flashbacks. This led him to heavy drinking. He started beating his wife around this time. On one occasion the beating caused her who miscarry ass. She was four months: pregnant is locked him up for murder, that son of a bitch slender, then files, ford forces in the fall of nineteen sixty nine, but it does not get finalized until nineteen seventy one so seven months you're, leaving the army shaw cross, found employment with Norton brothers paper mill. This is these cities largest employer in April of nineteen sixty nine. He set fire to the place
causing twenty eight thousand dollars worth of damage. Three months later, a hay our mysteriously caught fire and it was arthur, shall cross who had reported the fire three days later he set fire to crawley's cheese company. This was the city's second largest employer and arthur J shall cross also called the fire department to report this fire shortly after the cheese company fire Shaw crossed attempted to rob ass station, the proprietor of the business he knew shaw cross by sight and called the sheriff and arthur was arrested during questioning. He ends up confessing to all of his crimes, which included the arson attacks. A jefferson county judge sentence Shaw crossed a five year in attica prison while in prison he claims to have been raped by three other inmates. He also
amy he later extracted revenge by beating and raping each of his attackers in separate incidents. He wrote his own voice, june of the incident years later, titled thee, misbegotten son, quoting shaw across quote- got raped in attica prison by three black guys. I was lost, threatened and in pain. I got all three my way their way. I hurt them like they hurt me, but I used a sock with soap as a black jack, knock them out and screw them and then smash them. Once in the nuts I was never buy others. After that shaw cross was later transfer to auburn prison might so These three black men wondered rape em. Well, he claims the three of them attacked him, the three of them teamed up on him,
damn and raped him and then later he decides to get revenge on them. Attacking them. Visually one at a time and raping and correct. I think we should keep in mind, though, here captain that, with this incident a lot like the incidents that he talks about from his chair I there's no one to cooperate any these stories. You know I suggest, are arthur shaw crossing this is I was a victim and then I individually, I was stronger than these people and I attacked them. I was more brutal than they were to me and I was never attacked after that. While you, you want to
boner war, John rambo, he was later transfer to auburn prison. Now listen to this story. This is an interesting one. On november fourth, nineteen, seventy troopers were sent to all burn prison when rebelling inmates refuse to return to their cells, failed to report, to assign workshops and prevent and other inmates from doing so as well. By eleven forty five, a m seven guards had been clubbed by inmates inmates armed with boards and pipes, seized thirty guards as hostages. Prisoners had taken control of the entire prison, with the exception of the administration building. Three hundred and twenty two troopers were mobilized with an additional force of three hundred guards and sheriffs deputies placed in a support role. Corrections officials refused to discuss grievances until all of the house Jews were released. The show of overwhelming force quickly
Did the rioters desire to continue the attack at three thirty p m? The first hostage was freed, an inmate started returning to their cells without further incident. Approximately four hundred and fifty inmates were actually involved in this rebellion. This incident would lead to the october eighteenth nineteen. Seventy one parole of one arthur J shaw cross, that's right. After only twenty two months of sixty month, so since Shaw cross was given an early release when he served when he saved the life of a prison guard who had been clubbed during the prison riot. Did he save his life? I couldn't find the the specifics, the detailed report of of what he did during that to save this officers life, but that's why he was grant granted leniency on his
sentence before his parole hearing. He was examined by the prisons supervising psychiatrist and his report. Doc william Tucker wrote in may is an image sure, add a lesson with skits or a personality who decompensated an ego functioning under the influence of stress and rejection by his wife. He should be viewed as a skits or arsonists who require supervision, emotional support and immediate referral to a mental health clinic upon parole, late and projected homicidal intent of ITALY two of his arsons should not be underestimated. He is a fair parole risk and will require psychiatric treatment, plus close supervision upon his release. Arthur went to go, live with his parents and he got a job. The parole officials insisted that he undergo outpatient psychotherapy at a visa,
A hospital this was scheduled but shaw, cross, regularly missed appointments and no action was taken by the overworked parole officers after release from prison at one six years old, he returned watertown he started seeing penny should be no, they knew each other from high school. Just after christmas, the watertown public works Parliament hired him under the federal emergency employment programme, a supervisor assigned him to a far corner of the sixty acre landfill at the end of water street. Arthur Shaw cross in penny got married April, twenty second nineteen. Seventy two took this is through. Wife, this would be his third wife. That's correct. Penny already had two children when they got married plus she was pregnant with arthur's baby. At the time, however, this baby was miscarried.
they moved into an apartment at two three three clover dale street arthur claims that the which came under threat when pennies father accused him of sexually assaulted pennies, younger sister. We need it. Introduce the blake family at this time, the blake's were a rough emily, but they loved their children. They had nine children in total and they live. just about a mile from the far corner of the sixty acre landfill, where Arthur shaw, cross work. Jack Owen blake was the seventh of nine children and he had once saved his sister from drowning in the black river. He was, eleven years old and in the fifth grade he an impressionable boy, and he liked to go fishing. He and his brother Peter Who was only nine years old? They would sometimes go to go fish with a guy that their mother, Mary blake had said, was sort of a weird guy oddy
as she would. She had warned her son not to associate with the man named arthur Shaw, cross ass. She did like arthur, because she states that this guy was always hosting about his service in vietnam, and he was also showing the boy photographs of naked women. He wrote round on a white woman's bicycle, but the boys ignored their mothers warning? They they liked to go fishing and they and they like playing around the water, so sometimes they would lie to their mother and I heard that they were going elsewhere, but then they would all then go down by the water now shock us many times went fishing by himself when he caught something he would bring it home. Filet it and cook it up. Cook the fish for dinner sometimes, when Shaw cross was down by the water with a line in the water, he would see
children down there playing many times. He saw the blake boys come down there. They even started talking to to cross at some point asking him about fishing. So after a while Shaw cross was he's out walking heading down toward one of his favorite fishing spots, and he sees the kids and ask them if they wanted to go fishing. This became a regular thing. Shaw cross was very much. He very much preferred to be alone, so fishing is a great house before somebody like him, but he did mine the company when he would be fishing and it seem like he preferred the company of young children compared to that of adults. On sunday may, seventh, nineteen, seventy two on that day, the two blake brothers, jack and peter. They went fishing with shaw across at the black river afterward jack, headed to a friends house at the old clover, dale apartments, justice,
blocks away. Peter went home, and that was the last time that Peter saw his brother jack when jack return home later that night, Mary reported to the police that her son was missing. Explaining that jack had wanted to go, fishing was shaw cross and, despite her warning, he had probably gone against her wishes. suspicion therefore fell upon shock right from the outset. Police talked with Shaw across going to his club Dale apartment knocking on the door. He spoke with them, he told them. Yes, he had seen the blake boys down by the river several times. He had even spoke to the boys on a few occasions, but he did I'd being with jack that debt, the blake's as we said, were a rough
family. This was well known in their community and they were known to be strong. Disciplinarians police began to think that jack was a runaway. They were able to convince some of jack's family that the boy had run away as well, but at the urging of a desperate and depressed mother who hounded the police time and time again to talk with Shawcross because quote he's weird, and he knows something
The police did follow through with her request, but with no other evidence to digits to suggest otherwise. Shaw cross was released following two interviews with police and once again the thought was that jack had run away from home. Yes, we have the family and the situation that they believe that their son is not just missing, but he was murdered. I was murdered by shaw across cause, he's a weird dude right and this weird guy ADI. Their kid was known to fish with him, and this was pretty common knowledge to the brother and to the parents. Now, on friday may twenty six arthur shaw cross was again question by police. This time it was when he was caught stuffing grass cuttings down the sure in short of a six year old boy and spanking him this for this offence, he received
a ten dollar fine and was reprimanded by the court Wednesday september? Second, nineteen? Seventy two karen an hill age eight was last seen playing by the river. She was not from watertown and was there. that day, only because her mother was staying with a friend. Now, let's go through. The police investigation, ask on start off with the eye witness reports from children, claiming that they saw a man that look like arthur, walking karen across the bridge. Yes, this is the pearl street bridge over the black river It would just be a short downhill, walk from where Karen had been staying, although the children and know the man, by name they and specifically a teenage girl, recognized his distinctive white bison. With its brown mud guards and basket which he had leaned against a wall, alan and profile and from a distance the curious children were
such as the man lifted karen over the railings and gingerly, led her down the bank, to show her the fish, When the alarm was raised, Karen was missing. The children came forward to tell the cops what they had seen at. and p m search officers equipped with flashlights discovered a crumpled body. It was covered by slab of concrete and lying face down, crammed into a sewage outfall pipe on the south bank of the bridge. Police dogs were called for. They tracked assent pearl street to starbuck avenue and eagerly tug. Their handlers left into clover street straight to the stoop of arthur shaw crosses front door Karen an hill was found dead under a bridge near the black river. She had been raped, mutilated and strangled when up
this investigation revealed that hill and Shaw cross had been seen together earlier that same day and they received another report. The shock cross was seen eating an ice cream at bridge, near where the body was found after the dog snuffed out. This piece of shit, they're gonna, take him in for questioning Well, you have a combination of things happening here, so the girl, the poor little girl is reported missing an hour later they find her body. You have the dogs. Would you just mentioned eight? They walk the officers from the crime scene to the where the body was found to Arthur Shaw, his front door. and as if that wasn't enough, they start getting report. From these children that are coming forward. In saying look, we saw a guy that kind of look like him with somebody that kind of look like karen earlier today plus.
One thing that I think is very telling here is arthur, has a very distinct bike. It. It doesn't look like the other bikes in town. You know this isn't a bite that is made for an adult its white. It has a basket on. It was made for a woman and as a man riding so that's also sticks out. Why don't know if this is the same bike that had a long time ago. It probably at the autopsy. The medical examiner discovered that the girl had died because of suffocation and her killer had stuffed weeds in debris into the child's knows: mouth vagina and rectum. Now, as the captain pointed out, shaw across was picked up and he was question for this murder. It took some time, but he would eventually confessed to killing Karen hill.
He also told investigators where they could find jack blake's body on Tuesday october, seventeenth, nineteen, seventy two after much negotiation, Arthur Shaw, cross pledge guilty to the lesser charge of first degree man slaughter and after proceedings, which lasted only twenty minutes, he was sent to a man some long term of two to twenty five years for the murder of Karen hill by a disgusted judge. Who had the misfortune of actually having seen Shawcross in front of him before this was the same judge who had sentenced him to five years for the arsons in the robbery. This manslaughter sentence was light, but it was agreed to in part to clear the jack blake case. However, he was never charged with the murder of jack blake. I think it came down to the police, don't know what
and they assume that it was shot cross, but that the family wanted to now too, and they wanted to know some details, and so I think that's why they made this horrible agreement. Yeah? They needed to recover the boys body and without shaw across that wasn't going to happen, and I think leading up to this point. I think the police thought that it was a little far fetched it. Somebody had killed the boy until they fine. This girl dead. Now, all of that it doesn't seem so so big of a leap right that we may have a child killer killer in our area. So now we have his second set of prison years. which started in nineteen. Seventy three. He was once again sent to attica prison during time period. He states that he was threatened by other inmates because of his crimes against children. He filed for
force from his wife penny, because she refused to visit him while he was in prison. Our while saw him not visiting a piece of shit that kills children. He earned his high school equivalency certificate and qualified in carpentry. He was transferred to green haven, correctional facility at storm, ville new york, this prison houses, many of the states most evil criminals where seven hundred and forty two prisoners. This is thirty. Three percent of the population at that time were rapists and murders prison psychiatry diagnosed him as a dangerous schizophrenia, pedophile suffering from an intermittent explosive personality, and it was noted that he heard voices when he was depressed shaw cross was a troublesome in may and he continually faked illness or psychiatric prob
it's to gain attention. We've seen this before fake the runaway get attention a fake. You know when he was married, I think, to his second wife when he had fake illness. You didn't go to work. He soon learned the the to an early parole, lie the hands of the people around him? So what are you I did to do. Was he started playing the game? Any sorry is sucking up to the the officers in the prison sucking up to the prison psychiatrist and the church. There was offered their and he started to behave himself. He became a model prisoner. He gained a pen. Pow named rose Marie wally. Now, while the well into his sentence, arthur was founded,
giving all the behavioral traits of a reformed man. He figured that it was better to accept responsibility for the murder of Karen hill. He worked his way into a slurs job in the prisons of mental health unit, while there, We learn the language of psychiatry and psychology, and in doing so, he eventually cod the support of three of the three man state parole panel who granted him his freedom. He was granted parole on his ninth attempt is. He was denied the first eight attempt on tuesday April, twenty eight nineteen, eighty seven, the gates of hell were opened and out walked arthur J shaw across a man who spent just. fifteen years in prison for
In all reality, what was the rape and murder of two children yeah? It should have been two life sentences or like the death penalty, but because they didn't have the body they had to make that agreement, and there was a parole officer. This robber can't who objected and made a statement of quote at the rear, of sounding dramatic. This man could be possibly the most dangerous individual to have been released to this community in years. He was in fact released on parole and Arthur Shaw cross had difficult settling down in the community's as the neighbors would protest. His presence and employers would fire him. He first move two bingham ten new york and then relocated to delhi, new york. This with his girlfriend rose remember she was once his pen power while he was in prison.
When delhi residence became aware of short crosses presents. The couple were forced to move to nearby Fleischmann new york only to be met with hostility. There as well. Finally, in late june of nineteen, eighty seven shawcross his parole officer moved him to the a transient hotel in rochester new york in mid October shaw cross and his foreign rose found a more permanent lodging. This was at too for one alexander street and rochester now Sesar is a city that is much larger than his previous days and was believed and encouraged by his parole officer that the larger population, would allow Shaw cross to kind of sink in. The community and back into civilian life or beer cover where,
rose once they were, they arose enrolled as a nurse at the local hospital and Arthur Shaw cross found work with a vegetable and fruit wholesaler based in the public market, which was to the south of the city he would cycle and our each way on a lady style, blue schwinn, suburban bike, Maybe it was different bike before when I dont nikes ladys bike, but that's what I think you're hit. Not here captain, I dont know if the other, because it was to white bikes or maybe the same pike organisms like he's, be painted all white like blue at sea, like he's always having a woman's well again as another city- so I don't know he's bringing the bike with him and you after a while, prison sentence to the new city of rochester, but again lady style bike. For some reason I don't know, maybe he prefers the year, whereas at the cross bar that's the low there ass bar air anyway, this bike was quite a stir:
did itself. It was a blue schwinn, suburban bike which had a shallow basket and hetty stars and stripes flag on the handlebars with two deep baskets, straddling the rear wheel in which he would keep his fishing gear. So he's a creature of habit. Of course captain we see this guy that in his free time he's on a bicycle around town and he's gonna go fishing. His weak, A working hours were between seven, a m and three thirty p m, which left him the evenings to pursue his hobbes. Let's, while do we know what shift life is working. I believe she worked the evening shift to hidden, be by himself quite a bit. yeah and he was actually having an affair at this time as well but they woman named clara meal. She was forty. She was fifty eight years old,
and she had a lot of kids lotta grandkids, but the two, were having an affair. While his girlfriend was at work, he would borrow cars from both his girlfriend that he lived with and the woman that he was having an affair with now one vehicles as a small metallic blue, dodge omni and the other was a some sort of grayish overlay. Lisa driven dog johnny get any He would use these two do you know, run errands to go out on the evenings or to go fishing now sean cross married rose after two years of living together that took place in august of nineteen. Eighty nine right and the count of wives. Fur Arthur is up to number four yet display
another well, and it was some time after his wedding captain, they his employer, found out and discovered that he was a former convict and as such, at that point, they released him more fired him from their employment. His next job that he had was so hot dogs on main street before he landed a permanent job as a salad maker for the g and G food services, which provided catering services to hospitals and schools. Now, at that time, Arthur did work, the night shift, he worked nights and he was getting paid six dollars and twenty five cents an hour which this was back in nineteen, eighty, seven, so actually approximately. If you convert that today's a wood approximately been making about like thirteen or fourteen dollars, an hour which is pretty good money, for somebody that's been. forced to move around because they're a convict that nobody wants to hire right.
also during this time? Shortly before his marriage? He started visiting sex workers and having sex with that female or male? females born starting in nineteen. Eighty eight rochester is going to find a problem on their hands, cause they're, going to find a series of murdered victims. Female victims well in the first believed victim in this series that you had mentioned, captain is thought to be dorothy who went by name of darcy dorothy blackburn. She was twenty seven years old. She was a mother of a six month old boy and two older children. She was a more boned woman with a slender figure brown Eyes and long brown, hair, petite and dainty, she was st wise with two can fictions fur, loitering and nineteen. Eighty five she was
seen alive on tuesday. This is march fifteenth nineteen, eighty eight after having lunch with her sister She was seen ani a place. It's going to become familiar, threw out this case in its called lyle avenue during In our view, many years later shaw across claim that he had been driving clare Niels omni around, and he admitted that he had killed dots e at the north hampton park because she had beaten his penis during felicia Oh, he said that she was laughing at him because he couldn't get is what he refers to as he couldn't get his pick her up. And when she started laughing at him and making fun of him, he said that he slapped around and when he did that she bit him and he got matter and hell that's when he decided to kill her old what he had the old. What noodle he says that he dumped her clothes in a trash. Can he clean the blue
from the seat of the car, and then he drove home. Now dots he's body was found by hunters during the morning of tuesday march twenty fourth floating face down in salmon creek stream that meanders through farm land in woods, on rochesters, eastern french, a crew labors clearing, debris and garbage they had clogged a cold, They soon realised, however, that what they were looking at was a woman's frozen body. Her face had a distinctive heavy eyebrows full. Slightly irregular teeth and her left, I was shut. She had long, dark, hair and more genes, a hooded, sweat sure and a single white soda pops brand sneaker at topsy, the medical examiner determine that she had died as a result of manual strangulation and noted that she had been bitten set. times around the vagina, which is
like retaliation for her biting his penis, is on the I'm guessing those bites around the vagina. Well, oh, yes or or, as he claims he's a while and yeah. Who knows what to believe with arthur the a lot more to get to on this case and part two, if you'd like to support the garage the true crime garage that come back on the store page and check out the nice jib tank tops. Thank you to everybody for joining us here in the garage tonight. We will see you back here to morrow. Until then, the good be kind don't lit
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