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Asenath Dukat /// Part 1 /// 583

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Asenath Dukat /// Part 1 /// 583

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This week we are taking a look at a local Cold Case. 3rd grader Asenath Dukat was abducted and murdered on a short walk home through her neighborhood in 1980. This all took place in a very safe neighborhood or so we thought. What was learned was that Asenath’s case was just one of several attempted abductions and assaults of similar victims. Now forty two years later, there is still no justice for this little girl and her family. A special thanks goes out to the good people of The Long Walk Home. This is a local project dedicated to Asenath, the Dukat family, the UAPD and the good people of Upper Arlington, Ohio. Their extensive and brilliant work on Asenath’s case has helped to keep this case alive and the investigation “active.” For a complete case review and study please visit them at www.LongWalkHomeUA.com

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no schools, all over ohio and grasses. Great nation prepared a closed down for the summer and kids gear up for the much needed summer break. It is This time of year every year the man remember and think about Cnet Luis do caught for in family called her scene. She was a third greater at barrington. Elementary, the columbus ohio suburb of upper arlington
the city of upper arlington in the people who live there are some of the best that Columbus has to offer. This is an affluent area, family stay here for generations to live in this tightening community to raise their children up in a safe, peaceful area, arrive in nearby columbus, many ohio state graduate stay or plant there, it's here in the city bob Arlington scene. school and home were located in what was thought to be a very safe sleepy upper class neighbourhood. But unfortunately, something bad bubbling up. There was something Evil lurking in this very neighbourhood, several girls port it to their parents. didn't always feel safe, walking in the neighborhood more than one girl said that she felt like she had been followed, and not just on one occasion, was difficult, stand, what was happening:
The neighbourhood, as everyone thought was, still the same old sleepy upper class neighborhood and maybe we're just the imagined fears of children. However, that something add there was bubbling up to the surface boiled over on june third nineteen eighty just days, but the end of the school year this- is when little scene was intercepted by that evil element somewhere along the very short walk, barrington elementary school and her home, which was just blocks away. The distance was less than a mile, but twenty minute walk this is a walk. This scene, he made many times that was even shorter for her ass kids know all of the shortcuts and cut throughs. But on that bright and sunny day something got her. and the shore window just four hours since he was
first missing and then she was gone forever. According to the Ohio attorney general dave yos website on June third nineteen, eighty four thirty four p m Messina do cod was reported missing by her parents after she did not arrive home from school. The victims, parents in it Did the scenery walked home from school, but usually arrive home at four p m after extensive search seen his body was discovered and drainage, ditch at the corner of riverside drive and walton road, which less than one block from her residence at about seven. thirty p m the same evening, the investigation revealed that her death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head, emmanuel strangulation invested, It is believed that the victim was
ducted murdered at a location other than where she was found, the town was devastated, the neighborhood was tariff upper. Arlington lost one of their own. A young outgoing, intelligent, little girl was attacked in an area she likely felt the safest her neighborhood, where she lived there for all siblings and her mom and her dad She was a literally just a two minute: walk from her home when she was called Third and grabbed snatch off of the street killed just a short time later? Who would do such a despicable and monstrous act? How could this happen here? and how could an entire community in mourning carry on without this bright little girl up Burlington did carry on
but so many have not forgotten, see me and what happened to her? over forty years and the snow strong, still proud community seen lived still, remember the talkative, energetic little girl who did not make it home that one day that one day when a neighborhood was forever change and permanently scarred, That one day when evil came to town or did it you see. There is a lot of evidence in cities case to suggest. Evil did not come to town that evil. Was already there always air lurking in the streets of the sleepy upper class neighbourhood. There is good reason to believe the scene he may have even known her killer or one of the persons responsible, the killer or killers may have known,
that there was only one way to keep this girl quiet after she was taken and assaulted, but the community has refused keep quiet about what happened. What was taken from them what was stolen away from the city and the duke of family, the member of this community. Are you way and they are you a strong, a strong a bear with a heart of gold. The kids in neighbourhood, never forgot, see some to this very day, wish that they would have been walking with the little girl on june. Third, if so, Maybe this would not have happened, but unfortunately, where I stand in the way things look to me a tragedy This was simply going to happen. Bad element was on the rise. Not evil was going to bubble up and boil over at some point, and it did that day.
When he was at the corner of wall. Thumb and malvern, so it's him. for to remember this and her final minutes, scared and surrounded. She was actually- and some not so easily explained way, protecting another little girl probably even one of her friends, because this evil did not come to town. It was always there right there in that sleepy upper class neighborhood before and of the school year. Scenes classmates and memory of wrote the following acronym. Four and about seeing, but in her proper name, the scene. This is from MRS sue third grade class at barrington elementary school, a scene, it duca friendly. Third, greater She always had a sunny smile, her eyes, glimmered
sparkled like stars, nice, considerate, honest polite. And aware of other people's feelings, the class as happy thoughts of her She will always be remembered and all just of nineteen eighty siena's father alex under was interviewed by the. U s news, I believe this while clearly show cases the strength, the resolve and compassion of the duke of family quote we have suffered a great loss, but it's not occurring what she's gone. But the community may have to go through this again. This case doesn't have to be solved for our benefit. The lord will do. With this fellow in his own way. We don't we, the killer any vengeance. Sometimes pray for his soul that he may be saved.
we are concerned about the safety of others he may try to wreak this tragedy on someone else. I can't picture a person who is capable of rape and murder Living a normal life sure we will hear from him in one way or another, alex august. Sixth, do caught August six. Nineteen eighty do cots were and remained u way, and you a strong, this true crime garage- and this is this still unsolved. Murder case of a scene Sweeney do cod
This is the case that we have one of the cover for while couple years, and it's only been covered a little bit, and here we are today gathering covering it were the very first time and there have been some speed bumps along the way they got in the way of us covering this. an earlier date, and we will discuss those at a later time in these episodes. But we are here today, talk about the unsolved murders of siena do caught a scene a duke. I was born July, twenty fourth, nineteen, seven, one and on our day in question, she was eight years old. She went by the neck means scene and later a day when her parents would report her missing. She was listed as food
or foot five and a half inches taller wing about sixty eight pounds. She had brown, hair and brown eyes and she was in the great grade at barrington elementary school, which was located on captain road and upper arlington, which is a suburb of Columbus, ohio or day in question, is june. Third, nineteen. Eighty- this is a tuesday and this would be a bright and sunny tuesday. On this day, a scene of lead school at three hundred and ten p dot m? This is ten minutes later than her usual dismissal time seany and her classmates had to serve a ten minute detention for rowdy behavior disrupting the class. This delay caused her to miss the crowd that she would have regular walked home with so typically she's walking home less than a mile. This walk would take her less than twenty minutes. Some make it from the door of her school to the front door of the duke caught family home.
and on this day, she's going to be walking alone, because those other friends from other classrooms have allowed and already made the track from the school to their homes. There were several eye witnesses that saw her walking home that day. It's believed that she disappeared sometime between three twenty and four p m on that day. Now what we do have here captain is that we have a seat, waken where mom gets worried because sunni usually arrives home every day at the same time and when Her daughter, her youngest child, is not there see me she starts to get a little nervous, and this is, to be followed by sending out the other kids of the duke caught fan to go out on their bicycles and walk the streets and ride their bikes to look for their little sister. It's all going to be followed with mrs do caught, calling the school too
Ask where her daughter was in calling a couple of her friends parents. I imagine this would be friends that she would typically walk homeward. and she's gonna find out about this ten minute detention and realize, quickly. The city was bubbly travelling by herself walking home alone that day from school. Again, this and minute detention didn't come about until the day of on june third, nineteen, eighty, also going to call her husband, Alex or alexander. And let him know that their daughter did not come home from school, yet alex works within walking distance of
family's home. He will actually end up leaving work a few minutes early on this day to help go look for little seany. So I'm not that clear on the details, but it was either the whole class that got a detention or group of kids because they were talking too much in class but kind of odd that they would be handed out a ten minute to tension for that day. Normally you'd have to serve you're detention a another day, yeah, I'm guessing a couple things here, captain one it makes sense to me it's the end of the school year, kids get on a little rowdy. They probably weren't, listen the teacher teacher gets upset and how to continually warn the kids and then decides you know it. I've gotta make example here and let them know that they can't just do whatever they want. So here's a ten minute detention probably served by the whole class,
We gotta keep it short, though I'm guessing, because some of those kids are going to be writing buses home. Some of these kids, as we said like see me, will be walking home. I've heard it reported that like one thousand nine hundred and eighty with something different than the setup that we have today that many more kids walked home back. Then, if you looked up where the dukat's lived and this berrington elementary school, it's lesson two point: nine third of a mile. believe it's typical for kids. They live in the same neighborhood as the school to common walk to school, so I dont believe that its any different nineteen eighty than it would be to day of the amount of kids that were walking to and from school When I was growing up captain when you were growing up, if our schools in the same neighborhood, you just walked because the buses didn't travel, that short distance or
mom and dad would drop you off at the school will colonel. Can you give us a general overview of this case and then we can come back through and do a very detailed of the events. Yes, so, as we said seen, he was walking home from school. It's but leave that she was last seen within just blocks of her home. That day, her body was eventually found at approximately seven thirty p m. So let's know those times here before we get to that very detailed time line of june. Third, we have people that say that they have seen scene, around three twenty p m, maybe even a few minutes after that. So we believe that He obviously went missing during some point after that three hundred and twenty three twenty five marker on that day, her body is found at approximately seven hundred and thirty
p m that day. So what we're really working with here roughly is a window of about four hours. where we have a lot of question marks and a lot of blanks to fill and- and I think we will be able to do that with some of this time- line that we will later present. But her body was found. This is after an extensive search. Remit We ve already said brothers and sisters, out looking for see me. We have neighbourhood kids looking for her mom and dad or out looking for her mom striving around the neighbourhood. Looking for her, this is followed by an official search that is going to start after the missing persons report is filed with the upper Arlington police department at four thirty four p m on that same so we got a lot of people in a small area. Looking for this little girl- and yet we have four hours where we have to fill in-
you're out what was going on during that time frame. Her body was found at the mouth of a covert located at the corner. riverside, drive and wall from road so to give a very basic description of this area we have here. Captain is rivers. DR is a very busy road. It was back nineteen eighty it still is to this day. In fact, if you look up the population for upper arlington, the popular One is roughly the same today as when it was back in nineteen. Eighty, it's only about fifteen hundred people bore so trap, can things like that are not significantly different. However, the lay of the land is significantly different, especially right here on this corner. This area has been lands. gaped and renovated several times since nineteen. Eighty now think of your neighborhood growing up everybody out there and listener land, and you know the Is he rode that is just outside of your neighborhood that mom and dad say hey where
you go. You can go ride, your bikes, you can go play with your friends, but you do not go near that road. You do not go across that road. While this would be that road riverside drive, very busy wrote wall from road is right off riverside and it's one of the main vessels through this neighborhood through scenes, neighbourhood, bodies eventually found near this intersection of walt whitman riverside drive the interesting thing about them. to me. Captain is this is very close to her. Home is less than two minute walk from her front door to where her body was ultimately how'd, you know my parents would always say don't play by the busy intersection, but stop hanging out with that kid. That thinks he's a colonel, too young to be colonel. So unfortunately, her body is found for hours later in. This is about a block from her home.
I encourage everyone to look this up on a map because it will shock you how close she was found to her home and it was determined that she was sexually assaulted and her death was caused by blunt force, trauma to the head and manual strangulation, the murder weapon. I've actually seen several different weights for this murder weapon. Over the years I've seen it. She was killed with a rock someone, took a rock and hit her in the head with it, and I have said in this rock, to have way as little as twelve pounds or as many as twenty five pounds most of the information that I reviewed over the years suggests that this is a twenty to twenty five pound rock. So this is a pretty big rock. Now the area that she's found there's a lot of rocks there, and this rock was recovered. It was still
at the murder scene and that's something that's key to remember here to murder scene. She was killed. Where was found. So what you're saying is law enforcement believes a perpetrator or multiple perpetrators took her assaulted, her somewhere transport her alive? to this location, and then the murder took place at that location where she was found. Yes, that is correct and here's. The thing, though, think that we're gonna be able to lay this out in a very easy to understand way, easy to grasp everything that we have seen over the years. In her case, I don't think that things were so clear for law enforcement, the time when they were investigating this case. We have the benefit of forty two years. I'm looking at this case and look yet the different information that have come up in forty two years. They did not wanting that police revealed. Was it there
had been a previous in a very similar attack in that similar area on may seventh no less than a month earlier. A similar type, a victim in a very similar type abduction took part, in that same neighborhood, now this would be news to some of the people in the neighborhood, but not to everyone in that neighborhood are any eye witnesses to this previous situation before the murder, yes, there were so we have the survivor of the attack and then we also have a potential I witness in that situation. The thing here captain is eye. Witnesses are key in this case. I witnesses for the day that scene he was killed I witnesses on this other attacked. It may or may not be related. However, what we do know is at the time of scenes, murder that police absolutely did think they
It was highly likely that the two were in fact connected so much so that they are leasing a sketch, a composite sketch to the public of the individual that, believe, may have been spotted in cities attack, or at least the area of where seen he was last seen. And this is but leave to be a similar sketch. A similar composite sketch to the earlier attack that took place in may again just less than one month earlier. As a true crime garage listener. You know the world can sometimes be a scary place
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All right cheers made cheers. Will you give me she slept Arby's, bigtime leagues, dame detective s time. was one of the lead investigators in siena's murder case. He put together some, really invaluable information on this case that I think still holds a lot of weight to this day, and this is how we can get a clearer picture of those four hours. They went by from the time that she was last seen to the time that her body was discovered at the mouth of that culver this the timeline put together by detective s time and it starts roughly a three p m- it's gonna. Take us all the way up until about seven. Thirty p m that night now alone
These names have been rejected and then, on top of that, these times are not exact. Most of them are going to be approximate, so I think it was key to give an overview of the general information of the case on what is known of that day. First, before we start getting into the specifics because this could get a little confusing without her with that information prior at the start of detective tines timeline, we have three ten p m, and it's stated here that the victim is seen as two caught in the rest of her third grade class was dismissed after they had been held over for ten minutes for a class detention, normal dismissal I was three p m. As we have already discussed at three ten p m. We have a lady that is driving home. She returns we're home on waltham road waltham road is not only.
Part of the intersection where her body was found near, but this will be part of her route home back to her house now. This lady says that at about three hundred and ten p dot m, She pulls into her driveway on waltham road and she served in unknown male white wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and possible blue jean jacket, walking out of the field- and this is a field that is located directly across from the intersection of walls them and hillside. This location is eight city blocks west of the barrington elementary school, so very near senior school. At approximately three fifteen to three Twenty p m, a classmate of scenes sees her walking, observes or walking westbound on waltham road crossing Arlington avenue. Now three fifteen p m. This is just five minutes After the lady that lived on walden returned home, she goes outside to do some lawn work and notices.
The man that she saw earlier is no longer there. She does not see him at this time. We also have a second classmate of scenes, see her walking. One stone waltham at coventry and barrington around the same time, its import to remember that any individual that scene at this time in this area could be us we have a driver that reports at approximately three hundred and twenty p dot m. I think this time is probably a little early in the timeline, but again we're going off of this eyewitness off of their report. This is it approximately three twenty p m, while driving westbound on walden road and at malvern road, he observed a A white with dark glasses during a limp girl into the yard of, and then the name is rejected off of malvern road. He also saw red bicycle lying along the curb in the south side of walter and malvern road, so this is injured.
thing, because later, of course, we know that scene is abducted and killed in this area. This motorist at this time- does not believe what he is witnessing to be anything of importance until of course, later that day, at seven thirty, when we find out the worst thing that a neighborhood could experience experience he sang simply that he saw the bike. He saw girl being carried away by a guy he made assumption that she had rector bike was injured and this was either her brother or father tending to her and carrying her away. So what he believes that he sees is something very is something very normal. However, he's gonna I now hours later, that something not innocent? not normal. It all happened in this general area. Maybe at this stage time and we're gonna have a lot more eye witnesses to this male on a bicycle. Yet at approximate
three twenty p m. We have another witness who says it there served a male white with dark hair, approximately eighteen to twenty one years of age, writing westbound at go forward and fairfax on a bicycle. He was wearing a white shirt. Dark trousers, this seems to match up with the previous descriptions we have by other eye witnesses. Again we see the bicycle and we see a similar outfit along with similar age described. and for this unknown mail at three twenty five, I've. We have a similar report of another individual that lives on Emma road. This says they observe a male in his twenties six foot tall issue average build with brown, hair white shirt, sleeves shirt, dark pants, running south in carrying a small child.
The witness goes on to say that she also saw a red bicycle on the south side of waltham in the bushes, by the pine tree now. Can you imagine if you saw a teenager, some may in their early twenties, carry the child. This I'm gonna look natural does not grant locally you're playing around. At the same time, though, you gotta keep in mind around this three block our we have two schools and neighborhood, so you're gonna a lot of kids of out walking around or on bikes at this time right. The other thing to that. We need to point out because it description that I gave as just a little tricky there. The witness lead Zante? Prima she's, saying that she saw or witness this on treatment road. She saying that she witness this near Walton rode on the in the bicycle, was on the south side of wall from road. So this visual lives near by but was dry,
and in this general area, where they witnessed this man, or young man carrying a small child also need to point out that this tuesday in nineteen eighty was a mary election day and we have to locations in this neighborhood. There are voting locations so, we have additional people that are out and about on this day for the purpose of voting, and we get our first witness. I witness who says that on their wave to voting saw something that might be of interest to our case So this is a woman who lives on riverside drive says that she walked to vote at first community village, first community village is very near where senior do cots body was later found. She says that she crossed the covert on her way and observed a
a white standing on the south side of the creek at approximately one hundred yards east of her. She said that there was something red and blue cloth like on the ground in front of him. This occurred between three twenty five p m and for twice tv em now another thing to know there as well. I know that she giving us a win of time that is approximately an hour but individual is crossing the same covert where seen it Carts body will later be found. I've walked and crosses culvert several times. I would find it incredibly difficult to believe eve, the anybody whether they were looking around or not what I have seen her lying there on that day at that time. So what this
calls me is, even though we don't know exactly what time this woman is walking and crossing the colder. She says between three hundred and twenty five p dot m and four hundred and twenty p dot m, whatever time cross. A covert is not there she's, not there at this time, and that's gonna be key to our case. Now at approximately three forty two, fifty p m. We have another woman who returns to the culver after voting and decides to pick up a rock from the creek she's going to take home and uses a paperweight, the rock from the location where the body is later discovered again, this person gives us a different window, three hundred and forty to three hundred and fifty p dot m, So now we can say based off of these two. I witness statements that, even if we go to the earliest parts of their timeline of their window, that they provide force that at three twenty five to three. Forty p m scene not located she's, not in that culver. At that time
so our window for those four hours is starting to shrink a little bit now. If we were to take that out to the end of their windows where up to four twenty p m red doesn't seem alone. Insane the day that they find this missing, murdered girl. Where there's a bunch of rocks at that someday, stop to pick up a rock. to use it for a paperweight. It seems very bizarre to me number one but number two. I think that it it's one of those things that come up in in question. You know when, when police In our view, you and you're telling them about today. They want to know why you did everything marked why the hell? Would you stop the pick up a rock? Why did you notice that she wasn't there? What what proof do you? for that. Why were you looking around? Why weren't you just minding your own business? Well, I decided to stop it up a rock for paperweight sounds weird to me. However, I
had this person's name as it's been rejected, so I don't know if I should be questioning her statement if she's just a regular, mrs citizen, that I don't question, statement, and I believe it to be true- and I'm We just trying to figure out when seen placed in that culver, because that's a fact that we know for certain that happen and we have the statement of policing the she was killed. There. so we're trying to shrink this window of time this four hours to a much smaller amount of time, because we have all these different people that are seen in the area walking about at this time. One Those people that were seen is responsible for this, if not more than one that was seen as though we were
to really narrow down who it could be that placed sini in that kovar that day or Here'S- something that's also pretty strange in this case. Mister do caught like you are stayed in earlier. He works close enough to the family's home that he could walk home while he is going to cross that that covert where she is found. So if she was, there at the time. Its most likely that MR do caught would have seen his daughter, yeah we're gonna be able to put a lot of people in area where her body would eventually be found that do not see her there. They do not see her body lying in that culver- that really shrinks the window here. So again, would have had to walk across his little bridge to get over this covert and I'm tellin there's no way unless you blinders on man on both sides of your head. There's no that you're not seeing her lying there on the rocks at four forty p
m is when MR do caught left work. and he walked home, his normal rout would make him cross that culver right. I don't exact time for when he was crossing that bridge that day, but we know it was after four hundred and forty p dot m, so our window is getting even smaller. This is going to take us all the way up to five hundred and fifty five to apply billy six o clock p m. When we have a woman who lives on walden road, she walk across the culver on her way to vote again does not see see me in the culver, where now up to six o clock, her bodies gonna be found before seven thirty p m. I think one of the things that migs cases more difficult like in the eighties is that not everybody has a clock on them. Where now almost everybody carries a cell phone, your cell phone has some
some kind of clock on it and also you have then time frames of well. I saw this happen and then this person text me so I know it was before that time, where, in the eighties, if you're not carrying a pocket watch or wrist watch, you probably have no reference of time. So some of these people's time frames off by ten to fifteen minutes, give or take the other thing that we didn't have, or what so readily available back then that we have today is this for community village where people are going to and from for voting purposes they would have had today they got a bunch of cameras set up, so they be able to go. Okay, missus selwyn so says that she cross a covert too I'm here vote and we have her walking through our doors at this time and, mr so and so says he laughed and then had across a covert to get back to his house. While we
have him leaving our doors at this time, and so we would be to get more exact times. These times to me are still incredibly important and it's important to shrink this window, we have another, I witness this is too people. Actually that say between six fifteen and six thirty p m. We have a woman with her son. Her son is young. We know this because he's on a tricycle, levies and he's not young that would be we're. Hey sounds some sauce to me by the two of them cross, the culver between six fifteen and six thirty p m. This again aim location where the body was later found now at seven. Twenty six p m sir MIKE warley, along with two other individuals. Remember by this
In the evening we have neighbors friends, neighbourhood, kids, out walking foreseen plus we have the police actively looking foreseen at this, I'm so at seven twenty six p m: we have a police officer along with two adults from the neighborhood. The three of them together sadly discover the body of a scene do caught lying at the base of an open culver in us cream located on the north side of first community village- and this is directly from the police report. The victim is lying. approximately four inches of running water, with a large rock covering her head, her head had been crushed by the large limestone rock they had been taken from the creek bed. She was fully clothed, although there were indications that her pants had been down at one time and then pulled back up. It was observed that the pants were unbuttoned and there were
grass in her undergarments was such a sad scene, and we we see so many cases like delphi or west Memphis. Three were there, the whole community is searching for a missing child or missing children and that they don't discover the bodies until the next day this one within a couple of hours, they're discovering her body. It's almost like these killers or killer, is almost not worried about even trying to conceal the body whatsoever correct and actually, when I think, has happened here, captain is we run into a situation where things started going badly for the killer or killers and now they're just making impulsive decisions based off of getting the hell out of the area as quickly as it can again, it's awfully confusing and such risky behaviour to see such a horrible act in such a
a crime take place in an area that we can clearly see. There's a lot of movement, there's a lot of people out and about for the purpose of voting. This round the evening hours but again go back to the three o clock. Our we have two schools in this neighbour, but they're letting out in that three o clock our. So there is a lot of kids out and about during the time that she was abducted unless one more to think that She was just hanging out and doing god knows what for three hours before something terrible happened to her, and I don't think it but he believes that at all. I certainly don't believe that I think she was snatched on our way home from school and then obviously based off of the timeline we just went through. She had to be gone for several hours before someone placed her in that culver because we have all these people that say they walked across that cover and did not see a scene it through caught at any time forward so said to us
that she would be more likely to talk to a kid. You know somebody in their late teens, even early twenties when you're that age, eight years old, your your view even a twenty year old, as one of you, you know, like all, that's just a older kid, you don't necessarily with kids and teenagers view them as dangerous, and so there were able to lure her in and Then this assault takes place, and now they go well with a good chance that she knew her attacker or attackers, because it seems like that, They thought the only. The only way out of this is that we have to kill her, so she can't identify well, and the thing here is that goes back everything that you're saying goes back to all of these eyewitness accounts right. The other people in the area the time that are spotted by the citizens, saying hey yeah ice. We have
person saying I saw the victim walking home at this time in this location, and we have other eyewitnesses saying I saw a young male, probably twenty years old of average build approximately six foot tall, he's in the area. At the same time, we have two people that say they believe they saw a similar looking man carrying a small child or a little girl across the street At the same time the is seen it would have been abducted on our way home. Now I want to take this opportunity to clear up a couple things here, because I've seen it reported plenty of times sway that there were some unusual dv nations and scenes route that she took home. That day. I have discussed this with several people and confirmed this with people that news any, and it was explained to me as such the scene
he had a preferred rout this she would take from her school to her home and there was a group of kids that she would typically walk with, while some of the other kids in the group had a different route that they prefer and when the kids, when the entire group was there, they would take this other route. It's a more straightforward route, less turns less twist. Cities rout might be a little quicker for whatever reason. It's been noted by several of her friends that this was the route that she preferred. Now we do now She was walking alone that day so she would have taken her preferred rout. Now we go back the idea of unusual deviations well, why would they believed that there were unusual deviations? Well, we Oh the route that she ultimately took on the day that she was abducted and killed because
we have several things one. We have the eye, witness statements of what time where she was and where she was walking at those times as well as they brought in a cent doll to track her movements from the school in her room home that sheet So I believe that the earlier portions of her route that have those deviations are simply based off of a route that she preferred, and that was the round the she chose to take that day. Now. The other deviations that are the later part of her route. those aren't deviations that she was making by choice in my opinion. Captain there is when she started to get nervous, she was being followed. She did not lie somebody that she seeing in the area she felt uneasy and maybe
diverted from her route to get away or to avoid someone or the scarier thought at some point, she's being chased by this individual but dive into some of the deed. Sales of this murder scene. Yes, because a lay out of where sidney is ultimately found is very important to this case in figuring out who is response, so her body is actually found near a near the mouth of a covert. This culvert runs under a service road and mind you. If you look at pictures from nineteen eighty compared to twenty twenty two, the lay out of this land has changed a little bit over the years. It's been filled out a little more, but the other place. It is curious that is near by this covert, where her body is found is a tunnel which
the locals, or at least the children of the neighborhood called frankenstein's cave. Now we mentioned earlier that your parents, if you lived in this neighborhood, would tell you do go to riverside drive. You do not cross riverside drive walking around your bike. The road is just far too busy. It's too dangerous for people crossing on foot or on a bike, but this frankenstein's cave is a larger tunnel that runs underneath that riverside drive. Now this would be another location that your parents would likely tell you that you are not allowed to go to the other thing too, as a child, you may not want to go there anyway, because it's called frankenstein's cave if there were any body to be hanging out there, this would be the older kids, the teenagers, the maybe
he bore down their drinking beer, smoking, a joint and somebody had spray painted frankenstein's cave inside the tunnel on one of the walls, the tunnel wall. So this is how it kind of got its now. other than that, it's a little tricky to figure out where the name came from, but ultimately scenes body is recovered at the mouth of this culver, which is underneath the surface road runs underneath the surface road that is near frankenstein's cave that runs underneath riverside drive again we had multiple witnesses that are travelling. That are versing this area. This exact area for that for our time period of when she was gone, so you have to believe based off of those witnesses, not seeing her there, where she's later found that she will and their until much later in the evening closer to the time that she was discovered again. The time
we have on record, for the police is seven twenty six p m. There was also a brief description, and the columbus dispatch about her autopsy. According to the june tenth one thousand nine hundred and eighty columbus dispatch skull, brain injury, killed, dukat girl, autopsy shows is the headline. A brief description of that article is as follows: in a columbus dispatch newspaper article published on tenth april liminary autopsy reported that eight year old, as seen, a ducat died of skull fractures and brain contusions inflicted when she was struck on the head with a 20lb shell type rock that I'll talk to. You also showed that the third grader had been raped. Handprints were left on both sides of her throat as her attacker choked her bruises were found beneath
with eyes and on the left side of the nose up, Arlington police were to distribute pamphlets, describing the murder suspect to motorists on walden road near where the body was found. They hope to find another witness. In addition to the woman who is thought to have seen the killer carrying the youngster, into the retirement complex grounds. Police also believed that do cuts killer was the same person involved in the attack of another school girl on may seventh police described the man as white between the ages of sixteen and twenty years old with the mediterranean. Look, the killer was writing a red schwinn. Tens
he buys. The thank you for joining us here in the garage. We would be nothing without you. We love you and thank you so much for the support and telling your friends and family about us. That's how we continue to grow, and we appreciate you more than we can even begin to put into words in his back here in the garage tomorrow and until then we could be kind, don't
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