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Best of 2021 ////// 546


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This week in the Garage we look back at 2021 and discuss our favorite cases covered by us, the TCG boys. Join us for some beers, some laughs and a visit as we go in through the out door.


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Some cheers too are nearly perfect garage, france, first up a big cheers Joe long and mid lothian virginia a big shot. it shall see him Burlington north carolina. Next up, we have achieved through tiffany from the Copa cabana on the beautiful central coast of new south wales. Australia cheers big wheel, your job to Giovanni and sparks nevada. Next up, we have a big cheers to leslie and dublin new Hampshire and last, but certainly not least, everybody. We have a big cheers to brett baldwin in the parts They remain unknown everyone we just mentioned. They went our website, which is true, crime, garage dot com and they clicked on the beer fund and helped us out what this week's beer up, and for that reason
Yeah make sure you wash your parts be w W. Are you in beer run? Thank you so much. Can they you enough, could give you hugson kisses for keeping the grudge ship afloat. Thank you so much for donating to the beer, fun For everything through crime check out programme garage, dot, com and colonel, that is enough of the business our I'd, everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true graph
all right as we are entering twenty twenty two, I'm hoping this is the best year ever I don't see why wouldn't be last. Couple years have been a drag, but twenty twenty two is shaping up to be a fine year and we here in the garage or just so thankful and grateful to all of you who have kept the ship going for all of these.
Years and where excited about this year, but before we move on to twenty twenty two, a quick look back. and all the things that were great on the show and twenty twenty one while timeless there's no, that we ve done this a couple times where we will review. the year and I believe once or twice we ve. Even viewed the show as a whole over five hundred show's over six hundred. If you start counting off the record where we were view. Some of our best shows that we have done in our opinion. Our humble garage. Opinions of the best shows that we ve done in the last year. so I never thought we'd get two five hundred well I'd, never thought anybody would need to hear us say what we thought: Our best shows were of the year, but there's a whole red thread on best from crime garage shows of by year. and by all time- and so here we are we're gonna- give the good people another list to discuss, so
If you haven't heard us do one of these before the way we do it as we each pick. Five shows that we did. were five series: it we did from the previous year. The captain doesn't know what the kernels the colonel never knows anything. The captain is gonna, say anyway, so for the very first time we are going through our list here together, yes, it's a grudge party. I will be putting some extra stuff in my coffee. If you get mine Left of our girl, slurry, blurry, etc. keep your eyes on the road well, and we like to have a very official and very formal count down, but we can't seem to get Carlos to show up to work when we wouldn't want. allows for for the long time listeners Carlos, that he was underpaid and you know what he probably was. He was
as part of the show. We got six a that's right here. We go we're gonna start off with the colonel look our list. I don't know if they even matter so. If your listening to the show think back look back, get your top five together, go to our blog, a true crime, whereas outcome and leave your top five list or on social media twitter, facebook instagram. I have opposed the composure top five in the comments I want to see them. I know the current wants to see them as well. So we'll start with number five as right. We want you to prove us wrong. Aright, colonels number five. Here we go went with the zodiac, which was a five part series of very fittingly. It falls to number five here this guy an early to mid march episodes for seventy through four. Seventy four-
the late sixties, early seventys, we had a hooded serial killer terrorizing these san francisco bay area, the killer, told the press and police to call him the zodiac, and everybody knows few since in modern, true crime have been discussed and speculated more then zodiac so zodiac is always a topic for discussion and the true crime world. We put it off. For a couple of years, we had had request from jump street to cover zodiac, but it was one. those cases it. We didn't cover early on one, because we felt you could spend a fool. You or full season discussing the zodiac case and the tentacles that case and we wanted to make sure that when we did do the zodiac, that we did it in a way that we thought was appropriate in it without taking over
crime garage, so we did a five part series in march, and I was very happy with the way that it turned out. I was super excited going into it for a number of reasons. As a case, that's all we in the back of my mind, is what those cases at once a year. I find myself eyeballs deep in researching the zodiac case, and we were lucky enough to have our good friend long time friend of the show, MIKE more free from the criminology podcast. He joy sk. As he knows everything zodiac he was on what captain too of the episodes. Did a five part siri. So the first now first three episodes were simply dedicated to and I'll. I really liked the way that we did this there's a lot of questionable zodiac victims out there once it are not confirmed or unconfirmed, I guess would be a bird better word to say, but what we simply did with the first three episodes was a heavy focus on.
The confirmed, kill time line and the evidence that was found at those murders scenes. We offered up. Of course, our own speculation cassettes. What we do, here in the garage, but I really liked the way that that turned out- and I think we set out for it to be five episodes, but I think five was was the just the right time. Yeah. So my number five, is one does not just close to the heart, but close to this episode I think come we we titled their pursued. A serial killer phone call episode, five, forty four, maybe a real collar, maybe you're, a fake color calls into howard stern, show an talks for about ten minutes. Confessing that he's a serial killer and we got
such great response, just people chime in inward, whether they thought it was a roll call or not. I think at the time was leaning towards it, was real call and based on the blog posts. There's a couple of things: people pointed out where I went out. It's make me the more suspicious than it was before so now I'm colonel leaning toward the fact that it was a fake call, but I think it's a interesting flip and areas is a fun episode to record. Well often, we are doing these cases that are very dark, very heavy subject matter. You know ways on you a little bit we were able to take a step back in. This was something that we were surprised. We were both a little prize it we were getting request for hey. We we want to hear you guys, review this. This call
I think a lot of people wanted to hear the call themselves for one more time and it's something that a lot of people seem to be on the fence of is this: is this real as this legit or not, and I think there is good or for both sides. Of that, but you know it was near the holidays in and we had originally thought will put this on off the record. This is a perfect discussion for off the record, but with so many request to cover it, we had to move to the big show and your right. The responses have been incredible and the blog posts have been very interesting I like any time we can put out something that
the eighth and generates interesting, creative discussion, and I think that's exactly what happened here with the serial killer phone call episode. One, like you said some of these cases are so dark, so this was actually an idea that I I think I presented to you some time last year, and so the fact that not only did the listeners say hey. This is an idea that we think you should go over because, like I told people on the show last couple months, this has been popping up as it as a discussion on I haven't. I haven't seen another pod cast cover it, but I've seen a couple youtube channels cover, that look for whatever reason we were all having the same kind of creative idea to put out a creative show episode. That is true crime related, but essentially we don't know if we have victims in this case or not all right, colonel
number four hour. I saw my number for your captain. I went with asia degree parts one and two. This is episodes for seventy five and for seventy six, which came out right after our zodiac episodes came out in march, twenty three and twenty four so boom As my my old friend jason was a bang bang bang, We were really. We were really nailing at those three weeks in a row in the colonels opinion here so asia degree there's a red thread out there. Its titled, most bizarre missing persons cases. True crime garage has covered so of course, branch. Fires on their emma philip off our on this list, but a twenty two Ninety one addition to this list most, certainly why? as asia degree in the middle of a cold rainy night. she's only nine years old asia left her home on foot
where she was going. We don't seem to really know that's unconfirmed. Why did she leave? We don't really know, there's some speculation. Maybe she was simply sleep walking. I threw out there My speculation is that she was either running tor, something or running away from something who knows, maybe both the evidence is obvious and mysterious foul play. it is most certainly involved here. It's one of those we, breadcrumb trail cases that the further you into it it just becomes a bigger and bigger mystery like for me. This case mm My list, because of the research that that went into it and I'm not pat myself on the back. What I'm saying is the the interests like interest level for me, was an eleven on this thing right
once I saw looking into the captain brought it up said: hey have you heard this aid should degree case, and I said I I've heard something about it. I don't know a very well, he is. I think this is a must cover, and I looked it up This is a really short story. I don't know how much stuff is here and then I started. Looking into it and diving into it, and there is it just it's very in that, it is on that list of a most bizarre missing persons, cases that we have covered, because It is certainly the just strange, weird case where there are breadcrumbs, but it's hard to make heads or tails of what Evidence is and where it is supposed to lead you well this year, twenty twenty one, I became friends two great true crime, mines, brett and Alice from the prosecutor podcast. Met them. We had a long discussion with maggie freely in switzerland.
Our I think we recorded about five hours, but bread and ours actually reached out to me and said: look this asia degree case we covered it, There doesn't seem like there's a lot of me on the bones, but if you dive in there's a lot there, will you guys please cover it, because with your audience, you can get this information out there and because there was a picture that was found that nobody's ever identify the person or the girl in the picture they thought with our platform that maybe we could do some good, so one is great to meet them and become friends with them through them, suggesting this case and has won the first times the history of our show, where another podcast had reached out to
and said: look I know we covered this case, but please look into this is cause you might be able to do some good and that's also the reason why a degree as mine number four as well while we both on hit both of our list and at the exact same spy that's the super interesting and yeah you're right, the prosecutors, great people, they were you shall in and said hey. Would you guys take a look at it, and would you put it on your show? That's I love getting because it's not like it's not just hey. Aren't we have a new new friend, of the show, but we have allies right. These are or allies. They want the same things that we want. They want the same things that are audience once in its not just to review these cases and talk about but maybe do some good along the way- and this is a bizarre kay- its again. It's one of those ones it. When you hear about the case, I read about the case
you start saying yourself, why That is a more well in case because their issues really fascinating and very, very and of mysteries like if you wanted to put a stamp on something. I think that would be appropriate here in asia, is a k one also with more and more people, starting through crime podcast. You know we started this to see if we can do it, the month. We rely turns outward form. Yes, maybe maybe we can't mortal still practising for the hay whenever I dont national has five hundred episodes. You wanna go
into it. For the right reasons, if you're sitting at home going I'd love to start a true crime podcast, so I can get more twitter followers or I can be famous or something I just don't think. That's the right reasons. Do it do it, because these victims have stories that need to be told these cases need help. They need attention brought to him. The more attention brought to the case, the more chances that the case can be solved and more pressure. That's put on prosecutors and law enforcement. To not forget about these cases and not to
about the people, the victims. In these cases, Brett announced their the prosecutors. They don't have a lot of time on their plate and they put a lot of effort into put it on great quality content. So is this again great meeting them in in to inspect great to work with so many I mean from Crimecon uk to a lot of the podcast in the states to feel like you're working together. You know there. Yes, there are some of those podcast out there that they're not a part of the community and they think they're better than the other shows and and blah blah blah, but for the most part, the true crime podcast world has been very friendly to us and very supportive, and so I think this shows because but you said to have this case on a list and have people talking about it on the internet. Hopefully they they get. Some movement and the case swell announce a good reminder, their captain and something that we.
Remind ourselves and feel the need to remind you know that are tuning in as well that these, real life cases. These. These are true, lorries. Obviously, but there's some The tragedy they are someone's nightmare. They are someone's heartbreak, and we can tell these stories and we can listen they stories and we can read about em, but we need make sure that we are always keeping in mind the human element that the real life element of of these cases and Another reason why this asia should agree case made my less too was it was you know we divide, a bit of a thick skin, maybe you know big may become a little rough, Around the edges, because we we are looking at this stuff all week long every week, week after week,. This was one of those cases they got to me. They don't all get to me
dont have any understanding why some cases will get to me and others won't. But in this case I certainly did because what I like, I couldn't egg. I couldn't get it out of my mind in it for a whole week. Every time I closed my eyes were, I was seeing. Was this little girl now years old, walking in the cold and the dark and in the even by herself along the road side and my freakin hard as broke every time like I just I wanted to become You know, god make me an angel, so I could just swooped her up in and who knows, I'm again she could have been sleepwalking. But but let's toss out for a second, let's say if she was not sleep walking. That is a full powerful thing to have a nine year old, walking in the dark. Kids, don't like the dark. Nobody likes the rain and the cold she's out walking by herself in the middle of the night along
country road. I cannot and will not ever pretend to understand the magnitude of situation, nor Hurry motions were and why she was putting she's putting herself in this situation, and that's that's something that was just powerful for me to shake Ike, I couldn't shake it in a minute. It breaks my heart thinking about it now I'll. Surprise, surprise that the captain is glenn, disagree with you and hear me out on this, maybe maybe I'll get you change your mind. Yes, we looked into these dark cases every week. There's real life victims. We sometimes are talking with the families of those victims. I don't think it's made me a tougher individual. I think it's actually made me more sensitive to the subject,
really understand the human element of it and just a the progress in general. I mean we're gonna do that live event in February and any time we do alive event to meet our listeners. It's a humbling experience. I am was filling the whole, not just diving into the cases, but the whole part has experience, has made me low, more grateful to just wake up every day and and also does the the abuse of situations that allow these victims ran before before the actual murder takes place. I gave what you're saying where it could make a little rough around the edge is, but I actually think it's made.
with me and you more sensitive people, so we both have the same number. Four that again, there was a should agree parts one and two episodes for seventy five for seventy six came out in march of twenty twenty one for any of you listening that have not already heard those episodes or want to go back and listen to them again: should help you in your search. So for my number, three Here I have the yogurt shop murders. Thirty years later, which we covered on november thirtieth in December first- and we were covering those. Thirty years later, at that time period that weak because later that week would be exactly thirty years later, those are suits five, thirty, nine and five forty- and this is one of those cases. You were view and you're just shot. Just I'm income
please shock in an almost disbelief here that thirty, later this has not been solved, you know, if you the case you you understand why there is certainly been plenty of speed bumps along the way, a part of that being they actually convicted to individual of being and all day and committing these. These emphasizes quadruple? Homicide case they took place one thousand nine hundred and ninety one in austin Texas, at Austin yogurt shop, it's one of the most infamous cases in texas history and, in my opinion, and despite the efforts of the austin police department, it as said, remains unsolved thirty years later, while this is a great pick actually kind of forgot about this case, because with this is the second time were covering it when you suggested that we put on lists because of the anniversary, which I don't think
that many listeners understand there's a lot of times. The schedule is lining up with anna verse, rees of cases and and that's all due to your work. So I applaud you their partner but great case and the second, I'm around when you suggested as a group. We are covered this case the second time around. I found it way more interesting. It's a very fascinating case. If you haven't listened to those episodes, not only should be listen to those episodes, but go look up some of the diagrams that people have online about the shop. You can do some deep dives that case. So very nice pick well in your right. It was one that we did have an off mike discussion of. Well really, should we However, this again cause, I, I think we both felt the same way we were pretty third
oh anne and covering it the first time around, which was in two thousand and seventeen. I believe it was episode eighty one and eighty two- and I do think that, even though we devoted for episodes to it, and really for years apart splitting them in toulouse and appears there. I think you could list all for their very different episodes and- and we kind of shaped them differently. Unfortunately, A case is unsolved for for thirty years and hits a thirty year barker, it's a good time to remind everybody that hey this thing is is not solved. We had four young people lose their lives and they were terrorized for about forty five. Forty eight minutes that night and austin it's a good reminder. I know austin didn't need a reminder they. This is a case that is on the whole, the mines of of us
I'm they asked the is that what we call them the great people of Austin in this the case too- that is again it's one of the most infamous cases in texas history. So it's one of those cases that the whole state of taxes yearns for in annex one knows that that needs to have some justice It seems like there's meat on the bone here that they do have some evidence that could lead to standing and pointing to exactly who is responsible for this. I believe it than one perpetrator. If I, if I had to pick just based off of the evidence in what the crime seen shows us. It seems to support two or more offenders this to captain is is one of those cases where I think a couple you ago. We did a unsolved cases that we ve covered. That are
you remember, will be titled it if it we're solvable, solvable or ones it we, if, if you could solve, if you can make a list, but you can only put so many on their of cases that would be solved. This case was certainly in that discussion, and this is a case that his fascinated me throughout the decades and will continue to fascinate me even when they do solve it, and I do think that they will all of it- and I think that a lot of the blanks a lot of the things that we are not able to understand or a lot of the doubts that we were unable to connect will be connected once we solve this case and in I will love, I look forward to that. all right so number three for me- was the bone. Breaker killer episode, number five, twelve five thirteen. This was
stop all around fascinating case. Yes in a horrifying. Yes, it was one of the cases that, when you research in it, you almost think that, like you're reading, like a movie scripted- something like this- this can't this can't be true. I mean this I don't want to give too much away, because I want people to go back and listen if they haven't, but there's definitely details in this case. That is their sickening there's some gruesome this to this case, but it was definitely want, that when I started researching and putting together the the the music for the show for the episode that week, cuz that's what I like to do. I like to pull up even if it's just wikipedia on start reading about the case and trying to
see if I can get some kind of vibe. How do I want to make the theme music? This weaken? What's the case saying to me and this one: does it say man when you start during the research on it right away, spark variant tourism in as firing on all cylinder, so yeah number three for me- is the bonebreaker killer. In that case, is again not trying to give too much away. That was definitely definitely incomes duration. For me, captain it was one that I was whittling down my list. It was. It was hanging and hanging around truly fascinating one in part because of just the thee, the rarer neither of the case where we have a very unique situation where the killer in abductor is act actually going into homes in the middle of the night and abducting the victim
almost right out of their beds, which was just completely, but it's a high risk factor that you rarely see in in cases an terrify completely tat I think you hit the nail on the head when you said I I felt like I was wrong- being a script for some hollywood, whore flick, that's about the come out, because its almost unbelievable and also the age of the victims and the age of the murderer. That to me, can I had a fascinating twist by anyways. I want to give too much away again the bomb breaker killer, five hundred and twelve and five hundred and thirteen? We will finish our list right after this quick vehicle.
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other screen and the true cromwell Their year done- and we are on into the next great year here we go twenty twenty two. thanks to the listeners, what will be here for another year. That's right! That's right at least one more year after that no player knows where that so we got through. Are we each got through? Our top? Well are five four and three, and now we each have our top two left on our list would can do the honors and kick off by number two here. Well, let me do my number two, because it's pretty disappointing, like my bed, what's this, because mine is the zodiac five areas which is already on your list. So I feel like this.
Listen is right. Now are satisfied, I say, nay. I think that everybody satisfied I'd I'd like. I think that you know we. We do share some of the same opinions and that's obvious here. And so I think that they like when we agree and they like when we disagree, and this list is certainly going to have both of those elements I was troll around the old internet this weekend and I did come across and I should have wrote it down, but I I did not, but there was a website that said that we had the best zodiac podcast of twenty twenty one you know. Obviously this is a k, hurrying yeah take the case. It's been covered a lot, and so we were not claiming or nor is this website claiming that we have the best podcast zodiac podcast of all time.
but the but they didn't say the headline ice, also best zodiac podcast, twenty twenty one again, I should wrote that down, but throw in the caviar there to captain maybe where the only ones that covered at last year, if you are the only ones than near the best bought a couple reasons, one not to my own horn, but I think it's one of my favorite one of my favorite musical themes that I did this year and also we did individual our work for every episode, which was done by my buddies, cutty boombox, which has helped us out,
a lot. He didn't all the artwork of the single episodes of jonbenet ramsey when we did that he did the shaker heights artwork. So he's done a lot of cool stuff for us in the past and and to have him be a part of that and it look. There's a couple movies, then I go to you know this. Sometimes the research is a lot of work. and so, when you not feel in it, I feel like if I throw in the movies zodiac or I throw on mine hunter, why throw silence of the lambs or I throw on spotlight. I can get in the mood to do to want to do the research. but but yeah so zodiac. I just
you did a good job of it, and that's why my number two. So so that's my number two. Now, let's go with your number two! Well, the zodiac guess can be some heavy lifting when it comes to the research. That's why it was interesting to kind of put it together, the way that that we did and presented in that form, and I am glad that you brought up the movie because I failed to do so when I had it on my list, but if you're out there and you listen to the show- and you ve not bothered to take carvel two hours of your life and watched the zodiac movie. It is one of the best true crime, dramatization movies you ever will see. I mean it's yeah, it's almost like a bio
of the investigative, yet you got it so many good actors and actresses in the movie as well- and it says, really well put together the the music good at shotwell film. Well it it for whatever reason didn't do well in at the box office, but it is for me, I fell in love with it. The first time I saw- and I thought I've probably wash it may be ten times it's one of those movies that I enjoy it. So much that, like you, said your pop it in a little bit of inspiration, but there it's a movie that I could pick up on at any point in the movie like I don't have the started at the beginning. I can- and I find myself completely completely immersed in fascination with the case and the story as soon as I as soon as that movie comes on so good pick, their captain zodiac for your number two for my number two I went with the chelsea small case. We did to episodes on chelsea small case
covered it in june of twenty twenty one? This would be episodes four hundred and ninety five and four hundred and ninety six. This was June 15th and 16th that it came out and trustingly enough here I've I've seen this case
hitting the news, especially on the local level, since our coverage. Now I'm not gonna pretend that our coverage has anything to do with it, but hey we didn't, we couldn't have hurt. This was one of those cases. Another case that I go. Why is this case? Not more well known, you look into it and you go. This is completely fascinating. It's a bizarre case. We had the killer on surveillance, footage from that day from that tragic or horrific day, and yet we still have not found chelsea small killer, so click on detroit dot com did one of the most recent articles on the case, which came out in november of last year and the
say: chelsea small was just thirty years old, with a bright future ahead of her when she was murdered on the job in two thousand and thirteen small was the mother of two young children. She was gunned down at her place of work on what was supposed to be her day off. If you ve listener coverage, you remember that she was covering for another co worker. That day. This was something that they had agreed upon days in advance, so that chelsea could have aid a different day off or the coworker could have swap days. What, you better. She was working on november, twenty two thousand and thirteen at the advance america check, cashing place on telegraph, road and tailor michigan, which is a very nice town, very nice city. I think a lot of people were surprised it happened there? This was a very busy road, many businesses, many people out working that day middle of the week,
there is still a reward in her case and the chelsea small cases is being offered up. That is now to fifty two thousand dollars. Anyone who has information leading to an arrest, so anyone the information. What you can do search your fancy, computer machine, you got their home and it will pull up the video for you and you can see the killer walk in. to the advance america cashing place. You see, what goes down he's in there. Very briefly, there's a few different websites that you can find this video its readily available. I I would suggest watching the more recent ones, because
police, did hold on to some information to take themselves some information back in this investigation early on for the first few years, information that would have been very important to their investigation and to a possible confession because look after her murder and the surveillance footage came out to the public and the billboards went up in the public outcry think this was another was a similar delphi situation where people thought and arrest is coming. They'll find this guy and it's gonna happen with the quickness, and here we sit. That was two thousand and thirteen. We are kicking off twenty twenty two. We see I do not know who killed chelsea small another, very interesting angle, in this case too, as I reference this when we covered it did There's there's a small possibility here that this case and I think it should
be included in the discussion for the eye: seventy killer. We covered the eye, seventy killer case back in twenty twenty and that small case. This was not the case that I was even aware of, and you know we're we're. Here in ohio, neighbouring michigan and the public out Brian again. The awareness of the public in the surveillance footage. I was still unaware of this case- and I was a little bit shocked that this case was so interesting, so fascinating, still unsolved, and I was unaware of it- the way that it came up my radar here. Captain was somebody. EL, the show and said you guys did a good job covering the eye. Seventy killer, which was one of my one of my favorite episodes, her or coverage from twenty twenty.
Then, when we cover these cases, especially an unsolved serial killer case, we will get a lot of of people coming out of the woodwork saying you know. I think this guy could could be the guy. I think this is the best us back and here's why I love receiving the emails, keep them coming, but I got to say most of the time the people that are suggesting the suspects that have been resented those times to us, not really good suspects. Somebody emailed me email, the show, saying, look, there's a there's, a small chance here. You know very thin chance that this is connected, but I think in the eye seventy killer conversation, this chelsea small case should be included. Until we can confirm that it's not one in the series, because there are so many similarities to chelsea small case to the ice.
Any killer and I found absolutely fascinating and I found the case just completely mysterious. I don't I still do no to this day how this individual has gotten away with it all of these years later. So this was one of those cases that was suggested to us, and I am so thankful to the listeners for that, because I thought it turned out to be too really great episodes, and this is one where you really feel like you can make. Some makes some good here right, because this is something that We need to put his many ear balls and eyeballs on. This is something that we can tell you the story we can tell. You are speculation, We can tell you the reasons why these other crimes might be connected. We talked about a gun theft that happened in the area about six months, but Perhaps we can show you all that and tell you all of that. But here is a situation where we can then send you
as soon as you as soon as you pull out the ear bugs you can. You can hop on old internet machine and look it up and go. You know what I can view the video the surveillance footage for myself, and I can I can I can make a list of what I believe that I'm seeing as there is their evidence that I can spot with my eyes it or their actions by the killer, that I can spot and in really kind of put him in one compartment away from others, and this is those cases where we were able to do that in that doesn't happen in so many cases, and that's why I just found this one to be incredibly entered, thing and a little shocked that it took us all these years to cover. But again, thank you to the listeners for putting this one on our radar, so we we know to go out and look into this case. A big fears to the listeners that also falls on social media. That share information. Light with the
should agree case. We needed people sharing that photo. Thousands of people share that photo, and this case you have photos, video footage, but that information needs to be shared. It's one thing to discuss it, but that's what's so great about the true crime community. In, what's so great about our listeners, they realize it's not just information and entertainment that there is something that we can do. The power is in our hands if we share their information enough that we might get good leads and we have been contacted several times and talk to several family members victims where, after the show law enforcement is getting new, leads and care thank you enough well, and this is why those cases to where we need to make sure that we throw out big ups to the tailor police department, because this is a case that they have. They have told us,
This is not something that they're saying to some news outlets or or some other place. They have directly told us. This case is very solvable. We have. We have speculation within our own department of why things were the way they were, that day, air and and how things went down, but that aside every one of the detectives it have laid eyes on this case in and done, the you know, pounded the pavement done that the leg work on this case have also the same thing. This case is extremely solvable. They all believe that it will be solved and the break may come from the public. So when we decided to cover it, it was really. It was really nice of them to be so forthcoming and sit down with us and talk with us about the case and give
some information on the case to two. Maybe again, maybe it hits the right ear balls. Maybe we send the right eyeballs to watch the video, and that is how this thing is going to get solved again. A young mother her whole life ahead of her. She was thirty years old. She was just really starting the starting then in making her way in this world and just a tragic, horrific event that went down and It seems like just such a senseless, random acts of violence that that has very little. Explanation and the tailor police department again big ups to them, for it for taking the time to speak with us at length about the case kudos to them for the good work that they're doing on the chelsea small case. It's
time again, I don't know far less matter so much as patting ourselves on the back, but I want to. I want to hear from the listeners why your top five is to make sure that you go to your blog and tell us what your top five of the year and maybe drawn their, maybe a case suggestion, maybe something that we haven't cover that we can try to get to in two thousand twenty two. So my number one can we are because I think I think you have to put these together cuz. We did the tylenol murders, which was four hundred and eighty four hundred and eighty one, but that kind of goes into the unabomber case, which would be episodes for eighty two in
eighty three, so I'm putting them together, even though we didn't put him in a part. One part two part three part for series, They that's essentially what they are yes and we did on purpose. We had planned that well in advance. We we both wanted to cover the eurobond case and we both wanted to cover the tylenol murders case and we had them slated for Last year, when we were going into twenty twenty one we just kind of no. When we were going to cover em and hut, I'm not why I dont think either of us as much as we wanted to cover the cases in as much as we thought they were fascinating, interesting cases. We knew that it was a kind of a big undertaking there, both both very big cases, with a lot of information out there, especially unabomber, because, it is solved, but there is some speculation and always will be any
the tylenol murders case is solved that these two could be connected because a bomber and a poisoner, arse, similar and emma, and if somebody could have pulled off well, not if somebody could have pulled off. Somebody did pull off the tylenol murders. Ted Kosinski was certainly capable of of that. So when we were viewed it from that angle- and it's not- I wouldn't say that we released on this way, because we believe that theory just that. We agree that that theory is interesting and there is some credibility to it. So we thought this was an interesting way of putting them and putting them out back the back. But again, then, knowing all right we're gonna have about three four weeks of a law
a heavy lifting on two very, very big cases. Correct me. If I'm wrong captain your saint, both of those were, were two partners. I remember it when we are putting together the shows and both of those cases both of em felt like they could have gone three or four parts, just really again really big case and I am glad I'm really glad that we put about back to back, like that. I'm gonna put myself in the back to la flesche, flaky live I did. I wasn't doing for that, but good, oh yeah. He who No, I didn't notice them for that. we'll see you now I'd just like the music, so some of them come to me easier. Some Sometimes there are no more work, but there are some things that I like about doing the show then and obviously working with you but wonder the park
is take the germany ramsay case oj simpson case delphi murders. Now here, zodiac unabomber cases that you might have had Glenn does into throughout your life, but you never took a deep dive and that being a part of what we get to do, you know sometimes it feels like we have to do and then sometimes it feels like we get to do especially, like I said with like watching zodiac as much as I have to finally take a deep dive and kind of really wrap your head around the case, and why are so many people fascinated? Why is there
it's just like with jack the Ripper, where John Bernay, that or more murray dozy sub cultures with in the true cram world that are really fascinated with those cases, and why are they and to really get to uncover that? And I am glad that you paired those too other you know you might have one or two weirdo sidney homegrown, while the captain kind of cheated here, I don't think so, because I I share the same opinion, like what I was trying again trying to whittled down my list here going into today. Those two cases were and strong consideration the issue that I kept running into was I felt like if I included one I needed to include the other as well, last year we did in episode where we talked about our favorite trailers. You know we call
some people got what's a trailer. Well, we call that that portion at the the start of the show after the beer, the nonsense is out of the way. When we say we're gonna talk some true crime. We go to the captain's music. We go to the colonel trying to do his best of young robert stack, a version of myself and that Is what we call our trailers and last year we did it in episode where we just simply talked about. Are our favorite, true crime, rod, trailers. The Unabomber case was on my favorite trailer list. So I again agree with you. The music was fantastic on both of those in the unabomber. Trailer was really. This is just as show where just so proud of ourselves. We were annoyed, dealing or hiding the gear, so great, just shut up our or not
now that it is difficult for us, the fight in as we think it makes sense, the formula makes sense, hey what audience. No, what we thought were, or lithuanians into our minds, which cases we enjoyed putting out the most this year, but we are not these kind of help, and we just want to move on to the next case and keep it going, but we didn't want take a break. Other shows are taken a break. I stand by that. We didn't take a break now. We might take some breaks text. Where is it I stand by the fact that we did take a break and he's a little bit of fun for us, though, to to do these kinds of shows where we can relax a little bit there, a little more chill there a little more fun for us. It's a garage party like you, said captain, and you know it's coming off of christmas week. You don't wanna, be you know, wanna be to media.
In the research and dancing in the blood too much right. It's it's a time for family and friends and love and happiness, and sometimes true crime, as the listeners know. Who can get in the way of that. So I'm I'm very happy that we could do this episode here today and, as you said, not take the week off, but for my number one so that that will leave me to my number one here and I went with one that was from very early in the year of twenty twenty one. In fact that came out the last week of january and the first week of February it was a four part series. I am, I really enjoyed putting these together and I thought they turned out fantastic and I'm talkin about what
the demons, came out parts one through four: that's episodes, four hundred and fifty nine for sixty four sixty one and to now this was something that I had wanted to do on the show for for quite some time and really what, when the demons came out is, and the reason why is for parts is it's kind of a mash up of several cases, ohio cases in the early 80s and some of them are connected in some of them are not. Some of them are cold cases. Some of them have been solved, but it was an interesting way to kind of mash them up and put them together. Because in the early eighties there was something very frightening that was going on in ohio and unfortunately this was going on in other states as well, but there was a bizarre
string of child abductions and murders that hit northeast ohio, an central ohio roughly all. At the same time, we took a deep dive into those old cases. Again, some of em cold, some of them solved, and one thing that really perturbed me and captain. You know this and long time, listeners One thing that I cannot stand that bothers the hell out of me and I look. I don't pretend to be perfect. I knew that I get things wrong, I'm I'm a bat. An affair and on getting about two or three things wrong a week, whether its mispronouncing, someone's name or just saying some dumb thought they came to mind, but some people think he picked the wrong part five hundred in the laboratory. I have to disagree with that, but the word, but You have been wrong five hundred and fifty times it upsets me when the facts of some of these cases are misreported and then because what happens if they can t, they continue to be misreported, like somebody else
gathers the wrong information from a source. They didn't do a great job for whatever reason and look these sources can do it a job on one case in a bad job. On other cases that happens. It's we're not say everything that they do is junk, but one thing that the upset me for the longest time that on Wikipedia they had said that robert burns- Who was a known serial killer in the state of ohio, killed kelly, an processor, and that was simply not the truth. Weak her killer was discovered through dna many years later, but even after her killer was discovered. Nobody ever bother to take that down. You know if it once was speculation and he was suspected in it. Of course, he was so a suspect in that case. But if you go back and you review the information from the early eighties, that was a lead and something that the investigators actually worked on was trying to put robber. Buell,
in central heil, he was he was abducting whim girls in north east ohio and killing them, and they thought maybe he came down here and indeed at a couple times, and they could never place him. In franklin county during any time frames of these girls. Are women going missing or being killed, and so that was certainly sums that they looked into and one for whatever reason. Almost forty years, It still sat there on Wikipedia that he was a suspect in kelly and processors case or its believed that he was the killer when in fact we learned that he he was not. So if you haven't listen to those episodes, those were were my favorite of the year and again really just a mash up of this serial killer? This active serial killer, Robert Buell, whose kind of one he's unknown serial killers? Lesser known, serial killers that was active in the state of ohio
and he's guilty of some horrible horrible stuff in it does not bother me one bit that he is dead. This data while killed him in two thousand and two he refused to give give any kind of answers or or any justice to some of his victims and their families, even when they were hurting all those years later. You know he was. He was locked up in the eighty, so he had plenty of to tell us what he knew and he refused to do so and. These episodes were really a way of bringing up him less known serial killer, that we had not yet told his story or told the story of of him. These other victims
It were at one time loosely connected to the robber buell story, but but certainly weren't actually connected. So it was a way to discuss ohio, cold cases, anthem solve cases, and everybody knows it, I'm just fascinated by ohio cold cases. So it was really interesting to put that together. and I was happy that we did so. The other thing I love to captain is the title. When the demons came out- and I can't take credit for that- that was in an old newspaper article after Robert Buell was arrested. They were interviewing people that knew him that worked with him. They lived in the same neighborhood as him, my one of the guys that I found fascinating that they were interviewing and I dont I dont have his name here, but the line that stuck with me was sky that was interviewed said when the demons came out. He said you know, Robert Buell was a great guy. I thought he was a great guy. He was he was funny. He was personable. He was well liked in the neighborhood. He was well liked at work.
I guess I never saw him when the demons came out and that just that title that that sentence from that old, that old newspaper article stuck with me- and I think it really kind of sums up who Robert Buell was right- he's he's this model stir. There is dressing himself in sheep's clothing everyday day and going out into the world and falling everybody into thinking that he's something. That is not that he's a good guy. Any is one of the one of the worst that I can think of. And I know some people enjoy soft cases. We enjoyed soft cases too, and we think you can learn a lot from him. It's just really difficult when you're, when people are suggesting cases that we feel like if we add to the platform and and talk to the listeners, about that, we might get some movement on it, and so sometimes it's hard. Sometimes we need to do a soft case to to make us feel better about the whole process and
to remind ourselves that these things, these cases that seen sometimes like they'll, never gets off eventually one day, do at least that some justice, at least that some closure so yeah. What a year seems like it flew by and one more year in the books in one more year to go. I guess that's right and any more. Yes, thank you everybody for listing in twenty twenty one and we look forward to do all that can be great.
Want each one to so many re memories with you guys this year, two thousand one one. I look forward to so many cases. We have solved two thousand twenty two, colonel. Do we have any recommended reading for the beautiful? Listen? Yes, but only for the beautiful listeners. If you're, not a beautiful listener, you can just check out right we will be recommending this week, a killer by
design, murders, mine hunters and my quest to decipher the criminal mind by the great an burgess and for of you that have been long time, listeners or even recent listeners. You may go what colonel you recommended that in December, of last year, while you're right and I'm recommending it again. Just in case you didnt pay attention that is a killer by design by an burgess and the reason we're recommending. It again is the off the record listeners know that recently we just released over station that I had with the great an burgess sure you check out her new book and check out are other show off. The record is available on state your premium. If you want to find how you can listen for free, I believe for a whole month for free to off the record and dozens of other great shows on stitched premium nor website programme garage, dotcom and you'll find the link there. Yes, and until next week be good,
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