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Bible & Freeman Kidnapping and Murders ////// 669

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Bible & Freeman Kidnapping and Murders ////// 669

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Back in May of 2017 we covered a story we titled “The Missing Welch Girls.”  That was a two part story and you can still listen, they are episodes 107 & 108.  Since then, we have provided an update on our other show "Off The Record.”  Today we come to you with another update, but no the good kind.  One of the men responsible for the murder or four people and the abduction of our two missing Welch girls, Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman is scheduled for an early release from prison.  This is an outrage!  Ronnie Busick will be released on Friday, May 19th, 2023.  Yet, these two young ladies are still missing.  Both Laura Bible and Ashley Freeman have been missing since December 30th 1999. They were both just sixteen years old.  Today Laura would be just 40 years old and Ashley 39.

Laura is Native American. She is listed at 5’5 inches tall, with Brown hair, and hazel eyes. She may have been wearing a blue shirt, jeans, white sneakers or black boots, and silver heart-shaped earrings with imbedded diamonds.

Ashley Freeman is caucasian, 5 foot 7 inches tall.  She has Blonde hair, and blue eyes. Ashley had an athletic build in 1999. She may have been wearing a t-shirt, jeans, a baseball cap, white sneakers, a windbreaker and a class ring inscribed with the phrase "Bluejacket High School Class of 2000."

If you have any information of the possible whereabouts of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, or if you have any further information about Ronnie Busick, Warren Phil Welch or David Pennington or any other criminal activity that any or all of these guys were involved in please contact the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation 1-800-522-8017.  Or you can email the show TrueCrimeGarage@gmail.com

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In new orleans, twenty twelve bruce catch. Here I drove to an address some one had given him that didn't exist ass. He stood in the park what were the address should have been. He was shot and killed. I'm You d umbra join me for the newest season of counter clock. As I die, The motive behind bruces murder, a series of events that have never been fully investigated until now binge all fourteen episodes of counter clock season. Five, wherever you isn't ipod, casts Hey it's blue ceo, our blow bunny. Our research shows that humans, like things that are many like our many swirled or many gulf or many poodle, our dedicate A team of bunnies hours excited is ever to announce their newest development in many innovation, blue body, many buyers, millions eyes mighty in crunch. You couldn't
I have too many, I mean be too many or sorry have too many many slew bunny. We make fun. I the
The hours after laura bible and Ashley Freeman went missing nearly twenty years ago. Search parties were formed, missing persons, signs were hung up and the community, of course, was on edge, and tonight we hear from a close friend of the girls who is still staying hopeful that their bodies will be found and six is Amy. Kaufman is on that story. In veneto, with the latest Amy Cargan terry ronnie music is sitting in the craig county jail tonight facing for counts of murder. But despite the gruesome details of this case, one of war and Ashley's closest childhood friends tells me that she hopes people remember who the girls were as opposed to what they went through.
Easy to get lost in the details of this. But what I hope and wish is that people dwell on those things that they will take, that energy, and remember the girls Sheena re says she was coming home from basketball at blue jack in highschool. When she found out about the fire at the freeman house, she immediately rushed home to call laura to see if Ashley was okay. I just wanted to get home to get to a foul. He noted call laura and that's when he told me that she was with her that way. Like it sought to the guy twenty four hours later after investigators left, the home, turned crime, scene, family and friends went to make sure nothing was missed. They sifted through all the way to the ground and make sure those two girls were in there and they weren't. So he knew we had in a search party. Go and
she met. Her family were involved in several different searches and hung up missing posters across the area, but says even when it was difficult. She never gave up hope, Lauren, Ashley or such fighters and though so full of life, I love sheena says she still thinks about them. Every day I didn't get a chance to have children get married, so I hope those of us that are here make something of that for them, because, ultimately, everyone is fighting for the same goal to get the girls home. Knowing that that will give them some closure and peace of mind that will give me closure tune. It tells me that she's still hopeful that laura nationalist bodies will be found. So if you have any information that could help lead investigators to laura and Ashley's bodies, you're asked to call one spr live on the scene on a story from craig counting Andy Kaufman. News on this story will make your blood boiled back in december.
Ninety. Ninety nine two people were killed in two girls were taken in may of two thousand seventeen true crime garage covered this case and episodes one o seven and one o eight titled, the missing welsh girls our show description, read something like this. In the early morning, hours of december thirtieth nineteen, ninety nine in welch Oklahoma trailer home fire is reported, firefighters, arrive and put out the blaze the day, body of wife and mother, Cathy Freeman is discovered. Her husband, daughter, in family friend are missing. Law enforcement, theorize, Cathy's, husband, danny, shot her set the home on fire and abducted his d, water ashley in their friend lore, the following to everyone's surprise? Lords family was looking for clues at the scene of the. are there and then they find the body of danny fremont and the desperate
goes on to read tonight we gather in the garage and discuss what could have possibly happen the night in the trailer we also want to. What happened to Ashley, freeman and lore bible well, today we gather in the garage once again to discuss the aggravating update we have, in this case, firstly go through a little recap of store, is true crime story. Now, twenty three years old, it's been twenty three years and the families here are still seeking answers and truly, when you get down to it still seeking justice because it's sad to say, but we have seen it before, and I don't ever want to see it again, but sometimes unfortunately evil winds, and here in this case I am hoping that we can all pull together and make sure that evil does not win So, let's go back in time captain to the end of nineteen. Ninety nine many, bracing themselves for the. Why to Kay scare by in that
any town of welsh Oklahoma, two girls were celebrating something other than the upcoming new year. A new millennium, they were operating a birthday. Welsh, is located in craig county, which is one of the north eastern most counties in oakland. this case is so well known in this part of the country that if you were to look up well Oklahoma, this case is highly did on the welsh wikipedia page. senior old law bible spent the evening of Wednesday December twenty ninth nineteen: ninety nine at her best friends house, her best friend, finally, free men was turning sixteen years old on this day, and the two friends along with Ashley's parents and a few other friends, going to have some fun for the youngsters birthday. These two were the best of france long time, France, the kind that
you are so used to seeing them together that they almost start looking alike. In some of these pictures captain laura nationally, almost look like they could, because if we start looking like, I I'm gonna quit. Now celebrating that Ashley's families house they own a trailer that was close to welsh oklahoma. Yet this is a trailer home. This is their residence. Much of the following is on the Charlie project website, which is by far in my home garage opinion, the best database of missing persons, that's charlie project, dot, org, and I know many people spend a lot of time reading all of the cases and profiles on that site just remember to donate a few dollars, while you are there to make sure that the charlie project site never goes away.
Kathy Freeman Ashley's mother took the two girls to big bills: barbecue on north wilson, street and vanessa Oklahoma. The group travelled in Cathy's blue toy oda to pick up feed for the freeman livestock as well as well. Water from Cathy's mother's house. The fragments trailer had a wood burning stove in the living room and phone service and electricity. the freeman family was described as avid hunters and outdoor enthusiast, who enjoyed living in the remote location due to the fact that they were tat. There were numerous firearms stockpiled inside the whole ashley's boyfriend. Jeremy Hearst told investigators that He met the women at a local walmart after their dinner ashley silver chain with a heart shaped pendant, embedded with her birth stone for her birthday, present Jeremy. Her said that he return to the freeman home
with both of the girl. Shortly afterwards, he said that nothing appeared to be a man. swell. He was there and that he departed some time between nine thirty and ten thirty p m Ashley's, father danny free and also had relatives over for the birthday party. They left after Jeremy Hearst left the trailer that night He said that no outgoing telephone calls were made from the families home during the night Cathy plan to take ashley to her drivers test the following morning: lore had it, mental appointment scheduled for the following morning and plan to leave the trailer shortly beforehand. Now laura is six. so she's driving age. She drove to the freeman residents that evening a passing motorists reported a fire in the vicinity of the freeman residence at approximately six a m
This is on the morning of thursday december thirtieth. Ninety ninety nine first responders awry I have on the scene and shortly after authorities discovered cathy free men's remains inside the debris during that afternoon, search of the trailer in the press, investigators initially stated that they were positive, that no other bodies were inside the home and did not secure the loan. Asian during the overnight hours, Danny Freeman, Ashley's father at the time, was considered to be the prime suspect in his wife's murder and fair authorities believe that he may have abducted ashley and laura and travelled elsewhere with them. But the problem with this theory here captain was that all of the freeman vehicles were parked near the home their found on the property yeah. I love. This initial investigation doesn't make a lot of sense, but leave it see where law enforcement was gone with this thought
We found the mother. We can't find the father. We can't find the kids one could assume. Father took the kids, laura bibles car was also near by, and one detail that was thought to be added strange at the time was that the keys lord keys were found. in the car and in the ignition that, following day now, again. This is a very remote area. They don't have any nearby neighbours. I can see six, Your own. I can even see myself just leaving the keys in the car. She's pay on getting up in going to that dental appointment early the next morning light Here we have laura bibles family there at the scene. And remember this is an unsecured seen there trying to figure out what happened to you their daughter to their loved one. They found and loris purse propped up inside the trailer and
as the only evidence that they found of their daughter at the scene. The vehicle parked outside keys in the nation and lore bibles purse propped up against the. I believe it was like a corner and in one of the walls and one of the rooms the trailer the following morning, the bibles returned to the trailer and attempt to gather more evidence as to their daughters, whereabouts. J Bible is laura's. Father This is when J Bible discovers danny free body in the bedroom of the mobile home, so that there is completely What makes you wonder how long foresman and fire fighters missed this victim correct, and it also makes it sure difficult in upsetting that they didn't secure the scene either yeah, because one can question if you didn't find it that day, is it possible that he was taken away from that seen in them brought back
dora was determined. The boat, danny and Cathy Freeman had died as the result of gunshot wounds not from the fire. Danny's body was partially covered by bree inside the bed room this explaining why his remains were overlooked by fire fighters and police? the medical examiner, determine that danny's right collarbone have been fractured prior to the entrance of the fatal gunshot wound, so it would appear that there is some kind of scuffle some kind of fight. He danny certainly had injuries they took place right before he was killed with that gunshots. Why raises questions? Why would somebody want this couple dead? Why would they set their place a blaze and where Girls and the coroner determine their cathy freeman died at approximately five a m on that day and remember the fight
errors reported at approximately six a m that morning, investigators leave that the fire was intentionally said this as an attempt to destroy evidence of these two crimes and and potentially cover them up completely and extensive search for the girls produced. No evidence. As to their whereabouts, Lorraine, bible, lords, mother, old reporters than ashley, her daughters, friend been saving her money to purchase a use vehicle. Remember she's going to get her drivers test the day after her birthday. Lorraine said that she believed that actually had about twelve hundred dollars in her savings, Ashley's boyfriend, Jeremy Hearst so that ashley actually had saved between three thousand of four thousand dollars for a vehicle. While she was employed at a convenience store in town and was using a lot of that money to purchase her first car
the boyfriend Jeremy, her said the ashley did not have a bank account and in fact she kept her money sealed in a tupperware container and the families freeze ladys armed with this information were unable to ok, any evidence of the cash after the fire, lorraine state. That ashley and danny had been arguing earlier in the month regarding what vehicle she was going to buy she claimed that actually wanted to purchase a different car than what danny head decided? She should be by oklahoma law enforcement officers, David Haines, shot and killed the freedom, son. Shame the year before ninety ninety eight chain was found on country road in possession of a stolen vehicle. When the officer encountered him shane free, an allegedly reach behind his back and pulled a gun on the officer prompting officer haze to fire. The incident
is investigated and Hayes actions were found to be justified. He and his brother, who was also a law enforcement officers said that they both were required to take polygraph exams after the girls Disappearances and ninety ninety nine, neither them, though, however, were ever considered to be suspects in the investigation of this a strange case, strange scenario and then a fractured relations between the free men's and law enforcement. So a lot of the family, believing that maybe law enforcement was behind these murders, yet local law enforcement, and possibly involved in the murders, and then the disappearance of the girls as well, of course, being told by law enforcement that there's no evidence that seem to support that theory at the time. But, as you can imagine, captain that's going to be difficult for several of the freeman family. To agree with that statement.
There was speculation that ashley and laura may have been involved in this. And murders after the searches failed to produce evidence, as to their whereabouts, investigator stated There was nothing in either girls background to suggest at all that they could be capable of such a horrible crime ashley was a member of the welsh high school basketball team lore was a cheerleader who plan to become a cosmetology after her highschool regulation, both girls were very much the girl next door. They were, they were good. Kids. Both Girls were viewed as well behaved teenagers, but with such a heinous crime and there's obviously so much. Fusion, so gonna have so many suspects, and so many different ngos that long for his foresman is to have to dive into that's right. Captain several suspects were looked at and investigated over the years. This includes Syria
killers, tommy, living cells and Jeremy Brian Jones, both who we discussed flee in our original coverage of this case. We talked about both of those serial killers and that's because both of these guys can fast on separate occasions. These two didn't know each other, I confess to having committed the murders police pursued, both possibilities, but their killer could offer of solid proof that they were involved and neither killer could lead the authorities to the missing girls as well. Rather the case dragged on throughout the years and has said at the top of today. Show is twenty three years now and we have families that are still looking for answers and still looking for justice now it appears me captain in reviewing this case did it was never what I would call cold case, so was never really a cold case. It seems
like new leads and tips were constantly coming in over the years, but as it were, for a large, of the investigation, the we're having no luck solving the case where so many local rumours and speculation and then have these killers that are convinced It makes, you wonder, are they just? Are there so mentally deranged at their confessing to these crimes or is it that law enforcement is just good at getting a confession. Detective said that things started coming together for the case in two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen there was Major break in the case, according to the media, this in April, two thousand and eighteen. now, our eighteen years after the two teens vanished and after the murders in two thousand and eighteen. This is when police announced that they had made a serious break in the case, so I thought
These are saying that they identified worn philip phil, welsh. The second His real name is legal name would be war and philip welsh, the second, but he goes by fill and david ape in turn and ronnie dean basic. As all having been involved in the murders, the arson and the abduction of the two girls, police say that the three of, These guys welsh pennington in basic all winter, freeman trailer in the middle of the night on the night in question. They killed danny and Cathy. They set the trailer home on fire and left taking the girls with them, but because this is eighteen years later,.
After the crimes, pennington and welsh were deceased by the time that they were named as suspects in the case identified as suspects in the K. Yeah I'd like to dig up their dead bones and kill them yeah, but Ronnie dean basic was alive, and so he was acid, in charge with four council. First to re, murder, two counts of kidnapping and one cow of arse phil welsh. One of the deceased members of this group of terms. Four losers was described, is evil and said by witnesses to be of is the master mine in the killings of ashley, laura and Ashley's parents. he died in two thousand and seven David Pennington died in two thousand and fifteen. so in two thousand and eighteen once the police figured out what happened and how a lot of this went down. There was,
One man left standing only one guy too, to arrest and large here. In this case, all three of these dudes had criminal histories and both welsh and pennington had documented histories of violence against women ram one strain two bit here. In this case, captain was there, an auto insurance card was found near the crime scene. This was a few days after the murders and ninety ninety nine. So after the two murders are discovered, the arson and now with both parents dead. It's believed that the two girls were abducted a few days. After this, they find in otto insurance card near the crime scene. and we say near the crime scene, it it sounds like police, didn't, do their job. When just say near the crime scene, but keep in mind, I believe,
that their nearest neighbor at the time live like a mile away, so near the crime scene could mean could mean three quarters of a mile away from the home right, but this card should be out there. It doesn't, it doesn't get there oh, oh willy, nilly they insurance card below Two Welch's then girlfriend who said She did not know the freeman family and had never been to their home, had never been to their property and had no idea why her insurance card was there, though she did admit that welsh. phil welsh, new, danny freeman yeah. Maybe he took her vehicle. Correct and up until a few months before danny and Cathy were killed. Phil Welsh was their nearest neighbor. He was living in a house that is.
Stated to be less than a mile to the south of the freeman trailer, so still living a good distance away. They insurance card was not in much significance early on in this investigation by police, not given much significance at the time by police, so a private investigator working for one of the families kept this insurance card instead the same. Private investigator found the blue mercury topaz vehicle. There was linked to the insurance card. It had been sent to a savage the investigator told police about this vehicle but said that the police wouldn't take the car into evidence. In fact, they called for revoking the private investigator state licence, from the council on law enforcement, education and training for quote into fearing in their investigation into the freeman and bible case.
What we do know now, captain all these years later, is it that insurance card later turned out to be a very important clue in this case. Yes, important. Indeed, my friend all three these scumbags had lengthy criminal history. That's correct phil, welsh, was known as a quote cooker of methamphetamine and pennington. Friend. One of these other guys was also involved with the drug methods, dublin, no heisenberg or pink men. Ashley and laura's disappearance. Welsh broke up with his girlfriend, the one that. add the vehicle and the insurance card, but he cap her vehicle that mercury topaz lay began D. Another woman shortly afterwards and it said that she moved in with him in the spring of two thousand. This girlfriend later toll police that well
Had ashley and lorries missing persons, poster nailed to a wall and his home and he lived in pitcher. Oklahoma. Now, while she staying there and living with him, she said Is she overheard phil welsh? Talking with the other two suspects, pennington and basic about the freeman and bible case? She said that the three men implied that they had murdered the freeman parents over a drug debt and then too. ashley and laura with them, and eventually killed the girls as well. She went on its own police, it fill welsh, had several polaroid photos of the two girls and his gun. friend that she had seen these photos. The photos showed the two girls bow in lying on a bed that bad
The picture matched the one and fill welch's bed. Yet there is a long standing rumour by locals that there was this party that took place and that some men had these polaroids of the girls. That was a long standing rumour that we eventually figure out is true in February two thousand team. The craig county sheriff found some previous the unknown notes in documents about the free men and bible case. This included notes about the case, but so notes from that private investigator. The one who had the insurance card in his possession the papers had been left over, from a previous sheriff administration and had apparently been misplaced acting on the information in those notes, investigators, receive additional leads this linking phil, welsh, pennington and ronnie basic too
the case and they started to locate in question other witnesses. One witness was a former girlfriend of pending djinns who said that pennington had physically abused her and threatened her life He said that he had brag to her on more than one occasion about killing the freeman during a quote bad drug deal. According to this, witness pennington told her one of the freeman parents buying drugs when ashley and Laura suddenly walked into the room. They were using Phil Welch's girlfriends vehicle that mercury topaz. That night, penny controlled his girlfriend that he and the other men decided to take the girls from the crime scene. To quote halves,
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tommy lynn cells and the other serial killer Joe We go through those theories, a little more extensively than we did here today, as well as covering some other theories about the case and what was interesting of an hour coverage about the case, we didn't know how active the case was at the time, and we no, that all of these things were kind of brewing behind the scenes. But some of the theories were viewed were similar to what would learn all these years later. Two thousand and eighteen when they said that they made no rest and they were charging ronnie basic with murder, abduction and arse. now leading up to that arrest We still have police working on this case and their rounding up these additional witnesses in collecting statements. It will help them build a case against specific and the other two deceased persons that were involved in this case.
now multiple other witnesses connected the three men pennington welsh in basic to the case, and these witnesses are giving similar stories about these guys. Boasting and bragging about their involvement. In the freeman and bible case, some of them said that they had in the polaroids of ashley and laura and some of the photos, the two girls bounding gagged lying on a bed and in others they were duct tape. Two chairs. The time investigators learned about the photos, these four. Those in all seem to have disappeared as well and may have destroyed by one or all of the suspects, but witnesses said they had seen them. And they could describe in great detail to authorities what these
polaroids were what they were oven and in what were seen in the photographs. There were approximately ten to fifteen photos of the girls is the rumour the witnesses were able to identify the bed. There was seen in one of the four at least one of the photos above get on their bed and these witnesses were able to identify the bed in the blanket as belonging to fill welsh and some of them Those showed feel well, Lying next to the girls, ronnie basic told one witness: the girls had been kept alive for days, perhaps as long as two weeks and a trailer and pitcher Oklahoma where They were rate, tortured and eventually strangled to death. Ronnie basic said that feel well said: shot cathy and demanding free men,
and that he and the other assailant Pennington stayed behind at the scene. At the murder scene to set the fire To the trailer to cover up the crimes to cover up there, evidence and right when they say behind? This is when Phil welsh took the two teenage girls away from the sea, pennington and welsh had both threatened. mrs saying ashley and laura were in a quote pit and the witnesses might end up in the same pet if they tell what they now were or have overheard from these men now, because of these threats, none of the witnesses would come forward. This changed in two thousand and seventeen when they discovered those lost notes, investigative notes in the case and law enforcement were circling back and going to these
evil and asking them for statements or things that they have known is probably help too loosened the grip on these witnesses abed because we know that two thousand and seventeen two of these three terrible people had passed away. So these witnesses, probably fell a little safer it in a little more secure and being able to give statements to law enforcement. After two of these guys were our dad. Won't think about that. For a second I mean you have information, you wanna go to police, but there's three killers out there You know what they're being accused of you, you believe you know who did it. You ve heard the other rumours there would be a part of you that would be afraid that if the cap get them or the information you give. The police. It's not enough. What are they
want do the you and if you local, when, if your keeping your ear to the ground, your hearing whispers from the bushes you're you're paying attention to them investigation and paying answer to local rumour and local scuttle, but You may know that there's been some I'm using air quotes here. Evidence this stuff turned out later to be evident at the time they didn't know what they had, but you may I that hey here's this private investigator here's these other people that have provided law enforcement, leads and they ve turned away from. So, if I do, a dime here and try to call in one of these guys who one dude is known by many to be quote evil. All three of them are known to have a criminal background, and two of them? A history of violence? If you're gonna drop a die. call one or all three of these guys into authorities. What are you gonna? Do
after you hang up the phone. Are you going to hope and pray that they follow up on that lead and arrest all of them, so that no harm will come your way? It's a it's! A very I see situation. After all, news comes out thousand and eighteen of we learn that ronnie basic, the only person of the three still alive, the only suspect that is still alive out of three suspects he's arrested for quadruple homicide. He tells peace, and this will make its way to the media that he first for memory loss didn't! Remember what happened on the night of the murders. He doesn't member of the arson or where laura and Ashley are? He reported that he has a low I q,
has sustained brain damage from extensive drug use and from an incident that took place in nineteen. Seventy eight when he was shot in the head. Nonetheless, he was found legally competent to stand trial so move forward with court proceedings. Angela of twenty twenty ronnie buses plead guilty to accessory to second degree murder. So you can see its originally first, a re murder quadruple, homicide, arson, abduction, kidnapping. You know all of these charges look what its reduced to pled guilty to accessory to second degree murder while becomes difficult for long where's my car. Maybe you can prove that he's involved, but because There are so many people involved. You can't prove that he's the trigger man, so you have to take what you get sometimes so they make a deal
with them, so maybe the and the bear best case scenario. You end up having to make a deal with this monster right, you're, making a deal with the devil here you dont want to, but you're hoping that with him being the only one left of the three you can't let at each other against one another right ranch one of these guys against one another to it. to draw out information, because if it's true This guy has your memory loss and does not know the information that you are seeking. You could likely get it from one of the other guys. But that's not gonna work today, because they're dead and gone and what is he charged with I won't wait. What is his sentence where his sentence is supposed to be ten years in time, which I believe the families were originally told. It was gonna, be fifteen years
and then when he does get out, he's going to get five years of probation but keep a mine, he does not please. Guilty until July of twenty twenty they are now. the arrest in April, two thousand and eighteen. So too, of those years he spent in jail his sentence wildly: down in twenty twenty and would start and twenty twenty he does get credited with that too years that he did in jail, leading up to what was supposed to be a trial, turns out to be a plea. Agreement yeah this guy's, a real douche in that play agreement. He said the ashley in lorries bodies had been put in the route seller, they residents near sixth and Ethel and pitcher Oklahoma. However, searches of that area turned up nothing ronnie
sick was sentenced to, as we said, ten years in prison and five years of probation authority still hope to recover. The girls' bodies and that's what the families want as well. It's been twenty three years captain and I the families feel like no one has helped them. There have been six or seven major digs, at least with local law enforcement. The sheriff's office are calling major digs in this case over the years of these major digs were based off of what they believe to be crucial. information coming into them about the possible location of the two girls or evidence leading them to the two girls and, unfortunately, of those diggs it took place over the years. They ve really turned up nothing. What's a tough situation as somebody that's this evil. You wanna put passed them that there would lie to law enforcement or lie to the families, but in his case
you don't know if he's lying or if he's telling you the truth, and he just can't remember so are we sit now and it's like either ronnie basic either does not know where Ashley and laura are, or he simply refuses to to tell police where the girls can be found and keep in mind. That was part of the deal that he was offered ronnie basic received a lighter sins in trade for information of where the girls are, and as said, he either does not know or refuses to give up that information. So I ask of all of you, why the hell. Should this guy get that lighter sentence when he did not uphold his end of this bark? I hundred percent agree with you and what they should be doing is saying we're not gonna. Let you out until you give us
this information. Until we can confirm what you told us is the truth until we get until we can recover the bodies of these comes so whatever your sentence was supposed to be. That's a sentence that you're going to serve and the reason why we are having this update today here in the garage were almost treating this like it's an emergency podcast we have today, this information out. We have to get this. There needs to be a deal of media attention made in a strong. Effort made in this case because these people were wrong Four people were murdered. Two girls were abducted and tortured for what could have been days or even up to two, we These criminals. They had been tortured themselves doing this emergency podcast because we sit here made ninth.
two thousand and twenty three in This guy, the only guy still alive of the three ronnie basic is going to be walking out of prison less than two weeks time from now, he is scheduled to be released from a may nineteenth twenty twenty three So if you live in this area, if you live in the great state of Oklahoma, lock, you guess who's your next neighbour. Yes, guess who your next neighbour could be it could be a guy who is guilty of quadruple. Homicide, arson he's been involved and drugs and other crimes throughout his adult life killed for people and was involved in partition. aided in the rape and torture of I'm their teenage girls, are children, kidnap them towards.
Them. Rape them than murdered them and he's the only one, that's alive who's to say that he wasn't the masterminds who's to say that he is not the most evil of these three. We don't have the other two guys to talk too, to confirm or refuse his statements of the the memories he chooses to have about that night, in the days afterward yan where is the protection for the family, for their family members- are dead, where's, the protection for them, whereas the justice for the victims again, if you make a deal and you can't provide the information to law enforcement, there should be no deal revoke. The deal take the deal back, he didn't hold up here. and of the bargain you didn't want to make a deal with the devil. To begin with, you felt that you were backed into
warner- and he had to and then sadly and shamefully, this is the result- this guy was locked up in jail waiting trial in two thousand and eighteen gets this really major deal in his benefit in anti twenty and here we're sitting near, that was July of twenty twenty. It's not easy in three years and they're gonna release this guy. So even if you gonna, give him credit, for is two years in jail. We're talking about this guy. for people of ducks and rapes people and gets basically a five year prison set by this, though it pisses me off so much to us when they go was good behaviour. Again you locked in
the other animals. If you step out of line, they might kill you, but on top of along these lines. Shit princesses there there, the drug attics and so well when they're not on drugs, do not killing and raping people. So this guy gets out I don't care what aid she's at or what health level he's at he gets back on drugs. Watch out he seventy one years old, many saying well, he's too old he's not a danger anymore. That's not what this is about. I mean that's part of it, but it but the big part of it, supposed to be that he receives a some type of panic men on this planet. There is I was gonna, say worthy of the crimes committed, but I mean nothing. Nothing can bring these people back and but still five years is absolutely shameful, an appalling, and I hope that the
If of Oklahoma, its horse shit catch. Wind of the speakers is this is news. This wasn't something that the families were told five years ago, all he'll be out in twenty twenty three. Now this was news to the families and due to the people of this area as well, just within the past couple of weeks, and so now there there, scurrying, they're they're, trying to figure out, is there anything that we can do to keep this guy behind bars. But again, seventy one years old. I would argue somebody that the partition aided in these types of crimes. If he's breathing he's a danger and not only that he did this in cahoots with two others, whose to say how far his tentacles can or cannot reach hoo hoo. else's. He in income, indication with or relationship with that they could get to to some of these people or what other crimes while he commit once he gets back out,
yeah. If there's a uproar as far as the public is concerned, far as media local, news covering this national news covering this. The argument, here is pretty simple. He did not supply law enforcement with the information that he claimed that he had so the deal should be off the table so kay I he was a model citizen. He had no problems in prison he should be spinnin along. Amount of time in prison, because the information that he gave didn't work out until he can give that information. They shouldn't even be considering him reduced his time at all and typically good behaviour results in use serving eighty percent of your sentence here he's serving fifty percent or slightly less than fifty percent
Yeah can keep it eye. This makes the justice system look like a joke Yeah he's older, but these crimes were coming twenty three years ago, they weren't committed fifty five years ago. He would have been. in his forties, in effect both law bible and actually Freeman have been missing since that night, the night of number thirty. Ninety, ninety nine. They were both just sixteen years old fact. Ashley Freeman had been sixteen for one day when they were abducted and then subjected to torture. Today, Laura would be just forty years old and ashley. Just thirty nine yeah care tired. Me said he made a deal. You don't live up. Tis no the deal until he does. He needs this. Then more time in prison. This is not the
first time that we ve done and update in this case in the missing welsh girls case. In fact, we did an update after basic were. Is in then convicted after he pledged guilty on our other show off the record, o t R. If your nasty and big If you have already heard off. The record is coming back in a big way in its back in its better than ever coffee in the big time cup of coffee in the all time, yeah, you can get off the record. If your nasty do you just go to apple podcast in you'll, see a subscription sign upon the subscription you get the first. Fifty episodes that we ve ever put out of true crime garage we just released are two bonus
besides on off the record, tony muncie bonus episode and also of the brig family murders. And then this sunday will be the first new au tr if you're nasty- and we got a lot of stuff already recorded for off the record- that we're super excited for you guys to check out it's going to be awesome, but it's I saw a great way to support the show, because there's no middle man now all of our opponent's content before was through stitcher premium now off the record is completely independent. It's just me and nick's show so thanks for the support. So we often do these case updates on off the record. And dive a little deeper and take a different, weird angle. Sometimes in these cases on off the record, Now sad news and another missing persons case not related to this case, but a case that
covered on true crime garage. In fact, we covered this case february, twenty twond three february this year, an episode, six, fifty and that is missing persons case of both man and I can see, Here there sad news coming from helpful, in man on twitter and help find bow man, the facebook group they are so friends. We have difficult news, here's a statement from entire family. We were notified by the santa Monica california police, the bow man's aids were found in a grassy area,
a mile from where an upper dropped him off. On november thirty, two thousand twenty one his identity was confirmed through dental records. At this point, we have no further details on what led to his death. We want to thank all of those who helped us search for him and who prayed for both safe return over the past year and a half bow was a beautiful soul who spent the better part of his life, helping others. We miss his infectious smile and positive attitude every day. We know his spirit will live on through his company and passion sober grid, as it continues to help those struggling with the grip of addiction. So certainly our thoughts and prayers and feelings go out to bow man's family and friends and all those who were searching for him over the last.
if the year and a half again, that was our episode number six. Fifty from february of this year, sad news. I want to give go through this article captain, if you will allow me, because this is gives an interesting perspective on the welsh girl's case in the current state of the case. This is an article, an online article from fox twenty three news right there. Came out just earlier this month on may second and the headline reads: family Nineteen. Ninety nine missing, welsh girl, Laura bible, says henrietta tragedy hits close to home. Article reads: the family of laura bible. A teenage girl from green county who disappeared. Investigators believe was like murdered, along with her friend Ashley Freeman, say that
Our duty in henrietta strikes close to their hearts, laura bible in actual freeman, were kidnapped and murdered after a sleep over four ashley's birthday and ninety ninety nine, the bible family, says their hearts go out. The families involved in the henrietta chat tragedy where's mom loreen at her Cousin LISA say they were shocked when they heard about the missing girls in the tragedy and henrietta quote when it came through, and it said there were two missing girls, they were missing and you I now they went to a sleep over exact, same thing, with laura and Ashley Lorraine said: quote: I I couldn't even read it because it was just to real into close to home lisa
Lisa and Lorraine say the deaths of fourteen year old, ivy Webster and sixteen year old, brittany brewer, along with five other people, including three other teens, brought memories, flooding back and they want to help quote it's a very sad place to have to be but it does help to know that you're not alone and that other people have went through and in our case, still going through what they went through. Just yesterday said: lisa, they need to know that they can pick up a phone or go to our page, where they can text us just talk to somebody. That knows the shoes that they are an last week the by family was told, ronnie basic, the only son like still alive in law and Ashley's disappearances, getting out of prison early for good behaviour Meanwhile, on henrietta convicted rapist, Jesse mc fan was believed to be one of the body
found with the children in this week's tragedy. This was only hours after he missed a scheduled core appearance accused of sexting an under The girl, while he was in prison, says the henrietta tragedy highlights the need for justice reform in Oklahoma quote. Why was he released heather, and different laws had they have held him accountable for what he was doing while he was imprisoned, there are six people It would have been alive still today, these two girls, that would have went to sleep over and come home like they should have so that is, the bible, family, immediate and extended voicing their opinions on this. This case that just broke not too long ago, down and henrietta, where some situation. Unfortunately, and where we have somebody
who is a criminal somebody that deserves and should be behind bars, he's lying, now he's released, and then he is set free to kill again and that's. It exactly what we're talking about with ronnie bus case, and lower bible ashley fremont, this guy, I don't how old is I don't care that he's seventy one years old, he's getting out he's admitted to his involvement. His direct involvement and participation in killing for people setting a fire to cover these crimes and torturing children's fuckin appalling for more than more than a day or two, maybe even up to two weeks its despicable he's now he served five years. Basically of a month shy of a five year prison sentence for good behaviour, and he
going to get a very limited probation period. This guy is dangerous. This guy should this should be of a major concern not just to the bible family into the freeman family, but to all families in this area and regard to this very dangerous, individual being released, number one and number to their treatment and punishments and sentences they hand out for these very violent, very dangerous criminals going forward in their state that until this gets fixed, People in Oklahoma aren't safe and here's the thing, This story of are getting out early. This story. We of this jesse mc fatten, who, it's out and then kills again the The stories that everybody needs to tell somebody to pay attention to listen, to this podcast pass along an article, this great article from fox twenty three news. Tell you.
Friends tell your family. This is oh good, and if you don't have to be in the state Go home to make a difference here. This is something that everyone, every where should care about their own personal safety. The saved of their children. This is reduced oh yeah ends heidi in general sometimes seems like such a freak and Joe. Can we act like that can't do anything about it where we can. Thank you captain, and I want to discuss before we re up here today, because I think this is pretty powerful stuff. it really leaves a lot to think about when we talk about this case, but letter that fell into our hands here, captain in it? It needs to be communicated in.
everybody needs to know about this, so this is a letter from the attorney general in Oklahoma. His name is kintner drummond. So Mr Drummond, and the attorney general for the state of Oklahoma says any song. To the the free men and bible families addressing the families here of these. These victims of these child victims. And his letter says I understand and share your frustrations regarding ronnie bus scheduled release from prison the murders of lower bible and actually freeman and the murders of danny and Cathy Freeman were horrific. And deserving of the harshest punishment loud by law. Gay he's got some things right so far, the letter goes on to say, unfortunately, after thorough examining examine
my office is statutory authority and consulting with district attorney. Matt Ballard. Evident that neither the attorney general nor the district attorney possesses the legal, Thirty two delay buses release from prison. I am extremely sorry that I cannot provide any relief to you your feet please willingness to speak out about this unjust outcome demonstrates that those convicted of sorry to murder should be required to serve at least eighty five percent of the sentence imposed I stand ready to assist any legislator who might wish to draft a bill addressing this clear problem please know, however, that this law will apply only to future cases, given constitutional limits limitations
I hope, knowing that I can join the citizens of Oklahoma, who see and share your pain and disappointment, can give you some amount of comfort. I am suggesting in a separate letter to representative steve bash or that any bill introduced to change the x sorry to murder law be named after laura and the freeman family as a testament to the power of your voices and to ensure that your loved ones names live on your face, these will remain in my thoughts. Please note that I am inspired by your fight to see justice for your loved ones.
And that's right here at the garage we are inspired by their fight as well to continue to stick up for and fight for justice for their loved ones. So our hats in our thoughts and prayers, are hats, go off to the freeman family in the in the bible My and our thoughts go out to amend. We certainly wish them the best of luck in this very difficult aggravating situation and hear what the the attorney general saying there everyone this is not stay one isolated incident type problem this is something that needs to be changed in the state of oklahoma, ronnie basics getting out early and looks like we're all handcuffed and very little that we can do to change that he's getting out, may nineteenth lock up your
lock up the women and children and he has been to keep your family safe. The best you can when you have a quadruple murderer out walking on the streets and out roaming, the streets. of your good neighborhoods. She The story tell buddy, you know tell other people about this the story needs to be the best chance to get change in Oklahoma is to put a lot your balls and a lot of eyeballs on this case, and we know that our listeners a really good at doing that the important and also to remember here is that this still in ongoing case right. We have some of them. laurie. We have one guy who remains that has told us what he says.
and I don't know how much we can believe him again. He could be. He could be the mastermind of all this for all we know, but at the end of the day, if we can get some good positive change? This is still missing persons case. Remember they made a deal with the devil and the devil. Dukedom right, the devil, dukedom, it tricked all of us bamboozled all of us. He didn't give the location of lower bible and actually freeman? They are still missing both laura bible nationally freeman, have been missing since the night of december thirtieth. Ninety ninety nine- they were both just sixteen year old. Today, lower would be just forty years old and ashley thirty nine, is native american. She is listed at five foot five inches tall with around here and hazel eyes. She I've been wearing a blue shirt genes, white sneakers or black boots.
and she was wearing a silver heart shaped earrings, with embedded diamonds. Actually, Freeman is occasion. Five, what seven inches star blonde hair blue eyes actually had an athletic build back and ninety ninety nine. She I've been wearing a t, shirt genes, a baseball cap, white sneakers, a windbreaker and a class ring inscribed with the phrase blue jacket, high school class of two thousand, very important stuff right here. If you have any information, they could help to find laura and or Ashley or If you have any further information about the suspects that we ve been talking about, ronnie buzzing. worn, phil, welsh or David Pennington, or any other criminal activity that any or all of these guys have been involved in. Please contact the
Oklahoma, state bureau of investigation and noticed the descriptions, make mental note of those descriptions of law and ashley. If you have seen any of these items that day I've been wearing their some very specific items here to these are clues that could help lead us to finding to finally fining ashley free men and lore bible, which all about so heart shaped earrings with embedded diamonds very unique way about a windbreaker and a class ring inscribed with the phrase blue jacket, high school class of two thousand. These are key items very specific items. It may help lead to finding one or both of these girls that we need to bring them home to
their loved ones, and if what we believe happened took place, we need to give them a proper resting place, if you have any information at all or know somebody that does please do not hesitate. Please. Please call reach out to the oklahoma state bureau of investigation, their phone numbers, eight hundred five to two a zero one, seven and their number will be listed in today's shown us that wraps up things for today make sure you join us back here in the garage next week and until then be good became
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