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Billy Smolinski /// Part 2 /// 231

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Billy Smolinski /// Part 2 /// 231

Part 2 of 2


Billy Smolinski was born January 14, 1973. His missing flyers describe him as a caucasian male, 6 foot tall, 200 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. At the time of his disappearance his left ear was pierced. He has a tattoo of a blue cross on his left shoulder and a tattoo that reads Pruitt on his forearm. He was last seen on August 24, 2004, at his home in Waterbury, Connecticut. Billy was 31 years old at the time of his disappearance. This week we discuss the strange disappearance of Billy Smolinski. Beer of the Week - Lil’ Heaven Sessions IPA - 2 Roads Brewing Company Garage Grade - 4 and a quarter out of 5 bottle caps

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fridge for this week shows you want to help us out with next week's shows, go to true crime, garage dot, com and click on the donate button. If you like to follow us on social media check us out on instagram facebook, twitter, all that stuff at true crime garage I kept and that's enough of the business everybody gather round grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime. The The billy smolinski was thirty one years old when he disappeared, and he was seen on august twenty fourth, two thousand and four now Billy's family was the first and always the driving force behind the search for their son and brother. Within days. As we have mentioned, the family brought in search dogs. They organise their own search part,
of two hundred people, later, they hired investigators, Billy's, mother, started the justice for billy website spending hours daily, checking mess judges, emails and following up on correspondence, maybe the most baffling part of this investigation is the missing persons flyers themselves unless go through this captain, because this is a weird one. Determined to find leads the smolensk family paid the new haven register, twelve or dollars to print twenty thousand flyers that were to be distributed in in all throughout the local area. The flight advertising fifteen thousand dollar reward for information leading to billy's recovery and had a phone. of billy and a description. The family printed
few thousand more flyers later for distribution and displayed them in restaurants, businesses, public areas around the state, a big batch of these fires were going to go. They are gonna, be stuffed into newspapers, okay, so anybody that subscribed to that newspaper they're, going to receive a flyer inside there, newspaper alerting them that somebody in their community is missing a fan. Members and friends they began steepling flyers to utility poles in towns where Billy lived worked in businesses that he frequented they also be and posting flyers in and around mad aligns, home and and workplace. It's pretty clear that view We early on the smolensk ease. That man align knew more than she was telling about what had
happened to build, and that's Billy's recent ex girlfriend, yes, that he had caught cheating on him in regards to their suspicions. Well best case scenario was that mandolin had innocently and unknowingly. She was with holding information that could prove crucial to finding billy ray worst case. She had something to do with it or new. Who did We do know that she did refuse a polygraph test and this contribute to the families perception that not only was she not being helpful in the search, but she was hiding something water police, though they say they don't consider madeline to be a suspect, although their case notes indicate that they told her. She could. only be cleared by taking a polygraph test, which we do know that she refused right. So basically saying don't clear me with a smile, and squeeze they began posting flyers, all over the town of wood bridge, which has not
our billy lipped. This is easier honorary yet is near where madeline live and madeline. She kept moving around. During this time she was like staying with various friends and family, but it seemed like at least to her any way that the posters and the flyers would follow her wherever she would go. Apparently the family posted them along her bus route. You know where she worked: they posted them all over at the school. in the area of the school where she drove to and from the posters were everywhere, and this is what word, what we know and the business has put the heat on you, while the flyers made no mention of any one but billy? You know it was just simply: a missing persons had his picture and his description. Ok, I did not in any shape any form point the finger to her
or any one else, but, as you said, turning up the in likely ended intended to pressure her, What happened next was detailed in the waterbury observer, in several lengthy feature, articles about billy's case a month after, Well, he vanished a good friend of the smolinski family, telephoned to tell them that had witnessed a woman ripping down Billy's, missing flyers off of utility poles in the in the nearby town the family friend wrote down the woman's license plate number and gave it to the family. Don't say that finally figured out, they checked the plate number and they were stunned, in the car turned out to be registered to Madeline there weren't stung. Well, here's the thing what a bitter runner dune I actually. I actually think that they probably worse done in it for a couple raises.
even if they think she may have knew more than what she was telling the police. I think that they thought look. How how brazenly stupid do you have to be to be running around town tearing down these posters? First of all, and a second of all look one of their suspicions were, that may be. She unknowingly was not being for the investigation me. Unknowingly and innocently. She was providing information to police, while seems like she does know somethin, and I think that she got some confidence when the police said that she's not suspect Maybe the police downtown to play devils ever get and and and be a little blue blood here right. Maybe the car for saying, hey, less say that she's not a suspect and maybe we'll catch her do something right I mean you never know how they're playing their hand. Sometimes I want to say, hey, let's turn up the heat of say that she's a suspect, maybe she'll then start talking
or maybe less back off global and see if she does something stupid. Well, the family stars. driving around they're. Going to visit places that they ve put up all these flights, and this is several towns captain, it's not like they just on the street where she lives the street where she works and honour bus round. That's in they, they put these babies all over town and several out, so they start driving around to see what's going on and they found that in several of these towns that the missing flyers have been ripped down, poor down some of em remained up, but they were disfigured and the answer, I am even more odd. Someone had wrote on some of them who cares across them in sharply according to the family, the only places where the posters were being tore down or vandalized, where the areas near where,
this woman lived and worked by some eight could be heard, also be friends and families of her where they feel, like maybe she's, been hurt. ass by these posters by some some way. Somehow these posters, her harassing her well, the family, Billy's family. Does did they were going to replace all the missing posters and all of the defaced posters as well, not aligned, replace them, but they decided they were going to keep an eye on their missing persons. Fliers sure enough. They witnessed man, they witnessed madeline and her teenage son, pull up to a utility pole and ripped off a poster. Then later they videotaped a similar incident. Think about this bullshit. Ok, here's! What pisses me off is it you have this guy, this hard worker, billy he's
take your ass in I even you have five kids. You have one kid living with you. He said I care about you. I care about you I want you to come, live with me and you're having a relationship behind his back fine, but then, after the fact that he goes missing, over a year and a half you our billy's, being some kind of adult figure in year. Teenage boys and now you're having him be accomplice. Ripping down missing posters. Yeah he's a piece shit well He's gonna get worse so case, basically, what you're going to have here is essential, asian where the families gonna put up posters, she's, going to hear them down. She's gonna get her son involved and later she'll get friend of hers involve too. This is francis rebel. Now so the family,
I'm up and then her and her friends and her son tear them down. Spending Well put him up again, then they term down, they put him up, they turned out, and throughout this the Emily is going to set up these. I guess it's like a sting operate. Or whatever of alright we're, going put this poster up. Now, let's sit back and see what happens to earn a videotape her ripping them down or somebody they his friends with her ripping them down. Can I use the police? You have somebody that is not being cooperative enough to give. You lie detector, test, and now we have this individual that you saw supposedly you saw Billy than the night before he went missing. This individual is ripping down the posters. You think that should become highly suspect the families going to present these video tapes, the tapes of
tearing down the posters. They take the tapes to the police and say look what she's doing and unfortunately the police say you know we're sorry, but there is really nothing illegal about her ripping down the flyers, those common decency. They should arrest her on that and I don't know the Tenzin charge, but regret less billy's family, their determined to get to the bottom of why this woman, her increasingly bizarre behaviour, why she is doing what she is doing and some our behaviour if you're guilty well, this would began what the Berry observer would end up calling a daily cat and mouse game again the family going around putting up posters and going around and continually pulling them down at some point. There was some kind of altercation
where so she's tearing them down and they decide our we're gonna, go right behind her and put one up immediately afterwards, either gonna other gonna go up right, ripping down ribbon and download grabber. But now so the user. What ended up happening was there is some kind of confrontation and some kind of dispute as to which she's going to say that they tried to put a staple in had and the families the families gonna claim. Look that happen because you stuck your hand up there as we were trying to put in the stable and you were try prevent us from putting up the next poster and just think of your these mom. Don't you just want to walk up to this lady in frontrunner, bits ass now, here's some problems, I understand frustration and I understand how angry they are and how angry they are with this situation and this woman, the problem is your allowing this situation to take you away from them. Thus, a pity she'll, bigger investigation. In my opinion, I address this
and rails the whole thing and again keep in mind the family, as we said, is, driving force behind the search, the driving force behind the investigation. Now, every day there waking up in their occupied with this cat and mouse game of putting up posters and tearing them now, but don't you think that this confirm much more so confirm their belief that that billy was met with foul play? I think this more confirm their belief that malin was involved and I think that they thought from the very get go that he was met with foul play. They never thought once that he harmed himself or took off on his own accord, and he was a tough guy had something minor happened to him. He would have returned by now something happen. to the point, where he's no longer with sir- anything more to do with this will caught fire gate yet well. On April, fool two thousand and five we have another situation of them. Putting up
hers in her tearing them down or she's tearing them down in their following behind her and putting them up among certain which was happening on this day. But the result is that they both ended up at the police department. and I think the way that this works is that madeline had drove to the police department. They follow her there and the smolensk is there thought is guess what now we get to confront her in front of police? So this is goodwill follower, their madeleine's thought is I'm going to file charges against them for harassing me, while I'm here so once inside the police department. With Paul and Jan the sis and mother of Billy state that madeline started taunting them and they thought that maybe she was trying to get them to lose their cool and you know smack or something like that. Nothing like that appear to have happened, but
According to the waterbury observer, which access to a police report that was filed that day, the incident report states that madeline complain that the smaller keys had been smothering the areas along her bus routes and in front of a residence, including areas around the bank that she goes to end the gym this she attended now. Madeline stated that she has been tearing down these posters because she felt harassed by their placement near her work and home she was being targeted by the family, another officer report Did that jan had, admittedly, she admitted to putting the fliers wherever they knew madeline went because she was quote trying to break madeline gleason. The police asked the smolensk eustace, distributing flyers around her school where she worked, but they could continue to flyers around town. They should also stop videotaping her and her friend
and her son tearing down the posters because the oh taping them without them wanting to be videotape could be considered harassment now, according to the smolensk ease, though the wood bit would bridge police agreed to let them go. Ok if they didn't take the videotape of madeline, ripping down the posters through the media, to which Jan agreed, but the truth was short, lived because the smolensk ease consulted within it. Ernie who advise them that they had every right to hang posters near the school now to do the following day after that meeting. This is on April tenth. Jan one again started hanging posters near the school two weeks later. The wood bridge police called and asked jan to come down to the wood bridge police department. They had couple of incidences they had to deal with theirs is me
name, Brad, cohen, okay, this is of the bee and be transportation. He had filed a complaint saying that someone had paint bald too, of the school buses. Now these school. Buses were the ones driven by madeline and by her friend fran variable fran had also file to stay. Meant saying that on April fifteen, two weeks after the today in the police department lobby that she had said jan hanging posters on school property to which they end up arresting jan nuts, ok yes, she's arrested for first agree harassment, disorderly conduct and trespassing. Its seems like the police in seems like they wanted this. situation to go away. This is in an increasingly disturbed behavior and We must be honest with you captain and I hate to cut
so after a victim's family here, but I can see a little wrong doing on both parts but ours? I wouldn't be that's because you're thinking like a doll, but it's weird, it's weird. say this. It's like, I don't agree with their behavior, but at the same time I understand it. Yes, their loved ones, sing- and they need answers- one- I think you're the police department- you, you simply tell ex girlfriend- hey I'm sorry, but your ex boyfriend went missing. He was yom scene with you, you had a relationship with him. The fame has every right to plastic plaster his
missing signs wherever they would like. You should be supportive and not rip these things down. He should be supportive and talk to the police, and then you state to the family. Hey if she does rip them down, don't film or don't make contact with her, don't follow her. That's getting a little ridiculous. Spend your time getting the word out about your missing son spend the time on on collecting evidence. If you think that she is somewhat involve. You're gonna find avenue somewhere else other fallen her around and finding out of her ripping downsides. That's the only evidence, you're gonna find to help bring answers to sons case well, jan is processed in jailed own only temporarily, and then her daughter, Paula Billy, Billy sister, says to the media
so backwards. The police tried to make us seem crazy, but we were just trying to find my bra stating that the only arrest in this case so far was my mother. And the media quickly took to having the families backs here, and there As you know, this does seem backwards. This does seem not right did this. Creation of a missing child missing, grown man, but their child and theirs they're getting no answers other than one of them getting slap with cuffs on there's no way if, as a police officer, I'd, be arrested. Anybody and bill family. Eventually, the charges against Jan were dismissed. This was when prosecutors determined that the case was without merit. Amazingly in a police interview dated august fifth, two thousand and five so well after she had been videotape. Take down the flyers and after and arrest
Madeline gleason denied ever taking down the fliers Here is what I wanna know: who does madeline no in the police department or who does her lover or the person that choose cheating on billy with Chris, who does he know at the police department. I personally, think that anybody has an end with the police and idle. really find it difficult to say that a it merits a bad judgment on the police. I think the police had to arrest someone, because here problem. These two parties are making a problem for the police they're, making extra work for the police, this stuff- that we should not have to deal with this is like two children on a playground, smacking each other agreed. I just know- and I think the way I think the police are thinking is look smolensk family. We told you you could keep put
your fliers all over town and she was going to play it cool as long as you didn't put them around her school they're kind of mediators are at this. and then when they can, when they have a report that pay the smolensk he's kind of, went against their wishes. The police wishes and started putting them around the school again. I think they found fault with the smolensk he's in that they thought. Hey look wheat. We specifically told you too quit doing this because you're making a bunch of problems for us right and it's I mean it's a difficult situation, a really is eighteen months after billy advantage there was still no movement whatsoever on the case. The family acknowledged de waterbury observer that they believe the billy was dead at this time and that waterbury police, acknowledged that they were out of leaves. According to the newspaper officially the waterbury police department, hen ruled out any scenario regarding Billy's disappearance. Although invest
It seemed to be gravitating toward the suicide angle. They cited the fact that Billy had personal problems in the days before he disappeared, and they stated that it was unlikely that he had just right north, knowing that his social security number had not been used since his disappearance in his bank accounts were and such so a year and a half after billy vanished, the waterbury police department continue to say there was likely. No I'll play and that they felt the an accidental death was unlikely as well. The sesame pretty frustrating for the family well yeah, because not only do they believe that the exact opposite happened here that something terrible happen ability, but his family was also vince. That police had dropped the ball on the investigation and they cite the following that in the first eighteen months, six detectives had come and gone on the case.
More so none of billy's dna had been entered into any kind of database after billy disappear. The waterbury police took his razor and his hair brush to collect dna samples. They also took blood samples from his family. These samples provided by the smolensk keys were lost. Of course, the smolensk he's were able to provide additional samples, but what jan ended up discovering was that the detectives work: The case warrant familiar with quotas, the fbi laboratory laboratories I dna index system right quotas according to its website, enables federal state and local crime labs to exchange and compare dna profiles electronically effectively linking cry to each other and to convicted killers and of offenders. It enables investigate to identify remains until Dna left at crime scenes with dna already entered in the system. The fair
But no one knew what it was much less had attempted to enter Billy's dna into quotas was very discouraging to years after Billy went missing. The waterbury police department had still not managed to get dna samples from the case into local state or national databases. Jan started to educate yourself on missing persons, protocols, information sharing procedures in dna a bases and inter agency community. she mythologies she was surprised to find a complete lack of any kind of coherent procedure for listing a meal. In person or sharing information regarding adults who, like Billy, just disappear. The
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true crime garage listeners can get rosetta stones lifetime unlimited subscription, which gives you access to all twenty five of their languages for ever for forty percent off visit, zat a stone dot com, slash garage today, that's reset stone dotcom, slash garage, rosetta stone how language is learned. the whereby cheers cheers the uk burn put down the beer picking up today, the first person in law enforcement to finally acknowledge it perhaps Billy had not disappeared. Voluntarily was the chief of the waterbury police. This is Neil O'Leary about two years
after his disappearance O'Leary apologize to the family for his department's failure to aggressively investigate the case, and he MR reinvigorated investigation and two thousand and six august, two thousand and six Billy's case- had become cold and the waterbury police called in the fbi for help. The f b I agreed to assist The investigation the family began to hope that this important shift would bring the results that they salt into, thousand and seven private investigator, MIKE ward filed a freedom of information act, request for records of the smolensk case in possession of the waterbury police department, the family while they were shocked at what this request would uncover the police. carbon records documented a crime, stoppers tipp detail,
who murdered Billy and where he was buried. Specifically, the records revealed that in june. of two thousand and six a tip was called into crime. Stoppers, stating that sean car who is madeline son, this I died in two thousand and five of a drug overdose that he was the one that had killed billy now, a confidential informant who police records indicated was named William fast bender told police that back in october, two thousand and four so two months after his disappearance that fast banner was sitting at a duncan doughnuts restaurant Another man, when the two of spotted the missing persons picture of smolensk ie there had been tact up. You know throughout the area fast, better said that he had once employed sean and his
contracting business and fast bender, remarked to the other man. That was with him that the Billy's case was quote too bad. He said that the other man. This is the way. mclean then told according to the police report that sean had killed Billy because billy beat up, sean's mother mantle Mclean stated that John supposedly choked billy and killed him when they. In malins apartment sean them all his friend jason Lee and they buried billy a job site that shot working as a carpenter. This was in the white hills area in Shelton. He stated They dug a hole and buried billy under a spot. That concrete was poured over the next day, fast, better directed police to the this area of Shelton, and he says that he believed the story, because
the wayne, sean and jason all three of the people that were mentioned in the report there, all lifelong friends. So he, leave that this was something that they would. You know people that call upon when they needed something. Now sean died before he could ever be question interesting lee there is a waterbury police department report dated august second, two thousand and five so before they had received this tipp about sean killing, billy police question someone named Stephanie sean's, then girlfriend specifically asking her if Sean had any beef with Billy the engine same thing here: captain is the fact that in two thousand and five police were questioning somebody about possible foul play being involved in the missing persons case of billy smolensk ie, even before the tipp actually had come in as far
as the two thousand and six crime stoppers tipp about billy being murdered by sean this with to several searches in that an area for him. They they use dogs, they were digging several holes unfortunately, these were all unsuccessful attempts to find billy's body which this all make. Thence on. Why then the mom would be going around town, poland, down missing person, flyers, cause she's, then trying to protect her son that killed her ex boyfriend. Well, great that they're out digging in these areas in their searching for billy. Finally, but according to the private investigator ward, he believed that the these were looking in the wrong areas. He believes that the police miss their mark, stating that the two thousand for permits in shelton for pouring concrete he should have all been pulled, but they were not, and we have this issue
she here captain where this guy, who we received a tip about who of may have killed. This guy may have killed billy. He works in a line of work. That would be easy for him to conceal the body. Under a patio put him under put him in the ground and a place where we're gonna poor lots of concrete the next day captain just clear we should mention just so. No one gets confuse. Did this son of her sean is not the fourteen year old that was going to move in with Billy. Ok this was an old aimed at the fourteen year old is doing construction and dig in wholesome and doing concrete work right in and regardless that all of those searches- the information that was provided to police regarding this lead of sean having killed billy, regardless of those searches, lead to nothing. The key thing that we
the factor in here and take away from this story is it. This is the first led of sean having killed billy. we find out later. The did sean he here, oh deed, break. So, he's! Never, there's no opportunity to question this individual. If he had, in fact, killed billion hid hid the bottom right. Now the crazy during the new. Also one or two less say this sean character was using drugs before hand that, after you, murder somebody, your drug use, might go up a little bit, and may be one of the causes for the overdose well, so Two thousand and ten, the family announced its intentions to put up a billboard along eighty four major highway in connecticut, featuring Billy's What in you- and I both seen pictures of this- where the they ultimately did so
Advertising sixty thousand dollar reward in the case now the appeal did pull out of the investigation in two thousand and eleven, and the case was handed over to the connecticut state police. Here's some weird things, because after this transference of the investigation, is a show, there's a show that came out on discovery, idee that featured billy's case and a woman Seen that show called to the waterbury police department to report a tip, ok, She stated hate after seeing this tv. I realized something was going on at that time and I recall, having seen a white truck similar abilities, and I also recall being a small red core, they were both driving up a steep embankment in the woods behind her house late in august of two thousand and four, she couldn't say the exact
they just late in two thousand and four, but this would line up with the time that Billy disappear correct. She stated that this area cars never drove back there like you, might see and a tv or something that's built for that terrain, but never cars and that's why it stood out in her mind: ok, billy and a white truck. Sean the son who had died of the drug overdose red car. He added red car. He had a small afford, a red ford escort We know that he had this vehicle why he owed, in his vehicle, he died in his vehicle, he was found when his body was found. He was found with three. Other men in his vehicle at the time. Now, one of these guys this is Chad hansen In two thousand and ten he was a risk rested for several different things. This is a great group of fellows. Well, what's going to happen here, can
and is there going to now hear from trap chad hansen a very similar story that they heard earlier, and this be that shot, had killed, billy and that Chad had helped him dispose of the body. So now, let's be clear, though, Chad dude is not one of the two other people that we have already mentioned from a separate tipp. Now chair, is going to get the police involved. and they are going to do a massive dig. This information triggered a massive dig and so the guy. That's claiming that his friend sean, the son of the ex girlfriend of Billy he's claiming that sean killed Billy and he helped dispose of the body right and he is gonna- go to law enforcement and he's gonna say
here's where we did it and they're gonna do a big search I'm a little unclear on this, but I think there's of the likelihood here is that, Chad was already locked up for something else right, and I think once police received this tipp about the red car in the truck there, like ok, where we ve already talk to these other two survivors. They can provide us with anything. So whilst the sean guy. Now, oh, what we that he knew these three deeds because they happen to be in the vehicle with him when he oh deed right, so they they probably went and try to find these people in question them. Well, I'm pretty certain chad, has a lengthy arrest, recording conviction on list here that safe to assume that he's a drug user as well. Yes, yes, it's very safe in, and it's likely that the three men that were in the car with sean when it was found theirs,
They might have been passed out or you know incapacitated at the time when this when Sean died. So I find it I couldn't find inexact statement to bear this up, but my what I did find leads me to believe that there is a very high likelihood that Chad was already locked up in police, were able to go to him and say: look all right. Look dude. What do you know about this situation? We keep hearing tipp after tip, and getting information after information that this sean dude was involved in Billy's disappearance that he's killed him listen help me help you I don't know if it's one of those deals captain where Chad then thinks he can work deal strike a deal with you guys. Hey, I didn't kill billy, but I was where the sean did, and I helped him get rid of the body and guess what? Here? Here we go here's the location where we can go, find her body and what this leads to
is a massive dig. It triggers this massive dig and the terrible thing here is it they end up finding nothing. There's never reveals the true what it ends up doing is it ends up costing the state over? hundred thousand dollars to to do perform. This dig- and this is something that I think it last ten days it was a large area while loose police are trying to get to the bottom, I mean They brought in sonar and all kinds of stuff to try to pinpoint where he b and they Were found anything while the problem is that you can't throw out this, let's say confession hint, throw that out. You can also throughout the tip before the problem is the people that are trying to tell you were possibly can find Billy's body there, their drug attics o. Yet yet I dont know
Therefore I don't even know what they did two days ago, and I just found this in my notes- and I do what I have to. I have to make her an apology. Here. I keep saying hansen. It could be Hansen s banner s as yet. I have listed different in my notes, here. We do not throw my hansen brothers, the three hansen brothers under the bus, a call Two, according to this here this chair, Dude has multiple arrests and on top of some other charges, He's been arrested eleven times on charges ranging from forgery to possession of narcotics aside, burglary and resisting arrest. So he's he's known to the police pretty well, later. Chad would end up being charged with another charge, and this is or providing law enforcement with false information. Okay- and this is directly the result of the tipp that he gave them
of sean having killed, billy and him having helped hide the bought a wee. To sum this up, though, we gotta be, more here. This doesn't necessarily mean that police think that Chad, in an sean, had nothing to do with why don't know where billy is. This is simply pointing out that this, Let us on a wild goose chase where we spent over hundred thousand dollars and spent days days and days of man hours and wherever you told us, he was he's not there. You provided us with nothing more I was saying you weren't involved in his disappearance were just saying the place that you told us he was. We've proved that he's not there. It's false information, and I wonder if they have to do that, because they struck a deal with him before and then therefore, to offset that deal, he charged him with this. Probably that
That's that's a good assumption to make the result would end up being Chad, saying that hey, I had nothing to do with the disappearance of billy anna, and you know he. He claims that still to this day, as far as I could find, Was it was so nice claiming that he had nothing to do with it? Yes, ya. This guy's, a real turd ferguson, well remember the drama involving the flyers. There's still can, I forget, read there still more of this, because, incredibly in two thousand and six madeline gleam and b and be transportation they sued the smolensk case as well John murray, he somebody who worked for thee, waterbury observer they were sued for, inflicts of emotional distress, defamation of character an invasion of privacy. Madeline allege that the
well skis, knowingly, intentionally and maliciously followed her posted flyers in the vicinity of her workplace and home, photographed, videotaped and in her photographed her and videotaped her acting like a real turd bag, show. Ok, she claims it but posters on her car and stalked her trespassed on to private property and told people that she was a murderer. She claimed The observer ran photos of her in publicized information about her, amounting to an invasion of privacy. The case against the observer was dismissed in two thousand and ten as found the pay was reporting on factual matters of public interest, but the case against the smolensk ease proceeded to trial, the smolensk you,
did not deny that they believed that madeline had information regarding their son Billy and that they intended to pressure her to cooperate with the investigation, but she's not going to cooperate because she's not gonna. If this, the allegations against her son is true not specially. Now, with the sunbeam dead, she has not gonna come forward and say that he was responsible for captain. I see that we're we're getting we're getting tired time here, and this is kind of a lengthy portion of the story. Come tight public point in the parts can replace the parts The shocking results of the first trial is the madeline. Was she one and was a Where did fifty thousand dollars and damages from the smolensk family. Anyone that followed the case was obviously horrified and at this ridiculous result, To sum up for you, though, the smolensk ease, rightfully so, are going to appeal this.
They lose the first couple of appeals by in two thousand and fifty the connecticut supreme court reversed the decision citing. Thank you. First amendment freedom of speech with regards to the posting of the flyers and the burden of proof being on mandolin on the defamation of character charge meaning. Look there saying we didn't say you are a murder, you, you can tell everybody that you tell the court that we called you a murder, but we're saying we didn't and the court saying if you're saying this is defaming your character. You have to prove that you haven't had any. Doing and Billy's case right, I also think that any time there's character court unquote brought into the court of law. I think she had have to prove that you actually have good character.
She from what we can find does not right. I mean I can't find anything to say that she she does have good care. I mean That's on amazon, maybe her work record. Neither use have to prove it. You have to prove that year, is there to be a law that makes you have to prove that you not a piece professionals. We allow these people. My appeal s- and I cannot prove that I'm not right so thankfully, and rightfully so it ends up getting overturned and the smallest skis, don't have to pay this woman a dime. What's easy here, though, captain and what I couldn't get over when I was digging into this thing and really sifting through the players and potential players involved and why young man has disappeared. it's almost a similar situation to we saw in a recent case of we covered Sean mc duffy junior now, where once you, they start getting into the people that
knew him the most right before he disappeared, Seems to be some rumours amongst the group as to who could have been involved on the surface. This thing really straight up. Look like maybe madeline and herbert who she was running around with Chris were involved, because chris received the threat. But it's starting to look like, like its confusing because here we have this thing we're Chris could have been involved. He so could have been involved. But he's never implicated by any of the tipps that come in more we know he's a liar. Here's. What I also wanted to its did billy actually commit any domestic violence against madeline, or was that does fabricated by Chris? fabricated by somebody else. Well, no, I mean the way that that there is no there's no evidence of there's no real proof of that right.
the only in the only accusation. We have comes from the result of billy being murdered by sean, saying that hey he beat up my mom No, I choked him to death and we don't have shown here to question him about that. Here's, a very interesting thing about that trial that they had about going to court suing the smolensk keys for money because they harassed whatever the interesting thing here is chris sworn sin, the the every guy that she was running around with he had to take the stand during that, and so they, action him during those court proceedings about what went on shortly array, the time billy, went missing shortly afterwards and so on and so forth. What I really interesting was in his testimony, he says that
was told by madeline that the person that left that threatening message on his machine was in fact, billy. Remember he told police it their police report that they took was he stated that look I don't know who left them such so interesting lee enough. I think that those court proceedings prove that we already thought chris warrants and was a liar. I think that court proceedings prove that either he lied in court. When he said it, I was told it was billy Somebody that knew him very well off that he lied on the police report. When he told the police I don't know who that was. I didn't know that it was Billy seems like in this
is that we we know what the answer is. We just can't find the definitive proof, and hopefully the fact that they did such a eg extensive, dig that that doesn't persuade them to go off these tips and then actually persuades him to dive into these tips further and try to find the right look. And so we can find definitive proof of these allegations. One understandably, this case has been unspeakably frustrating for the smolensk e family for all these years. Now, They know that billy isn't coming home, suspects have died, his dog harley has died we have to wander. Would the case of dragged on for so long. If police had initially responded with urgency, efficiency and purpose
As the waterbury observer put it, law enforcement officers across the country go into a heightened state of alert if a child goes The amber alert system allows for immediate interstate notification of a missing child. The media to attention when children or attractive young women disappear, but why? thirty one year old man goes missing, it seems like nobody cares except his family. Sadly, several suspects have provided detailed information about what happened to Billy and even though the stories contradict each other? They all I have the same ending bill. Was murdered in his body was buried somewhere. The cases turned his parents into advocates for missing adults everywhere. That at least can be Billy's legacy
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and then you picked episode from their so anyways appreciate. Yes, listening and sell next week be good, big, and don't live the.
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