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Boys on the Road ////// 674

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This week we cover the strange death and likely murder of a teenaged boy from a rural community in Indiana. 16 year old Jason Bolton was out with people who he thought were his friends. The group attended a local party. What happened at the party is up for debate. By the early morning hours of the next day Jason will be dead. Supposedly, Jason and another boy both intoxicated decided on their walk home to lay down in the middle of the road and they both fell asleep or passed out. According to the witness (the driver) Jason was run over to avoid running over the other boy. We will tell you the problems with this story, the investigation or lack thereof and why the facts of the narrative just don’t add up. 

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no, the extraordinary power of a well written letter, words are the only tool. We have two precisely convey the concepts in our minds. Words are one of the best tools we I have to express the feelings we are experiencing in both mind and body. One can you the extraordinary power of a letter to tell you what is in their heart- here is a powerful letter that I read We reviewed that moved me and it reads. I am writing to you with all my heart and a broken, wanted that my brother, jason dale bolton, was killed on august twenty first nineteen ninety one. He was sixteen years old music in india near the fed, franklin and rush county lines. My family and many others believe
with all of our hearts that he was murdered. His killers did a good job to make it look like an accident sand, There was not a comprehensive investigation by police. His killers were drug, annex child molesters, rapists and pedophiles. most of the people that were involved have been in prison for such things in the years after jason's merk. We believe- the police gather, information from the people responsible for the crime and cover foul play had to be suspected in his death. At that time we believe so but did not know the facts. Until years later, however, Based on the lies told at that time they ruled it an accident, jason. My brother was killed at the age of Sixteen years old in a most horrific way,
very people responsible lie to the police and the police. base their conclusions on these untruth, my fate, Molly has tried to get this case investigative for years we have suffered J, his death is now on the back burner and left there. The facts of the case warn us ro investigation with the hair. of others I'm trying to get America's most wanted fbi and others involved begging. You for your help, please put an end. To our suffering for justice. My brother was with the wrong crowd. These were our neighbours in people we grew up with. I only want the truth. he was murdered and we need these people brought to justice, as does society his killers have lived lives of hideous crimes. They should be taken out of society.
please do not allow them to continue their ways. My family has suffered all these years, instead of them they have made a mockery of our justice system. I ask again for your help in this matter, please help us find justice. of documentation to support my beliefs, which I law to share. If you will find it in your heart to investigate, I pray that you will put me in touch with the right people- I have so much to share need someone with an open mind, heart, compassionate empathy. My desire is for the truth to come out. I have no problem for giving law enforcement for their mistakes That is not what this is about, as we made our mistakes and jason's life as well, Please allow your heart to open up an honest investigation into jason's death. This is all we
well you just heard or portions of a letter by one of jason's family members, someone who's begging for help. This true crime garage this week we have a case for you that is unique in many ways. Sire time and time again on the show that all of these cases are unique. They are all very different from one another if the cases featured here in the garage, it is a story that must be told this story is magic, no matter what your opinion of the case is. It is most
only one that bears further examination, jason, dale bolton aged sixteen was killed august, twenty first nineteen, ninety one that was a wins, He was out that night attending a party with a bunch of his free or at least people that he believed to be his friends. He was killed the dark early morning, hours of august, twenty first, ninety ninety one, his death was ruled some sort of freak accident. To put it plain and simple, it was said that a bunch of youngsters we're out partying all night long, they had all had a bunch to drink. Some of them took dry so smoked a little marijuana and then a traffic accident led to the death of jason bolton. He was the victim of a good night which led to very
bad morning. That is what the law was tall, and that is what they believed in a coroner's report did nothing to change. Their jason's death was ruled. An accident of the Hitler variety jason was killed after being struck by a car on a county road and faint county indiana in the dark of the night. While I quit Ed Jason bolton was sixteen years old, but who as he leading up to this night anguish and its right captain. He was born just sixteen years prior and connor's veil and was a lifetime resident of laurel Indiana jason bolton, attended laurel, pentecostal church as a little boy laurel, l entry and then brookfield middle school, and this is a very small community, varies Rural community jason was served by his parents Gary and margie boyer and his grandparents luther and alpha raider.
he's also survive by his two brothers enforced sisters. Now, sadly, whence when passes away at such a young age. Typically there oh bit, will list many more survived by names. Then proceeded in death by jason's list ten as survive by and see row in the other com. services were to be held the day after the obituary was printed up in the thursday august. Twenty second. Ninety ninety wanted and of the palladium item newspaper services were held Friday august. Twenty third, the laurel pentecostal church with the reverend, add silly officiating Burial is in the laurel north cemetery and sat as it was that how it was and how it would be for a couple of years, but jason's family. They were never fully satisfied with the explanation that they were
from law enforcement and others about jason's death and the events of the night leading up to his tragic and for starters, the family was told that J and was walking to his father's home after a party while on the surface captain, there may sound reasonable. However, the family, says not only did jason not reside with his father, the who had little to no relationship at all jason, was estranged from his father. Re jason, lived with his grandparents and if jason was intent on reconciling with his other well, then that would have been surprising news to most, if not all, of jason's family ryan based they? What law enforcement is saying is jason, our party with some friends he's intoxicated now, is looking for a place to stay. They believe he was heading on foot to his father.
It's house and a big problem- we're gonna, have here in this case. Captain is the lack of detailed information. In this case family was told it on this walk from the party too fathers residents that, due to entice the jane. in another boy. Other young man both decided that it was a good idea. Lie down in the middle of the road and that the boys must have fallen asleep. As it said in the newspaper, Jason was struck by a car but you hear the previous statements in its clear. He was run over this. Starting to sound all too familiar. Isn't it can't? We just need a one bill Clinton and a one family malik laws, one thing be intoxicated in walking honor
dim road and possibly been struck by a vehicle driven by somebody. That is also intoxicated, but it's pretty far, for me to hear a story where your well. There are so intoxicated so tired that they decided, while what justice lay down on the road for awhile right. I'm I'm not very proud to report the in my teenaged years. I had a lot of friends. The not very proud part is of them were quite dumb. Some of them were quite creative and so of them regularly. Intoxicated. However, I did. Have any friends that were the perfect combination of all three. I did not have a free. That was dumb enough, creative enough in drunk enough all at the same time that he would decide taking a little snooze in the middle of a county road is a good idea, especially in the dark. I let's go through the official record here. This is from the coroner's report.
The coroner at the time captain is a man by the name of Joseph Todd and We also have contributed to this report, or the information in this report is deputy sheriff, murray and trooper todd fields, and its stated in the report that the time of death for jason bolton is listed at around three a m. The time pronounced death is for twenty eight, and the circumstances surrounding the death is as follows. It is believed that the deceased and a friend- and he is listed here. Well, just given first named Timothy had been visiting and drinking beer, they decided to walk to the dissidents fathers house on county road, seven fifty south. Upon doing so, it is believed
The two boys became tired and sleepy due to alcohol and the late hour and stop to rest. It is believed that the boy fell asleep or passed out on the county road and were in the roadway when a visa driven by a one. Mr grim came upon them. Mister, Graham told trooper fields that he thought saw a person in the road and drove left to avoid him. This not seeing the second person on the other side of the road grimm's vehicle struck, the deceased. The front left tire struck the deceased in the growing area causing severe trauma and loss of tissue. The body was pushed down the road for a short distance and they,
passed over the body, crushing the rib cage on the left side and fracturing the skull in two places: the deceased had no idee on his person and was late, identified by his sister at the hospital morgue. The cause of death here is listed as massive internal trees and internal hemorrhaging, though he was released to a funeral home at eight a m that morning the atm the morning of this report. and the investigation. As far as the coroner's report states is done by faint county corner joseph e talk, It doesn't make any sense to me unless you can prove through, like a toxicology report that maybe there's some other drug involved, where these guys would dispute
the wizard of oz, where we're just gonna lay down for a while before we hit the emerald city. It just doesn't add up to me: and if you were getting tired, why wouldn't you just go into the grass and go through some kind of level of safety, I mean and served just growing alarm laid down in the middle of the road. Look if there's o dell, and we know from other informed what we ve seen? There is no doubt that there were substances and jason boltons body at the time of his death and he was only sixteen years old, and so I get the kids and drunk people make mistakes, Since all the time, this doesn't seem like a likely scenario at all, even with factoring in I'm teenage decisions and intoxication and the thing that's missing from this report would be state
that should have been if they were in fact taken at the scene, in law enforcement arrived on the sea. Those statements here's some issues where you can start to see a problem with this case you don't have jason fortunately to tell us his side of the story and what took place at night So you are only left with the people at the sea. Well, if they interviewed them I keep saying if, because we don't have any documentation that these people were interviewed right now, I'm not saying it doesn't exist, I'm not saying police did not conduct those interviews. What I'm saying here is where I am from and captain. I think you will agree with me on demand will win- cops arrive at a single at all boulevard or they are. Cruising around, and they see. bunch of eighteen, seventeen nineteen year old boys in a vehicle or arrive
seen in that's the situation as well, where I'm from are suspicious of everything if they show up- and you are seventeen to nineteen- young male and you got a vehicle, your pa, probably getting some kind of citation, even if you were perfectly in the right, because it's three in the morning and I smell Well alcohol. You somethin, like that you're you're, going to you're gonna, get into kind of trouble. So I'm a little surprised here that the spidey sense of the guys didn't go off when they are arriving on the scene gone. I might spend a little time here and figure out that this might not be what appears to be or what these guys are telling me. It is because here's where you have some problems. The report specifically list, another guy, according to the driver, we're calling him mister grim. But let's keep it mine he's only a little bit. better than our victim. Here we
is calling in that. So we do not use his first name. He states in the report that I saw one person in the road, so I swerved to avoid that person and then by accident, ran over the other person in the road that I did not see? Ok, all right! That's your story! Here's the problem, where's the person that was in the road with J, simple right, dapper and was not at the scene when police arrived, so either a your driver. Mister, is lying or be There was somebody else in the road, or there was somebody else that was was to be at that scene when you arrived and they fled before you got there and how many people were in the vehicle at the time when law enforcement show. that's what's missing from the report as well. The therewith
more than one person in that vehicle. Captain we're we're talking. This scene should have had four to five individuals at the scene when police around and we're not saying that it doesn't exist, but what we know from the family, what we know from the community and what we know from the true crime community and that's what the frustration is here is if you're going to rule this accidental death, then the case is shut and all this information should be given over to the family, and so, if there are any views they should be released to the public. Here's. The other thing that would make you make your question this statement. Ok, so we have the guy one of the people that world that was lying in the road if we are to even believe that that's the way this went down by but a court, to the story that was fed to the police in the police. It sounds
They believed it because here we sit all these years later with a very questionable death, suspicious death, and if we're too that story. Jason was lying in the road with somebody else. When survive on the scene. Jason's dead in the person that was lying in the road was not injured, is not present at the scene, tat. Where did they go exactly but then examine? That's examined that report a little bit more. It says they. It is believed that the for the very first sentence is that it is believed that the deceit The deceased and a friend in the friend is named. Timothy had been visiting and drinks beer, so by visiting their saying they were at a party and they were drinking, and that is common knowledge, thereby nice. Here by saying it is believed. This is what's crazy. You got appeal you got a rip through the lines
Through the lines of this report. You dont, have jason, to tell you that they were at a party and they were drinking he's dead. You do now have Timothy who was supposedly in the road with jason apple. I to tell you that he was at a party with jason and drinking he's gone he's not at the scene? You have the driver, you have the driver, in the occupants of the vehicle telling you all day, a party and they were drinking well. How do you know that? But we were at that same party and we're friends with them. You ort, yet we, then we're friends with them. So all kinds of questions. Why do you? friends leaving the same party apparently going in the same direction. There not writing together. It seems it and it's not all the remo possibility here captain, but it seems like a major coincidence that a group of a group of leave a party decide to lay down or pass out the middle of a county road and then a group of two or three leave the
already going in the same direction in a car and happened to run over one of those into jewels and then the other individual fleas, the sea are able to question Timothy than when he be. The want is easy. The answer he too this test, if he can tell us hey. You know what we we smoked a little part. It made us both feel a little dry, z within decide to stop on the road and to just lay down. We both started feeling in a certain way, and I believe that we both passed out. have you told me that of Timothy? can tell me that then I might. by in this horse shit story that this is a just some accident. Exactly and as far as the coroner's report, goes. Captain the only witness listed is the driver of the vehicle, so he
certainly has a dog in the fight to want to tell his version of the story yet cause it's either an accident or it's a thing called murder. Exactly now, when you were a view, the injuries to are victim here. It makes it even a little more even more questionable. So ought Turning to the injuries here in the coroner's report? Is his body arcs and other information number one. They ve listed severe trauma from tire okay, so not number one on the diagram of the deceased. They they draw what appears to be severe. Damn to the growing area of of the deceased. And we know from the report the there a lot of soft tissue damage to that area, which
me, look, I'm not gonna pretend to stand the science of the of this whole thing, I'm not in forensics or any of that, of course, but he's clothed. lying in the road. Of course, there's gonna be damage, but the way that that damage is described, as I don't want to get too descriptive here. But to put it plain and simple all of that soft tissue area and the growing area of our victim removed from the buyers of programmes show this sub pretending you know his penis was removed. This is a horrible thing, and this is why the family deserves justice. Us this this boy deserves just when it. When he's club lying in the road there, what their stating by the report captain is that he must have been lying there with his legs open and one of them There's happened to go right in there,
gold shot is up, it's good right down the middle and I just don't see how that works out. Making injuries as they are described, and then, when you look at the other injuries, a number two crushed ribcage left side, we're three lacerated scalp in skull fractures number four abrasions there agents are to the left arm of the deceased and five, tattoo of school in letters of J d on the body, so you would have information about. the person on here, not just the injuries listed at this portion of your coroner's report again. Think of what are we it's right are one witness. Its listed here on the report says that oh, I saw some one in the middle of the road or on one side of the road and I swerved to miss them to avoid them, and I ran over somebody that I didn't see
who was lying on the other side of the road. When you look at the injuries in the way, that they played out? If, in fact, the core does go over top of jason hitting first in the growing area avoiding both legs. Yes, I get that, according to the report, he was push down the road for a short distance and then passed over, but a lot of these injuries to me. Don't seem to line up with the tracks of tyres certain Some of these injuries are from the road itself. But I'm seeing a report here that they include the story here again. One and one is not equalling too, in my humble garage opinion of glad he brought up math, giza said. We only have one eye witness account. There are more than
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All right, we are back, she felt the animals shares and cheers. Do you colonel choose to you captain now we do have to point out something here and we ve said this is Always a problem for law enforcement, and that's why criminals do what they do when law enforcement arrive on the scene here, they think that they are responding to a vehicular accident, a tragic. One that resulted in the death of one of the people to see, but you have to investigate further and we have proof that they did any of that and I firmly believe had they done that they might have stumbled upon something else,
now. We know that this is difficult for law. Enforcement has been since the getting of time, and it will be for the until the end of days. That's why, when somebody kill someone in a home, they burn the house down. We ve seen How that works out and it works to the disadvantage of law enforcement. We ve seen that sometimes a would be kidnapper. forces or or trick the child into leaving a note for mom and then later it's an abduction situation We ve seen situations where ransom no is laughed when no intention of giving the person back returning the person was was ever involved in the ammo for the criminal. So these things are always complicated for law enforcement. We need it with that out as we go through, this
because they're, showing up on the scene and its sounds like we only have two people responding to the scene and we're talking about of a vehicle death, a roadside death. Here or like we said this is a very small community, but this is a tragic accident. There should be more law enforcement, volunteers, the other issue too, you have you one witness. He tells you that, while the two people there were in the road they were at a party they were drinking. Will. Where were you? I was at the same party. I was drinking and the person in my vehicle. What was there is Oh right away, you go all all four view came the same party, but first off that's a little. We are, but not out of the realm of possibility. Here's your other question. You know that
their guide, it was in the road. Ok, where is he where my I find him? So I can get a statement tonight from him right. saying that anybody's done anything wrong here, I'm saying this could be up an accident horrible accident, but I need to statement from that individual as well Nowhere is he he fled when we caught when we called you guys he fled. He took off ok where maybe be an all by the way who was home. The party that you all came from, I need to talk to and hosting the party? I need to get a list of names of people that attended the party. I can get that I will want to get a list of names of people that attended that party from the two people in the vehicle, the driver in the passenger, I would want to get a list of of people that party from the other guy that was in the road supposedly in the road, with jason passed out. I would to get a list of names of people that party from the host to ever hosting already and cross reference those names, and I want it to
to every one of those people- the other problem here with this case and in pointing in the idea that while they issues I have with this cases you go while these guys went to the same party, are they friends and you go back to the are part of a pretty close small circle, and so this these friends got separated? Do they attend the did they at ten the party together, because if they did then did they leave the party, gather nailed it that's the most important thing right there, because with a rumour mill in this story, has been that there were people at that party that saw these people leaving together ok, so here's here's, where I have an issue with everything leaving together or The other problem would be even just leaving at the same time, because if to do on foot into deeds and a car they don't.
but the same spot in the road at the same time. Nope now, if you for deeds, leaving together all in a car, two of amend up in the road and one of amends up run over. We have another problem, Oh, that's where these statements in the lack there of written documentation of these statements gets in the way. a real, true understanding of what happened that night, but I repeat, we're not saying that these don exists there, just they have not been given to the family and when the family has been questioned. This quest in this sense, nineteen. Ninety one. a long time, the fair He has received some of the reports and some photos not enough to to rally the troops and get
other investigation into this case and that's what I think needs to be done here. Might my problem is: that was talked about this time and time again, captain the other killers time time is the killer of evidence and allow the time has expired in this case the the two documents that we have, that we can review The information on their doesn't add up to me that the end greece, as described, does not add up the report of the one witness who is the driver. we know that there was a passenger in the vehicle. There's no mention of him in that report at all or him. Giving a statement. Is that clear to everybody, though, one witness that we have the statement from He obviously has agenda, because if it's not an accident, it's murder and he goes to jail.
I would argue that he has an agenda even if it is an accident. Yes, given that he's. worrying that night, that's reckless behaviour in itself, because if they were walking and he didn't see them because he was intoxicated and he hit them. He would be responsible for their death historians, they passed on the mill road, it's an accident because they I the middle road. There responsible for their own death would you have rumours rumors this party saying that this group of individuals came together and left together, but there is also rumours that there was a confrontation or maybe possibly, multiple confrontation at this party. Yeah, and this is where the story gets even more walkie, because we have these unnamed eye witnesses that give different accounts of what may have happened. That night at the party
and some of the witnesses believe that, whatever happened. Whatever type of altercation that may have led to this took place after These four individuals, including jason, left the party together, The version is it some kind of altercation took place at the party and the four of them left together. However,. Jason left in the trunk of the car with the other three one, a driver to passengers. The story being here that if it is not what it it was said to be by the people, seen by the driver of the vehicle and by what police ended up. Believing and it is the murder of jason bolton covered up by
running him over with this vehicle, and what we need again is the statements from the people at this party. What what the rumours are and what they have been for. All of this time is, did some type of fight broke out or a disagreement took place. these prior to the four of these, the visuals leaving and then come sun up one of them's dead. One of them is being I defied by a family member at the county, morgue and the other three are sleeping, safe and sound at home in their beds- and just so were clear- we have some individuals at this party sin that they didn't see confrontation. So if there was a confrontation and must have happened when these guys left together, then there's another group at that party that claims that there was a confrontation, but that conversation,
happen at the part yeah, and it is very weird here too, with the coroner's report captain, because one of the things that they state in the coroner's report is an autopsy was not conducted. However, it stated that toxic colleges tests were conducted on the deceit it and in the talks ecology report is reported that the alcohol was found in his system, well is Xanax. Xanax was also reported by others or or rumour to be part of the evening, It's the festivities, if you will, for that party but I find it a little curious that one would not can deduct the autopsy but then send off for the toxicology report. It's almost like
Well, if we can confirm that he was intoxicated, then that further bolsters their store for their backs up their story right there of of the statements that we did get the state. That we did take that night now he was messed up any laid down in the middle of the road it would make more sense to me. If you're sending offered for toxicology to also conduct the actual autopsy This is a small area, as you pointed out captain. This is not an area where there are over run get in and have a backlog of of people that they need to conduct an autopsy on the other issue, and this is one thing that is good this. This is a horrible story. But one thing that is good here is that, back in the day this, this was true for damn,
every county in this country, but at one time you had corners. and then at at another time allotted that started more into you, had medical examiners instead of a corner. Well, the coroner system under the coroner system You don't have to have any medical background at all your you don't have to be a doctor. In fact, most of them were not doctors, especially in rural communities,. And they were simply either elected officials or they were appointed officials and we saw that with the boys on the tracks case with that with your boy farming malak. and all the problems that that created that he was not in our opinion, sir defied or or what he would not hold their position today. Hooray then, after his is bad reporting.
It is give him a raise and give him or promotion shuffled em off to a better job at the rate job. Mr bill Clinton here in this situation. We have a very similar situation, Now I don't know what the credentials of this Joseph e Todd are. But what I do know is he's not a doktor, and I do know that a county corner and not a medical, examiner and so well say there is some good a lot of that in this country's changed throughout different states in three different counties in many of those states in, and I can't get into all the complicated problems with this old boy, the old coroner system by his report might not be that far off true. But but his report is not telling us what then tent was an end. Then tat really be.
comes from those eyewitnesses at the party. If you tell me what we had three guys that left, but You told me that we have eyewitnesses from that part of it for individuals left, but one of almost put in a trunk just that alone you're gonna, try you gonna, have law enforcement. Tell me that somehow they release that guy from a trunk one of the other passengers get out. They decide to walk a head far enough ahead they get drowsy, they decide to fall asleep in the middle of the road. Far far enough ahead, where the the driver and other passenger then hit them. line and the road it not really makes a lot of sense and, and then so, when you have these eye witnesses and how they are left together Yes, we do have statements from everybody, but the statements from the driver, is he stay sane happen? Is it s just
outright denying what the eyewitnesses said that's? Why they're so many questions in this case, and I just don't think it's fair for the family at all. Here actually right and I think that's where, in fact, the problem lies right, where you are right. Captain this goal or his were, poor goddamn could be the best that he could do. However, the report was clear to me is incomplete and, furthermore, I what suspect happened here is that law enforcement arrived on the scene they interviewed, who was left at the scene and took their statements and chose to but give them and did not investigate any further in other cases, so wonky donkey dickie wick and I think that very quickly had they gone that stuff I'm not gonna, call an extra step, because it's the appropriate step, they should have been taken it
just taken that appropriate step. I think they would have found some witnesses It would have had statements that would make you that would either completely contradict MR grim statement or would make you question his statement because, again if the four left at the same time, they should not have happened that car not going slower than the people walking if they left it. same time in the vehicle together, they should not have happened. How did the two guys end up in the road and scratch that? How did you, and end up in the road, because I don't believe the other dude was in the road at all, if all forum left together in the vehicle and then The other version of that story is, for them. Left together and jason bolton was in the trunk of that car he's a fur. in hostage he's a he's abducted by this point,
and he's sixteen years old, yeah, and if law enforcement actually believes this bullshit story that they put it out then, like I said they owe information to the family and the community and and case closed right. But you haven't provided that information provided some, but I also don't think it's fair in a sense to say well. This is this is the report that the police gave us, and maybe that was the report at the time that doesn't mean that there's other police officers. there have been involved in this investigation or in this investigation that think that there might be more to the story, but they just can't prove it. I mean if you have individuals flee in the scene and you're, not even I able to question them at that time
or later on. When you go to question them, they're, not giving you in any information, it could be simply. We think we know what happen we think parts of this story are bullshit, but you've got to be able to prove it, right and I think that you are spot on with ninety nine point. Nine percent of that statement, and the only part of it there is weird, is, I think, did you know, you're using for lack of a better term investigation. What it looks like to me I think you will agree with me. Captain is much of an investigation at all animal people on the scene to law reinforcement officers on the scene that night this is horrible. The sixteen year old, kid That was run over its head her boyfriend's accident? It's even more horrible. If it's a murder
either way he deserved. The family deserves more than to law enforcement officers shown up and trying to figure out what have. cause like we've said over and over you don't have to be the smartest. person in the room, you don't have to be the smartest person at the scene, but if we were law enforcement- and we showed up to that seen- and we think we both of you- know ourselves to be very intelligent and most of the time we think, were right about everything, but we still would call for back up but still call other people in to investigate this crime scene, or this accident seen and we would get a list of names of the people had that party list names of the people at the the seeing that should have been at that seen and we would go and talk to each one of them and that's where I think that there is
but would also try the beer and in three and a quarter star, three quarter bow caps and I think they did question some of these people, but where are the report's right, where the statements that, if, if this, in fact, is an accidental death. That's all public record, especially at this point, but it should have been public record to the family at that time as soon that determination made and as soon as there was no investigating going on and had that been the case. Look he hears the problem that you have with a lot of these cases. Ok, boys on the tracks there there's another. very similar story of some adult males that were killed and homer lying. Railroad tracks here. The narrative is it: two boys were lying in the road and all. Scenarios that, though the boy These are men are to be passed.
thou so high or so drunk that they just fell asleep, location. That would end up with one or two of them being run over by a train or by vehicle ryan and the problem with these stories. Is that if, in fact, is ruled an accident we've seen time and time again you roll something in accident. It's very difficult, very difficult for people for citizens to go in and get that changed To go in and get that ruling changed because many often captain you're not going to get an additional and the or even in, investigation until you get that changed and The problem here is that nobody question this: the family,
just like boys on the tracks in arkansas, just like this worry in Oklahoma family, should it later keep in mind they are mourning the loss of a loved one. They are sure till they are core they're, not thinking. clearly there not questioning authority in the moments the minutes hours after the death of their loved one, now they're hurt their heart broken and There is no media. There's no newspapers, there's no reporter sniffing around going. You know this something that we should report on, because it was a martyr. It was a homicide. No with an accident they typically right up in the newspaper once they tell the story on the news once and everybody starts the group, process and then we move on so there
there's no documentation when you try to go back back retroactively and figure out what may have actually have happened there, there's there's nothing for you to review their. Has it's possible that this was an accident at this? Didn't go down the way the person responsible for the accident is telling us It went down his thing about. Maybe he loved all these guys were be an asshole, so I let them out of my car and they took down the road. They took. down the road. But we stayed in our car for a while and drink some more booze and and did some more pills, and then we took off and I passed out at the wheel, but I think there's a bunch of stuff in this case that would easily be able to tell us some answers, one to the go to the party together right. Did they leave the party together when they left wherein the vehicle where these individuals, like you, said if
took off on foot and two took off in a car. What did they leave at the same time or not, and then also why don't we have a statement from the other boy that supposedly was passed out in the middle of the road? Exactly in again, I'm done to just keep goin over the same information here. Why was the party never investigated? Why were Those individuals, not restatements, requests from those individual there's only to law enforcement officers showed up and then call anybody else, and it was late. They got tired design is lie down in the middle of the road and take a nap can't call A ban would have to pay them the other things here. Captain is we have the time of death listed at about three. A m we do know based off of formation that we received is that it is believed and on
line this a couple times, because it is firmly believed that an hour to possibly closer to ninety minutes expired before nine one one was called so one. why the delay too have to have a delay to your stories right to, according to the information that out, there is that the the collar did give their name? Ok, I get it panicked situation, but if this information, correct and you had sixty two. Ninety minutes, you should not be full on panic at this you ve had some time to recoup before you called it so, the knee. Of the caller was never given, and I guess the description of where. They were to respond to this accident was incorrect as well. Now that could be completely coincidental brain that could also be another measure. Take, and by the perpetual
if somebody who's trying to cover up other crimes, two scenarios here as far as an item on one cause. If this is called in, like you said ninety minutes later, well, it's called in via a passer by maybe that's the reason why the location was correct because it was from a local, then That means the person that ran over wasn't a collar wasn't the collar, so unless there is beyond the ability to go to a phone and call right. That's another big question mark and here's the thing to captain. I want to try to really direct this, though the direction that I think that this should should be heading here and should have taken should have headed and ninety ninety one may become more than one certain come well, but on top of that, I don't. I don't necessarily sir look at this and go well. This was up
least cover up. I think that this was just not investigated. I think that they are spawned into something else, and I think that they believed. when they arrived, what they were hearing- and I I think often times when You are told what the call is in you are racing towards a scene in your told why you are going to that seen. Sometimes you already make it up in her mind that that's why I'm going to see and witness once I get there, and I think they hear this, though the one witness meant maybe too, but we don't have any record of a second witness either. They believed it and I think that they didn't do any type of investigation to confirm or refute. The information that they were given by people at the scene, and I think the toxicology report then backed up what they believed happened. So I think that this is not a police cover up. I think
is what you you have criminals in a murder that took place and the criminals covered it up. And unfortunately, law enforcement fell for Yeah with your hands on some level, by I do think this there's two paths: there's there's the path that law enforcement gets there there. There told this story, they buy it for most part this is the story that than they are able to explain it away to the family, but that doesn't mean that there is in doubt and they're mine but if they went down to rabbit holes, one let's go down rubber holders accident. Ok, we got all this information. Let's go down the rabbit hole that past we was a murder, why thought I think, because of the eye witnesses fleeing
I talking to them and not talking to the people at the party that vested the investigation just doesn't go anywhere. He hits a dead end, so it's a but it sucks, because I I think. They left way more questions for the family than an exactly that's, exactly right and again to point out Another problem here in in one that's been corrected. The corner is not met a medical examiner in this area. Nation. We do know that this corner has come under fire more than once, for his findings or lack thereof. Currently, his term is- over and he cannot be re elected. In fact, the calls in Indiana have changed and now require that the person in charge to be a licensed medical zammit or if you want to further understand the intricacies of the problem
of an elected corner or an appointed coroner verses. That of somebody with a degree someone that's a doctor, Someone that's a licence. Medical examiner courage, everyone to check out the cadaver king and the country. Dentist, a true story of injustice in the american south that is by rapidly balko and tucker Carrington They they spent a good deal of time explaining the problems with that situation in other situations throughout this country and in fact, primarily in the in the south, now accord, to a website that, unfortunately, does not exist anymore. And I dont understand why doesn't exist anymore, but per the justice jason dale Bolton website, the cause of death at some point was change from
Accident to quote unknown or unknown cause and quote with the investigation listed as ongoing. But from what we ve been told, captain though that has been changed. I dont know win that change occurred. To me: I believe it was around four to six years after the death, So to say, investigation on going, I say In twenty twenty three and I dont there is no investigation that is happening in an jason's case. No, that's where I think to me this leans more the idea that law enforcement shows up- maybe they by part of the story there doing investigations. Eventually, as more and more of the story- comes out more more rumours from locals come out that they they do.
Look into a more enough to say bout. This could this could of where a different way, and this might be a situation where it's not an accident, but this could be it jewish, where it is murder, but we just have anywhere else to go and until some comes forward and why these individuals comes forward and said- well. Actually you know I I didn't pass out on the road, so his story couldn't be true, because I was passed on and miller road. Well, into not kicked. I do want to keep compare this and other cases, but a case it, many of our listeners and, if you're tuning and for the first time, I'm sure you're more aware of this case than you are of jason bulbs case, but look happen in the west Memphis three case. We know that in that case you had three boys three victims. Three: eight year old boys and even at the time when they are missing and then found dead.
Several of the parents were not even interviewed by law enforcement, get it. They are looking law enforcement on that day. They were looking at the parents as victims and they chose not to interview some of those parents. Well, then, that became a big deal in that case. Many years later, when people started to question the convictions that they got, In that case- and we learn that somebody like terry hobbs wasn't interviewed formally by police until what was two thousand and seven. And the boys were killed and nineteen. Ninety three, although you said in this case, we have the cause of death its changed years later, but I dont see evidence of.
In ninety two, ninety three, ninety four- I don't see evidence of them working any kind of investigation and that I have a problem with that. I don't think you have to get it right right away and we're all human, so we make missteps yup, but. Go back double check. Your work with. I find these individuals that you weren't able to talk to and talk to them has to be with with such a small community and so many people involved, because As far as we know other than jason, we leave that there's another three individuals at that crime, scene or accident seen so well,
the investigation? Well in the thing here to captain- and many looked, many great people over time has said a similar quo in different ways. but I believe it was John F Kennedy who said that an error Only becomes a mistake once you refuse to correct it and that my What we have here in the situation, they made an error, as you said there human like the rest of us, but going back in refusing to correct it is injustice and your job is to uphold the law, protect your citizens and when you, when you cannot protect them from certain evils, get justice for that victim and for their families. I urge anybody looked at the individuals that were at that seen that day, they these were all young men back ninety ninety one they are still around- they are still
the state of Indiana. Some of them have been up to no good, since ninety ninety one eye, anybody with information to please reach out I understand that regimes change over years, reach out to the fayette county sheriff's office. You can call them at seven six, five, eight two, I've won one one zero or you can email sheriff jones at z, jones at seo, dot Faye it dot and got u s for joining us here in the garage each and every week, thanks for town, a friend for everything, true crime check out programme garage come colonel. Do we have any recommended reading for the beautiful listeners? Thank you captain.
Week. We are recommending a book that rightfully so as titled string, bein the life and murder of a country music, a legend by taylor, hey good author, too. Hey good, beautifully, merges the story of David string being aikman within account. murder and a real life courtroom drama. The nineteenth Ninety three murders of string being in his wife, Estelle, forever changed. Nashville tendencies, sense of itself check out stream being the life and murder of a country, music, legend by taylor, hey good! You can find that. title and many more by going to true crime, garage dot, com checking out are recommended. Pay join us back here in the ground. next week same bat time same bat channel until then be good
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