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Brandon Swanson /// Part 1 /// 332

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Brandon Swanson /// Part 1 /// 332

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This week we take a deep dive into a fascinating missing persons case. Brandon Swanson went missing in May of 2008. The strangest part of his case, he was on the phone with his father when he vanished. Beer of the Week - Hazy Jane by Brew Dog Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 Bottle Caps

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Are the biggest all right. Everybody gather around grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true cried. the according to fbi. Dot gov via cap stands for the violent criminal apprehension programme. This database maintains the largest investigative repository of major violent crime cases
In the u S, it is designed to collect and analyze information about homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons and other violent crimes, and having unidentified human remains. This week we Reviewing a missing persons case listed on the via cap, page Brandon, victor Swanton was last seen on, may fourteenth two thousand and eight and can be minnesota his car, a green chevy alumina, was found abandoned mere taunton minnesota. According to the fbi's website, the vehicle was in a ditch, with the doors open in the keys missing The time of his disappearance. Brandon was just nineteen years old. He is caucasian kazan by foot five inches to five foot six inches tall and approximately a hundred and twenty two one hundred and thirty pounds with brown hair blue eyes
his last seen. Wearing baggy blue jeans, a blue striped polo shirt, a black hooded, zip front, sweat shirt with emblem on back a white minnesota twins, baseball cap, glasses and his sterling silver chain. He was carrying a black motorola s, l v, r cell phone, his wallet with identification and his keys. if you have any information regarding Brandon, swans whereabouts or the circumstances of his disappearance. Please call the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension at six five, one, seven, nine three, seven thousand or call the lincoln county sheriff's office at five zero, seven, six, nine for one six, six four: this is true crime, garage, the
yeah, may thirteen two thousand and eight brandon victor swans and aged nineteen. He just finished his last class of his one year programme of study. Minnesota, Wes, community and technical college and can be Minnesota and was studying wind energy, and he was all and rolled in a second technical school, and I await this was going to start in august of two thousand and eight after that he planned to transfer to a four year college to get his degree in science. So after a year of hard work, its mid may schools out for the summer it's time to go out, meet up with some friends and have a lot of fun and that's just what the plan was for brandon on the night of may thirteen, now before we get into the details of that night. Let's review a little background information about Brandon Brandon. Was
one january, thirty, nineteen, eighty nine he lived with his parents, Brian and a net and his younger sister. They live marshall Minnesota, the town in line county the population at the time was about. Thirteen thousand five hundred brandon was closed with his family. They describe him as a sweet, good kid who loved reading in debating he was very intelligent and he liked to read and ponder complicated topics. Like string theory, Brandon worked at a local grocery store for four years, though two years working in the bakery? So not just a smart kid but seems like quite a reliable young man as well. Yeah Brandon was similar to you. Ah, he is dedicated to the environment.
Particularly renewable resources, and he loved politics, history and music. He also loved the minnesota twins and brandon was not a big dude. He was just about five foot, five, five foot, six inches tall and only about one hundred and twenty five pounds, and one thing that may be quite important as we move through this brand wore glasses and he was legally blind in his left eye on the night he went out and didn't come home. He was wearing baggy blue jeans, a blue striped polo sweatshirt over a white tee shirt, a black, zip front jacket, a white minnesota twins, baseball hat. He tended to wear this hat sideways and he wore his white sneakers as well. Now I point that out again captain because, even though it's going to get quite chilly that night,
He was wearing fairly warm clothing right. He had a one stud earring in each ear and his wire rimmed classes. On now with him he had his black motorola s, l vcr cell phone. As always, he drove his green chevy luminous. That evening he left his parents place around six p m. Branda went to a graduation party in the lynde land is a small town near Marshall, so not far from where Brandon lives. In fact, lynn is just about an eleven minute drives west down rout, twenty three from marshall. This graduation party was really just a small gathering of only five or so people write. These are all people
that Brandon was friends with from school and to be clear, it sounds to me like these were all high school buddies. Remember, brandons, only nineteen, so just having graduated from Marshall high school just a year earlier at the small party, Brandon was drinking. This is not in question. What is the question is how much as the general report from all all leaves us with this broad statement that he was said to have consumed and unknown amount of alcohol, but he was not overly intoxicated according to the people who were at this party while thing about humming parties you been to. If I ask you how many beers your body was on You know how many beards he drank now. Only if I had like some extreme indicator right like if somebody shows up at the six pack in then there's none of that beer rather than you like, while he probably had six,
When you're hanging out in your europe, really your catching up with your buddies, there's a lot of talking going on theirs, multiple p there you're not really counting anybody's drinks, one and then on top of that to everybody knows this. You you're not really checking the time either you know so there is. There is a lot that you're not really keeping up on because of the conversations I like that. However, if these people knew him for a fair amount of time, I think that they would reasonably be able to judge if he was drunk or not right, right now, of course, there's varying degrees of being buzzed, but Brandon left this gathering.
alone around ten thirty or eleven p m from there he drove to another friends party. This was like a house party this for the purpose of saying goodbye to one of his former classmates. Now I do not know exactly who this person is, but the party was in can be where Minnesota west, community and technical college is located. So Brandon is quite familiar with this area. The party was attended by other college kids. We're friends with branded here. Brandon was noted to have one shot of whisky. He left this party alone and was going to head home back to his parents, place a marshall sometime between midnight and one thirty. Now the this seems like a huge window of time. Reports are very wildly. I want to bring this up because I dont know how important this is later
so much so because we have some time accounted for brandons whereabouts later right. I think the thing in question here is debate at what time he laughed means there could be some unaccounted time The reason why these reports, very as as we just mention you're, not really count people's drinks you're, not really count the time. Looking at your clock, looking at your watch, they said that he had one shot of whisky. I dont know if he. Consumed any other alcohol at that time. But that is what the general report is safe
I don't remember what they said about the first party if he was just drinking beer or if possibly he was drinking a mixed drink, because I did hear on several accounts that he was drinking like like a roman coke or you know whiskey and coke, so you just go. Was he doing that at the first party or the second party sounds more likely? They would do it at the second party if, if they said well, we know he had a shot of whiskey and me and some others. We found reports,
state that he left as early as midnight and some reports it left as late as one thirty in the morning again. Normally, we would take umbrage with that statement and wooden fly you're in the garage, but this time we're going to let it fly, because we have a lot to get too and because of the details that we have not got two. Yet it will be clear that the exact time that brain and left the party while in dispute may not be so important, are let's get into the geography of this whole situation. This is super important to this case the last party brandon attends. The nine question is in can be. This is about thirty miles from his home town of martial. It's a thirty to thirty five minute drive. That is a straight diagonal. Shy,
along a two lane road, which is rule sixty eight rule. Sixty eight is a highway that runs between can be marshal and can be. You hop on route, sixty eight heading south east and you will go straight to marshal This drive should have taken him no more than thirty to thirty five minutes, assuming he took the most direct route highway, sixty eight, which connects the two touts Brandon drove this route daily for the
higher school year and again would have been very familiar with this, but for some reason that we can only speculate, Brandon does not appear to have taken the highway to get home. He took a different route. I believe he took the back roads because he had been drinking at least a little bit. So I found some reports that state that Brandon had a d you I in the past and that he had successfully pleaded a year's probation because of the charge. So what we do know is Brandon was under the legal drinking age on this night he's only nineteen years old right and we do know again it's not in question. If he had been drinking or not. The question was: how much had he been drinking right, regardless of how much all reports say that,
did consume some alcohol that night. So if he were concerned about maybe a d you, I check point on something like highway. Sixty eight or getting honour off of highway sixty eight by again this take highways. Sixty eight we have different roads, different highways, different interstates that you dont want to travel on, because urban notorious for just pull in people over,
Well, maybe that's the case here yeah. He wants a fly under the radar, so to speak. He wants to take a less direct, less populated route to get home. That's all we can assume by what we know that was going on that night. We can't say exactly what occurred between the time that Brandon left the party can be, and the next known contact with him reports are that during this time frame brand and try to contact two or three of his friends by phone, but he couldn't reach them so at one. Fifty four, a m, so this is technically now may fourteenth branding his parents. He told them. He got his car stuck in a ditch. He was ok, though this ditch was, as he said, on a gravel road just off of highway. Twenty three. This is the road that runs between land
the town where he went to the first party and martial where he lived according to Brandon. He was somewhere between marshal and lynde just off the highway. Now, as we said, it wouldn't make much sense for brandon to be between marshal and land if he were coming from a party and can be candy as a straight shot to mars, Down route, sixty eight land is out of the way and not along rule sixty eight at all, but we will if that Brandon was intending to take back roads, as the captain said, avoiding the I way and its possible. He could have been deliberately off of rule sixty eight now. You said that he dreaded call some of his friends to. We know this sex of those friends where they do so all male friends. Do we have any contact of female friends now in in hearers. Here's my actual belief here. As far as gender goes, I believe that its possible there
those phone calls were not made while he was traveling or before he chose his destination is home pardon me wonders if he got his vehicle stuck in that ditch bright. I'll try to call friends before calling me when dad in admitting hey. I got the car stock. You've been drinking a little bit, so there's that fear that they come to help you and at least smell something on your breath and then after having the dui, then the repercussions of that right, right and yeah. It could just be a whole bad situation for him. If he's able to get a hold of somebody else, instead he's an adult may be confined somewhere somebody to pick him up, at least while the location. This seems funny to me. That's why I wondered if there was any contact that he had with a a female that he was going to like meet up after the party yeah. I don't know what the what the nature of that call. Those the intent of those calls were right because he never connected with them.
I agree with you I'd, say it's kind of fair to say chances are he he got stuck in. This ditch called his friends for help before he called his parents, especially- and I don't want to hang on this too long captain but but keep in mind where he says that he is with the car stuck in the ditch. He says: he's he's near the town of and while he was at a party just earlier that night with high school bodies, so maybe thought it'd be easy very convenient for somebody near him to come in offer some type of assistance right. The me A major problem here is its out where he was where, wherever I believe that he was is not really even close to his actual location right, and this is where it gets confusing. For me, in this case,
as the claim is that Brandon knew his whereabouts and new these roads well yeah. Yes, he did it. He may have had some things working against him, though, if you look at a if you look at lying county minnesota on Google maps, first you'll see that its incredibly rural flat in the roads are almost laid out in a grid like pattern, so basically the farmland is but up in the squares by country, roads named things like one hundred fiftieth avenue, three hundredth street, for example- Basically everything looks the same. The crowd, clever names, the gather crops are high. There is, julie, nothing, delineating one area from the next and the street, and a names are all confusing cause. They're they're, just numbers ray the landscape is dotted with streams, ponds and lots of drainage ditches serving the
agricultural fields. Now, on the night of the thirteenth fourteenth, it was dark, the moon was only half full. We also have the situation of Branagh had been drinking and was possibly even fatigued at this late, our man he's blind in one eye. All this simply is to say that that brain it might have been confused about where he was, he left a party and then he called his parents at one. Fifty four, I am less bring into question that this could be evidence of how intoxicated he might have been and the thing, too, is having called his parents at one. Fifty four, a m in the interim, even though dont know what time he laughed we know it Brandon had not actually travelled nearly as far as he thought, or at least he didn't end up as far long in his journey as he thought so after this initial phone call at one fifty four a m,
both his parents, Brian in a net. They got in there pickup truck and they set out to find him brandon said he's going to wait in his car he's talking to them on the phone periodically to give them directions to where he believes he is, he told m. He was on the left side of the road just off of highway twenty three, his father Brian.
told cnn, that brandon quote was absolutely positive. He knew where he was and quote. It was only about ten minutes from the swans and home his parents drove to this area that he was describing, but they couldn't see him or his car after several interim phone calls in which every one was getting frustrated and brand and even hung up on them at some point, his mother called him back. This is it to seventeen. I am saying that they were sorry, but they just they just confined and they couldn't see. I could be wrong about this, but I heard at one point that were flashing their lights at him. Yes, this is this takes place from this phone call to seventeen august so when they couldn't find each other, his mother came up with the idea of let's flash are headlights. You know, what's this
flat area and there's not a lot of lights out there. So this might be something that your I will pick up on fairly quickly if it's taking place in this general area right right, so brandons parents, their flashing, their headlights over and over again turning them on and off on and off. Ran his mother says that not only does he say that he's doing the same thing, but she says it. She could hear the actual actuals the switch being flipped on flipped author of the phone. Through Thank you now, it's some of them will make a little click noise. Now. The problem with this is this: a great idea, but brandons he's in his car on the phone flipping the lights and saying: don't you see me and they couldn't see while again, how far away as he from where he's claiming he is he's he's actually quite far and will go through the the very detailed description of where they end up fine,
in his car, correct, yeah. So again, Brandon is getting frustrated and I'd be pissed health, I mean I mean flash in my life's. Don't you see me? No, I don't see anything. It's dark out here what I think, I think the whole reason why he's probably pissed is that he's giving them fairly detailed instructions on where he believes he is right. They go to where he's telling them. Go and there like look we're right here and he's probably you know how it is when you're nineteen you're, probably the phone gone. My parents are idiots. I told him where to find me right that I just want to get home it's late and they can't figure out how to find me, but, as it turns out he's nowhere near he's telling them too to find it
He also wonder hey as your flash in these lights. If they dont come, find me first. Does a police officer find me? So that's one you have that fear, because you have the that. Do you I in the past, but this this is where, because to me, appoints the two things one. It points to evidence that he's intoxicated because he's giving some aid directions to a place that he's not at, but then the parents would know if he sounded intoxicated or not, and they don't make any claims that say that he sounded hammered or anything right, and so, while you're trying these different tactics to locate one another first, which is giving simple directions now, we're both sitting
parked flashing lights on and off, trying to see each other in the distance. Now, that's not working so now, you're next strategy is going to be well. Maybe we could meet up at some type of landmark that we both believe that we can easily get too so now, brandons very frustrated with his parents. He comes up with the idea that he's going get out of the car and he's going to walk to lend now remember. Land is the town that he was out at one point the evening, and he says he could see lights from a town in the distance and he's going to walk in that direction. He believes that he seeing lights from the town of lent, he says: hey, let's go in. Let's meat in a parking lot of the linwood tat and this is a bar and lend meanwhile, his dad drove brandons mother home after dry, bring her off. He set back out to meet Brandon at the spot. The brandon suggested
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ever you find your favorite pod guest, Alright, we're back cheers mates, cheers cheers cheers captain sisko get more interesting from this point on Ok, well, you're, absolutely right about that, and the thing is here cap. Now, where we left off, we have a net brandons mother, Brian, his father drove her back home. The whole trying to find Brandon thing is not really working out. People are getting frustrated and we so have brandon who says, look icy lights in the distance, and I believe that the town of land meet me in the lynne, would tavern parking lot. So is there
it's driving defined him he's gonna call his son and get back on the phone with Brandon. This call started at two twenty three and brain, said he's walking along a gravel rode away from Marshall in the direction of Lynde. After a bit, Brandon tells his dad that he was leaving the gravel road to cut across the land because he said quote, it will be quicker than following. The road Brandon then told his dad that he had encountered to fence lies and he could hear running water near by shortly after that brand and said quote: oh shit and brandons dad says he heard a sound like something slipping then at three ten, a m the line went dead on brandons end brandons, dad attempted to call him
on back repeatedly calling five or six times, but while the phone rang before going to voicemail, no one ever picked up yeah. Now this is at another little sticky situation. Normally we have situations where you call phone rings rings rings, and that means that there still battery life left on the phone. It doesn't go straight voicemail so that something that you might wanna assume here, but with this model of phone with this early technology it- and it varies- so it's not as simple as well. It was ringing, so we believe his phone was still working. It could have been dead at this point or submerged and water or whatever. Yet- and I think that's a general misconception regarding these phones- is it
if it is ringing that it means that the phone is still alive, still active and then going to voice mail and at once the phone goes to voicemail immediately that the phone is dead. That may be. That may be the situation for certain phones for certain models right, but or maybe even a higher percentage of funds do that, but have had plenty of time for people try to common I'll, get a joke, it's like all you sent me straight to voicemail and I go send it straight to voicemail the phone didn't even ring. You know right or you know in this situation. We have expert opinion. experts who have weighed in on this so situation, so a kind of you to come and expert and say that look wit when you hear that ring that that's not indicative of activity on that action
found the aids is just a noise that you hear when you're calling, what's proven, that you have actively on urine correct, doesn't prove that they have activity on there and well said, might for it. So he calls brain is dad unable to find his son calls friends of brands for help they come out. They agree to drive along these country. Roads all around
rout twenty three between land and martial. Looking for Brandon frantically, there is no sign of Brandon and there is also no sign of his car. At six thirty m a net called the lion county sheriff's office and reported brandon missing. I. This is a bit of an uncomfortable part here for me captain, but look at it. It is certainly police protocol in regards to taking a missing persons report when we are talking about a missing adult, but I like the cases in the stories we tell here in the garage where someone jumps into action immediately. You know hey these people are concerned. We are going to see if we can help
fortunately, that was not the case in this in this story, seems like there is a little push back from police. The police pointed out that luck, and I agree with this statement. It's not unusual for a nineteen year old to not come home right and but one mile k, one officer even points out that it is the young man's right to be out that if he doesn't want to come home yeah, but the argument is pretty simple: the this young man was on the phone with his parents more help right and so and therefore that makes this situation immediately different than all those other possible situation This idea of how you know, there's many teen years, that don't come home yeah, but call in the middle of the night asking for help saying I'm walking around in the dark. I mean this is ridiculous and and they should be able to find his car pretty quickly and theirs.
Evidence that we have a situation see this. Is I mean it unfortunately unfortunate as really it's unfortunate for number of reasons but here's ears at the very least play along play. The game right you, you could send an officer out in a car to just do while driving around and you chalk up to. rolling the area anyway, which serve and protect which are supposed to be doing anyway. Why not descend a car to this general area where this concern? and father saying they're, young man, son in nineteen years old is wandering around in the dark was absolutely pathetic because I guess at the servant protect and these these are tax payers, good in bondage, Mandy in there just asking you to look into their missing sun and, like you said, to send out a cruiser. to say: hey look were sending out a cruiser. Well, let's see what we can do and here's the thing. If you end up finding the kid
the hero of the day, man you're the hero of the day. So what ends up happening, though? Captain is the swan, since they are obviously convinced that something bad has happened to their son. I'm not really certain how, but it seems that they were able to push the sheriff enough to actually get them involved. So the sheriffs deputies join in on the search and a county wide request was made to expand the search area for the young man now in a brilliant move. This is where I do give some credit. The sheriff quickly obtain the cell phone right it's for brandons foam and what those records showed changed. Everything brandons phone, the last activity on his phone cause, the phone to ping on a cell phone tower It was nowhere near where he told his father. Then he was so
random thought he was near lynde saying he would meet him in the parking lot of the Linwood tavern. So, instead of lend his phone hit off of a tower twenty miles away in the town of many ota. So now they need to go search. This the area that was covered by that sell tower sure enough. It is during this search at twelve thirty p m on the fourteenth of may. The officers found brandons chevy alumina in a ditch off a gravel road, as he describe it to his parents. This is several miles from. Can be where branded started off. and twenty five miles from lindh. The car was in a ditch, alongside a minimum maintenance, rode off of lyon, lincoln county road, which runs north to south and separates the two counties just west of tom and east,
port if you're looking for this location on a map, it's about a mile and a half north of the intersection of Lyon, in county road and highway sixty eight, so so your same brandons about twenty five minutes away from where he claimed to be correct, and this is where it does. This is where the case gets meets again, but this is where it makes absolutely no sense or you're right, because the claim is that this kid notes his way around these roads, that he knows the directions round there and- and that's not always a claim that that our fathers would make about their sons when it comes to driving, ripe and they're making these claims that he knows these roads in hidden. He knows his whereabouts
And its twenty five minutes away from where he said he was at that's bizarre, so there I mean they're, so many things bizarre about where he he ended up, I mean ice. I was sitting there the other night and I thought it took to put together the description of where everything is and where he ends up where he thinks he is. I mean your left there sitting looking at a map going. This just doesn't make any sense and he's not that far away from the party he's much closer to the party, then where he was supposed to end up at his pipe
its house, so I mean basically if you take if you take, can be and draw a diagonal line on a piece of paper south east to marshal it be a straight shot right right, south of that south of martial, where he lived, where he's trying to get too is lynde. So he goes way. He believes that he is mere marshall near land. Which is technically out of the way, but where he ends up is somewhere along that diagonal line? Basically, he's he's north of land in many oda, which is much closer to can be an vary in twenty twenty five minutes away from marshal and land. What seems like you know somehow, yes, confused and gets on on a road that he thinks is from.
Yeah but is not correct. Well in that's where I think the trouble lies with this case is, I think you could be pretty sober and get and around. Even if you do know the area fairly well, because again everything kind of looks this. Same. The roads are all just basically numbers when I I also question are any of these phone calls that he's making to his friends look we've. We can assume that he's not calling anybody until the car he he fears often goes in the ditch right, but I'm telling you it was a a bat. habit. I would get on the road when I'm playing gigs and every time I was on the damn phone I'd miss an exit and ngos. Always an exit than I that I knew from I familiar with, and I be, Ah again, you know, so that's why I also wonder: was he talking
somebody on the phone where, just by being on that phone, he gets on the wrong road and then he you know travels. I think it would have been incredibly easy to make a wrong turn right and but but what that's not so hard to believe. What's really hard to believe is dead, he he could really hasn't travelled much of a distance and in he hasn't travelled as far as he believes that he is true. hold. So then you start the wanderer necessarily and these wise, because he could have been head in one direction and then once he makes the wrong turn or arbour or we get confused. He could actually been heading back the other directs know, and that's what I mean when we don't know he he could have been dry,
for as long as he anticipated right right then, that's where I think the problem lies, and I think that that might be where I think that might be why he thinks he was Was where he thought he was, which is a weird statement to say, but he knows really how long of a drive it would be from can be to marshal or can be to land, and I thank you, probably drove around about that amount of time and says. Well, that's where I must be brief is land. Where, as you pointed out- and I think what's probably correct here- is that he's made several wrong and turned around a couple times tried to correct himself and ultimately It's just getting more and more lost more and more confused about where he, where he is actually located. Right and again, this becomes a issue because we don't know how intoxicated he is or, like you said, just you know, being exhausted,
right, we don't know so lincoln county sheriff jack. The zeki offered a description of brandons car. He said the car was found on the lincoln county side of the county line quote it was off the side of a field approach in the vehicle was hung up. It's sort of a sharp incline, nothing major, but enough that the car would get hung up, so the wheels are too high off the ground to get any traction. End quote: brandons car, While a mobilized was technically fine but others operating just fine. There was no real damage to it and this is further backed up by brandons mother and that right there is no evidence that he had been heard in this incident and furthermore, he tells his parents he's fine from the incident.
And there was no evidence that any one else was involved in the accident as well right, so basically saying that we don't think he hit his head or anything and that he was conscious of what was from my understanding brand and told his parents. This accident happened as he was trying to turn off of an unpaid road. If you, if you want to try to picture the scenario, basically
It's like he he's trying to turn around in the middle of the road and maybe go the opposite direction right an because these are country roads. That of the typically are not wide lanes. He got hung up in in the ditch him when they say hung up. They just mean that the the tyres are not touching the ground. Therefore, you cannot move the car. It was. We ve had another case that was very similar to this vehicle type situation. I think it was a regatta maitland right where the car was work, just fine and that's what confuse people so much, but but if, if those, if the tyres that move when you hit the accelerator, do not touch the ground, your car doesn't move no tracks, that's right. Furthermore, many reports
say that nothing else unusual was found at the actual site. However, one very important source did we will get into later and we ve already touched upon, says the car doors were found open if that, True to me, captain that would be incredibly strange in any event sheriff the zackie said the officers could not determine which direction brandon was heading after he left the vehicle which direction he was heading on foot He says quote: there's grass in the ditch and gravel on the road. So it is possible to leave that vehicle and not leave any tracks One thing the sheriff fail to mention was an unfortunate coincidence. The road
We're grated on the morning of may fourteenth before the vehicle was actually found and located by deputies, this destroying any possible footprint or other evidence that they may have found on the gravel roads. Let's It's just the scene where the car was found. We know there were no prints of use in that one source indicates that the doors were open. The keys were gone. There was nothing unusual found in near or on the vehicle. We have seen a few reports that a pipe was found in the car. To be perfectly clear, there is no indication of what kind of pipe right could be a tobacco pipe. It could be a marijuana. Pipe crack pipe could be a lead pipe. I have no idea, but the I I think the general idea here is if, in fact, the pipe was found in the vehicle
then it's possible brandon could have been high before he set off on foot that night right, I don't know captain in. In my opinion. I want to throw this out there. I feel, like the the pipe being found in the car might just be some bad information. Yes, and I and I say that, because there is one newspaper article that references this pipe, but they give no indication of what it was used for, what kind of pipe it was and then, where I see other reports that they contain, they say that there was a pipe in the car, They appear to me to be reports and articles that were written using that first article right uma. You know what I mean like a bad information that people were passing on as a rumour- that's all I got tells me also could be a small little pipe mean. I worked at a hardware store. Some eight karen around a little pisa lead pipe. You know as protection so that something to the thing that I
It's gone now now that we're on this a smoke in the pipe right and the whole intoxicated level one of the things that has really got me about this cases. Yes, we know that he was at these two parties hanging out with his friends and, yes, they say. Well We think it was drinking at the first one and I might have been drink it on a second. What we don't know how much we know that he had a shot of jack Daniels. What I wonder was: was there any smoking of of we'd? Was there any usage of like mushrooms yeoman sounded like a really old person ever? I was not if the wii, I almost said smoking, the weed boy you high and the weed he was out there, smoking the weed, and so because I am just trying to think of my friends early days of college. If something happened to one of our buddies, we'd probably start
with? Yes, we were drinking if it was one of the days that were experimenting with firms, I dont think we would have told the parents that we were experimenting with from right. But I think I get where you're going with this yeah. I think what you're trying to say is as time passes and as the concern for your friend, who is lost and continues to be lost. Are you say at some point, you you just want more, maybe maybe be a little more upfront about something. I think he would so. I think so. I think we would hear rumors about that, and I would just don't hear rumors about that right and and of course,. Marijuana drinking. All of that is total.
believable, because that's very common at the age of nineteen o early college, just at a high school, very common, so it's totally believable. But to me it feels like if this suspicion was strong enough for that that this suspicion would have stood the test of time and in it really has not, because what you have here in this case, as you have Brian Swanton, brandons, father brain who has said for eleven years now that he does not believe that his son was in any way incapacitated that evening saying that brandon sounded totally normal, lucid and coherent on the phone brain. There's a so much evidence against that. I mean one the young he has to call for help
because of his car, like you said turning around on a country road does, I think, that's evidence that there's an impairment there. The fact that you, if it's true, that they found two doors open that doesn't make a lot of sense to me it shows an sign of impairment. The fact that he doesn't know where he's at sign of impairment of the fact that and then he claims, where he's going to start walking toward towards again and another sign of impairment, so young, I'm glad that is young, No, I I don't I'm not saying that his father's a liar, I'm just saying that there's a lot of evidence against the fact that he you know that he was completely coherent. Well,
I mean he, he wouldn't be alive liar if he believed what he sang and meaning you know Brian swans, and it does not believe that his son could basically saying look. I was on the phone with him for forty seven minutes. It wasn't a two minute phone call. Wasn't a five minute found wherever he saying. I don't think my son could fake it through a very lengthy phone call known. I agree with that and brain its friends have not said that he was drunk or high, although if they were like you said under age, or they were doing illegal activities, they might not admit to this especially right away. We know that there have been there was quite of of a bit of time unaccounted for. It seems to be that way, depending on which timeline you follow for that evening, brain. But one thing that I find it's that super interesting is. The police. Investigators have also said repeatedly that the
I do not believe brandon was impaired that evening now, of course, it's totally unclear on how they would know this or how they were able to come to this conclusion: Right in the impairment doesn't have to be drugs, it can again be an exhaustion. You know, exhaustion it right and in the the police coming to this conclusion may just be because all of his friends and his dad says that he wasn't. You know intoxicated basically, and all reports are telling us he was. He was sober kind of thing yeah, but what does seem clear? to me more so than if he was impaired or intoxicated anyway. It's one hundred percent that Brandon was very very confused about where he was that
while the other evidence that he possibly was imperative that he's taken these back roads and instead of taking the more travelled you know well lit roads. You taken back roads that that that's another sign to me and I'm not saying that he's. I drove to the point where he can't walk. I'm just saying that maybe he's buzzed enough where can't get his car unstuck leaves the door open. Doesn't knows, I grew, whereas that has to take the back roads right, but I think I think a big problem with this case is in there some debate and I dont know having you know. I don't live in this area or never visit this area. There is some debate on line about how well the roads he would have been travelling were actually marked if they were even marked at the time in two thousand and eight
again, if, if the farms look the same, the farmland looks the same: the streets and roads. Look the same. You know I I I don't. I don't know that it we got much value out of debating if he was impaired or not, but I can see it a situation where somebody would be maybe even sober as a judge and perfectly fine and still get turned around in this situation. Now he's he's in the end, what we you know is he's twenty miles from where he thought he was and the lights that he could see. Remember he thinks that they're coming from the town of Lynde, they are not when we know that from where his vehicles for now you said that they had his phone right. Words, they got the phone records pretty quickly, but do we know I mean it was two thousand and eight so did they have any texts, myths, any text, messages and any records of that. I looked.
His phone and I actually thought that it was another phone before I looked it up. I thought it was like the the razor member that motorola had like a silver razor flip type phone yeah, that's a phone that I thought it was when I, when I looked up the phone online ec, it showed me clearly a different model, but what I can say from what I can view regarding that phone as it did have texting. I believe it to have texting capabilities right if his regarding what kind of service he had might play into that somehow remember right, remember! Back in the day it wasn't like, like today's I'd, get it here. sign up for a plan in their like. Well, you get everything you know back, then it was quite different. So I'm
I can't remember exactly when the change had the days when you'd have to like monitor your how much you text well yeah that, but also like you'd, also text by like you'd, have to hit. You know three a couple of times for sea. You know In judging by the the picture, the image I solve, the phones it they were brought up in my google search he he very likely would have been if he was texting. It would have been that deal where your light tap. The number one three times for the letter, sea or type of thing right
and again it might have been a new enough time, two thousand and eight where, where the text was fine, I dont have any detailed reports regarding his his phone logs for that night. But what what I? What I believe to be a fair statement to say about his phone log would be that nothing. There doesn't seem to be anything that that is outstanding as weird. Or unusual, because we would have that information. You know we would wish that would be included in the narrative of this story. The that they're, not only did was the strange situation of he's on the actual phone I mean in that
The way that this story plays out in the way that it's told on the internet and told from person to person is brandon is on the phone at the time that he vanishes, which is so incredibly weird. We've had so many other cases that we've covered, that there are there's a strange phone call, than a missing persons case, but to be actually on the phone with one's father win, win its believe that he went missing yummy. This is, and it's weird took his cup brandon Swanton, and then you have the Brandon lawson case, which is, I am similar. Yeah both involve phone call strange phone calls to family members. Both brandon's yeah. So it's it's one of those situations where I see what you're getting at and I wish we knew that information. I think that the reason why it's not reported is that it may just have no real bearing on the case. It may be, in fact exactly, as we just said,
they're from the call records we know that he tried. He attempted to call a couple friends. We know that he called his parents when his parents say that is on the phone with them and we know that his father tried to call his phone several times after after the cargoes dead on brandons. It
There is so much more to get too in this incredibly fascinating case of missing person, Brandon swans and still left captain. We have the search for Brandon. We have the theories about what could have happened to him, plus our thoughts and the conclusion. Only one episode this week due to the holiday. If you need more garage download this teacher app and check out all of our old shows, and also we have a weekly bonus, show on sticker premium called off the record. There is now over seventy episodes available so check that out and make sure you gotta true crime garage
calm and leave us your theories and thoughts on the Brandon and swanton case, and then till next week everybody be good de keyser. Don't.
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