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Brandy Hall /// Part 1 /// 729

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Brandy Hall /// Part 1 /// 729 

Part 1 of 3 


This week we tell the story of a young mother who vanished.  On August 17th, 2006, 32 year old Brandy Hall was working the night shift at the Malabar fire station. Just before 11PM, Brandy told her coworkers that she was going home.  Her husband says she never showed up.  She has been gone ever since.  Foul play is suspected.  Where is Brandy? 

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consumer cellular when freedom calls we're here to answer, call us at one eight, eight, eight freedom. the welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you're doing, thanks for listening I'll, be your host naked with me, as always, is a man who wants to breathe that fire again, ladies
gentlemen here is the key yeah yeah yeah, it's good to be seen and good to see you thanks for listening. Thanks for town of france, This week we are very excited to be featuring fire station number four by the good folks down it. House of motor brewing company and beautiful. My dolphins, florida fire station. Before is an american logger. Crafted for the one hundredth anniversary of fire station number four describe as american light logger, but it's a baby is four point: five percent the garage grade, four out of five bottle caps, and let's give some thanks embrace who are friends. They help us fill up. The old garage fridge this week. First up the shadow to come, and prince William county virginia
and, last but not least, we have a double fisted cheers that goes out to the first responders in spring ill florida. Thank you we're going to true crime, garage dot com and clicking on the pint glass which helped us out with this week's beer run be doubly the boy. Are you in beer run if you'd like to make a donation to stood a true crime, grads dot com and click on the beer, one, and why you're there sign for the mailing list and colonel that's enough in the news or I never been gathered round, grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime the
the it can be pretty difficult to simply disappear, but what? If someone really wanted you to? Maybe for them? You are a problem, a big problem and, at the end of the day, isn't that what we all want for our problems to just simply go away. This week we tell the story of a young mother who vanished on august, seventeenth, two thousand and six thirty- two year old brandy hall was, working the night shift at the malabar fire station
Just before eleven p m brandy told her coworkers then she was going home, her husband, says she never showed up. She has never been seen since the last images of brandy start at ten thirty, two p m from surveillance cameras at the fire station. In the footage we can see brandy, prepare to leave the station. She enters the common area of the fire house. There are three firefighters sitting on couches. One walking with a bag and another standing by the door, brandy wearing a white long sleeved pull over engages the fire fighter by the door for a few moments. She then walks through.
the next room alone on her way out to her truck, and then the final image captures the tale lights. A brandy, dark green to them and into chevy silverado pickup truck slowly leaving the stations camera frame at ten fifty p m. The images are chill because well, that's it she's gone this Sure crime garage- and this is the missing persons case- a brandy hall
This week we are going out to a place called malabar ford. Malabar is a picturesque town brimming with natural beauty. Nestled on the eastern coast of the sun shines
Wait malabar offers residents and visitors alike a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. This idyllic town boasts a unique blend of residential neighborhoods parks and a quaint downtown area. Creating a welcoming atmosphere for all malabar is a small town with a rural feel to it. It's only about thirteen square miles, of which two point six square miles are water, and only about three thousand people live there. There are hiking trails parks, lots of open spaces and no tall buildings to speak of it's one of the few places left in brevard county that still has some dirt roads
The town has a volunteer fire department, but no police station of its own. The day that brandy hall disappeared was a warm and muggy day with humidity topping out at eighty four percent. The temperatures reached eighty nine degrees they had dropped down to about seventy five degrees when brandy disappear, we're now. We also need to talk about a nearby place called palm bay, so you're going to hear a lot of us bouncing back and forth between malabar florida and palm bay florida, which is pretty much next door to malabar but to the west, and before we get into this week's mystery. I want to give a couple of shout outs here. First, to florida, today, dot com and to news columnist and investigative journalist, John Torres he's a reporter who has doggedly followed this brandy hall case and worked very closely
with some retired detectives, and he covered this story extensively in season three of the murder on the space coast podcast. He did a fantastic job and I like to cite the sore. Early in the show here captain, especially when we have a situation like this week. Such great work was done here, gangbusters work, as I like to say, and so we need to give. Long, distance, high five and shout out to John torres now. The people involved in this Yes, there are gonna, be a lot of people, as we typically see in these cases. There are going to be on the peripheral. However, there are several people that are at the very centre of this case. First off, of course, we have are victim. Brandy, hall she's a devoted mother of two. She is a victim of a mysterious disappearance. Now keep in mind she disappears. This is leaving her two small children
both of them ages. Ten and under at the time of her disappearance, she was holding a position as a fire fighter at the malabar fire department at the time that she went missing. Brandy, skill set defined traditional norms. According to her husband, she embodied the essence of a country girl and, in fact, growing up. captain her nickname, and this was a nickname that she was rather fond of was redneck an of her friends and would say that she did the stuff tat. The boys did ass. She could do the stuff tat. The boys did a lot of times much better. Then they did writing a T. V is getting in the bud getting dirty. She liked to work. Do construction things of that nature, so that gives a little bit of background about the individual that we are going to be focusing on for this week's case. She was also as an adult into welding.
Fishing hunting and sharp shooting. Now brandy story is intertwined with elements of intrigue and controversy. She was as married to a former fire chief who had a tarnished record. She and her has been seem to have been entangled in drug related troubles and we'll get into the specifics of that. As we go through our time line here today. Simultaneously, she is in a long standing extramarital affair with a married man. So this further complicates our case. Despite this complexity, brandy garnered widespread respect with in the fire fighting community. Her peers agree that she excelled as a fire fighter and she was quick, witted and reliable. Someone who could all
please be counted on in times of need. Normally, when a woman, a mother, a wife, goes missing, the first suspect that law enforcement needs to look at and needs to question. To get answers is the husband Jeff hall, Jeff hall. In brandy, they met their paths, crossed working for a fire department. Ok, while they were both volunteering now Jeff hall, who is he well he's not just brandy halls husband? He is, or was a once distinguished fire fighter from the ocean Allah county fire department. Now his journey in the fire service began at an astonishing lee young age. As he joined the fire department reserve
team in orange county at age. Fourteen by nineteen. Eighty three, he a transition to a full time role as a saint cloud. Firefighter an achievement underscored by his rapid assent to the esteem position of fire chief within a mere aid commanding an annual salary of about fifty five thousand dollars. Now. Ninety ninety three Jeff further solidified his legacy by becoming the youngest individual in the county history to assume the role of head,
Public safety, notably he was the inaugural person to concurrently hold the positions of head of emergency management and fire chief, so he's he's playing both of these roles. At the same time, with an already impressive track record Jeff was on the cusp of obtaining the zenith of his career when fate brought him into brandy life. Now we will see- and we discuss briefly- that jeff halls going to find himself into troubles and again we will get into that in our time line now. Randal rich men is another person that we will be discussing at length the day because he is the long I'm boyfriend of brandy hall, and it sounds. I can't they may have been see each other for nearly ten years slick afflicted, leading up to brandy, disappearance. This is according to bring these friends and other firefighters and
the two were referred to by some as brand. All you know, pudding The two names together, lame randal was the last person believed to have spoken with brandy, interestingly here, actually denied. Having spoken to or seeing brandy for the past couple of weeks hit. The timeline here is such as it always is especially in a missing persons cases, but the the movements of this. Randal rich men are very curious to say the least, keep in mind he's married. both brandy hall as we discussed she's married Jeff hall, and randal richmond is married to anne Marie richmond made
when you have a fair happening, nobody knows about the fair, except for the two people that are in the entanglement. But this one not the case seemed like almost everybody knew about the affair, not only the two involved, but both individuals partners knew about the affair as well. That's what's very interesting in this case in a really hard to decipher, having not been directly involved in the city. nation is who knew what and what exactly did they now, and it sounds to me that there is a little bit: obey inside Suicide type of invite, and going on, maybe in some of these smaller fire departments down in this field. Area at this time. These two
might not be the only two that were falling around or running around on their spouse, which makes the case that much more convoluted and very cloudy, and we have no evidence for or against the idea that any of these The vigils were having multiple affairs, rumour of such, but the thing seems to be here, then? Is that Jeff hall? I can't see that he fully one hundred percent knew of the affair. It sounds to me like he. He wasn't completely dumb to it. The same thing could be add for anne Marie richmond. It sounds like she had her suspicions, but maybe not was unable to confirm those suspicions. But again we're gonna get into all the details of that stuff. Now we need it. Now here, though, the anne Marie rattles wife, she is working at the palm bay hospital
she will play a key role in this time line as well, which we're gonna jump two right now, so this time line the reason why we give a shot out to florida today, dot com is, a portion of that is taken from Florida today, dot, com and weave filled in some of the blanks added to the gaps in and a lot of detail where needed in Even some other stops here on the timely. Let's go way back captain to nineteen. Ninety three so it will be when brandy and Jeff her would be husband when they first met So he's a fire fighter, slash paramedic and she, he is a volunteer for the see all county where they run calls into rural areas of a place cod hollow pile. The pair would marry
when brandy was only nineteen years old and Jeff is thirty years of age. At this time and Toby of ninety ninety four palm bay, five, apartment, hires, brandy hall. As a fire fighter in medical technician, she had apply to several fired apartments. In may of nineteen, eighty four and then his later high. By palm bay on October tenth of that same year, she starts off with a salary of just under twenty thousand dollars. Now, by all accounts in this is to put it pretty lightly, she loves it. She loves the job. This is. This is like green job right. We see a person whose volunteering their time to go into a career that they have always dreamt of being a member of this career path, so
she loves it. Her family says she loves at her. Mom says that her passion was being a firefighter we're gonna fast forward six years to April of two thousand. This is when bring He receives a really cool promotion, she's promoted to driver engineer. She obtains certification as a paramedic and we should note too, that brandy is only one of four female firefighters employed by the city at that time July. Second of two thousand and five brandy halls, husband, Jeff ha former osceola, counting fire chief He is arrested in charge with trafficking marijuana so to fill in the blanks here, a little bit captain. As we said, Jeff is eleven years older than brandy and so
While he started his fire fighter career at a young age volunteering at a young age of fourteen and roasted the ranks rather quickly, and it sounds like deservedly so. It sounds like this. Man was well liked, hard working, very smart, very good at being a finer he rises to the ranks of county fire chief and then he retires. Well, him in a body decide that you know what would be exciting. And what would be really cool? We can make a whole lot of money and have this exciting lifestyle. His buddies name is Paul Hirsch. They decide to go into business, together, but what businesses they going go into together. That would be the drug business where go into the illegal drug business lawyer, so his family had this extra thirteen acres and they thought
while we could grow some marijuana, I I don't know how much they were trying to become rich off this or if it was just something that they were going to try to make a few extra bucks, so you're exactly captain because the stories don't they vary greatly in the situation. You have some stories where Jeff and his body Paul are saying this was pretty small operation. This was really kind of just a casual thing that a couple buddies we're doing. We got a few seeds from the high times magazine aside that we wanted to start cultivating marrow. Plants. And then there's other people that say not so fast mister, because you had this large property for which you had a facility you put in all of these resources to set up our
other large grow operation yeah when law enforcement was hitting them. With these charges, law enforcement was saying hey. This is a extensive operation. This is you know, kind of complex, but again is there's two sides of that coin. Right exactly and in one part of that coin says, law enforcement, saying that this is like a an operation where these two stood to make about a million or so dollars off of their crop, and that would just be one season, if they could get away with that, they could do it season after season now jack off to his credit and I want to be clear here to these these two into jobs are not like some real low level, low life dirty drug users, small time dealers right
This sounds much more to me like guys. They had made it in this world and had some extra cash has some extra space and I'm not trying to defend too much, because it was incredibly illegal at the time to be doing what they were doing but Jeff says, look kind of just got caught up in this like it started off as some casual and recreational, and then I can got excited by the idea of living, a different I've style, making a bunch of money which back up the truck a little bit. Jeff the brakes on on wanting to be whatever it is you're gonna, be you got a wife and two kids yeah and not to defend them, but thereS. Many professions that society relies on fire fighters being one underpaid teachers under pain, nurses underpaid, so
you can see the lord there and because he's in a small community, a lot of these firefighters are connected to law enforcement and, and maybe they've heard about other people doing mrs dealings and they thought bomb or we can get away with it. So I'm gonna to be that big of operation and one thing we're going to see you wanna talk about firefighters being connected to something one thing: we're going to see in this case time and time again, Lot of our fire fighters are tied to construction in this case, and I think that's a lot of Jeff's background as well. So, regardless in July, two thousand and five once well respected fire chief Jeff hall, he's arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana possession with intent to sell plus manufacturing a hallucinogen a few days.
Brady hall, then surrenders to police on drug charges connected with her husband's marijuana operation there. to me, is a little cloudy. I don't have full understanding of the situation. My guess here is captain is that it was no secret to brandy what her husband was doing and what he was up to her level involved of involvement seems a little dicey to me to try to sort out, but what we do is she is charge and wanted by police. In relief into the charges against her husband. She then turns herself in two, black year. The situation becomes cloudy with a side of meatballs again to say the coin love man saying she had to know what was going on, she was more involved than she claims. She is
and then her story is basically I don't know anything about this. So again, two sides that coin, whether she knew everything or didn't know anything at all. What this is going to lead to is at the end of that same year, two thousand I've. She's gonna lose that job that she love so much so she Lou is her city of palm bay fire fighting job. Ok, this will require her. It doesn't technically require her, but she once so badly to stay in the feed Old of fire fighting that that's her dream, job, her dream career and she just lost that because of this arrest because of her ties and her husband's drug operation that he was attempting to do, but because she sustained in fire fighting, there's a certain level training. There is a certain level
of involvement that you want to keep. If you want to continue that career, so harry smartly. She decides you know I will go to malabar fire department. They have a volunteer, apartment there. I'm gonna go there and volunteer, so I can continue my training. I continue. It can continue working as a fire fighter and maybe once all this mess gets cleared up, I can then resume my career as a paid firefighter with a neighbouring sitting, the. The ever meet someone who seems kind of off weather maybe neighbour or random phone number. That keeps calling you truth finder as you covered, you can search for people buy name, address phone number, email and more truth finder.
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all right. We are back. You filthy animals, cheers to everybody in the front and everybody in the back. It's right pour me one. Captain slackened cheers everybody in between yeah give you a pint. My friend right so, where we left off brandy had recently lost her job now, she's volunteering for thee, malabar, fired apartment. Remember these two locations are practically right next door to one another palm bay as much bigger and malabar as we said at the time, would be a population of about three thousand people, while this really sucks for her, because if she did not know about the dealings of her husband, the miss dealings or whatever you want to call them. She is facing consequences for somebody else's actions. Can I throw in just some pure speculation here?
I have nothing to back very little to back this up again, I'm very uncertain to what her involvement was in. frankly exactly what she was charged with, but we do or charges stem from ties to this air quotes drug operation, and that may just be the simple fact that all her husband's run in this there's no way she didn't know. Maybe we just charger brandy is very involved in construction, and you will see this a lot of times because of the schedule that fire fighters typically work a lot of them will have a part time job or some other gig that they do to add two extra income why that's why? In this case, you see firefighters so connected to construction workers, because when you're off hey here's a job You can do part time and their happy to have the extra help and there's no way that he's listening to
so if somebody out there here's this, I'm given us out to one of my favorite bartenders of all time, disco dean wherever you are cheers to you, my friend disk Dean? That's the nickname I gave him is a great guy. He was a fight fighter with Columbus, greg Bad nickname for many many years any bar tended, I believe, just one day a week at one of my favorite establishments, ass, a great guy shot out to him, but that's just one example of a fire fighters who grabbed the part time jobs or they work and have their own small businesses that they can run on their days off, because a typically you'll work went on to off my understanding, because you're one on is twenty four hour shift right, brain he's very involved in construction. So my speculation here captain is: did they have any proof that she helped to build?
up this land or the area where they worked. Attempting to run this, this grow operation. Out of yeah, I'm guessing that they have some phone records and then they have not just phone records but tax records as well. So it could be a slammed on case. As far as she had some text message between friends or somebody, and they they know a hundred percent that she was involved, but that that information has never and made public now here. Captain is where we get into some soap opera, real housewives of now, bar florida types prison on this. The juicy details, as some people to see juicy. So this is gonna, be february of two thousand and six now by this I'm I'm a little uncertain as to win the affair starts, but, as I said, the people that new brandy best seem too
all agree that the affair with randal richmond had been going on for years, leading up to her disappearance. So by this point the affair seems to be in forego ten years. There are rumours about a heated exchange that took place out in a very public setting, so the rumours are there, randy hall and an marie's husband richard those rumor that are going on about the two. Evolved. This leads to a heated exchange between the two women at the grant see food festival. It was reportedly ugly and caught and in view of a lot of people and a lot of people's attention, sober lord say that it started when brandy asked randal, hey Why are you wearing your wedding ring? He asked brain. To lower her voice, and brandy just got LAO
her and louder until randalls, wife, Anne Marie she hears what's goin on? she comes over and then there's in alternation between the two women again. This was at the grant, see food festival february of two thousand and six as he I heard it different. I heard it was that bring the asked the wife. Why are you wearing your wedding ring? Because I can have your heart Ben whenever I want to oh, so no one once did You don't want to be confronted with that at the sea from festive knows you mentioned earlier. How much did this? an and remember he was brandy's boss at one time correct how much Did his wife know about this affair? I think she knew all about. It obviously when brand goes missing and law enforcement is shown up your d.
We're goin, hey what we want to know brandy that and by the way you are the last person to talk to her. He was. I'm playing everything of course, he's gone. And lay everything, because you probably told his wife model times- done and over with, were not or not a thing anymore. Well and what's weird too, is the randal. Rich men is often referred to as a friend of Jeff halls. Now what my speculation is captain, what a friend they they were probably one time friends and as we discussed a fire fighters schedule brandy worked for randall, rich men. They do money for hours on their over nights together, you know in the there seems to be. You know, we know with brandy and randal, there's a lot going on there, but there's also rumours of
This isn't the only affair. That's ever happened, firehouse right in and look I'm just gonna play some devils advocate here because, Is it possible that brain these husband went she's have in this affair, and I know she's having it or maybe it's on again off again, maybe he's not very sure of it, but the would give somebody reason to go. Hey got these thirteen acres and just going to grow little pot make low money on the side, and I don't need it I'll her about it cause their stuff in her life that she hasn't told me about. So this is a very messy situation. Its jus siege, part of me wonders cat, and is this like a mid life crisis situation for Jeff all recently retired me? late at night. Second down a couple: budweiser sees catches in episode, who of weeds on show time and decides in our second cousin, cold war. That looks like final startup, little a little marijuana operate,
yeah, or maybe he is a big fan of breaking bad or something so, let's get into the day in should and there's going to be a lot of moving parts and pieces here so pay attention. Folks. This is thursday august seventeenth, two thousand and six and, as we already said, this is going to be a hot and humid day pictures reaching about eighty nine degrees by the time the brandy
It missing, or his last seen, it's gonna be about seventy five, seventy six degrees. So we'll start off it, the nine p m our now we have randal richmond at this time. In our time he is the palm bay fire capped at nine p m. He calls Jeff hall now. Why would he call Jeff hall he's having a fair which falls? What he calls Jeff hall because, again there's it said that they were friends: Jeff hall is due in court. the following day, yeah not to determine if he is innocent or guilty of the drug grow operation charges or not. No, he is due in court to be sentenced. They are going to decide how long he should be in prison for the
charges on just a clear this up, so he was on trial than he was released and now he is facing his sentence and so by this time, Jeff halls already pledged guilty to the charge And the following day he's going to be sentenced. Randal richmond calls Jeff at nine p m this to lend him support, so Jeff considered randal richmond, a friend an randal is telling Jeff, hey I'll, be there tomorrow at your sentencing, hearing what they have as a bunch of character. Witnesses right, bunch of people are gonna, come foreign, say Jeff halls, good guy, I've known him for x amount of years. Yes, he he did this one bad thing he did. So stupid, but otherwise has let lived in led a productive life. He's a he's, a good citizen, a good civilian, a member of the communities
so- and so you know we see this in every case that we cover that goes to court. There will be people that come forward to say either a you know, victim impact statement, this guy's complete trash or be. This is a good guy, maybe The court can being lenient on this day is either trash or clerk. Randalls calling Jeff in saying, hey I'll, be there to morrow your sentencing, to tell everybody the good stuff that, done, and now we're gonna go forty five minutes later to nine forty five. This is when brandy calls home to speak with Jeff and her children. This is to say good night, She tells Jeff on this phone call that she will see him in the morning and the ship, We too will be at the sentencing hearing. He says it, they say I love you and this captain from my understanding is something that brandy.
All regularly did so she works the night shift. Jeff is at home with their two young kids. It was very calm and if not every night that she worked because she works overnight. she works. The third chef right this she would call home talk to Jeff briefly get the kids on the phone. Tell them good night. They would their prayers together and then its bedtime. So this is something she did darn near every night. Now, just after ten p m, brandy hall is last seen. We talked about this in the trailer it's at ten. Thirty, two that she said in preparing to leave the fire station. Yes, in this on video footage. So we're not getting this right this. This absolutely happened, so this is roughly
This is roughly one hour after calling home talking to Jeff and the kids, so brandy decisive, leave the fire station surveillance footage, those her milling around in the common area of the fire house? This is at ten thirty, two p m, then at ten fifty p m, another camera picks up her truck as it leaves the fire house parking lot phone records indicate brandy is using her next tell phone. So why is that orton? She actually has to cell phones. One is an eighty anti phone and one is a next telephone which the next cell phones, if it people. Remember back then. Was a combination of a mobile phone and a walkie talkie yeah and correct me. If I'm wrong I'm guessing one is work related, and one is personal that I don't know. The thing here is she's a volunteer right. So I
don't know the status of those two cell phones. They may both be hers bright and again. The next telephones back then had that walkie talkie feature which for first responders and in I know this from working security back then insecurity operations we use those next. How phoned walkie talkie feature all the time, Because what was so cool about it was, let's say I got a supervisor or somebody we have an emergency and somebody I need to get a hold of is on vacation or at their home. You know, I worked third shift, second chauffeur shift, so you would second shift and thirty you may need somebody that is likely not they're, not working at that time. And I remember one emergency that we had. It was really cool. I could hit a button, dial, anything or another hit a button, and it would. It would be
the individual needed to get hold of, and in that case the individual was several states away. And within a second I hear be back, and I am now walkie talkie feature talking to that individual. So she he is using her next hell phone at this time at ten fifty she's using this next I'll phone to call her cell phone voicemail She's checking her own messages, while she's leaving the station state makes sense seems like a common practice right from their its believed that she went to the sonoco gas station. She filled up her pickup truck with diesel fuel, and then she makes another call. So after leaving the fire station.
and the this is based off a phone records. So this is not in question. These are things that we absolutely no happen by the problem. Is we don't know what the conversations were? We don't know what the words were. We don't know if it was a heated argument or care your conversation or just the hey. How you do- and I love you misha kind of situation, but after leaving fire station. We know that brandy, hall and randal richmond exchange text messages, so this takes place at ten. Fifty three p m, ten, fifty six p m and ten the seven p m, but also don't only have him on on a call with her as well. Yes, so they had text or so get on the phone more than eighty times before brandy, lee fire station on the night of her disappearance. Ok, repeat that so clear between taxed in talking
on the phone eighty times in one day, the information I have says eighty times now that seems like and it is a lot well, but there are I ve. I ve heard from recorded conversations detective stating that they have record saying that the two spoke or traded communications, so either text or phone calls roughly about fifty times a day on average right. So this is not excessive, but it's more than the average more than the average, but not excessive it considering how much communication they had so according to the information I have, this is based off of phone records brand
is the one who text randal richmond at ten, fifty three p m. The problem is police have said we know that they were texting. We don't know what the messages were so brandy text, randal richmond at ten. Fifty three p m randal, then text her back at ten, fifty six, so three minutes later and then again the following minute attend fifty seven. So one from brandy to from randal richmond. Now we go to eleven o six p m august, seventeen, two thousand and six brandy hall and palm bay fire captain randal rich men talk on the phone
for ten minutes and forty six seconds. That is the last phone record of any one speaking to brandy hall on either of those cell phones. Does she out, and I don't think it's clear, or at least it I don't know if it's been stated kin correct me if I'm long, but do we have record of him reaching out to her after she goes missing? Well, that's! What's going to be a problem for randall enrichment is then it looks like after this call he doesn't attempt to communicate with her again via text or Funchal, because if you know somebody is missing here, there's no reason to contact them.
because you know what happened to them very fishy. So, to reiterate, your captain brandy calls randal richmond. She is at she's parked at the scenario gas station at this time. The phone call, as we said, is ten minutes forty six seconds, so that's from eleven o six p m to eleven. Seventeen p m that night brain. We can say that she goes missing right afterwards It's gonna go missing soon afterwards, but I also want to be clear here as we're going through this time line that there are some gaps. They might be small and who knows what could happen if anything happened at all during these small little gaps, but Is some wiggle room here in the timeline that things could have happened. She could have stopped off somewhere and other people,
this not being honest with us, but from what we can see from what and all rich men agrees to telling police from what Jeff hall agrees to telling police and what the phone records indicate and the surveillance footage from the fire station. This is the best that we can pieced together her timeline. Now this is going to take us to eleven forty eight p m. This is when Jeff hall hears from his attorney that his sentencing hearing has been moved up so remember, he's gonna be sentenced the following day again he's pled guilty, so this not a situation where he's like, I'm not goin the prison, I might not go to prison. He's he's about ninety nine point, nine percent sure tomorrow my ass is going to prison, and what's important, I have children and I mean
their mother around correct, well remember brandy is supposed to be a character witness if you will at his hearing the following day. Right and sows is richmond and several other people now Jeff hall says that at this time he is at home in bed and he's actually trying to spend as much time with his young children as he can given the circumstances. So he as they were all lying in bed together and that they all fell asleep watching tv now, what time they fell asleep. I do not know exactly, but what we do now happens is at eleven forty eight p m. His attorney calls and says: hey man tomorrow, Oh you're sentencing hearing it's gonna, be earlier in the day than we anticipated right. So he his wife brandy hall, is at the fire station or should be at the fire station working, and so he attempts to get in touch with
randy because he wants to let her know hey tomorrow. The sentencing hearing Earlier than expected and you're one of the people I'm counting on not just to to put in a good word for me, but, as the captain said, somebody's gotta watch these kids right now. The kids will have school the following day, because that will be a friday, but he attempts to reach out to brandy and he is unable to get a hold of her at this time. So, he calls Brady at eleven forty eight p m. There is no answer. He then tries her next tell and and then there is no answer, so he tries both cell phones no answer at eleven. Forty eight now Let's fill in everybody in on what brand ease plans were so member we said that she's involved in construction
so. She owns a piece of equipment called a skid steer. Now I dont know fits. I can't speak for other locations I can say for here in Ohio captain you and I would typically look at that piece of equipment that machine and say, let's bobcat, you know this is like a like a one person, very small bulldozer for lack of a better term ripe affront, loader right and it technically. The machine is a skid steer front loner. We typically refer to them as bobcats up here, because
one of the biggest brands in in best selling brands of that machine is the bob cat brand, so he's gotta get in touch with his wife for obvious reasons, but it's much more importantly. He gets in touch with their because he knows. Jeff knows that, often times after brain it gets done with her shift. She will go and either do welding early in the morning or she will operate her skid steer and do some work. So The plan from what he understood was that she was doing a bob cat job earlier that day, but due to wear conditions? She decided that she going to resume some of that work?
the following morning and then get cleaned up and go to the sentencing hearing. So he wants to make sure he gets in touch with her, because her first stop Work might not be to come home while I, you said this is very important. I mean he needs. Are there in court and needs are also there too to her motherly duties because they see he's gonna be the only parent and he calls several times in its cause, both phones and no reply. That is going to lead us to the stroke of midnight, which is actually kind of a rough time right here. It's around about time and you'll, see why here and as the second but the record state
Then, at midnight the following occurred, a military time, I guess all zeros on the clock right. This is when jasmine campbell files, a tip a tip that unfortunately seems to get misplaced for I believe one year or so. Ok. So, to give a little background here, jasmine campbell is a police officer and she is working her job that night, but by this time her shift is technically over, but she spotted something and decided to fill out. The tipp form call it in what
Is she reports this information after her shift? Is over so you're? Never really off the clock. When you are a first responder, you always have a job to do an so she's just doing her due diligence and she files this report. Now what she says is that she had seen a fire captains vehicle parked at a hesse gas station. This is just moments. for she saw brandy struck nearby. So she knows this truck right. It's a dark, green large, two thousand and two chevy silverado. And it sounds to me captain like when she sees a struck me
Lee. She is of the idea that it's this probably brandy, hall, struck by okay, so she sees this truck sitting and it's in the back so that its in the back of a home depot So, for I dont know: do we have home depots in every state in this country? I think so. Ok, so yet it's one of those large box stores. Do it yourself, home improvement type stores, so her truck is parked behind this business- and this is obviously not during the hours of operation. So, of course, police mind is going to be curious as to well what's going on over there. So she I by to see what's up to check on the situation and she sees struck and here's what she sat so says he drove out to them.
Back of the home depot where they sell, trees and stuff like that- and she saw this big pickup truck. So she goes down there. She said, the driver was a lady that had long blonde hair and that there was another person in the vehicle with her with the driver she calls in the tap and that tipp includes that she had spotted previously spotted a palm bay fire that this is where this is, where things get incredibly murky, theres many different sources on this case. We see
I did too at the top of the show, but when I review all the sources here captain I get kind of a different detail and each one so some of the reports, the source of state that ms Campbell saw a fire chiefs, suburban others state that a fire captains vehicle and other state of fire supervisors vehicle. I dont know what is true. My guess here is that it is probably the fire captains vehicle, because that seems to be the one that's reference the most, but to be clear, I don't think we have video footage of brandy vehicle or this fight. chief or fire by her vehicle, our view wanted, describe it I'll think either one is caught on video footage, correct, we don't have it
footage. All we have is this report from this officer debt from I understand he was in some in some of the reporting she's on patrol at the time. I believe she was actually just leaving her purchased finished her patrol for the night and had spotted this shortly after her shifted ended regardless. This is what she sees rice. sees a vehicle that she describes. The description matches that of brandy halls. She states that the drive was a lady who matches vaguely choose brandy, halls description, a lady they had blonde hair. Now she states it. There another individual in the truck with the driver. She calls us in this my peace, just as simple. As you know, this vehicles kind of parked in a suspicious spot around midnight hey just in case the place gets broken into. I probably should call the said right, but it does so
there's a whole lot of investigative work going on in. Maybe she didn't feel in the situation that that it was necessary but does say in the report that the fire officers vehicle was secured and there's nobody in it and the vehicle near by this other part vehicle where we have two persons in it. I don't think it's a big leap to say: hey, there's a chance, it's that whoever was driving that fire supervisors vehicle might be one of the two people in this truck. That's found near by you. I agree with you. I think that would be a giant leap, yeah we're not in business of making giant leaps here in the garage we done our stretches yet tests, but now as we stated in the trailer keep in mind all of this activity, this happening. This is all the night before Jeff hall is to be sentenced for
a crime that he willingly admits that he is guilty of so there is no question that he's gonna get some kind of punishment. So all this act, but he is leading up to the following day. where brandy is a mother of two children, she's going to go missing, She goes missing sometime this night, so now Jeff in her have to children and it looks like to me can all within a short period of about just twelve hours to young kids are hurricane into a situation. Where one parent vanishes and the other is incarcerate. The the
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