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Brandy Hall /// Part 3 /// 731

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Brandy Hall /// Part 3 /// 731

Part 3 of 3 


This week we tell the story of a young mother who vanished.  On August 17th, 2006, 32 year old Brandy Hall was working the night shift at the Malabar fire station. Just before 11PM, Brandy told her coworkers that she was going home.  Her husband says she never showed up.  She has been gone ever since.  Foul play is suspected.  Where is Brandy? 

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the disappointing answer to that question is no. They did not find it today, but they are developing new leads. They do have a detective working on the case full time and they are hoping to get more information that could lead them to brandy all areas centrally dug in the ground and hopes of finding
it remains sergeant. Jeff spears has been leading the palm bay police investigation to try and find missing brandy hall. He says. Investigators recently used cadaver dogs and a psychic hired by halls family to search the backyard of whole former home I'm done so lane and malabar the canine got a positive result, prompting police to dig up the property tuesday based on de cadaver eggs and what indication they gave us as well as a ground penetrating radar. There was some and to believe that the could been could have been some disturbed area underground, and so we dug that area that we thought that there might be something there and unfortunately, we do not look at any human remains want to find out. Who did this to her and justice will be done?
His mother, along with a private investigator, an anthropologist and specially trained dogs, have canvas different areas that might yield clues. The malabar volunteer fire fighter vanished the night of august. Seventeen two thousand six, the night before her, then her husband was, to be sentenced on charges of growing and selling marijuana a search turned up her fire fighting gear floating in upon bay pond and later her trunk. With blood inside me. I wanted to be found alive, but she needs to be found. Palm bay, police say they're, not giving up so we're essentially going through it again and just making sure that we're on the same page and we've done what we can to make sure that we are keeping this case going it of locating it
show you hear their this case is incredibly active. That clip is actually from two thousand and nineteen, which would be thirteen years. After brandy hall, mother of two went missing. that will clearly and that there are several more items that we need to get too in our time line. But I think one thing that that clip indicates here. Captain is what is a widespread belief when we were at. Often we were going through theories and suspects yesterday. The first theory that was proposed in this missing persons case is that brandy died by suicide. There are some things that support theory. One would be the financial pressures that she would be facing at the time right and maybe
We don't have anybody to say that she was depressed, but we do have many people saying look one thing that was very upsetting to her. Was losing her job as a firefighter Yeah job that she was extremely proud. and we do know that she was, however, making efforts to write that wrong to get back on track. act, thereby volunteering at another fire department. The thing, though, here captain is, I would focus in on if we think that suicide is a high probability, would be less on the idea that she was still so at about losing her job, because I mean that took place eight months prior, it's kind of yesterday's news. She's already set up some things to working to getting act to that career that she loved. I would focus
on the financial constraints that she's facing her husband. She look she's volunteering as I find her. She still doing. She still work And bringing in an income but its half of what she was, ring and prior when she was being paid to be a fire fighter now she's volunteering one and Does it have that marriage wanna money more well, I, no, they ever had any marijuana money flat rate. The the thing, though, is that Jeff regard less if they did not he's going to prison so he's not going to be having an income for a period of I- and they have two kids now the flip of that would be She so worried about financials, but we have several people say she, she not have done that because she was concerned when, when we, there were charges facing her will
was facing charges in the in that same drug operation. She was concerned and telling others look if if Jeff goes to prison and I go to prison, yeah who's going to take care of the kids, she was worried about the kids, and so I think that the the worry about the kids who's going to take care of him to me. That tells me a couple things if everybody, that that's her number one concern it. That seems like suicide would be less of a probability as well her running away and taking off now, when one of our suspects, and all rich man is confronted with the idea that all you said. waiting on some money, she's gonna meet somebody in this she's gonna take off, so that would suggest maybe she's gonna, leave on her own accord on just stay on this suicide idea- and maybe it's also goes along with the theory of will run away
so there is some evidence that maybe she's not the greatest partner, if not the greatest wife, because she's having this affair for ten years, but I think there is enough evidence and enough people coming forward as a care witness to her to brandy that she was a great mother and that she cared deeply about her kids. I agree with that Two about ninety percent: you now I see a situation she's calling house in the prayer saying good night to the kids and she's working hard, she's she's, not she's, not lazy. You know she's well, she's working as a firefly working these these other gigs as well to provide, I think what I see captain is is a mother that deeply care for her children. However, I think she's rather immature because to me: look good father, good mother, you don't get involved than drug operation.
No, but again good father, good mother, you don't run around on your spouse, like all of these things do in some. Yes, I I knew way, do put your children in jeopardy the relationship with your children in jeopardy, but there's argument that she had no involvement or knowledge about the drug operate career in them, eventually dropping the charges would would back that up or her involvement with so little and minuscule. The nobody cared right, then, that she wasn't Would he many money who who knows but but to move on from that. So, let's jumped back into our time line here, because there are a few things to finish up that timeline. So after august, two thousand it's when she goes missing at some point, and this is reported a couple of different ways. But this is really interesting to me and I you know it if you got any male You can send it if you like, I'm not going to shove it up your bus, so sir
Buddy contacts a psychic, this gale Saint John and some sources say that its police, the contact the psychic, however, on the show we talked about the other day. The murder, on the space coast, hosted by john tours again, he did a phenomenal job on this case. In several other cases, he's a great journalist and a good follow. So he interviews this psychic casey, John gale saint John tells him that, yes, it was a person emailed her Now this doesn't sound me like police. Even though sources say police contact psychics, maybe they contact and others. I guess but gale saint John says a person emailed me I'm not going to tell you who that is, she says other people emailed me and contacted me about this case as well, but the very first person that did
it weirded her out here's what she said John Torres talks, lowly the pie, since the emailed her and say man, woman child, whatever she doesn't give any indication of who it would have been better tells torres the person the emailed me it weirded me out, because the feeling I was getting was that the person emailing me who claims that they want the finder. Why are you searching answers when you already know the answer that's what her psychic intuition. Whenever you want to call it. If you want to call it it'll be s. Fine. This state The still very interesting to me so listen to what she says. She says gale Saint John says that one of the people seemingly pulling out all the stops in an effort to find brandy is actually her killer. She also says that when brandy is finally found, so that's an indication that she sang she will eventually be found.
There will be evidence to identify her killer, so when you, find the remains. You also find evidence that will point to who put her there, and I know a lot of people think this stuff is like a lotta hoopla alot of nonsense. I find it fascinating because one law enforcement does from time to time when they, when they don't really know what. Direction to go in. I have talked to detectives. That said, you know we had a psychic reach out or we reach out to us aside dick or we did a terror reading or whatever, and it's not so much They believe everything that they're getting from these individuals, but it's the fact that they might. turn them onto a path that they weren't thinking well in a good detective, regardless of who calls or why, right. If somebody
calls them about a case. You want to know who they are and why they are calling- and you want to bet that information, because I could call Columbus least apartment this afternoon and say: hey I'm a site. Can I got some visuals about some situation and here's what I now and if they hang up the phone turns out that I actually did something terrible right, you well actual killer, they just lost a huge lead. I just I just inserted myself into the investor, sure and they didn't follow up to see who I am was now again. She says she's cod cut contact, by multiple people, but he here's where my lawyers look we're talking about a missing persons case almost won t years old. Why do you think, not saying who this individual is so from from I've reviewed, she told the she told John tourists who the person was, but because this is now
anything that can be verified. He's being a true, honest, journalist and. It is possible that maybe she told law enforcement she may have. He may have. and I so he is not revealing that person's name now, maybe This thing when we get answers to it, he does maybe he'll go back and say: look there was the name I knew all long or maybe he says she told me a campus. We differ name in and she just had it wrong. She. She may have it wrong. So let's go to june of two thousand and seven the next year. So now, she's almost been missing for one year. This is weird because fishermen, fine brandy halls backpack containing clothing war in day planner. This was in a viral beach canal so They know that these items belong to brandy. What's really This thing: how do they know these items, this backpack below
the brandy, her name and com, taxes she have are in this day, planet right now, what's really interesting! This is almost that this is what ten months after she's been missing police. Say that it is of their opinion that, because the the writing, in her day planner, had not been complete. Smeared or or ruined by the water? They believed that that backpack one and in their the entire time that she's been missing, that it was tossed in their relatively. recent to somebody finding it months later, somebody's moving? evidence or discarding evidence yeah. So it's and we ve seen this before where we find a killer they go through.
Their belongings and find other souvenirs of individuals, so it's possible that her killer if she was murdered, which look I I'm just going to say. I think that's that's what we're looking at here because of the blood evidence because of the the car being discarded. Because of her belongings been found that I think maybe this individual, her killer had more belongings of her and then at some point. I gotta get rid of these because if these are found in my possession but then all fit all thing start pointing to me this is going to lead us to an increase in reward offered for information in the case, it climbed up to ten thousand dollars in late june of two thousand and seven, then, in
lie of two thousand seven. Two more items are found near vero beach canal, so this would be in the same location as the backpack my understanding captain these were, I believe that they are reported to have been pornography movies and a wretch, something that's called erection cream, which I dont who I know about the well, I won t do. Is you little flicking flaky down there in an magical Somehow I believe that I don't know- I can't I don't know the source, mason here is a little tricky, so I dont of these items were found in the backpack with the day planner or of these two items. It were later found these two items and they were connected to their backpack. It could guide leave they were found in them, the backpack! That's what I heard. That's what I think I think you're right there. I think they were found in the background.
and then these two other items maybe have not been. It's not been disclosed. What he's actual items where we do know that the following year, two thousand and eight that her fire department helmet. with her name on it was, was found near matters bridge an indian harbour beach, so that's July, two thousand and eight in march two thousand and eleven investigative discovery that the tv network they highlight this case. So her case was on season. Three of the tv show disappeared, its episode number twelve titled lost hiera, which aired march twenty first, two thousand and eleven that same year, the palm bay police enlist the hell of fbi profiles in the case, then all release a profile of the,
likely offender, but they get them involved in of core learning about all the people in the case right, Jeff, hall, randal, rich men and so on and so forth, and to them thousand and fifteen brandy hall at the request of her family, is declared dead legally dad wonder, sick and can look. I want a backup for second because Maybe you agree with his? Maybe you won't. I wonder, because we're finding belongings of her indifferent locations. I also wonder: is that too, is that to leave bread crumbs trail
Away from where they're gonna discover her body very likely, I think I think you're honest something smart, their captain. I think what what I see here is a very scared, unsophisticated criminal. That's what I see I I think that what we have here is somebody that, when they get really nervous, they decide. I I gotta go move I've hit this thing once I've concealed it, and even though it's not been found all this time, matter time before I found I better go put it someplace, better, a better hiding spot and then in and then the what ends up happening is people are finding these things and so
Are we being told now, with the exception of the helmet, that who knows that helmet elements are pretty sturdy that help it may have been in that location for the almost two years? That was, she was missing right, but whoever put the truck in that on its found within hours? Have we ever recovered a case where a vehicles found within hours of someone trying to conceal it in a water it in submerged completely, so urged and water is found within hours of the time that is put there. I mean at the very latest, it's like thirteen forty hours after entered the water, and I dont an end, if you believe the blood evidence and the experts than its much shorter time than that yeah as tough, because the some cases where you're like the universe seems to be getting. the way he or helping and so this case when we find the vehicle so quickly, you'd think that we're gonna get.
answer so quickly in all these years later we don't have. We don't have brandy to bring back home to her family. Well you do have here too, is. When we talk about theories, I think you can wipe one of em out completely right there, it's going to be people that are always will say that look they're, still a small percentage that maybe she left on her own, but what you have as you have blood evidence in that vehicle and law enforcement, seeing look enough blood in there that we believe she was met with foul play there. Some that say enough blood in there that we believe the sheep was killed and brian that vehicle or whatever injury see she took on it it it it led to our death shortly afterwards and then you have a circuit judge that is reviewing everything in the family, who's petitioning the courts and the judge agreeing ok, we can legally declare her dead you. So you have a lot of people involved that are saying nope. There's too,
here to say that she walked away. So you can, I think I think it would be clean and in better for the purpose of a figure out what happened to just go and wipe that possibility away so awful for her kids, two thousand and nineteen october, two thousand and nineteen. That is the clear that you heard it top of the show they did their digging up a property in the pretty is the hall faint where they lived when she went missing, why are they doing keep in mind. We have randal richmond, calling Jeff hall saying hey! I got up, I gotta take this skid steer off the two or so can be worked on, while some people said, maybe he whether he killed her or had to cover it up for somebody else, transported the bar, back to her own property and used her own skid steer to bury the body on that property and that's why police work so hard for so many years too, to look into that property. Now
could also. The flip of that coin is that Jeff hall killed her buried her on that property. No, stand up, but also like again they still might finer bar. We we don't know where they're gonna find or bodies is still possible, even though they work that property a lot. But a like we always say that look at the husband look at it. most people around this individual and here sky that had a fair There are saying why she ran away again makes no sense that he would be worried about this. This, this stupid cereal thing, this piece of equipment that he be worried about that when this law that he's had a fair with is missing. That's his number when did sir and makes no sense but again hey if I her body and bury her on the property than they're gonna point the finger towards the husband yeah and he's gonna be locked up so yeah that you
and see why one would want to do that now. Keep him at the end of that clip, you have longed for foresman, saying that we are, we can say, with com and since she's, not here, so they look. I badly run they because she's not found you know you can't roll out. I don't know, I it's it's hard for me to rule out that property when she hasn't been found well in september of to day in twenty one law enforcement is finally able to completely drain the pond where brandy struck was found and nothing is discovered. Nothing additional is found there. in my mind where I go. Is that she's not on the property that they heard her husband shared with their children, most like an she's, not in the pond, where her truck was found, so we can add a while. We, we're looking for where she is? We can start to make a list of where she is not. Now we ve talked alive
bout, randal richmond. We. We should also talk about his wife who, yes, she worked at the near by palm bay hospital. Her shift ended at eleven p m that night. Now this is weird. as this is roughly about the same time that we have any hall leaving the mouth bar fire station that night brain so and we know there's bad blood. There weed no, how much wife knows about the house running around There is evidence you know when there's a confrontation that public you do cheek, she and he later says it to police himself right, Richmond later says it, the police, like I know that she knew one hundred percent, but she knew we were very close. And she was concerned that we were to close a friends and his words where I believe her intuition told her that there was an affair and I don't like
sky, because he he has lied many times liar liar pants on fire, well, that here's the prompt pierce so let's cross reference are remaining suspects, re jeff and I'm keeping Jeff hall on that list, because how did we discover this case too to want to prevent it and bring it, to all of you well, we had several listener suggested and it was on our giant list of listeners. Suggestions are our big spreadsheet that we ve created, but it's just one name of of hundreds at this point so I go to war lando for crime can. Last year I had four five different people. They came to the true crime garage booth and they brought up this brandy hall case, and I said yes, I I don't know
about it. The name doesn't even ring a bell when I got home I confirm that was already on our spreadsheet brain, but what was so interesting to me and what sucked me- and it is the first be person that I met said: hey you ever brady hall case, I said so well, I'm here to tell you the husband killer, he's been involved in construction and it's my in that he took her somewhere and she's, probably under concrete, and they made refiner, so ok well I'll, take a look right. It wasn't, will the next day somebody goes hey. Have you ever heard of this brandy hall case and, as a matter of fact, somebody just brought it up. Yesterday, the husband- and I said the person that told me that the husband, Jeff all killed her and that we it's gonna, be difficult. The finer because he's invite the construction and probably put her under Conakry somewhere or in concrete somewhere It could be anywhere in the state of florida and that person goes well. I understand that he he looks like a good suspect, but
I'm here to tell you, the boyfriend killed her and that she's probably in some water somewhere, it's an in are ok, make a mental note of that that same day. Somebody else brought up the brandy hall case and then drinks that night sitting around with other podcast. Talk and other listeners in the brandy hall case came up again, so I thought this has got to go to the short list. I for myself I gotta know who is who are, who do, I think, is responsible. So let's cross reference, Jeff huh all verses, randal, rich men and anne Marie richmond, his wife, Anne Marie. They say that jeff halls alibis a problem am yet to hear anybody tell me what anne Murray richman was up to after she left her shift at the hospital at eleven pm august, seventeenth, two thousand and six yeah because of alibis. Why went home in my house
saw me while we can't believe anything east? Well, her husband shouldn't have saw her because he was working the overnight fire shift right crackdown at Paul. bay fire station. So Jeff hall, I am told, If hall's alibi is a problem because his alibi as well. I was at home sleeping with my kids and everybody says: well, he could have snuck out that night kids may be didn't wake up their little. He goes out, kills the wife gets rid of the body and wakes up next morning, make some phone calls lookin for his wife and it goes off to his sins and sentencing hearing. Ok, that's not The roma possibility there's also people that say there's a missing. There's missing time in the timeline for brandy hall that I she could have stopped. She could a went home, sir, It goes down, he kills or there and then he's gotta get rid of the body get where the truck rosy like a lot of stuff for him to do in the middle of the night, but we do know this
but he did a lot of stuff in the middle of the night. So why not Jeff all now the problem and anne Marie richmond. What's her alibi, nobody stole me there's no information anywhere that I've found maybe alibis. I was at home sleeping, maybe police aren't so concerned with her for them. the two two reasons I don't know. You know that she got close to having some. a physical altercation with our victim at some point at the seafood festival in grant ran. Which meant they say, he's got the best alibi of all, because he was working that night. There's five one, two three four five firefighters there were at the fire station with him that night, who all say he was there with us that night the end
already the night so in a very responsible for setting her up man envy eighty points of communication between him and the victim brandy hall on the day she goes missing. Police keep I know to what will those firefighters be doing that night sleeping like the rest of us? yeah, but in Jim, has telling the truth. They're sleeping just like Jeff hall, if Jeff hall could snuck at his house with some so. the children and we are to believe, that's a possibility. I would Are you that it's a possibility that randal, rich men could have? looked out of the fire house was sleeping, firefighters there and they don't know any
after. While my only issue with that is, we do have brandy hall on camera footage leaving her fire station, so I'm assuming- and maybe I shouldn't assume, but that that fire station would have video footage as well. So if he was leaving that we would have him on video footage leaving the five states, there's been no talk or mention of camera footage, or not from that from that firehouse. So here here's what censure interesting to me the argument for In favour of randall richmond, not being a good suspect, is that the the vehicle It's not a fire truck inches. It's just that supervisor vehicle was a diesel vehicle and that fire fighters, don't sleep very well right. There light sleeper for good reason,
I gotta that alarm goes often they gotta respond. So the argument Is the debt supervisor vehicles part sighed the firehouse in they if he were. Started up inside that firehouse if he were to open up that big garage store, that that would have woke up the number of those firefighters they would have seen him leave? They would member him leaving that night, but then we find out many months later. There was a second, a second fire supervisor vehicle, it was parked outside of the firehouse at night and later one of those firefighters would tell police, while he did step outside briefly. Around eleven o clock, or so to he said he was stepping out to take a phone call. What's missing, From that story is, did you see him step back in after the phone call, because he could stepped out to hey I to step outside and take a phone
hop in that other vehicle? What here? Here's the problem, though, for saying that He stayed at the firehouse all that night with all those other firefighters who the fuck drove them. Truck over to where it was found. Next, a brandy halls by the police officer that it's a marked vehicle that says it's from the palm bay fire department who drove it there, somebody drove it there that happened So if, if randal, richmond and drive it. Which one of you other firefighters drove it over there, that night. it was seen parked near a view, Well, that is described to be Brady halls truck is late. found in upon that's right. In that location. This Depot is not far from the palm bay fire station.
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Sometimes these things come to me or I stumble upon them in the eleventh hour and that's why happened to me before coming to the garage today. There's a million problems that I have with randal rich statements and his his statement. Cities given to police there's a very big difference between him and Jeff hall. Right. I get it to me, the top. suspects in this case and in a situation like this would be the husband and the boyfriend friend this, and I would You captain, I would tend to lean towards the husband most of the time, but in this situation one clear difference between Two is when police, ass, Jeff all where's your wife, his answers- I don't know when they ask randal richmond, where is brandy hall? He says
I will talk to weeks two days later, different story liar. Oh, I talk to her the night that she went missing, but she told me that she's gonna take off, she's gone away that she's wait. Not some money should go meet. Somebody get some money and take off, but why did your story change? Well I'd? I was covering four. I didn't want to get in trouble I covered for for two days, but now he's. I'm telling you because I am concerned, I didn't think she was gonna gone very long and she's not come back, and now I'm can since I want it, and I'm gonna tell you guys the truth now Will we way we you work concern when they pulled her bloody truck out of the pond the day before and you you came up with with with us story to tell police that they very quickly re. You ever talk to earn weeks. You talk to her fifty times a day leading up to her disappearance. You talk to her
in its before the last time that we can account for what her whereabouts yen on that, when you look again to suspects, you have won. The husband was a cooperative at first, but he had a legal reason not to be and then, when that past he was, you could almost say as cooperative as one could be. and what do we know about law enforcement in this case they gave him a polygraph test. He passed the test. You can say what you want about those, but I'm sure that they offered that the boyfriend as well- and I don't have any record of him taken up polygraph test, they requested the heat the randal richmond take one and he refused to take the polygraph test and the thing is again: it's the it's. It's these
changing stories right I'll talk to her weeks. More than two days later, it's all I'm so concerned, and she told me she was going away taking on our own now he's planting a whole another possibility that he's why he did do what they suspect that he dead I'll she took off and now she been gone so long. Two days, I'm sir? Now I want to tell you the truth again. You work concerned when they pulled her truck. They had her blood in it out of the pond that I think you I want to go and say: hey right it because he's question at the night that they pull the truck from the pond right. So why is it I talked to her for weeks that same night, it's because he doesn't want to be linked to her. He wants to distance himself from the victim as much as he possibly can and the the other thing here. Captain is the items that were found.
That's, I keep goin back to that too. I think that what we have here is a situation where somebody's panicking time and time again and are going. You know what I may have conceal this item for a few months it will be found. Eventually, I better move it, and what do we see what the truck put it in water? What did we see with a backpack founded water? What do we see what the other items found in or near water. The helmet found in water fund fighters respond to an alarming, serving number of vehicle accidents. Sometimes resulting in a fatality a lot of times these some of these will include, ponds, waterways, bridges, things of that nature. So what wolf,
our fighter no by their work experience that water creates problems, recovering items, recovering bodies, recovering vehicles, and it also creates problems of destroying items over time. this unsophisticated criminal suspected that these items would remain in the water for a very long period of time. However, they did so, poor job hiding them that they were found relatively quickly want. a devil advocate, though the the husband was of fire fighter. Exact Now this as well, he was a public safety officer. He would know even better. My biggest issue is thy witness the vehicle that claim that they saw in its a police off sir? I witness it's not some s shlomo off the streets, its approach
That doesn't have a dog in the fire person that did not only that reporting something. For this woman's even missing, and the report states that a vehicle matching her description, a person matching her description is in the truck with another person whose unidentified and the palm bay supervisor some reports, a chief, some say, capped and guess what rank. Randall richmond held captain he's the captain at the palm bay fire department. That truck is found right next to the other truck to brandi halls truck yes, and and look with a with a ranking like captain guilty he's guilty. One hundred percent.
captain it well. Randal rich men and Anne Marie rich man would end up splitting up. They would get a divorce and some surprise they would get it in two thousand and four thirteen surprise, you know he's done other things over the course of time that I think make him a good suspect we one of the law enforcement. This is one of the profiles that was brought in when reviewing the interviews with with randal says that he what what He is viewing what he says he seeing is not a perk. The rattle was crying during some portions of the yeah yeah, and he saying what I'm seeing here is not a person, that's crying, because their sad that they lost somebody that they care deeply about. I'm seeing someone that's crying, because they're scared, they're scared that they're going to get caught. They're scared that they're going to get found out.
If, if you know he had that shift that overnight shifted the night before, if he was able to duck out and go see, I'm saying here, I dont know that he went met up with brandy hall with the intent to kill her. Maybe he gets and things got weird and inch she dies by accident or killed. What have you that part I can't sort out, but what I feel like happened is that he was somehow able to out that night and then being off for the next two days. He's got two days to figure getting rid of these items. Getting rid of all of the stuff. He gave a gets rid of the truck and one the thing to do, maybe this is enough in burger. But when you look at the two suspects of your law enforcement you're going the husband, as he's drug charges, the boy.
in his stories, aren't match up, but but Do we know we do know is the next day why goes about their business. One goes about this get that they already had laid out for them and one alters his schedule. I can't shop to court had a change of a change of heart. I just can't do this oh by the way, I can get to your proper, I gotta go to your property. Honest and why do why? Do you guys go to the probably? Why is that? So it and he's not dom enough to be what a figure out there the likelihood that nobody else will be there. If, if he's responsible, uranos, a brand he's, not gonna, be there, and because of this sentencing hearing? He knows that Jeff not to be there gives them. Time and here's the earth in toulouse, all these, pieces- and I guess calm evidence these young. These
Their items of brandy were found you have to do. guard them. If you're not her husband, you have to scarred them In the woods or in water, where ever so there, on your person, not on your property if it was the husband, while the has been, can just take it back to his house and It would make sense why her helmet would be at her house. It would sense why her plainer would be at the house You would have no reason to have to discard it, the other. That really roused me the wrong way that erection lotion now the well look. That's not brandy hall hum or not for her use. I can tell you that see. I know I dont know what it is. I it's it would we
higher for my understanding of the human anatomy. It would require another person to be involved, no to stand up, but I also- and I know this might sound a little strange, but I also wanted. Is there another use for this product? Is it again, I dont know enough about it, but that the thing that here's the other than in his interviews when he is they interviews that I've rivet been able to review and an again it's probably a small sample size here. But once once we get past the interview where he just says, I'm talk to her weeks now once he's admitting that he stalked tour, he uses the Fray As in every other sentence, you know- and you know- and you know these describing everything that happened, the conversations that he had with Jeff the conversations he had with brandy hall.
their interaction together, their relationship together? Where could she be everything? Every other sentence starts and you know- and you know- and you know you know what that does. You know you know people that I hear I'm using now. You know people that use that their what their subconsciously doing their trying desperately to get the peace and on the other side of the table, were sitting next to them to agree with them their plight, doing the seed of this is what have you know their plaything? The seed of This is what happened in. You will agree with me and he says it. I think out of evidence of sheer nervousness over over and over again, I think one, that's a very telling thing and to another big difference between Jeff hall in a bunch of other people that we could talk about today in comparison to randal. Richmond is what captain.
Other people keep calling brandy hall trying to get a hold of trying to get in touch with our trying to figure out where she is. If she's, ok, randal richmond stops coin Fifty times a day man, I long idling fifty times a day to communiques a day between the two of us, whether she's calling me I'm calling her text messages between the two of us fifty times, today and then roughly about the same fifteen minutes. She goes missing, no more Calls for me to her phone, no more text for me to her phone for how long, how about forever? How about for ever yet and the people our conduct. Try to figure out were sure She was and what happened, to earn and maybe show answer the phone for me. There contact in her fifty times a day before he went missing not and then, like you said it's not just fifty times a day. She goes missing. Eighty points of
communication. It is a shame that she has not been found. It is a shame that there's not charges brought against individual and there's a I'm going, go way out on a limb. Here too, I think the psychic was right. I think the psychical was right and I think what gale Saint John said. that when she is found- and I loved that she said when she has found that give me so much hope and optimism in this case, when she is found, there will be evidence to point to her killer and. I think that she's right beside think. I know where brandy hall is an idle and hope police are aware of this information. I would wager. franklin that
Your boy, Randal probably is, but I have some very. I have some hard questions about a piece of property. We already covered the fact that randal richmond. and Anne Marie rich men they separate in two thousand and thirteen their separate, legally separated. I am married to you, you're, not married to me. and a lot of or proper He's belongings, all of those things. should be separate as well right. Captain with divorced tat works, so If we split up in two thousand and thirteen legally bosnia florida, then why do I randal richmond and
I am marie rich men. Both have ties to that property in two thousand and eighteen. Why do we both have ties that probably oh somebody passed away? Randalls brother Patrick passes away I'm guessing there. Maybe he bequeath this property to his brother or his brother and his brothers ex wife. Why would go to his ex wife Why would both of them have interest in this same property, but do they both have a big problem to hide the berry to secrete For ever and ever so randall
Ties to this property go back way back when so. He has ties to this property since nineteen, eighty nine, when he gets involved with a company called dixie equipment services it incorporated, and then we have Patrick richmond, which would be his brother elsie, is a company that is operating out of that same property, which is a residential property, rather large one in two thousand and four. Then we have a company called dicks fishing llc, that's operating out of that same property in two thousand and fourteen we have raymond We have randal richmond who s ties to that property at all of those times nineteen eighty nine ninety ninety six, two thousand and four two thousand and fourteen and then two thousand and eighteen five years after the separate From his wife and his wife continues to have ties to that property in two thousand and eighteen and beyond.
There was also some kind of building that took place on this property into in twenty twenty and they both still had to. To that property in twenty twenty. We have randall richmond's who still has time to that property to this day and in two thousand, seventeen there's a property and jones creek. It's called jones, creek acres drive in franklin, north line, and now this is much further away. Does nine and a half hours away from palm bay florida, but why do both separated husband and wife, they have ties that part in two thousand and seventy there's something. That's not adding up here. There's something! That's not added up here that there. Why would these two, who were divorce, have a vested interest in these two properties. Now, as some point, Anne Marie will separate herself from the north carolina property, but that grant florida property.
it's only eighteen minutes away from palm bay. And even shorter distance from the home depot, where I believe that right oh and brand all were sitting in a truck together at midnight on august, seventeenth, two thousand sex, It's even shorter distances to their property, I want to know- and I hope that police are onto that as well- and keeping an eye on what what is up with that poverty, and why do we still have time to it from two people that are separated again is a shame that she hasn't been found. It's a shame that we You have no arrest or charges brought in this case. I believe one day we will and I feel bad for her friends. family and especially her children. Yes,
He was just thirty two years of age and, as we said or to children at the time that she went missing and she was last seen leaving the last confirmed whereabouts of her would be close to eleven o clock on August seventeen, two thousand and two ex, she was wearing a white shirt with a logo on the back and also a logo on the front. A small left breast logo dark long pants in mid calf worked boots. She does have some tattoos, but at this point captain it no we're not gonna find answers were very likely would not be finding tattoos anybody within. For me, in anything at all on any the people that we have discussed here in these episodes, but especially about brandy hall, please contact and give that information to the palm bay police department. Therefore numbers three, two one, nine five too
three four, five, six or you can remain anonymous by calling. The crime line at eight hundred for two three tips. That's eight hundred for two three tee. I p s the the fascinating case wanna. Thank everybody. join us here in the garage thanks for being our friends thanks for having a pint with us colonel do we have any recommended reading? Yes, sir this week. We are recommending, after a time the missing child case that held america captive by LISA Cohen. This is the case. It many people,
followed for a very long time. It's one of the most infamous missing children cases in american history. This was before kids. The milk cartons before amber alert. This is about The lost child eaten paints and there's a lot of space listen and a lot that goes into this fascinating book by LISA Cohen. She chronicles this case, like none other and just like the case that we featured here this week. There is a lot of mystery that surrounds this case. I recommend that you check out this work and I think you will devour quite quickly, it's a real page sure you can find that recommendation and many many more on our recommended page, true crime, garage dot com and then till next week be good because
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