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Branson Perry ////// 484

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You may have heard this one before… A young man says he’s taking some jumper cables out to the shed and vanishes. Two weeks later the cables mysteriously appear in the shed. Join us in the Garage as we examine this missing persons case and fill in the blanks.

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skidmore. all town in north west Missouri, the state that we ventured off to an true crime garage before, but not often recovered the horrific case of kent height holt, whose beaten and strangled in a columbia, missouri parking lot.
Five ryan ferguson was wrongfully convicted of that crime. Charles Erickson, the alleged accomplice, remains in. Obviously, there is much debate if that case should be closed for We covered the still unsolved mysterious disappearance of three women, dubbed the springfield three stacy mccall. Her good suzanne streeter and his mother cheryl limit that case be and on june seventh one. Ninety two All three went missing from cheryl its home in springfield Missouri. their personal belongings, including cars and purses, were left behind again case is still unsolved and all three are still missing. Skidmore is a small town, not just in size less than point four square miles, but also, population. In fact, it's estimated
Only about two hundred and sixty people live in Skidmore for some reason: population has been decreasing a little more each year for the last one. One hundred years. Nineteen. Eighty one skidmore got the reputation of a town that wouldn't take any crap the town that takes care of itself and watches for their own? This became KEN Rex, Mcelroy But, like the old saying nobody saw a thing, Skidmore is a small town. Far away from the big cities of colombia in springfield Missouri, but certainly not too far, that is free from a big city problems. This week we go to school more and examined a story that involves a strange disappearance and abduction and murder. This is true.
In the garage. The grandson perry was born on February twenty fourth nineteen eighty one, his parents are Becky cline, oh and bob perry Branson was born and raised in Skidmore Missouri. The town sits on a hill above the not away river amid corn fields in north western missouri, the residents far and there is one loan gas station in town. Some of the citizens work at the factories near by at some point, brands. Parents split up, but this was not when he was young branson was the oldest of two boys
he went to live with his father. His little brother lived with branson's mother branson was close with his father, and not only that branson father bob had some ongoing health concerns. So there is some thought that be branson chose living with his father and a way to take care of him regardless. We should point out that this was not a messy or nasty divorce. It took place during brand since high school years. Branson in his father were close and did a lot of father son bonding type activities together, especially outdoors type stuff, like fishing, hiking and so on. One activity that the two enjoy together, they both trained in the martial art of hap keto, have keto is described as a
I read a korean martial art. This is a form of self defense that employs joint locks, grappling throwing techniques, kicks punches and other striking attacks. It also teaches the use of traditional weapons. There are different levels of belts and according to the charley project website branson was a black belt, but I don't think we can fully say with confidence just how skilled he was one website, I found says that there are only black belts in this discipline and different degrees of black belt, so that makes sense because in other forms it s like a white belt, not be your starting point, but here they're, saying: ok, just black belts and then we give you different degrees. It you get better and again this. According to one website that I found, I don't I'm not going to pretend to know much about half kido. I actually had to look up how to spell the darn war,
so. This is a fund call an interesting thing to study. In practice, in a great thing for father and son to do together, but I dont think cap We should assume that branson was like Carlos norris or steven seagal, Well, you a one man wrecking crew, sort of thing, Jcvd harry graduated, not away hold high school. in nineteen ninety nine and has been employed by a roofing company and a traveling petting zoo. He worked is like a maintenance man for the petting zoo for some time, not easy jobs. He was annette. floyd at the time that he would go missing and he was said to have been looking for work, Anson was twenty years old at the time of his death. parents and he was still living with his father on west oak street in Skidmore Missouri. Now the day in question will be Wednesday April, eleventh two thousand and one this is reported to be the date that brain
and was last seen he was reported missing by his family and a on which report you read. This was either five or six days after he disappeared. but either way he is officially. As far as the sheriff's department is concerned, officially missing the following tuesday on April, seventeenth, two thousand and one, so we don't have a clear cut definitive. This is the last day that he was we had the report that he was last seen on April 11th, but there were some things and I think pasa very important things going on before branson went missing right, so we all that branson is living with his father bob everything we could find shows that it was just the two of them living together in that home. Right now, on Wednesday April eleven. He is laid up in the hospital, but he is due to come home soon. So on this wednesday,
There is going to be a lot of activity at the house. Ants to me looks to be prepping the house for his father's return or is just being as productive as possible, as he doesn't have a job so he's probably helping out by getting some things done around the house right. This also gives us a good opportunity to introduce joanne stinted joanne is branson grandmother and I think she likely is the one to have organized the events of April 11th. So on this day, captain we are going to have some house cleaning and some vehicle repair and others will be involved. So we have Gina Crawford. Who was a good friend of branson's. She is at She is helping with some cleaning and some household chores. two men at the house. These guys are replace the alternator and branson fathers vehicle. Now
thing here is that Gina is mentioned by name and almost every source that I could find Two men, however, are not in some sources. They are for two as two men working on bob's vehicle rang other sources as to mechanics and in some outlets day even referred to as two unnamed man or two unnamed mechanics? Yet it's difficult here, because you have such a small town that it wouldn't be unlikely for a mechanic come to your house and just do the work I'll just come off on my if the day now I'll do the work over at your house. We don't need to take it into my shop so that it's not unlikely but yo while who are these guys could be mechanics and, like you said it wouldn't be uncommon, especially in a town, this small for them to come to the property. work on the vehicle we're talking about a town that is less than point four square miles.
inside, so everybody lives within blocks of one another. So if you have a vehicle that cannot move cannot operate you save everybody, the hassle of a tow company, picking it up in moving it just a fix it when you could walk three blocks over to your neighbors home and fix it in the driveway, and maybe there also just be in calm mechanics because are fixed in the car. but changing alternator and most cars is not the most complex mechanical work. So there's a lot people that don't even know much about cars that could change that themselves because of the small town in the population and we know Gina, Crawford's, and we know joanne stand its name. I just in cuba, Why? These guys are unnamed, it seems purposeful, purposeful by the cops or purposeful just by
I the apply all involved that may know the names of these two individuals at all. It also could be two guys that were cleared by option, but maybe they have a history of a criminal history, and so they don't want to bring up those names to have people we're on wild with rumours. We see that a lot with cases, then after joanne and gina are working inside the home. Morning to Gina around three p m branson was inside the home, He retrieved something from a kitchen cabinet. He said nothing and then walked outside a little after three p m gino looked out the window and saw perry talking with the two men. says that she opens up the window asking Branson hey. What are you doing? He tells her I'm going to put some jumper cables back in the shed and then on to go out for a bit, and I will be back soon.
Watched him, throw the cables in the shed and then watch branson leave the property on foot. Now we said Anson and his father were tight right so answer was in the habit of visiting his father every evening or night, while bob was at the hospital. So the next day, Joanne branson grandmother she's at the hospital visiting bob during each. It comes up in conversation that branson did not visit his father in the hospital. The night before a pair, It was known to the grandmother and to bob that some on the evening of April. 11Th branson would make his daily visit to see bob joanne is learning that that did not happen. So after the visit to see bob at the now she's going to go back to the house and check on branson. So this is on April 12th,
We. Instead, it goes by the house when she gets there. She find the doors are open. I don't have an exact time for this captain, but with the events of that day and some some things that I've seen, I think it's safe to say that this is in the ballpark of newness, at midday, so Joanne finds the house empty. No branson more alarming. The doors are unlocked and open. She does say she walks through house and nothing seemed to be missing from the home other than branson. She specifically checked for some of branson's personal belongings checking see if things are missing or out of place. Maybe that would clue her in on where to look for branson or where he went none of his personal belongings were out of place on Wednesday. eleven. This is the last time. Friends are family, reportedly saw branson and
One is really sure where he was going when he said when he left that day, so so when he puts up the the cables carbon, and he says I'm leaving, he doesn't say where he's heading to be simply as I am returning, these cables to the shed I'm heading out for a bit, and then he leaves on foot, says he'll be back, I think he says, be back in a little bit or in a few minutes whatever as at least according to Gina story. It doesn't like she had the impression that he would be gone very long one. It's not clear to me. So maybe you can make it clear as he able to visit his dad in the hospital by walking there. Well, let's get into that, because I took quite a bit of further digging. There's a lot of these stories out there about branson and his disappearance
When you really start digging, you can fill in the gaps in the big blanks that are left in a lot of the stories out there about bran so. As we said earlier, branson is reported missing to the local authorities. This was by bob and Becky. His parents and again it was either on April, sixteenth or april. Seventeenth, I'm guessing here captain, but one would think this missing report likely may have. sided with bob's return home from the hospital now There will be some leads and some persons of interest in branson's case, but again before we get to those we should stop and examine something a little further. Now, I'm not saying there is any reason to question branson's family as they have been extremely active law. For him and looking for answers over the years and likely local law enforcement probably have filled in a good number of these blanks that I mentioned but again capta. I
really get bothered any time we have friends. I want to be clear about that friends, because we have Gina cry. for it into unnamed individuals or family telling while the details surrounding once disappearance- and there are so many holes, and gaps and lack of information in the overall story. Right recently, we discuss the logan shentleman disappearance out of washington state a fascinating case with some very bizarre. Stuff going on in that one and really the bizarre stuff it
the over shadows when I think was really going on in that situation, that some unclosed logan is responsible for his disappearance and for whatever reason a person or persons in the family are slow to act, and then there are big chunks of the story missing or parts of the story that just do not make sense. Real, quick, a shot out to the good people that participated in the hawk and wave event in grand mound washington last week, raising awareness for logan's case matthew, Anne felt case and care and bowed dean's case back to our case. Captain here is what is missing from the story and again, law enforcement likely has filled in all of these blanks, so branson leaves and the persons at his home that day- They do not know where he is going. I get that but Jo Ann's when she arrives at the home less than twenty four
hours later is unlocked and the doors are open. So when did the people leave the house the day before and when did joanne leave and when she left? If she was the last one to leave. Did she lock up the house? or was she not the last one to leave and it was No information, at least between joey and above that branson would go visit bob on the eleventh. This is, after the time branson was last seen. So how was branson getting to the hospital. As you pointed out, captain did branson have a vehicle. Was he going to drive his dad's vehicle? Maybe ride a bike. The hospital is fifteen miles from branson's home a nineteen to twenty two minute drive according to my map, app right if he was taking dad's car to go, see dad. That is a fine explanation, but we
no two men, two unnamed men, were replacing the alternator in the vehicle on that day in question. So was the vehicle even operable before the switch out job? Because if it wasn't then again, how was you know branson? How did he at to and from the hospital the previous day and the day before that and the day before that, the visit for to to visit his father right, it couldn't hurt, the investigation to shrink the time frame of when this do actually went missing. This would really help us to have a better understanding of where, whatever it was, that went down to prevent branson from coming back home. Because he could have run into some trouble when he went out that day or if new of joanne Gina either these mechanic guys locked up the house after leaving. Well then it would most certainly look like branson
probably returned at some point, and maybe something went down at the house right who knows, but I'm again concerned with the lack of details here, get in Do we have details on when these mechanics left the house? We do not have an exact time captain of when these, Two men left the property, but what has been but reported is: did they left sometime after branson left on foot look d? The way that this case is jenny. we told is a young man. Branson perry tells a friend I'm taking some jumper tables to the shed. He vanish into thin air forever. Two weeks later, these jumper cables magically. Reappear in the shed they were not there before or until that point, that's the version of this story that gets clicks views and so on right
similar to some of the issues you and I had with the Brian schaefer case, a man walks into a barn disappears were well. That's not that's, not the true story. That's not! The full. Stop and same with branson's case captain, there are a lot more here of there's a lot more to that. So I think we ve already filled in some of the blanks, but let's see if we can fill in some, or along the way, because they some leads in this case, and there were some theories. and now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite spot it's, the one I use most often it's what has changed my life so dramatically mental
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just get ten percent of their first month that better help dot, slash garage, that's better h, e dot com flash garage. I love better help you're going to love better help. I know you will check out better help dot com flash garage. Today The we're back crime, the crimea animals cheers to you cheers cheers cheers first captain early on in this investigation. There was a theory that maybe branson hitchhiked a ride out of town, but his family and friends. They all said: they have never known branson to hitchhike. Ever even you know one single time at that, so that
Oh immediately lead us back to well what the heck was his vehicle situation, because most sources do not go this far into the story, but the charley project, page dedicated to branson's case, says branson owned a van and that the Van was in fact found parked at branson's home after he failed to return, or at least the next day, when his grey, mother came over on the twelfth noticing that branson was not home right, so he had a van, but we don't even know if that van was opera rule. That's. That was my next question that I had so what we ended up finding here, he owns the Van is found at his home. I found three other sources that that reference, branson's van so Can I think it's safe to say that he had his own transportation? and the way that the Van is discussed it sounds like it was operable.
time- and it sounds like this- was the method that branson had been using to get to and from the hospital to go, see his father. So then my question would become for his family and friends. Where would branson go without his van without his van? Was there a coffee shop around the corner? Was there a mcdonald's that he liked to just walk to and get something to eat this? I think that's Another key thing here is understanding the the setting understanding the the city. I probably shouldn't city. I don't know that they even have enough people to be city status depending on what Missouri's rules are on that, but it's a town of roughly two hundred and sixty people from the reports I read there was one gas station in the entire town. There was one or in the entire town. I don't know that there were assuming there might be a restaurant or a diner, but it's not
a place where you have a lot of choices as far as shopping or dining or any? You know really anything like that at all. So after you date a couple people, you have to start dating your cousins right, that certainly an option. The two guys you wanted to know about the two guys working on dad's car. So it's mine, standing captain that, yes, the van, was operable that was branson's method of getting to and from the hospital, but the two guys working on dad's car fixing the alternator? Well, they were trying to fix the vehicle because branson far Bob originally was scheduled to be released that evening and it sounds like branson was going to pick him up in his father's vehicle. That would sense I can't
a if the following is true or not, but I like to think that it is branson was close with his father that is well known by all, and I like to think that he was having the vehicle fixed as a surprise for his old man now is for the people at branson's house that day. This is where things get tricky only one source that I could find states that branson's grandmother was even there on that day. However, however, however, that in my humble garage opinion was a very, very good source, so, let's take a step further. I believe that if she were branson's grandmother were in fact there that day that she probably was just there very briefly and left before branson left, and I say that because
peter. In an interview I found with branson's mother, his mother states that look. We only have one person telling us the story of branson going missing this Gina Crawford friend of branson's, only one Gina is the only one ever on record that she saw branson retrieve something from a kitchen cabinet. She billy he was trying to conceal whatever it was that he pulled out from the cabinet, and then course a short. While later she says she asked branson what he's doing he says he's going to take these jumper cables, the shed and then go out for a bit to fill in some more the blanks and, in that same interview, branches, mom, says Gina and the guy I working on the car they all that they left for the day when they finished working on whatever their project was and branson had not work.
By the time that they left so to be clear, it does not sound as if they all left, there, but rather once when they had finished you know the car was done and then, when the house was done, yes, I was the mechanics or done they laughed, and once the house was done that that she left. My question then becomes was that vehicle? Now it could you drive that vehicle? Can you drive branson dad's vehicle where they done put in that alternative and were or were they not successful that great question. I do not know the answer. To that. You know. One thing left out of a lot of the sources are what I believe are more key piece. Of information, maybe even possible evidence right. So continue with that brand. mom says that the shed was in a side lot
but we have Gina again. This is the only person telling us what is going on activity wise at that house or what branson was up to that day that he's last seen branson tells Gina I'm going to replace these. Take these cables too, I'm going to leave I'll, be back in a few minutes vanishes forever It says that the shed was in a side so bob owned a double lot side by side. The shed was not in the back yard like most would expect, but in a side yard and then back. He also says that the jumper cables were typically kept on the port. So the shed comment about the cables is means to her completely Gina the friend that was over that day said one of the guys working on the car at some point, this after branson left came in to the home- and she says, went to the same cabinet that she earlier seen, branson retrieve something from and according to Gina
this guy to behave. Strange, she saw him branches He says not only was branson's van found parked at the house, but they found all of his personal belongings inside the home, including brands wallet and to show an statement, the grandmother statement about finding the doors to the home, open and unlocked according to Gina. If you do some further digging, she closed up the house when she left, I cannot say if this included, locking the doors or not, but she as she closed up the house, so that makes me wonder, captain did branson come home later that day and then go out again or did something happen at the home right. So we're going add to the story a little more because Joe ends, if you do further digging says not only were the doors open but
the stereo was on at the house, and the music was turned up when she arrived on the twelfth and branson was not there. That's right so doesn't look to you like. There are other things going on at this home, even after hence in supposedly walked off on his own yeah and unless go back to those jumper cables were quick as she has all baldos were kept on the port. Ok! Well there, cap on the porch that that's probably because the car again the alternator is it runs and feeds energy back to battery right. If it doesn't feed energy back to your battery than you know, I have to jump it, so they would want those wires to be accessible, and maybe you want to put him in the shed, because you don't want to walk no ten feet every time you have to jump the car
This is a common occurrence by your having alternator fixed, so maybe that's why he thought why can put the cables? Finally back into the shed? That makes lot of sense and then the weird thing with the jumper cables always has been the reason why this part of the story sticks and refuses to go away as it according to every report that I could find the jumper cables were not present. They couldn't find the jumper cables and then, two weeks later, they magically reappeared and they were inside the shed again I would love to know the names of these guys that were quote unquote the mechanics, because they could have simply when all we need to jump the car,
It started to let it run to feed energy back to the battery if they completed the job. We don't know if they completed the job or not and they used to jumper cables, one of them through it through those cables in the back of their car or the back of their truck and didn't realize those aren't my cables, weeks later. They come back and return them, but if he had, if it was nothing nefarious, why wouldn't somebody just come forward and explain why they, you know hey? It was me that returned the jumper again, if, if somebody has a record that you know these might be the reasons why they're not coming forward and going hey, I my name is frank and I was one interesting news you mean the sheriff's department knows Who these men are. They were working on the vehicle. Oh yeah, they're, not gonna, let Gina Crawford maybe she's the only one that says she saw these men they're not going to to a town of two hundred and sixty people and believe somebody that
you don't know at least one of the men's name spot, and on top of that, so branson puts ease. but you know jumper cables away and people didn't know where they were, and so then they they. They see him. That doesn't mean that that the jumper cables- went missing. It just means that if they didn't recognize the spot they were located in for a week or so, possibly I'm I'm going with it that that part sticks, because I heard it from the sheriff him I say that you know they weren't there and then they were there, So again, these things need to be explained. There's an answer for them that answer Lead you to whatever happened to branson Bryan. So ours, You wish regardless is, of course, that there is no real physical evidence or
information that is really pointing law enforcement in the direction of where this young man could be have to keep in mind the law enforcement is working, five or maybe even six days after branson disappeared, so they are already at quite a disadvantage. Remember bob had scheduled he hissed ghetto group were this was for that night on the eleventh, but that got changed at the last minute and bob was kept at the hospital longer than expected. So this is probably a good explanation for the delay that was going on so you're hoping to find a bread crumbs from the brand. Since you know from brandons, family and friends, what was up to where does he normally go? Where do you think he would go if maybe, if he were in some type of trouble, that sort of thing. you're going to be asking those questions, hoping that you can find that breadcrumb to give you some kind of lead in this investigation
yeah, I mean less and less do there are big tech sweep rural, quick, no mention of grants and having a computer no mention of branson having a cell phone Do you have any way to communicate with anybody once he left the property other than maybe a payphone or something well? The first interesting breadcrumb comes from branson's father right. So first there is this weird bit that took place on April. seventh, so four days before this is all alleged information, but brands There seem to believe this enough that this story has gotten passed a long time and time again, rain bob said: branson father bob said that on April eighth, branson told him a story and because of the seriousness and because of brands
tone. Bob believed it branson and told his dad hanging out with a neighbor. This guy is named jason. This is the day before, on April seventh and jason gave him a pill and then the who, in in sexual activity together Bob says he was furious because jason was older than branson and Bob fell based on what brand since reaction was and how he told the story that branson was victimized by this guy bob felt that jason, drugged his son and took advantage of bright. Bob said he was pretty sure that his son had homosexual tendencies and probably explored that during his life, but right it gets tricky, because, if you're taking a drug that you don't know how you're going to react to, how can you really be? How can you really
and consent to anything. If you don't know how you're going to react to a drug could have been, I even seen some throw around the word rape. In regards to the situation, I'm not going to pretend to know exactly what went down if I had you really think that there was drugs involved. I also know that branson wasn't adult at this time. He was won t and look branson could have been a victim here. Probably was I'm just pointing out that this is a man and little boy situation- this could have all been consensual or could have been predatory behaviour. And again, I think big. As bob seemed to believe this story and had took you know, took a big issue with this situation. we would be remiss to not mention it now either way. It's something that needs to be looked into and could be a solid lead for the sheriff's department
This is the Nottoway sheriff's office investigating the case by the way. The other lead that stems from this same story about the neighbor is Bob says to date. active it may be because of this event, branson needed to you know he may have been seeking some help from a friend brandon a long time friend a close friend that lived out of state. So maybe he went there. This now her story and then the out of state friend story. The share The office were made aware of both of these situations very early on and from everything I saw captain both were fully investigated and nothing im out of either of these possibilities. The other concern, too, is it at the time there was quite the drug problem going on in and around skidmore Missouri. During that general timeframe. Remember when
attempting to profile an offender you have to profile the victim, the area and the situation. We do have a psychic situation here. Captain and some people get weird about the psychic still going, but we like them, and it's our show so that you can do what you get your own show I say that their accurate. What were saying is that their interesting to to hear from from time to time well- and I think that the general problem that that the general public has with the psychic situations in these cases is the same thing. You know we echo this. We echo this concern. Is that sometimes a psychic, see vulnerable people, vulnerable people that are experiencing the loss of a loved one alive. and either missing or has been murdered, and the psychic will present themselves to the family right and then start. You know requesting money and things information, and these people are desperate for any type of help in some
situations, the family seeks out a psychic, so it does go there, other way. Sometimes I don't know what happened here, who sought out, who, I will say this branson's, father and mother extremely obvious to me and everyone else else out there. They love this kid and they were desperate answer so maybe they sought out the psychic, but regardless what happens here is the psychic says, you mom and dad. You know. I can see that your son has been murdered. He was torn. he suffered a long brutal torture before he was killed and the psychic used to go into details about what actually happened to branson because it didn't, they simply couldn't didn't, have the heart to tell the family
So then you wonder about this neighbor, but you also wonder about the town itself. Again, that's small we have. We have surrounding areas, and some of those people are not as open minded about sexuality. So is it? Is this possibly a hate crime, because psychic is saying that branson was to well, I think let's go ahead and give a description here, because this is a missing persons case. The case itself is classified as endangered missing foul play is strongly suspected in this case, and we will be getting into that more so, but branson is a white male. He was twenty At the time when he went missing, he would be forty years old to day he was five foot nine inches tall. One hundred
fifty five pounds athletic build, not a great clothing description, but it said that he was possibly wearing size. Thirty two shore a size, medium or large, t, shirt and necklaces with leather, trinkets or chains with some arrow. it's on them. A branson does have a medical condition, it's a racing heart condition and he is also allergic to penicillin. He has blonde hair blue eyes. He wears his hair. Typically short. Now he was a good looking kid and has a small faint scar on the upper part of his right cheek and a small scar on his left knee begin will post pictures on our instagram and twitter and facebook all right. This takes us to a weird part in this whole story. Captain it actually takes us to another investigation, not in
any way meant to be connected to branson's missing persons case about twenty years ago, and for several years the b, I ran a project called operation, candyman the very basic goals candy man was to identify and round up as many as possible pornography collectors, traders, sellers suppliers makers all from the internet, and I and pray that this is a continued thing just running under different names over the years, because a lot sick owes and a lot of potentially violent, dangerous sick. I was can be added and locked up using this method. This is the old pervert round up under cover star year, the old p, U s. So this operation leads to dozens of arrests when guarding they identify these computer perverts, They go to their homes, they go to their you know, through their things and, more importantly, through their computers and communications. So one of the city that
uncovered in this operation. Candy man is a man named Michael Adam davidson. This isn't thousand and two this perv was a mess. Student down in alabama. He would later please guilty to multiple charges of receiving and attempting to receive images of child pornography pleading guilty in federal court. His computer amongst some other really gross stuff. They found a child pornography, movie, mp3 and a short short snuff film, empty Three. They showed a man die out of an mp for davidson had communications. Another man that he thanked for the snuff film file. The man davidson thanked, frequently chat with davidson. Even calling the his mentor. This mentor told davidson and not such short way that he was a
sexual sadist and he had killed a number of boys, slash men, one of the stories this man discuss to be clear. These were discussions- and I promise I am not going to go through all of it. It's lengthy, it's disgusting and frankly, I don't want to have to say some of things that I have read and heard the man tells davidson when he was at the all marked the other day he spotted something that reminded him of something he had done now. This man is attempting to be cryptic says he was reminded of something that's missing. He says it was not really missing. It was just never returned. He said he had a great fondness in memories of it and said that the thing with most prey is: they are not worth looking for. It was a runaway or so told me, and they again are referring to pray. They are just throwaways. No one gives a shit.
This man chatting with davidson when he was talking- I'll something that wasn't really missing. It was just never return. It was determined that he was tall about seeing a missing persons flyer for branson perry at the walmart. Now again I'm going to keep this short, as there is a lot to this chat and it's vulgar really depraved stuff. So the short of it is, he picked it up. Hitchhiking on the interstate, it told him he was from Skidmore the two partied together drinking. and he gave it a pill, the combo of the pill and the drinking made it most compliant. He took it out to a remote location that the man called basically a campsite, stripped. It tied it to a tree.
and tortured it physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually until it begged him to kill it. This man said that these were activities that he had done before and his favorite part of these activities was breaking it. Afterward he said he burned all of the clothing and he was very descriptive about destroying the clothing and other evidence he even arrayed it. So the body would not flow or blowout and tossing the guts into a ditch in the body into deep water. He does the area simply as an ozarks overnight stay in it as an eighteen, our project, the f b. I tracked down this man- this was a fault in Missouri resident fault in is about two hundred, fifty
miles south east of skidmore and they did a search and seizure at the man's home work. Vacation property basically described as a campsite, with a trailer on it and his vehicle. they uncovered a plethora of child porn on his home and work camps. In bondage items. These are devices, some would say, torture, tools and devices. These were found in the trailer at the campsite. Of course, this man Is arrested and they are looking for evidence of any crimes this man may have committed, but specifically looking for evidence that he killed and concealed the body of branson perry. what they find in relation to the perry case is a leather necklace with beads and a turtle's claw, This is shown to branson's parents and his father says the necklace is identical to the one branson hat. So who is this man,
sir. Well, it's fifty nine year old business owner and resident a fault in Missouri. He is the owner operator of decker decker employment services in colombia, Missouri He also is an ordained presbyterian, lay minister and a boy scout leader, oh yeah, this Guy he's already been convicted on child porn charges before so how he was allowed to be involved with this church or the boy scouts. I have no, Clue no answers for you. There cap ninety reminds me a lot of buffalo bill like if you look at him just real quick. He doesn't look normal and looks. The deafening definitely can see the eu come on now and this individual back in the nineties. This man served a few months on child porn charges. This is jack wayne, rogers,
and his whole story will just get stranger and stranger and I'll read some of this here captain this is from CBS news out of columbia, Missouri. a former church minister and boy scout leader who cut off another man's genitals and a make if the gender reassignment surgery in a hotel, room, pled guilty to first degree, assault and practicing. listen without a license jack we rogers aged fifty nine, a fault Missouri admitted he performed the grizzly operation. The judge followed the recommendation of prosecutors sentencing rogers to seven. years in prison for assault and seven years for the illegal surgery. The prison time is to run concurrently with a thirty year sentence handed to rogers after he pled guilty to child pornography and obscenity charges. Rogers promised the victim,
he remove his genitals and a four hour operation that time passed, complications developed and bleeding refused to stop. The victim says she didn't feel like them at first, but change your mind after prosecutors presented her with rogers chequered criminal history, peppered with allegations of cannibalism and a pornographic collection that included photographs of several genitals quote. I didn't know his motivation when I went into it. She said, I was under a lot of emotional stress and it seemed like there was no alternative. Rogers public defender said she advise her client to plead guilty to avoid further prison. Time quote he is getting concurrent. Time she said. If he had gone to trial. He very well could have gotten consecutive time. He is still being investigated, and the torture and killing of skidmore man, branson perry who disappeared in April, two thousand and one
least search of rogers property turned up that necklace that we already mentioned belonging to france and perry. While we know he's a piece of shit right, we know he's capable of doing this. and his name gets thrown around and light. If I'm hearing you correctly at some point, that jack was telling somebody. This is what I did confessing to somebody that this is what I did to branson. Yes, yes, now, after he's arrested for these child pornography, charges that what led them to this illegal surgery that this man performed was he had photos and evidence of it on his computers. And so you know you can't just be performing surgeries, and so they were able to charge him not only with the child pornography charges, but this illegal surgery that could have Add to this individual's death
this man's. Not a doctor he's performing this surgery, where there's going to be a lot of blood in a hotel room and a sick. Is this into individual sounds jack wayne rogers from what he is chatting about and chat rooms and, of course, the nasty stuff found on his computers. Weird and strange, and he describes himself as a sexual sadist, that poor individual, that so damn desperate to to change their life, to alter their life could have not being severely victimized by this man. in the end, captain rogers has denied killing branson perry and he's charged with any in relation to branson disappearance. Here, in his writings and discussions were works of fiction fantasies. That lived out online and, frankly, I don't know what's more disgusting. The most disgusting thing, obviously, is the idea
Maybe he actually did all or some of what he said he did, but even if he didn't What is more appalling, the idea that he has these fantasies and acts and lives them out online or the fact that a bunch of other want to sit around and listen to it. Brands mother attend jack wayne rogers trial every chance she got. She begged him to tell her where he hid. Branson's remains. He offered no answers. So where does the case stand today, thirdly, branson's father bob died in two thousand and four and his mother Becky died in two thousand and eleven. Branson has never been located in since mother's obituary, it is noted that her son branson, perry, predeceased her. So even though no remains have been found, Becky who had come.
sir, and knew that she was going to pass, went to her grave, knowing in her heart that branson was dead. Of course, as said earlier foul play is suspected in this case. That's law enforcement stance. Now where the case stands today and why I back, he put in her oh bitch aware he chose to put in her. Oh bitch wary that her son branson pre deceased, her will be quite clear, to fill in some more blanks here go for. There is a man tired, sheriff the sheriff that worked the case at the time. this would be not away county share of Ben espy and if you could take a mouse, of clay and moldy into a sheriff. This is what you would get. This guy was born to be a sheriff I see this guy in interviews? He's got that cold dark, air? When he's asked a dumb question,
by some reporter this and is all business all the time. He knew that branson's mother Becky was dying. This was a battle with cancer and it was coming to the end. He wanted to offer her some kind of answers before she left this earth And he said luck. It is my job to investigate these cases. I, however, don't make a rest. I dont prosecute people. It's the prosecutors to tell me who to arrest and who to convict in court, yea the evidence, good said suspects and keep it and this lead with jack wayne rogers that look very, very promising. This is in a couple years into the investigation sheriff of sp said
basically what was going on was we were. We were going to follow every lead they came in air. septa came in especially jack wayne rogers that all needs to be looked at. It all needs to be sorted out, but he said you know what at the very any very early on in this case, we knew what happened anson. We knew who was responsible. We just couldn't put together the evidence A lot of that was not being able to locate and over the remains to bring forth charges on some individuals. It were responsible, sb points out back to the drug problem. At the and he says, look unfortunately, branson perry was no angel. He was not a saint. He was a good kid, but later in life, he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. And he was involved in some of the drug manufacturing and pedal
that was going on at the very local small level in the area at the time, ass is on record. After being tired, saying that. branson perry was shot in the head and he was buried somewhere and he said that too people. At least two people are responsible for the murder of branson perry and he believes in has evidence that will show that nine, approximately nine and people are if involved or aware, or or know exactly what went down with branson's case. These are all all people on the local level, the everything back to the small town of skidmore Missouri and over the captain they gone to several locations and done these excavating digging looking for The remains- and I really think
if they would have had those remains they could have brought this thing to court. But again, this murder is all at the local well, it's not from some sicko that lived in Fulton Missouri, it's all about the drug trade in the drugs that were being trafficked in the local area of skidmore Missouri and again the sheriff's department knows who is responsible for young man's murder. They have even gone so far to say that Not only do we know who's responsible, we know who else is involved. We know that buried at some point and we also have evidence in reason to believe that at some point they were and moved the body we bought so said they can collect enough evidence to brain torches against these yeah and sheriff been ass, said. Look he he had to Give this information to branson's mother before she was passing, and
He believed that, even though they couldn't bring charges against these individuals that they owed her the truth as the evidence and as their investigation showed the truth to them, jacquin rogers, although not involved, in this case other than being kind of a side story it's in because of his sick fantasies that he's living online he's an older man he's probably about seventy five years of age and if my couch, agents are right, he's about ten, maybe twelve years left on that thirty year sentence, so, hopefully he'll die still with the status of a federal inmate, but because, but because of his actions and his fantasies and for the sake of the communities and just public safety, in general, the feds. better, make sure that he serves every minute of that thirty.
Your sentence join us here in the garage tomorrow for another case, cheers to you, colonel cheers. You can cheers everybody out their join us back here in the garage tomorrow until then be good, be kind
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