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Brice Rhodes /// Part 1 /// 493

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Brice Rhodes /// Part 1 /// 493

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Brice Rhodes has been a major thorn in the side of the Kentucky Courts for the last five years. He is accused of three homicides. All three cases were quickly and easily linked to Brice as the perpetrator with a mountain of evidence against him in all three cases. But he is yet to be convicted. This week we review the crimes and the investigation that made the arrest and try to understand why this loser is not currently scheduled for his date with a lethal injection.

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you'll love it and that, as they say, is enough of the business everybody gather round. Grab a chair grab a beer. Let's talk some true crime, the hello. You call from Did you ever seen counting metro government aid yo, you yourselves formal case? Maybe the lechner impossibly used or investigative purposes give you
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I stolen cocaine for your your white coffee, Mister world, fully concentrated. Never most control. Cars won't be big. I can't go cooper, voice, fo, interesting, that, for my voice know your client careful, but it it'll be the first time when our betrayal south beach friend I'm coming home nickel, my tank, I'm coming home niko, is my champ. By now her traditional spanish nico. When I was free to come back, you make a tight fucking bitch, smack your nigger nigger. Oh call me I'm a star. Oh, I guess gushing like a star bro, look at the stars to see my reflection, reflection and then had the pumpkin checking because mumble when they mentioned me Olmert, even if they offer me a century of minute brief for gun at the penitentiary. Just give me space when I come off your bike, the individual hurting. Today's trailer is certified pos and struggle rubber rambo. His real name is bryce jamar roads, and that is him, cooling,
a jail cell as he is awaiting trial and someone was dumb enough to pay nine dollars and ninety nine cents for this call and any event more bizarre act of brazen lack of human decency, and passion for the community of Louisville. Some not nick put this phone call up on youtube and posted free bryce roads. No thank you now. One does not need to have too much of an imagination to understand the phrase struggle wrapper, but because the earth in dictionary, is equal parts, brilliance and hilarity. Here is there. definition a struggle opera is a guy who takes wrapping super seriously and thinks he is amazing, but his actual skills are average at We all know a couple, and now, unfortunately, you know one more.
but as much as we all would like for it to be. This is not a hip hop show. In fact, they tell me that it is a true crime show so captain, let's go back five years: This is may of two thousand and sixteen and beautiful louisville kentucky where we have two young brothers living with their mom Marie wren. The boys, Larry ordway age, fourteen a marine, gordon aged sixteen had different fathers, but shared a brotherly bond in a close relationship with their mother they, in many respects normal kids, who like to have fun and hang out with their friends boys were doing well in school at olmsted academy, north and the family was can forward to both boys upcoming graduation from the eighth grade, but instead of graduating from the eighth grade and moving on to bigger and better things in high school. Marie would be planning their funerals,
on Saturday may, twenty first, according to the boy's mother, maurice and Larry left the home and they never came back. But these two young men, their fourteen and sixteen and their hanging out with bright, which is in his. twenties. At this point on play may 22nd. This is around one thousand. Two hundred and thirty p dot m a little girl riding her bike in the shawnee neighborhood of louisville salsa awful. Two bodies were lying in a circle of burned. Grass bandit law on river park, DR near fourteenth street. This was not the neighborhood where the boys lived with their mother. To give you flavour flavor for the area one residents add to double l k. Why shelly to see the csi truck. I knew it was something a little bit more serious than just people being shot with police the arson unit responded to this scene because of the
amd being made to burn the bodies, it was a pair to anyone who saw the bodies that they were murdered, victims, witness is described. The scene is horrific, one. Officer was seen shaking his head as he covered the bodies with a sheet because it was apparent to him young. These victims were crime scene investigators determined that the those were murdered elsewhere and then dumped in this law the body. had no id on them. The police, had no reports of missing teens in the area. Police issued a statement that Thirteen males were found dead in foul play was evident. They release sketches of the victims on Monday night Actually, member of the boys school, then The sketches They knew both brothers Larry. Maurice these. two brothers did not come
the school on that monday. So this faculty member called it in to police on may twenty. Fourth: It was reported that a louisville woman had come forward to claim the bodies found as her sons but the victims. names were not released until may. 26Th the mom. marie ran in the boys. The victims were larry and Marie her two sons, sorts their mom, It's going to be told, I believe, on tuesday that it's possible that her boys were found and found, area yeah. This is a weird situation captain, because it's one of those rare situations where People go missing their killed, thereby these are found and recovered and is until a couple days later that their claimed by I family members in this case being their mother, but they were never reported missing at any time.
Yeah! I don't want to throw her under the bus, but when your kids don't show to school on monday, and they don't come back home sunday, night or or monday at what point? Are you going call them in missing yourself. when missing school. That monday, Marie the mother, told the media that she learned that the two bodies were found. They could be her. boys. She learned this on that tuesday. They had left the house with friends on Saturday night, that's a long period for you now now, where your kids are exactly. You have to wonder if this was up right, thing in the household to just not know where the kids were, what they we're up to Maurice said in an interview, KO everybody knows them: they got killed over nothing larry played football and he was an honor roll and school and maurice loved music. He was to the music industry, and they were great kids. They didn't take from nobody. She added
she pleaded with anyone who might know anything about the case to please come forward now take a step back here, captain and look at what was going on in maurice and Larry's lives at the time that they first go missing and then, unfortunately, later found to be murdered. Victims We said the boys behave themselves at school and were both considered to be very good. Students, we're in the eighth grade at arms, stead, academy, north and teach who spoke about them said that they were in fact good kids, but behind the scenes I think it's a whole bit of a difference or here, and I'm not saying that they weren't good kids by what I am saying is we do now Larry and maurice were running around with a bad crowd one also you're saying they're in the same grade one. Fourteen and one sixteen it's not
weird to me that that jumped off the page as well. For me captain- and it's not clear to me why that is is what it is, but that is in fact the case or was the case five years ago I was just to be clear. We don't were not trying to bash these victims were destroying to state that the the surroundings this the environment they were in and I'm still on the eighth grade as well here captain. So I cannot those in glass houses ripe, so here's a woke from one of the detectives working. The case said quote when you have young kids that are in their early teens, I mean you can have really good kids and they get thrown in with the same crowd with a bad crowd. This is this could happen to any kid. This is from homicide, detective todd kiss. this- is what he told the CBS news down there in Louisville Kentucky. All it takes is
you'd be hanging out with the wrong crowd for a week for a couple days. bad. Things can happen when you're hanging out with bad people and bad things I been quick. My point is: doesn't matter there are hanging out with the wrong crowd for two years or two days. Bad stuff can happen. I have a credo that I've lived my life by if you hang out with bad people, our round bad things and do bad things long enough something Add will happen to you. It's it's just how things go now. It's you it larry and maurice got caught up in the sort of Gangster lifestyle that looks glamorous to some kids- their social media pages, are filled with photos of the two boys posing with automatic weapons and assault rifles. Smoking cigars amounts of cash, and you know trying to cool, I guess for the the camera, that is
the thing is. It's pretty clear that their mother well, she knew what the boys were up to in their free time. She knew that they were hanging out with a bad crowd. She knew that they were doing things that were these unsavory things on camera. and then putting these videos gather on their social media pages. And we know that she knew this because she is in some of the pictures with them. Holding guns in a tough look pose and is even posing with her little daughter and all blue clothing and flags and such centres yeah and then she went on to tell w d are be dot com quote, sons were trying to earn stripes in the blood gang and they and to put in work if they didn't put in war, they were knocked off That's why they were knocked off because they were scared to put in the work and quote now lay Marie backtrack, saying it was all a front
so her boys could seem cool and her mom. This would be the mother, Debbie rent, told the media that the guns in the photos were just toys. I don't know either way I'm going to go with the grandmother. Give her. The benefit of the doubt and say that maybe they were toys, but either way it's it's it's. What are you find to. Are you trying to achieve by posting? pictures like that. Well, exactly It's not something that I want to see, but I have to remind myself. I was a teenager and I did some dumb stuff in my teens. cheers yeah we've done. We both have done some I think I think most people do, or at least that's what I tell myself to feel better about myself, one also it would seem to me. I'm assuming that they're being raised in a house by a single mother, so I didn't know that growing up. I don't know what
would be like and a lot of kids in these types of environments feel like going with a gang. Sometimes like there's no option. If you don't go with the gang Then every gang is out to get you so at of if you team, up with somebody somebody's protecting you well, think what we're going to see here and something you pointed out earlier captain these are young impressionable boys who or hanging out with an adult that they should not be hanging out with an they're being led by this guy and Led down the wrong path and that's for certain now, according to the courier journal, what they of the mother said quote: she came under attack on social media, for photos of her sons holding guns on her facebook page, which referenced a gang. Her family insists that the tea,
and work in a gang and we're just pretending to be tough. End quote so: rigour whatever the truth is clear. That murray did know who boys were hanging out with, and this was in fact the wrong crowd. and one loser in particular was twenty five year old, aspiring rapper bow as he called himself better As bryce wrote, both boys. appeared in rainbows music videos with references to gun, sex and violence the boys. bought rambo, was going to make them thing. As he got famous he told them his music videos would make them stars eventually and he bought them clothes and food and wood. Have them ride around with him in his car, but then they, like listen to his music again, they're, teenagers they They are very lonely natures either there just not make
good decisions. I listen to the first line of that rap. He he in prison? He said he's going to the jewelry hey, I'm going to the jeweler bro yeah yeah you're not but you're, not and you can say whatever you want to say, but jeanette a maybe he is going to like the prison jeweler. Maybe there's a prison, handcuffs or jewelry in this guy's mind that this all a he's, a baller right. in your right. That's funny that you say that it did. They listen to his music and good yeah. I'm just not a fan of mumble rap in general. When the rapper sounds like they're, just mumbling yeah or or the ones that are just that, it's all braggadocio is there's no there's no story. There's no rhyme or reason to me. It's nonsense, and an
say that I'm a hip hop fan, I mean I like tupac biggie. I, like Jay Z, I like most def black, thought the beastie boys I feel like Guys are at least saying something: they're, not just mumbling mound there's good kinds of music and bad kinds of music. You know in all genres and the thing is again remember This dude is twenty five. Therefore fourteen Sixteen I remember when I was fourteen. There was a couple Dudes, I hung out with simply because they had a car. And in hindsight these guys were idiots that were that I was hanging out with simply be they had a car, so you can only imagine what they're the hocus pocus. He's putting on these young dudes. You know, five he's. Gotta car he's got tattoos saint, hey, I'm good famous he's probably lying about who he is to them, making self seem bigger and more important than what he actually is and they
they're young, they don't know any better. They believe him and so they're tagging along they're along for the ride, so to speak. Alright, but that's why he's hanging out with fourteen and sixteen year old kids, he can't nobody, he can impress, anybody his own age, so he's a guy. I got am press these kids. Now, while we are on the subject of them hanging out with bryce roads, we have their mother on record saying the following about bryce. He goes through the neighborhoods and he just picks up teenagers. He see and ask them you want to sell this. You want to sell that he kept sneak in in picking up my sons, bribe them with designer clothes and shoes. He would even them out to eat, buy them food, her mother sounds like a pedo, is. He sounds like to me. That's true I mean think about how many of these serial killer p now that we ve talked about
go around. The neighborhood find the our kids and go hey. You want some beard who wants a marrow wanna? Do you owe you some new sneakers? I can help you out the guy down in texas dean corll the a whole lifestyle out of that for for years, and then he was a shitty rapper too yesterday, as he was the grandmother debbie who, who I am a big fan of you know, if we're going to be picking sides here and getting people's back here, I will I want to be upfront. Not that I'm a fan of Debbie Ren's shit is on record saying the same thing about bright, he lured her words hurt he lord. These kids and by buying them shoes taking them to the mall, taking them out to eat, and she says yeah. He was predator hold on I'm going to defend the mama a little bit, because here's what we're so quick to do this
These kids were in a bad situation that mom didn't know what was going on. Look at this age. Fourteen and sixteen polly, probably bigger than their mom. The. higher than their mom. She can't physically control them can't may be physically tom not to do this or not do that. I don't know that. That's the case here right, but what I'm saying is it's, never mention in the story, is where the hell with the both of these boys, father you know so does not put the that's not put too much weight. to their mom cuz cause they're their fathers that obviously weren't, helping keeping these kids better environments. It's it's on him as well? Well, the mother went so far as to say that rambo used young kids to do his dirty work on the streets and by the time her boys discovered how dangerous he really was. She says it was too late So Marie told the police that this is what happened.
Bryce, brice roads and too other teenagers, came and picked up her two sons on Saturday night. They were going to a party. This is They told her we're going to a party on Sunday. She called one of the phones one your phones looking for that because they didn't come home, she didn't know it, but they were actually already dead at this point, one the teenage boys that was with bryce, In her, two sons answered one of her sons, phones and he. He at the time happened to be in the car with bryce. and he said to this tina, your tells Marie that we went to the store and we'll be right back. oh Marie knows not only bryce roads by name, but also knows the names of both of these teenagers that arrived with him to pick up her sons on that saturday. There
they don't come home, Sunday she's calling their phones one of teenagers picks up, gives an excuse and now. We still have two teenagers who have not come home right, but at that moment you call cops who and he didn't say, look my sons were was to be with these two gentlemen: are these Gentlemen, my band and that's what you do my son's left with an adult and come home like they were supposed to I'm calling this in because it's a it's an issue and so on, with this information. This is what she tells the police once the bodies were found now two and a half weeks before maurice and Larry were killed there was another murder in Louisville and why it was unsolved at the time that her two sons went missing media reports, said that on may fourth around around thirty a m
forty year old christopher Jones was found, having been shot in the torso in the eight block of south forty first street now ex arrived on the scene and try to save christopher jones, but he died dirt. Surgery at university hospital just after four thirty, a m This was the city's thirty eighth, the of that year, when, Louisville metro police spokesperson reported this to the media the following afternoon. He said There were no suspects at that taught okay. So what This has to do with our too. teenage victims well in the horse of their investigation, the lou, they'll pity investigation into bryce roads after getting his name from the mother police. Gotta stay meant from one of roads. Accomplices
at maurice and Larry were in the vehicle when Brice rhodes shot christopher jones so this unsolved homicide for may. Fourth, there now information that two other murder victims were in a car with this I wrote character when he went brice rhodes, shot and killed christopher jones And now a word from our sponsor better help. It's my favorite Sponsor it's the one I use most often it's. What changed? My life so dramatically mental is so important and something that we need to be discussing every day you need to invest time
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EL p, dot com, slash garage, I love better help, you're going to love better help. I know you will check. better help, dot com, slash garage today. Why were back you filthy animals, cheers cheers gap now. If you are in Louisville p d, if you're detective working one or both of these homicide cases, you have an interesting situation here now, don't you because you have some telling you that these murders might all be connected and Our point here might be this bryce roads. Guy right, we now have information that he shot and killed this christopher jones.
And we are now getting information that our two other murder victims were in the vehicle with Brice Rhodes, when he shot and killed christopher jones Will the media sit around thinking? Where can we find I wrote that well The local jewelry store yeah, of course, bro. The interest thing. Here too, is this: information is coming with a certain amount of weight, a certain of weight backing it up makes it even more believable because there was another accomplice also We now have a motive of why this fourteen and sixteen year old are dead. The motive being that He killed this guy and their witnesses or accomplices and and somehow, then bryce decided that they need to be taken care of. so the accomplice was
Following behind bryce roads, Anne Marie some Larry, who were in a vehicle following behind them in another vehicle. This a ran over jones body by accident after Christopher Jones was shot. A roads, told larry and marie according to the accomplice that bryce sold larry and maurice not to tell anyone about the shooting and then took them home. That's the night of may fourth, ok, so this reversal of it. Some bryce pulls up with the two teenage boys in his car he pulls up on this guy. He gets out of his car shoots the shoots the guy his accomplices behind him. I think the drive by okay but then The car behind him was bryce's, but and he ran over the victim
act, he ran over Christopher just say. So When police arrive, they find this man shot and run over he's still alive. but he's you know not able to speak or tell them anything right? And they rush him off to the hospital where they tried desperately to save this guy. But, fortunately, were unable to do so. Brice rhodes after the shooting he have Where's tells larry and marine not to tell anyone about the shooting about the murder and then take them home the two teenagers that they're just kids I mean at the end of the day, rig less of what they were doing: good bad or in between they're, just kids and They probably didn't know, even if they were told this is what go down tonight.
They may not have even believed it until they saw it until they experienced it. These kids are terrified now. and he's just dropping them off at their house So it seems that this might be. The real life shocker wake up call to the fourteen and sixteen year old boys that hey this it is real and the things, have real consequences and look to what happened to this? Individual that was for all. We know just walking down the street mining there, business and gets gunned down and then unfortunately ran over one. Now you have proof that this twenty five year old, you're hanging out with his complete ship bag and so cable and you just saw what he did. So, if he's gay of doing that to this guy he's capable of doing To you, ten member of your family, you got you got me
stop with the wrong crowd. Well course. Now he's dropping them off at home and they are terrified their frightened and now brow roads. Concern then becomes that Well, maybe these two kids are going tell someone, maybe we're going to tell their mom, maybe they're, going to tell their grandmother, maybe they're going to tell people at school or even the police right to double down cool down. I guess on the tragedy. Larry and they're dead three weeks of this christopher since being shop now Christopher Jones being shot wasn't there put down on him or something something like that. we'll we'll get into that cuz, it's a little more complicated than that what we have here. Captain is once the mother, tells police about this bryce roads in everything that she seems to know at the time and that boys were last to be seen with him.
The police they started, look Four bryce wrote and he had a record and not yet, just on police record, he had a police record with louisville pd so we'll go through some of his background here. He had been convicted twice of assault for time. Of domestic violence and for violating the terms of his probation but importantly, roads was wanted in nearby indiana on domestic abuse charges in clark county. now, Indiana authorities had been look. Four bryce roads for about six months at this time in our timeline, He was also on probation in the india and accounting for domestic assault for incidents in two thousand thirteen in two thousand and fourteen louis,
the word he's had a reason to find an arrest, bryce roads, so oh that's the avenue we are going to pursue right. We've only heard this information from people that we don't know, they are credible or not. We don't really have anything to go out and arrest this guy on, but oh He already has a worn out form by this other jurisdiction. And he's on probation. So we got some leverage here, so it's to be the clark county, andy authorities that will go out looking for bryce roads, not to not is to serve their warrants and arrest him, but so to help out the louisville police department and it we took them, thankfully, a couple of days to find bryce roads and bring this guy in. in the meantime pearly. The courier journal, newspaper quote: homicide
active track down, one of the two alleged teen age accomplices. This was fifteen year old and want carter and began interviewing him, while searching for the twenty five year old, bryce rhodes, their prime suspect. Police also arrested. Another accomplish this is decorum taylor, age. Seventeen, They started interviewing these juveniles to amass evidence against twenty five bryce wrote. What do we see and hear captain this loser, bryce who's he running around with catch all those ages. Fourteen one thousand and sixteen and 17th no friends now. Thank you, I really think he's a pedo would be interested to hear them to hear these juveniles, talk about the other things and.
I wouldn't put it past them as being a you're starting to convince me here. I'd efforts, First, I thought. Well, that's an interesting. Take makes sense we've seen it in other cases neighborhoods throughout time yeah. Something that happens. You might be do something here, captain so on tuesday may twenty. Fourth, please spotted roads vehicle on preston highway. They arrested him on the outstanding warrant in indiana and were able to hold him while they worked gather evidence in the larry, maurice murder cases and they slapped him with additional urges stemming from an attack on his own mother, apparently, bryce's mother alleged that bryce grabbed her by the neck and punched her in the temple. As she attempt to unload groceries his team
age sister called the police, but at that time this would be back in two thousand fourteen. They did not, asked bryce roads this for unknown reasons? Why, sir? This is what drives me insane. Sometimes, with these cases yo. abs, his mom by the throat punched her in the temple and we arrest this dick canoe right, like Maybe if we would arrested him there, maybe will, if, if we got him on these other charges? These men, this would have never taken place. That's certainly, possible again. I don't know the reasons why he was not arrested that day. So I don't want to. I don't want to point blame at anybody here. in a later interview, his mouth Bryce rhodes, mother said bryce has mental issues and has not been taking his medication he allegedly killed maurice and Larry. She said that she was out of town at the time.
going to come back to be important, not so much the medication thing or his mental issues or whatever, but more so that she was out of town at the time of the murder. these two young boys, so let's go through a little more of bryce roads, background and criminal history. Here, the clerk the indiana prosecutor. This is jeremy. Mall was enter by the media and was very forthcoming about bryce's police criminal record He reeled off roads, previous convictions, which include armed robbery, criminal fine meant demand. Dick assault and fell. Intimidation. He as a registered sex offender there you go captain in indiana anarchy. This would be for confinement charge, which involved in under age victim, I don't have
don't look at eight. I don't have the information. If this under age victim was male or female, either way he's still a pillow. And then here's a quote from the when I go to the crook when I go to the jewelry store, I'm a paedo, here's a from the prosecutor quote, he's been, probation they're talking about price roads. Obviously he has been good. All the resources of the taxpayer to turn his life around. If he wanted to do that, unfortunately, he just can used to accrue new crime, so everyone is, there was a virtually, unfortunately he's just a giant pile of shit through. yeah you're right that this seems like a very polite way too, to word this about a bryce roads. Now, number that we said the police had arrested some teenage accomplices of bryce roads and one of these accomplices told police that he along with more recent larry witnessed the
chipper jones, shooting okay, another was the the boy, the young man. That said he accidently ran over jones after the shooting, so Well, bryce rhodes had multiple teen accomplices. do we know how these accomplices came forward to that They come forward. It wasn't difficult because what you have is you have the the mother telling police after her sons are found dead right, but it wasn't. difficult, because we have the mother telling police look. My boys left with Brice Rhodes, carter and jack, retailer? So what happens in captain. Is they go well? Let's go, for these three guys and ask them when's the last time they saw Maurice and Larry ray when you go, especially when you have young offenders
You have an won't carter whose only fifteen you have to korea, taylor, whose only seventeen you go. To them. You put your turn. The up a little bit and usually you start getting information from these. These young guys corner. We know you want to turn your boyfriend bryce in because if you don't we're going to charge you as an adult and you're going to have many more boys In your life, why that's exactly what's going to happen so What we have here is both very quickly tell the Yes, I I was with bright and I was with the the other young man, and we did in fact pick up maurice and Larry at night. So this is. The information they got from the mother is now being backed up by these young people carter and corey taylor. I also wonder how much again you get stop your running around with people
No, and I know- and I I say from my own experience of hunger, with the wrong crowd? And I learned pretty quickly when, when picks you up and then all of a sudden you're around the situation. You never thought you're supposed to be around. You know you can do some s house and next thing. You know, there's a bunch of drugs on the table and that's not you don't feel comfortable or There's drugs on the table and there's guns around and you're. Go and you're, the youngest guy in the room there's situations. that sometimes you didn't even know you're you're getting into The problem with the bad crowd- well there's any young people out there listening and you haven't. find yourself in a situation. I know it is comfortable and it doesn't. It doesn't seem easy, but leave that's the best. you can do if you go all the sudden you're like. Oh, my god,
Who am I hanging out with what's going on all this stuff before. I thought they were joking yeah or never again. Once you get back home, never again, I I say get out of there as soon as you can there. Soon as you can- difficult. You I meant I remember hanging out with, if voter guys and we went to apartment and right before into the apartment. Tommy, don't look the guy, I want what Don't look at the guy yeah just who is he medusa look at the ground and, as I look, ground they're like well. He doesn't know you so he's going to be uncomfortable or why why the are we going there if this guy can't look at the guy in the face and he's going to be so uncomfortable that some most teenagers are dumb. I was a dumb teenager sleep. Why are we going there when we don't know? ask any of those guys today, the yeah I don't know why we went there, but what
I have here. Captain is they're gonna, be looking for all three of these individuals that are named by the mom when they do pick them up. We have the younger to saying yes in fact I was there. Bryce did pick them up that on that saturday. So now they they have nobody else telling them that maurice and Larry ever went anywhere else at any point right and they're going to know roughly about what time or what day that the boy were killed because we have a short window to work with here. found relatively quickly, and Have them telling police just enough just enough to keep them going so police are going to go. You know what we don't have any confessions here. We don't I have a huge amount of evidence, but we got all three. these people putting themselves with the victims around the time that we believe that they were murdered, so we're going charge you guys. Why are we?
the charge all three of you, because we're hoping that once we crank up the heat, play the pressure. One of you was come to your senses and start talking to other speed is making your car rattle if he knew more of a true crime garage music. All available or most of it's available on spotify apple music. soundcloud cloud and pretty much anywhere. You get your music and it's free
The stream so check those out and join us back here in the garage tomorrow. Until then be good, be kind and don't want.
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