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Brittanee Drexel /// Part 1 /// 217

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Brittanee Drexel /// Part 1 /// 217

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Every parent tells their child to be careful. Every parent has to tell their child no. But children do not always listen to mom and dad. In fact sometimes they ignore their parents. Then kids grow up and may rebel from time to time. This is a story of an otherwise good kid that defied her parents by going out of town. Sneaking off with friends almost a thousand miles from home. A vacation from which she does not return. This week we discuss the investigation and circumstances regarding the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel. Beer of the Week - Kiwi Peach Sourlina by Firehouse BreweryGarage Grade - 3 & 1/2 bottle caps out of 5

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the spring break week, who does not love spring break its a beloved right, a passage routines and colleges guys and girls, but we the blog some steam and have a little fun away from the pressures of parents and school. Maybe
in advance or to a beach or a party town for drinking, loud, music and dancing. One big party, a great place to go for spring break is myrtle beach, of course, myrtle beach, south carolina. This is one of the most popular spring break destinations because of its beautiful beaches, great, whether freight bars and clubs, millions of tourists and vacation is go to myrtle beach each year. The population is only about thirty thousand people, so the in flux during the poor parts of the year, especially spring break, is vast. Most seventeen year olds would jump at the chance to spend spring break and myrtle beach with friends, and that is apparently just what brittany dreadful did. She took off with a group of girls to the south carolina party, town, eight hundred and fifty miles from home and within three days she began
I am an endangered missing persons. Let's talk about brittany directs or brittany was a stars your player at her high school in rochester new york, where she was a junior. She was five foot tall and about a hundred pounds, so she is small girl, but one of her best friends, casey, said that she was a ford, to be reckoned with. On the soccer field, bringing also modelling and visions and was also study and costs metalogy. She loved to experiment with hair, make up and clothes, and she was very particular about her appearance now. Looking into this case, we ve both seen pictures of her with different hair style,
and different colors one thing about brittany was that she was blind in her right. I this is due to pee hpv and she wore content. That made both eyes well for lack of better explanation by myself. Look the same. You know kept one eye from wandering when spring break started in April, two thousand and nine brittany was a junior gates. Chile, high school in rochester, brittany, was at a sort of a difficult place in our personal life. For one thing her. Mother dawn was in the midst of a of getting a divorce from her stepfather Chad. Brittany was very close with her. father and he had been married to brittany, mom for quite a while her mother's house, where brittany lived with her younger siblings. This is marisa in camden, while the house was under foot closure and the family was gone. Have to move,
britney's relationship with her long time. Boyfriend John Greco was so in turmoil and was on again off again. Brittany had recently been diagnosed with depression and started, taking antidepressants, also wrong this time we're talking two thousand and eight two thousand and nine. There is some the occasion that brittany had recently exhibited some unstable behaviour. Chad directs all the stepfather said that she had been sleeping, lay and skipping school. An investigation discovery while they reported that she had actually overdosed on p, killers, although there are no reports that she was suicide, and her family and friends flat out deny that she would run away or want to hurt herself so
later. Learn that brittany plan to go on spring break with her friends and she desperately wanted to go. However, captain well, there was a big problem with britney's plan right. Yes, she wasn't sam permission My parents to go. That's right. Brittany had been bugging her mother for weeks about the spring break trip, because, but Mom dawn refuse to let her go apparently spring break in myrtle beach was some sort of senior class tradition at her high school, and on this particular year's spring break April. Two thousand and nine there were a bunch of kids from rochester going. So brittany, as we said, was just a jew here you know this is a senior tradition. Her muff did not know this group of older girls that brittany wanted to travel with but allowed, when your drew near you have allowed senior friends, so you want to experience some of the senior idas with them,
while her mother dawn was not comfortable with her seventeen year old daughter being so far from home unsupervised hanging out, partying like most parents would don said no. The too far about their say: it was a shouting match, but dawn stood her ground chad, dreadful, backed up his wife. Brittany was upset about this and she would ask John to drive her to a friends house So on Wednesday night this is April. Twenty second brittany took off with her friend the south carolina anyway, this of course, without telling her parents, in fact she and her friends came up. with a ruse to throw her mother off Brittany called home and asked her mom if, instead, she could spend a few days at a friends house near by and rochester, one of britney's friends got on the phone, with dawn in dawn, thought that she was talking to a parent after being released
that brittany was going to stay local and to stay with local friends and parents would be present, dawn, told brittany. Yes, you can stay at your friends house for a few days, but of course, we now know that was not apparent and brittany wasn't staying local. She actually hop. in a car with some girl friends and went to myrtle beach. That's wednesdays and correct, while unmoral beach, brittany, cap the room with her mom texting daily and even spoke on the phone with her at least once that we know of and bring Never let on that she was actually in south carolina hunt, of miles from home. Instead told her mom that she and her friends were watching movies and hanging out some one else. Brittany was in constant contact with was her boyfriend John,
greco. So John was aware that britain he was going on this trip and that she had told him she needed to get away. She needed, from the regular everyday life member. We said parents are splitting up in might be, lose the home, so a lot of stress is at home and you go into your senior year. So it almost seems like it'd make a little more sense in our life, and maybe she wouldn't struggle with it so much once she graduated high school, but the fact that it's gone into her senior year, her know we're going to have to move. My parents aren't together anymore. That's a lot to take. and going into your senior year, and I want to be clear here because we're going to you know we're gonna have some people say well you're talking about her mother and her step father splitting up, but I want to point out the obvious here is that her stepfather's name is Chad. Drexel britney's name is He dreadful she was very right, but I'm
what I'm pointing out is that this is not a. This is more of a father, daughter relationship than a step, father daughter relationship of that just to be clear on this good for him for stepping up well- and I want to point that out- because there's the there would be more heart ache for young brittany in matter than a typical. You know my mom's getting adore divorce from my stepfather situation, so John, her boyfriend is where that britney's going on this trip, as we said, but he and he's not sir about her going. He just thought this was a short trip. She was actually checking in with him regularly. He says that she asked him go along with her to south carolina, but he could not because he had a work. it or John says that he did not know because Britain, he never told him about all of the people. She was hanging out with down in mortal beach and
of course, not well in later, he adds you know, and I think this shows a bit of his honesty he's he's he answered look. I would not have been happy if I wouldn't know who she was hanging. within how much she was hanging out with these other people and I, We can assume the sheet he's talking about guys right You know he says. Had I known this, I would have been pretty upset with her brittany and her friends arrived immortal beach on thursday April twenty third, we know the name of some of the people that brittany was with all of these. Moreover, over eighteen years old, the girl. she travel to myrtle beach with and stayed with work a lot of labour and jennifer over girls also either travelled with or met up with, a group of guys from rochester. This is including Phil Ober. Ok, so he is jennifer's brother. but also a lawn as boyfriend.
And then we have this other guy in his name's. Very tough. For me to say it's it's ogre, OZ, turk, that can, I think I got pretty close on the oz turks right. This is jennifer's friend. There are some other guys there is well. All of these people were older than brittany. The girl stayed at the bar harbour hotel on north ocean boulevard. This is right off of the main drag the night. The girl that night that thursday night, the girls decided to hit a club. This is called club kryptonite and it is downtown myrtle beach. Now we don't know how brittany would get into this club right even it was one of those clubs that with let in eighteen and up she's, not eighteen, but we you know that she was there and while there she was seen with a guy from rochester that she knew. Apparently she knew the sky and his
is this is Peter browser wits now Peter was with four friends of his decision. the evil character in a book cap in the forefront of his. This is Keith cummings, phil watson Matt a arms and anthony schmid, easy I like Psmith here. I thought smith. I shouldn't say this, but when I was doing the smithy for his unit Nowhere diving right into this case and people again here here nick goes with one of his dumb dinosaur, brain comments, when I was studying this, I thought man, if my name where Anthony schmidt see how things would have been deaf for me yeah first off. I would have been somebody I would have been riding the tony smith he trained for a long time. I would have went tony she mizzi now my name's tony smudgy
By the time I got to high school and people realize how cool I was. I would just be the smithy for tony smith. I put too much thought into this, but here's a little sauce on it, so these guys staying at a different hotel. They were staying at a place called the blue water resort, the friends of peace, or later told police that they did not know ni prior to being at that club that night with her and we're not even sure how brittany new peter, because Peter was twenty years old he's. He was a quote, unquote club permanent promoter right, that's what he called himself in social media post. from various stating that he did that for various clubs in the rochester area. With a thing about this thing about how much this doesn't make sense, your club promote and you're twenty years old and I'm sure there's a lot of teenage clubs
but not that many cause they don't make them much. Money, need people drinking and bars. So your club, those are normally above the age of twenty right, and let's also be real about this, though, to these club promoters and it's not a real job right yeah. Sometimes it's just a guy or girl. That's that's a party here with some kind of social following who will then you know the club may not even pay this individual peters. Very young g t out Jim tat laundry for those I don't know, and you know he's going to get his eyebrows waxed he's going to get his hairline tight, but also throw in the faux hawk. This guy is very jersey. Shore yeah, and, like I said, may not even be paid by these clubs that he's supposedly per putting sometimes they just let these individuals and for free and may be freedom, some booze throughout the night to keep em they're right buddy. The party go on these twenty, so their feet in on some fruit per month,
word is that during the day Peter ray or was somehow involved with a landscaping business now Peter has said that and brittany were friends for about two years leading up to this point. In any event, brittany, definitely knew him beforehand, it's possible that maybe he got her into club kryptonite, where the Two of them were seen in the vip area. Yeah. Now, let's be clear, I I think when, when they asked peter, if they were friends, I think he's saying yes but loosely. If that makes any sense, I think they're probably more acquaintances, but they're, not in constant contact with one another. I think he's actually saying: hey I'm. I was friends with her out of respect for the fact that she's missing, I don't wanna put out. That's my gut feeling. Ok! Well, I think this is probably a good time to discuss what exists
really Brittany was doing there and what I mean is why this crowd of people- by all accounts, the girls was travelling with a in jennifer they older. We know that and they were not close friends of britney's britney's best friend, casey and terror were her high school best friends in her boyfriend. John, none of these people went along on this mortal beach trip, but you know how times it works in high school. You cannot jump into another group furlough bit. That kind of happens throughout europe for years and an ice well. Here's the thing I wonder about a lotta. An jennifer had boyfriends, who were on this trip with them it's it's, for. It seems a little strange to me that they stayed in separate rooms or supper hotels,
the other thing to as though you have to wonder. Is this just a situation where brittany could not get half her boyfriend John to go with her and then she's the odd man out, but we never at any point. John saying, like hey ABBA, was best friends with peter and Ebay will not now peter I mean a lotta, Jennifer's boyfriends right, which he may have known from school and then so we have. Of brittany, who lies, she's she's weeks away with her friends well with people and couples that she reportedly did not know very well. Who were in an older party crowd? Ok, so did brittany just want to hang out with older kids in may be experienced the party seeing one this could have been happening a couple weeks prior to because, with all the stuff goin with her family. She might have been you know, so you see that sometimes I remember a lotta has co parties where some a
I drink too much. They normally wouldn't drink that much, but they just broke up with their boyfriend or girlfriend or their parents are going to get a divorce, so they were now drinking a little bit extra at the party. So maybe that's what she's doing well, there are some theories out there that brittany wanted to potentially boost some kind of possible modeling career, and this being one of her ambitions, and perhaps she five foot tall okay bomb to send that that done a lot of the jobs that you can have as them as well. No, I agree with that, but the you know there are still people that play high school basketball that are never going to play in the n b a one of her ambitions and the way this theory goes. Is it perhaps She felt that she would have a chance on this trip to make some kind of impression on someone and and I bring that up because her mother backs this thought up
Her mother believes this theory somewhat and thinks that it's possible that britney was even promised by someone that there was an opportunity for her in myrtle beach, one it could have been. I mean who knows where it came from cause. It's came from the internet, you know, Craig's lists, hey, sign up to be a model, and you know it's actually, you know doing porno beyond mcdonalds, but there there is a possibility and I don't want to make fun of peter too much like I said. Normally club promoters are twenty one, at least so they can get into the club, but I was actually have friends with a guy. That was, I think, nineteen and started being a club promoter and athens ohio and was actually really sick. as for one had a lotta connection, so it's possible that that peter was the connection. You know here's acquaintance. I have. I went to a couple parties that he threw and he knows some people that I could get into
and then not might not be like you know a lot of these club promoters. They need very pretty girls to take pictures of photoshop into these. You know flyers and stuff, so could have been something as some was that, but that's intriguing began. I tell you why? Because I could see a seventeen year old girl or guy looking up, this twenty year old, guy or girl. You know seventeen year old, looking up to a twenty year old in this person who is a quote unquote. A club promoter right my hand. I appear to her to have connections or to know people. You know to be connected to higher or at least at sea degree why he handles himself a little bit. I think I mean not every action but there's a couple: Were you see him and just the way he dresses? And it's like he's now- he's cross finance, tease and dolphins eyes
This leads me to another theory, and this theory is that brittany had a crush on Peter. You know, if we know that they knew according to peters own words, they knew each other for about two years up to this point up to this mortal beach trip, and maybe she had some kind of crush on peter and knew that he would be myrtle beach and therefore went along with people that she wasn't that close to her. What about greek kind of tagged along said just forgot about greek go back home with this. This is justified, there's no evidence to point of this, but we're trying to figure out why she would go with people that she doesn't really know, there's by all accounts by all of her friends by the people it she went to school with. people after she went missing, would later say, look she's not like super tight with these people, sweden No, she hung out with these people right while Peter was fresh to death, so I mean she
had a crush on me that he was a handsome guy. I think that you know that we should point out all of these things. Are there just speculation? Of course, We don't know at all what debated brittany to go along on this trip. It could just be something as simple as it sounded like fun it is worth noting that she was not good friends with her travel companions. Despite several pictures that the group posted of them partying, together on that trip, the want to learn a new language this year, razetta stone makes it easy to get started and they'll create a learning plan for you that keeps you on track. Razetta stone has the export and lay learning for thirty years, helping millions of people build the flu And see and confidence to speak new languages, razetta stone, offers
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Right, cheers mates, cheers, giusto, others out there and nowhere little lay, but the happy fathers day hope everybody at a great, safe, wonderful. We again now back to our case captain on the second day of the trip we are now on friday, and this is April. Twenty. Fourth, now in all honesty, cat I do not know much about what happened that day, but what I do now in this, is from britney's conversations with her boyfriend. I know that brittany had been having fun at first on the trip. now by this friday, it appears that she is not getting along very well with the girls that she had travelled. To myrtle beach with John greco. Boyfriend later says that the crowd she was hanging with was,
pretty into drugs in his opinion, and that was not britney's thing- We know that she was spending time time alone and at one went on Friday She was walking along the main strip of ocean boulevard down town, myrtle beach by herself now Looking back at my life captain and I'm trying to recall a time of having gone on a vacation with a group of friends in not having great time in deciding to just kind of go off by myself and nothing really I'm out at me. It's it seems you know I was trying to figure out is this they're, a normal behaviour for her or be normal behaviour, given the situation, how most people would react and we can't say like I said, I don't know that I know enough to say exactly what was going on that day. But from what I've been told from talking with friends of mine is that this
seems to be an unusual behaviour for a girl for seventeen year old girl. I've been told that you know, especially on these types of trips spring break, tried dino trips. People would would travel in packs. My viana do I told that it was like an unwritten rule that then a girl that age shouldn't just go off by yourself away from her group that she's travelling re, most friends or you know if you go on down to the local corner, store or something all that's not that far, but if you're gonna I'm just gonna, walk this trip, somebody's going go with you, but that in a key word there is when you're travelling with friends, and these were more acquaintances. So I think probably what happened was something happened where brittany kind of felt distant from the group we felt like doubt, cider, and I think maybe was her way of just now catching some cat. Now let me kiss my breath and then get back into the situation
Actually I could only think of one time where friend and I got into some kind of disagreement on a trip to the point where we didn't. It'll be around each other, we had we had walked to some kind of pool hall hung out there all night long, and I remember what we got into it about, but but this is the difference between traveling. friends and travelling with acquaintances. He and I into this disagreement and on the walk home. This was separation. I walked on one side street. He walked on the other side of the street, so that was there, but we eyes, but we were tight. You know. We wouldn't go. We wouldn't be it in a different state off by ourselves. walking around in just one of us go elsewhere and I'm talking about teenagers? You know back when I was a teenager and I think you bring up a good point here. This might be further confirmation that the people she's travelling with she's, not tight with these people, and she doesn't. She feels so much of a disconnect with them that, if they
treating her unfairly or if she doesn't feel like she's fitting in our having a good time. She's. Ok with going out and walking around on our own. It also shows a bit of her naivete, even be out walking around in a place like myrtle beach did look. This place has like thirty thousand people that live there year round at the time. Roughly you know it's not a huge population, but you and I went to panama city our panama beach together for for spring break, time but but what I mean is its population wise in the tourism. There is a similar situation too When you and I went there it it felt like there was like over a hundred thousand people there and not that many people live there, but for that week it was crawling with people. While that's what makes this so dangerous, as if you only have a population of thirty thousand in this small community, and then you have it in flux of less say just even seventy thousand
right or a you trolley, even more so now, what kind of riffraff has come in you dont know an, but to play. Devils advocate actually had a really good friend of mine that went on our spring break with one of his really good bodies and they gonna argument and the dude left him there, like the like we're home, got in his car and took a huff. We got weight it was left there with no transport, like the transportation he arrived in, was no longer available when it came time to go home right and we're talking like best friends, so it it is pass out. No mo not now mom hurt my feelings, but I think, but I think I really think it was. You know a group. You know, especially any by that, girl, like it happens with guys that happens with groups of girls where you start cannon, picking on somebody. I could see that maybe they would pick on her cause. She was younger and she felt alienated. So she was like hey, I'm just going to spend a little time by myself and maybe these girls
and then on the flip side of that it almost makes you wonder. Why did these girls want her on the trip to begin with right? we sit here, speculating how much brittany was close with these people. Why why? Why do they just want some your tag along yeah, but is it possible that they D said it on passing, hey yeah come come with us and then it stock, and then there, like oh shit, she's like us, well, and I think I think too add to maybe the level of the situation to help everybody understand the level of the possibility of the situation of not getting along with the other. Girls are not the group. Not jailing is dawn, dreadful, britney's mother, who said that brittany did not walk. ices period like even in our home town. She did not walk anywhere. The dawn would have to drive her everywhere that she even to opt for short trips, like to her friends house who just live down the street. So
All of this walking from place to place alone that we are starting to see at the stuff. You know Friday evening, friday night is completely out of character for or britain any of those tat towns like mortal, be truly panama. There's a strip. Every baker hangs out on this trip, whether their driving or walking that's kind of a party. In itself. He got the party on the beach part in the hotel, by party on the strip. So I don't know so she's walking alone on this friday evening, walking what he said. I think you said wanting walking she's, walking alone on the right on living and she's getting harassed and cat called some guys along the route that she's making her way apparel this made her feel uncomfortable enough that she asked a quota quote nice looking young man to walk with her. This is according to him. This is a story that we will hear from him later,
now we know that she and this guy, who was also on spring break visiting from a from the mid west, spent some I'm together in one of their hotel rooms. He took a cell phone video of her in which she can. seen sitting on the bed. wearing a yellow shirt she's on her phone talk. And smiling. Now the video is time stamped ten, thirty, six p m on April twenty fourth, two thousand and nine the young man who took the video brought it to law enforcement, once he discovered the brittany had gone missing, its existence was not disclose publicly until about a year later, but the guy as apparently been cleared by police of any involvement and what could have happened to brittany for good for him for coming forward and sharing this information with
law enforcement on Saturday April, twenty fifth, we know from the police report that brittany met peter and his four friends on the beach near the blue water resort, now keep in mind where those guys we're staying this between eleven a m and noon on that saturday and she walked by herself. To this gathering, I'm assuming so because she was there by herself. We know that brittany was not enjoying the company of the girls that she was staying with so but at the same time Peter could have picked. Her up mean mean that pitches, because Those guys did have a vehicle right, so this could an arranged hang out and he could have picked her up or one of the guys could have picked her up using their vehicle. Yeah buddy, I suppose you're hanging down the beach get attacks yes, John, were hanging on the beach, hey I'll, come down and go ok, you know like you're, not gonna, get up from the beach.
pick her up there wasn't. There is a rumour out there to that. Brittany Not only was she not getting along with these other girls, but she may have been the target of pranks or bullying by the other girls. I found one story, saying that she was sitting or lying on a murphy bed. That was, I guess that was her in the hotel room that they were sharing One of the girls push the button to stow the bed, so went up on brittany almost smashing her against the wall, so, like it said, mean little as we know that she knows Peter and now she has met peters friends and What kind of makes sense if this is what's going on that she would seek out different companion to hang out with during the course of the remainder of this trip, now she met Peter in the guys at the beach that no there. In my notes, with Lee meetup, that she made
our own way there. It's believed that Britain, at some point that day must have got a ride from peter, perhaps back, the hotel thou, which is a one point, four, miles away down ocean boulevard strip, but, like I said you would have to visit one of these places to understand what the strip is mean I don't know if you remember, but when we in panama. I think that will germ senior year and my two new year, if I remember correctly, or maybe you're too near my sophomore who knows but, but I just remember the strip being so congested that to drive one point four miles: a miser does walk so ya. It would take like forty five one point four miles. Might take your forty five minutes in our rights maybe one of the guys walked her back or or maybe
we're walking to get something to eat and they d. You know she followed along until she get close enough to her hotel. I'm in one point four miles is not a long way to walk I say that I believe that she received a ride from peter at some point, because we, oh, that she left her flip flops in his car. So I'm assuming going off my notes that she met them they're at the beach and may be got a rough ride back to wrote her hotel so around two p m that afternoon, britney's mother dawn dreadful, called her about purchasing a pair of soccer cleats. The call was brief, but went on ass, brittany. What she was up to brittany said that she was at the beach now, because it was eighty degrees and rochester new york that day dawned assume that she was talking about charlotte beach and rochester Breton brittany, didn t
The opportunity to tell her mother the truth, but here's the thing I have to wonder here, captain her volunteering that she was at the beach was a slip. Well, I almost wonder if, if she's having that bad of a time that she's almost was was getting telling her mother the truth I'm at the beach in and when not prompted when the mom just sought. All she mean some local beach here, she's, not prompted to go you almost expect your mama go. What the hell are you talking about you're at the beach and that's when you like didn't want to tell you, but you know, I'm here what a horrible time I hate these people, so this really sounds like something that ohio people would think. I actually think she probably just was like everybody's at the beach right now back homes or that's what I think it was but but, but again she is having a bad time. So
I can see the speculation there, yeah and brittany, I guess, ended the phone call by saying I love you and see you tomorrow. Okay, let me just do a rough recap or we can do it together. So on Wednesday they get in a car she's with some people that are not technically her friends but acquaintances. They go down to myrtle beach, they get theirs on that thursday they're hanging out with people their party and they go to a club and then on friday, she's hanging out with roughly the same people they're staying in one. She stay in a hotel with a group of girls that she loosely knows and then there's a group of guys that she lucy knows as well in a different hotel and that
it brings us to saturday morning when she makes the phone call or the afternoon when she makes a phone call to her mother yeah, her mom called her about a pair of cleats and that's when she says I'm at the beach on that Saturday night at eight fifteen p m. This is april twenty fifth ST cameras, show someone and want to be clear about that. So someone who is believed to be brittany, walking on ocean boulevard. We can't tell which d action. She is heading, but we know This she left her hotel. She being we know. Brittany left her hotel at the bar harbour. Around eight p m and then she arrived at the entrance to the blue water resort a short time later We also now back to see the boys correct, We also know that it is a one point: four mile walk and brittany did not have a car. So
We can only assume that it is her. There was spotted. We can assume that she walked to this hotel despite her not liking, to walk places. The street camp shows her texting on her phone ass. She walks which, as we We all know, can mean that she's not really paying attention to her surroundings at time. At this time this area, of the main strip is basically a road running between the large hotels and resorts all along ocean boulevard. Police lay confirmed that she had been Brittany had been texting, her boyfriend as well as peter, whose hotel she was heading two short of blue water resort cameras, cop brittany entering the lobby at approximately eight thirty five p m with her purse over her shoulder know how
or that the actual videos are our time stamped that they have a different time. There seems to be a common discrepancy between recorded times, and you know, on the surveillance videos in the actual time, almost every case we cover. You notice that happens if you guys I'm right, but if you're gonna have security cameras. This makes sure that you said that the time right to stay what can I tell you why that happens it most of these places for- and I know this from from work history. This happens because a lot of times places will install security cameras and they will take certain security measures, but they will not have any one that is in fact in charge of security. You need you need, point person. You need somebody you go to and say. Why is this this way correct it? Obviously, either this person they had one and they did a shoddy job they didn't. Have this person at all so do see brittany walking into the blue water, hotel,
resort there. In any event, regardless of what the time stamp says, mirth beach peaty believes that brittany entered the blue water at around eight thirty five p m, so about twenty minutes after she passed the street can now Brittany enters to her right and goes to the sixth floor. This is where peter and his friends are the boys, are in room six, zero one now they said that that night They were watching the Boston, red sox versus the new york yankees game, so big time baseball game, the game. started at four p m and it ended at eight thirty one p m. They stated to mortal beach police the bridge, visited during the actual baseball game, although they would be- proven wrong or to be at least slightly off on their timing, because we know from the camera footage
she did not arrive until after the game was over just minutes just a few minutes. After the game, though we can surmise. brittany came to peters room to retrieve the flip flops that she had left in his car. She is visible on camera, leaving the blue water at eight. Forty eight p m still with her purse, oh she's, in their hotel room for maybe ten minutes yet So why would brittany walk that far too peters hotel, which would likely take probably twenty? five or thirty minutes only to stay for ten minutes. Well, answer is according to peter and his friends. This is cited in the police report that brittany and jennifer her hotel, mate and supposed friend had been having a disagreement over text about a pair of shorts that brittany was wearing. The shorts actually belong to
if er and she wanted them back, she wanted to wear them that night, so she needed brittany to return and give her back her article of clothing yeah this. This really makes me wonder because she did Why didn't he take these? Without your permission? Or did you say that she could wear em and then you decided to be a uber, bitch and text her once she got down you know once she started walk into peter's place. I changed my mind. I want my shorts back. Well, does their play, pranks on her that bowling- or this just seems, like a you- know, some kind of ruse. You know to get her back regardless, the according to these friends, these young men, the of young men, Brittany had to leave and walked back to the bar harbour to return the short. There is quite a bit of debate as to why this group of guy at the blue water resort allowed this teenage girl to leave their hotel and walk near.
A mile and a half almost it nine pm at night, all by herself peter says that it wasn't dark yet at that time, according to his memory, and he offered he claims. He offered brittany a ride which she declined according, What her mother believes of her daughter would seem out of character for her daughter unless there was something going on that were unaware of ebay. Here's what we do know we do know. We have proof that she walked to their hotel room or to meet them multiple times. We also have proof that Peter drove her back at some point, so we should not not believe that Peter ask her. Haiti only drive back and we do know she left their fine. You know she left there. the with the items that she brought to the hotel she's, leaving their ten minutes later in it. Our view with doktor phil Peter is that he's he's a guy that
claims to be a doctor doctor and he's a tv doktor is death, just like your garage captain on need only to pay my head up his ass to find out he's not a doctor. in an interview with doktor phil peter, who, let's just to put it as simple as possible across as a total, deuce canoe, and this this interview he said differ on that, but well that's my opinion. and I and tell you why he says quote this is a direct quote: I wasn't in mortal beached babysit, which seems look, here's the thing I'm not saying he's adduced canoe in the sense that I wonder, if he's covering something up he could be, he could be what I mean is, I think, there's better ways to deliver. Your words when you're on national tv and your discussing the disappearance and possible murder of a young girl
I think the problem, though, is his. Emotions were way at a whack he's still twenty years old. This happen weeks after she went missing and his emotions, which is where, and so I think this guy knows how to talk to people. I think he knows how to be slake. If he wants to be. I don't think he could be on the show, because I think he was so here too did about his name being thrown under the boston and really every baker and appointed to here's this guy and he's the number one aspect when there was no evidence of that at all, and I think that's where he comes across, maybe a little do she because he's upset his angry and yet she's in his defence, she seen leaving perfectly fine. He offered her arrived perfectly. According to him, he offers a so so Brittany leaves the blue water at eight forty eight.
When we see her in the video she is still holding her purse, it is hard to tell whether she it's totally dark outside, because the entrance area too Resort is illuminated by exterior lights. One like it said. The this strip is lit up man not only with the street lights, but with the thousands. cars that are on the strip as Brittany walked, presumably a long ocean boulevard in the direction of the bar harbour. She was also texting her boyfriend and one of those text. He says he has said she hold him how she was so miserable it already packed up and she was right. to leave for hope. He encouraged her boyfriend, encourage her to try to have a good time he told him she was going to chill in the hotel and go to bed with said F off.
Hey! I know you had awful time but try to have a good dose off man. The last text from her was at eight fifty eight p m after this text. John, wouldn't get another reply from brittany. He continued to text her but got no response, even threatened via text. That is she. an answer him he'd call her parents and tell them. What was really going on in that it- or this is two things one here. obviously concern as her boyfriend, but this is also jealousy then: police, later confirmed. Brittany had not been picked up by the street camp so to be clear she was not seen by the street camera that she would have passed would have had passed by
returned to her hotel. Did her hotel have security footage? I don't believe so yeah, so you know just because we don't have her on the street. Cam does not mean that she didn't canal. Bert than the street can right. But what it does mean is that it is possible that she did not make it back to that location. Okay, so presume billy. If that was her on, the street can was seen walking from her hotel to peters hotel, which it seems credibly likely because we know what time she would left her tell what time she arrived at peters hotel. We know how long it would have taken her to make that route by foot, and we know what shows when We also have her texting. We have our phone records from that time where she seen texting. There's the person on camera seen texting. And we know she was sending text at that time. So
if she were to take the same rout back to her hotel on foot. She didn't make it back to that same location of that street camera so an hour after John greco, after he's receiving any any word from Brittany and he's already threatened. Call her parents, and still nothing now he calls dawn dreadful to tell her that he couldn't get a hold of brittany, and he was very concerned like any teens brittany was generally glued to her pink cellphone we can only imagine how upset dawn must have been to learn that her daughter had lied to her in a very in a very big way for days. Joy, on says, dawn was initially very angry, but then became worried after the information set at. I believe it's roughly a fourteen hour drive some in this is a you know. It's one thing here
if your kid, lied to you and in their hour away or two hours away, but to be rough about fourteen hours away. That's I mean a deadly as apparent you. You can't correct the situation now or within an hour of driving, while the two he's boyfriend and her mother. They are going to try to track her down. so her mom and John called britney's phone over and over and over again now to them. The phone would ring on therein, but no one ever answer so mother even tried, calling both a laana an jennifer that night, but she has that neither of them answered her call even for she left voicemail for both of these girls. things here, you have to wonder about these girls at this point right, why, when they answered, why they answer or return. The frantic late night calls from Brittany mother if their, if their sober and awake or body,
yeah, but even after drunk they found taxing you get random number from your hometown. You probably would check the message you know yeah. Maybe I don't want to get brittany in trouble, but I know this is a frantic mother. You need to know act response according to dawn directs. None of these girls has ever at any time reached out to britney's family in any way down did manage to make phone contact that night with peter speaking with him more than once, but he said didn't have any idea where brittany was an He had not seen or heard from her since she left his room. This around eight forty, five f being told by the rochester police that they couldn't do anything more to help dawn decided to call man. His name is John han, ok he's a family,
and who was stationed in north carolina, which is about three. My three hours away from where brittany, what have been she asked. Him to drive to mortal beach and to look for her daughter, and if he, find her to. Please alert the local authorities dawn made arrangements to get to myrtle beach ass, soon ass she can, but meantime she's gonna have her friend John looking for brittany. She was oh sure there's something she ok she wanted. At their because very quickly she He is starting to think something has happened to her daughter that her daughters, not just not picking up our food or ignoring her mother, or that they did the fur answer are ignoring the mother yeah thirty minutes go by, maybe not so big of a deal once a couple of circle by especially somebody that's connected to their phone as much as brittany was now this
this is here. This is a big red flag. John Han arrived and found that brittany had not returned to our hotel. He then reported brittany as missing the missing persons. Incident report- file with em BP. The next morning is dated april twenty sixth thousand and nine in the time stamp is nineteen o too so seven, two p m, although John met the officers at the hotel in the early morning. According to this incident report han met with offers officers cleary and damn at the bar harbour hotel, where they attempted to make contact with the occupants of room. Three zero. Five I've officers found no one in the room, but they did find occupants belongings in the room. Officer Cleary then made a telephone call to olano lip. Remember that one of the friends using a phone but provided by John, which produce
maybe he must have got from dawn or from John Greco. More likely. Alonzo told the officers that she had not seen. Brittany officers, clearing later telephoned the guy's. Staying the blue water resort. This peters room according The incident report, the four friends of peters, reported to the officer that they had met. brittany on Friday night at club kryptonite, although We believe that she was actually there on Thursday night instead. So am I this, because she was video videoed in a hotel room at ten, thirty, six p m on Friday night. So it's not likely. She was at the hotel room, this other hotel room and the club at the same time, it's on clear whether the guys we're just confused about the day or there, they were deliberately trying to hide something yeah. I think most likely this confused mayor around in the sun, you drink and beers
amateur your twenty years, older amateur, so their pride, this confused when their speaking with guys, is also win. The officers learn that brittany had been at the blue water on Saturday night in the boys room but, as we have said, only stayed for about ten minutes. Leaving After an argument with gin regarding the pair of shorts and, and presumably returning to the bar harbour. Another thing: that's Clear captain is exactly whose position whose possessions were in the hotel room. Remember the police they're looking into a hotel room, three zero five for the girls, the girls are not there however, there are belongings in there that the girls at brittany was with Jenin and Alana they. either already relocated or were planning to relocate to the boardwalk motel, and this room number fourteen thirty five. We do know that britney's things were
in room three zero, five, all of her luggage close make up and our hair stuff was there explain to me why their relocating Saturday night when their possibly going believing sunday. I don't have an explanation for this year that don't seem right, as far as brittany concern. Only her purse in cell phone were missing. The fact that brittany left behind her. This is according to her mother. Her beloved flatiron kindness, hold it for her mother there's something bad had happened to her daughter stating that brittany, what ever go anywhere without that flat. I so as or is the family is concerned. Brittany had not should not running. Or left on her own accord what
we're question arises about this hotel room. You know you'd mentioned there. Boy friends were on the trip and the boy. Friends were all college h. Why? Wouldn't they stay with their boyfriends? You know, and why did they they switch? Like you said hotels on that Saturday night was it? Was this planned or was this thing they just happened was brittany supposed to stay in that room by herself that night, but because it this argument. Maybe day Is that we're gonna move? We can't stand this girl anymore, so, even though they, the ones you you they're, the ones being mean to our highways. Well, one online site dedicated to brittany has pulled incident and arrests reports. From that weaken him reports there on Saturday night around the time brittany disappeared too, of the
eyes in her party. This is the gentlemen I had had trouble seeing his name is: were oz turk. And this other guy who's yet even more of a difficult name, wheat diane These two guys they were arrested for making out behind the mcdonald. That's not illegal. One of these guys was jens boyfriend. Remember this booger! Well, guess and somehow passionate. That is ok, so they were driving Jens brothers Phil they were driving his two thousand and four pontiac grand prix g t that night Bala there were pulled over for noise ordinance? The man was taken it. further for driving without a license and passenger was ticketed ford, litter, oh,
reportedly jennifer and fill were called to come to the police station to pick up the car and post bail for the two guys all This is said to be around the time that brittany disappeared. Although you know we can confirm because we don't know exactly what time brittany disappear in it, to the girls that britain had been traveling with real hotels. There was the the very strange fact that between one two a m said they night why? Yes, really sunday morning Peter in his four friends check out of the blue water resort and they they left town yeah. Now what he states is that they were planning on leaving around five six in the morning, because they had a fourteen hour for them to go all the way back and get back super lay on a sunday and then to be ready for work or what
they had to do Monday morning was gonna be difficult. Ah, so they decided hey, we'll just leave at two we're going get back not mid day sunday, so that we can sleep whatever get everything ready for money the the issue. I will. I don't have a problem with that, because I think on our our trip, we went and to stay in Cincinnati and we were going to wake up the next morning to leave to go to panama roughly the same time. These guys said they were only five or six in the morning. We will leave very early in the morning. Right We were at this party and we were to spain. and the damen were like. Let's go now, we were pumped up and we could you know you couldn't sleep anyway, so you're like well. It does me no good to just lay here rain you know saw. I see their story the thin I what's weird about that. They went to a club, they were party, and this is what they claim and so taken
fourteen hard drive after even party, and I dont know, if that's the smartest thing in the world, the other big wait. What way in the other red flag than I have their ass, he talked about if he left like at ten o clock in the morning at eleven clock in the morning with the strip be in the way it is you weren't, gonna get out of there, Then that's reasonable right, but you leave it to em. The strip is still happening. Yeah. She I mean deal as a good thought. So, if a view left out five, maybe the strips not happening, but you left at two strips happening, and so is really strange to me they have these for individuals, and then you have these girls and their both switch in their plans. Roughly around the same time, so they also these guys left some of their clothes in the room, which is not a huge red flag. To me. I've been on trips where I've problem partied a lot less than these guys were partying this week and I've left things
in the hotel room on accident to the point where I'm like half way home and I'm cursing myself thongs, but One thing that I wondered about was vital: leaving in the middle of the night? Actually these guys forfeited their room, deposit, which, which seems a little strange for guys in their early twenties. Maybe they didn't know that was gonna happen. That's true! That's true weed No, the time of the calls that dawn made to Peter we do know they happened where You know he tells her heeded nowhere. Brittany was, but since John on alerted dawn to brittany being missing around ten or eleven. It would likely. Have been before. Why? a m or ride around that time. Ok, so leader in his friends leaving myrtle beach. So abruptly, will this mean
me very suspicious, because it could be roughly around the same time or just after receiving these calls from dawn that the him right right that huh He done something or his boys are all of them done something wrong something bad oh he's aware that other people are aware that that something happened that britain is missing, it did help that as soon as Peter got two rochester and learned that brittany had not been located, he lowered up and this lawyer told NBC news dot com that bridge began hanging out with the guys, after several disagreements with the friends that she was travelling with, he said that after brittany left the hotel the guy's peter and the guy's went too as you stay, and near by club. I think he might have called it a college party but doesn't mean that it was not at a club but their several. I wouldn't
Yes, then the young men they decided just to leave and get ahead on their long drive. Peters lawyer went on to say that the car to the men had been Traveling in has been searched by the time of this interview, Peter was willing to submit dna. Now you bring something very interesting here, because if all of this is true, then Peter was seen at this party are clear, So there are morally around the time that we think brittany went missing right. Therefore, he have an alibi at the at, at least for the time He was there at this party or at the club appeal was initially named a person of interest by the myrtle beach police, but by may seventh Two thousand and nine he had been cleared up having any involvement. This was puzzling to brittany, family who built that Peter not only was the last person to see brittany, but they believe. that he knew much more than he was willing to set.
thanks. Everybody for listening thanks were telling a friend make sure you join us back here in the garage tomorrow for part two of the brittany directs old disappearance story and also check out our show off the record. We just released episode eight did your premium until tomorrow, everybody be good, be kind and don't let it.
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