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Brittanee Drexel /// Part 2 /// 218

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Brittanee Drexel /// Part 2 /// 218

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Every parent tells their child to be careful. Every parent has to tell their child no. But children do not always listen to mom and dad. In fact sometimes they ignore their parents. Then kids grow up and may rebel from time to time. This is a story of an otherwise good kid that defied her parents by going out of town. Sneaking off with friends almost a thousand miles from home. A vacation from which she does not return. This week we discuss the investigation and circumstances regarding the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel. Beer of the Week - Kiwi Peach Sourlina by Firehouse BreweryGarage Grade - 3 & 1/2 bottle caps out of 5

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a model beach also started the search large scale searches began very quickly. They were fanning out, from the blue water resort, police saw that there was no activity on britney's bank accounts or her credit cards dawn and john and others canvas the town. Handing out flyers with britney's picture. Her description was published, ized brown shoulder length straight hair and blue eyes last seen wearing a multi colored stripe shirt, black shorts and silver flip plop, sandals myrtle beach, eddie requested that anyone with pictures or videos firms from south an ocean boulevard but Eight, forty five p m and nine fifteen p m on April twenty fifth that they please contact the police, so they're gonna start there captain from the last known spot that we know
Brittany was at the blue water resort, leaving peters room, and there going to ask anybody that you know it could take her half our let's say roughly to walk that round back to her hotel. Anybody that pictures in that area are found anything with their phone at that time give us a call cause. We need We need eyes, we need to see what was going on in that area. At that time, one things law enforcement was is gonna, be fighting is defined That is why the people that were there, the weak brittany was there probably left on that site. They might never have heard of this girl gone missing. You are correct in early searches will provide a little to no information as to the possible whereabouts of Brittany. Dreadful by may second on her mother had appeared on Nancy grace, appealing to the public for help. Investigators had shifted, investigation to forty miles away. This is in Georgetown county. The press reported that this was due to tips received, and that may be the case
Yes, because now we know that, two days after her disappearance, mortal beach, p d, who is this Bernie, as a quote heavy. So phone user was able who obtain brittany cell phone records and what found immediately move the investigation to a high priority endangered missing persons case britney's phone had hang at nine twenty seven p m. So twenty nine minutes after her last text to her boyfriend John now this will this ping was heading south on rout. Seventeen in sir. side beach, seven miles south of myrtle beach at a speed, indicating that she was in a vehicle even more distressing police, saw more pings. One at ten eighteen p m and one last paying at eleven fifty eight p m. These were off tower three to which is fifty miles south and georgetown county here, the georgetown and charles
county line close to a boat land. on the north santee river, and this was very concerning two investigators. This way an area that was dark, rural and swampy. The fact that brittany phone had been in myrtle beach at nine p m and then be line to this god forsaken. maria within just a few hours did not look promising for brittany. Police set up search grid in the zone covered by tower three three to this was roughly eight for by five mile area. There also going to be in areas around this spot began a massive search operation, searchers use boat with sonar, they use helicopters, dogs, horses and eighty these. Now this is an alligator info did area along with wild boars and poisonous snakes.
so gaiters we're not optimistic about finding brittany here. Apparently, they warned that if brittany or her panes were here, they would likely be concerned by wild life within six hours or less After eleven days of exhaustive round the clock searching britney's family returned to rochester chad, directs old, describes having to tell brittany, siblings. One of whom was only five at the time that they had failed to bring brittany home network both theories early on in this investigation. As far as public information concern. Nothing happened on the case for about eight months, police work, convinced that the answers to wear brittany was lie in these EL phone location on the cell location. They cleared peter and britney's travel companions off of the persons of interest list. and don dreadful was not happy about this. As we had said to new thing,
he's, though, began to emerge around this time. Let's touch on that, because they are still supported by some to this day, the first is that brittany was invited along on this spring break trip, because these supposed friends of hers wanted to use her as a drug go between a few things, support that theory. We know that brittany was only seventeen, so a minor Others were all legal adults at this time. If she of brittany were caught would do in her possession. It wouldn't be that for her in comparison to the adults. Now as far fetched as that sounds, this could make some sense, though we know that that he told her boyfriend that these kids were using drugs by myrtle. It is known to have a drug scene with drugs readily available and in some of these eighty year locations part, is seen man. We know that these
rules were not particularly nice to brittany, nor do They seem to care about her well be. There is some thought: did the whole shoe between brittany and Jan regarding the shorts was actually some kind of code and that the texts were about that. We are not about the shorts were actually instructions for brittany to go outside and meet a drug dealer? presumably was waiting for and bring the drugs back to them, so that could critics why britney had to leave peters room after only having been therefore ten minutes under this theory, brittany would have fallen victim to a drug dealer, perhaps a deal gone bad or something even more sinister another. Offshoot theory is that brittany was given drugs by one of the older kids that she was hanging out with she o deed, and and they chose to dispose of her body. There were rumours,
Some of the rochester kids had connections in the myrtle beach area because they had once lived there. Lived in the area and may have had free. And or associates near by a possible. Second theory is that brittany was the victim of human trafficking, yeah dawn Drexel, has stated believes this is the case, and she has even gone so far to suggest that she believes that the kids on the trip with brittany, including peter and his friends, I shouldn't say- including I think this straight up, pointing to peter and his friends. My deliberately set brittany up for trafficking to profit in some way, a plan that was hatched back and rochester and that they took brittany to club kryptonite. The group was just really taking her there to show her off to potential buyers now under this theory,
saturday night Peter, would have texted brittany saying come here to get your flip flops and jan would then have possibly lured her back out to the strip say she needed or shorts ran this would brittany, in a vulnerable position wandering on the strip after dark by herself. There is debate about how extensive human trap. Making is in south carolina, but there were news stories and reports that there is significant human trafficking business in that area. In fact, a member of a task force set up to investigate human trafficking in south carolina says there are obvious reasons. The authorities in the area deny that human trafficking is a problem citing the tourist industry would be dead. Stated by stories of young women being abducted. In any event, the behaviour of britney's friends
with relocating hotel rooms, while leaving brittany to fend for herself and checking out leaving town in the middle of the night does make them look awfully suspicious right. But if, if the fbi's contact in peter and they're probably get in his phone records, you'd think that by now, we'd have some kind of rest towards peter. If this this theory actually held up, and I'm totally on the side of brittany. Mom of of this thought of, let's look at everybody. You know in of course, let's look at the inner sir. The people that she was travelling with, or at least the p, this she knew in the area at the time. Could they have set her up on something it certainly a possibility. The problem with that issue is. You know why I admire her enthusiasm. I question if these look. This is a group of of somewhat I know that they're all over eighteen, but but in comparison to
how wise you and I are here from the garage how is holding these are merely just grumbling. Bade us, but so I'm getting out, though, is what a group of teenagers of partying teenagers be so clever to set this whole thing up been have connected enough to set this up and no one would spill the beans later on. Peter said something that I thought was pretty interesting on. The DR phil show is when he said the other kids in the room with me. Hmm, he didn't say the. other young adults or anything to me said the other kids with me. So I think that kind of shows their age to be clear, though, to jan olano, Peter, all those people that they travelled with her or that she knew in the area the time actually, none of them have to be involved in brittany disappearance for her to have been a victim of human trafficking
you know when we're looking at that theory, I just think there would be check in the cell phones definitely of peter. Ah, I wonder if the f b, I did anything as far as the you think they would get the phone records of the two, the two girls, she went with and for my understanding, though, all those people have been cleared so they must have good reason for clearing them. My thought is it: they have any cell phone pinging. My Away hours after the time they believe she disappeared, and they probably can account for everybody else's whereabouts. During this time was pretty simple. If I dont even need to know what your taxing our who you're calling if I could get the cell phone pings from all of us, individuals, you're hanging out with and they're, not gone south when you're gone south, then there with you well and then there's a possible break in the case, and This is coming from an area that we have already discussed in
two thousand and nine in december invested. It started a week, long search. This is The area of where britney's phone had stopped pinging this search with seventy volunteers and police officers pouring in from the area, the air Russia is about forty miles south of mortal beach on this search there. Using dive teams equipped with underwater cameras, while they were searching a couple brought in a pair of knock off prada sunglasses. Now these looked like a pair that britain he had. The couple had been so king for firewood, for they are campsite and located the sunglasses on the santee riverbank. Sunglasses. Looked suspicious, clean, however, not as though that they had been side. In the elements for eight months they were tested and no dna was found on them. Investigators are, let's say, to put it lightly. Scare
all that they even belong to brittany. Here's the weird thing now Some one have you know this is about to be mr conspiracy here. Could someone have her whole spears called in a tip and then planted these glasses to fall? guess investigators on any area a new area, even though its close to old areas. yeah or but in fact the wrong here, or individual found these and their car, and then they decide. I gotta get remedies. We are made aware of the discovery we are made aware that they test them for dna, that they find nothing of the of britney's on the glasses. However, we I'm not certain what the update is on these glasses and no point, I find information to state if they publicly Detroit stated that data and these glasses had nothing to do with brightening, right, In january of two thousand and ten, there was a task force
warm by investigators for myrtle beach in georgetown an charleston counties, december. Two thousand and nine tipp was credited for generating new leads. These leads led to persons of interest and evidence sufficient for law enforcement to obtain search warrant. in April, two thousand and ten investigators made a bombshell announcement. They were looking at three to four. Sins of interest in britney's case police stated that they are confident This tipp was leading them in a direction of finding who was responsible police not release any additions. Information on these tips out of fear that it may jeopardizing investigation? They did state that these persons of interest are suspected of being present with brittany and knowing her whereabouts, investigator made one very telling statement and quote at this
there is no reason to believe these people knew brittany directly. He went on. To say that no arrest warrants had been served but lie detector test had been conducted on two of the persons of interest. They did not disclose the test results. Another detective stated quote all of our little pieces of evidence. They are all point in the same direction towards certain people and quote investigators scribe the area along the georgetown, slash, charleston county line, where they Concentrating on, as a location of interest saying, is where the persons of interest live. Formation. The investigators had compiled indicated that bridge, it was no longer alive, invested, Leaders were now treating her case as a homicide this without having found a body they said we are onto the people, we think killed her and she
did not know them directly and what's curious. Here act into me and and and from some of the online chatter about this case is what did that word? reckless mean, we hear them say that twice when they're, giving us this Shell announcement, that she did not. no them directly, meaning that brittany was was she a victim of a stranger abduction right. Well, I think maybe they use that term, because we have the finger winning of people that she went down there with, and maybe people that were now quote on court friends of hers. I think by saying saying that statement it's gonna saw may be directed towards more evidence, as it might just be dry. Can you away from those people? Well, that's why question that word directly. They did not know brittany directly, you could One would just naturally say they did not know brittany, but when you
here that added word of directly afterwards, it almost seems like maybe they knew of brittany but never met her and she didn't know these people you know, meaning maybe she was targeted and some Provided information about her regard? it may mean nothing at all, but there's a part of that when I, when I watch that announcement and then reading through it again afterwards. It almost seems deliberate that they use that word directly. Bread, these high school graduation from the gates, chalais high school, would have taken on Wednesday june, twenty third two thousand and ten and her family attend in her absence to accept a a rare degree for brittany and also two thousand and ten. Something happened that investigators in the britney's case could not. Nor this is on July twenty. First, when Roy
under massey aged twenty she's from tennessee she's walking on ocean boulevard, here? The blue water resort in myrtle beach? This is at four thirty p. I am in broad daylight, Rhonda heard what sounded like a vehicle creeping behind her to men, jumped from a pale blue, rusted van and tried to pull her into the vans interior. Rhonda managed to elbow one of them in the face hard enough that his name. started bleeding interface, that's right! She broke free and look she was not taken captive that day so police. She told lease the divan was driven by a third man. So van being driven by dude too, jump out of the Van try to grab or try to snatcher up now, we No, how police made the connection to their eventual suspect, but within a week
they arrested a man from mc clellan ville in can. Action with the kidnapping attempt. This is thirty: seven year old sean taylor he is charged with attempt kidnapping and first degree assault law forced my agencies executed a search action. On tailors home on old collins, creek road in charleston county near the george. County line, one of the things They seized in the search was a stolen truck, which day linked to a homicide in charleston, counting the van you in the attempted, kidnapping of rondeau was never located. Rhonda pick sean taylor out of a lineup. The fact that this attempted abduction was acted in broad daylight right near the blue water resort, similar to the circumstances under which brittany disappeared could not and should not be ignored.
and the same malta, jurisdictional taskforce investigating britney's case also investor it round. His case who is sean taylor? Well ready to be impressed. Captain gets yet p o s ready. Actually, let's do plural, it should be by persons or beauty that never my let pieces area, I'm ready ok, who has shown taylor since nineteen. Eighty four sean taylor had been convicted of nearly thirty offences in george down in charleston counties. Some of these involved driving offences that happens some are disorderly, conduct he's in charge of that. But others were as serious as criminal domestic violence, and giving false information to police. There were also seventeen contempt of court charges and convictions for fail. Failure to pay child support nice piece of shit.
yeah. Thank you, unfortunately, to the horror of many charge were eventually dropped against Sean taylor in the rhonda massey abduction police, told news media that surveillance video had corroboree it'd sean story that he was actually swear that day, when the attempted abduction took place, on taylor, came from a family with a with an interesting criminal history. Ok, in february two thousand and one sean's brother Randal Keith taylor was one of five men arrested in charge in connection to the door of shannon mokanna hey Shanna was last seen leaving or barrel restaurant in north charleston january, twenty, ninth, ninety. Ninety eight, she was only nineteen years old. Her car was burned in a wood it area two weeks later and her body was
found in march of ninety ninety eight in a wooded area near MC clellan, bill Charles charleston county sheriff's office allege that randal taylor raped in shot shannon and receive help this. Using of her body ray Randal taylor was allegedly ran it now by two men who were also arrested for this and this in at another taylor, relative Jacob taylor, One of the men told police that the men intended to gang rape, shannon buch but Randal taylor had quote gone berserk and killed her This man changed his story, two three four five six so many times they eventually these charges were dismissed because of lack of evidence so they don't have much evidence in this case against this dude, except for this other guy. These other guy saying this is what happened and when this guy, changes his story, a bazillion times their case falls apart. My gut tells me
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Two thousand and twelve fox news reported that a convicted child rapist was being looked at by south carolina law enforcement and to disappear Since of young women detective said that Fifty one year old raymond moody had been named. The primary person of interest in brittany case Moody was also being looked at in connection with another missing woman. Twenty eight year old, crystal souls with women war presumed to be dead, though neither had been found. In two thousand and eleven police surgeon apartment where moody had lived. This is the sunset lodge apartments, They are located about eight miles from the sight of the boat landing on the anti river, where the police had tracked brittany, cellphone signal to detectives field, to the media that moody a registered registered level. Three sex offender here in myrtle beach in the area, the sea
week in brittany disappeared. We know that other day after yeah because well We was issued a speeding ticket at surf side beach on April twenty six. moody served twenty. years in prison after he abducted a girl from a california playground and sexually assaulted. Her in nineteen eighty three, his other convict, include three counts of rape with force and violence to counts of lewd behaviour on a child. Under age of fourteen. This is, according to a south carolina state sex offender database website. Now, after his release for these charges from the california state prison in two thousand and four mood relocated to georgetown south carolina. This is where his parents lived. He worked as a cabinet maker detective said that they are
vesta getting a possible connection between britney's case in crystal souls. Souls to the aide was last seen january, twenty four two thousand and five and andrews south carolina. It is believed to have been. doc did ass. She walked home after dark despite naming moody publicly police have never been able to pin anything concrete on him for as far as I, Fine, for either of the disappearances of these took her life The the investigation is going to ramp up here, and this is going to be starting in April two thousand and twelve. By this point, Britain has been missing for three years. Her stepfather Chad, dreadful announced his and then he was going to be working with a private group, and this was so that they he's hiring people to participate in this investigation to help fight
his daughter and two thousand and thirteen dawn dreadful, moved permanently to myrtle beach to be closer to britney's last known location, she wanted to make sure that the case did not grow cold and while nothing happened publicly for a while on this case, things were beginning to take shape behind the scenes on june in a two thousand and sixteen a special agent in charge of the fbi in south carolina held a news governs this took place in MC clellan. They'll around the area where britney's phone gave its last signals. It was attended by britney's, family and for and now it is not initially clear when or why. The f b I became involved in brittany case
but from the news conference it became apparent that the f b I had taken over the case and there were updates. While there was evidence that britney was kidnapped, then this would fall under the f b I's jurisdiction. What the f b, I had to say at this news conference, was the following and quote we ve come to discover through the course of this investigation is that brittany, dreadful did leave the mortal beach area we believe, travel to this area around. clellan bill. believe she was killed after that the Fbi agent went on to say that, although they had not found britney's body investigators had aches exhaustive evidence she was held against her, will four days before she was killed. They Did the news conference with an appeal to the people of mc clellan veil? Please come forward. This is a very small typing, three thousand people There are people who know what happened and one
small piece of information could close the case so going off The information glean from this news conference How did investigators know that brittany was in fact dead and that she had been held against her will in mc clellan veil. So, let's try to pieces together from what the investigation uncovered behind the scenes. So in two thousand and sixteen a prison inmates wrote a letter to prison officials, say He knew what had happened to Brittany, dreadful. He knew the name's specific someone named timothy deshawn taylor now does that names vaguely familiar timothy who actually goes by his middle name. The sean is the sun, sean tailor. The man in a fight in a line up by random, see the woman who was they added attempted it at abduction against her immortal beach in two thousand and ten
so the same sean taylor, who has a long rap she and an extended family suspected of violent crimes, specifically against women, timid, de sean taylor lived and mc clellan bill and was sixteen. When brittany drexler went missing, and apparently this was not the first time that the sean tailors name had come up. It turns He had been question in two thousand and nine and two thousand and sixteen be rounded up the sean in question. but he wouldn't talk at this time. He said he had nothing whatsoever to do with what happened to Brittany, but so weren't buying it according, fbi in the local police departments in mortal beach and georgetown. county pieces of evidence they had collected, threw out the investigation also point to the sean or people he knew and fed figured out a way to put squeeze on the shot they brought new.
federal criminal charges against him for an earlier crime, to detain him and hopefully get him to roll over federal and state charges the same crime, are not a violation of suspects, constitutional rights against double jeopardy, and this is how this situation what work, but was in arresting those when they arrested him. They said that he has been arrested for the kidnapping and the murder of brittany, dreadful than when he got down to the court house to beat question or the police department to be questioned, and there were question about brittany in everything. Then eventually, when there was a charge, was about this mcdonald's, which he had already serve time for right.
and so he was so here's what happens. They robbed a mcdonald's. He was the driver and he was since he was young at the time he didn't get charged as much as other people correct and then and then basically I basically law enforcement just came back and said: well, we could have charged him with conspiracy, and so let's do that to him now right and it's really do they give a crap about the burglary or the the stickup at at the mcdonald's. Now they don't they're trying to who is m because of this burning: dress, okays right, yes, and basically saying yes, we know that he serve some time, but now we ve decided that the charges and the south, It was too lenient right that this was a very organised and potentially violent crime, and we need to hold him further responsible for this issue, but you're exactly right. Captain its most likely put this
he's on him. Try to get information regarding this brittany drexler case, so there's going to be a detention hearing in the case of the united states against timothy dijon taylor. This is to determine if they detain him or hold him without bond on these new federal charges related to the old, thousand eleven robbery right during the course of these hearings there is an fbi agent who is going to testify during his testimony. This is fbi agent, garrick munoz. He to did the sean was the target of another fbi, investigation and investigation into kidnapping human trafficking and murder. Munoz says that quote several people. had come forward and given testimony outlining DE sean's involvement, some of the women
since even alleged dijon was the abductor munoz was referring to the brittany drexler case. there was an eye witness named and here name is taiwan brown. This is the inmates who wrote the letter who actually saw or claims to have seen the sean with Brittany dreadful also glimpse see Timothy these father as well, yes, and according to taiwan brown, this citing took place at what munoz on the stand referred to as a quote, stand house, so no one lived at this location, but- apparently the sean and others several others had access to this place and according to the statement that they receive from brown was that on April, twenty nine two thousand and nine, which was the wind, they after brittany disappeared according
this. I witness he was visiting this stash. How to make a payment of some sort. Touche on tailored sean's father. He says that entered the home were entered the stash house. He passed Through it on his way out back in passing through, he said he saw brittany, stripped and tied to a bed beaten. and she apparently was attempting to escape. The weird thing here about the statement captain is that brown says he's just passing through we, we ve seen a lot of these type of just passing through man to a lot of these type of confessions where people say I have some knowledge and I might be guilty of something, but I'm not guilty of everything that you think I could be or that I'm willing to admit to write so brown says he just passing through this stash house, but obviously he must have taken steps time or some time if he absorbed all of that. All of those observations- let's say
he says that he then step outside with sean taylor, and at this time, brittany must have escaped and ran out of the room and then outside she eventually caught by someone pistol, whipped and brought back inside the house Sean Taylor went into the house as well browsers. He stayed outside where he heard two gunshots fired. Then he said He saw a quote wrapped up. he being removed from the stash house and placed in a pickup truck, I don't have any better of a description of that portion of his story than a wrapped up body being moved from the stash house and placed in pickup truck Munoz says second hand. Information had come in support of browns statements: the fbi, I interviewed a prisoner at georgetown penitentiary that heard from another, so
The de Sean was the one who picked her up and myrtle beach right. There's also some rumours that there was some eyewitnesses around town roughly about four of them now keep in mind this is, This is second hand prison, informant information right. So he lot of times. You have to take this with the grain assault. I think, but we have another person claiming to back this up so this. And said that the sean had picked brittany up brought her down to mc clellan veil and quote show her off and ended up, tricking her out there There was a lot of publicity from her disappearance, and so she was disposed of. several witnesses have said that miss drexler body was then placed into egg gator pit too have her body disposed of eaten by the gaiters and whatever they want go too much
munoz went on to say that they had. Several people show them locations where they thought the body was, but it. He went on to say that look, there's, possibly thirty or forty of these locations where she could be, and we also Those earlier statements by the fbi an investigator stating that if her remains, were taken, this location or if she would Taken to this location, it might be tough to find. no trace of her. After short of every time a six hours munoz also alleged that, at the time of this hearing, talk on brown, was serving twenty five years in prison for voluntary, manslaughter obstruction of justice and peace. action of a weapon by a phelan. So that's why I bring that up only so we all can question this a reliable witness. Is this reliable information that they received rang the job
You would go on to refuse to rule on onto sean's detention on that day during the course of that hearing, whether they could hold him for pending. Please deal saying that he could not rule on de sean being a danger to society because he needed to know more information about this brown character and his reliability and whether he was looking for for a sentence reduction? Why is he coming forward with this information, or is he making it up right? The shot His attorney said too of the man, supposedly name by brown as being at the stash house, were actually in prison at the time of wind, story would have taken place. Brown named several men in his letter now. Each one of these is different man. Ok, so this is rooster. Homey crews, foot skills, forty kubi and snow bunny, an ivy a pic of those. What do you,
your nicknamed being, and none of them. I go up for our nothing to do with the call me foot and, of course he all name sean into Sean taylor, but law enforcement, apparently I have been able to identify the real names or real identities. Of these people that were we're only provided nicknames or code names by brown wants us. Some of those names is sound completely. made up a yeah yeah we get, we call them are good buddy foot, snow bunny. Well, His lawyer also pointed out that the sean cooperated with the robbery investigation, the one from two thousand and eleven, and he wasn't act, we in the mic, the mickey ds when it, rob he was just the driver, he didn't have a criminal wreck at the time of that, large or failing that the crimes, and yet so there, he's stating look. We know that he received a lighter sends than these other people involved, but
standing before you today judge to say he got he deserved. He actually deserved a lighter sends because he was not in side the location he was only sixteen. He had no priors have a gun on him, and also So I don't know if how how much you want to dive into this part of it, but also with this confession. You know this jailhouse confession the dates and the times that he gave they were able to provide to the f b. I- and you know that Timothy was in school during these times that he supposedly at this stash house. Well, yes, ok! So the information I could find was did they could take it back up that he was in school the monday, tuesday wednesday, so, but on this, and the fbi has stated repeatedly that the shock and his associates and mc clellan bill,
as being the ones responsible for abducting brittany, raping killing and disposing of her body. I just feel like they're, throwing this guy under the bus a little bit well, one thing that there is one more thing about the show that we should discuss some That may cast doubt on the informant story that the sean was the one who physically and violently abducted brittany from ocean boulevard. On the night of April, twenty five, two thousand and nine John taylor only has one are so He was four years old. He was in his grandfathers. Auto shop in a car fell on his left arm, which was his dorm at one, their dominant one, I'm sorry dormant, one who was is dominant. One had to be amputated because of this incident, this accident rate, so you know it
a girl that you know we pointed out that she small, but we also have people pointing out, look she's fast and she was. She was a tough small girl and If he did this by himself, it seems like pale battle for him. Let's say is this almost point out too, as I find it a bit. With one arm tied behind your back literally. It is, but thing is, though, it also points to the possibility of here's. My thing Actually, I think points a little bit more towards this statement being possibly true, meaning There were several others. Not many others that work involved in this on some level and what I mean by that is. We have this situation with the sean having one arm, but we also have the situation that you pointed out about him being in school during the time that she was held captive. Let's say if the f b I theory is correct. This is
no winds, monday, tuesday, wednesday. So but a call to the story and according to that information, even if he did go to school on that. Tuesday and wednesday. There is nothing to say the dish on couldn't have left her in the hands of some of his co can spirit. with all that, but don't we have the wanderer. That was almost abducted and she is basically saying the sean's father was the one that try to grab her that's correct, but then we proven that that wasn't a true statement, So I think there is a lot of people that are trying to throw people under the bus, and then you mention britney's stepfather, hiring the private vest gears and private team. So then, they came out with statements later saying that they handed a flyer to disarm and that he crumbled it up and threw back at him. Yeah, which was now
proven to be true, and they also claimed that they followed him back to round the same area where a britney's dna was found. You, of course, they're gonna form to roughly the area where our dna was found. One. We have no report that dna was found, but it works. but a very small town, so to even say he's a block away from it or whatever that doesn't prove anything well, I'm glad you pointed that out, because the only thing that I could find captain was that we have. We have chad, dreadful he's the one that publicly posted a statement that he Those of dna evidence specifically britney's dna, that is in investigators, possession and that can be linked to the sean, and
like you right and there's no proof of this. We are proof of it even existing right, but we also have a guy that has quite cooperated with f b. I said full on out after this long interview. I will I will do anything. They want me to do anything that they think I can help with to get answers. I will do and I'll continue to do. That's what he's done, he's taken a lie: detector or that neither haven't came out and fully said hey. He took a lie detector and he passed it, but when he took the lie detector that was, that was a couple of years ago. So, if I don't know it's, it just seems this seems kind of like the crazy witch hunt and it all stems from a jailhouse confession. I don't know that it does it in and I'll get into my thoughts on that here in a little bit, I want to kind of go to bat for for Chad Drexel here for a second.
The reason I say what he's his statement about the dna should be taken with a grain of salt, and this is because, obviously he's a grieving father who, until she is found he he will unfortunately forever be a grieving father grieving his daughter's disappearance and possible death, and so I may could he have heard something from investigators Good investigators have suggested to him that there is a possibility that there might be dna somewhere and maybe he kind of latched onto that hope in and ran with it a little bit that certainly a possibility, The thing, though, is regarding the dna. If that were true, if there, actual evidence of britney's dna that could be linked who timothy dijon taylor, he would have been arrested.
taylor would have been arrested, not just pressured with the threat of unrelated criminal charges. He would have actual have been arrested for that now. where you point out that the only linked to this is a prison, inform it. Yes, that's true in some sense the other truth, though, that's out there, and this is the sean tailors words. You know why Were you initially spoke to in two thousand and nine, and then all these years later, there is information coming out that you might have been in connection with this stash house and that you were in connection with britney's disappear well, his own words are. I was questioned in two thousand and nine from his understanding, or at least what he tells the media is that? He was told that everyone and mc clellan ville was being question back in two thousand, because, like you pointed out, this is not a heavy. Populated area and when you have the the last pin,
pointed pangs of her cell phone are in this area. And you have a small population to deal with its fairly for them to do just what he believes are what he says to media and question everyone there. So while we do have this connection through the prison and format if the sean tailors words are correct. Well, Actually, no, his words only you'd have to be correct. There is some abbot. And to show that there is mc clellan ville connection which we know him to have been part of that community and it's a small Population that community right, the other two He thing here to captain is that ended Just me making keeps on my own, but you know where p question. Could he have abducted her by himself? I wanted throw this little tidbits in there we have this young man who, at once,
he was a high school athlete. This is a person that has obviously learn to overcome the disability of having one arm. He was high school athlete. He had went to school to be a otto mechanic. This was a job that he performed and he worked for his father. The information I have here is that he worked for his father and his father own some kind of tow truck company, some kind of towing company I am making a bit of a leap here, but it's not too far fetched to believe tat. This guy weather be the sean taylor or his voice their sean taylor, one of em, been driving a tow truck, saw a girl. Why by herself, and stopped offered a ride. She could have seen the tow truck with business printed on the side of the door and felt some sense of security. Some sense of oh, maybe I can get in here-
or at least long enough to engage in conversation to which some what would have the the unfortunate opportunity to a doctor now my argument there would we we have thousands of people on this trip. I think they would do him to have a lot more eye witnesses, talkin bout, tow truck think. I put only point that out because I think its food for thought and I'm not it pointed out anywhere else. No, no, I think I I think at this point everything needs to be looked at, so I mean it's definitely a a angle that the I haven't heard and we have no eye witnesses at this point anyway, so that that leads us to a good, a good summation of because where are we now captain? Well this here in january, two thousand and eighteen, the sean was scheduled to be sentenced for the federal charges. Again, these not related to britney's case
but this hearing was delayed due to an unspecified matter of law. So since then the sean has made a motion to change attorneys actually from from what I saw online and on tv I thought his attorney was giving him pretty good representation, but I'm not the client. Not up to me to decide if he thinks he's receiving good representation. So anyway, he's too I did to change attorneys this lawyer switch. Has delayed the the hearing further. The government has recommended a sentence of ten to twenty years against the sean taylor. I believe that the police- deal also provide so that they are offering him straight up. A plea deal you have information on other cases, specifically brittany, drexler case. We I ve ever work something out here and I believe that this
please deal also provides that, if a third person, if a third party, comes forward and provides substantial assistance. This being information about britney's case onto sean's behalf. If they can back up his his statement, then this would further reduce the sentence britney's mother dawn, since this has gone down has re married. She said HU, the media. In february two thousand and eighteen quote to us. It looks like it's not going anywhere. This is her referring to the investigation, she said her phone calls to investigators haven't been returned. Lately and now she's retaining private investigators of her own to find out. Why send for all where brittany is all right. So I want to be clear on something. So I call him timothy Taylor because everything that I read this whole week, that's what they call you you you
Right, I mean you're, not you are not wrong. In fact, I was thinking of my my frazier, you are exactly right because technically that's his legal name, Timothy taylor, but just to be clear, we are talking about the same person, Timothy de sean taylor, right. So, first of all, I am, I believe, and fully in my heart that this double jeopardy mcdonald's charge is complete horse shit and this would not have happened if he was a white white kid with some money that just when it happened. I stand by that comment every day of the week I now I do believe that this in format is telling a story he heard, and I think there is some truth to it. I think the players involved in the story- I don't
There's a lot truth there, but such a small town. We have a cell phone pangs. We have these alligator pay areas, it makes sense. The story makes sense. I just don't think they have the right players involved in the story or the right characters involved in the story. Correct yeah that I mean that's very interesting for for several reasons, because we thing- and this is just mind you- this is just an inference that I made, but it see was to be that the portion- ok here What I really want to happen in this case, if I could pick one thing you know that you know, of course, without without finding bright, brittany, that's not an option, let's say But if I had a genie in a lamp- and I could make one request, it would be to get to either confirm or obliterate this story, because I think right now,
is really holding up the investigation, and I think that that might be why brittany's mother has not heard from investigators. I think are fully immersed in this potential and format that they ve heard from, and I thought they are fully diving into this portion of the investigation, and I think until this story can either be confirmed or remove from the case. It's going to hold a lotta crap up and I think you're right. What might be holding it up is. There might be some truth to this case, to the store and it I have to go down exactly how this taiwan, I said that it went down now the interest thing here, though, the inference that I made was it's that, where the truth lies in this seems to be that law enforcement thinks it, This is a real story because they seem to believe this is an actual stash house. Ok, local law enforcement and fbi? That's the first part of the story
you can go ahead and confirm that this guy sell you the truth or outright lying you go to the location that he claims is called a stash house. You go there if it's known by local law enforcement to be just that. Well there there might be some truth of this guy story right in and also, if you do, any tests me find any dna from from brittany there than obvious that's another part of the story. That's correct, and I would also like to know what law enforcement means by a tailor. The sean taylor, whether be him or his father, or both had quote access to this stash house what that mean does that mean access in the sense that just anybody could walk, their or does it mean that specific people only had access to this stash out? Here's where I had hold out some hope, though, that the stories wrong, and not that I don't want this to be solved but
the description of that story in you know, is so horrific that you personally, I dont want the story to right where I hold out. Some hope that that story is not correct is that I would think that if they could identify this as being a stanch house now mind you, I do understand that at seven eight years later, that you would think if things were down the way that it was described by that prison and format in that in that home in the house that they would have some proof of that. And it doesn't seem to be the case if so we ve not hurting even the law, Foresman said that they ruled out every by that brittany new from rochester. I need to know where their cell phone pings happened and I think if they can provide that information to the public than you can lay to rest those people being any suspects or
person of interest, and I hope and pray that there is some movement on this case very soon, for the dreadful family if you are a podcast head. You know who you are. If you the park is, first of all, all far episodes from episode. One to now is free on the stitched up, but if your podcast head, then you want to check out sticker premium. What is desirable and such premium is the netflix for podcasting. You pay I think it's for ninety nine a month, but you get bonus material you get are bonus, show off the record, but you get a bunch of other bonus shows from other great pot castors. So if you do, I'll? Have it your premium? It's very easy! You go to stick your premium,
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