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Bryce Laspisa /// Part 1 /// 611

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Bryce David Laspisa was last seen in Castaic, California on August 30th, 2013. Bryce just started his sophomore year at Sierra College in Northern California. After what can only be described as questionable actions and behavior Bryce decided to head home to his parent’s house. This is a drive that would require him to travel more than four hundred miles. On this trip Bryce ran out of gas, crashed his vehicle and then disappeared. Join us in the Garage as we try to sort through the mess that is the timeline of events leading up to this very strange disappearance. 

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The The No, of this is from our friends over the charlie project, dot org, bryce david list pisa, was last seen in castillo California. On august thirtieth, two thousand thirteen He was attending sierra college and northern california and was driving home to visit his family and Laguna Nagoya. California, at the time of his disappearance, He called his mother too. I am saying he
too tired to drug was going. Stop is car in sleep. said: he'd call her when he woke up pieces base. Two thousand and three toilet highlander was found of in a ravine off of lake hughes road near to stand. lake a few hours later lying on its side the rear window smashed his you'll or phone wallet laptop computer other belongings were still inside the vehicle, but there no sign of him. An extensive search of the area. turned up no clues priceless pisa is a caucasian mail, with red, hair and green eyes. His attached the tourist bullhead and his
birthday in roman numerals on his upper left arm. His ears are pierced, bryce is five feet. Eleven inches tall and was approximately one hundred and seventy pounds was last seen wearing a blue and white chequered shirt white cargo shorts. size, twelve red and white nike tennis, shoes ices loved ones stated here unfamiliar with the area he disappeared from they also a bryce, didn't hitchhike did not enjoy outdoor pursuits He was nineteen years of age at the time of his disappearance is never been heard from since today. Brow would be twenty eight years old is considered. Be missing an endangered his case room
And on solve this, true crime garage bryce david, loose pisa was born April, thirtieth, nine eighteen. Ninety four in springfield illinois, his parents are michael and care endless. Pisa bryce is described as bright, easy going and extremely charismatic when he was a little. He went to king Lee elementary and then on to lincoln junior high, then in high oh Bryce was a good student. Getting good grades was not difficult for him. He was quite the talented artists as well. This was well known. He was into and was very talented at painting and had an eye for photography.
High school friends describe bryce is happy and a funny guy who would light up a room when he walked in his talent, we're not limited to the art world and high school bryce was an athlete as well. Playing baseball and food. While for the navy, urville central high red hawks educated from neighbour ville, central high in two thousand and twelve soon after bryce graduated from high school, his parents retired from their jobs, and they moved. Move from illinois down to Laguna grill witches in orange county, california, so bryce and his parents Michael and care lewis pisa. They make this big move right. This is not just moving far away after high school after retiring this, Moving two thousand miles away. Take me
to the Paradise city after the move to another state bryce figures out his plans for college, He went off to sierra college and rockland California. Now This is another long distance move for bryce for the school year. This is a lot things happening very quickly right, he graduates high school. Then he moves to another state. to california and then once he's in California, California, one of the biggest states in our greatest nations, he moves against roberto distance away. His parents to go to school. So this Another long distance move for bryce, so he can attend school. Sierra college is about a seven hour. Drive away from his parents place Laguna Nagoya is in southern california, south of l a then for
Sixty five miles weigh up. North sierra college is north of sacramento, so you can kind of picture where everything there at sea. Our college bryce was majoring in graphic, an industrial design with his gift as an hour, He had already had an impressive portfolio at this young age. Now this week's case as you heard in the trailer, is missing persons case priceless pisa. Those missing on august thirtieth, two thousand and thirteen last week made it nine years since his increase the mysterious disappearance and for them you that have not heard about this case. I think will agree with us that events lead up to his disappearance are just that incredibly mysterious I'm not trying to be funny about this, but I think every
Sorry buddy that goes missing or somebody that's murdered. They all light up the room. I've never met. Somebody that I actually thought lit up the room and to get a better picture of these individuals would be nice if, if it was like mandatory, will give us three negative things about this the so when I go missing or I get murdered, I want you to cover the case, and then I want you to team up with the ladys from morbid and covered again and I'll. Give you a list of three negative things. I'm sure you can come up with them on your own, but I'll I'll put some three negative things, so we get a better picture of who these individuals actually were or squash, all inspiration to actually find the individual. So after key completes high school he's, gonna go off to college right, normal stuff here so far, except for to me, I think the
long distance moving to times in a row a little abnormal there, but when you're, eighteen, you think you're an adult, and now when you look back on a man, I was so yeah eighteen, so Bryce goes missing in the second half of two thousand and thirteen he's done with high school and two thousand and twelve. So he gets in a full year at college completing his freshman year before his appearance now during that freshman year, bryce, regardless of not being from the area, really manages to fit in almost immediately made plenty of new friends and adjusted to california with no problems by all reports at school. He was very much. The typical teenager he was eager to learn freshman year. He had average grades and as many do, he d bold with a little marijuana and alcohol per his friends the first year, and
Knowledge went real easy for him according to his parents, now as it is with most missing persons cases, and so it is true with bryce case as well. The timeline is so very important to these ices. So we will spend the majority of the time dissecting that time and the known events of that time before we dive that time, there's a couple of things that we probably go over: first, yes beforehand I mean, I think we need to cover a couple of things and or do some of the important people that we will find in our time on. First, we have shown dixon Sean is braces best friend in room at the time of his disappearance, also during prices freshman year he started dating another student. Her name is Kim sly. Now can lie is actually a student at another college, because
Kim lives about ninety miles, north from bryce, bryce's apartment. The latona and on the distance between these things. Here, real quick right right if we go to the southern, the very southern part of the state of California, that's where we're going to find bryce his parents, that's where they lived, that's where they move to with bryce. After I am at after bryce finish. High school bryce decides to go to community college sierra college, which is roughly a seven to eight hour drive north of his parents, place still in the gray state of california. That's a community college. It's just not in his community pets, right he starting his own community and then north of him. Ninety miles north of him is where his girlfriend kim sly lives and I'm just guess,
in that they met through the internet or something and that's why we see a lot more long term distant relationships, probably that book with all the faces on prices vehicle at the time of his disappearance, was a two thousand and three beige toy highlander highland. which is an s u v type vehicle. This was given to him from his parents for him to use. I dont know if it was officially signed over to him. It doesn't sound like it was. It sounds like it was still in his parents name, so I dont know if it was technically his or if he was allowed to use it for his time in college Bryce goes missing rather quickly into the start of what was to be his sophomore year at college price came home for the summer break, leading up to them. Why he was staying at his parents house for the summer break now it's reported that he was very.
Close to his parents, especially his mother, and all reports state that bryce seemed happy to be spending the summer with them will seem like there helping them out with college, but also were great parents to go hey we're going to help you have a vehicle as well. He spent part of that summer break taking an english class at a local college, so local to where his parents were living right to get a jumpstart on his credits needed for his degree. Do you know if he had a summertime job? That's interesting! I do not know if he had summer time job. It seems like he spent that summer, not just living with his parents but attending this english class. That was local and hang out with a lot of his local friends as one do when you come home and you hope that the others come home for the summer break as well. What seemed like half my college friends would have
maybe just summertime jobs, no jobs during the school year. So they could save up a bunch minds. some run money during the school year and some my friends were really lucky because her parents were like look, your job is school, so if bryce came home and he was going to spend the summer with his parents, maybe they said to him hey as long as you're taken one By than that, still your job and you need to get a job well and not that this answer your question at all captain, but it does fill in some of the blanks. So as far as bryce goes the vehicle he's driving provided by his parents. His call insurance for that vehicle provided by mom and dad hisself provided by mom and dad right so these things are things that we now and find any mention of a summer time, job or even a job that he had worked. His freshman year seems like
I'm leaning towards the idea that they're they're, the type of parents that are saying college, is your job come back for the summer I mean that's, look, that's still a very productive student, I'm going to come home for the summer, I'm not going to take a break, a complete break, I'm going to sign up, another class well in the here. We start to see the interesting parts in pieces to the store by all he's a great student. Getting good grades, no problem, freshmen you're pretty easier fitting in he's making friends get decent grades. The friends of course say he's party in a little bit, smoking weed drink a little bit typical college behaviour, stop abnormal. Well all right. It is highly more abnormal not to be doing those things. It's wind Cool starts up again that we're going to see the these worries and conflicting opinions of bryce in what he was up to and his behaviors change drastically. So the
also master for that year for two thousand and thirteen started on august, twenty, seventh, two thousand and thirteen, but by this Point bryce has actually been on campus for a period of time. Reports generally say that bryce was back at school proximately two weeks before classes started, which makes a lot of sense when we start to get into some of these other items and what I mean by other items is its reports from his friends of of prices, behaviors and actions leading up to his disappearance, rhyme so the classes began at sea or college on tuesday august twenty seven, two thousand and thirteen on that day, bryce attended his classes as scheduled. Bryce takes a speech class any web design class at day. Now he calls his mother Karen that evening and tells her how much he enjoyed the two classes. His mom said that he was pretty up
beat on the phone and he seemed excited about the new school year. He seemed excited about his classes and the new semester and is only taken those classes earth assist. Those are, does the classes that work on that day. That's the classes he took on that tuesday and he's reporting back mom, hey school started, I'm kind dig in these new classes, one both those classes are actually somewhat fun classes and let you really hate speaking and public, then speech class, one or one is not for you sign me up for the bowling class bali and beer bryce as mother would later say that on the phone with her son that evening, bryce sounded completely normal and he did not say or sound like. There was any thing for a mother to be concerned about, of course, she's. Not thinking these.
At the time these are questions she's going to be asked later. In fact, unfortunately, jewelry asked these questions just days later. This, however, was not the opinion shared by bryce friends that are hanging out with him at school, his friends, they see him daily, remember he's been there for a period of time of war. These classes started I'll say that he had not been acting like himself since he got back two weeks ago. They say it is he got back? They noticed some kind of change and bryce. He wasn't the bryce from last year. They he started drinking alot now, but says we already mentioned, was a social drinker, his freshman year drinking occasionally with friends or at parties in the past. But friends say that they noticed a significant increase in the amount of hard liquor consumption on bryce part. So not not beer brain. They specifically say he was
getting hard liquor in drinking a lot of hard liquor. we should honan on that just for a second here before we move off of because we got a lot of stuff to get too, but we to keep a mine prices. Nineteen at this point in our time line- and I dont know but the rest of the world. I can only speak to my own personal experiences. I like drink when I was eighteen, nineteen, I think alike, teenagers do that's when they kind of start drinking, but in some way, that you like drinking more than most my taller level was was not very high. Hard liquor was was a tough thing for the colonel at eighteen, eighteen right and I'm only pointing that out, because some people that don't drink don't understand,
and the significant difference between liquor and beer and wine and how it can affect people by. I have a lot of friends I can't drink liquor because they they get angry or they become like violent or they have had violent episodes or were they get so depressed afterwards because it does hit you and in such a different way, but less. I want to be clear. This behavior is jess when he gets back from school, his parents and his friends don't say anything about this behavior when he was back living with his parents. There is no mention of that when he's living with his parents that summer break now again, we don't know because you pointed out, we get this very rosy picture, of bryce, and some of that from his parents in that- could be one hundred per cent true or if
is doing these things may be. It goes unnoticed when he's staying with his parents at summer break oh yeah, and that to be fair to them, there was a ton of stuff that I was doing my parents weren't. Aware of well in. What's interesting here, though, to me is that the friends, the people that know him at the sierra college campus area They are saying they notice. This wasn't normal. This wasn't the bryce from last year wasn't consuming alcohol like this and again. I dont think that I can stress it it enough that I think there is a significant difference between beer and liquor here, especially at this. age of nineteen one. I completely agree with you and- and this might be a dumb question, but his relationships, fine, when he gets back to school right, yup, there's not a reason that he's going to be drinking heavily and and and drinking liquor instead of beer.
And this doesn't seem to be- and I know we're gonna stick and on this point, for maybe a little longer than people would likewise, our show will do what we want. But to me this is like the kick off point of where everything starts: to go off the rails right. This is the instigation right here, the timeline investigation and it looks to me he gets back the school for two weeks leading up to school, we're not this is describe is like all the whole campus was just party crazy, we're party in every night everybody was happy to be back all a year older, that's not the story. we're getting. The story is that it's kind of a one man party he's partying by himself, at times he's hanging out with a lot of friends. Yes, but he's so doing a lot of this consumption on events, small level, not a part. level, moreover, by himself or one on one with another friend whose lighted up
room by himself. His friends say that they were both confused I am concerned about the change in prices behavior, but checking on their friend asking him how he is Bryce simply tells him that he is fine in that there is nothing going on with him. Everything is north. If you had the chance to be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future, would you take it wonderings, newest podcast, rose and head hosting. Ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the truth We have lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning
florence is dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. Pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds hall in baseball legends and frozen heads lots of frozen heads. The story about the desire to avoid death? The links that people will go to that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with, listen the latest episodes of frozen head where after you find your favorite podcast. all right. We are back things for join us, cheers everybody just colonel two guys that gimme, the rooms for years, Well, normally I will give em
ugly excited talk, hands in the air to everybody out there, but given the part in the based on the story and what we're talking about this week, I feel necessary. I feel that its necessary to say please drink responsibly. Yes, so now, of course, life is really a series of peaks in valleys for most of us, but pay close attention to this time, because the events leading up to prices disappearance, I think, are vat. I think our rather strange we can see that to be true with those statements we just went through on one hand, we have mom who has a close relationship with her son, who says everything was fine and normal and then his friends say exact opposite. The braces behaviour gave them great concern in his alcohol consumption was concerning to them as well
prices behaviors and actions to me. Captain seem erratic. Already, I just said peaks and valleys. I couldn't help but notice how quickly we go from high points and everything is going great, two incredibly low and pay attention to this time. I so On day to sierra college, this is now win day august, twenty eight two thousand and thirteen rice's friends say that they continue to notice that price is not quite himself. And he, according to those at school who know him best. Bryce is acting strange and almost totally out of character. By this point, The timeline things are already ramping up toward DEFCON one most severe level of high alert, whereas we say
in the garage captain threat level midnight. This is because this is roughly when it becomes known that bryce has apparently been up for approximately two to three days straight. At this point, nobody could narrow that down any better than two to three days, but what we can gain, from that gather from that is that he's been up for a significant period of time by this wednesday. It's also field at this point in some of these friends know this because I think they are doing some of these activities with bryce, but bryce was using via vance, which is a drug. It's a prescription rob but he's using it recreational early. The thought he's using it to try to stay awake and on top of ngos this via fancies, also consuming large quantities of hard liquor. This
when prices roommate sean calls braces, mother Karen He so concerned about his and in his roommate there he calls prices mother, who It's seven hours away bar! That's a big deal cause if you're gonna call it's one thing to tell your buddies: hey Bryce is acting a little strange, just another thing to go. I gotta get his mother's number, her father's number and say: hey, there's something wrong with bryce, but then on the other side of things, the mom's gone. What the hell! I just talked to yesterday he seemed to be all excited about school yeah. This is again where the two paths start to go very different directions in my opinion and huge hit the nail on the head there, my friend,
can you imagine the level of concern leading up to this before calling his mother, like there's discussions between friend to friend, discussions already like this? Do act and weird isn't slept in days he's drunk all the time he's looking. Did you see what he's doing in these pills he's taking but again the liquor to me. Yet it's strange, but people do it. People dab and maybe he's gay this year, I'm gonna liquor. Guy, I'm not going to be the beer guy. Maybe he doesn't like beer, but now you're, mixing hard liquor with prescription medication and some of these pills that they have designed to keep you up in and have you focusing in alike at IRAN? Others of you might as well snorting, cocaine and drinking hard liquor. That's the effect it has on your body. Well, I think that we should point out to look. I have very, I dont know. anything about five ants
other than what I found on the internet and but to me that shows me the strength of this type of drug. When we talk about somebody who's been up for days and consuming large quantities of alcohol. Those two things should make you drowsy separately, but together you incredibly drowsy, should make you fall asleep. He's not falling asleep. Probably because of this vile vance boy, I can say from personal experience: I've been on prescription medication. Before that, once I had a drink and not not so much beer, once I had like a shot of something I've never done crack of never done heroin are never. I can expect the people's once I had that one shot. All I could think about was having that next shot and
that made no sense to me, but I was also impressed. You know on this prescription pill and it was almost like they were feeding each other like the prescription pill. Once I took that drink made me wanted to just keep drinking This keep goin, so bryce roommate Sean calls his mother prices. Mother, Karen, because he's concerned about bryce sean cause, his mom karen he's, telling her of all the troubling changes and behaviour with her son tells her that bryce has been up for two to three days, that he's drinking and I'm a little. I question this and in our time line a little bit because its reported in some outlets that the cap, and was made aware of the via vance drug at this time, but then there's other reports they say that she was not aware of vive answer, made aware by his friends I dont know, which, which side of the fence to fall
here captain it it in the grand scheme of things, it's not, it may not be either use that big of a joke has also. That time period, maybe his friends don't know exactly what he was taking. and because there is not a doktor? Well, a medical doktor anyway here in the garage, a quick internet. it tells us that via vance is a amphetamine based narcotic, very potent stimulant the the affair dissimilar to meth infamy popular. It's a pie pillar recreational drug for college students. It provides an energy boost that allows the user to stay up four hours without sleep. This is normally used to treat eighty hd, which bryce did not have or was not diagnosed with. also known also the Own side. Effects of I've ants include depression and mania. Okay, so now, at this point
mom's been made aware from sean roommate that something's going on with her son and she's on the phone with bryce. At this point, bryce his mother that he is going to break up with his girlfriend Kim well. This very surprising to mom because she thought I imagine based off, of what she's witnessed in what braces told her Then he seemed to be very much in love with his girlfriend job. But I went back to school. He had two weeks to think about things get his life in order before It starts sophomore year and that may be decided hey. This year I want to focus on school and I don't want a dish you all I care about her, but that, but maybe she's a distraction as far as education is concerned ninety miles away as difficult to, especially at that age. I would guess,
I've had moments, I think reward have had moments in time, especially the situation he's in they're, not playing boyfriend and girlfriend every day because she lives so far away. So maybe his thought is like hey. Instead of this being something that preoccupies my time, because this this drug that he's taking to me is not a drug that he's just taking too I just have Good time seems almost like when, when somebody students take after all and and and drugs like that, prescription mess and like that they're they're, almost doing it for a purpose. Well, I think he was doing. He may have been doing it for good time. It's a little difficult to to figure out force off here. not very long into the school year, so I dont he didn't seem to be cramming for anything leading into.
A two of of classes, starting that fall semester, but there are reports- and I dont know what friend this was or which friends these were. But there are reports that he was taking. This vile as with other individuals who were staying up all night drinking and playing video games and hanging out one like you said this drug has to side effects. Roy has multiple side effects, but you're. Either I go the depression route. Are you gonna? Go the manic wrote to me. It seems like it's the manic rather well in all these things can this. This is a thing that scares me about pills and about hard drugs or anything I doubt that whether you're getting them prescribed to you, or off the streets. They all affect everybody differently and can affect everybody differently in some people quite differently now,
consider he's consuming large amounts of alcohol, not sleeping as well. That's a recipe for disaster. I think for possibly anybody out this was very weird to me here captain because we're gonna have Karen prices. Mother, who later well say. Yes, I was concerned when Sean called me and said that my son is behaving weird, that he's drinking a lot, but when I spoke to him on the phone, even though he tells me he's breaking up with his girlfriend, which was a surprise to me at the time he sounded very normal. They sounded politely normal on the phone. That's her words, so maybe rice is able to fake it. Long enough to convince me. that he's, ok or maybe she just wasn't picking up what was that really going on, or maybe he's corn her at a time where he's just got drunk during that time period. right he's on the phone with her, because sean called Karen at this point. So yeah
Don't we all know exactly what's going on, she says he sounds normal before they get off the phone. Now we are on august, twenty eight, two thousand and thirteen that we do have a time frame for this next event. This ex place between one and two p m. This is bryce? So now he's he's not around sean who had he called his mother. Bryce texted best friend, roommate sean and the text says something to this effect, because I've seen several different versions of this, but the most consistent version is as follows: bryce to Sean says. I love you brow seriously. You are the best person I've ever met. You saved my soul, sean text back a few men So later saying. I love you too man you
I have an amazing life, full of love and blessings, don't waste that it's almost like you're texting your best friend to say: hey! Thank you for calling my mom thanks for stepping in thanks for doing the right thing, thanks for being my friend yeah a true friend, because you know somebody that says your casual friends Take the time to call your mother, because that that they could sever a relationship yuri your exactly right, and I was when I first read that text I thought is, is this, like you know, cause there's a lot of there can be precursor There's somebody doing something drastic in their life. There could be things it there are, are signs and hence along the way that may be something's not right with somebody, and one of those signs is, is saying goodbye whether they are doing it consciously or subconsciously, but they're saying goodbye to the people that mean the most to them and when I first read this text
that's, where my mind went, is like he saying, by to his body, but you're, absolutely right. Captain given the timeline. That's why the timeline so important the timeline this too. Place shortly after the call where bryce is forced to talk to his mother she's, made aware that things are weird with price. This is just a good. and reaching out to good friends. Saying we're. Ok, you didn't pick, me off by call my mom, you helped me out here look you're looking out for me we're good friends. So typical of captain, I'm gonna agree with myself and disagree, because I also feel like your gut feeling shouldn't go. It's not gum, not valid
that should be in your back pocket. So rarely I agree with you that when I do you immediately change you didn't know now built there must be more, but but you're right, though, to on both levels because of the response right that sean gives back to bryce I love you too man. You have an amazing life full of blue full of love and blessings. Don't waste that yeah, but to me somebody that is concern yes about suicide or concerned about somebody, his probably meaning, don't waste it, because you're drinking and taking these prescription pills, but you know it. It also kind of sounds like that's I don't do something stupid. Don't do something dumb! or don't continue this recklessness that you ve been carrying on with the past few days right, of course, after the
a lot of people are gonna say that braces exhibiting signs of suicidal tendencies and their basing this off of what is actually Fact, here later, we learn that on the same day, bryce gives away some of his more expensive personal belongings. He gives them too his best friend and roommate sean, he gives away his xbox and diamond earrings remember, we said in the trailer that bryce had pierced ears so he's giving way to very expensive items, and also with the xbox has been reported that he was an avid player. He was it. He we actively play video games a lot of the time others addiction there as well, MR the dopamine that Egypt from playing video games, but this we have to be a suicidal thing here. I know that it's ordered this way it is common for individuals to
give things away, leading up to doing something like that. If they are aware that there going to do it but it also could it also could something else. Like I look at situation. I think bryce is getting ready to get out a dodge that he's. The he's get ready go. Maybe maybe I don't want to be on campus anymore, maybe maybe need to get out of this place and go back home to mom and dad okay see. I took this in a whole different way because, like you said wasn't, like you, just sit around getting drunk off liquor staring at the walls and taken these prescription pills. This is all coinciding with staying up and play video games. I almost feel like this was a peace offering to his roommate to say: hey here's, my xbox like
not like I'm giving it to you forever, but like here's, my xbox you're going to control this thing, so it doesn't control my life and I'm going to get my I'm gonna get my act back together. That's the way I took it. It you know kind of weird that it gives them, but the ear rings earrings yeah, but again at this he's been up for a few days he's I've been a little manic so that please, whatever mania take these again, it's a given something to your brother. It stays your house, you didn't really lose the item ray you. I mean It's like he went and sold these items well in give it a shot, and we know Sean called his mother Karen earlier and I dont know. He gave these items to sean before the car after the call. There's no timing on this
given homes or somebody else or had we not known this fact- is sean- was so concerned about his buddy that he called prices mom. My thought would go to all his. It pills he's drinking a lot he gave away. The ear rings in the xbox and trade for more pills and alcohol or some type of drug, but sean whose whose obviously concerned about his friend receives these things. I get it with the x Get me offer this thing. I need to focus on school or I need to focus on this matter. The other thing the ear rings I don't know that's taking away anything from his focus their to me. Looking back at it now, nine years later, it looks to me like this is some kind of like you said either offering or it is, a sign that he is going to be doing something. Now, what that something is you can speculate five or six different things
But what we do know is that at some point later that day, bryce decides to go to his girlfriends house where he gave her a xbox and us The earrings as well right he's giving we think it was. I go poorer. Well, in fact, that's not what happens? It's it's a different type of tat, now keep a mine he's driving. Ninety minutes. North ninety miles approximately north of where he is so, I even further away from mom and dad house at this point, and- while he's there. This is at his girlfriend kim's apartment. He says that he's breaking up with her now a lot of the report's state that he had texter earlier that day that there is a text exchange where he had already broke up with her, and she too said this
same thing that prices mom would later say that she was completely surprised sheet. She had no clue what what are why he would break up with her. In fact, in the text exchange. He says something like well you you be better off without me, which would indicate that Yes, we are breaking up, so she so, sir, is that she has to take them back and say what does this mean breaking up with being right, so this text exchange hand at some point this day and then later he is at her apartment and why these there at the apartment. He tells him look we're still breaking up and he giving any real reasons why he wants to break up or why it's so sudden everything was again normal. As far as came was. And leading up to this day,
I have a lot of issues with this. Okay, for one, no kid that lights up the room breaks up with his girlfriend through text message: that's not the way you do it as on the proper way you do it, especially you been in a relationship for such long time. Okay, so you started that conversation. He broke it up on on text, and so you go visit her while now he's doing the right thing. I don't think it's so strange that he's gone there, not given any explanation, because I've actually heard some good advice from from therapists in from men towards and other people, s eight, when you're ending a relationship, you don't need to give them reasons. Why? Because. people will sit there and argue those reasons and bigger, and then these same psych well
because we don't see each other enough. Ok, our now our arguing this reason, but this this kid has already come to this conclusion. That is time for him to move on. I just think this point. I see a pattern here of decision making? That does not seem to be well thought out. Well planned, not down at all. I feel like that's. Why said his is have to me in his actions to me seem very erratic. Very impulsive disappears. me to be a do that thinks he needs to make some kind of change, but does not understand that change needs to be walk in the url back to the prescription pills you're, either going to be depressed or you're going to have some manic stage, and it seems like he's in some kind of manic state Kim would later stay. That bryce got obviously frustrated with her for questioning him, and why that he would be breaking up with her. She tells him look. She's can
used it. She doesn't know why he would be breaking up with her he's not giving her any or any reasons. Kim's words were that bryce was acting erratic in in then, and so point says to her that he wants to leave her apartment kim, takes prices, car keys away and begged him to get some sleep. For he leaves so when this is all going down. Bryce than calls his mother and tells her the situation. That's going on on the forward. Eyes care and his mother offers to fly in the next morning to see bryce. He tells her not to go to the trouble he wants to collect his thoughts. He says and he says that he has a lot to talk to his mother- about she wants to fly in the next day, because this is the second person to have concern.
about bryce she's now been made aware about these concerns from his roommate Sean and his girlfriend or ex girlfriend. However, you want to look at it kim so now, she's concerned now, At some point on this conversation is phone conversation Karen break Mother asked to speak with Kim and she tells her go ahead and give bryce his keys back, which kim does karen said that bryce sounded far to drive, and that's why she told him to give the keys back at us Seven. Thirty p m that night bryce left kim's apartment. One hears a difficult thing here, as he can go back to storm which is about ninety miles away or you could try to trek home, which is at this point, eight and a half,
nine hours away. Roughly I mean that is, that is a tough draw ease and it's been reported that he's not slept in days or even if it's this slept minimal. That's is a rough drive, so if all of these times are correct, he leaves Kim's apartment around Levin. Thirty p m that night and then now we are into the we hours of august, twenty ninth wherein approximately one. A m bryce calls his mother. Again. And she assume that he would be calling from his apartment, which makes complete sense, because that would be about the time it would take for him to get back to his apartment, his campus apartment for records later, showed that he called from a location that was about an hour's dr south of rockland. So he was not calling for apartment. Whatever they discussed on the phone did
include her knowing his location at the time of the call right, because she makes the assumption that he's calling from his apartment one to be clear about this. The this puts him about a hundred or so miles away from his girl. Apartment yeah and the troubling thing here. Is they get off the phone and for my understanding captain she karen his mother, still believes that prices at his apartment when that phone call takes place. But the troubling thing here is the next more between nine a m in eleven, a m Karen his mother finds out that the toyota highlander that Bryce was arriving need roadside assistance.
So much more to get too in this case, please join us back here in the grounds tomorrow and make sure you tell a friend and until then be good, be kind in dont. Let
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