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BTK /// Part 2 /// 205

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January 1974 - Wichita, Kansas - After years of fantasizing a killer emerges from the shadows and announces himself to the world. A dark haired man slipped into the home of the Otero's one morning as the children prepared for school. He murdered all four people inside the home. Later that same year he would attack and kill again before vanishing into hibernation. After many requests we have decided to take an in depth look into the dark, disturbing life and mind of Dennis Rader. Driven by what he called Factor X, Dennis was better known as the BTK. Beer of the Week - Demon Dweller by Green Man BreweryGarage Grade - 3 and 3 quarter bottle caps out of 5

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tonight we are drinking demon dweller by green man, brewery garage, great three and three quarter: bottle caps out of five demon. Dweller is an imperial stout that is dark, sweet in chocolate, he its cunning The smooth captain, its young dont, be afraid of the dark in this week's beer was brought to us by these smooth criminals. First that we have gained in portland Oregon and we josie and denham springs louisiana. Next up, we have Gavin from south portman donated to the beer from from maine cheers ran in our veda colorado and the big with actual jibs jackie in Houston, texas, let's a double cheers- do malls in alex in davenport Iowa and last but not least, we have cursed them from so jersey, so cheers everybody for filling up the fridge for this week. Show if you want
was. I would next week shows go to true crime, garage dot, com and click on the donate button and a reminder all of our episodes are now available from from the first episode to now avail for free on the stitcher and join in the conversation at our blog at true crime, garage dot com, or I gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime the first contact from the bt kay strangler, was made in october nineteen. Seventy four
early in the morning on the twenty second, the phone rang at the o, taro murder hotline there was set up by two major newspapers, the call, didn't, say much any sounded angry. He told the news man, listen and listen good, because I'm going to repeat it. He said the man had killed the o terrors stuck a lie or in a mechanical engineering textbook on the second floor of the wichita, public library. Then he hung up the phone. The police were notified. The letter was local, the letter was addressed to the wichita eagle in beacon secret witness programme under the secret witness graham persons with information concerning a crime capacity Information to the police through the new. paper without divulging their identity. The poorly and badly misspelled letter provided details on the four. Terrorists Lange's did the police said at the time
only have been known to someone who had been present at the scene. The letter read, I write this letter to you for the sake of the taxpayer as well as your time. Those three dude having custody or just talking to get publicity for the terror murders they nothing at all. I did it by my. and with no one's help. There has been no talk either. Let's put this straight Joe position southwest bedroom feet, tied to bed bondage window blind cord garonne, blind corn brown belt death, the old bag trick and strangled reclose line rope. Close white sweatshirt gray, pants comments. He threw up at one time had a rib injury from a wreck. Few week before june,
the position lying on her back on the bed, bondage blind, cord, garonne clothes, lying were tied in a clove hitch death star elation twice close blue house co. Black slack white sock comments, blood on face from too much pressure on neck bed, unmade. Josephine position hanging by the neck in the north west position of the basement dry air or freezer north of her body bondage tie with blind cord fee and knees all with close line cord all one length garage, rough hemp, rope nous with four or five turns close dark bra
the middle sock, death strangulation once hung comments most of her clothes at the bottom of the stairs, her glasses in the southwest bedroom Joe If position in east bedroom lying on his back bondage blind court garage three hoods, whitey shirt, white plastic bag, another two, clothes lying cord with clove hitch, death suffocation, one strangulation, suffocation with the old bag trick. Close brown, pants, yellow brown stripe teacher com It's his radio is blaring all victor had their hands tied behind their backs. Gags of pillow case material purse. Contents south of the table, spilled drink in that area. Also
making lunches o terrors watch missing. I needed one so I took it runs. Good car was dirty inside out of gas. I'm sorry! This happen to society. They are the ones who suffer the most it hard to control myself you probably call me psychotic was She'll perversion hang up when this monster enter my brain. I will never know, but it here to stay. How does one cure himself? If you ask for help that you ve killed four people, they will laugh or hit the panic button and call the cops I can't stop it. So the monster goes on and hurt me as well as society. Society can be thankful that
ways for people like me to relieve myself at time by day dreams of some victims being tortured in being mine. It a big, complicated game. My friend of the monster play putting victims numbered down, follow them checking up on them waiting in the dark waiting. waiting. The pressure is great and some time he run the game to his liking. Maybe you can stop him. I can't he is already chosen his next victim or victims. I do who they are yet the next day after I read the paper I will know, but it too late. Good luck, hunting, yours truly guiltily, p s,
since sex criminals, do not change their email or by nature cannot do so. I will not change my the code words for me, we'll be fine! That line torture though cuba to turn you see. He added again they will be on the next victim dennis rate or killed the oats arrows in their two children. He was employed in attending classes at wichita state in november of nineteen, seventy four dennis was hired at eighty t security which at the time sold and installed commercial grade, alarms it
have been this job- they kept him busy. Maybe it was his home life regardless. Something was happening and thank god that it did because bt k was just too busy to go out and kill. In fact, there would be three years before he would again, the killer claimed responsibility for the murderers of the four oh taro family members and gave himself a name, bt, kay, but one thing he had yet to disclose and one thing that police were yet to connect to the BT case strangler Is it he committed another murder shortly after killing the o terrors? And this one. The BT k called project lights out, Catherine door. green bright was one of food. Children and her family. She was born on February twenty fourth, nineteen, fifty three, she loved singing in the church with her sister she had graduated from high school nineteen.
Seventy one now, nineteen, seventy four. She was twenty one years old. Catherine was a smart, popular and funny college student and she worked for the common company, Catherine and her sister share how's that they rented together now on the morning of April fourth, nineteen, seventy nine dennis raider who been watching the house and who had targeted his next victim picked her because she was attractive of and no men lived with her ass. She did not have a dog you know these are problems that he ran into during the o. Taro cry. Wipes, yeah and on that morning, he's going to break into a kitchen window to gain access to the house, and he knew at this time that the house would be empty, which this was good for him, because he needed time to prep the home for murder, but he didn't. He didn't just want to kill katherine bright, he wanted to play with her first and he brought with him plenty of ropes and courts to play with. While he
waited for her to return. He laid out ropes and cords on her bed. He used a broom to carefully sweep up the broken glass and he was and gloves in a green parka. He took a stocking cap and pulled it down to cover his face and he brought with him a gun, his twenty two. Now he was ready and all he needed was for his victim to return to her home and find him At this moment he was no longer dennis no longer the ordinary man that led an ordinary unremarkable life. In this moment he was the killer that haunted wichita the phantom that the whole city feared. He was beat he k one when she returned his cigar return home, but you, I'm gonna be allowed here with her was heard nineteen year old brother Kevin when they were walked in, they were very quickly greeted by a man in a mask with a gun, the man told them. he was a convict and he just needed
thing to make his way to california if they cooperated, they would not be hurt He just needed some money, some food in the car keys and he was going to need to tie them up I am sure that he had enough time to get away. He had Kevin tie up, catherine and then bt k, tied up Kevin BT k, took catherine to her bedroom, where he had prepped the room with his ropes and a chair. He tied catherine to the chair Then he returned to the room where he had left Kevin. He put it rope around his neck. Now Kevin realises at this moment that the man had lied to then that the man was going to kill him. So he started twisted His hands in his arms until the bindings gave way Kevin jumped to his feet in the mass media and grabbed his gun and put it to Kevin's forehead and pulled the trigger Kevin felt it floor, but he was not dead. Amazingly enough, he was not dead, he had been knocked out and when
came to. He could hear his sister in the other room screaming. He got up any choice, into the other room. The man saw. I'm coming in again reached for his gun, but before he could take aim Kevin pride, the gun, from the man's hand, Kevin, took the gun and shoved barrel into the man's chest and he pulled the trigger the assailant managed to wedge his between the gun in the hammer preventing it from firing. The man pulled the gun cabin and put it to Kevin's mouth and pulled the trigger the gunfire Kevin once again hit the floor. Bt k once again turned his attention to catherine. Kevin was still not die. add when the gun was fired into Kevin's face. The bullet had actually ricocheted off of his teeth, leaving care A bloody mess in knocked out, but not dead.
probably only knocked them out for a few minutes and when he came to he decided this time. Instead of trying to fight off the attacker, he was going to take his chances and run for help. Flew out the front door of the home running full speed and yelling at the top of his lungs, and driving by stopped and Kevin jumped in his car, the maid, drove him to the nearest phone and they called the police. The call a robbery and progress at home on east thirteenth street. The robber was trying to kill two people and was still in the a police officers going beyond the scene within fifteen months of Kevin, leaving the home when the I saw the front door to the home was wide open and the officer when an he found, catherine in the front room lying on side in a puddle of blood. A phone was next to her. She had tried to call for help, but when the operator picked up, Catherine could not speak. Her laren ex had been
crushed. She could only whisper at this time. She lived her head, but all she could say to the officer was help me help me. officer, radioed for an ambulance and he knelt beside catherine, with his gun, drawn as he waited for back up his back up arrived about the same time as the ambulance. They quickly determine the man who had broke in and attacked catherine and Kevin had fled the house in the two Bedrooms were obvious signs of a struggle. Both rooms were left in shambles and blood was smeared on the floors. Catherine had stabbed eleven times in her torso and back to of the stabs had punctured heard, lungs, cow turn died, a short while later at the hospital. Now Kevin a living witness. He was in the same hospital where his sister had just passed. Now he was being treated for those two gunshots
He would survive and he was able to tell the police about the killer. You know he told them what the killer had told them about him going to California. and this giving them a possible led kevin described the attacker as a dark haired man about twenty five years of age caucasian with a pot belly and about five foot, ten inches tall with a thick mustache. Now there was some problems with this disc she and of the attacker. Now you and I kept them- would know years later that this description is actually a pretty good one right I mean it's a little vague, but it's a pretty good one. He got the height approximately right. You get the size of the past and write the the dark haired man with a thick mustache as a moose dash the thing they wrong. Was he didn't tell him that he saw giant piece of shit? Well,
cause of the injuries that Kevin sustain. During that the attack, a lot of the police officers in investigators had a problem with taking him at his word. They thought that it was too traumatic of an attack in that he was probably had suffered, multiple concussion so this line, none, and I know that he just doesn't. He doesn't remember, miss- remember incorrect that I mean you have to keep him ok, but why? Why will for the reasons just said that on all by me like so what do they think he looks like, although No, they have no, they have nothing to go off their debts for whatever reason gone without we don't really by that. Ok, but you, you have to keep this in mind. Let's say: ok, let's say he suffered multiple concussions within it. We're period of time during this attack now nobody's doubting that he did, he didn't get a good look at the sky.
the guy did had he had to disguise himself a bit by pulling that cap down over his face. Now. On top of that, though, You have to worry that if, if, for some reason, this guy is just misremembering and he gives you a bad descript of this dude. If you run with this, this could really screw up your investigation, so so to air on the side of caution. One white think: well, let's just throw this description out or keep it to ourselves, not releasing it to the public and not putting much weight yet at what? Where that's the point? I was trying to get at like wool if, if they're not sure them, what's the big deal right but, like you said, I mean, if you give this report out them then this can affect the whole investigation and you don't want officers later going well. I I arrested this guy and I thought maybe he had something to do with that attack, but he didn't look anything like that description. So I let him go
and then you're like all crap. That was our do so. We have this murder in the strange thing about this. Murder is not only does bt k leave a witness, but he also does not he doesn't ever claim this murder. He never he never outwardly says. This is one that I did and I was born yeah- and I wonder, will not only that its botched, but this is the on time where we have grown adult, they might be able to identify him right, therefore, we're going to see where he will claim. You know by this point, he's already told the authorities and the police, I'm the one that did the o taro murders, but he knew reaches out to them and talk to him about this. One in this one occurred just three months afterwards, but again you have I witness that lived while, after the
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You can go competent continental is the smart choice and type in the heavy, with streams anything further guy who finds that one potholes they made the like of achieving an engineer, tat really really continental available. At this our entire arrived shares remedies chairs. Cabin boy would be three years before bt K would resurface. during this time, denizen his wife had had their first child a son that they named him Brian. Now we talked about. We wondered why he could have gone silent What was going, what else was going on in his world when we see the birth of his son, but this is also working very hard at the eighty t company, and it was actually
bing promotions at this job. During the course of those three years he got to the point where he was actually supervising a team of installers and sales p. Now the country during this time celebrated its bicentennial months came and went and the city they had once feared. The BT k began to forget about him the killer. vanished and a lot of people wondered. If he had me, We even left town a long time and we now know why bt gay took a break, but let's go through some of the theories that law enforcement had it time they arise in why he was on a break? Well, the two most popular you know like we said that it seem like the people of the city believed that maybe he had just fled the area right and just left altogether now the police theories, one of the more popular ones, is that maybe he had died in a car accident or that he was picked up on some unrelated charge. Men serving a prison sentence.
Now. This is one that I like. This was a theory of the fbi, because the otero murders were very it. It was a. It was an infamous case. I mean where the the investigation spanned months and years, and they actually some of the investigators traveled extensively in their investigation of the family murders so they interviewed hundreds of people when it came to the otero murders. So one f b, I Can he had theorize? That may be that the bt k was action. One of many people. There were interviewed in that in the course of that investigation in jest attics. Your audience alone was enough to scare him away. You know just stop him from moving forward with some of these crimes and some of these thoughts and desires of hits and its extra strange to me because he made contact with the public and he's said: hey I'm here
and people and then descended, disappears yeah and he also confess to being a you know these are key. Of a sexual nature is what he's told us in his own words- and you know we ve somebody wheat. about a lot on this, show captain John douglas. You know he says from his experience: cyril sexual predators, don't just wait: up. One day and decide to turn over a new leaf and change their lives for the better That's why you have the fbi and you have seasoned investigators, believing that something must have happened. Something must have happened to derail this killer. Who was going to prey on the city, but on march seventeen nineteen, some, Seven, that's all gonna change yet, and this is almost three years after the murder of catherine bright. So the killer is going to break his silence on that more In the morning hours a little boy was returning home from an errand. He was to buy a man he had not seen before now them
and had a bag with him, and he also had a photograph, and he showed the photograph to the boy and asked him if he knew either of the people and the photograph. The boy said that he didn't know that Now the man then walked away, and the boy was watching this man and he saw the man approached the home of his neighbor. Now the boy then returned his house, where his mother was in her room, sick and his brother and sister, we're still at home and they were watching tv after about ten minutes so there was a knock at the door, the boy oh. in the door and on the front porch was the man who had asked him earlier about the photograph. Now the man was asked in about a dog this time he said that he had lost his dog and asked the boy. If he is, mean a dog running loose around the neighborhood. The boy says no and then the man asked is your mother home. We should ask her them:
and then pushed the boy aside and walked inside the house right past the boy he walks over to the tv any turns the tv off remember, Children are sitting there watching the tv, this startles the children and they start screaming the mother who was sick in her bedroom. She hears the commotion and she came out into the room at this point. The man pulled out a gun, the woman yelled at him. She wanted to know who he was why She why see in her home. Why, they have a gun. Why is he the gun and he thought he sells or to shut. And he pointed at the bedroom, and he told her to get back in there. She says well what about my children and heat? grab a blanket in some toys while she complied. He took the blame, and he lay it on the bathroom floor and then he spread the toys out on the blanket and he ordered the chill
all three of them into the bathroom while they complied. The bathroom has two doors. The man put together like up a make shift locking mechanism of some sorts, he, he tied some rope from the door knob to the piping underneath the sink in the bathroom, and this prevented that door from being opened. Now the man went out the other door and he pushed a bed to the outside of the door in this prevented this door from being opened. So the three children are trapped inside this small batter. The man then forced the mother to strip Then he took some tape out of his bag and he began to bind the mother. He taped her hands together behalf in her back any later down on the bed face down, he put a around her neck and plastic bag overhead some time later. The children began to break free from their confinement in this bathroom. One of the boys kick,
through the bottom portion of one of the doors. This was the door that was tied to the pipes when he busted he he found his mother laying lifeless on her bed. The boy ran outside into the front porch of a neighbor's house, where he founded on the front door, the neighbour answered and the boy screamed to the neighbour that you needed help telling him that is, Mommy was dead. So then the police were call will pay Medics arrived on the scene first and they actually went in and they cut the bindings around the woman's arms and legs, and it was a smaller bedrooms He carried her in the living room area and they tried revive the woman there now she only been dead, a very, very short period of time, so they thought they could bring her back However, they were unable to do so now. The police question the children
they wanted to know what had happened, what had they seem and the children told them that the killer was a dark, haired white man in his late thirties or forties with a pop belly on march seventeen nineteen, seventy seven serial killer BT k killed surely vienne and her home, while her children were locked in the bathroom now many Many years later it was surmise the man? The bt k that was walking around the neighbourhood that the photo that the man had shown? The boy was actually a photograph of a neighbor woman and her son. This was also the home that the man had approached after talking to the boy. The intended target was the young mother who had regularly returned home from work during her lunch break, but not on this day for whatever reason,
and when she was not home, you know he not. On the door. No one answered the door nobody's home, he's too charged he's ready to murder and the only way that this feeling was going to go away for him was to kill somebody month. Factor ex yes That's why? When his target was not there, he shifted gears and he went to. He went to the where he saw the little boy go inside
because he knew somebody was home there yeah, but you know, can you imagine what that kid's gone through with his life on a one he's stopped by this killer? He doesn't know he is a killer right to ask a simple question about a dog he answers and goes back home and his mom's sick in bed. The kids aren't sick, the mom's sick, but that's why they're not at school, this guy knocks on the door. You answer he says. Well, let me talk to your mom that a walks round the and look when your kid, if adult would have walked in the house, shoot you probably just would have froze yeah. I don't know this person, but are they doing and the ido they turn it off turn off the t v Then your mom comes out, and now you're stuck in the bathroom and you're trying to get out you gotta get through that rope, and then you have to kick through the door and then you run to go, get help and then paramedic pet paramedics almost are able to,
ah save your mother, and you would have to contemplate for a long time that without saying that you'd have to, but you would you think, maybe I could have done something savour or maybe I could have got through their faster. You know well is dead singly strange how some small events that seem so meaningless in their moment how they shifted. Years of our lives and the others around us. I mean you talk about, had had the mother not decided to keep the children home from school. That day you know she didn't send him off to school, because she was too sick to get them ready for the day and take them to school. These were small children, butterfly, yeah and so high her little boy not been walking the neighbourhood, he would have never been approached by that man by BT, kay
and maybe be decay, would have been forced to go to another street or to call it off completely if he had no alternative victim. Let's say so. Is it pressingly strange how these tiny little moments shift the gears of everything? The other thought to here. Captain is this: Harry thought that there was another targeted victim the here that there is somebody else that he was watching and he was so worked up by this point that he couldn't stop himself. He had to kill somebody. This was moment for him and he was gonna make that happen, even though his target was not available. And then you also wonder how long it was stocking this person yeah and I get the feeling I don't get the feeling. I know for a fact. I just don't know who these other potential victims would have been, and I'm sure law enforcement knows this and I'm sure, f b. I might know this because bt k cap extensive no
ok and he called each one of these little things. He called a project. It had a project in a nickname. and usually in the notes he would refer to. It is p J, something so like four, We talked about Catherine bright's, murder right well, she was project lights out and the next project that he had because he fancied himself some kind of he was conducting these secret missions, these spying on these people he's taking notes about their activities and their lifestyle, their comings and goings, and his secret mission is to into their home and terrorized them and kill them, and so the next. Project that he had? He referred to this project, foxy, would be nancy Joe fox. She was twenty five. All she was a smart, hardworking woman. She had a good sense of humour she work days
the time as a secretary for a construction business and at nights she worked at a jewelry store. So this was a busy young professional woman. A new: bird described fox as a loner who seldom entertained friends on December. Ninth, a call can then so busy work and working too joe on December, ninth call, In from a pay phone, the collar told the dispatcher. You will find a homicide at eight forty, three south pershing Nancy fox. Now, I'm sorry, sir said the dispatcher. I can't understand you what is the address at that point? Another dispatcher who had been monitoring the call, interrupted and said, I believe he said, eight forty, three south pershing, that is correct, the man said, and then he hung up the phone at eight thirty, a m police, arrived at the address given by the unknown collar. They discovered a
act window to the home had been shattered. The phone into the house, had been cut the fur door was unlocked. They entered the home master bedroom, the police found the half naked dead body of twenty five year old Nancy fox she was lying on. The bed and nylon stocking was used to tie her wrists behind her back panties were pulled down to her knees. A nightgown had been tied, Round her ankles and she had been dead for quite some time, probably hours. Now some portions of her body had turned black by the time she was found. She had been gone. Egged with pantyhose. Blood was dried around her nose and mouth pantyhose had been tied around her neck. The killer had dumped nancy's purse on the coffee table in the liver room and her driver's licence was missing. Seamen was found, on a blue nightgown. There was found
floor near the foot of her bed. The victim had not been raped. There were, they were able to find partial fingerprints and a part palmprint on her body. However, these would not be sufficient enough to find a match police theorized. The killer had broke into the home through the broken window panes. before Nancy had returned home the previous evening. He turned up the he to make to make up for the cold air. coming through the broken window, he threatened her bound her killed her masturbated near her body, then posed the body possibly take. Photos of her. He then dumped out her purse keeping her driver's licence as a souvenir. He rummaged through her dress her drawers, probably taking some of her underground,
it's with it. He then left the home and at around eight a m the next morning he drove to pay phone and called in the homicide. phone call only lasted seven seconds. The phone call was recorded and it was played over and over on the local news channels during broadcast, the police were hoping someone, anyone would recognise the voice someone had to know who this killer was. This audio clip is very distorted. By keep in mind, it is from nineteen, seventy seven That is correct.
trying to a robot or something? Maybe he was doing some kind of weird cadence, because if you notice, like every everything he is saying, is gonna like that. As maybe you're doing, that on purpose, but I dont think this clip generated any leads. Right in the audio quality may be so bad that it's just it sounds distorted anyway by law You said this was played on the news and it didn't really generate any leads of any value if they did get any, rules. Regarding this you know these could be crackpot calls of people calling in saying this sounds like my evil step father. You know things like that of that name. But it was on the last day of january nineteen. Seventy eight the killer sent a valentine to the local newspaper. This would be almost two months after the murder
yeah, but that's not going to be made public now and because of that reason, on February tenth of nineteen seventy eight a letter was sent as well to K a k, e t v network with a hand drawn picture of a woman tied up gagged in lying. Face down on a bed. The letter would later become known as the fox letter rights. We have the fox phone call and now we have the fox letter, but the Er I mean he is. Writing is as bad as my speaking. Well, it could be or could be done on purpose right. So there's some thought that if you okay, if you break up your words and if you break up your sentences, that they they are able to tell the experts- are able to tell less about the There are some people that are of the belief that, by using certain words and choosing certain words and the way that you arrange them incenses that they might be able to judge- and
things about your personality, so one thing that We have always taken a guess at here when it comes to bt k. Was he just stupid like the way the his words sound on paper. You stop or you stop, or was he smart enough that he did this on purpose so that he was in showing his full hand so to speak. The type photocopied letter that they received, known as the fox letter reads as follows: I find the newspaper not writing about the poem on vain on amusing, a little paragraph would have enough. I know it's, not the media fault, the police chief. He keeps things quiet and doesn't let the poor Look now they're a psycho running around loose strangling, but we women? There are seven in the ground who will be next how many do I have to kill before
get a name in the paper or some national attention. Do the cop think that all those deaths are not related. Golly G, yes, the ammo is different in each but look a pattern is developing. The victims are tie up, most have been women phone cut, bring some bondage sadist matter, tendencies, no struggle outside the death spot, no witnesses except the veins kids. They were very lucky, a phone call saved them. I was going to take the boys and put plastic bag over their head, like I did Joseph and surely and then hang the girl god what a beautiful sexual release that would bear
Josephine. When I hung her that really turned me on her plead for mercy, then the rope took whole. She helpless staring at me with wide terror, filled eyes the rope getting tighter tighter. You don't understand these things, because you are not under the influence of fact directs the same thing that made son of SAM jack, the Ripper harvey glad meant Boston, strangler, doktor, h, h, homes, pantyhose strangler, of
florida, hillside, strangler, ted of the west coast and many more if in his character, kill which seems senseless, but we cannot help it. There is no help, no cure except death or being caught and put away if a terrible nightmare. But you see I dont lose any sleep over. It do a thing like fox. I go home and I go about life like anyone else. We'll be like that until the urge hit me again, it not continuous and I dont have a lot of time. It takes time to set a kill in one mistake it all over. Since I about blew it on, the phone handwriting is out. Letter guide is too long and typewriter can be traced,
to my short poem of death and maybe a drawing later on? Maybe a real picture and a tape of sound will come your way will you know me for a murder or murders. You will receive a copy of the initials b t k you Keep that copy. The original will show up some day on guess who? May you be the unlucky one p s How about some name? For me. It's time said: down in many more to go. I like the following: how bout you, the bt k, strangler, Wichita, strangler, poetic, strangler, the bondage strength
or psycho. The wichita hang man, the wichita executioner, the garage phantom, the as her number five, you guess motive and victim number six. You found one shirley vain, laying belly down on unmade bed in north east bedroom hand, tied behind back with black tape and cord fee and ankles with black tape and legs. Ankles tied to west head of the bed with a mall off white cord wrapped around legs arms in neck many times a plastic bag over her head with a pink ninety on barefoot. It
was sick, use, a glass of water and smoke, one or two cigarette house. A total mass kids took some toys with them to the bathroom bed against east bath. door chose at random with some pre planning motive. Factor X, number, seven, one nancy fox, Lying belly down on made bed in south west bedroom hands tied behind back with red pantyhose. Feet together with yellow ninety
semi nude, with pink sweater and brawl panties below, but she had a smoke and went to the bathroom before the final act. Very neat, housekeeper and dresser rifled person, kitchen empty paper, bag white coat in living room heat up to about ninety degrees. Christmas tree lights, on Kosovo, bed driver's license gone seminal stain on or in blue women. Underwear show at random, with little pre planning, motive, factor X, number, eight next victim, maybe You will find hanging with a wire nous hands behind back with black taper cord gagged then cord around the body to the neck. Hooded, maybe we'll beach
in at random, with some pre planning motive factor ex enclosed was a poem titled o death to Nancy. Oh, what is that I can see called icy hands. Taking hold of me for death has come, you can see. Hell has opened its gate to trick me. O death, o death can't you spare me over for another year, I'll stuff, your jaws. Until you can't talk a bind your legs till you can't walk I'll, tie your hands till you can't make a stand and finally, a close your eyes. So you can't see I'll bring sir
It death unto you for me are kept captain before we leave before we take our poor crime. Cod I'm leaving should crime carnahan, I'm leaving tonight, I'm going I'm travelling by way of hot air balloons will take me a little longer want to drop. It recommended reading before we go on travelling by foot. Go this way. We are recommending love and death in the sunshine state, the story of a crime by cutter wood, and this story starts off when a stolen cars recovered on the gulf coast of florida and it sets search for a missing woman. Now there three men that are named as persons of interest in this is her husband, her boyfriend and the man who stole the car. This is this is a myth,
really that's gonna. Keep you guessing. I highly recommend love and death in the sunshine state, and you don't have to write that title down now, because you can go to true crime garage, dotcom click on the recommended page, and you will find that title amongst others Also on true crown garage dot com. You can check out our store page, we have the pre or it's going on right now for the team, nick tanks, the team captain, tanks, the skull logo, tanks, the deuce canoe tanks in the nice jib tanks. So it's a tank topsail and don't forget to check out our sponsor support the people that support the roger. I see you guys after crime, cod and until then be good
be kind and don't let the. You can go confident. Continental is the smart choice in taxes and a heavy with streams, anything for the guy who finds that one potholes they made the like chilean engineers ingenue, yet really really real continental available our entire.
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