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BTK /// Part 4 /// 207

2018-05-09 | 🔗

BTK /// Part 4 /// 207

Part 4 of 4


January 1974 - Wichita, Kansas - After years of fantasizing a killer emerges from the shadows and announces himself to the world. A dark haired man slipped into the home of the Otero's one morning as the children prepared for school. He murdered all four people inside the home. Later that same year he would attack and kill again before vanishing into hibernation. After many requests we have decided to take an in depth look into the dark, disturbing life and mind of Dennis Rader. Driven by what he called Factor X, Dennis was better known as the BTK. Beer of the Week - Dim Wit by River City Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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