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Burger Chef Murder /// Episode 2

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on november, seventeenth, nineteen, seventy four young people working to close up shop at the burner, chef, restaurant or speedway indiana. One of them opened the bank door to take out the garbage the details of what occurred after, but none of the four kids would come home that night later. the trunk arrives and deliver the driver finds the door unlocked the rest, the workers, god, the berger shep restaurant speedway,
empty, ah right and welcome to true crime garage. I'm your host nick in with me, has always monsieur captain phantastico. in and his when discussing the berger chef, murders, burger chef as a restaurant founded in nineteen. Fifty four believe it came from indianapolis Indiana looks like they were around four for quite some time. Went defunct in nineteen. Ninety six, I never eat their sold to parties. At one point, I guess at its peak nineteen seventy three had one thousand fit
locations and the chain was second only to mcdonald's. At the time did you did you? That's pretty big. Have you ever heard of burger chef now? Ok so, like I watched a bunch of their old commercials because never been to a burger chef in apparently like them, thing was in the commercial they did. A lot of tune commercials and they had like the one guy called burger chef in his little helpers called Jeff like so they have they'd. They did what was called a fun meal, which I think mcdonald's adopted the happy meal and the other that they did was they did the flame broiled burgers, which which burger king of eventually adopted, and they did. They did a couple odd things like well.
Might be interesting, though I think I would like it, they did like a toppings bar. So you take your burger. You get your burger you turn around and there's the toppings barging put whatever you know, but everyone I like them, and they had a salad, Barbara the commercial, the salad bar was weird. It looked like the salad was already mixed up, like the tomatoes or already in there in the onions and not everybody tomatoes iranian. So it's odd. It looked like the salad bar was just one bit both how you couldn't put a buncher, but you, but yet you had this toppings bar for the burghers, but anyway they were successful chain is called burger. Shaft, not salad, shafts yeah, they were successful chain. And that's about all that's about all that we know about the restaurant itself, but you did you have you ever heard of this case before because you actually lived in any for a while now need say op personally for me shouldn't. We don't even know well known,
Where and Andy is people listening to show about people killing other people You don't really want them knowing where you live, okay, so beat way. Indiana. Have you ever heard of this thing before now? Now I think I came cross it. A few years ago, when I was a stir, trolling internet looking for other things, but dad this particular burger chef. restaurant was located in speedway indiana and on the meaning of november seventeen, november seventeenth, nineteen seventy eight four of the people were closing up the store and Only one of them went out to take out the trash that seems to be like the last known activity for the next couple of hours of that evening,
I'm point: delivery driver shows up to deliver. You know that weak stock or that the food or water and finds a restaurant empty police, find that there's fifth there's five hundred dollars missing This is where a kind of got strange like I don't know that they would have been about to gaining this, the same way that they did back then, but the police, their first thought was okay, so the four that were working there. The oldest person was jane freed freak twenty years old, cheesy assistant manager and then there's too. Sixteen year olds, Daniel davies and mark marks, lemons and then ruth shelton has seventeen
Four of them are working. Five hundred dollars is missing. I have her as eighteen, but and the police either they took the five hundred dollars the fort for kids and went out party And, as you know, went off to wherever, so the restaurant is cleaned right that that's their assumption at the beginning correctly. So then, the next some time, the next day, find jaynes car she's, the assistant manager. They find her car abandon a couple more. from the restaurant and its close. The police department on the saturday correct, so now they're getting a little curious. You know their wondering now. Now it doesn't so much look like they just went off, took the five hundred bucks and went out party.
On Sunday afternoon. There's a couple walking. You know out hiking whenever this is in This is in rural johnson county about twenty miles away from the berger chef restaurant. This couple comes across the bodies of the fortunes of the four kids, so this is reported. You know, did the the publication of courses in mourning. There's panic: the restaurant decides to close. Let's closed the restroom until the foreign fort. the victims are laid to rest, which, which is a nice nice thing to do, that. The real Add thing here: is you know we did. We did that case last week and yet that these you know
Those were kids to those were teenagers as well, but you know that case took place. So long ago, nineteen, forty six, this case, nineteen, seventy eight, these these people would have been like fifty years old today, right now we can do math. Then then that's what they ll be, and I think that one of the things that people dont look at in cases of is. You know sometimes we idolize the in all the attacker or the criminal and these people don't really get a chance to tell the rest their story. What their store what a been who knows so that's unfortunate jean free the assistant manager. She determine that she was stabbed twice in the chest, ruth Shelton, was shot in the head you'll davies was shot mad as well
and then mark flemings was beaten to death. They think that may be a like a chain was used. But ultimately it was determined that he had choked on his own blood that that's how he passed away and had somebody found them early. There's a chance or would have been a witness. You know that did that Mr Flemings marked clemency, still been alive, yeah and he might have been unconscious, and that's why the attacker, you know wells. It probably thought that he was. He had already passed rain.
I mean to me: I think this is a simple case and if you look up much on the internet comment, one one of the things that were discussing before the shelf was the first case you gave me was pretty interesting, as it happens so long ago that the moonlight murders, the phantom killers happen back and fortys, but how much information there was on the internet about the case at that was really interesting, arresting there's a lot of document doc. You became and talk to documentation, yeah and a lot of you, no lectures and things like that. There's information that you can kind of pull from and get theories here. I think I saw I found one video
and that was knew of it kind like this new detective is coming onto the scene. Yeah, that's a sergeant bill Van is the current detective. That's Other cases open and sounds like there's some theories out there, but I I dont know if there's a lot of hope that it will be solved, yeah, I mean the tough thing about the case was: is you know basically how we do the show is each say: here's my case idea. Ok, let me go do some research. The first case I thought, was really interests in this case. To me with this ok, we don't have much information, but They have primary suspects, there's no names, they don't really say names trying to defend himself for not having a lotta material,
a lot of material out there. Now there's there's not an end. I think of the detective had more I mean so one of the employees, I believe, saw a car out and sit in front of the berger chef with two men, in the car, which are two men robbed. I e side burger chef earlier that day those earlier that day, so that they can. I think that these guys, so the theory is that these guys were they robbed the side burger chef. Then they come to this one, one of the ladys that worked at the berger chef. She The work on the east side, one or at a different location and
the theory is that she recognized one of the guys once these robbers said hey this girl recognize me. You know if, obviously, if you take a chance on TK, I am. Then you get the situation. Where do I want to go to jail for the rest of my life or for a period of time? Because this girl knows who I am so, I think so they had had the two primary suspects. They call one the beer man and they clean shaven man. Yes, sir, I had to do some make some inferences here, because it sir to me that one of the victims, like you had said, may have worked at a different burger chef before
So there is a chance that this bearded man may have worked with her. You know a lot of ties with these lots of times with these robberies. it's kind of an inside job. It's almost is very typical for former employees to go in and probably because they know the workings of the place. They know when the monies moved they know. The registers are open. They know that some, He goes out just you know. Although customers have left the restaurant now someone's going to gather up all the trash, we're going to clean up the restaurant, we're going open up the back door and somebody's going to walk that trash to the right to the dumpster. Now I know former employee. I know this back doors open. I have access to the restaurant. Now I could go up. I can t This young man or young girl, hostage and them for leverage, if I need to do to go into the restaurant and furthermore I've worked there, maybe not at that particular one, but take these franchise is typically all of em run about the same, and I know
there there's security cameras or I go in there and I get me a burger. I go to the topping station. Get some toppings go to the terrible. Sal bar and then its cod burger chef, not solid chef in and then I can witness if there is any cameras or not, and then I come back with the other guy so that we get the bearded one. I think I mean I've never worked. food, never worked at mcdonald's or are burger king arrayed in. But you don't even know me case, but if some east, as ask came to me and said, Well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna rob this mcdonald's. How you think I should do it at some point in the night they're probably going to take out the trash. So I think that makes sense. So I don't I don't know. If necessarily Did the guy the bearded guy or this clean shaven guy, if they actually had to work out, one of them is freak frequent one, correct welded appear
led. The theory here is in my hat, goes off to the sergeant bill van for four and in local police, therefore continuing to look into the case and to come up with the theory it sir. To me, like this theory is relatively new for them, which is great that they're they're coming up with these It is, but they had they had. Those leads You had mentioned about the there was kind of this game, going around robbing these fast food restaurants, the berger chefs in particular the differences that I made was that The one girl jane had worked at the playing field. Burger shaft chef She moved too speedway burger chef. Now this was not obviate, not According to this theory, was not known by the bearded man or the clean shaven man, which I have also heard him for two as the fair haired man, thee
clean shaven man was. This was also as the fair haired man. One thing at the local police department did back then, which was kind of interesting that is so so silly nowadays but dumb back, then it was kind of big deal they made these bust of the bearded man, and of the clean shaven man and though buster still at the local police station there to this day, thirty later. I saw something on mark has most wanted about where they did a bust of a guy and that led to the cap her list. I can remember his first name, but he's he's a guy that killed his whole family yeah and he evaded capture for decades. Yeah married to a new woman. They made a bust of ham. They show it on the tv on america's most wanted on John wall show, and
Some lady living in a trailer park says: I think it was a trail. park modular homes. Something like this is: oh, my god, that's my next door neighbor so anyway, but damn. the theory goes like this. This is I don't know how far you got into this theory, because I found some interesting things in this theory so sergeant bill Van. And the local police department. They're they're, going under the theory that there were two three or maybe even for people involved and these kidnapping and martyrs and ended they like we said they not show up with the intention of care mapping and murdering the employees there that thought they were just coming to rob. The place not only is it super tragic that did for young people had to lose their lives, but for for a measly five hundred dollars and maybe what what
get money they had on the earlier, but I dont think their clear about. They presented in a way to say there is only five hundred dollars missing that they're, not saying that everything was missing. So you see what I'm saying like you: have this pot of money and from this pot of money, five hundred dollars missing, and I think that would play some kind of part into the investigation for me. Was there a giant pot of money that you took five hundred bucks from, or did you only get to the cash register and is that all they had right? And then this recognized you and well, they did. The theory is that either one of the victims agonized one of the attackers, the the robbers or that one of em put up a fight right like ants
yeah. So there were some signs that there may have been a struggle at the restaurant which which is even you no more unfortunate that they didn't go through with technicians to try to collect any kind of samples or anything because they probably what ahead? If there was a scuffle, they probably would have had some evidence ray. I understand that if there was a struggle that they should have collected evidence, but if there was a struggle, don't you think there would be some plain? You know in sight you no evidence that there was a Oh yeah yeah. I do that's what's a little bit confusing, but dad the the rest was cleaned rather than search for evidence, and I'm sure I'm guessing that at some point that they probably did search for.
Then after they found the victims. But by that point there Restaurant had already been cleaned right. I don't I don't. I don't know if that matters, if they knew them if they recognize them or if somebody put up a struggle, I mean we're talking about small, it's a small town area, so I think when I do, I don't think it makes any there's no relevant okay. So what this guy and This guy tries to defend himself from these robbers, or maybe this guy was gettin pushed around, so he pushed back or maybe, or maybe the girl recognise it I don't think any of that matters. I actually think more so that more so that the girl recognized him is what mattered
he didn't wanna go to jail right, but I you know whether it's two or it's three guys they had two guys sit in it. parking lot. There was other burger chefs that were robbed. You have two prime suspects. They believe one of them's dad. They believed the bearded man dead, so they questioned these robbers. They had robbed the that were caught, robbing the other burger chef. Now they they didn't. with much when that when they question that what they did come up with was there was a a third gentlemen, the stockholm gentlemen. There was a third there's. No dna didn't destiny. Dna tests, dna right I mean, if you have these suspects, that you think committed the crime and he too
Tom, then, when there be dna and the victims in dna- and I don't think so- I Don'T- I don't think that their And you're talking about nineteen, seventy eight right, but but you can still test dna like I could you in the back yard and bury you and did you up and third, years and test you for dna. We can still test dna. Right. I don't didn't. I dont know that they took anything from these. These people that they questioned. I dont know that that was standard procedure back them For I have to say that you have these guys now you still here's what it sounds like to me with, what what kind of dna or you hoping to find. I dont understand till link
at the victim? I understand you want to robert. I understand you want to link them, but what? What dna? What why would there be dna like? If I touch you, I'm I'm leaving fingerprints and that's but that that's touch dna that disappears very easily right, but if, if I'm I'm having do stab somebody to death struggling with somebody. There is a possibility that that blood is left correct, but these these kids were also. Properly laid to rest. You know if they're, not they're, not buried in the fashion that they were found not understand that I'm just I'm descent, I dont isn't it. I don't know how you saw cases you dig deep.
Are you we're you dig deeper, but I dont know that that's relevant, didn't they Nay is relevant in this. but the reason why I am saying anything as relevant as that you have this detective. That has this theory and dan and his theory is, basically the same theory that they had way back in the day right now. I think his theory is quite that further along. Then than what they had back in the day- and I don't know that they what's what's the one thing that's different been between what they had back in the damn? What they have now did they think they're Jane had recognized the bearded man right. That's one! one different know that, but that's huge and the reason being is that they're, hoping that any one that had worked at the at the at the plainfield burger chef or anyone that frequented there would now if they would speak with police now be.
as they are hoping to to link this somehow that that there's someone that that I have known both a victim and a possible source back. So right, Think basically what it was. As we have this cold case. We don't really have much leads, but if we go on this theory, basically what they want people do has taken. Nother look take another look at these clay figures, but there is more to this there's more to this story. Okay, so there's there's a third man you cut me off before I could get in burned in theory. Here, there's a third man and he's refer to as the greenwood man from the bar where he comes into play is he is at the bar hurry he's at this greenwood bar he's telling people either
he did the burger chef murders or he knew who did the burger chef murders, so the police. This is back then right. The police take him in. They questioned him, the polygraph him, he passes the poly and they release him They think that this greenwood man either knew the bearded man or was in cahoots the bearded man and the clean shape as well and because you listen to this pod guessed, you know that there are some days. I can barely speak english, which may surprise you, when you hear that I think, would be fun to learn another language, portuguese, french, spanish, but about you you thought about learning and other language well was at a stone, is where you need to go, because they are the expert and language learning for the last three years and with the regime Stone app you'll be able to learn anywhere anytime. You can choose from twenty five. Languages in which really cool is,
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This is his name, but here some weird weird little twist that are involved. Two of these four mannered have debt have have died, yeah, the bearded man dead, the bearded man died of art attack the green man from the bar committed suicide yeah, the one with the guilty, conscious both both of these. deaths there, not under investigation, but the did the detective sergeant bill Van. Believes that they are suspicious in nature. He also states that its quite it's quite the coincidence that both the beer Man and the greenwood man from the bar. They die a short I'm after this
gun, man is released from prison, but that's it It would be nice to know these. Clearly, the police know these guys and they know their names. It would be nice to know these guys names the the two of the four this he'll live to this day, guess where they live Johnson Johnson county, that's where the bodies were found. Okay, so so is possible that you have two guys are gonna, rob one burger chef wide. Think of it. This way he got at before just because only two were seen does not mean that there was not three or four that plan to do to carry out this thing. You know who carry out the right there. There could be a get away driver. There could be got org
even be member. That game used to play. When your kid you'd knock on people's doors, and you run away once real late at night, yeah, okay, so it was kind of like the silly prank or on the door, then we're gonna run away. Well, you get four guys right. And you all line up at four houses and you knock on one and you take off running and then once you pass the one guy he knox and then
He comes running with you and you knock, and so there's four houses hit and one transaction right, so that makes the gain a lot more fun. So think of this theory. Ok, you saw two guys, but there was a robbery. There was another burger chef robbery, so you have four guys total, but we're gonna have these two guys hit this want, and these two guys had this one, and and that's why I think his theory and if he would, I think, be elaborated on it more because the clip of him talk in its is it's not like a lot of details? I mean they could do a. They could literally do like a fifteen minute little doc on it, which would bring you know. I mean you do a fifteen men doc and you start taken this fifteen in doc and you put it on facebook.
right and you just start circulating it through Indiana and saying: look we're trying to stop this crime. Did you check facebook? I didn't check now, as there could be something on there I'd. I don't know it. It appears that channel thirteen eyewitness nea s, I may not. Aid may have done something on their website. Look like couple years ago about two years ago, when this Theory came out that that's a video I saw you too, and but it is really short and I was basically like here- let's get some publicity- maybe be some may know. Somethin apparent May I read that. The bearded man son after the bearded. passed away, he told a reporter, I dont know if he told police. Anyway, he reported to somebody that kind of a death bed confession
his father, the bearded man I had had had said that he involved somehow in these and the berger chef murders well, it seems like there's no style listlessly. There was multiple different ways that these victims, I'd wasn't like this one way like or for victims were shot you're, either too to that were shot seems a little execution kind. While it may be. It's one one got to hand, so this went too far and now we just have to kill these two, but it would make sense in that theory, because if we got to as ever hear robin this one, and we got two guys over here robin this one. An endless say that the goes hey. Why don't put me on this one, because I know that works there than when he went to rob this other one. It was like. Oh crap, she moved she's. Now this new location
No, it's exactly that. I mean they may not have even rob the plainfield restaurant because of that fact Maybe he had worked their frequent in their rum in known to him. Why? But the thing is, if he doesn't have to it is I have to work there and he doesn't have to go there ever in order to be connected because to be recognised by james right. Just think about all the things that Jane is connected to. I mean she's what twenty years old you know. So I think that doubt be the next step for me it's okay. Last time it was time to focus on if somebody worked there or if they yeah, but I think they need to because that's a chance for a possible lead. They they want to talk to people that have worked there, people that frequent it
they are during that time period because they're trying to close the gap between the link, if this bearded man and chain right, but there's, there's three possible ways that she could have known him right either he worked there, which so from whatever time she slept started to whatever time she ended. You've got a small pool of people and then so that that's one theory is that possibly work there. The other possibility is that he went there often now you're talking about this giant large pool of people to get this really small pool of people that you can kind of go through and sift through and and weed out things pretty quickly, and then you've got this giant large pole that nobody,
they will ever know, and then you get this other pull the people that you can go to that she you know is she could have known him and another facet of our lives. What I'm saying- and I think that that's the part. I understand why they're doing this to try to create a lead or whatever, but but I feel like go one step further and and and maybe you can get more information that way The other possible lead that the police have that they're interested in I guess there. They were reviewing some old video footage. That was rico. did for the news at the time now this the two particular tape. They are interested in, and this is them reviewing this just a couple years ago. they see, this was something that was
aired on the news. As you know, you take all this video footage and then you edit it down- and you just put a little bit on your new so during during this one Yes, there is a man who parks his van near the berger chef restaurant, so he's walking just walking across the street and he walks. he gets near the camera and he says something like. Oh, you don't want to take my picture. Brain. The man in the video it favours the bearded man, he looks a little bit like this bearded man. I was. I want to find that debate- and I never saw the video myself was old news, but this was newspaper clippings from a couple years ago. Sometimes you have to read rather than just watching hushing videos, sententiously learn to read before you can read so the gentle, the the guy walks across the street. There are also interested in the van. The Van was a red van and it up
to have mud on the sides of it, which I believe would have you know, their driving out the roar woods of johnson county your veins gonna get a little dirty date. They believed that a van was used to transport the victims, while We're still alive upon in the eye is gonna, have to be a big vehicle, read what one would so, but they they also had the victims car which, where they may have or just moved it later to and one tonne they the man, up to the berger chef, restaurant, any heap, cups, his hands and looks inside the restaurant, and then he, walks away gets in his van drives off so they're. Looking or that man, if he's not in fact the bearded man who died of a heart attack, so there are
some things to go on here. I don't know if this thing is solvable, because it is so long ago that I guess what you're hoping now is that you could put together all this circumstantial evidence and maybe draw a confession out of somebody, because it would be great if these four young people, if there would be justice for them as well, As I said earlier, the bearded man since its rumoured that a confession upon his death bed. Police did speak with the bearded man on more than one occasion regarding this crime and up only. He did not have an alibi. He could not produce an alibi for that time period of when the crimes that took place other other possible leads. We have gone. We ve done that was used to kill two people. There was never found There was a knife used to stab Jane. There was never found
and then some kind of object chains or something to attack the dna they found part of the knife, though They may have found the blade, but the thing that I read was it a handle that he's the debt, the detective specifically mention a handle that was not found If anyone has any information, the police still very much in the These very much with what like to solve this and get justice for these for young people, like I said earlier that the these people would still be alive today, but I mean no offense, but I dont think matters anyways mean even if the person what have been dead by now. I think that, at the end of the day, everybody wants answers, and I think, and the sad thing is even if you,
death, bed, confessional or whatever, and you get an answer and yeah. Maybe these guys had some good. that they had to live with, but they essentially got to live their story out. Why these people die So if anybody has any information regarding the playing field, burger chef from back and ninety seven, or these he'd, burger chef or anything regarding the gun, the knife, handle or any The victims are any of these suspects. Please the speedway police department, therefore numbers three one: seven, eight, nine, nine, eight five, zero, eight I don't know, welcome to the show we thought was supposed to please. I knew it was all you get is by a large serving of coca cola for forty nine cents, and the pollsters are called to look across
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by james runner, which is probably somebody that we will speak about lay more in the future, and there is actually one of the chapters in here is a crime that I would like to review it at some point on the podcast so go to our website, click on the amazon banner and go by this boy this this is a great red again. It's called the serial killers apprentice and this has a bunch of unsolved crimes and a couple of salt. crimes from the cleveland area. So any true crime fan would surely loved this one. All right, then, we're gonna leave you with the with our plug. as usual, but I have another burger chef commercial for this one. I am not certain because you know that pictures grainy, you know somebody recorded this back in seventy, eight or seventy, nine or
or maybe the early eighties, not sure when this one's from, but it appears to be the earl in this commercial appears to be the one of the Brady bunch girls middle one. you know, marshes the oldest and then the young one is in curls and then the memory cities and Cindy's increasingly, who's the one in the middle there. Nobody I remember nobody liked her. She was so jealous of marcia marcia marcia. I don't know, I don't. What's her name, I don't know her name. I asked you.
america shouts got juicy terrific burgers, four hundred percent, meaning we really worked hard to serve. You intend to our words law, making case even better. The way you want it ok, I like to plug April story, go to youtube, look up a there's, a short documentary on their six minutes. Thirty, four seconds. It's a sad story of a girl who was abducted back, I think, nineteen eighty eight, but anyway there's a lot of clues on their it's another unsolved crime from
Indiana. They need help. Go there. Watch it see. If you can help the whole state needs help. I live there know and like always, go to our website or tell a friend about it if you enjoy what you're listening to. Ah it's kind of a Your part casta tell friend about like it. If I tell somebody hey, I'm listening to the Joe rogan experience or something people go off as pretty funny at sir that's good stuff Tells me you're, listen to true crime garage. There might be a little scared, so don't be afraid to tell you for bout it and then go to the website and the music from this episode is on the website and it is titled burger, chef martyr. what's right, go there and get that and also on right now on hbo demand lasting until the month of june is jinx watch the jinx before that
off that's a great documentary. I think it's a six part series, and about the robber durst who's been in the headlines. Lately, yeah there's a. I think I just listen to cool. generation. Why episode with a durst? So one was pretty interesting, so check that out as well. Yes, oh good check that out anything else, captain phantastico note and you yeah, don't
the. Its brow see our blow bunny. Our research shows that humans things that are many like many swirled or many gulf or many poodle, our debt,
hated team of bunnies hours excited is ever to announce their newest development. In many innovation, blue body, many buyers, millions eyes mighty in crunch, you couldn't I have too many, I mean be too many or sorry have too many many slew bunny. We make fun
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