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Candace Hiltz /// Part 1 /// 140

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Candace Hiltz, 17, was murdered on August 15, 2006. She was described at the time as a teen mother who had an 11-month-old daughter. Candace's family, said Candace had an altercation of some sort with an officer at the sheriff's office about a week before she was killed. Just days before her death the family's dog went missing. James Hiltz, Candace's older brother, was a person of interest in the murder but never was charged. Multiple family members who have spoken out all say James Hiltz was not the murderer and that he wouldn't have hurt his younger sister. Many suspect someone in law enforcement killed Candace. Candace's family continues to fight for justice.

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Seventeen year old, candice hilts was found dead august, fifteenth, two thousand and six shot. Seven times total six in the head and one in the chess three
guns might have been used to kill candice hills, a shot gun, small caliber gun in a bullet from a medium caliber gun. The paths of the bullets are steeply downward back to front and left to write. The autopsy does not present evidence that the guns were fired at close range or the order she was shocked. Candle was shot in the head once with a shotgun and then five times in the back with a gun of a small caliber. She was also, once in the chest, from the front, with a gun of a medium caliber, someone had broken into the home of kansas, hilts and murdered her that afternoon, with the gun evidence. Was it one sing using three guns or to killers or possibly more. This is just the first of many strange twist in the murder of seventeen year old can't his health
and this is true, grabbed a rat Canada's hilts was born on December twenty second nineteen, eighty eight in cannon city, colorado, candice, was born to a large family. She was the only girl and the youngest child. She had. an older brothers. Unfortunately, candice was only five years old when her father passed away at a very early age,
It was obvious that candice was extremely intelligent. Delors hilts is candice his mother and she describes her daughter as candy was a gift and noted the candle was doing calculus at the age of eleven qantas, his sister in law, heather hilts said the two were close growing up in grew even closer when she married into the family in saying candice was outspoken, smart funny. and would readily tell you what she thought. Even if you didn't like what she was saying sounds like some by Anna yeah sounds like somebody. I'm sitting next to a finish. Send next year She grew up to be a strong young lady who could give her nine older brothers addressing down and if she thought they needed it. Now we meant kansas was very smart. This is how smart she was when most kids, her age were in height,
she was enrolled at brigham young university when candice was sixteen, she was halfway done with college, but then she got pregnant and then gave birth to a baby girl and named her page. This is in september of two thousand and five page was born with an illness. This is a hydrocephalus which is basically fluids. or build up a fluids on the brain or in the brain. This meant that page would not likely live a very long life candice question her mother about how she could afford to continue to go to college and also care for her ill daughter, delors and candid decided that they would figure out something Canada, Canada's mom never told her, that she should drop out of school and just get a job and tend to the baby. No delors told her daughter that college was, you, know her daughters dream and that they would figure something out so by the of seventeen. Candice was a mom and still a college student, but now taking club
says online through be why you she was looking to fulfil another goal. After be why you she had just received an acceptance letter to stamford law school, so by the age of eighteen. She was going. To graduate from be why you and then go on to stamford law school. Her dream was to be a supreme court justice on august tenth, two thousand six after department is going to show up at the health home and they have questions cause they're looking for candidates it brother yeah in this is officer. Robert Dodd, from the local shares department. he's at the hilltop. Now we have to set this up a bit before we get into this stuff, so the hillside it is located in fremont county in colorado, which is policed by the fremont county, sheriffs apartment, candice and her daughter, page lived at delors, hilts home remember this is
This is mother. I've read several newspaper accounts of this and I'm still a bit fuzzy on who was all living at the home for reasons it will become clear as we go, but according to the newspaper, accounts, are quoting canvasses. Mother, dolores candice, in page, lived at her home. Along with a couple of her older brothers of those. Older brothers is James hilts, who is a very big part of our story james suffered from pretty severe mental illness. His mother describes this as he is very delusional, an fearful of interaction with other people, and this fear or phobia other people extended to his own family, james as mother says that at this time, in august of two thousand and six june, was living in a tent in the woods behind the hills home. Now this is a rural areas so to be a little bit more clear James was living deep in the woods behind their house. So maybe
something a little bit deeper than descends eyedee, maybe some sort of schizophrenia, possibly that's what I would believe and the reports I read it sounds like they would often not see. James four days delors said aims would rarely interact with any one in the hills family. He didn't have any close friends, because he had this fear of interacting or being around other people. The lord said I believe, that some other woman was his actual mother, and this, of course, only distanced him further from the family. It sounds like this was a pretty long term, condition that they had been dealing with for a long time, because its often reported the candle stood up for her older brother because fortunately, a lot of times. People can be mean so anyway, back to the shares department, office or robert.
was sent to the hills home. He was there to question james. The reports are for trespassing and stealing some items. James entered somebody's home and took some of their property, while of course James is not there or officer, died to question him because he is living in the woods. So officer, Dodd talks to dolores and canvas I have why I should throw this out there. We would only end, with one version of this story, this would later come from dolores For some reason, candice becomes upset with the officer there could be multitude of reasons for her becoming upset with him maybe she didn't like the questions. Maybe it was possible things that were said about her brother that she didn't like yeah and watches. Also pretty young, and even though she's doing these more adult activities by going to college and stuff doesn't mean that she is mature for her age
or or what are you know what I think is probably most likely captain if this story is in fact true it's Probably the way the officer was treating canvasses. Mother, dolores, that's my guess. You know the office when told why delors could not produce her son james for questioning you know, I can't tell where James is except he's living in a tent somewhere in the woods, but you know probably sounds range and weird to the office are almost like he's she's, hiding writer was out of line anyway, candice gets aloud with the officer. There is There is now a large allowed argument going on between candice in officer Dodd one. Sometimes you become pretty protective of individuals that are very protective of view, so that be apparently at some point: Dodd threatens to arrive candice and she for what well, you know how these things We go down when an officers not getting the answer.
That they want. I can just kind of picture this thing working out in my head right. He shows up he's look ever james. He questions other key. can't tell you where he is accessories. Living in the woods sounds like a made up story. The officer gets upset with the mother problem, He threatened or with some kind of obstruction of justice situation right. We have candid stepping into defend the mother I'm guessing he probably through that obstruction of justice idea out to canvass. Apparently, canvas threatening back because she's, basically tellingham, but go ahead and arrest me. This is a tactic that they get with their handbooks right. I hope not. No, they do it. It's a the handbook is called cops with small dicks handbook and when they feel threatened by you know sixteen seventeen year old female, and they have to pull out these you're obstructing justice I'm going to rescue yeah.
I mean I usually have the police backs, but this situation sounds to me like a bully tactic. Yeah, I will run out if I run out, my brain is small, so I've run out of ideas. Now, I'm just going to throw this while I'm going to arrest you idea out there. No, not look! I love cops. I love anybody that is willing to sign up to protect and serve, but again that those those two words we're not happening here. Lucy protecting, is not protecting candice or the mother and he's not serving the public by threatening people that he's questioning. Will here's an idea, If you really want a fine james, ok, yes he's but he's a thought to have broken into homes and stolen some pretty small? that are not extremely valuable. If you really want catch. James, isn't your best bet befriending
the mother in family members of this guy who's potentially living in the woods rather than going in there and disrupting the whole situation and upsetting everybody one. I also thank you know you. You have to show respect to get respect, and so I think a lot of these times. You know that in a thick I think a lot of time if people of authority will come in not just cops, but what they'll come in with the attitude that you I deserve respect it's like well, look show them. Some respect, show them that you actually care Look! This isn't so much about your son, breakin into somebody's home, cadets, bad but these law items that they sold. We can replace those, but what a happen when you're, when your son, that has some mental illness, breaks until home with a with a gun owner- and then the gunnar protects their their property and protects himself and rightfully so, and then your son ends up dead because of this, and if I think of you approach it in that manner, then you gonna get some answers right right.
Maybe we needed just keep it as we would like to talk to your son. We don't know if he's guilty of anything at all, but again that goes back to serve and protect, because then you're trying to explain to him hey we're trying to serve the community are also trying to protect your son in the process. Here's the thing when Dodd gets threaten back by candice. She basically tells him to go ahead and arrest her because, according to the law, ass candy says that she tells Dodd that she had seen him on several occasions: accepting envelopes from known drug dealers, She would gladly tell others at the sheriff's office what she had witnessed once he brings or in on this arrest very interesting play. Yet Kansas should should be it should have, poker player, always officer. She was interest, law. So there's PA there's possibility to tat. You know, she's law enforcement she's like brain it. I've been studying this my whole life officer dad
eventually leaves the hilt home that evening, he never ends up speaking to James and he arrest no one that night now with it within a few days of this incident with officer Dodd, the hills family dog goes missing. Of course, as we said, this is a rural area, and that means you know, there's about a fifty fifty shot that this dog was an outside dog, you know lived outside right. I have some friends it live out? The country without toward dogs and well sometimes outside dogs, take off on a little adventure for a day or so, and I know my friends don't really become alarmed until the dog is gone for like three or more days. So this it's hard to say if this set off any alarms or any red flags with the family. Okay, we had to take little bit of a break their captain. Apparently there chopping down forests. Around the garage so
view here some noise in the background that is not me feeding the captain into would chipper. That's just assists of people. Take care, say something so that people know that you're still here I mean he's here, I'm one limb short, but chopping down on a tree or something they gonna toss it into the grinder. But we can have time the waste. That's right so now, of course, and there are cases that we have a he said she said situation this case. While this case is a he said, she said They said she said and oh yeah. Nobody is talking about this with all of that, it makes it extremely tough to piece together the story, but we're going to sift through this thing. Together friends, throw it all into the mix. Stirrup and see what were left with. With that in mind, we continue through here that some report state that the family was alarmed the and concerned about the missing family dog, while other reports simply state that the family believed it's. The country
we ve lived in the country for a long time. This was not a concern. Okay, so, let's recap real quick on august, ten While this sheriffs department was looking for james hilts officer, Dodd gets into an argument with and sat or mothers home in front of her mother. Then, a couple days later, the hilt noticed that their dog is miss there is one news, newspaper reports stating the canvas went to the sheriffs department. It is believed this would be to file some sort of complaint. The report does not state where this information came from. If a report actually filed or by whom they got this information, so we cannot verify that and then there is august fifteenth. This is just five days you're the argument with officer Dodd delors out running an errand and at home are heard, or canvas and grand daughter, baby page delors said that she left the home around noon. She returned home a little after three thirty p m that same day,
when she arrived. She does not see candice. Instead, she sees an obvious sign of a struggle she hears her granddaughter crying and she makes her way through the house. Delors notices blood. She gets too daughters, her granddaughters room and pay it is in her crib crying there's a bed in this room and the bed appears to have been properly there's something underneath of it dollars investor it's it's a large comforter, stuffed under the bed and she pulls and tugs on the comforter. Pulling from out under the add ass. She pulls on it. It starts to unravel inside the comforter. She discovers the lifeless body of her seventeen year old daughter. Dolores knows that it is candice, but due to the injury she's she sustained in her death canvasses, unrecognizable her face and head or a bloody mass. At some point, the authorities are called the frame
county. Sheriffs authorities responded more than one hour later. from a whole. Our well what's confusing here is what time was the call placed aka, because delors says that when she found her daughter did she? You know she was stricken by grief. You know shock, at the discovery and she she basically fell to the floor and laid their holding canvasses hand for some I'm I'm unclear as to who called nine one one in What time that play that call was placed, but the reports that we can see state did some time. our two little more than an hour after delors returned home, is when the sheriffs department arrived. On the scene. We have. We have deputies, briscoe in don t fremont on a corner. This is doctor. Dorothy twill men followed shortly behind
This was an obvious homicide from from the gate, go the fur. Report to come out in the newspapers had little real information and was wrong it s simply said did a girl's body, was found dumped in a remote area of the county, even though there is a lot of reasons to speculate in question a lot of things in this case, I don't find this as anything of it. Since more than more than likely? What happened is the sheriffs department offered little in the way of information in the paper just ran? the story right they. This went with speculation instead of fact, yet the reporter was probably just told that day. Found an unidentified girl who had been murdered. The next reports were accurate with no, what you know with with again no real detail, simply stating candice hilts. Seventeen died of multiple gunshot wounds on august fifteenth, two thousand and six in the family home in,
upper gulch area, twenty five miles, south west of cannon city, while you're too I knew earlier, too that a lot of reports are reported candice, as sixteen yeah like they can even get the age right yeah. There are several reports that say she's sixteen and some saying she, seventeen years later, qantas hilt, mother delors, hills discussed with the daily record about her. Daughters, murder describing how she was. one who had found her daughter and that it was thing? She will never forget stating that she had found her wrapped in a blanket underneath of the bed. It was after kansas, hilts was and that authorities began searching the area and they found family dog. Unfortunately, the thought the authorities found the dog tied up to a tree in a place that quote, you wouldn't have seen him. The dog was tied to a tree and killed with possibly an ax, or
kind of hatchet. Now detectives are working on a new theory after having found the family dog tied up to this tree in the woods behind the house that some had either targeted the hilts house for a possible burglary or targeted candice for murder, the killer or killers who had done this, took the dog and killed it day or a couple days before forcing their way into the home and killing candice. Meditating. Ok, yeah, They may also be a premeditated break in or premeditated murder. They had also found that some one had forced them way, into the home using ache. Oh bar pry bar on a door forcing it open to get entry into the residence at some point, detective bruce briscoe told them worse than authorities believed her son. James hilts was a person of interest in the case.
and they mounted a search to find him I have a newspaper report saying that he was twenty. Eight and again some saying he's twenty nine not a big deal, but it seems to be a common- and you know common occurrence in this case, yet errors but anyway, he's in his late twenties and at this time and he's over ten years older than candice at the time of her murder the fish Molly is ordered out of the home. This whole place as a crime scene, Dolores is brought to the sheriffs department for questioning during a or our interview, delors, hilts, say She was repeatedly asked who her son was hanging out with she answered, of course, no He won't even talk to his brothers, it was then covered by the authorities that James was suffering from a psychotic episode or psychotic episode. Odds and he had been released early from a mental health facility and was living off the land a pair.
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where you don't even have to wear pants and honestly we're having a lot of fun doing. We hope you join us on the deep die, listened to the deep dive on apple plot cats or wherever you're listening to this now supports, this programme comes from arkansas escape to your natural state, outdoor adventures to indoor attractions in just a few miles or a few minutes near at all, What faraway planet trip at arkansas dotcom wherever he was camping in the world, and she would have to worry about him starving to death out their right and then should also know if he took the food. Is it that's that smart I'd anything about the sheet, detectives that James didn't come to the house would come to the house and talk to anybody in the family? All Telling them that he's delusional- and he thinks that delors is not his mother and some other woman has replaced her so
in mental break. One could assume that almost anything is possible, but what does Add up here is ok, one house again this crowbar to break into the house and one he know a better way to get into the house, and then So where is he coming up with these three guns? Do we have any evidence that he has wigan's, there's like questions here and we can get back into their writer quick beer break the moreover back and I think they stop cut and then treat them all
So we are hunting for james hilts. The fremont county sheriff's office announced that they were searching for james hilts, stating deputies and additional law enforcement search teams were searching for james calling him a person of interest in the death of canvas, hilts deputies and other law enforcement. Searchers were looking for James hills in the area of deer, mountain and copper gulch. They described him as five foot ten inches tall honor. Five pounds would blonde hair blue eyes. He was believe, be in possession of at least two firearms. He was, of course, considered to be armed and dangerous. They had not filed any murder charges against james at this time, however, and a couple of officers off the record stated that they did believe that James had murdered his sister well They found him on Friday just a couple days later and the more back up a little bit, because I mean.
You know again what was approved that he had guns well, if, if their cause, a person of interest in this murder. She was obviously killed by way of gun. Assuming he has guns correct, but I think you know what I'm getting at is law enforcement obviously has the responsibility of protecting the public, also by saying that this individual, that has guns that we have no evidence. He has guns and he's mentally ill. You might be, setting him up for a situation where some runs into him and didn't catch him alive is what I'm saying. I then, if in They don't catch him alive. While then we can do this on him and move about our day? Well, here in your right, they do have. They certainly most certainly have that obligation. We have this situation in here, where they're looking for the older brother of a murder victim somebody that We are already looking for on unrelated charges days before her murder.
and now you have a situation where, if you think he is a suspect and they they never call him to my knowledge, they never call him a suspect, just a person of interest, and if you have a person of interest who do you believe, may have committed this crime, but at same time. You also believed that they have committed. You know unrelated break ins, wow. You have to find this guy very quickly because if this is something he's escalated to where we have a whole bunch, people that are in considerable amount of danger now one I don't mean to throw a law enforcement order, the bus here, because they, I have more knowledge of his priors, because I don't have any knowledge of his priors other than these, you know act accusation. Him breaking and entering people's houses, but no accused yes or no charges on violence, you're, exactly
he had several run ends with the law. All of them were non violent offences, all of more pretty petty crimes but I understand that law enforcement and the small town also I know of no- are you gonna fistfight here there? They might know about some things that we are aware of family, when they were looking for him, what they were saying, you know from the gecko weed we don't believe he did this for several reasons, but one of those being he had no previous history of violence even toward the family, you know sometimes things happen within a family and it's not always reported to the authorities but they're saying He was not a violent man, but the problem is the same time when you're telling me that your son is not a violent and you're, also telling me that he not even know who he is any more ram. If, if what you're telling me is the truth- and in dolores in family. You believe that to be the truth, he doesn't believe you are his mother. Had this guy is
not what I would what I would call delusional This is what I would call he's had some kind of break with reality might be in his own is now delusion is poor. Yes, here probably as but, but I mean think delusional is a big enough word for what I think this kid is experiencing, and I think he's had break with reality. I don't think he fully knows what's going on or who the people around him may be. This could present a problem because You have a person who has become afraid for real. Then we might not be able to comprehend. He could become a dangerous person and now, if you capable of breaking and other homes. Like I said, we have a huge problem on our hands. Thankfully thing
early, he is located and they found him on that friday in the rugged, copper, gulch iron, mountain area. This is south west of cannon city, just three days after the sheriffs deputies found kansas hilt dead at her mothers home now. After his arrest, I want everybody to little listen carefully to the charges, I'm ok! If you weren't listing before start listening now, that's right, everybody listen carefully. Ok, James hills has been charged with first and second degree, burglary and criminal. Trespassing know all of these are considered. Felonies. He is also being charged with theft and criminal mischief authority say that he broke into a home and stole hatchets and flashlights sheriff jeff beaker, said searches have been conducted at
hilts, home and people are being interviewed in connection of the homicide. James hilts was scheduled to appear in the fremont county court on august thirty. First, He remained at the fremont county jail on five hundred thousand dollars bond until that time. Moth, ok, Let me just rat my head around all this mass right, so he charged with all these felonies right and what did he still flashlights hatchets yes, that's what's reported and we can assume that is. Stealing these items for survival, correct, flashlights, hat it's an hour. We know that he mentally ill and we place a bond on him for five hundred thousand half a mill on a mentally ill person and I understand that maybe he's a person of interests in a murder, but this is no justice at all. This is a mentally ill individual,
and you're charging them with these crimes where he was not. Tacky name, but he was not violent towards anybody and he was stealing stuff survive trying to survive. Why he's gone through this, the delusional state or possible mental breakaway? He called it where's the justice there wet captain, I'm afraid I have to do gray with you. If you have your same, I think you're saying I sympathise with what you're saying and I sympathise, with his condition as a as a citizen You know if I were living in the area or if he were in my area in this, went down. Here's the way I gotta look at it. He's arrested, he's picked up on a friday. They, he probably didn't get any time of court hearing until the following Monday that bond I'm guessing of five hundred thousand is set just six days after the murder of his sister, Now I understand that these are,
lower level crimes that he's being held on. However, I do want to remind you of some of those are considered to be felonies and One thing that would be presented to the judge at the time is: he is involved in a homicide investigation. We are talking to him about this, we're talking to his family, about this seeking information and furthermore, he could be a flight. Ask and what I mean by that is out of non. Not look, I'm not argue with I'd here. No luck that it set a bay. I get but what I am saying is that national charges are kind of ridiculous We always I understand that he committed that crime. I understand that he might possibly omit to that crime, but I think there needs to be a better system in place. you know you're gonna take a mentally unstable individual.
Put him in the system for breaking and entering so they could survive and disillusioned will stay. I mean that's what I have more of a issue with and the reason why I say he's a flight risk is he's living in the woods he's he's. Some kind of survival is right, he's been on foot, they caught him in flight right and you know and when they did catch him, I do want to say that they caught him. He surrendered without incident. You know he didn't it any of the people that work asking him he didn't have any guns on him at the time of ours. He didn't he had some kind of knife than newspapers reference, a knife- I dont know that means that he was a violent person. I think that means you're living in the wood. If I were living in the woods, I would do fool like davy crockett mode, and I would have, I would have knives in the coonskin cap and everything else goin on. Okay. Actually, actual you know a captain. I think I'm gonna. Do you just like dressing up
getting a lot. I have a lot of phone calls to my to my cell phone lately that that I dont want I'm thinking about using this story here too up. my voicemail greeting saying. I'm sorry, MR call I am now living in the woods like davy crockett, so here's the thing I think I think it's reasonable. The five hundred thousand dollar bond, just because this is where my heads out that's fine, but what I'm saying is once the bond it is done and stuff you, your PA. We put in somebody into a sister that they're not going to be all to get out of not going to be able to get adequate care for with their mental illness. I I think their look. I think we we, the justice system, and I think we have to have an another system in place when it will more deal? the mentally ill, and I agree with that. But do I I agree with the five hundred thousand dollar bond because my opinion is: let's set this. In a little high. So we can hold him
a certain amount of time until we get this straight now, maybe he's not our guy, but I'm with you. Maybe maybe sitting in a jail cell or sitting in jail amongst other people. Waiting for trial is not the best location for this young man to be housed, while we're waiting to get them bottom of this. So anyway, James was charged with unrelated burglary charges. He was never charged with the homicide We have to do some fast forwarding here, but eventually James was found not guilty, on the burglary charges, but this was by reason of insanity He was eventually committed to the colorado mental health into two and two thousand and eight es. I go on this whole rant and they basically did the right thing I think he ended up in the right place, but I'm with you. The jail, especially with his affliction. Are they probably put him in a cell by himself? I hope so, but that
problem: there is, you know he wasn't under any treatment, so at least they said local run. These charges. We know he's mentally Ellis bottom in a hospital in this him, the treatment that he needs or try to get him the treatment that he needs and I did mention that they had no, for he had no firearms in his possession when he was arrested. Of course, it was suspected that he could have had one or two with him, presumably guns that he would have used to in his sisters. Murder I'd like to know if they did the test to see if he fired a gun, it's a good question, as we could assume that he's not taking showers. Why we have. You know we have some listeners that are involved in forensics and things like that. I would love to hear. in sea on the blog. If anybody clear this up because he was, he wasn't captured until three days after her after her Is this enough time? I don't know, I don't know the The ins and outs of this whole situation, but I am
it washes off. At some point yeah. I heard its anywhere between late twenty four forty hours again wonder, but you know how: how much does it stay the body depending on how much you wash you know. If you fire again, can you can you wash yourself are two or three times and get rid of this residue will get back to James situation as far as whether he makes a good suspect or not, because I think there is a lot to talk about them after the arrest of of james, the remaining members of the hilt family was now allowed back in their home when delors hilts return home. She was shocked when she did. The lord has maintained for years that the investigators botch this investigation, delors hilts, has discussed with media how the investigators did not take all the
dense with them that bullet casings were left behind, as well as the blanket her daughter was wrapped in. She said that they left evidence in there. for three days adding at the sheriff's office. Invest It didn't even tape off the house so so captain they didn't like that any baker gone there. They didn't sick the home, they left evidence uncollected and they left a door wide. But we have that right. Now as their evidence of this is this is she said he said stuff I mean there is evidence of this because she's collecting evidence and then and then send it back to them. So that would be the evidence yet so here My thoughts on the door being left wide open. I dont think this was like, some you know born in a barn situation- forgot to close the door. I think this was probably the
where the whomever access to enter the home to break into the home, it was probably busted up enough that it couldn't be just closed and locked simply closed and locked, but they could have boarded up in some fashion, so that people, enter the home while there's nobody there, while they've told the family to to vacate right by law, enforcement's defense, how many could have been one of those scenes where all I pulled it shut and it seemed like it was going to stay shut up, but then, when open up the door, so it could be. That case I mean my front doors, the same way like if you go outside and you shut the door behind you. If you don't lock it, it has a possibility of blowing open just from the wind, Dolores hilts went to the fremont county sheriff's office and asked to speak with the chief or the deputies were on the scene. This is dodd in briscoe.
She was told that all of them all three of them were too busy and she insisted on staying there until someone talk to her, she said. Finally, a young officer came out. she told him about her concerns. Now her concerns are she's gone home. The place was unsecured and there's evident still there that's what she's trying to report to them in person. and she's she's getting nowhere with this shit. the young officer, urgent concerns and nothing happens. So when no one called or no one can out to the house: well, delors, hills and her. This is her son John it then they went to a store to buy plastic bags and banged up bullet casings themselves too, eventually take them to the officers she said those three days, the investigate that. Were there searching the whole They only took about fifteen things into on balance and a they took a p
of paneling and a piece of carpet, and she said: that's it now. Jonathan hilts, this is, or other son had taken forensic classes, so the two of them they put on protective buddhism and gloves, and they methodically photographed bagged all of the evidence that was left and placed it in a plastic container with an evidence log. They they, you know whenever they didn't take here you know here's what they didn't take. There was white computer speaker with blood on it. They have been used to prop up the bed. This was the bed she was found underneath. De the blanket the candle was found in what where her body was found. I was still the home there as a shotgun casing in the baby's cradle, all the air They found, as I said, was tagged and bag, and it was put in a container later. Brow go, showed up with a search warrant and asked where they contain
or of evidence, was an dolores gave it to him. Now the delors has a very good quote when asked about this by the media. She said: I'm I'm thinking season cops, don't leave evidence, and these are not rookie officers that statements very true right, so it but what does she implying by that when she, implying is that it it looks like hearn or somewhere. able to find more evidence than what the the police laughed with yeah, b. No, no! No, I think that, but I think there's. Maybe they left this on purpose right right right, I'm sorry! That's that's exactly what I believe she's trying to tell all of us is that she would have expected some Some do good, boyscout captain, maybe sharp and not know what he's doing and
it looked some of these days. The two good boy scout always be prepared. He would have collected the evidence. That's right so yeah I apologize gonna throw the Oh, we blow scouts under the bus, I'm a rude person yeah. You feed me into the wood, cheaper Yeah, I lost the limits now your turn my friend, but I think, I think you're right on your spot on their captain she's she's, pointing out these guys. I've been around the block to law they ve been on the job too long. seems like they weren't willing to take the stuff with them. For whatever reason who knows right, so that kind of goes with the whole conspiracy theory about this case, though, is that you're, if looking for this individual, thus breaking and entering into houses, and still in these little you know flashlight and what not then, the young girl can arrange her mouth to this cop in the cab decides hey. You know what I'm gonna teach this young girl lesson.
And that lesson is that murder, you for whatever reason- and I think maybe it wasn't just her run in her mouth but did did what can said to the officer? Did it strike a nerve now point this out? So if said: okay! Well! Well, I know that you're taking money from drug dealers or have seen this prove this and I have other eye witnesses and then the If there's more than one cop involved in this, then that cop has to tell his buddy cop- and he tells another buddy cop and then the shop and they go okay, we're gonna get rid of her and guess what we've got an easy person to pin this on. Her z brother, and so when we get to the scene of others. This evidence, we don't really want to have that all collected, because that this evidence is going to start pointing you know you, you can't hide certain facts. Just like you know there was three guns used in this murder hm. So how did that happen? If it was just
one individual right, you know it becomes a you know. It doesn't make a lot of sense, so you connect the dots and so by not collect. In that evidence it goes more towards a conspiracy theory that maybe the cops were involved. Well in one thing that is very telling, so you bring up it interesting topic here because One of the big reasons why Dolores will point out, amongst others, ro. Other details why her son James should not be a suspect brain is that he had no four he had no people that he interacted with heat run around with anybody and, like you said that this this case well, like I said earlier, this case, is very strange. as you have to almost completely different stories, you have this the story of the shares department and you have the story of the hills. Family. The one place where they do match up is, it seems too
did the sheriffs department and the hilts family. Both can agree that Two or more people committed this crime committed this murder and the end application of that is the sheriffs department asking Dolores buddha son, hang out with she's that you know it's not just. Where is your son? It's who does your son hang out with because they know early in the ghetto. This thing was committed by at least two people. Well, dolores, on the other hand, will say that's why he's not a good suspect? because he had no friends, he didn't. With anybody was afraid he had a phobia of being around other people of having relationships with people. It's that that is. in point where point where they actually match up in their beliefs. Right was part of the police rat. You I mean so I think that's where it gets odd there and and yet it is a two or three b.
I don't know it certainly done. Look like one an here's one of the other things that delors went out when they're they're worried about her son James, remember, the house was broken into helps home was broken into. Somebody used a breaker bar pry bar crowbar whenever you want to call it to break into this door and then gets into the home james hilts, when he did come in the house, which apparently he did go back to the house on occasion- but this would only be when nobody was at the home supplies- there was a buttered knife that was hidden underneath a the front step to the home and he would use this butter knifed. pop open the front door, so he had no reason to me now basically bust his way into that door.
Yeah. That does not exclude him, though, just because again, if he is in some manic stay or some delusional the how he might even understand what he's breakin into so I it'd, be like! Oh, why I have no clue what's happening. All I remember, there's a butter knife here. He could be so far gone that he you know, he thinks he's breaking into a you know a castle or something, and that's exactly right did. Those are the questions that come into my mind, and these are the reasons why I cannot exclude Jane as a good suspect, I think, he's Thank you. I'm right up there, I think, is right up there. There's there's questionable things going on in this fashion. this question? Will things going on in this household and I dont know that any I have a clue. What's going on with James here's, here's a questions. I I want to talk about Ok, we only talk about the heat he may not have had to break breakin into the home. Now he he he's already went into other people's homes? Any sites
want some items. Now we said that the dog appear to have been killed, acts or a hatchet, well one of the items or believed that he had stolen from these. Other homes was in fact a hatchet actually were in one report states that he had stolen more than one hatchet. so. He has the means to do this regarding the dog yeah In its of it's a very strange thing to do for for any one to do and act like that, but he lacked orbit if he did in fact have a hatchet was east. Doing it for more than one reason or you know it to me, it looks like he had the means to kill the dog the problem, while the other problem to the break ins. Is you report that hat right, but what, if you have a legal weapon? Nor am I
some may breaks into your house, and they say he had shot gun that wasn't registered to you and some steals it. You know my dont repeat: you dont report that the key ups right, so that's the other issue too then, and then you go k while he has these hatchets well. That kind of puts him in more likely. They may be killed this dog scenario and then whoa. How did he get the guns while he's breakin into houses and still guns, and I wonder if any of those individuals a come forward and say why actually did have a shotgun where I did have a twenty two and that yet It's why question the statement that he did not have access to firearms when you're busting, the people's homes and taking things you have access to a lawyer. things that you normally don't have access to the big. for me on those on those other burglary charges,
I would love to know how he gained access into those homes right because here's the thing we can say all day long that he would not have broken into his own home that he would not have busted open this door and went in there. We can't say that if that is exactly how he was gaining access into these other homes, my suspicion is that my suspicion captain is He was not breaking into these homes and the reason why I say that is when I look at the charges he's charged with first and second agree burglary but charged with criminal trespassing meaning that he was in an area that he shouldn't be for reasons that that war no good break em, but you would expect to see a breaking and entering charge with with joy. Yet. I do not see so I'm wondering what this being a rural area is this just as simple situation of people leave
their doors unlocked, he knows nobody's home and he lives in the woods creep up on your house whenever he feels like it check the doors and walk, and your home and collect items that he believes he needs for whatever survival he's playing in the woods yeah, that's a very good point and also to I mean look, Everybody knows the credit card trick depending on where that your door latches a you, can take a credit card or or butter nigh, framed in a just pop that door open and maybe that's what he's doing and then you wanna know if the door was locked, her unlocked anyways right. So obviously knows this little trick and also you know once this trip became more popular. They started making sure that all the locks cannon, go one way so, but it's interesting its deadly interests and so, if they're not reporting that he broke in then again, what else did he take that now reporting
the other thing too, is when, when he's picked up when they find him no report of them saying all we found a bloody hatchet with the guy right. You know There was not what I would call any damning evidence against him. Other then he's miss. We stood. We don't really know what kind of lifestyle he's living or what state of mind he is in at the time of that, his sisters, yeah- and I would say that with his mental state, he has to be a suspect one than I can't get overs. Then how did this individual have three guns and then, when they decide to meta martyr their sister they decided to give three different guns on this on this individual. There is some speculation that some of the gunshot wounds happen at the same time. Yes, there is speculation of that it is put. It would be possible for one person to use to or We on the same victim. The reason why captain ike
Rule him out it is. I got a paint, a picture for you. Ok, we have we have a man did that is, need of some help in need of some support. he's living in the woods. We do no what's going through his mind. If, if I try to put my self? In his situation, we know that he does believe that his mother is his mother. Can you imagine where your waking up every day in the woods, you're sleeping in the dark forest every night waking up every day going. You know, there's this house, that's not too far from here, and it's full of them people that I've never met, that I don't know who they are, and they keep telling me that they're, my family, that this is my mother, my sister, my brothers, it it's it's as its ass. I could see somebody panicking and doing something very strange in that situation. It's almost it's almost like being you know, he's had a break
with reality and he's thrown into a world that he cannot understand. Therefore, I dont know that we can understand or put limits on what we think he is capable of or what is not capable of right. So your ear, basically state that your opinion is that the families lake would ease I violent individual. So therefore he can have done this closed case on him most or a little other theory out there not nonsense. I believe in this, but just go with me on this, so this person that is not capable of this person that is not violent, has a mental break with quality and you normally would see certain types of breaks a reality with the same individual right like it. may that you're carrying for some aid, that is in your family, has mental illness right, they have a normal set, the the way they break with there.
reality is normally the same, but what? If this time was different right and they the family comes, we gotta our window from the time that they supposedly see the body and call the cops. What place in an hour and then on top of that, all this evidence that the police didn't collect that they then collected. and then then gave too was this created even after they left you you're insane. Like it starts creating some answers for some of these things at these questions arise, so you're thought would be ok. What What if you knew that he murdered her and then now you're? You have two options your your daughter's already dead end and what is going to happen to you.
What is going to happen to your mentally ill son and what's an easy way to cover this up? If she is shot by multiple guns, then they're going to assume that she was killed by multiple people and guess what he doesn't have multiple people and his life from. the boy friends. So look, it's not theory. I believe in them to saying it does answer some of the weird questions that we do have yet I thought I was steering the ship and unpopular direction by saying I would still consider him a suspect and man you drive right into the room. Into the iceberg there. This is not. This is not what this is not what I believe. Not only could he be still a suspect, but the possibility of the family covering his tracks for him very interesting. And there's a lot more, there's a lot more strange twists and turns and icebergs along the way in this case yeah- and this be clear, does not what I think I'm just put in
the possibilities and I think, when you're trying to get to the answers rang with china funnel everything down to get to the answered yet alive. every possible thin and where does the evidence points below you? So I think that's. That's all I'm doing, and I think people should exercise that right and ex exercise selves and doing that more often with these cases here, the funnel and the truth you're you're exactly right, because this is a case that requires everyone to put on their thinking cap, and you need a really big tall thinking cap for this this case, because there so many possibilities, and so many we'll just wish- stuff he had ever get pretty. May I can't really explain it any more than weird stuff so for more weird stuff will be back in the courage to morrow and of there's no would chipper.
the are they here so much for listing and will see the mile back in the garage until then be good, be kind and don't let her this spring, transform your outdoor space in
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