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July 15, 2008 - Orlando, Florida- a two year old girl is reported missing. Her grandparents have just tracked down their daughter Casey but their granddaughter Caylee is nowhere to be found. During the course of this evening it is revealed that the little girl has been missing now for 31 days. The mother says she left the baby with the nanny but she won't give her back. Today we review what has often been called the biggest case in America since the OJ Simpson case.

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program This is the right- and this is the case of case here, but I will drive and here on the clothes I need to bring someone into the police department. Can you tell me where I can the cost of one? I can comment below what what are you trying to accomplish by bringing them to the station? I have a twenty two year old, has grandpa footing otto with me, so the twenty two year old person stall, something Is this a relative? Where did they steal it from?
Like. also money. Is this your son blotter, ok, god or stolen money from your car. Today we found out what was that if you can get it, I got that and I've got affidavit from my banking account. I want to bring her in for All this happened then happened. I need to establish a jurisdiction. Is what on earth in our land out here. But what address did these deaths like at it is a warning on the subject utility in the jurisdiction of the sheriff's office, ma'am, the orlando police department. Let me transfer you over to the communication said
Okay, now arthur orlando head of department, the one on the thirty fifth that that opened this afternoon with a feeling of Reputation you're out on purging, if its orlando police were rope and primarily during the day, but that's not the share of that city police, which does not arise. jurisdiction for the sheriff's department on I mean on the thirty fifth or what I'm gonna do. Is I'm going to transfer you to the sheriff communication section. You can determine okay the. The. That thing in we'll have a court order. The way you'll never wilder.
Now, I'm not giving you another guy I've, given you among men on what is happening. I have someone here that I need to do in my home there are european child by the greater the political problem. A three year old. Have you reported I'm trying to get out now, man they wanted. The person do that you need a rapid, my daughter or what and throwing money with them when they said they would pay I fear the orlando sheriff's department have adapted here. I was in the car. I was going to go over to the police station and my one's open. They said they would bring a deputy to my home when I got home to call them so cheap, though your vehicle yeah. When did she do that?
I'm a partier. I just got it back from the impound I'd like to speak to an officer or have someone come to my house? Okay, okay, I gotta ask you questions, so I can put them in in the call okay, okay, thirtieth june yeah,. How old is your daughter, twenty two, the what's her name, my name, her name, her name, and you said you had the vehicle back yeah not have a eight march is there I now I got her I finally found, or after a month has been the three month. I found her about work here. And by. One and a half.
then medium or heavy built and color? Her brown local shortage wearing white. What kind of pants or short clad or like pink and teal and white black plaid? Does she have any weapons on her? No. The not telling you were her daughter is correct. The kate will have a deputy out to use them as ones available cake. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye.
The literature? Why didn't they go to the deputy sheriff found out? My granddaughter has to continue has to listen for a monitor or modify the chief minister, okay, what now? Okay? What is the address that you're calling from we're talking about a convo I mean your daughter admitted that europe and the baby is where I gathered that my daughter, I'm looking for. I called you my daughter, with nutrients from one type of counter, but I can't find my granddaughter. She just admitted that she's been trying, I'm tired I looked at my daughter's car today and found the car okay. What did your three year old name katie? c, a Y hayley anthony
is she white black or hispanic white? it's even missing, for I have not been since the seventh of june on her date of birth, I'm eight in two thousand and five. The girl, manteca mama, Okay, honey? I I understand I can you, can you come down for me for just a minute and I need to know. What's going on? Okay, I'm going to try and cool your daughter. They are born with your daughter. Their people
I think that our thinking I call them two hours ago. We haven't got here finally, and then the very man ma am they wanted. hello, hello, yeah hi. What can you can you tell me what's going on here that I'm sorry, can you tell me, What's on, my daughter has been missing for the last thirty one day. and you know who ever I know you tried to contact her. I actually receive the football today from a number that is no longer an early. I did my daughter, her thought a moment about a minute. Ok did you? what a difficult foreign yet live on that
but they also until now, that's a lie vehicle. What do you call her power The eight pontiac gunfire deputy than the way p right now for that, but now now you re out. He had the honour of methane cayley Anthony white. He now get like female reared all eight nine thousand five, the date of birth And you are all her: a month ago, thirty one and thirty one days who have her given name Her name is the river fernandez. Didn't that to that maybe my nanny for about a year and a year, almost two years, Why? Why are you calling now? Why didn't you call me? One days ago, I've been working I have her and have gone through other resources to try to find her, which was stupid a
Can you give me the name of the veterinary again, like spell it out for me, neither the eaten ai PA, my favourite nando's fernandez, creeping gonzales. The officers are here, the offices are there here hold on a second coming up with me, unable to carry out any was born august, nine, two thousand and five she blew with her mother, casey and casey's parents, georgian cindy anthony and IRAN. Style home in orlando florida
casey was nineteen. When she gave birth, the gaily and joy, of two thousand and eight. The two were still living with georgian cindy cayley is Now, two years old and kc twenty two years old. On june, ninth casey and caylee move out of george and Cindy's house and move in with casey's ex boyfriend, ricardo morales and his friend Amy. on Sunday june, fifteen, two thousand and eight cayley goes with cindy to visit. Cindy's father in assisted living facility later that day, cayley an cindy swim together in the anthony families above ground pull this fathers day and before the night was over, there was going to be a show down in the anthony household and I'm guessing that this was not the first of its kind cindy who fifty years old. She is attacking casey's parenting skills or lack thereof, brent Kay. He decides to argue back in this argument, becomes pretty heated and at work,
point allegedly cindy is threatening that her and george are going to take legal custody of cayley and, at some point cindy has her hands around casey's neck george defusing the situation. And everybody did they just kind of part their ways, but that a pretty heated argument takes place that evening. Then stay as Monday june sixteenth. Now this is a work day and at This time Cindy is a nurse and she works during the day. Georgia's, working basically, a second shift security job, his workday tip he starts at three p m, so after Cindy leaves for work. We would just have casey and cayley and george there for the morning hours until case he goes off to work and cayley goes to the babysitters apartment. George would later say that he last saw casey cayley as they left the house at twelve. Fifty p m at thirty p m george left for work.
This would be the last time any of her parents actually see casey with cayley, yet in the next few weeks. Georgian cindy do not see casey your cayley they they did, however, talk on the phone with casey several times on these occasions, Cindy would ask to speak with the little cayley and at she would be unable to do so because the child was with her nanny or at an amusement park. But she the little kid was always busy doing something cindy, would not be able to speak with her. casey would tell her parents that she was. She was quite busy, mostly with work in personal things as well and where she workin out. She was currently working at the very popular universal studio theme park, on june thirtieth, a ninety. Ninety eight white pontiac son fire was toad from a store parking lot. The vehicle was considered to have been abandoned and was true, for to the johnson's reykir service. Impound, lot
on July third, Cindy posted on her myspace page the following this precious aims. from above, gave me strength and unconditional love jealousy has taken her away jealousy. The person who should be thankful for all of the support given to her on July. Seventh, pretty much We can assume in retaliation, casey post on her own page. What is titled diary of days that says what is given can be taken away, everyone lies, everyone dies life. Will be easy one. Kids, that don't understand what my spaces myspace was secondly, the preacher sir to facebook, but again Don't you don't need it air, dirty laundry on social media for everybody out there to see her yell. I just think it's hilarious. I go on gonna, make the statement and then I'm not an address who I'm talkin to and then there
make a statement very childish. On July fifteenth George anthony at he's at home and users does he paused on his myspace? Hey George got on there and said yes, everybody does die Ebay lies. I dont have any post from george, but on the other than the thirteenth of July, when he's at home, he receives a certified letter from john reykir service this, fighting him that the ninety ninety eight pontiac son fire register to him and his wife Cindy has been set in the impound lot. George then call Cindy cindy work in the two go to retrieve the vehicle. This is of major concern to both georgian cindy because, even though the vehicle is owned by the two of them the vehicle primarily being used by casey to the of well you'd, probably just consider the card to be hers rain, and this was the car that casing cayley had left the anthony house in on June sixteenth brands. Don't be pretty alarm into the parents, because
Not only are they worried about their daughter, but they're also worried about their granddaughter yeah. The two were supposed to have been on a mini vacation in Jacksonville florida. So finding this vehicle abandoned is very scary. For them They get to the end pound lot. But before george attempt to distort the sun fire, he asked impound lot attendant to check the trunk of the vehicle with him. They both smelled, a terrible smell inside the vehicle, and he thought they better check the trunk, because george thought it was possible that he might find the body of casey or cayley or maybe even both of them in the trunk, with a bit the vehicle being. Bandit right now. Listening rising and how does it make any sense for school back a little bit georgia's history, George, was police officer for a time period and also in Transition phase of war, he was also a security guard, so, at his time of being in law, force meant he smelled yell a dead body
correct, and so he feels like what he spelling is that of a dead body and the crew. Anything here to captain is that not only does george have that experience, but I dont have the gentlemen that from the impound la I dont have his name here with me. He's exe familiar with that experience as well, because they had they had total vehicle at one point and there were they found a body in it rainy days after it sat on the law Instead, you know the two men they pop the trunk and thankfully, so they they find a white trash bag full of garbage. This kind of explaining the smell to the two men george looked in the bag tended then remove the bag and threw it in a dumpster the view a call? They found was out of gas, so they put a little gas in the car and joy drove off in the sun. Fire cindy was furious about the car and so she makes some calls to some of casey's friends because she wants to know
Is she furious that the car has been towed? I mean they had to pay a small fortune to get this car back and then, on top of that, you know this is a car you're, letting your daughter use right, you're, saying the insurance you're, you probably paid for the car yeah and you're you're, helping out your kid. This car is abandoned, but but also you're, probably where you're worried about your child's safety. While- and this is you know- here's somebody that they keep enabling and the bling george, in one of his statements to the law enforcement claims that there is more we'll times where in auschwitz, the oil gas from the home or show still money cash out of here and there to fill up the tank, but also she had an easy pass and instead slowing down for the easy path or no, maybe she shouldn't have easy passed, but she would claim I threw the money in there and you know the toll. for me that doesn't know so we have seen states have tools that The pay and go through these toll lanes that she put money in it.
and come back, and he would be fine because car was registered in their name court. So whoever the cars registered in has to pay fines, and so this guy's gone. Look. We help you, your daughter. You know we help with our kid we pay your gas, we pay for the car for the insurance Annie and pay the toll right right now I have to go down in fish. This car out of impound law and then on several occasions to they they believed that casey had used their credit card. Sir charles cards without permission. So this is kind of an ongoing thing and I think, takes over here is you might track about worrying about the safety of the kid and now you're too so furious that this is just continually happening again and again right and when, when, ah they go to visit the grandfather. That's in the nursing home, that's another,
that's going on as they have a separate bank account that has money for him and there is actually some suspicious some suspicion that cases taking money from that account as well. So they got a big problem on their hands, yeah yeah so cindy, she tried stone. Casey. Calling some of her friends and finds out that casey is in fact she's not in india, and build all. She is at her boyfriend's home this tony lazard, and so the drives out to tony's condo, who she is where's finds casey there, she is trying to get casey and cayley to come home and she starts telling casey that you know what. If she can't talk casey into coming home, then she would just take cayley and Kelly home with her, but cayley is not there. he's not at the condo casey finally agreed to go home with Cindy Cindy
then calls the police on the way home register in the nine. When one takes we heard earlier yet, and she wants to charge her daughter with stealing the vehicle and stealing some money from our once, they get back home, cindy calls nine one one again requesting officer to the house so that she can make a report against her daughter. Then, time later. A third call is made and, of course, we we just heard all three of these goals. Earlier. But it's the third call when little cayley is finally reported missing by casey but by king grandmother, Cindy One has to wonder, had cindy gone to tony's, condo and track down casey that night, how long would it have been until little cayley would be were Where did missing right currently were at thirty one days
it's interesting about that nine one one call the third one is when she is calling and she's she tells casey hey. They want to talk to you and you can have. a faintly casey Anthony, say I don't have it anything to talk to them about your daughter has been missing for thirty one days, and you know, guy than to talk to the law enforcement about that you know. That's pretty strange to me. Well, when the orange county sheriffs department arrive at the anthony home, it's detective jury melis that will be in charge of interviewing the family and taking statements. George had told Melick that george had once worked and law enforcement up and worn ohio and they casey was not being truthful and that they are retrieve the car from the impound lot earlier that day and that the vehicle smelled in these are his words smelled like death. Malice focused on casey's statements,
He asked her to repeat her story several times and even asked her if she would like to change anything before he took a sworn statement from her she did not want to change anything and she delivered the same story. Time and right now remember she has nothing to talk to them about well case. stated that she had last seen cayley on the morning of june. Ninth, so we have a discrepancy. In days already, casey took they to the babysitters on her way to work baby? Sitter is vile atlas. This must be clear about this discrepancy. She's an while. The last time I saw my daughter was jean ninth right, but the ass time that any the family members recall see in her with the grand daughter is on the sixteenth june. Sixteenth, the babysitters name is Anita fernand Gonzales more famously known as asean. The nanny yes and she, according to casey lives in orlando's, saw grass apartments in unit to ten
which is located on the second floor. Casey said that she went back to the apartment after work to pick up cayley, but no one was home. No one answer the door she called Zeit is denied a cell phone and again no answer case. states that she waited in front of the apartment for awhile, expecting them the return. She then into Blanchard park where's the night sometimes took the kids rate. After which she then went to some stores and shops where she thought she may find the baby sitter with cayley, which makes all logical sense. I go to pick up. My kid the baby sitter they're, not there or work be right and also, you know cell phones are pretty popular at this point, so he could be making some calls. You can be sending out some text messages She tried calling earned says that that there was no answer on the phone It goes around looking for cayley in the baby sitter. Even
stores in the shop. But again this doesn't pan out and she decides that after being able to find the two this she would go to her boyfriend's condo, where she been staying, sets She said that she was staying at tony's because she felt safe there and that, while He was staying there. She was actually conducting her own investigation to locate cayley and to get her daughter back She didn't contact law enforcement because she had seen on tv and in movies that a person is kidnapped or taken hostage that people get hurt, Once law enforcement is contacted, casey was asked to produce the babysitters phone number she says she doesn't have this number memorized, but the number is stored on her phone, which been left at her office at work at universal studios. Casey says that she has known as for years and she
been watching and taking care of cayley for almost two years. You'll have to two years. She says that she met sonata from a mutual friend. His name is Jeffrey hopkins, casey worked with Jeffrey hopkins and Geoffrey son four year old zack was one of the kids. This night I was watching in caring for as well, then force. Men are gonna wander, while, if you didn't tell your parents, you know that thirty, one days ago that the nanny your kid who did detail, Yes, so she states that she did tell some of her coworkers. She told Jeffrey hopkins who we already mentioned as well. As Juliet louis another coworker at universal to louis okay, when asked, if were in an investigation, had provided any entail. She says: no, what efforts did she make to track down cayley case says she tried to make contact with Zan I'd as mother Gloria,
she in fact made several times to call and get in touch with gluten glorious stuff on She give the detective gloria phone number and she states know that she could not. Checking that this is not simply a custody dispute. They inquire about the father of cayley and they learn from casey. the father's name is eric and air had died in a car accident. Casey's p. And tell the detective, they have never met Eric. active melis asked casey. If she had any problems with narcotic, specifically cocaine, ecstasy, math or anything like that, casey states know she doesn't have any drug problems melis. Then, if casey had ever been to lakeside, which is a local mental health facility and she's it's that she has not where I get
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Alright cheers mates. So we are still the anthony household and law enforcement is asking questions to casey. Regarding the disappearance of her daughter, cayley now remember. She had stated that she had in fact told to co workers that the nanny had run off with with her daughter and she was conducting her own investigation. They want to know more about these coworkers, and this is jeffrey and Juliet that we had mentioned earlier. So they ask does Juliet still work at universal, casey says: yes, she does well. What is juliet job casey she's in any event coordinator, ok great. Can you give us her phone number no she cannot and in full This must have triggered some memory, because casey exe means that she was mistaken. That Juliet does not work for universal anymore, that she
two months ago in move back to our home state of new york, so low go to the night as apartment and see what's going on over there I write, so they asked casey if she could. take them to the babysitters apartment, Corsica and, as she said that she would, she would be pretty sure that she could that's orgasm lag there: ain't yeah yeah. So when I dropped my kids off at the baby, sitter, I'm not really for sure which apartment they go into while casey Anthony leads them to the apartment complex and then to the upstairs apartment unit of two ten, as she gets out of her car that gets out that police officers car and says that she lives in that one. Well, The sheriff department quickly discovered that no one is living in the apartment. Malice then ask if, if she Think of any other place, where's anita would have lived before you know
started living there. While now look, I don't know if this raises that many red flags, because if he had taken ways kid you might not, right. You might just pack a boy, stuff and hit road well casey explains that she knows wears a night as mother Gloria used to live, and she does that she could take them to Gloria that the sound machine apartment complex they arrive as directed by casey, and this turns out that the place is a home for the elderly Melis check. With the home. No one there has ever heard of Gloria. Surprise. they drive around with casey until three in the morning and then they take her back home to the anthony's and when they get today at the knees it said it upper off What's interesting here is that george is going to come out and talk to the police officers. Yeah he's he's going to tell melas that casey has been lying to him and that they were
something very suspicious going on. In his opinion- and they the detective continue to investigate this, the next move in casey and cindy spend most of the morning building myspace and facebook pages for missing cayley anthony habits. They were also texting and calling friends and persons in the community to organise a search and spreading the word of kelly's disappearance and yeah. I think it was the day before or or that day what when there is a mass. Message grew if you know where you can group everybody- and I think she's Katie sends out a huge text message to everybody, all her contacts, saying: hey, look: the missing now for thirty two days and and you know it having information. I think the nanny took her. Well, it's around noon. The casey is picked up by the sheriffs apartment.
And they are going to go looking for casey's phone at her work, so they can start reaching out to the baby sitter in the co workers. You know she. She didn't know these phone number, so we have to get to that phone right. casey agrees to go with the officers to universal studios. However, she informed them that her phone has been stolen and then occurred. While she was at work. She reported the incident to lost prevention, and they are looking for an icy anthony's phone right when they up to the security check in gay at universal casey does not have her identification badge with no really. She explains that she has lost the badge, the officers, convinced security to let them through they pay up to an office building casey The officers inside makes a left hand turn and why
them back down a back hallway when she said well, you're missing part of the story. They actually talk to one like the frightened front of house, and she said I knew I need to talk to this person both their extension. While this is their extension during a debate. the extension and more right right. So this guy has no clue You know, so not only does the front gate let em through, but the front office, Then the girl came off you wanna search around. Maybe I am mistaken you're here with law enforcement, claim you work here so a fine, your office And when she goes down, this corridor are good, this hallway they go. A dead in now, and then she turns around says: don't work here, ok, I don't work here and in the police officers kindness, can I had their suspicion that this was the case anyways, but they want
her to come out and and be want to say I'm line here, and I think they wanted to give her enough rope to hang herself, as the old expression goes. What they were able to confirm is the following. They did confirmed the case. He had in fact worked at universal at one time, however, she had been fired April, twenty fourth, two thousand and six when she failed to show up for work right, which was I two years prior to the detectives, are universal with her on July, sixteenth, two thousand and eight and is she hadn't worked there for over two years were at a quick of the names of the co workers. That casey had said she told the disappearance of cayley Jeffrey hopkins. He did work at universal, but he was fired back in two thousand and two and it louis did not exist. They couldn't find any record of her at all julie, louis drivers, in in
casey. It also said that her supervisor was tom, frank Tom also did not exist. Without a horrible named, come with tom, frank Well that was her boss I'll come to true crime garage. My name is tom, frank. Well, they decide to arrest, casey and They take her back to the station for further questioning, and even when, they confront her with her lies casey to her story. She claims she did not know where cayley was an again. The last time she had seen her was with Zan ida. The babysitters hearings. I am right now ok, here's a list of the lies so far. One you're kidding go missing on the nine your parents the kid with you on the sixteenth, though la number one. work. At this place, I've been working there for two years I ve been telling your parents that you ve been working on this place for two years lie. She's with the nanny
she lives here lie yeah well they they can work here. They can that not only did zinaida furniture guns Gonzales not live there. She never lived there right there that apartment had been vacant for one hundred and forty two days. No one had occupied that space for one hundred and forty two days right and so then, when she says why I told this person at work. I told this person at work one person work there, the other two people were made up now. The police officers have to be thinking that zani the nanny as probably affected this person, Well, I mean we gotta slew of lies. You know, and then again, well we're gone You ve been lion to your parents for thirty some days right. So time. He called in every every time you talk to your parents, the allied. For thirty one days she wasn't in jacksonville like she said she would be at the boyfriend's apartment.
Furthermore, you know the the crazy thing here captain is people lie. I get it right there, there are people out there that lie the, but that That seems very crazy to me. I is She has given detailed lies. She's she's come up with names. First and last names of people given them job titles she's also stated that job louis was an event coordinator who just quit two months ago and returned her home state of new york. Yeah and she went on to tell that you know Julie louis came from up a well to do background that she grouping all your report on the seinfeld show grew up in new york, and then she moved to florida to go to college and than afterwards she started working at universal. So she's got this whole. life story for some of these people were king about Jeffrey hopkins. She states that
He has a four year old son Zack, who is being watched by the same nanny as her daughter, cayley, I'm razor. These are extensive lies here: make up fake people and then given them. Fictitious dwell That makes a lot of sense a if europe a person why? What do you have a fictitious son? you insane, I mean look there's some people that are discrowning liars. sure liars yeah, that's the ticket and that's it what she is well she's arrested in charge with child neglect. This is for failing to report cayley missing, especially after this much time has passed in. She has been lying to law enforcement, obviously casey was originally assigned. A public defender lawyer, however she had asked a relative to contact a private attorney to see about taking her case, attorney jose by was.
Operating a small firm in kissimmee florida, and he gets the phone call his secretary sent him to the jail to meet with his new potential client, jose was unaware that this case had been on the news at this time when, by as arrived at the jail there was a public defender waiting there to meet with casey. The public debate advise casey, not to speak with any one that the case had been on the news and detectives would probably be going down there again soon to meet with her for further questioning, and she should not be talking with any one unless she hasn't attorney representing her and present during any and all talks the pub defender, then let why does everything she's gonna say is this? You know malarkey anyways, the public defender then left and jose buys meets with casey anthony for the first time and what they have to do as they have a bond hearing set. So he got figure out what the bond is and then, if key
and they pay that, so she can actually go home. Yet thing jose says that he believes to be strange about this whole case is that when he Reviewing casey anthony's paper work. It clearly states on their no bond most of the time. With these lesser charges, especially for someone without a criminal history. Usually they said A reasonable dollar amount to set that to set for this person to make bail. Right, though, I think the problem here, though, is what he's not understanding is when you lie to law enforcement over and over and over, and we have a missing child. under the age of three we might. part suspecting foul play a medium. When you're exactly right in that something that he quickly realises. He does realise that you know what this phone. Call that I got regarding a child neglect case is in act, the missing persons case, and this could very likely turn into a homicide case.
jose by as then goes and meets with casey's parents for the first time- and he explaining he's explaining what he's going to do is file emotion to get casey out of jail. During this visit cindy would explained jose the many excuses their case. He had told her during the thirty one days: caerleon casey word not at their home You know we don't need to go through all of these stories because we all obviously know now these were a law lies in most of the excuses involve casey's job, which we know she didn't have. the nanny which, after learning about the apartment, looks like mean the nanny doesn't even exist right and then, let's just get that whole part out of the way. The the police do eventually find an individual with this person's name. So zany the nanny is real, but she didn't know who, katy, Anthony was or cayley anthony, never heard of him, and there is no,
action. It just so happens that they found somebody with that name and all just so happens that casey Anthony also picked a pretty yo common name, she might at knew about this person. So how beforehand what I think they were if they were further able to confirm that this, this real zinaida that they found never in fact worked as a babysitter or a nanny in any capacity at all, right right right, yet that off the table. So after agreeing to an attorney theo, five thousand dollars jose by, as becomes casey, Anthony's attorney on July, seventeen two thousand and eight now it's on July, twenty second, they casey anthony had her bond hearing The judge ruled that because casey was now a suspect in the disappeared case they would be setting a bond much higher than usual and they end up setting the bond at five hundred thousand dollars after this bar Hearing casey told jose.
that she has something very important to tell him casey said that she was in her cell when an inmate came by and with hands. She signalled to casey five and then five the inmates was staring at casey and her lips with her lips. She mouth the words timer. Fifty five casey explained that what This actually had meant was what actually happened to cayley. Stating the following the case the way you sure she wasn't trying to say primer. Fifty five, a core. Two according to jose by as time or fifty five fifty and we will let casey anthony, explain what that means. I can't trust him damn thing's, who says go ahead. She says that the Her cayley were with this initiative at blanchard park. I took cayley and put her in her car and united car when Kay He asked what the woman was doing. The night a grab, casey
The very hostile tone had told her She was not a good mother and that she didn't know how lucky she was and that she was going to teach casey a lesson The night jumped in her car and ass. She was pulling away She said that she would make contact with casey giving her further instructions. casey said the knight I contacted her aunt casey to change all of her passwords to timer. Fifty five on her computer and interests thing. Here, though, captain is, the investigators did find casey's, myspace and facebook passwords were both in fact, timer. Fifty five casey said. If you count, fifty four five days from june sixteenth, the date the cayley was last seen, even though she claimed in the ninth hugger you get august, nine august nine is Kelly's birthday.
Stating. This is exactly fifty five days, then. Is it if you did you not, I didn't I as I'm reading this, I didn't look it up, but this is. This is jose, buys a story that he did that as I told you him by casey, Anthony Jonah, look it up broken we could put on- technically fifty four, but if you count the sixteenth, Then, then, we and you get that fifty five day, cymer. Fifty five! That's that's all! Yeah actually dove into this case a bunch and actually have heard about the shirt. So well so, exactly fifty five days from the day that she took the girl until the girls day on august, ninth
the night of states that she's going to give casey instructions to go to different places around orlando to get cayley back on her birthday ass. She says it's a nightmare. Would post the places and instructions on casey's, myspace and facebook account, and then he raised them shortly after so there would be no trace of this, and that is a night. It could easily do this because she in fact had the passwords to those accounts. This is when jose bias says that he realised that there was something very off about his client He said that this in his conclusion either. That casey is an extremely bad liar or she completely nuts? I mean to tell him such stories after he's already told her stop talking to me about Zinaida. We we,
You don't believe she exists. You need to come up with a you know. You need to come up with a different story. You need to help us find your daughter to get you out of this trouble, and then she comes but this elaborate timer five story. It sounds like you're your little, not so well, not right exactly because not only is this an elaborate lie, but then on top of that to believe that zanni, the nanny has the power to to get an inmate too. You know tat tell you about this, to remind you about time or fifty five as you're sitting in jail, his bride dogma primer. Fifty four well around the same time, Cindy casey's mother had requested a private meeting with jose bias, and Cindy said that she had something very important that she wanted to tell bias and she was telling him this, because she needed by as to relay this information to casey he told by as that she had received a letter from a man in maryland, who was planning
plant, a rose bush in the anthony's back yard for kelly's birthday cindy needed casey to tell them the exact spot where to plant the book as a memorial to the little girl Bias said: did he I felt that this was a little strange as well but he took the message to casey anyway, casey offered no information as to where to plant the bush, basically stating you can play it wherever you want. I don't know what she's talking about was. It says weird, because it seems like it's all code you know like we're. Going have this rose bush. I almost like me. I'm gonna try to give code. To my daughter, hey tell me where to play this bush in my yard. Thinking that maybe case will get the hint of did you bet, free your daughter and our backyard or did she die in a certain spot in the yard,
right yeah it's it's almost like a fishing expedition. Where you know does did the mother come, and I I want to be clear here about this: this story was Cindy the one. person that I've heard tell this story is jose bias, so you know there's no way to confirm that this actually took place. I don't. see a reason why he might lie about it- kind of weird stored lie about yeah, but but the thing that we're seeing look there's a lot of weird lies already yeah yeah this this. This whole thing is a bundle of lies. while remember captain, we talked about the five hundred thousand dollar bond to get casey anthony out of jail. Well, nobody change. Nobody in the anthony family had the funds to post the bond for casey, but none the less. Someone did come forward and buyers wanted casey out of jail, not only so she could be with her family and assist with her defence, but also
that she could possibly help find cayley and the search area. August twenty first, two thousand and eight we have a new character enters story- we have bounty hunter leonard peltier and he pays not dogged the balmy honour. No, he pays casey anthony's five hundred thousand dollar bailed now, Leonard peltier was a bounty hunter with a show on national geographic channel. He the goal, was to become more successful and more popular than dog. The bounty hunter had again show in leonard paid the bay. I think all you have to do is start making too much a racist remarks and you'll become more popular than dog or more hated right So he Leonard pays this bail and I'm guessing. This is of an obvious effort to promote his show his name. and his firm. You know that's a lot of money. He did make an agreed. with the defence there
company would be able to be in the anthony home watching over casey, discreet we'll casey was well. They gotta watch over their investment ma. I understand. Casey was fitted with an electronic tracking device, but leonards firm belief that casey could be a suicide risk. These security officers that watch over casey have of course gone on to give their inner views about their experiences. And they have said that very quickly after they become involved. They knew they would not have to worry about suicide. They could come We tell the case he cared far too much about herself and this would never commit suicide. They have also said that that another I opening moment for them was win. first got her home. You know, she's been and she's been in jail for quite some time and The first things like thirty some days. If you want a hip
we can count the calendar we're not counting more days but she's been in jail for quite some time and at this point they They bring her home and the first that she said when she arrived at home, was what's for dinner pray. Food sucks. You know nothing to do with her missing daughter. You know Now we have a three year old daughter that is still missing and would have celebrated her third birthday less than two weeks ago before this discussion about dinner took place, while casey was locked up you know not what's going on with the searches not what's going on with the case just what's for dinner, one of the main leaf. What is it what's for dinner? one of the male officers had said that he believed that casey was often flirting with him. He believes this. She was someone that that might use her sexuality to manipulate situations, ya, think but anyway, when when she is released by
drives her home in his suv, accompanied by the security vehicles from leonards firm, as they get closer to the anthony home this to see the protesters signs. You no sign saying things like baby killer and burn in hell, bitch and lock. Her up among a whole army of other things, and lord Wisbeach pretty clear about this, because what happens in Florida is there any time that deserves information, that known to the police department? I blew. That they have to disclose that. Well, that's! Sunshine law: I believe it's called wearing the freedom of information, sunshine law that they have down there, where it's almost everything is public record at some point and not only that, but this the stories been on the news and most of the public she's probably already been convicted, because she's not behaving the way that you think that all thy mother should well At this point, people were hopeful that they find their
her child that they find kelly The problem is: is that the gate, go. Your kids, been and for thirty one days- and you didn't tell anybody without that right now, right, you, are a piece of shit well and I I think that when she was released, then this is when this thing really turned into a circus I mean it was already a media frenzy from very early on, but this thing got crazy. I mean protesters basically setting up shop in front of the anthony house pounding you can see them pounding on the door getting into fights with george there's. One pot where Cindy she's out front waving around a hammer, lashes, screamin, she's to legitimate to lodge to quit, hey but she's waving it around almost like she has the handling of hitting somebody with could seize. she's about a man- look
that the apple doesn't four fall too far from the tree here, Someone say about that. Well, this this released from jail didn't last very long, because, just eight days later, the share apartment arrest, casey again this time It's for writing bad checks. Remember casey and cayley went to live with her former boyfriend and his friend Amy well case, he had stolen sum of Amy's stole Amy's, checkbook and rope, or checks by this. This is during the time that the stew- stores, soulless diet, look that was dive into this further, because one then for claims that the mother said hey, he stole my car still your car. Ok, in the car was registered in your name and your daughter had access to that car. And he gave her access that car. I would argue she was the primary user of that car that, like I said you could basically call it daisy.
anthony scar, with the exception of it having you know a different name on the title right back that car was not stolen, but if there money being taken from the grandpa of their money the and take it from your account taken from your purse taken from your house if, if she stealing, ah you know you're goin over and Europe, the gas can for the lawnmower. If she's taken then put an end to our car yelled, This is all part of being a theft and when you have no job for two years, you gotta open money. Some have to come up with my summer, especially because the people you are living with, believe you to be working this entire time bright, they see this woman get up every day and leave with her daughter supposedly go off to work, dropping the kid off somewhere, I mean that's That's one hell of a marathon lie right. That's not just like us just a little white lie that you just gotta get through the day with this is
something you get up and you repeat, day after day a day for damn near two years, all right, so you know no more. Before dinner, they locker ass back up yet for the check. suspect up for these, these fraudulent checks and its act, The time that the state tart starts talking about working out a possible deal with casey anthony that they might be willing to throw out some of these lesser charges. The case facing in trade, for the location and or confession regarding her daughter, cayley right of course, this deal is refused on September? Fifth, while doing here, the timer fifty five story he didn't by that, he didn't think that was you know reality on september, If casey's parents posed bond for her I don't know how much of the bond they actually came up.
Sometimes these things they can work out. Deals of your house is worth a certain amount of money, so and so on. You have certain amount of assets but they basically get their daughter out of jail and again she is fitted with a tracking device and released one more time rent its September fifteenth, the casey finds herself and this time it's because of new fraud charges and fall identification, petty theft. Spends one night in jail and then she's release the next day, because she's she's only being held overnight on these new charges, which are all pretty small misdemeanor charges she at least amidst to those? I dont know that she admitted to them, but it was something they could only hold her for a night on the floor, but she turned herself and she turned herself analyzing that resembles what emitting to this. I think I think you you're exactly right there.
so she spends a nightingale she's release the next day and then on art over fourteenth casey. Anthony is indicted by a grand jury and she is looking at first degree: murder, charges, child abuse, manslaughter and giving law enforcement. False information, ok Okay, how does this make any sense, though? How can you charge somebody with manslaughter when there is no body where I dont understand the whole legality of the situation, but from what I, what I believe is that when a grand jury meets and they decide that there is reason or cause to believe that a murder occurred brain then there's a separate investigation that goes on and I believe they can detained somebody. That's me: investigative let down. I don't wanna, be a male by every lawyer and am in america. That's that's my understanding. These are the facts, though she was arrested, right. Ok, so so we have this little habit. person right,
casey, Anthony and she's, lying to everybody and she's, making up people and then she makes up this timer. Fifty five story, which I too believe is real make so much less so and then man that we had at the plant of the rose bush is so strange. Yeah and what kind of get into this I know did you want to get into the the conversations with them the police stations and in jail, because one of the things as like I said with the florida, the sunshine more whatever it is. Can this time parents, see thing when she's in jail, she's been, you know, visited by her mother, and her father also visited by her brother on there and these tapes are recorded. You can actually watch them in their entirety. That should give the end may almost an hour to have common
patients with these individuals- and I don't that there is like a set amount where like. If your lawyer shows up, you can talk to for an hour of your sharp. He can talk to them for an hour right. in all these tapes are release. You know so if her parents met with her a say on a friday, some these apes were being released to the media outlets by monday morning. It was not taken that long for them to be released. That's why, when you said you know there is no he found there is no, you know as far as we know, Kelly still missing at this point, but because, all these weird and actions and the way she is acting on these tapes, the pie, a comedian starts gone, troll. Did it right I tell you what I've seen the tapes at length and I've seen the cut versions that they show on tv. I would throw a little warning out there too, to everybody. Listening that the
versions. Look, she doesn't look, she doesn't make herself look good in the long version or the cup version this Duncan would make, and I would I would say, though, captain that I believe that some of the the tea Stations may have made her look even worse. Yeah they did, they did cut things in a slightly manipulated some of the interactions, especially with the parents. I didn't notice it so much with the brother in her, but more so with her in her parents, where what kind of clip they would you might have a very lengthy question. I give a very lengthy answer in dead when you see it on tv, you're gonna get the two clipped version of that question with it with most worse part of her answer right in odd actions or lying. Like look at this point of covering case yeah. Very odd actions you know she's line,
We know that, but that doesn't mean that you're a murderer. That also doesn't mean that your murder of your daughter but there's some very interact. Weird interactions and, like I said about the rosebush thing, is so fascinating to me as if you watch the clip her brother Lee, complete his Lee anthony yeah to get Lee anthony and casey anthony talking and she's s, always so bubbly in these. In these jailhouse interviews, well isn't she's bubbly and most of em, but she's also hysterical and some of them. When you every I mean not be abba hysterical by not the right word, because I think hysterical irate. What right I rate would be the more correct word. I think, because if think hysterical. My baby is missing. I'm crying I'm hysterical. Now she doesn't ask about her child don't think she ever brings up her child first, it's the other individual, whether starting to the parents for starting the brother and David,
up the child. Now. Look, that's that's odd and You watch the stuff that Lee Anthony talks about fair strange to me because and I think a text you this when I was watching, saying, hey If I'm, if I'm ever in jail? And you come to talk to me right Don't ever talk to me like this ever because he goes through this whole laundry list of by the way are conversation will be recorded? by the way, if you want to communicate with us through letters, this is how you have to do it? This is the chain, a man, if you just give it to your lawyer, your lawyer might read it: you have to give it to this person, you give attained by us that lead, can be read. So very strange, and then she is also in some friends it with some inmates. Why she's in jail right wreck
you know what you been made me wonder about something here. You know we talked about the road, the rosebush right and that was a story that came from jose by as this he is told that he is to deliver this message from directly from a one on one conversation with syndic to case. And then hopefully get some kind of answer that he's going to bring back to her and in another private conversation, Give her the answer and your wife It is very cryptic, and but but said make you it makes me wonder why what's going on here. Is this: is this cindy trying to figure out if her daughter did it? More and more. Is it cindy trying to. Assist her daughter in in her in her in an innocent server, proclaim her to be innocent by possibly moving something right. Tell me where the bodies buried AL. I will dig it up and I will
somewhere else, if they don't ever find. This is for me a lot harder for them to prosecute you right, that's what it feels like to me, I think, you're right when we sat down here today, if felt more to me, like Cindy, was trying to figure out if her daughter was guilt, has been on the fence about this, and she need some answers and even if it's even it, no matter how she has to go about getting it she's willing to do so, but but we say here and discuss it. I think you're right. I think I think maybe she was looking to help or move or something but if you watch the interaction between george, cindy an casey. It's very odd, because multiple times the mother, you know it in that case, the insane hey? Look at me. they put me in the eyes yeah now, the mother, was an understanding was I have to look at a monitor to see you talk and by doing so my eyes go down.
can't really do that but there's multiple times, whereas, like ok, what what else do you know what You give us never mind the fact that you gave law enforcement, all types of bull shit right all I mean you're, making up people yeah. I mean you know, I'm saying with a fool with a full background up story for he murmured Oh yeah, yeah person, this zani, the nanny, the oh yeah, she's real. tat old tom, frank All I can think of like Tom hanks, big, shot all the time francs outer yeah. If there's a tom frank that listen, this show cheers me So what else did you did? You find anything else the interaction between Cindy in casey. Why I think she kept on as much as she was talking about. Well
First of all, as does the elephant in the room as well goes on right now Concern has to be clearly right and then Then the troll says Well, definitely, my starting to try to make a voice. I was going to do a voice for the troll. That casey is basically saying that that I understand yeah I am concerned but whatever me My life is being taken from me, everything's being taken from me. Me me me me. I know a lot of moms write, You do that sounded real bad, hey, I'm the captain, and I know a lot of moms and nope. It sounds bad, but None of my friends would act like that of their kid was missing known that they there would be hysterical. They wouldn't be irate they'd, be hysterical crying and be hard to consult them.
they could even lied here because it be hard for them to get out anything but tears, girls not crying. You not everybody else's tearful, airbases fearful she's, not crime, swell she wants to know. What's for dinner, she's cook she is crying at times, but but the times that she appears to be crying to me is when she gets angry about something right or or the focus is either on her or not her. If that makes sense, you don't owe me like it's. It's almost like a sympathetic cry for herself, rather than for the situation or the situation that her daughter may be in it, and again with the anger when she cries when she's anger angry it's for herself, it's not for she's angered, because she can't find her daughter, bright right when I, but I think some of it too, though, is when you ve called so many lies there.
when you are telling the truth is any by believing you that that would be a question to answer now: she's in jail right, Anna Scott, The grand jury indicted her so she's going to be charged, but at the end of the day we don't. We still have a body correct. we have not got into the body it. There is a lot that we haven't got. Two with this case Usually we pick these cases captain. Sometimes we can sit down and we can determine in a we used to do one show a weak and that there was a lot of fun and we would have to cram everything into two one episode or go back to one show weak, and now we ve been doing too because we found that, with most of these cases, there's just so much to cover that we can't get through it and one show, the problem. I think we found our calling the problem with this case. So far captain is we ve got several items that we didn't get to yet today, so tomorrow show is just gonna, be jam pact gathers.
this cases like this crazy onion and keeping peeling back layers. And there's so much more to this story, and I never really understood why so many people were fascinating. I believe my axe was really interested in this story and two thousand and eight and was always watching nancy grace. and I'd always here all the time when I was making dinner top mom papa, come here, the yelling of nancy here beautiful, sound golden voice. She has so many ways, I I I never really understood why people are so fascinated by it, but but the as the mount that I dove into this. I I know the amount that you have dove into this. This is is very fascinating case so much more to get to animal get back. tomorrow, here is in our view with case at the knees parents December ninth, two thousand eight
we now welcome georgian cindy anthony the grandparents of the missing florida toddler, cayley avonlea they last saw her in june I hold up. take one day. The time you now it's it's very hard lot, asleep sleep, last alot away in out. Take one the time. When did you last see Kaylee? I lost our on nine june sixteen the day after fathers day, what happened the day. She went missing, we're they didn't find out and talk to lie. So, You ve been missing. How long were you found out about a month? that's drain. One not Really, my daughter, you know her- and you know I just I just
I was in that case you and cayley were in off. Visiting friends George. Why wouldn't your daughter call you and say katie's gone That's really a good question. I I know we capping it's actually send it at almost every day, every other day, little tech, message here and everything was fine, but what do you make of it? We should already have done so. why? Wouldn't you not do? I was to tell you, I think she is. I think she was frightened I think, from what we understand that he knows there been threats not only haley's while being but also to our families? Wellbeing by by it, the people that have come? You think kelly was taken you got an obviously knew she was taken for what purpose you now.
I'm still trying to sort that out in other the person originally has her or had her. We ve had. three or four different sightings, with the same description that casey released that they finally released on this person and does the neda that the police department tracked down One out of thousands that casey said right from the beginning was not there person? They just now released within a couple weeks ago. They actual description of the baby sitter and we path ray that I'm aware of texts that have come in since june. A people describe this person to a t that had Really? What does your daughter think joyed. well, I don't think so clearly needs to be found what does she think happened all she's?
they told us at this zani. This baby sitter is one a hazard who denies it whether wanted like cindy just said about the one at the share. Department or local shears department have brought to light daughters attention not her go back to July, fifteenth cindy, here's part of the nine one one call it you made. I would like to hear: why going to go to the deputy sheriff found out? My granddaughter has been taken has been missing for a month. I called you. My body was looking for a month. I could stand her, but I can't find my granddaughter. He just admitted he's been I will I got my daughter car today and now the car do suspect you daughter, know, never know this
I have not from day one. I have it in a k c, has been a loving, very carrying mother, and I could see that first night night that she was very frightened when the arm chairs department arrived at the house means she was devastated. She was on the floor. Beside herself, and she has been very emotional since day, one which hasn't been reported. Her main focus has been as same as ours has been. Look has been looking for cayley since the very beginning, When they rested her, we are shocked. Good. Oh absolutely when they took her in accosted the very first time I was appalled because one of them to no one per annum. Florida off. My granddaughter was never did they never contacted the fbi that I want the contact.
when I have a little bit of knowledge and some stuff and usually think that they want. Have some someone's one have? help them? What assist time this fund, it's beautiful, three or little girl and always trying was trying to help them and they have you think they wouldn't have their mind made up they had their my made up in a they picked out I was the night, a gun solace. They picked out a thirty eight year old woman when casey torment was a twenty four year old woman. They picked out some one that had a short right and she told them. She had no children. You know they from the very beginning decided how this was going to take place. They may judgment on her within two hours of having her in custody and that's the way it then they have not.
assisted us to looking into finding caylee and we believe she is alive. I don't want to get to that and they set a trial date, I'm right now january fifth and no death penalty right to remove they had it in the room. Every asset, you don't realize that whole united states is looking for caylee Our bag back casey, anthony by the way, was interviewed by members of the armed ganny sheriff's office July sixteenth. His part of that. Why didn't you prior to today. I think me was naive enough to think that I could handle this myself, which obviously I couldn't and I was scared that something had happened to her if I did notify authorities or media involved or my parents, which I know would have done the same thing, fear of the unknown here of the potential
we getting hurt of not seeing my daughter again. What do you think you rested in charge, zander, like cindy said they remind made up. It was just too easy for them to just closed. and ass, say well we're going to charge you with gotta disappearance and just be done with it did they hullo, get why a mother would kill a daughter. Another question motive right there is no motive and they haven't found a motive. They even said they haven't found a motive. They they told us, I thought it was an accident and she's scared and she's trying to cover it up, killed her by accident that readers, they don't feel, there's a motive and they looked for the child. We've had five searches done by the sheriff department than by two miller with texas, aqua search and its come up with nothing, there's nothing that they have found that.
You know has given them any evidence that Kelly is no longer with us Where do you think she is drug I'll cayley she's with. Hopefully a loving family is taken good care of her. We get a tip today today, today clock today, right now being investigated by the arm and tennessee. Someone spotted the girl, looked like her ass in the grocery store, Tennessee and my investigators already spoken with the tennessee authorities and also the tipster an persuading to see, if there's any, any video in the store if they find gaily. This is a terrible miscarriage of justice, another terrible miscarriage of justice However, you must understand the authorities viewpoint here here. They are with the dilemma of this woman in a manner that many says I didn't do it. I wasn't with her.
He weighs a month before tat. I may certainly have grounds for suspicion, don't you think now they thought they were looked at one The native gonzales ones and ate it. They told us that there was only one in our area there eleven justin or land they picked out. One there's casey told him too. New york or miami because should in new york licence she told them that they put it Oh a higher licence. Bottom line is carries out there. We ve heard people from June the twentieth given us sworn statements that they his here have said. cayley in orlando. We have sworn payments from July. Second, with people that out there can't sleep it because I seen her in July we had people that we met last night that saw her in california just two weeks ago, the zoo
How do you? How do you fight with someone or earth you know say if they're sitting four feet away from this child, say that there are positive that this, because they ve seen her picture for the last six months? Forefeet? You ve no brain would lead us into a bit more of cases July sixteenth interview with authorities. Was there anything that you want to change or divert from what you've already told me next day Did you cause any injury to your child kaylee? No sorry, you hurt caylee or labour somewhere, and you worry that if we find that out that people don't look at you the wrong way, no sir, He told me that, as an aita took your child without your permission, says return the last person that I've seen with my daughter
Let's take a call winston salem north carolina for george and Cindy anthony hello, hello, George, and I am so sorry for the trouble that your family has been going through. I just wanted to ask you cindy when you first called the police. She said something like it. Smelled like there was a dead body in the trunk of your daughter's car and, more recently, you've said that you believe that it was maybe old pizza and out of corn wondering why you change your mind on that In my mind, on that, I never changed my mind or that what I say, It was the car smiled. Ok, the arm I was told by my I spend and also by the gentleman at the tow yard, but there was a bag of who that contain pizza and magic. the car, I went down, and I I spoke myself with the manager of the toll company and he told us that that was the cause of the small and the car
I don't know anybody that has ever smelt decay of food that spent in a car trunk for nineteen days and florida heat I've open my refrigerator and made the comment. Something died in here. Following casey's, arrested in July on child neglect and other charges. George and Cindy visited her in jail. Here's some of the surveillance video from that. I don't care what I have to you, the I would lie, I would steal I would do whatever by any means to get her back. That's exactly how I feel it's the truth. Casey? We have to find her before her third birthday. Mama, that's coming up ass. there were reports, a photo shots. I think of your daughter, partying and the like and out having a good time during all this, while her daughters, missing sway met
there's one photo out of all the photos that have been showed of her part in that was after june. Sixteen one and what we have learned that that is a staged photo that those are photos that they used to entice other people to come into that club that she would have gotten paid for that photo. so in fact that choose working, and we have proof of that. Georgia's came in his father. His father lived somewhere in the carolinas. I believe that one point he's deceased he passed away abroad run her second birthday. Oh, so she was still around when he died right. He was never part of her life.
The sioux falls south dakota hello. Thank you Larry. My question is for george and george removing yourself from your family. I know you were a professional ah in the department. What was your professional opinion of this? in that trunk. My professional opinion is, I never really realise how long it would take a garbage to smell, for in days or eighteen days inside of a car in florida, be honest with you, What is what do you do? George right now? the security field, now being allied forces for years, I sort of stayed in the security field off and on over the years. So after moving to for some in orlando Never was in orlando. Now I have was in life force in twenty seven years ago cell. So you would understand law enforcement psyche to appoint yes, possibly yes, but then it I know what I feel inside that that's like Cindy inside the bag was garbage or willy was with Peter. I seen it
I mean I know what was in there and there's no way you can fathom Cindy your daughter, harming your grandpa. Now there's nobody that has come from that has ever seen or anything other than that caylee was an excellent mother, so there's cases does nothing to her daughter. There's, no evidence that shows that and I can, with. A hundred per cent of my being say that I believe that hasty had nothing to do with case kelly's disappear. We have a little more show overman's, either jailhouse watch what you're telling me right now I don't have the time you did: she's. Ok, ok, and you got talent you that she's close or some shit, she's, she's not far. I know in my heart she's not far. I can feel it.
oh boy, this is. Are you optimistic better than a fine gave me. How do you feel about always been long time? Well? Over the last several weeks we ve gotten power by our best sightings? Are we one in the middle of november white, in orlando two women very credible worth and ten feet of her watched her for twenty minutes took photographs of her On this last couple that we met last night, that saw her- you know a week after that weight within four feet of her situation. Absolutely, why do you think so many people, with you, because only here. One side of the story. They'll needs see what is put out there. It's graces of the world and the leonard billows of the world. They all look at them.
selves and look at their own families and and figure out what they would do if one other children was missed You know, there's a very there's there's a lot of people that are in, she's in there's a lot of people that won't do one of several things. though either go into a recluse and not just withdraw. You could do that or you could get up every morning and you can fight for the people you love and we're not gonna. Do I'm not gonna, sit back and worry about what people think about us, because my focuses on cayley and anybody that wants to criticise me for that. That's their problem as a messy grace convicted your daughter, absolutely It's a grace is the reason why there are people out there about how you what there's, just as many people that watch nancy grace that only watch her, because they don't have local media like we do nor lando keeping up with with care
that that's only outlet. They don't believe in the things that she's doing Fact they tell us that when this is all done, when careless home there never going to watch her again. So thank you very much will see everybody here tomorrow and until then be good behind and don't let her. This father state
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