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Casey Anthony /// Part 3 /// 103

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Casey Anthony /// Part 3 /// 103


Back in 2008 when 2 year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing the news media flocked to Orlando, Florida. When her little body was found in the woods near the Anthony’s home, we watched. When Casey Anthony screamed at her parents on video footage from jail, we watched. When the state of Florida charged Casey with first degree murder and the trial started, we watched and we couldn’t get enough. Today we go through one of the craziest trials in Florida criminal history. Join us in the garage for a cold one or two. Cheers! Beer of the Week – Devil’s Triangle by Florida Beer Company Garage Grade – 4 out of 5 bottle caps

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the in december of two thousand and eight you learn. in december of two thousand and eight that The remains of your granddaughter were found the correct this, what effect that have on you when you learn that haley's remains had it. a deep inside tours the I've just an emotional.
So back down inside of me and see him. My wife and my sternway threw up to that moment. Had you held out the hope. A cayley would be found a lot Absolutely every day, from July, the tank until the day we are told It was Kennedy. in january of two thousand nine you went out That's right, limited tribal risk. I never have
something inside the truth is right. There was a fire january. just let me know when you're, when you're ok rebel caesar. On january twenty second of two thousand and nine, Mr Anthony, you went and got a gun in My understanding of the events of this date are that Mr Anthony went and got a gun that he did so with the purpose. I believe he will testify. He did so with the purpose of force people who he believed might know something about who killed, cayley, specifically friends or boy friends of the defendant, with the intention of forcing down to reveal what they knew
taking his own life. It is revealed in the suicide note, and I believe who will testify that that's what happened. The defense has brought up the suicide. I do so. The court knows intend for him to identify his suicide note and in my case I do intend to offer it because it shows that on january, twenty second of two thousand and nine, this man had no idea who killed caylee marie anthony and it rebuts implications by the defence that he did is directly contradictory to the defense's argument, and it is proof- and I do have case law when we try to admit the note at this point. The circumstance of the suicide were raised by defense counsel when he asked the question about that event, and I believe I am entitled to go into that on the twenty second of january of two thousand and nine season, approximately six weeks after the remains were found. Did you travel to a hotel, daytona beach with her
taking your own life, yes, sir, why on that particular day? Did you decide to take your life for why that particular day I picked out, I really dont know. I knows, as my emotional state even through today is. It is very hard to accept a mammogram dotterine, but for particular day just felt like the right time to go and be with cayley. Did you love call relatives and perhaps not little labour sago said your last device to them. I wanted to talk to my parents. My sisters
I called my son, my wife had just said, knives. Ok, yeah. To say goodbye from last time it did any of them try get you to tell where you were. You may remember that accompanied the coming no because I was just beginning to a meeting that day after I just I'm just decided. That was the time for me the less models to spend time with curly the the trial of casey anthony the trial of the woman that the media was calling. The most hated woman in america is about to be under way, but before eyeballs deep into the trial, just a couple of little tin
leading up to it. We have April fourteen two thousand and nine. That's what state of Florida announces that they will seek the death penalty and the trial against casey anthony. January. Twenty six, two thousand and ten case Anthony pleads guilty for. Third, in fraudulent check charges in april of two. Thousand and ten judge, stand stricklin steps down after that, fence, team files, emotion, accusing him of having an propria conversations with a blogger, now this blogger goat, who goes by the name of marinate dave? He all about the casey anthony case. Often, and he had articles about the case in one of his articles was titled, casey, anthony must die strickland. basically had all that guy was his gideon. The point yeah he it seems like the blogger. It already chose his side and it be easily
considered inappropriate for the judge to be having interactions with this blogger secondly, judge stricklin had a private meeting with the blog having lunch with him, discussing the case and even giving him a tour of sorts of the court building and it turns out the judge, stand strickland a fan of marinate dave so after defence files. The motion stand strickland down for the trap, stricklin would make a comment to the media stating that It appears that the truth and miss Anthony are strangers. Yes was a comment that he had made and, of course jose by, as in the defence team. Later, would state that this is a big time. Appropriate statement for the judge to be making we now have judge belvane, perry, junior, who is appointed to take over the case August fort two thousand and ten cindy
Anthony appears as a guest on the today show where she calls Kay see Anthony a victim and she also claims that she is not involved with what happened to Kelly's remains low that month, joy. In Cindy Anthony's attorney, Brad conway, he said down because he disputes. A jose by as motion claiming conway given unrestricted access to documents belonging to texas, echoes search to which the defeat steam was not given the same. Access before jury selection, the defence, filed a motion for a change of venue to move the trial out of orlando. You know you. We have this this disc, case that's about to go to trial Gonna be the biggest case. The cannon knew this gone in game because the media coverage before the trial was gigantic. I think this is probably because
You know the precursor, like the oj simpson, trial, yeah in You have like you said. We have this media circus. We have these people. She's already been basically convicted in the public's. I wouldn't you agree, and and the thing here is by as in the defence team. Will they have an obligation to their client to provide her with a fair Trial they don't think that they're going to be able to get that in orlando, with all the media coverage that they have had so they filed for this motion of change venue in its via seems says that he was hoping that the tri would get move to a place like miami hammy be no place. It has a lot more going on the more hustle and bustle where people weren't so in tune or so locked into all the media coverage of this case. What ends up happening is Joe. Parry decides that they would not have a change of venue in order.
find a fair jury, but rather the judge would select a city for the jury pool and they bus. This jury into orlando, and, location when he says this. The location of his choosing is not revealed to any one for a while but it is announced later that Saint petersburg, slash clearwater florida would be location for the jury pole, which is actually the its curious, why he picks this location, because it's only about an hour and a half away from more land. and now at this point were at the jury selection. So, let's dive into that for a after the trial, defence attorney jose biased, spoke of what they were looking for as they are. I strategy is about shaping the jury to its liking, Jose said
the plan was to avoid young mothers and especially single mothers, stating that young and or single mothers would be constantly comparing themselves or comparing casey to themselves throughout the trial most likely would have a strong hate for casey or very least may convict of murder just because they feel that she has a bad mother. They were hoping to fill the jury with as many males over the age of forty five as possible. the thinking here is that an older, the older men may look at a fever. Of cases age pretty much as like a child where you might be more willing to forgive a child or maybe overlook some acts that a child would make on twenty two thousand and eleven
after eleven days of jury selection, judge perry, swears in a jury of five men and seven women, plus three men and to women as alternate yours. Now, I take just a minute here and go through the jury that was selected for this trial will will will let them remain nameless, but we'll talk, them how the prosecutor, as well as the defence team kindest, saw them going into the selection process. Now the woman that was selected, she's, an elderly caucasian woman and she retired nurse. Now the defence happy about this selection because you know older women she's a nurse nursed nurses. To be sharing in the defence also thought that there were some problems with some of the forensic evidence that the nurse might have somewhat of an understanding of The second juror was a forty five year old african american male he's
I t guy. We ve already discussed some things regarding the ideal situation. You know that the use of the family computer, so they thought that somebody with knowledge in that background could be good for the defense could also- poorly for you sway to the prosecutions. The third you're was a thirty two year old caucasian female. She was a volunteer at an alternative lifestyle camp. and this. This is a person that the jury really light. Even though she was a jury really mean that defence for long. I apologize the defence really like this election because of her volunteering at this sir. At this camp She might be somebody that was more. standing of young people or young adults, and how have some mindset towards that. The fourth where jury selected was a fifty four year old african american lady. Now that
I got a point out here is that the defence wanted to they wanted a mixed race. Jury, defence stated that african americans have historically, have been discriminated by law. So of course they are less trusting of law enforcement and they wanted to kind of put the there We wanted to put a bunch of african americans on the jury because of their distrust of law enforcement and all did they, They believed that, because was a death penalty case, the deck sway in their favour as well. Why We both we ve, talked about this before we. We both believed that that now looking back there I was probably mistake known by the prosecutors to or the state afforded to go after the death penalty. Yes, these if you're selected, was a seventy one year old, caucasian woman retired, and
a couple things that the defence really liked about her because of her age, she didn't have any young children and other thing was she didn't own, a computer nor had she ever owned or computer. So was somebody that they knew right away, might not been privy to a lot of the information out there about casey against casey. This is somebody that wouldn't be you know, communicating with bloggers or reading blogs about casey jerk number six. These seven year old white caucasian mail, he was a. yeah, and he had several young children that lived at his home. So this was one that the prosecution really liked because of the fao. of him having young kids. Your number seven is a forty seven year old divorce caucasian female. She was Youth counselor, as you could kind,
lump her in the group with the the volunteer at the the camp rent the summer camp number eight. We have a sixty year old caucasian woman. She is a service rep vor, a on company ensure number nine is a fifty three year old caucasian male, who is unemployed, jura number ten. Fifty seven year old caucasian male now he too who was a syrup service rap for a phone company and this is the same phone company as jerk number eight, which was of major concern to both the prosecutor and the defence, the fee, being here that the two knew each other but it was very quickly establish that they did not juror number eleven was a thirty year old caucasian male Jim teacher at a high school.
Currently, this guy was pretty good looking Okay yeah. This is not the defense or the prosecutor, stating that this man is. This is handsome. This is your statements. This is my statement. This was one good looking jury was. He was one handsome my wink wink now, but the thing here is that the reason why I say he must be pretty good. Looking is because some of the media would refer to him as instead of juror number eleven. They would refer to him as george clooney, and so I get anytime you get compared to that guy right Everybody wants to be compared to that. I'm never I've never been compared like it's not happen for me. Either journal twelve is a sixty one euro caucasian female and she at a public grocery store. You know We see some wins as far as the prosecutions concerned is in some when's as far as the defence is concerned, but those their kind
general thoughts on the jury that was selected for this trial. Now you know both the prosecution and the defence. They get a good opportunity to vet these people before our chosen to be on the jury and a call to questioning it appeared that out of the twelve jurors chose chosen that only one was considered to be pro death penalty, may twenty. Fourth, two thousand and eleven the trial begins in orlando florida. The prosecutor states. After casey's parents left the house on sixteen two thousand and eight alone under strand volume, wharton, were now to opening statements. We We are now at the opening statement of of the big trial summer, calling at the trial of the century the trial against the most hated woman. In american and the troll trial. Yes, the prosecution states, the casey's parents left the house on june sixteenth, two thousand and eight casey,
turned to the home with cayley. At this time you in chloroform casey, knocked the kid out in place, duct tape over the mouth and nose of the child. The baby suffocating her. She then, bundled the little girls body up in trash bags and a laundry bag place them the trunk of the vehicle. She was driving and left the home that evening, she went on a date with her boyfriend going to the block buster video store to rent some movies. When we talk about last us, then some time before her vehicle was toad from the parking lot. Casey Anthony dumped the body in a wooded area just several feet from suburban road about what quarter of a mile from the anthony home during the war. situations, opening statement, they made these claims and they were on to go through each of the events that took place in the thirty one days that expired between the time. Cayley went missing. Time that she was reported as such,
was to say it was a rather lengthy opening statement. The defence states that cayley never was missing, Kalen Anthony died june, sixteenth, two thousand and eight when she drowned in her families, swimming pool defence attorney, jose bias says to the jury that the Anthony family is extremely dysfunctional and the who they buyers wanted to take the jury into the anthony home on hope. Sprang, dr stating that hazy was out partying and having fun during the days it cayley was unaccounted for because hiding in that deep dark place called denial place that she had hid most of her life. The defence told the jury. That casey was a good either the cayley was never abused and was never without food without clothes. Or without shelter, stating that,
the jury would not hear one person testify about cayley, being abused or mistreated by casey by as is gonna, claim that this whole family is just about lies and secrets in this school and start way back when case he was just eight years old lies in secrets, are all wrapped in this case an. started when she's, eight years old, when her father came into her room and began to touch her appropriately and escalate, in escalated it started with fondling and then lead to intercourse stated that george was having sex with casey several times a week until she was twelve years old bias suspected George either stopped at this time, because she was getting either too old for his taste or the threat of the young girl getting pregnant and and when casey was older. Her old
brother Lee then inherited the traits of his father and Lee began, sneaking into casey's room at night and fondling. Her started with with lee when casey was fifteen years old. And these were all secrets that casey kept that she here and this is why she is a liar. She had to learn to lie to hide the family secret, pointing further. How dysfunctional anthony family is by brought up a wedding attended by the anthony family. When casey was seven months pregnant and in showing it to showing the brain, The whole family attended this wedding and we when Cindy's brother asked her well, isn't there something? You would like to tell me about my niece cindy asked why, and her brother says. Well, she's really pregnant cindy and george denied the pregnancy explaining Casey was just overweight by
as pointed out that the parents hid the pregnancy and that if they hit this child in life, they would certainly hide this child and death stating they hid this. I'd like a flower in the attic. So what were the defences claims to their accounts of death yet One thing that I found very interesting was that buyers went on to explain to the jury. How cayley had died. stating that on the morning of june, sixteenth cindy, woke casey in case before she left for work around seven am saying goodbye. to them in their bed. Then the two went back to sleep. Some time later, George woke casey up. This is asked it had to be several hours later started yelling at her? You know: where's where's, cayley, where's cayley and the two of them went and searched the house they search the closets they search under the. Aids in the garage. Then the back yard
and then noticing the pool ladder to the families above ground pool was still up. He told the jury how George held kelly's lifeless body and yelled at casey as casey cried telling. See that her mother would never forgive her for this and that she was going to go to prison for the rest of her life for child neglect, any kind of brains up in our small on his part as he says? Well, look, here's then that's a problem with the prosecutions claims they don't really know how the baby died Oh how cayley died. So, therefore, how, you charge some bay with murder and aunt that go after the death penalty when he don't know exactly how she died. You and I I think that I mean that, had there been a smart thing to do, you know they dont know the cause of death, and he
stating this right out of the gate and he's letting you know that you know what you're going to hear this from the prosecution side later. What I'm telling you now they're going to back it up, that they don't have the cause of death. So how can we charge anybody with murder, we'll get right? after the trial of casey anthony brown. After this quick beer break Sergeant and mrs smith you're going to love this house is that
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steel find you steel dealers that come what may nine. Ninety nine emma s s our pe offer ballot through six eighteen, twenty three, it participating dealers while supplies last. Our right cheers maids back to the troll trials. Now we have a lengthy trial to cover here captain and we can't go through every detail of such there are a lot of people. They were called to testify and if we did so. This is this show we would basically have to do is show that was the length of the trial and here too just kind of point out the important arts, as we see them as well. As may be some. You know, peaks in valleys that took place during the course of the trial, so we're gonna kind of pick. Some key players, some key character? it were involved in this trial. What kind of give an overview of what took place the statements that they made in testified to so the first witness that is called by the
Our situation is george Anthony now under oath he would state that he never said the abuse, his daughter, casey, he's owing to state that he had no knowledge of the death of cayley did he cover up the death of cayley in any way also under test of while testifying he will state that he as well as the tow truck manager. Both agreed that, from their experiences that they do smell what they can see to be human de composition. Coming from casey's car before george drove at home, right right so exactly when they go to pick up the car from being in power. They both smell the same thing yes in this, would be in July now underclass examination, georgia, Then he is going to state that he did not smell de composition and casey's car on june. Twenty. Fourth, two thousand and eight-
now. This is when he would have seen the vehicle back at his home before was ever toad and just to be clear, he was not actually in this vehicle, is this feet away from the vehicle on the twenty? Fourth, The other thing that he would stay to remember: casey returned gas cans to him that were stolen from his shed mission. stole from the shared now he would state that he did put duct tape over one of those cans after she had return them to him. He also ass, that he had bought a gun to threaten casey's friends into telling him where cayley was, even though he knew that having a gun violated, casey's bail? Now this Here is george believed that when they could not- cayley they did only casey, may have known where she was, but her friends. people that she was shocking up with during this thirty day time period. That day, would know more about. the cayley situation, then her
then he and Cindy now and he thought he was gonna- have to go and talk to these people and ask the hard questions often thought this would make a amazing show right. So what you do is here maybe dress up like clowns. Oh you, his plans or creepy and we get some guns and some torturing devices, india and these kids is that aren't solved that you really solved you'll, find it individuals and you talk, till. They die nice. I think that he could show it might work. We are aware, I'm not big brains, I'm not putting my stamp on that as a discovery. Call me, that's right call him jose by then ask George Anthony about his suicide attempts, which place in january, two thousand and nine, and then today. The judge allows the jury to see the suicide note. Now this is one thing that we are yet to cover. In this case
george Anthony did have a suicide attempt. This took place january, twenty third, two thousand and nine six of it are this. The joy decides to check himself into a hotel he takes bout, seventy pills and he drinks as much alcohol as he can an attempt to take his and and his own life while there he was texting family members and calling some of them. did in fact leave that suicide. Note which judge, allows the jury to read. I think this is important evidence for the press, caution, because the fences trying to paint a picture here that you know well, look. The how she died was that that the job found Kelly. The pole and the prosecution is going to claim is based on the evidence in suicide. Note it proves that george wasn't involved and he had no knowledge of what was going on,
so do you want to read that? No well, it's a bit of a double edged sword net, because I think I think at the time that the defences trying to state that you know This might show that there was a lot more going on with george and but think. You're right it. The prosecution is well they're, they're like pierre. This also kind of shows he's innocent regardless, it's full of emotion and the suicide. Note that the jury was allowed to read is as follows. It says symphony marie As you get this letter, this be no surprise that I have decided to leave this earth because I knew to be with cayley Marie. I cannot keep going because It should be me that is good from this earth, not her eye. Lived many years. I am satisfied with my decision because I have never been the man you lee casey. and especially cayley, MA He deserved. I have never been the man any of you could count on.
I have always let each of you down in more ways than I can remember. I do I feel sorry for myself, I am just sorry, I burden all of you the way I have my law. of life is meaningless, cynthia marie you, always worked your hardest, given the most to me. And I have never thanked you. Twenty eight us years ago. You corrected me a man who has now found his identity and life What I mean is you always challenged me the right way and I always could never live up to your expectations. You have. he's been smarter, more knowledgeable and thought things through, and I love you for that I cannot be strong anymore. Cayley Marie our grand daughter? I miss her I miss her so much. I know you you too, you were always the one that provided for her. What did I provide
I blame myself for her being gone. You know four months as a matter of fact, for a year or so I brought stuff up. to be told not to be negative? kelly Marie I miss her. I miss her. I want my family back it here, following apart, because I should have done more. She was close to home. Why waste? their who placed her there Why is she gone for me? you- and I especially you always question- why I want this to go away for casey what happened why could she not come to us, especially you, or why Lee who is involved served with this stuff with cayley I'm gone crazy, because I will to go after these people case. Hung with prior to cayley being gone, is why I got that gun. I won scare these people
you know they know more than that stated you cannot your co kid glove, these people they Need hard knocks to get info from sure there not bring cayley marie back, but was Kay he threatened you. Casey does not deserve to be where she is. I miss her I miss her so much I am, reed for her Personal safety is always on my mind. I try to deal with so so much As I do you also, I have never wanted to my family for sorrow in any way irene eyes. Families have ups and downs, but we have offered our share and then some Cynthia Marie you have always deserve more and with me gone you will. I have always brought you down. You know that you are better off Lee we'll be there for you. I cannot function, knowing our granddaughter is gone,
cayley Marie never had a chance to grow. I want to walk her to school. I wanted help her in so many ways. I sit here inside for her for you for us. yes, you deserve more and you will have freed to enjoy what you deserve. I have taken what meds was given to me with alcohol. And I am ready to give up as I and tell by my writing and thinking getting very stupid, wow what a words stupid? Yes, I am again I do not Sorry for myself, I am stupid. I cannot do. With stuff anymore. The loss kelly, Marie the loss of casey, the loss of us cynthia, Marie the meds ready, saying goodbyes, please understand it is for the best I do not deserve life anymore, you're, the best You always have been. I am sorry for all that I have done to us. I love you.
you get to see casey soon. I am sorry I will take care of cayley once I get to god hopefully, I want to hold her again. I miss her I will always love us. I am sorry cynthia marie I am so tired. I am sorry, I love you cynthia marie cayley here I come Lee. I am sorry I got stated from the beginning george more of her father now Kelly's father. They was the grandfather because you have a father, you're. So I would assume that that's how careless call him and said think this was a pretty crushing blow to him. I think at this point, to the idea that he didn't know what. and so the defences argument that kelly drowned and that george helped casey cover this up, I think, is a lot of malarkey now and
be honest with the captain. I dont know which side of the fence was pushing for the suicide note to be viewed by the jury. think what the defense was trying to do. I don't think they were trying to accuse him of murder. Obviously they never state at any during the trial that they believe he killed the girl, but I think the defence was trying to do, was bring up this suicide attempt by pointing out point out that george may have you know, because of the suicide. Maybe he did have more involvement. Maybe he had more on his chest than we know about and I think they brought, I think they brought up the idea of suicide and then I think the prosecution is the one saying: hey look, and bring this up. That's fine, but this that then we're gonna, look at this note and bob, the context of the no. It points to the that he didn't know anything about it yeah, I agree one hundred military totally different. If you said I can't live with myself, for what I've done but I didn't say that he said I
the gun. I won, to get answers. You know that and these people no more the thing that constantly brings constantly. With this family as the enabling an and parents never want their children to fail than never want them to hit rock bottom and most of the time people know that if somebody has gone through some crap in their life, they have to hit rock bottom, but if you have parents are friends that key been able in you and keep brain in you to the surface. You never hit rock bottom that's what happened constantly with his family again, even in this. No, even at the time of his wanting to take his own life to be with his granddaughter keeps on saying My daughter doesn't deserve to be where she sat yeah she does your button, the parent in him speaking, and I think what you hear in riot. Let us I'd know right, but some parents are more enablers than others yet, and I
I think what you hear that suicide know you're exactly right. I think the it it totally. If you, if anybody on the jury, had any speculation, that the suicide attempt would help fur The defences case if, if you would believe that george new than what what you're talking about, I think the suicide note clears at up really quickly getting. It washes that all away for me, because in that no she's talking about mainly about his shortcomings and things. the family deserve better and he didn't give it enough and didn't do enough but he never says that he's guilty of anything other than maybe he could have been or parent or a better husband at times, and I think these are all thoughts that, whether we're having good days or bad days, I think we all have those thoughts in in the back of our minds from time to time that we could be better and we could be better spouses. We could be better. Brothers are sisters, earth children
our parents. You know why you always have those feelings inside of you and that certainly there is no there's. No, words of guilt in my mind and that suicide note you do the best can as apparent you try to provide, At the end of the day you just can. All you can do is try your best. Tough. but then so the next they're, thereby start Brennan up character, witnesses for casey anthony they're gonna call a lot of cases, friends to the stand and we're not gonna go through them individually, but the the basic summary of what they're all kind of saying is that all of them had heard case. at one point or several points tell them lies about casey having a job during june and July of two thousand and eight the thirty days boost yep about the nanny. You know that caylee had a nanny. These were all lies that she didn't just tell to her family. She was telling them to the friends as well.
There were some that kind of stood out from from amongst the group there One would be Amy. Remember her friend Amy, the one that she stole money from. Yes, she stole the checks from her now aim. I would state that she received a text from case on june twenty seventh stating, casey had a dead animal that she had hit with a vehicle in that was kind of wedged up in the the frame of her car in that's all the further explanation she gives regarding this may be pointing out why there might be some kind of foul smelling: being from the vehicle. another one of importance. Is a former boyfriend testifies their case He told him that sees brother Lee Anthony had sexually groped. Her at one point in our life parry does not allow the the jury to hear
the money from casey's ex boyfriend, stating this did that he had tried to grope and a witness that I thought was really interesting. Was the neighbour the neighbour came forward and said that in mid june that case, came over with her boyfriend and asked to borrow shovel, because she wanted to dig up bamboo route yeah in There is some interesting things here. He couldn't give a date on that, but he did say with some time in mid june it didn't seem of anything of great importance to him. So why would he remembered the exact date? The thing here, as you know there, there's a great true crime, author diane, fanning, who, who wrote a book very early in this case actually before went to trial and shortly after she was arrested. Casey then he being arrested not die in fanning diane gives her gives her kind of. idea of what she thinks happened in this case. In one thing,
States in there is that she believed it was unbeknownst to her at the time that that tony was with casey when she to borrow the shovel and dying. Speculated that maybe case had borrowed the shovel too, to assist in disposing of the body maybe the dogs remember, the dogs had gone javert dogs had smelled and hit on some points in the backyard of the anthony family home. At her was maybe casey's original thought was that she would bury the body in the back yard. We now but this time she was not alone. On that day, she was with her boyfriend, tony He would further testify that they act borrowed the shovel to break into the shed where they going to go steal the the gas can. Other our common police officers and fbi agents in the first place, officers that arrive at the anthony's household the day that, you're gonna report are missing. Remember those the nine one one cause.
I claim that in the pony, acted in actually smell any deceased body right right, they didn't smelling human de composition and casey carb. They also did admit that they did not searched the other two vehicles that were on the property that night a dog handler that is called? He describes the dog, a learning to human de composition in the trunk of this vehicle. As well as near kelly's. Play house in the back yard now in this says we're on this point right. They had a scientist that did this study or did this tat s. Basically, he created this test. Would do what they would take the sample and they would come, I think that with liquid fire and then turn it into a vapor, an somehow put that into can whatever any is the test was to prove that there was rotting body, basically in the truck
the cargo right and so heeds he's done. This ass many times he created the test, I created the he created the contraption that the conducts the test- this is doctor, vos an he. You know, he's gets big long word that describes this contraption that is going to conduct this test He does state that he found use this test signs of human de composition and a high level of chloroform in the trunk of casey's car. So now we got two things put against gay Anthony now by as the defence tourney is gonna, do something pretty smart here is going state while great. They have this scientific proof. Ok, it's This is not an opinion right. This is scientific proof. And by as canada, shatters that by saying. Well, you ever testified before well.
Not only has he not testified, but also this method of of determining that there was human de composition in the trunk has never been used in any trial anywhere before right, and I would also just like to make the statement that it has been several hundreds hundreds of times now, since the sense state right, yeah buyers would go on to claim that doctor Vas had financial, what color interested again this, because if, if he could get it into one trial, then this would He considered somewhat fact in could be use all over the country, and this was a device that he could then sell to launch. psmith right a bunch of law enforcement use it, but that's because it science well an f. yeah. I forensic chemist confirms clause
form residue in the trunk of casey's car, but also states that household cleaning products leave traces of chloroform a professor of key. street called by the defence, says that camera compounds identified by doktor vos in air sam This can be found in household products and garbage as well. What s up happening here. Is we get into this lengthy battle over? Is this test going to be the case hard evidence or not. You know you have the prosecution wants it to be evidence. Obviously, in the defence, is going to try to poke as many holes in it as they possibly can I on. This was one part of the trial. It got a little ship. You know where seem like the defense in the the prosecution were kind of going at one another. More than talking to the experts right? What ends up happening is the judge. Perry decides because I dont items clear on how they got to this point. But this is how chippy should got
parry decides that he is not going to allow the jury to sniff air samples that were taken from the car trump from the trunk you're happy. They don't need to do here here smell. This, don't be one of those people. My god, the salad taste, so bad try, I know well actually, while we're on the trunk of the car. Let's talk about the single hair that was removed from the trunk of the vehicle and this was similar to the hair from Kelly's hair brush and had what what they cause. banding consistent with that from a decomposing body, That's what I'm calling the death banned on that hair the thing here is, you know this something that they are again it's kind of like the smell coming from the trunk. They have some proof of this, but the defences pretty cool,
to poke some holes in this as well, because there were other hat hairs that they found your mother of the child trials. A car hairs everywhere. Yeah right, sir, No, that's fine in that's gonna, be easy for the defensive call in, but the fact that there is this ban is which way more interesting to me. Yet they were able to get somebody. The defense was able to get someone to testify that finding that, on that here, could also just mean that it sat in the trunk of the car for an extended period of time by which you would think that, like a viewer in groceries in and out of a car. A hare could fall off of her. You know pretty easy to explain another thing, it was brought up. We ve brought up the duct tape already well crime scene investigators identified a piece of hinkel brand duct tape found at the the scene, and testified that it is the same brand as george Anthony put on the red gas can
an investigator states that no kinky, bran tape was found elsewhere in the anthony's home now fbi. They did test on on this duct tape that was found on Kelly's body, and they not find any fingerprints on this duct tape. They didn't find casey's fingerprints in fine george anthony's fingerprints, but they did. The other thing here is They also didn't find any dna now the thing that I would argue here that this does not point to any body being innocent. In my mind, whether Whether you want to fight for casey or whether you want to fight for george, it doesn't point to either than being innocent it. No dna was found because they didn't any dna of cayley. It was on her, it did the body was so far decomposed and on. That duct tape has has. natural fibres that are ended as well and from from sitting out it for six months in the heat. In that
Yeah had flooded at one point in in you know, in the rain and all the elements, any trace of dna was removed from the duct tape. Furthermore, any of those natural fibres had basically, disintegrated by this point by the time that they found kelly's bought, so they have the duct tape. and then we know that that is connected to the answer. Anthony household is same brand against, and then we have Laundry basket yeah long laundry bag against this laundry bag. Their sold in pairs pairs found that they anthony household, yes, this is actually a pretty common bag. It something you could buy it in a grocery store but, like the captain, said, is sold in it like a two or three pack and they found the other ones at all. Cayley Anthony's whole bedroom is decorated, winnie the poor stuff found a winning the poor blanket at the scene now, so it all Well, in what they're gonna point out, there is, did you know it The beginning.
Casey was stating that this was well, not stranger abduction, that it was a nanny abduction, zani. The name yet in the prosecution here is pointing out that look. Sorry. Every item that was found where cayley was found was found in the Anthony hold. This body was transferred from the anthony. Oh, I basically saying everything it comes out of this girl's mouth his horse shit in this diamond, just the zany than anything. Then it became this hall Somebody else and there's this whole sex ring and is sex trafficking and all crazy nonsense that casey and thrown out and that was just to get people talking about something other than her. Well, This point, in a trial that you know, while they're talking about the duct tape, the investigators they show photographs of the remains of cayley and of these photos show that the duct tape appears to be over the mouth area, now. One invest investigator does admit that the duct tape my
not have originally been on the mouth. Could have shifted position as he collected the remains This point in the trial, casey anthony, becomes ill looking at the photographs and the jury is dismissed for the day the prosecution also brought into the trials and video footage. Now we talk This is all video that we ve seen on cnn, fox news, Nancy, great nancy, grace all everybody that was covering the trial, tat mom. This was video footage showing casey anthony yelling at her parents, while she's in jail lying to her parents, while she is in jail and ink, but the inner thinking here. Captain is, there video footage of her denying to an officer on July, sixteenth, two thousand and eight. The key Lee had drowned in the pool, as the officer had suggested to her. Now. You would think right that this would be A big home run for the prosecution re first, we
this woman casey anthony that nobody likes anyway and now we are showing you video footage footage of her lying to her parents bright. But what ends up happening is this actually on only ends up being what I would consider to be a small victory for the prosecution, because they showing the jury to tapes in both of the tapes are very long, extremely long, where we're only actually showing small parts of herself of casey making herself look very bad. In a very short period. and one thing that we know is one of the worst things you can do in a trial, to bore the jury. You know they lose interest. They lose focus of what's important at that moment. If you drank things out too long, our listeners smith's it, but here smell this since it hey come here, people say have you seen those video tapes of her imprison, ol man she's a worse person ever it's very
small fragments where she is the worst person ever, but she is the worst person ever but I think it's a huge homerun and the jury distant catch on to that your defence came from this police officer. Your defence came from. But what makes the most logical sense all she drowned in the pool. This is how we gonna defend you. Your artie denied that before gonna be your argument form on the jury. I'm gone. This troll is lying about everything the All the evidence points to herd having knowledge all the evidence points to her lying about everything. On top of that her defence is something she already denied tat, and you know it captain. Here's where I think that they made it quite a big stumble the prosecution. That is why
not only showing the vote, the lengthy tapes, but you know what I would have done just that little clip of her denying it to the officer. You got a pool like that J f k moment. You know from the oliver stones great movie back into the left, backing to the lay back into the left. You just keep showing that poor agitating over and over and over again, rather than showing them almost. I think they back into debt most of the day reviewing these two tapes. It was extremely long and I thought you could really just honed in on a few points and really hit the home run a grand slam, even with that back into left of showing her denying that I pray would have hey a hundred times right now, played a hundred times. You sure she drowned in the pool nope fashion and round the poor nope dusky planet over an hour.
Yeah. So we have. We have the medical examiner an eye and we're not gonna go through all that, because we know that they stead that this was a homicide and we know that Defence is saying: well you can't you I can't say that, because you can't give us a cause of death, they ruled it a homicide because of the duct tape, because the body was hidden because nobody reported her missing. You know those are the reasons for doing so by an expert that was, all this is an expert in forensic entomology states. The he found flies related to de composition in the trunk of casey's car. Now the defence gonna call their own export. That is an expert in the same field, and this but will state that there was, if there, as a body in the trunk they found hundreds or thousands. These blow flies trapped in the trunk, so where we experts as we found we found flies,
it was like one or two enough. Maybe two or three flies in the defence of saying that you should have found hundreds of thousands of the us, be clear, though that was all cleaned out when they got the car when they pulled stuff from the frank. Initially, they all smelled a bad smell and they threw away. Ass, yet that them claims. There's maggots all over gagged flies and all that stuff. So there's your hundreds of flies that thrown out as evidence well, but also the defence, is going to claim that with this expert that these the the lies that they found that they're, saying or related to decompose body. More the same that you would expect to find in rotting trash as well. Ok, Now we talked about the computer activity on the anthony's home computer you're going to call the state and the defence, or both going to call several software analysed
in one will state that someone using anthony computer to search a website. This is psi spot dot com for chloroform. Ninety four times on march, twenty first two thousand and eight during board. eighty four times, that's a lot of research dirt, cross examination. This expert admits that the autumn page reloading could account for that number and there was no way of knowing how many times chloroform was actually searched. and furthermore, they could not state who they were would not know who was the person performing the searches on the computer right eye Well, here's what interest and go for it, as that there is only two adults in the household at that time- so we have george or casey. That is by all evidence, the only two adults that could have been household at the time now,
defence is gonna call case his mother and she's gonna come the stand and she's gonna testify. I made that search and then the prosecutions gonna come back and go ape crazy. you are at work right, everything states that you're at work enters the time cards to prove so there's rail workers stating that you will live and She still lies now. That was me because I look up this thing. As the bamboo, you have to kill certain things, the bamboo and and I misspelled it in it. This came up and I clicked on it yeah if you type in the first few letters of what you're searching for some of the more popular search might be the first that appear is any click on that where the price Commission drop the ball and what. defense was ready for was, other search death by suffocation. Rang
and the for some reason. During the trial, the prosecution never brought this up. No, they spent most of the time trying to prove the cindy was not the one that search for chloroform bright and what, but they are also able to confirm is did a search for chloroform. And the anthony computer place not only on march twenty first, but there is also how to make chloroform on march. Seventeenth, two thousand, So we have two different searches here: Defence is also going to claim that casey didn't chloroform, was in She had searched for chloroform because it was something she had seen on. Her was at her, We friend or ex boyfriend at the time his myspace or facebook page that he had some
in a post. That said when her over with chloroform, it was supposed to be some kind of joke where you see a some really shitty job her job. He just made a shitty joke on myspace a well dressed man standing behind a well dressed woman, saying win, win her over with chloroform and that the search was simple for she didn't know what it was and wanted to look it up and figure out why that post was so funny it which there look that explains the one, but because the prosecution didn't bring up debt by suffocation, then you know they. They dropped the ball there. They diktat While we're talking about the investigators. Let's talk about a lead, detective data testified during the trial and stated that there were no phone calls between Cindy and george anthony during the week of june, sixteenth, two thousand and eight but he went on to admit that he was not aware. That george, anthony, had a second cellphone now Cindy will be called to the stand to testify
yes and she will testify that. Does she swam with cayley the night before she was last seen in the families above ground swimming pool, She also would testify that cayley could get up the ladder into the pool by herself She also believed that casey worked at universal studios in orlando and believed that there was a baby sitter namesake vanni cindy Anthony says that her description of casey's car smelling, like someone had died or like something, had died in the damn car right and that's what we heard on the nine one. One call on stand. She says that there was just simply a figure of speech that she she also we ended up trying to get rid of the smell by spring for breeze all within the car and inside the trunk as well. she says that on the evening Of june sixteenth, when she came
from work that she did find the pool ladder in the past you know so it was attached to the pool, so somebody could get into the pool with that latter being up, and she all stated that cayley did have the ability and had wit, sit on more than one occasion of opening up the sliding back door to the home to get out to the pool by herself. While you know she can't open that if it's locked right right. She couldn't or she couldn't climbed the latter. If it was not up right, she all who stated in her testimony that she definitely weaker all the latter being up on the night of the sixteenth, because she remembers having a conversation with george about that latter being up, stating that It should not have been up, because swimming with cayley the night before that she had remembered taking the latter down. So she had this conversation with him about why the latter would be up to the pool at
point during the trial. The defence then shows a a picture. the jury, and her hearing, Cindy's comments. This is a a powerful picture, because this is a picture of of young cayley winning the sliding glass door at the home it clearly showing that she was able to do so now in the picture, this kind of famous picture, so I shouldn't have to describe a too much. You cannot actually see kelly's face, but kind of see what appears that she may have run into the room. You see the ban of her little body with her hair in her arm is reaching up in her hand his his opening sliding glass door. Unlike you stated before, she's gonna be make the claims that she did the google searches and that's just false, and I think a lot of her testimony is just false and I think she's liar, and I also think she's somebody that doesn't I believe that, child is capable of
murdering her granddaughter- and I think at this point and I think we talked about this a while back though. is the idea that she already lost her granddaughter can't do anything about that. One of the reasons why I think the prosecution shinin of went, The death penalty is- by doing so, you gonna but both of her parents and a defensive mode, because they knew it's a friend her, at least through the trial right right in casey's. Mother states. Well, maybe not to the point that she doesn't receive prison time. But you know because air there was first degree murder charge and a manslaughter charge. Maybe maybe Cindy's thoughts were oak, I could see, may be casey was you know. Guilty of some type of manslaughter charge, but not that of a first degree, murder right
here is the problem with it. She made statement saying all well, you don't. I aid to god and prayed and I prayed you know tests spare my daughter's life or Actually what she stated was give me an answer if she is guilty of this, then find her guilty. The problem with this ship, a christian, is that your light on the stand, he didn't lie on the stand. Then then maybe she has found guilty right, so you can't sit there and say: well, you know, god gave me the answers. You're lying for some of those answers. Well, Think, in my opinion, the dead cindy was the most interesting person to watch on the stand, and it was one cause I didn't know. I never had a clue what she was going to say next. What her answer would be to the next question right, but but
thing that was fascinating to me, as you know, the the made up of a team- it's not just one person, you know they headed they had in a very bright group of but working on this prosecution team and but he would go toad toe with every one of them and she would get yes or mean little face and should point at him from time to time, and she would argue with them. You know she would dance with anybody on that prosecution tina. She is definitely a bright individual in any time that the prosecutors seemed unhappy with her answers or like they. Maybe they didn't believe her, she was willing to argue it till the end of the day if she had to so it was interesting to me to watch the interaction between her and the prosecutors when they necessarily didn't agree with what she was saying. When I- and I want to be clear, I feel for this individual, She lost her baby, no yeah, granddaughter
her baby and then in the process she's losing her daughter right. I talk, can't even imagine or two to begin to tell you. what I would do, but I have it's really hard for me to lie because I've physically gets sick. For example. I did. Why came and said he's gonna go to do ten miles of my bike. The other day I got some a text me. They said how many miles you get Y got nine point, nine most people go ten. You look like you visit. Getting here, because I fear that the humbled by the snake, but some people just that some people are as honest people in and maybe she was lying, look she's lying to protect her daughter, I feel for you, but at the same time, there's no justice, there's no justice for that low baby and and and-
that's something that you could gave to that little baby that you did it. well, there was also a big question regarding another one of her actions, and this would be the private investigators that worked for the Anthony family now want to be clear on this. They did not work for casey anthony. They worked for george and Cindy Anthony. There was a I don't really understand what the defense was trying to point out about, situation but we're trying to prove that cindy had sent the private investigators to search the area where Kelly's body would later be found Maybe they were trying to point out that the that the parents knew where the body would be that where the body would be found in that they wanted their investigators to find the body Obviously that didn't happen, or maybe there's a tip
in cindy would deny that on stand. She said that she never sent the private investigators to that area to find too to look for kelly's body. But even though that there is proof of that ran well that the proof came with some other people involved in the trial. First of all, you had remember melick detective militia. We talked about. He stated that he heard cindy direct them to that area too, to search that area, we also have Lee Anthony her own son, says that under testified to this, that, he knew tat. His mother sent the investigators to that area to search for gaily. He state Did she sent them to that area after she had spoken to a psychic? But again she would deny this, and this is another part of the trial where you see them costs for a little bit, she go her testimony, then they call these other people to color. You know
disbanded Eric and then they call Cindy again and she sticks with what she had said now on the stand, though led the other thing that I found in arresting that he had said as well. Lee would be the brother, yes, that's casey's older brother Lee anthem he stated that he was not told that casey was pregnant with cayley until just days before Kelly's birth. So that kind of backs up the weird thing that the defence brought up with syn, brother saying you know me: it was kind of like the parents were trying to hide this. This pregnancy, you know during even casey was seven, if months pregnant, while I'm again since one of the things I thought was funny about the discovery. Idee dockyard, tree was how she was saying all well, he was so excited to have this baby. and she wanted this baby and she wanted to be a mother- and we were all excited, that's not true and similar, and then we have a. We have friends that came
ford saying ah well when she found out that she was pregnant. She really didn't know who the father was, and then she was I'm just gonna- have abortion, and then the mother talked her out of that, and probably the mother said asano will be here for you and end will We will help you and so and who the father was. Then she lied to guys about, the father was and then they had to take test and figure out well you're lying to me. Well, there's no honour amongst thieves right and I know they're, not thieves, but but what talking of health, a lot of bull, telling a lot of stories that just don't add up at the end of the day, couple things that took place with casey during the trial we talked about her breaking down and, when they were showing the picture of pictures. The remains, but some interesting tidbits was on june twenty fifth, belvane, perry, junior he temporary holds proceedings after the defence
makes a motion to determine if casey was even competent to stand proceed with the trial. Two days later, she is found competent and they carry on with the trial This is after a psychological evaluation. Just have you days after that, this is when casey tells the judge that she does not want to testify on her own behalf. So for those of you that didn't keep track during the trial or didn't watch the trial, she actually never took the stand The defence is gonna call a witness named crystal hollow Yes, and for me this is like the matlock, now. Remember the old courtroom show drama, Matt lung and once in a while. They would, you know, have not every episode, but once in a while they'd pull some witness or a person up to the stand, and it was the witness it's totally out of left
Somebody you right now expect to hear from the whole episode you never heard of the sports and then all of a sudden everything becomes very clear. What I dont know that this made anything more clear for me, but what it did do was. This was the witness out of nowhere. For me, I didn't know who this person was men when they started making these statements. I thought all this is. This is truly truly a mystery here now Four holloway she was actually a volunteer that did they had fallen. During some of these searches for cayley and she was called to the stand because she well According to her testimony, she state did she had an affair with george anthony and she states that job anthony during the core, of their relationship had told her the kelly's death. Was simply an accident that snowballed out of control. Your cross examination, she also agreed
her earlier statement to police, which she said, George Anthony did not say that he now it was an accident which is pretty confusing in itself, but the thing we have here: ok Joe Parry ends up telling the jurors there. crystal hallways testimony could it could be used to impeach. george anthony's credibility, but then it was not proof how cayley died. So we get some additional instruction from from the judge, The jury there which is a little more than what I think you're right necessary, but when they go back and talk to george, you know she claims she had an affair with them and he denied that yeah he doesn't deny that he went her house, which I thought was kind of odd to the claim. I think you want her house three times, yeah, that's quite a bit! Well, you're a married man, I dont know if he should be gone,
over to a lady's house that many times that specially summit that you just met just came in to your life. Not like a long time, friend or anything. Yet store holloway would claim that they had a sexual relationship that they had a romantic affair that way for some time the day spoke, not only you know, not only over the phone, but they texted one another from time to time and, furthermore, that she loaned george quite a bit of money, I think it was like five thousand dollars or something like that, which I can't do that to me kind of rings. True of a kind of a true statement, because we know how much george issues, financially him so, but we are I have to take into account. You know where this is coming from right. from allay that got involved with the searches some people want to find the missing baby. People just want to be involved right, and I think this is one of those
people I think she just want to be involved and when the searches are over, ok, I can eat. Made up story that they affair. I dont know his enemy store that george told her something I don't know you know I didn't you. there are some people in this case that lie down Then it's hard to believe anything. Anyone saying well and I and I believe that she gave that she said that he told her- that statement, that it was an accident that snowballed out of control before they found the body of caylee now the other thing that the vivid defend would present is that She lived in one of those condo communities, this crystal holloway, and they have add a security guard from that. From Condo community there, seeing george going to and from her condo on several occasions now, like you said, joy, does not deny the he went to visit her
He does deny any type of romantic relationship with her. He denies that he ever borrowed any money from her. He does state that he visitor on several occasions. He exchanged text messages with her. He. stating that she he was under the impression that she had some form of cancer or a tumor and that he thought the was you know she needed somebody to talk with. She needed somebody to spend some time with her and that he thought he was doing a good deed. in spending time with her in helping her through her her troubled time. As far as closing statements go They did alarm just repeat: they sickly mere what both the defence and the prosecution was trying to prove in their opening statements in throughout the course of the trial. One of the big France's here, though, was because, by as Dennett prove or even try to prove any sexual abuse that They were ordered by the judge that you can't talk about that closing.
closing argument claret. You can't bring that up to date. And to me, that's that's, pretty sneaky pretty slimy to make these allegations from the get gold. Make all the jury go well. What's goin on here you can't on here. Things sometimes- and I think, that's no, what by as was done there this absolutely a whale of a case. Everything that took place before and then we get to the trial was at the trial of the century. One could argue that you know the trial against the woman. The most hated woman in america was a way of evidence right as one all that all the lies and all that regulation of what was going on in those thirty one days ah said mystery likely the trials huge? Now we have to go for the verdict and then we have to go over there aftermath, there's all these odd things that keep popping up some stuff that popped up recently and
The parents have interesting theories now, looking back on things and then, of course, our thoughts on troll, I'm looking forward to that captain. Maybe tomorrow you know it maybe I'll take the handcuffs off and in stockholm you back so much. Regarding this, I can't tell you guys how many times I've had it at it. Someone my bad word will certainly give you a little window for that to mar, while dates for supporting the show. We love you and make sure you support our sponsors. Thank you. Thank you Thank you and we'll see you guys tomorrow and until then be good, be kind and don't let.
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