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Chance Englebert /// Part 2 /// 558

2022-02-16 | 🔗

Chance Englebert /// Part 2 /// 558

Part 2 of 2


On Saturday, July 6th 2019 - 25 Year old Chance Englebert vanished after an argument with his family. Chance was a new father and husband. His family says he is incredibly responsible and would never leave his son. Chance was spotted on surveillance cameras that evening but has not been seen since. He is described as 5’ 9” tall with a medium build. He is caucasian with sun-lightened brown hair. At the time of his disappearance he had a mustache and goatee. Unfortunately his family suspects foul play. If you think you have seen Chance or may know what happened to him please call the Gering Police Department @ 308-436-5089 or contact GPD through Facebook. 

Beer of the Week - S’Mores Stout by Untitled Art 

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