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Charlotte Fimiano /// Part 2 /// 699 

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A violent murder takes place in a home that sat vacant and silent at the dead end of Chelsea Lane. The home was listed for sale with a local realty company. One of the companies’ realtors Charlotte Fimiano drove out to the location and was killed there. Was the killer someone she knew? Or could this be a thrill killer? Run into the Garage for a couple of cold ones and listen to this True Crime story. Find out why Nic calls this “one of the most frustrating cases” that the boys have reviewed. 


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Well done. The true gram garage where view or whatever you are doing thanks. We listening I'm your host naked, the church door just called, and they running out of my co host, I give to you the camp. Thank you so much
t bone, it's gonna be seen and good to see you things for listing. Thanks for town of france, today. Ladies and germs, we still got some ice cold pills nurse in the old garage fridge. We are drinking lazy, river pills by our friends over new trail brewing. This is an updated version of a traditional german pills nor with german munich malts for a highly he's been refreshing light and flavorful pills, nor with Sidra hops to add a bright orange citrus aroma, Ebby four point: four percent garage great bore a five bottle: caps, and here's some cheers to our friends. Pursed up, we have Daniel from fargo north Dakota, cheers may, and we also have ashley in kelly and bakers, ville nor carolina. Thank you to everyone for going to our website and helping out with this week's clear fun, providing the funds for the old beer
The abbe delete a bar, you in beer on make sure you get it crime garage that come inside upon the mailing list and colonel that's enough for the business I'll write, everybody gather around grab a chair, gravel beer. Let's talk some true crime. early on into the murder investigation of charlotte fibi honour. The authorities were looking into another unsolved homicide. Now, oddly enough captain, this one took place three years prior and hundreds of miles away. This is these, still unsolved murder of sherry, l, Louis, a real tour from d.
Hater illinois, who was murdered on august fifth, nineteen. Ninety four, in a brief overview of that case, is as follows: on august fifth, nineteen ninety, four thirty year old, sherry l, louis of decatur Illinois she's a real her. She was found deceased in a making county residence it was for sale, which she had an appointment to show this home sherry's case has been re examined in third the investigated by making county sheriff's office under former making county sheriff buffet assisted by special homicide investigator John scouts, kelly wag. This is from the justice for sherry, louis facebook page. They say, therefore investing
a report containing overwhelming evidence. Solving her brutal murder has been in the hands of making county states attorney's office since may of two thousand and eighteen former making county states attorney J Scott failed to bring justice Sherry louis. This is they're trying to rally here and try to get support to. Finally take this thing to trial if the evidence warrant step, so I'm bringing this up because it is all a part of the charlotte viviani case. This is something that they reference in the police looked into. Now I don't know who reach out to who right. I dont know if Decatur Illinois reach out to the state, police and pennsylvania or of the state police pennsylvania reach out to making county in illinois, but we do know that they were talking and they were examining the details of both cases. What we would it or be told after a few months, there now
that their ruling out the possibility that the two could be connected, what they do say, as we didn't find any direct connections from one to the other I think in this episode captain- and I am reluctant to say this because I am hesitant because I hate to go down these roads say it reminds us you're gonna, hear me say two things in this episode that you ve never heard me say an almost seven hundred episodes of true crime garage. They appreciate my work However, I say that all the time you use hidden stop button in any race it in the editing process and the people think I hate so that, but here what's weird, me captain? I never think that these cases I wrote, I think, maybe in the alphabet murders case that we talked about that. That might be the only other time that I was like yeah. These two cases that are hundreds of miles away and years apart might be connected. I
I just never say that, because I never believe it and guess what it's, because the number numbers don't pan out. It's almost never true! Yes, statistically it's it's very low, but this this case is strange because you are pointing something you know off mic before is. If you, Google, search images of either one of these victims, they look very silly were extends exactly right in here. Here's the weird thing, like the only reason why this rattled me a little bit. I dont think that their connected. I want to say that, but there is one stunning fact that is, of course, my opinion, but I can't get over it when I was a fact or a pin its opinionated fact at the the thing is, when I was first reviewing charlotte eufemiano case. I saw a picture of
jerry Louis, but it wasn't labelled, and I just made the assumption that it was a picture of her from me, be ten or twelve years earlier, prior to the her and then, when I looked up sharia, louis just google images, like you said the first picture, the came up, I thought: well, they got it wrong. That's just an old picture of charlotte vienna and sure enough. I click on a couple websites and very quickly realized know. That is a picture of sherry. Louis to me, they look very similar. Charlotte looks like she could be sherry's mother, oh sherry's, thirty years old, when she's killed and charlotte's forty when she's killed and again I I mean not exactly spot on, but at first glance. It was enough for me to think that the Sherry louis picture was a picture of charlotte when she was twenty, eight or thirty years old for me got me a little rattled, because I can't get over the fact that they were both
working in the same line of work, the same title, job title they look very similar and that they were both showing a home that they had an appointment now sherry. Would beaten and strangled, and then we know and charlotte's case it was gone in ligature strangulation. I dont know enough tales of the Sherry louis case to one hundred percent say that I think that they are connected. My gut tells me that they are not, but we do know that police looked at it. We do know that they did say they couldn't find any direct connection between the two. Now, if you go to that justice for Sherry Louis- spoke page, you are also going to find at least one or two other realtors that were killed, others, one from nineteen. Eighty four oddly enough september, eleven nineteen, eighty four, which would be exactly thirteen years, before charlotte eufemiano was killed, so just some very weird strange things with this:
Is it I've gotta tell you get them on the surface. This case to me was very intriguing, but there this case is very fascinating and I hate to say that, because there are people that are are related and loved charlotte and were great friends with her, and I hate that day here or have to hear some schmuck in a garage pencil, dick, that's a beer and a half deep say this case is fascinating. You know, but by
I feel ok to say it here in this case, because, oddly enough, I were reviewing material and found a detective that was working on this case, and he said those exact words are so two wrongs make a right. That's really stuck with me in this case, because I told you I told you when I arrived at the garage today. I will be happy to be done with these episodes, because this case is is really messed with me over the past three to four days. There's something very funny about this case that I can't quite put my finger on and I I feel like it's just one piece,
the puzzle that this just missing, that that would put this whole thing together. There's something very strange about this charlotte eufemiano case. That's that's really got me shook. Can I can. I say I thought that I had without you or put in me and the old pervert round up crew sure, but the one one of the things that kind of stuck out to me- and this is because we don't know if she was targeted or if it was just this location was targeted and I would assume- or I hate to interrupt yeah. You hate that, but keep in mind. We don't know if either were targeted right, but continue I'm sorry, but we do know because of the call into the real estate company. We we don't.
if there is multiple calls that day from that number, I would think that's something that law enforcement would want to look up, because what, if this killer cause in and a male answers, the phone and then they talk for a little bit but make no appointment and then call back and what, if there was evidence they kept calling back until they got a female victims because what do we know about crimes and killers they're alive? The crimes are sexually motivated and So that would seem a little strange as far as, like this whole real at her scenario,
and this is where I dont want people going PA that captain he's one pervert but I'll go to shift this little bit pornography, there's a real estate agent, category and pornography. So I just don't think it's that far stretch for again a sexually motivated crime. For somebody to be watching this category and then developing sicker fantasy. Does it doesn't make any sense yeah, I mean obviously here's the thing I thought I should say. Obviously it makes total sense to me, because what we ve seen time and time again, especially with cereal offenders, is dead, sex and violence is all wrapped up into one
ugly package for them rights and a lot of whom will use pornographic material to kind of keep those urges at bay, and so yes it to me it makes complete and total sense. I am very glad that you started down this road. What I wanted to point out here is love looking out upon the facts. Ok, that good gonna get into a lot of opinion stuff, a lot of theories alot of speculation here, and there is a lot of it in this case, and I think that is part why the detective even states! This is such a fascinating case, but when you break it down in its simplest of forms, what do we know? What do we know about the killer? We know only two things in my opinion, a they were looking for a victim. They called and made an appointment in
looking for victim. Now you can throw in some variables there were they targeting charlotte when they called right or where just hoping for. As you said, a female realtor victim, then you go ok, location, their location seems to be important. Well, it might not This location itself could have been targeted, are not targeted. We don't know because we don't know the details of that cover. Asian between charlotte in the person that she had on the phone while as just be clearance of then maybe we can clear this up for me in the listening. The beautiful listeners, like I like to say a fiction his name was given correct, I'm assuming that we know whether that was a male name, That was given our female name. My guess is that has to be a male name. For my understanding, the names never been released, but what we do know
Is that charlotte did tell at least one other person that she worked with, that she had this appointment with it, and it was a male collar, So for him to give em a female name would seem to be a little bit of There will be a rabbit indicator of. Maybe I shouldn't go on this appointment or take this call seriously, but back So what do we know? We do know that didn't regardless if she was targeted or not. We know that the killer was looking for victim with that phone call number one and number two is it's a premeditated murder a gun was used in this homicide and is not recovered.
The scene, so it didn't come from the vacant home. He likely didn't pull it off of charlotte in some kind of scuffle they, this killer was looking for a victim in arrived on the scene prepared and ready to kill. Also just one be be clear, so just because we have a male does doesn't necessarily mean that we have EM male killer, correct, correct and that's why I that's why I wanted to go down that road in the last episode to point out very clearly that we, It stands to reason that the most likely perpetrator of this homicide is that caller, who arranged that meeting. not out of the realm of complete possibility that that the person that called is not the person that killed brain
but he could have set up this arrangement and then she arrives and she's either ambushed or there's a sneak attack by somebody should she did not anticipate of seeing their at that home and that person then killed her, and I think that's why the import this case is so fascinating, because there's so much of the speculation that can lead you to very certain theories, but there, but everything's, very open, ended with this case. It leaves the possibilities very open, and this case now I want to get into certain act, the phone calls because wriggling wing many sources tell us one thing and only one source that I, fine- tells us a further detail on that item right. So we talk to this arrangement was made the day prior the day before the murder. We would later learn police would. Eventually come off in in the corner,
really come off in now. Oh down that window of time in question for us the time of death, which is so important and key to any investigation because goes to means an opportunity ripe, and we said during the trailer. That means an opportunity are the are the very best tools deciding factors to separate a good suspect from anybody else who actually was unaccounted for. Four during the time that, right now they narrow down the time of death and later released it to be first, they were saying one to four p m and that I think the police may have been four to kind of show their hand on this one, because what happened captain was two weeks after the murder she's murdered on a thursday on a thursday two weeks later, police set up a bunch of roadblocks in there neighbourhood and surrounding that neighbourhood, and they were stopping all
ass or buyers and asking them regularly travel in this area if, if they happen to be there too, prior between the hours of one in four p m, and so these, bore later interviewed by new stations and there like tat, we know what the police or the police asking you well here either. Ask me this that the thing, but they wanted to know. If I was here to thursdays, between one and four p m, so kind of shows. You right away, tat. They ve already honed in on that that time period that our window, one to four p m the police and then later the police come out and say the time of death. The suspect, a time of death is between one and three p m. So they got a two hour window that killer headache in that area, and out of that area in she was killed some time between one and three. Now another
that we would later learn several sources come out months later. That say, charlotte went out to that appointment and then returned to the office and told several people that she worked with this. She got stood up that the male collar that made the appointment never arrived and she got awaiting around and came back to the office. What benzene is once she's back at the office phone rings left wing. She takes the call a low it's the person she had the appointment with saying. Ah I got I tied up. I couldn't make it to the appointment I was running late. Could could we still go and see the house again, though? This is also kind of a remote area. Is it possible that the killer went to find the house who just couldn't find the house while again I know the details of that and in their several people in their reports that they have set over the years while she was a real.
Go get her. She wouldn't turn down the opportunity to show a house and sell the house yeah. That's true. I get that, but let's take it a step. Further she's been doing this for like fifteen sixteen years. I'm sure it's not the first time this Somebody has called and said I got tied up in a meeting I got caught in traffic. I or my kids suck- and I couldn't leave the house- and you know so she's probably had several times that somebody didn't show or was running late, and so this probably didn't didn't set her off, didn't raise any flags for charlotte and she tells a couple of people this at the office and then she goes out and meets. She goes to the that appointment back at the house on chelsea late, and we do know that she's killed they're here, here's some of the details of that really set me off. In this case captain and I kept cut harping on this yesterday- the devil's in the details, the problem with these details is, it said, time and time again she went for one o clock.
Men and then she was killed, and we do know that time in question that suspect the time of death is between one and three p m. What was original arrangement. If, if he calls and says I couldn't make it and could we could, we still go see the house And the people at the officer saying well, she left at one o clock in china, one o clock appointment. What was original arrangement. Was it for eleven, a m or noon, and he didn't make it or was the appointment always for one and she actually came back and then left after one o clock, which doesn't seem to stand a reason, because, People saw her alive at one o clock or one fifty, one. Thirty then your suspect, a time of death. be between one and three Zactly and the reason why I am focusing in on this so much and why this pisses me off that we do not know this detail, and now you know what they're people out there, that no, this detail clarification. Please, because her husband
who would be ruled out as far as police say, because it's about three or four months into the investigation, there's news pay headline comes out that the police have eliminated, have ruled out husband and realtors death. they rule him out. Why did they ruling out? He has an alibi. Did some digging since work schedule, he work ten. Our days he had a twenty two thirds. minute commute to his job. His his schedule was one m to eleven pm makes a lot of sense, and we know that there are other things backing up that information, because what He gets home after eleven p m. It gets home a little after eleven thirty talks tourist. His daughter calls in that his wife is missing, the reason why that time period is so important to me and what the original appointment was for what time it was four was because, even though police say that they have
moved on from the family that they have ruled out the husband they tell us their ruling out the husband, because they can confirm one hundred percent that he was at work between One p m and eleven p m on that thursday and had a twenty two thirty minute commute both ways. if someone and island I never say the sancho crime garage If someone were to set up a hit in it were to be a husband got his wife. What time scheduling it for when I'm at work I'm accounted for we're not gonna. Have dozens of people tell you nope kill my wife, because they all saw me hanging out there. They also me working there. The reason why I think that this detail so important is because, if it was in fact a hit, there was arranged by the husband Would it would fall in line with some of the details we do know about the case. Charlotte, wouldn't may not recognize the voice of the
and he hired especially she doesn't know who the person is that he he higher, but two if the collar on Wednesday originally scheduled the appointment for one. it drives me mad to to sit there and think that it's happened, stance that this appointment is scheduled for a time that this do also scheduled to be at work. I'm not saying that the two camp both have happened. I'm saying it. It leads me to believe- and I've never said, show before that. I think that there's a hit. I think that this case is a hit. I think that what I think the most to plausible things to me are either a complete freakin stranger killed this woman. And I think, if that's the case, they may never solve this case most likely not. They have been so tight lipped about some things. I think did
police think they have an idea of what actually happened here, and so let us take this a few steps further one, those I'm not saying that is concrete ever in spite sometimes that's why law enforcement is very tight. Lipped about things is his. There are certain pieces of evidence that they know they can't get out because it would basically crumble their whole case against a certain individual and if they are hoping to, let's say they they wanted to follow the hum, to see if he could lead them to the killer or if they wanted to tap, is phone or were surveyed the sky. What better way to get him to act to lead you to the killer than to publicly. say, while we world about we rolled amount, because we confirmed what
percent, that he was at work that day during the time in question, because because just because were all you out to a public newspaper whatever or even tell him to his face. We rolled out the police loud to lie during our investigation. Won't know either Their ruling him out as the killer. rolling amount as being involved in the homicide, exactly
rolling him out as the actual killer, but also law enforcement is not the only tight lip organization quota quo in in this case. Sometimes you have a case where look at delphi very tight, lipped law enforcement, very vocal family trying to get the word out trying to get information coming in this one, tight, lipped law enforcement and seems like the family was pretty tight, lipped as well yeah in any. We need to be completely fair here because, they could the family meaning her daughter and her husband. They could have been tight, lipped and shy away from the cameras or the newspapers. Just add appeared devastation. Their world is camps,
they turned upside down there, completely heart, broken and that's why they didn't do so much talking to the media and in the one thing that does make me doubt this husband being involved. The little bit is the fact that we, You know- and I had to do a good about a digging the figure this out that the hut then, was the one that actually called nine one one the following morning and it led to her body being found. Now. It also wouldn't be the first time that somebody lead police to a body of somebody that they ve killed. Workers would be pretty suspicious. Your wife doesn't come home and the more sit and do nothing yeah in the morning they're like well, I guess she just didn't come home last night guess I don't have to make as much coffee in the morning yeah. Let's get back the other possibility that I don't think we can rule out either is the complete stranger possibility strange obtained. Somebody called calls this really or office looking for a victim and needs a clue
it vacant, ready to move into home to carry out there that, dirty deed of of homicide, dunder cheap one thing they did for me, pointed away from a complete. Stranger is one the mode of yes, it could be thrill kill, but many of these thrill kills are sexually motivated. There's a sexual component to them now One detail that has been released is that charlotte was now we found fully clothes but still wearing her coat her jacket. So that may suggest to many that there was no sexual component to the case, but I'm I'm gonna throw all ranch into everything that that most people believe
About homicides when they try to look at a crime scene, and please allow me captain to talk at both sides of my face. At the same time, we do, but this comes from a very well respected, detective and somebody that we ve talked about on the show before Joe Kennedy. He says be careful and do not assume there is a close personal relationship between the suspect and victim based on evidence of overkill example, excessive stab wounds, extensive blood force, trauma, etc at the crime scene. If ligatures in restraining devices are present, there was likely a sexual component to the murder. This should be considered before its bring other motives unless it is obvious. Another crime gone bad robbery by
hurry home invasion or the victim was restrain, so the primary crime could be completed. Okay. So that's that's interesting to to observe here, because there is some one of overkill involved. In this case, we meant, ligature strangulation. We mention the gunshot. She was actually shot twice once in the back of the head and once in the face just below the left eye. What kennedy is pointing out here is the just that act of strangulation, ligature strangulation may even though our victims found completely clothed, could still have sexual component to it. So with debts with that possible sexual component. I dont think that we can politely rule out the idea of a complete stranger? A complete pervert danger carrying out this homicide.
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all right? We are back cheers maids onward and a bird here too, you colonel tears, captain skin here in the garage crowd had not occurred. getting angry and worked up here now now? This is a it's. These are difficult because again set up job for who for a hired killer, or just Let's have a mail call but who's waiting there for her, her husband, yeah, I I I would say he couldn't. He couldn't have been there. We. We know that to be fact right. We know one hundred per cent. He was at work at the time that she was murdered right
but I was just trying to point out like I have a male caller and then a female real estate agent. That has some kind of beef with her. I would think because this is such a possibility that there'd be some rumors of possible infidelity in in her relationship and charlotte's relationship with her husband. So I did catch some wind of those rumors, but none of that comes from any of the newspapers or any of what I would consider to be trusted sources. None of it ever comes from police. For my understanding that those rumours might have been office talk office, gossip there, there are well that expand on that a little bit to say that he suspected her of having an bear, and she was adamant that she was not having an affair. There are other people say that the office gossip was that
She might have been romantically, seeing a client or maybe another agent. I mean if you were to have an affair? This would be a line of work. That would would compliment hiding From your spouse right, you know all easy in american beauty: hey you be doing it in every house all over the city baby. would be pervert roundup, but it here in an in who knows. Maybe there is some truth:
those rumours, but maybe there's not again idle. I wouldn't say that any of those rumours are coming from trusted sources. A quick way to push somebody into Heaven affair is constantly accuse them of having a fair when they're not having an affair. Well, there's some weird again, there's a lotta, weird stuff about this case, and I haven't got to the weirdest of it all that, but the one we are thing to is the the couple the semi autos had just moved into what was kind of like a life goal for them that they had moved into a new home six weeks or eight weeks before she killed. They bought a piece of land. and had a whole accustom home built on that piece of land and they had her daughter his step. Daughter again, I want to be very clear about this theirs oh indication, that this guy was a bad husband or a bad step. Father and I know
I said: well, maybe he ordered a hit on his wife yeah. I get it, but everything that I seen and which is it. What but listen for a second, I want that's why going out of my way to point this out, because I'm saying that our details of the case that lead you to that theory, time and time again: where's, nothing in it. personality that lead you to that theory, his personnel. from my understanding captain this man passed away in two thousand and fourteen and maintained a very close relationship with his step daughter up until the day died and not The close relationship keep in mind she and her. I believe it was even her. Fiance was living with the family and I was at the time of charlotte
f and I believe that his step daughter and fiance then turned husband, lived with him for several years after charlotte was murdered. Look this guy was a successful guy, so he is no dummy and but and I say that because when your wife is murdered, of course, law enforcement has gonna look at you. You should expect that. I think it's the ones that fight that- and it doesn't seem like this individual fought that at all, it seems like in every turn that the family was cooperative with law enforcement when law enforcement is tight, lipped you're going to get more rumors and more speculate,
that just happens in these cases and every thing that police said along the way is that the family was extremely cooperative with their investigation and, I believe, he's though the individual, the husband is thine individual, that they cleared publicly correct. Now he hears here's the weirdest in strangest of the details and there this is what circles back to what I was talking about. Earlier. The fact that we have several people come forward very trusted sources, saying that charlotte returned to the office then received, their phone call and then went back to the property now. To be clear if she was running around on her husband. She not have been at that property in the first place, and These calls could be. There could be a m mysterious element to them. Maybe she's lie.
About her whereabouts, maybe she's lying about who she talked to her comings and goings. Right that would stand Reason if she is having a secret affair, but, let's put completely aside and go down this road. There is a source out there. That says. and I'm throwing out a buyer beware here on this on this information, but I also don't many, even though I have not been able to confirm it, double trouble check it. I don't really have any reason to doubt the information either or the source. The information is that now we have two phone calls that police were going to be concerned about the one setting up the appointment for the next day, which would be
the day of the murder and then the one that she receives when she returned saying. Oh, that person stood me up, never showed up at the meeting. I I I came back and then gets another phone call and goes back out. This source says that police attempted to locate where those calls came from and that they could not determine the source of the first call. but they did the second call now this is gonna, be pretty simple when I lay it out for you, the second call they traced back to a pay phone at a local mall. And it's my understanding that ninety ninety seven, where this phone was this pay phone, it was across the street within viewing distance of the real state office they charlotte worked out. Now.
strange or going through all these other previous homicide cases that we ve covered. We can. We can fill in some of the blanks for you here if you ve not listen to all six Ninety episodes of our wonderful garage coverage. We know that then, that these are not cellphones. You know. Nowadays we talk about dna solving murder cases. Cell phones are solvent just as many murder cases, if not more than dna. That's because the phone can track you, they can track the victim. They can trace the victim. They can trace the communications with the vote with them, which, in some cases with the murderer, ninety ninety seven, not so many cellphones out there, but what they can determine is we know that back then that they can
easily find a location of a call if there was if there was billing involved, if it was not going to be a free call, while a pay phone obviously is not a free call. Somebody somebody dropped a quarter into the slot and called the real estate office spoke. The charlatan said you know what I was running late and according to that source, it came from that pay phone at that more across the street, from the real estate office the first call they couldn't track it. Why? Because it probably came from a residential location, in that same area code where there was no long distance calling needed. So for me there there is added problems with that. That situation learn how to speak. Please because when we look at these cases, don't we usually try to determine when we have an unknown perpetrator which
I to apply the evidence and the facts as they were to see and get a gather if we, if we can get some insights into the killer and if they have any criminal sophistication to me this at first. At first glance, I thought this is potentially showing some signs of criminal sophistication. However, I think I think there's two sides to that coin. Cap I think with this situation one could go. You know, but I dont know any better. I dont know if they can track that call. Yes, today to my house what I do know is there's probably if they can, if they can track calls, let's make it. Let's not show up to the appointment and let's make, Second call from somewhere else, and then that way, if at least if they trace the first call me at the very least, that they're gonna have another call with another appointment that moves them they can't completely honan on me because there's another call with another appointment, so it it's a
eared situation where it could be a default reaction, to all shit. I used my home phone number to call this lady or it could be I know what I'm doing and let's make a second call. This case again is all screwy in an all. funny and fascinating and weird you reference red light case, This is a bang, my head against the desk case here, because on so many possibilities. there's roads lead you to a stranger, there's roads. It led you to a competitor that may have wanted to offer because she so successful, taking business from them and then there's roads. It led you back to her husband or if she is having a fair, may be to the person she's having an affair with us, go through this very slowly, a guy. As a fantasy of
in a woman he finds a remote location, he cause he meets her out there. He kills her or there's a female, hey she's, having an affair with this lady's husband. She has a male call. The woman meter out there kills her or hires a hit, the husband hires a hit and has the killer car or, like you said, she's having an affair and the guy. The the phone call in general was a phony phone call and she knew it was a phony phone call. I mean there's so many possibilities, I think, because of the strangulation and the shots
it's like the shots were like to make sure that she was dead, well, a couple of thoughts that I have on if it were, if she were targeted or not right, because if it was a stranger than you would believe that that she's probably not targeted, if it were a perfect stranger, she's, probably not targeted, but then again. How perfect could the stranger be they weren't able to trace the first call, so that came within her area code? But but here's the thing if, if somebody wanted to target her but make it look like she wasn't tar did somebody that new her schedule or had a general feel for how that offer the operation the office operated wherever they put people on the phones on a rotation to take these cold calls and to take the walk, somebody mid, may know that information, especially summit she works with I'd like to know too, especially. Her husband
I to know if there's any male walk ins that day, because what go ahead. I'm sorry I was going to say, because you know most of the time that the killer has a a vision of their victim and so by that by the cause being traced back to a payphone, that's really close to their office, who make some sense of oh, I'm just gonna go in the office and see which girls are working today and okay. Well, this one will do, but there's a pay phone across the street I'll go make make the concept of appointment, they're they're, not gonna, assume that same person. Why whack, where I work why one and I just made the appointment- was there will, because I don't want that appointment, traced back to me. I wonder if there's any walk ins that there's a couple
things that I want to know and I think that the police, probable No. The answer to at least one of these questions I do oh, that her husband, four and ninety nine I do know that he did own a cell phone which is, common and ninety ninety seven. Now we do know that they traced the. Why call the came in via the pay phone or or at least that source tells us that they did. I wonder, All of those calls on his cell phone would have been build. Did they did they do a background check on his call log for that cell phone right? That would be interesting, I don't care so much about the walking. I understand why you, you would want to know, and other people would want to know, here's what I want to know. We know that two people were manning the phones that week, if you were to target charlotte right, if I'm setting up a hit, here's what I need. I need
hit man to arrange a meeting with my target with my hip. But I want. to muddy the waters in may and not come in a trail from the target to my hit man to me right. How could I do that? Well, if I have an understanding of how the office operates, that works right. The people there would have that knowledge would be people that work there or people close to people that work there and her husband. So if I know. that my target is going to be one of two people manning the phones. That week is. It is since is having my hitman call in go you because here's here's typically what happens specially look customers
this ain't what it used to be my friend, I don't care who you are but her, where you're from any what it used to be, but in the day. Ninety ninety seven I can gear, I would wait, franklin you love it when I wrote wager franklin's, I'm down like nine hundred franklin's. Now I wager franklin than ninety ninety seven, ninety percent of the time somebody answers a call at that real estate office for these cold calls. When put on the desk that weak Thank you for calling true crime garage. Real estate office. This is the crispy colonel. How may direct your call? This is a crispy colonel. How can I help you and What if your target is charlotte, we're hit man has to do if she doesn't pick up the phone is click click soon, as that other lady, whose answer in the phones or some guy that might have answer the phone that day. If you guys voice easy, hang up, that's not your target. If
one picks up the funds. Is this a share in? How can I help you? Well churns, not your target click and you call back later you gotta. the fifty shotgun charlotte on the phone? If you know the operations of that office for that weak, I cannot get past the fact that I don't know who hire the here. I think this was absolutely. I dont think it was a stranger crime. I think that there are too many connecting factors. I think that it The stranger would have two notes too much and the reason why it's a hit is. I think that charlotte was too smart. I think she would have recognized that you know how Someone from her office calls. How do they disguise their voice? People in that office, you know, you're, not gonna, maybe no everyone's voice found, but it, but it It seems unlikely and here's why I say hit too.
They say- and we hear this all the time and homicides, but here especially in this, in this case, gunshot wounds strip. Ligature strangulation and often times the coroner will tell us both could have caused the death. Well, both could have caused the death, but both didn't cause the death, one of them cause death and guess guess what is the absolute weapon most of the time, a gun, the gun cause her down I think this shows signs of a hit, because I think that the guy showed up with the intention of going to a secluded place in a vague house one on one and when he Firm that she was thereby herself he went in for the kill with strangulation, and what do we know and what have we set a hundred times on the show killers have told us
It is surprisingly difficult at times to strangle someone to death. She could have come to and he decided I dont care fiscal allowed. I gonna make sure that I do what I was sent here to do, and I think that that's when the gun come came into play, or even so, it's strangulation first and then the like. I said before they gunshots just to make sure that there is no chance that sees surviving the strangulation, and sometimes we like to give a little homework out there. If anybody can find like a real, true, very good source that backs up the information that police and we're talking
I want this from like a a local newspaper, a statement coming from the the police, the investigating agency, a detective or the state police saying we traced that second call to a payphone, because if that information is incorrect, that changes that's a game changer right there, so if anybody can can send us a link to that hit us up on twitter, instagram or, put it on our blog on true crime garage dot com. That's information that we need to know. This cases is incredibly interesting. There's a lot of a lot of problems and a lot of puzzle pieces missing from this case. We want to hear what you think and what thoughts are, we also want to remind you that there is still a. Reward for information. In this case now we talked about the real estate office, offering up a hundred grand back in the day that, for my understood,
That reward is no longer available minos twenty six years ago, but from what I fine here captain this is dated december, the sixteenth two thousand and twenty one. The pennsylvania state police. continues there investigation into the homicide a forty year old, charlotte eufemiano eufemiano and agent, with whiter real tours fee, to return home after showing a home to an unknown client on September, eleven- ninety, ninety seven it Determined that her last destination was a vacant home for sale at twenty one. Forty seven, chelsea lane heller, town, lower sarcasm, township northampton, counting law enforcement discovered her body. In the vacant home. During the early morning, hours of nine twelve nineteen, ninety seven charlotte had been strangled and shot today,
Anyone with information on this case is asked to anonymously contact the pennsylvania crime, stoppers toll free and one eight hundred four p. A tips that's one. Eight hundred four p, eight four seven set the want everybody so much for joining us here in the garage for everything. True crime check out. True crime garage dotcom kernels you have a recommended reading for the beautiful listeners. This week, captain we're going to recommend that everybody go out and listen and consume as many podcasts as they possibly can. It's fall time for most of us. That means kids are back in school. Football
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