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Christopher Watts /// Part 2 /// 270

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Christopher Watts /// Part 2 /// 270

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The perfect family. Loving parents, adorable little girls, a baby on the way, an idyllic home life in a Colorado suburb. Family and friends of the couple say they had a perfect marriage and their daughters were the light of their lives. They promoted a healthy lifestyle brand and enjoyed fulfilling careers. They had everything going for them. Until, out of the blue, the adoring, reliable husband and father suddenly morphed into a monster. This week we discuss one of 2018’s most talked about cases. Beer of the Week - Haze by Tree House Brewing Garage Grade - 5 out of 5 bottle caps

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so where arson, an bela and cecy, now nicole kissinger chris his mistress, only confirm to police what they already suspected. They Chris watts, was a liar at cheater, unlikely disposed of his family to get rid of the inconvenience of being a husband and father Chris agreed to take a polygraph test. The results of the exam stated deception indicated Chris watts was lie the detectives in the room, decided to go for broke. They told Chris that he failed. They knew he was lying and it was time to come clean. Then they pulled out a photo of his family. This is when Chris confessed, but not to murder. He told investigators that he was being untruthful and he hurt should an emotionally. told them. He was having an affair for five or six weeks
them. He never fell about any one. The way he fell about quote her. He didn't want to tell the cops his lovers name right. He wanted to keep her name out of it. Of course, the cops had already talked nicole, length. Chris went on to say that his and finance life was totally focused on the kids. And he didn't feel as though he could be himself or the person that he really was or who his wife needed him to be, because he walked on eggshells around the investigators kept pushing chris and they kept hoping that somewhere he has a conscience. While they keep tell him hey dummy, you failed the test right week. We ask three questions and those three questions. Chris did we ask you about a fair? Did we ask you
about your girlfriend now. So you failed the tests and for whatever reason Chris is like trying to get them to give. Vince was because I was holding that back, that. That's why I I didn't passed away, but trust me. Yes, did I heard her emotionally, yes, but I did not. I did not hurt her physically, but he also states that at some point, maybe that his wife tat, he told us What about the affair and that that's why she ran off for some crazy nonsense. well when he doesn't cave what the interrogator Do they try new tactic and one asked Chris, whether maybe she Nan had quote done something to the girls right. One of the detectives even tells chris
he worked a case where the mother smothered her two kids, because she didn't want her husband to be able to take them away from her and after first denying it, it seems likely that this concept gives chris an idea, because Chris to take a break and to talk to his father, who was waiting outside now, his father raw he comes in, and the data Those were mine chris, at whatever they say will be recorded, and then they leave and Chris says to his dad in a quiet, broken voice that he doesn't want to promote should an he tells Ronnie the after. He left their conversation about separating and went downstairs. He came back up to the master bedroom for something saw on the baby monitor the bela was played. On her bed the monitor, flipped, cc's room and Chris says he saw chanel sitting on top of cecy strangling her here
and into the room and attacked should an end quote, did the same thing to her. He says it was over fast. He had lot of rage and engineered wasn't able to fight back. He it's shiny and must have just lost it. He pushed enhance body back on the master bed covered her up, because he he could look at her and he fell horrible for what he did said he looked at his kids and saw what she did now. Ronnie is aghast at this news. Obviously he says my godson and put his hand on Chris arm. Chris says he could tell the girls were dead because they were both blue. he did not attempt CPR, he did not call nine one one. Instead, he put the bodies find the driver's seat. This has been in the second row of his truck and disposed of them. So this puts the blame on finance for killing the girls. He says co emotionally. He must have drove her to do something stupid
He claims that she hadn't it had a temper and would fly off the handle. He implies that she was unstable. Now no captain that the police already knew where the bodies were in fact they were on site when one of them received a call that Chris confessed. Of course, this is at the site that we already discussed site number three. Nineteen where Chris went on. august thirteenth. What is incredible is how little time he actually had there and how risky his dumping of the bodies what We know that he arrived on site at six. Fifty three, a m other employees. Reported arriving before seven third Chris had been texting, and calling them starting at six, twenty nine, a m to find out what time they would arrive. It was broad daylight. This gives
chris, maybe thirty minutes to hide three courses. So how did he do it? The answer is very quickly and very sloppy, Now the two four hundred barrel, tanks on the site contained a crude oil. This is a toxic chemical that exude strong fumes crystal an operator and was intimately familiar with these storage tanks and how they worked. The two tanks, we're next to each other and accessible from the top. I'm in a narrow metal, staircase up the side of the tanks. Each tank had one eight inch wide thief: hatch, that's what they call them on top and it was into these two tanks that Chris dump the bodies of his baby. Girls, he shoved. Three year old, c c, still wearing her pink ninety and pull up diaper into the hatch of one of the tanks, leaving a clump of hair on the hatch, he shoved four year old bela in her. You core nightgown into the other bellows body.
Scratches on it from the hatch Chris said he could tell how much Oil was in the tanks by the sound of the splashes, the girls bodies made when investigators asked whether there was any way that the girls- still alive when they hit the oil. He said no, no, no, no god now now Chris knew he couldn't fit shenanigans body into this little opening. Tank, so he dug a hole in the ground near the tanks and he shoved his dead wife's body into a position into about twenty seven inch is deep, and whole and covered her up, which is three inches of dirt. Meanwhile, investigators at the sight used drone to do a fly over to get the lay of the land and the drone camera.
Showed them what appeared to be a sheet in the brush and a freshly disturbed patch of dirt. There they found a broken rake to blackmail. ash bags and fitted sheet matching the missing one from the watts bedroom, the she had clearly been used to drag a body as it was covered with dirty, drag marks and then dumped into the brush in haste Coroners were called in and sure enough. She Nan was on earth from the shallow grave. We know that law enforcement knew this site the location and then at some point they actually hold up a picture of the location of because I say we ve been there earlier. We hear some drone footage and by the way, here's overview. Where is your wife's body ready any points?
to him, but you have to know that the law enforcement that the agent that said hey. I once worked a case where them the mother, smothered the children and then that state cute he's using you. You know that the agents gone this is bullshit yeah well, and I mean he's placed under arrest for the murder of his wife on that night right and this is after what we should refer to as his partial confession bright- and there is, probably absolutely no doubt in any of the investigators mines at this point that Chris watts was one hundred percent guilty of killing his entire family After all, his behaviour was suspicious from the beginning. He left up. rail of evidence and he lied to police or I so windows. The confession part to take place. Well, that's what's interesting here, because this is
but a who done it. You know we all know that Chris watts. seemingly a loving father and adoring husband was actually a murder, but could the question in this case is how much of a monster? Is he how and why you did he just snap and kill chemin in return, nation for her murders of the girls, as he has at times continued to claim or did he have some kind of mental break or, as many believe and as he ultimately plead guilty to did he actually kill not only has pregnant wife and feed is but both his daughters as well, and if Oh did he plan the whole event? How much. His life was a lie, and why would he do the unthinkable even surely and drove him into a rage? Why did he kill his little girls as well? So, first of all the question about whether chris or and killed the girls Chris claims that wife lost. It killed the daughters after the separation discussion right, but
investigators are not going to buy this, for one thing, Bela and see were not strangled, as he stated that he saw on the monitor increases story. She and strangled them in a rage, but the autopsy reports in the death of both girls is very clear. They died of expectation due to smothering There were no finger or hand marks around the girls next whatsoever. Bella. struggled violently while she was being smother. She bit through her tongue c c, had no marks on her at all so according to cross? It is better tongue, but she also didn't she of separation. Of from her comes to her mouth yeah, oh yeah, on the soft tissue inside the face there. Should an could not have strangled either of them chris is lying about this. That's clear from the autopsy. What is all no totally and completely out of character fishing and to have laid off
you're on her girls, no further most women who heal their children have warning signs such as depression. anxiety in the list: on an on break ginea had none of these christmas story was Hale he invented an attempt to save his own skin. He ended up pleading guilty to all three murders, as well as unlawful termination of pregnancy, in a plea deal that saved him from the death penalty. To this day, his mother, still alleges that finance was the baby killer. So now to our second question as to whether Chris watts just snap and killed his entire family in a rage, a black out or with reality, or did he planned to murder his family? We may likely never know the answer to this for sure. Unless he speaks up at some point, he has refused to address any.
this, but most people seem to agree that, yes, the slaughter of the watts family was premeditated. This includes the district attorney who made the plea deal with Chris, whereby he played guilty to all three murders. He said that the evidence does not point to a crime of passion driven by blind rage. So what points to premeditation? First, on that friday before the murders, the tenth chris took the day off. So he could care for girls. Why should an headed to arizona? while he was meeting a coworker, troy mccoy in a parking lot to exchange and as on fire. Stick Mccoy received a call, from a colleague named coty roberts indicating that there was a possible slow leak at the three nineteen site and asking if someone could have out there on monday, Chris overheard mccoy conversation with Robert and he volunteered quickly that he could go out there and take care of it,
he knew it was a one person job and that the employees would not be present further. He then tax cuts he roberts on Sunday august twelve at five o six p m this during, birthday party, where he was at with his girls. This is to confirm that he would be heading out to the site on Monday morning, and then he would report back he said no reason for the both of them to go roberts later remarked that it was unheard of for chris to make contact on a weekend. Chris also, eight or told Nicole and a two hour I call on the night of the twelve during she. Nan was trying to call him from the airport that he would not be into the office in the morning as usual this avoid him having to go into office first, which, as is usual in oil, and would give him too, I'm alone at the very remote cite another thing, Nicole kissinger,
aid that on the rare occasions that the two went out in public Chris always paid with cash or anna dark, o gift cards, but on that saturday night august, eleventh when christian and he was at the rockies game and he in a coal We went to the lazy dog. He cash he charged dinner for two on financed joint credit card. But If he's planning to murder her- and this is premeditated murder- He knows he's not gonna have to answer for these charges are won't care that he did this law. He has also fine with me, and up almost half a million dollars in debt and file bankruptcy other thing to, and this is more speculation. You know. I know it's all space ocean, but this seems a little more questionable, there's something that's been referred to as the creepy doll photo. This is quite weird one, but on august nine chris texted, his wife a photo of a three foot long,
human looking doll lying on the sofa in the house covered with what looks like a white sheet. I guess it's actually eight of twister Matt Chris said that the girls did it when they were playing. But could this have been some kind of sick? You no joke it. The only christmas understand or some kind of weird warning. This is this image one of the last to appear on ST facebook page was she actually replies. I dont know what to think about. This underlines the duck cryin laughing emoji- hmm, so that's very strange, The final thing that points to premeditation is the manner of the killings. remember the day said the Chris had knock old enrage as he claimed. This is because the evidence shows that the two girls were smothered separately, one at a time which takes patience and perseverance. Experts say it takes three to four minutes
to kill someone in this manner and chris, as we know, made sure that they were really dead, so the girls until they were blue, he wasn't it hang around bashing people over the head or stabbing them to the girl no marks on their bodies. You know practically anywhere and as for finance, She had no bruises marks or wounds on her body characteristic of a rage attack she was systematically and deliberately strangled to death, with the only marks left behind being finger marks on her throat. we don't know where she was killed. The sofa in the loft or in the bow but I believe it was upstairs as the motion detectors in the home show no motion in the house until four twenty three a m. When we know Chris, was waking up to make his thrive, shake and packing his lunch for the day we don't know exactly how
She was killed in know. Was she attacked from behind her while she slept, but remember there were no defensive wounds, We don't even know for sure the order of the killings now, where the girls killed before she and Anne arrived home I think that this might be unlikely captain, as there is a chance that she and may have noticed that they were dead, but perhaps I mean I don't it's. Tough too, is tough to figure out what was going in that home of us actually speculating that he did it. He actually killed his daughters first in maybe, and then waited for or kept them in their rooms or are tucked away somewhere yeah because she gets home around two, so you're talking about it's only a couple hours a few hours before he leaves to put them in their resting spots. You know, what's the what's weird here too, amongst all this
the chaos there were some of his friends. They came forward to stated in may, I have been a rage because they felt that Chris was smart and that if he planned the whole thing, he likely would have never got caught there. But just because you wear glasses doesn't make you smart when a lot of people assume people are look. I think the fact that he is telling his work- hey, I'm not going to be in tomorrow, I'm going to go drop jobsite first and that site was the resting spot to me, that's That kind of shows the whole plan laid out are well yeah, not just like. Well, I I figured out how to dump him later.
the new us going there anyway, so much to stump of their rights, but to me that's very calculated so gnats where I I lean towards the fact that you he killed his daughters first because hey I get this done and then she gets home and then I got you her and then I gotta get them all. Ready to get him out to this job site right and I think you're right. I think the thee king on that job at the last minute and really pushing that he the only one that job site that points the most to me as premeditation. The thing I think here but artless of how smart some of his friends may think he is, and if he were kay war of getting away with it, because it looks to me, like his plan, was to dispose of bodies there and then its afterward, go home clean up. The house. move, finance, belongings and probably some of the children's belongings he's lying we gonna want to make it look like they were either
and confirms up you know by someone or that they left on their own and his head. Whole alibi is well. I was gone at work the whole day while they either took off on their own, or somebody got to write what he didn't plan for was her and being so concerned that she dropped by the house and, as you said, she got field. Raise the alarm. You know and called police stop by the doctors office to see that she had in fact shown up further ten o clock appointment, If you had the chance, be brought back to life hundreds of years in the future. Would you take it wonderings, newest podcast, frozen head hosting ashen alina of the hit show morbid, tells the truth.
We have lawrence pilgrim, a lifelong scientist who plan for death his entire life because for him death wasn't the end. It was just the beginning Florence is dream to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. Pulls us into a cryonics soap. Opera filled with dead pets, grenades, family feuds, hollis, baseball legends and frozen heads, lots of frozen heads, the story about the desire to avoid death, the links that people will go to that a reality and what it means to be alive to begin with, listen the latest episodes of frozen head where ever you find your favorite podcast. The right. We're back fiercely cheers captain the other thing we to call into question here is motive or how much of a motive there was for these
why did it happen at all? We the obvious reasons rightly affair me wanting out of his marriage, but was also a financial motive. You know you talked about some of the problems. They were having an effect nicole Kissinger told police that Chris was very stressed out about money. Now we know that japan no, the finances, but there were definitely financial loss. That's what he said. Yes, when he says right We know that there were financial issues going on in fact financed, where the one thing that any one who knew the couple well said that they argued about now. The watson filed for bankruptcy in two thousand and fifteen They were four hundred and forty eight thousand dollars and death Chris had to sell his car since a bankruptcy case closed in october, two thousand and fifteen. They got themselves into finance.
Trouble again at the time of cheyenne's death. This is so ridiculous because, first of all the fact, the fact that we live in a country that you can rack up almost five hundred thousand dollars worth of debt, a debt that will be wipe clean yeah, you're gonna lose a couple of your items, but there's a four hundred thousand dollar house such live in that they didn't take away. That they still gotta live in. I mean it's just that's ridiculous to me, while at the time of of her death at the time of you know this murder. Your credit cards were pretty much maxed out. You know, with with eight thousand to ten thousand dollar balances. Look no shit because if you file bankruptcy and you have to pay it back the first time, what makes you think that you're gonna have to pay it back the second time it Out there are large, as creditors were, toys are us and ford motor company,
the mortgage on the four hundred thousand dollar house was sizeable with a monthly payments of two hundred and seven sorry, two thousand seven hundred dollars Chris says unwanted the house he wanted to downsize, they had paid their mortgage and three months and received a delinquency letter from chase now though she and at some point took ten thousand dollars out of christmas Fora. One k to pay mortgage payments great crystal Nicole. The couple was quote house poor and that their Lifestyle was not sustainable. He and life insurance policies on both the girls for twenty five thousand dollars each Then option and it looks like there was I have a little question on what the amount was virginian, but I saw reports of as little as fifty thousand dollars all the way up to a hundred thousand dollars, but still there
might not have been the motive as far as the insurance policy right, because it may be that, a little bit out of debt, but it's also if he is telling the truth, which I dont believe them about shit really. But if you say look, she controlled the finances in and she pulled money and she charged things if she wanted to, as both of his motive could have just been to stop the financial bleeding and she's the one cause in the funding of a in his mind? Yeah I mean he would tell people that she was an over spender. and he made references to her shopping habits, saying that she, here she had to have everything that she saw and she needed to purchase a lot of things. To look like the perfect Emily. That is a lot of keeping up with the joneses here in a lot of fake narrative, well in the girls to a private school, which was rather price.
Like five hundred dollars a week. I think that was perch I'll, and then we have a third child. The way I, plus there was a expensive neck surgery, which was likely, I mean necessary and needed, possibly for it again what what if there is some hint of like hypochondriac right, and it's like the surgery that you don't really need, but you have convinced everybody else that you need it- and I know that seems extreme. But I've heard of cases married couple that the wife goes to mexico to get stuff removed because they won't remove it and the states, because that's how delusional she got about her The hypochondriac well, this surgery was for a compressed disk costume thousand dollars with their insurance and they owed twenty five
thousand dollars out of pocket. I'm sure some of this covered somewhere along the way. We don't really get too far into that, but they had outstanding student loans. I mean it's just it's it's on and on and on and on and on, but either way I mean you're you're in a marriage that may be fall out of love, your marriage, that the person spending a lot more money you're, not junior money correctly. You already went bankrupt. This is no reason for murder. Of course, now you have a mistress. No reason for murder has no reason to take its children's life right. I mean it's just
I understand his parents trying to find excuses and his parents trying to find something that makes sense, and it might be possible that he was under so much stress that he just stepped but snap for a period not killed these people and rage but snapped in a period. And if I do this, and I kill them This will be all over with well, it is all over with well- and I mean his mother for the longest time- and I believe still to this day- you know, but for godless, but for the longest time she was standing behind the idea that finance was responsible for the deaths of the two girls right and then Chris retaliated that he'd that he went and then killed her.
Now. I mean obviously, there's no motive great enough we're just exploring what these, possibilities are because there are. You know throughout history, and we ve talked about several of them on this show. There are what law enforcement deem in title Family, annihilated and chris wants to me fits this profile like birds, a lot of the stuff going on in his world now these are choices he made. This isn't he a victim here these this isn't shit that just started Turning to him, these are all choice Is he made as a grown man, but going on in his work, is now man, but you know I mean, as whatever, but but things going on in his life at the time
these murders at all seems to fit stories that we've heard before in similar situations with these family annihilator. I mean very much so like the scott peterson case, I mean so much so, and I don't know if I want to spoil this, but his we have the Google searches from the girlfriend right, Nicole and before she goes to the police. I think it's before she goes to the police. She googles scott pearson, yeah yeah
in Scott peterson's mistress, then this this is this is eerie to me and there's something really wrong here, and this makes me it makes me question even more because she googles one: do people like scott pearson's mistress, more to the Haider right right, but she I ever fry yeah of rye yeah. She yet. Sorry to laugh, but I thank god I am able to because it is a heavy case, man a heavy heavy case, and I'm just needed that little that little sigh of relief thereafter, some of the stuff that we discussed here but, like you said man, She is searching whether people still hated or whether people hated amber fry yeah look is that
Is that a reasonable thing to search yeah? Ok, I'm going to argue with you here has you're goin to the cops writing this is before you go to the the option you go. I was with this married man I knew was wrong. I e, I didn't think he was going to killer. I didn't think he was going to kill his daughters. Hmm. How cute is it now that he's a father right right? So she has to go to the cops. Is it that wrong that she searches that? Because of this It's the media like it's ARI has, but if it blows up like the chris, like the scott peterson case, are people going to hate me? Okay, I'll, give you that one, but when you google, how much amber
fr? I got for her book deal. I am here, use a giant, flaming pow of shit and then I think she did a big article on people magazine. Oh, I didn't see how much you get paid for that one giant. Piece of shit like look, you should not be a ok There is a crime here. Did you call was the crime now, but you are part of it and if europe you shouldn't get paid for anything? That's the ways! Work are you? I mean they might have paid her a million dollars to do a story. with people magazine, you deserve a million dollars giant pile of dog shit. Now you don't. you're a scumbag for sleeping with the married man, you're you're
come back once you find out that she's pregnant, I mean the more and more she found out about it at some point issue cut the soft, your heart of the problem. If, if there's like, you said, if there is this new terms, which eventually maybe we'll get to maybe we'll have the stain words. You know a guy gets himself into the situation. He be he comes a family annihilate her nature. That's not a new term know what I'm saying is. Like I mean. What would you have your identify and like a couple people? What I'm saying is like do they have a clear definition of Like what causes one of these individuals, one other his fall into a category. You know you have zero murders, you have mass murderers who have family annihilated this goes on and on right
I am saying, is that fear the mistress didn't hurt again. You are part of the problem and by being part of the problem you shut up, it off this year and where I mean where someone might be able to argue, google Searching whether amber fry as a hated person are still hated person might look, is Maybe she could be another victim in this whole mess, but, like you said that the checking out the how much money did amber fries book deal amount to is something completely I now and then look on top of that. If you just look at the two cases mean amber fry did not know. Tat pearson was not married in her mind was not told that he was married. This, you know, is a whole different vain, with the call you work with this guy. You know
married he's tonia, he separate well. She attempted to delete every trace of her relationship with Chris from her phone before she went to police and on Monday afternoon when she got word that chain Girls were missing she ran google search for, can cops, trace, text messages and then another. For how long do? Cell phone companies keep text messages? and like I said I mean it's one of those scenes where the part of me does feel bad for. But when you're searching that stuff. It's almost like. Ok, I'm gonna go to the cops is there anyway? I can make a profit off. This might come on be bear than that you're better than that. Well, on on that night, Chris watts brought his little girl home from a birthday party. They had pizza and candy and face timed chris, his dad, then christian
Both girls gave them a bedtime snack and put them to bed. He was seen grilling alone in his back yard. At around seven fifteen p m. He spoke with the call for two hours. At night, ignoring calls from chemin at the airport in arizona and then exit, his wife and alive, twenty one p m wholly crap. Sorry, I passed out on the couch. Chemin entered the home at one. Forty, eight what exactly happened after that we will likely never know. But what we do know is that some time between one forty, a m and five twenty seven, a m by then all three We were murdered by the man that was supposed to love them the most order and protect them. Yes, or at least, though the man that they like loved the most on november, six, two thousand and eight in three months after annihilating his family, Chris watts plead guilty to nine felonies three council first degree, murder to
of murdering a child, one cow of unless full termination of pregnancy and three counts of tampering with a deceased human body in court, he was forced to guilty allowed nine times call the crime, the most inhumane. in vicious he had ever seen in his career. The judge sentence Chris wants to five terms of life without parole. One again, the whole sentencing is on video. You should watch every second well in a nice irony here, something that I found to be a little interesting chris watts, who murdered his wife and children, and one of the reasons may have been because he was tired of being regimented indirect it. You know his whole life was documented on social media. His wife cos
the shots and his work documented every movie made in his vehicle. Well, he's sitting in a prison being told what to do every minute of the day. and he'll never have to worry about money again. If that was one of the motives, except that he is being forced to pay restitution to his wife's family, so He will have to work that often prison and in colorado. Thanks to him, the proposed negroes law will make killing an unborn baby. A first degree, murder yeah, which should be. And but I have also heard a lot of rumours that it's not gonna be nice for chris in prison, I gotta be just sleep an end having a good time, cable
you ve had a bit too well. I think you gonna what what I mean by that, as I will present to us risen socks, but what I have heard is that they had to take. They were taken precautions early on, because when the prisoners found out where he was stand, there again excited I wanna get to fire because not only is a marked man tat, you killed these innocent children any killed. Your honor When baby, I mean you, Europe, your beyond a piece of shit, I mean Well, I hope him and casey Anthony this burn in hell well and I'd piss as piss on their graves. I'll tell you that in a sick irony, Chris watts has been receiving hundreds of letters from romantic admires and prison. Those are those are above the little pieces
shit. These are love letters and sexy photo sent to an admitted Emily, annihilated yeah yeah therein I just want to let it go back. Are you saying for me. Let me show you my tidies scumbag mean come on that they should allow that stuff anyways. You lost your, we lost any privilege. He lost your damn freedom because you took some else's life, so you lost your privilege to get any letter or mail from some sick go that ago. Oh, I thought it was pretty cute yeah pretty cute to suffocate you, well, I never understood I never understood that I never losers. I never will now. On the other end of the spectrum we have Nicole kissinger, who has apparently risk.
If so, many death threats that it's been reported, that she is being provided with federal protection and possibly maybe she might get a new identity law cause, like I said as much as I don't like the Google searches you don't. Ah, I do feel bad that she got mixed up in this. But again you know. Sometimes you pay for your actions, you you pay for your decisions and that so think about this. You know you. These people sometimes think it's just.
Yes, I'm out work, here's this guy he's married, maybe his separated, maybe he's not he's. Given me a little attention. I like that, will be careful for what you wish for, because something that you just think is good. That feature ego a little bit. Couldn't rap you up in a mess that you don't want to be involved in. Well, I take some satisfaction captain in I'm pissed off man. I some satisfaction in the fact that the the people that seem to, for whatever reason there is and there's no good ones, admire Chris watts, the visuals that want to harm him and cause him pain. They are the ones on the inside with him, and they are the ones closest there The the fourth
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for media and, while we're doing the thank you thing here, captain I want to take a moment here to send out a big big, thank you and this because I was talking with somebody the other day I was on the lake erie murders episode somebody said you know that should make you feel really good about what you're doing- and I said to myself the it does and thank you for that however, what it really makes me feel good about, and what points out to me, because this is thing that I think is, is a bit lost in this whole thing, we're being to be on the show real. Only points to why somebody else that this network has deemed to be my credibility. And my credibility straight up comes from you and from all your help in from everything you do for this show, I d sit here and say: stupid things yeah, but You are a pistol. You are larger than life reason that this whole show is what it is
We've had so much fun doing this throughout these as an eyes supply the beer. Also a big thank you to ever. One out there who was given credibility to our show I also want to take a minute to recommend this week commissioner reding check out woman at the devil's door. The untold story of the hempstead murderous. This is by Sarah beth hopton, so discover the haunting untold true, story of the woman whose crimes inspired speculation that jack the ripper was a woman and you in check that out by going to hurt the ripper was a woman. Yes, there's there's some thoughts and theories about that. That's interesting Sorry, you don't have to rewind and write down that title. You can go to true crime, garage dot, com, click on the recommended page, and we have our recommended books there for you to check out alright, I am going to all want to be done being pissed off. So let's wrap this up.
So I can go drink. Some bourbon yeah, let's shut this down and I'm going to have a beer thanks to everybody for joining us in the garage for this week's case join us again. sweet and until then be good behind indulge in their lives.
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