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Christy Mirack /// Part 1 /// 224

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Christy Mirack /// Part 1 /// 224

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December, 1992 - Inside Christy Mirack's sixth grade classroom, her students waited for her arrival. She was the type of teacher that went above and beyond. Unfortunately, she never made it out the front door of her home. Someone brutally attacked this young woman and left her lifeless body inside her townhouse. The investigation started. The usual suspects were interviewed, and all leads were followed. Then the case went cold as the winter dragged on. This week we discuss the murder of a young and promising woman and the hunt for her killer. Beer of the Week - Gold Star Pilsner by Lancaster Brewing Co.Garage Grade - 3 and a half bottle caps out of 5

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grand garage dot com and click on the download button, and you weren't saga through crime garage dot com right now go to school or page. We got a problem. the items for you. We have a beer cosy. Finally, we have a little tumblr little beer tumblr. I guess you with the aid of it and we have coffee Finally, finally, after tat years of the amendment. I that's enough. The business everybody gather around grab a chair rather beer. Let's talk some true breath. would have called case twenty five years in the making Family, a former roars town elementary school teacher chrissy mere act is saying They live on the case. Google,
entirely hair met with christine's brother and has more from the emotional day. Holly. Shannon emotional is just skimming. The surface you can imagine today is a difficult one to face for the mere ok family, but Christie's brother vince met with me outside of the apartment where she was killed and is speaking out in hopes that this might bring the case to a close. It's been a long time the kids I've been here, it all looks the same. The trees have gone, bigger, but the building still looks the same, and it's it's hard. It's really hard for the erie it's been years since he stood within sight of his sister's apartment, but the pain of what happened there on this day. Twenty five years ago for me, the same thirst good days in bad. Today is not a good day, despite his
bro it's vinci's mission to keep Christie's story at the forefront. That's my whole point here. I'm here to give you know, keep her face out there and keep her name out there. Keep it alive that, hopefully somewhere somebody comes out and gives us that bit of info isn't that we need to get the soul and he doesn't have to do it alone. It's hard to believe. It's been almost twenty. Five years in november, the lancaster county DA's office sent dna from the case to paragon labs. A company specializing in dna phenotype and the investigators got tips that are following up on so hopefully we get some information on this and move forward. The results brought them iraq, family, new hope for finding Christie's killer. Hopefully somebody a jog somebody's memory looks like somebody I mean that's around the holidays where, before coming back to this area, may be
We recognizes the person, patience, persistence and a brother's unconditional love. I never really give it a good three things: keeping the name Christie mirage in the spotlight, although still positive vince, is hoping for a righteous end to this quarter century long saga. That's in my eyes, you know she's, never gonna come back. We understood. but as long as we can get, someone had paid serb justice for this, that that would be good enough for us at this point the His case takes place in beautiful, lancaster county pennsylvania, The county has six suburbs Loki within its borders, east lynne. But our township is one of those suburbs. The township covers twenty ones
where miles and has a population of approximately sixteen thousand people. S lameter is in what they call amish country the picturesque landscape, has rolling hills and lush green grasses and crops. There are far with windmills and horse and buggy during the roads with canada, lax and cameras, east lameter, township rate of violent crimes was and is extremely low, you have a better chance of colliding with a horse and buggy than getting robbed. This is a perfect combination. of a little bit of city living with the landscape in the feel of country living. This most certainly is an ideal place to live work and raise a family christie. Merrick decided This would be the perfect location for a young woman. To start her professional life, Christie was lucky,
to find a nice three bedroom townhouse and what she saw as a perfect location. This is the green field. Estates luck struck us in time when she found the perfect roommate to share her townhouse with, as well as the bills Christie may and her female roommate lived in a quiet development of town homes located near. for a business park with a barn and a grain silo just steps away. This place could only be described as peaceful and quiet if she steered clear of the horse and the buggies she would be safe. At least that is what she thought at twenty five years: Christy Merrick had wanted to be a school teacher for as long as anyone could remember heck. She had practically been rehearsal. her whole life for her dream job when she was little. She would play pretend school and Christy's. Brother and sister were her. First group of students and chris
would always end up playing. The role of the teacher at school. Christie was the perfect student. She worked hard and received great grades. Her hard work paid off when she, accepted into miller's will university. Now she didn't burden, her parents with the cost of college, so she worked as a part time waitress at a local country club. She also did some work as an assistant to a pharmacist at the next ville pharmacy. This, of course, to help pay her way. Christie was a very positive person with a beautiful personality. Now she worked these part time jobs with the same gray, attitude this she apply in life, friends and co workers would say the christie was always happy and could easily make her surroundings better than before. She had arrived opposite of captain grumpy pants
I think your battling through something over there the day yeah, it's it's either: cocaine, addiction or allergies. The cat, the captain, is what they will refer to in sports. Is he he's playing but he's about seventy five percent? maybe sixty five after graduating from miller's ville university Christie set out to make a difference. Her dream came true, She was hired as a sixth grade teacher at roars, town elementary school located in lancaster, counting pennsylvania. She loved her students. And the feeling was mutual, her susie Adam was contagious in. She quickly became a favorite not only with her students but with the parents and other teachers as well she was living her dream. the pay allowed her to do what twenty five year old women want to. Do she liked to have fun, and this included hitting some of local night spots with her girlfriends never to excess, though she was not that kind of person she was very concerned about
safety as well. A young lady, walking around drunk could be dangerous, so Christie knew better. Father had adviser on ways this. She could keep herself safe and she followed his advice. She would have her he's out and ready ray she was ready to leave. You know she would park indifferent parking spaces at the town houses where she lived. She would drive different routes home from time to time and she Never answer the door without asking several people or a sorry several times who was knocking, whose there right little safety to peer captain, go with the people and set it just shouting through that yeah, so these were all practice precautions to keep her safe in her controlled environment on Sunday December twentieth. Nineteen. Ninety two christie spent the evening preparing gifts for her students. I think this kind of shows what kind of person and what kind of
sure she was ass. She was giving each child a copy of the book miracles on maple hill. This is by by virginia sorenson inside the front. Cover Christie wrote the same message inside each book as stated something to the effect of wishing you a very merry christmas and a great nineteen. Ninety three love miss merrick. You know like in one of the students she wrote, like I hope. You're not in my class next year You know just one of em, don't talk to me and ninety three yeah. Ninety three were not on speaking terms anymore. Welsh tied a little candy came to each book to add a little christmas decoration flavour. This this being done I am very much in typical christie fashion. After a good night's sleep, Christie was ready for the new week. She woke up started her date her day, ready to go off to work now. I want a kind of bring something
We are studying this case and, looking into this case, brought back of memories for me for grade school middle school, and that week you know this is the weak, but Were you leave to go on on christmas, but vague in one of the best weeks of school is like that. Our aid is the best school. We, u dont, really there Am I crazy or is there like? The the work is a little less works, a lot less these are very relaxed and it's not very similar to the week before spring break as well say at the end of the year. So it's like those are the three best I think times to be an elementary normal school one. Even if you have a teacher that you disagree with the teachers, always very good mood that weak, as they know, they're going to be off and not have to see you before you
and then, and then you're in a good mood too, as well, because you're, like hey, I'm, going on break and when your when your child christmas is like waking up in disney world. So Christie woke up, probably very excited for the week ahead and she got ready to go off to work now. Christie's roommate had left work first on this day and was already gone by the time Christie had put on her brown leather jacket and winter gloves do. We know her roommate did for eleven. I do not know what she did for living the room is gone and at this point christie is preparing the guy Remember she has all these gifts to bring to school that day for her students and she's preparing the to be loaded into her car, placing them near the front door. She grabbed her keys and she started out the door and into the cold lancaster county air, but just ass soon ass. She felt the rush of cold air. Someone had grabbed the door and push
christy back inside the man entered her home closed the door behind him and tackled her to the ground after Christy's roommate had left for work. Christy's attacker was just outside waiting for the sound of the door to open so, he could push her n by nine am Christy's. Six great classroom was fool. With the exception of christie, the teacher This was extremely unlike the young, hard working professional, rarely was she late to work, and rarely did she ever miss work. Even more strange christie had not called into the schools office to say that she would be late or absent that day, so her boss, the principle of the school. This is harry, goodman call christy's home looking for now the phone rings, but rather than Christie or her roommate picking up the phone. Just means and rings at first principle, goodman just assumed. Maybe Christie was not pay.
Up the phone, because she had already left on our way to work and was still on her way to the school, but we have keep in mind here. I have a few the, even though her class is waiting for her at nine, a m that they ve been waiting for some time and may be Christy. add obligations before this nine a m time when he starts calling for her right. He gives at another few minutes and he tries calling. As the again but receives the same result. Nobody picks up the phone goodman opened up Christy's file and retrieved a phone number for christy's mother, goodman called Christy. other and inform her that she had not arrived at school that morning and was asking if Christie had visited sham oaken. I believe that's how you pronounce that that's where the mother lived that weak and that is where Christy, parents left right right, so missus Merrick informed the principle that Christie had not visited,
Her in smoking that weekend in that the mother started to become, very worried at this point, but good for the principle for common emergency contact number so. Mrs Jerry Merrick is her mother. She started calling Christy's east lameter, township townhouse and just like when the principal had called her daughter. Now. Answered the shortly after ninety am principle good drive to Christy's townhouse. He arrives approximately nine fifteen a m. He part his car, and he made his way up the sidewalk to her town house when he gets to the front porch. He notices that the front door slightly ajar he lightly put with his hand in the door, swings all the way open this alike sign. No an inside goodman finds Christy's motionless body lying on the living room floor and the students gives us their sky
throughout the room. Christie still had her jacket in her gloves. but her underwear, pants and shoes had been removed and the clothing on her torso was pushed up the police were called in arrived very quickly. Now principle goodman had call nine one one from a neighbour's house He ran out of Christy's town house, he closed the door behind him and when police arrived on the scene. They found the front door locked, so they were forced to break in two to get to Christy christie unfortunately was reported dead on police arrival. While it might have been one of those things where you locked the door from the inside and then she went to leave and that that's when she was attacked, bring her back into the to the apartment and then when the perpetrator laughed, they didn't shut the door and the door still locked
Oh that's peiwoh! Well, detectives begin to scour the scene for clues immediately. They notice that there was no signs of forced entry into the home. Here we are some options as to what may have happened here, earlier I said that the the Aker waited outside waiting to hear the door open to push and well that's one option. That's kind of a bit of a creative avenue, you have to go down to tell a bit of a story right, but here we are at point where we have to wonder how this endeavour may have got to Christie that morning permanently. She knew the the perfect. Exactly did she let her attacker and was as someone she knew or was the someone she thought she knew may be mistaken. Identity ray did someone knock and she just opened up the
or which seems maybe unlikely when we have the brother and her father later saying that she would often call through the door whose there you know who who is it multiple times too, it confirm who it may be on the other side of the door was such a weird time for attack too. I mean you know before nine, a m morning. A in early on a monday morning, very very odd started the work week for most people. and as we said earlier, was this situation where some one had seen: Christy's roommate leaving for work and then the attacker decides to make a move because of either a believing Christy is now alone inside the home and be. knowing she will go out the front door and walk out
to her vehicle. How much did this attack or know about this situation right, but with without the fourth century, it seems like the perpetrator, new, christy either knew her routine or knew her personal. Yes, right so from what detectives could see it looked as if she was assaulted almost instantly at the doorway. They found a shoe. They found shoe scuff marks on the inside portion of the front door. They found scoffs and scrapes on the entryway floor, suggesting that christie was dragged from the front entrance way to back inside of the the home into that front. Room so she was hit with something. Well, let's go through this it. It appears that she would have been dragged. I dont know if she would have been tackled or hit before the dragging took place there was a slash and in the sofa slipcover
and it was also noted that no furniture was overturned. So this was a scuffle, but it seemed a pretty contained to this to the front door area so other than the books that were to be to be gifts right having been strewn about. There was not a lot of disturbance to the room or to the items inside the the home where she live right, which makes it lean more towards somebody that is physically bigger than her somebody that could controller pretty easily and less likely somebody her equal size, because you think they're, been morbid struggle right well in a wooden cut, a wooden cutting board was found near Christy's head. It was covered in blood and Christy's face was distorted. She had been hit with this several times. Marrakech suffered a brutal beating as well, and it appeared to detectives that she had fought hard and desperately for her life
a cutting board may sound like an unlikely weapon, but it is seems on the surface to be a very unlikely weapon? However, as weird is it sounds captain I've read several cases where a cutting board is used in an attack, and I think why, because of several reasons, ok, it's this is a heavy object and usually not always, but usually these cutting boards are kept on countertops, so arm assuming this was Christy's cutting bored. I believe it to be. Yes, I dont think that that an attacker is is bringing a cutting board as choice of weapon to the scene of the strain were hanged. Walking around with you later will feel like you could pick a dozen better weapons you have you ever sees them walk around with cutting board. Call the cops well. So here's my thoughts on this unless they're coming out of poverty, barn, the other cases.
I've seen a cutting board used in the perpetration. Of a murder is, you know, readily available to the attacker. If its kept on the countertop. You know if the attack came into the these seen unprepared or surprised when they could not overtake the person there. They were attacking This is something that they might see on the countertop go for, knowing that they could strike the individual and render them unconscious or not ing them to the ground. It may be kind of gained control of the situation. I think this is actually the latter. Here, though, I think it's almost like there was attack that happened and the the the blunt force trauma would have happened afterwards. What does my gut feeling and I also this kind of the cutting board being used as a weapon almost as is the same reason why you see a kitchen knife often being used as a weapon, because it sometimes it's something. That's in a knife flocks sitting on the countertop in it just
something you see in that the area that you go and grab and reach for during the course of an attack or a scuffle. Now also, sometimes the person that is being attacked. You know women right will grow something yeah when they discover some one in their home. They grab whatever for defence, and maybe she- grab the cutting board in the attacker ends up taking it from them and using it against them right, regardless christie suffered blunt trauma to her neck back up her chest and her job was fractured. Her elbows and knees were very badly bruised. The cause of death was strangulation after investigating the scene for almost three hours, the phone at christie's home began to ring an officer picked up the phone. It was Christie's mother, jerry Merrick. She was that's horrible for the mom yeah. She well keep my she still worried because she's not heard
from her daughter and she's not heard from principal goodman that as a worst case scenario, I mean you're trying to call your daughter at her apartment, she's, young, young professional. She seems very dedicated to her job and her children she's trying to teach trying to make the world a better place and you're calling to see if she's, okay, then police officer answers the she simply calling to to find her daughter to re to see if Christie is ok to get in touch with her and officer that picked up the I told her that they needed her missus Merrick the mother to come to lancaster missus merrick ask why. What is wrong. You know was christie, okay, was she hurt. Was she involved in you know what was going on in officer would say no more other than there was an accident in christie was death
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get up up in the percentage of little bare, so let's go through the investigation because I think most will agree and that it looks like the police did a good job with this one and our murderer. Well, he left evidence. He was not super stealthy when committing these crimes, so shall we start with eye witnesses? First, or move to the physical evidence. Why am I right in saying that it seems like the motive? Was the rape, Yes, it seems. I dont know that I would say one hundred percent, that the motive was the rape, but its look. In that way. It certainly looks like this is a personal crime. We're going to have we're going to have evidence we're going to have at least evidence of semen So, let's go through. I witness evidence first and then we'll get into the physical stuff. So neighbours say that they
or a car pool, into a lot directly across from Christy's home. This was shortly after Christy's, roommate left for work at approximately seven, a m witnessed as witnesses described the vehicle as Nineteen. Eighty four to ninety ninety one dodge daytona or tourism, o hatch back it was either faded. Silver dog grey or faded white in color, the vehicles distinguishing features included: roll up head lamps and black son shades on the back window, how a man jumped out from the car and according to these witnesses, were seen jumping out of the car and heading toward Christy's door. Police would later this? this man, as caucasian in his twenties tall, with an athletic build and sandy blue or light brown hair, possibly in a crew cut this, of course, according to the eye, witness statements did they get
gathered when talking to neighbours and canvassing the area police, they at the time that Chris, either knew the man or open the door expecting to see someone else when he then forced his way inside. As we discussed earlier, the possibilities of how did this individual main to manage to get inside the home org The whole of christie, at least a neighbor heard, a single scream at approximately seven fifteen a m. Now, no one claims to have seeing this man leave I'm guessing You know, leaving either Christy's home the the front door from Portugal
or even leaving the law across the way. Also, these town homes there in a row says multiple units, so you could see a man walking towards a unit, but you don't know exactly which unit that he went into. But now that you have a known, a male heading towards those row of town houses, then we can assume that this, guys, probably the one that was the perpetrators of this crime. Yes and although police initially proceeded under the assumption that Christie may have known her killer, they also didn't want to rule out the path. the ability of a random killing. Now the men go. Examiners. Findings were that Christie had been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled some time between six and eight a m that morning now remember the roommate said this: she had left the town house for work right around seven, a m so unless you suspect the room,
I was involved in any way set now makes a windows, seven, eight. Yes, we ve, we ve narrowed. This attack in the murder, to a very small window of about sixty minutes are let's the physical evidence. Well, you're exactly right, my friend, as you had stated earlier, the police did recover and catalogued dna from the murder scene. This was dna from sperm found on several areas of her body and clothing, and also on a piece of the carpet immediately, underneath of her out for the un investigation and as for tracking this guy down for that portion of the investigation, Merrick family offered up a ten thousand dollar reward for information. In the case from what I could find in the room,
sports, it looks like initially, three men were considered to be suspects by the police are right away. We have some persons of interest which we don't see that in every case that we cover. So this is. This is good news. If you're you know, but again, the law enforcement was leaning towards the fact that she knew yes know her attacker. So therefore, that kind of mixed, your we, we narrowed down the time frame, but we're now narrowing down this pool of individuals. Yes, so three, the men were considered to be suspects by the police. Initially, we believe and this may have actually included principle goodman really, and the thought here is okay. So I want to be clear about this. the we know from the reports that they had suspected three individuals, three, no possum
I think that one of these three individuals had killed christie. Mac live three deuce canoes in a canoe. I can't say with certainty that law enforcement considered principle good men to be one of but what I can say is in the public eye and in the media. It certainly look like some people suspect did- he might be one of these possible suspect. Then, in all fairness, you know he yeah. He called people, that's possibly to establish an alibi, but he he also found her. So, therefore, that that's going to just you know, create some red flags and some questioning whether you know whether or not he was involved at all the person who finds murdered victim should always be looked at, as as assess suspect, my opinion and, furthermore, to that effect I think the public and the media questioning why he so quick to go virtue her home right,
and then the other thing was the police show up in all of a sudden. The door is locked and you kind of, over the logistics of that that possibly it may have been set to be locked before the principle even went into the apartment then the act of closing the door behind him when he runs over to get a phone call nine one one I actually find to be an honourable act on two levels. One if I'm a detective, I'm like cool this dude helped preserve the crime, seen in a small manner by closing the door and in? Furthermore, its you know. The way that her body was left is not something that you know. It's she was left in a way that was that was degrading to her and forehead for him to close the door to have. The fourth ought to close the door as a sign of respect to his colleague, I think
was a simple nice gesture, while on one of 'em a what a match of a guy, because he's at work he's a principal and she's young. She. Ah she has a roommate, but she lives with another female and he probably felt protected of protective of her aunts. level and so yeah. You call at nine o clock in them by nine fifteen. Now he could. It does have a gut feeling that something is not right and I I just think well what a good, what a guy for goin over and care, about his employees. Well in not only that you know, time of death was believed to be between six and eight a m and, as we have discussed several times on, the show specific equally when we discussed the aurora hammer slayer case. You know it's not just so easy that, like you, on tv, where they walk up. They. They stick something in the body they too its temperature and they go up. The time of death was seven thirteen. You know it's
They are going off of body temperature they're using other determining factors to come up with that time frame. However, a lot of times and in what we see here is what we can infer when we look at these cases is sometimes these individuals are supposed to meaning the victim. Worse, hope to have been somewhere or bins with some one at a certain time, and when they do not arrive at that location or they do not meet that person where we can assume that they were either in danger or already dead by that time. So here's my guess when they say six a m to atm is there a chance? Did she was supposed to be at school around eighty em and because she was not seen at that time, then ok, he may have already been in trouble or she was already murdered by that point, yeah cause some teachers have
early morning duties they can sign up for that. I think they get paid a little extra, not really for sure, but where you will get there why the buses get there. So you have to be there probably half half an hour to an hour, for most of the other teachers, so where we see principle goodman here and people questioning why he was so quick to go over to Christy's home well I thoughts are two things. One Christine if only about ten minutes from the school. So we're not talk. King about like this, went way out of his way. First of all, second of all we're talking about us it we should where it's very likely she was supposed to have been there at eight a m right. This guy waited an hour. It's not like he's sitting there at the front door like what is that back to the future, where the are like right by the front door waiting for marty mcfly to be two seconds late, tat. They that's ferris pillars the first, my bad.
But you see what I'm saying it's not like. This guy is sitting there right by the front door. Looking at his watch and and she's too it's late, he hops in as his car drives over to her house, ray hey. He doesn't look suspicious to me at all, but, like, like you, said the person that finds the body you have to look at you gotta, look at him. You got get up. There were several teachers, they had had a long working hours. Asian ship with principle goodman, and they just said that's who he was. You know he was. He was not just our boss. He was like a part. team he was a friend he was colleague he was somebody that would go to bat for the people that worked at his school, He considered it a community of people working together to educate these children. Yeah cheers tol. The teachers are my my sister's teacher, a lot of family members or teachers. I mean that's a job, here's to the educators, there's other people yeah, but yeah, I'm sick leave me alone, I'm not I'm not actually sick. I actually feel fine. I just soundly it well I'll tell you
Ok. So now we know we do know that there are reports of three possible Suspects early on in this investigation, now you and I both agree principle goodman, whether he was considered to be one of those three or not. He doesn't look suspicious to you and I agreed, while right and think about last name, he's goodman good how could he have done it now, but bad man, the individual? There is an individual that does look very suspicious, so this included the other three suspect We do know that this included a man that investigators believed was having behaving strangely, almost immediately after the murder. Okay, so the day after Christie was killed, a The five year old man named can lock off showed up at christie school now, I'm unclear as to his reasoning for being at the school meaning, meaning this one not sure of was
he show up they're looking for christie or asking what had happened to her so regard atlas. We do know that he shows up at her work and he's asking about her. I dont know if he's for her or if he shows up, saying Does anybody know what happened to Christie? Did they day or somethin? Well, get that so Here's what's going on this out mother, he was. He was briefed on what had happened to her the day before right, and shortly after being breathed, he left the school. But later he called the school twice that same day later, this man was observed at Christy's funeral when investigator started looking through Christy's p private life in digging through her past. They discovered that this and was having an extra marital fair with christie. So this can lock off was a significant.
The older, married man, the christie Merrick has. She was discreetly dating this guy part time. Lover well: police, on this guy up, they go in, they get can and they bring a man and they talk to him now. Police would later say that can fully cooperated with the police and their invest. geisha and diversities murder this meaning he answered all of their questions. He passed two polygraph test
and he submitted his dna, which later cleared ken from their suspect law? But that's how you do it right. I mean he showed up cause. He cared about her. He showed up trying to get answers. Then, when the police come knocking on his door, his he's ok, full cooperation. I answer your questions. All lie. Detector I'll, take two aspects: it may two of those. That's funny. I tell you what thou here's the thing. My just just my humble opinion. I would avoid the lie detector at all cost I'll get even I'm innocent. I agree, except for in this case you know why, because we have dna, then I grew so I go. Ok, I'm submitted need my dna. Let's take the lie. Detective. I get now make sense now and also you know how this works when they give you the lie. Detector they'll say
we we ask. We asked the colonel twelve questions three of them. He was well known little if he on right right so, but I think if there's dna- and you know that you didn't do this- submit the dna, you know Yet this is the other than I too I don't. I don't wanna play your beer. Your games Do the monkey teslas here's my dna and let's get this over with There were no dna. This just my opinion. I would never take a polygraph tests because it s surely, if I'm innocent and the reason being is as the suspect you have nothing to gain, because even I let's say you pass it, it's not admissible in the court of law right so like. Oh, I got a plus plus plus on my polygraph.
but we can't tell anybody in court than ever. I mean if you look at the west. Both three case mean jesse, miss kelly, passes, allied detector and then then confesses, the murder well, and what I'm an end if the cops even believed in this idea of a polygraph than you go I'll, walk here's this guy that clearly told us the truth now he's telling us alive, he needs a stop tones alive so agree with your there's, nothing good that can come from. You can only lose out of it and the thing too, especially in a situation like this, where, like you said he shows up on, Seen caring about her asking questions about her. And he's having extramarital fair. That doesn't mean he's not in love with her and further He cooperate in the investigation. That also shows one is innocent to that. Care about her and what I'm? What I'm getting at here is
printing, something that John Douglas educate me on through through his books, was stating that sometimes specially with a husband or wife, If, when you question them about a child or a loved one, you know they're there, their spouse or another loved ones, death. You have there's a certain bit of survivors guilt, there's also, especially with a husband there's. This there's the kind of this grained thing in our dna, where we're supposed to protect our families. A family member dies, and probably in grain in well. Why everybody? Why were you for the children? I'm I'm goin off of referencing douglas his words where he states that you know with it with a husband in particular that the you could get fast, false positives, meaning false positives of size of deception? I re during the ten
because, even though the the husband had nothing to do with the death of his wife for the murder of his wife, he still feel guilty for not having protected her from what happened. So this is one of those situations where I feel, like it sister it's a loose. But congratulations to can for being forthcoming and help the investigation and, like we ve, said many times, captain with a lot of these cases. When we look at things it's hard to sit down and just to solve something specially, you know for the police may be for you. They can't just sit down and solve something, but if they can cross something off list. If they can, if they can strike something from the less from the list of possibilities, they concern home in on different things, an angle, the investigation- and maybe it lead you to the answer-
for everything through grand broad shook out shoe crammed garage dot com also make sure you falls on instagram, twitter, facebook at true, I'm garage, and we want to see you right back here in the garage for the conclusion of the christie merit case until then be good behind and don't live. the.
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