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Darlie Routier /// Part 1 /// 489

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On June 6, 1996 at 2:31 am a call came in for 911 emergency services in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The caller was 26 year old mother Darlie Routier. Darlie was frantic and could be heard screaming and crying on the call. She tells dispatchers that someone broke into her home and attacked her family. When police arrive just minutes later they discover Darlie bloodied from knife wounds and her two boys both stabbed to death. Within days Detectives will say that there was no intruder and that Darlie viciously killed her sons. Join us in the Garage and pack a couple of extra cold ones as we do our best to go through the details of one of Texas’ most debated cases.

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The Welcome to true crime garage wherever you are whatever you're doing, thanks for listening, I'm your hosts, nick and with me, as always, is my garage compile drake, and we would like to point out that, just when they think they have the answers we change. The questions here is the cap:
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the the the in september of two thousand and fourteen usa. Today,
ran an article about parents who killed their children or fill aside the article cites three decades of fbi. Homicide data This shows on average, four hundred and fifty children are killed every year by their parents. Northeast during university, criminologist, applied statistical models to the records usa today analyzed the database for a detailed look at who kills, who is killed and how several patterns are apparent. The vast majority of child victims, three out of four, are under five years of age. Nearly half of all victims died from physical beatings or other trees at the parents. Hands fathers are more likely to kill quote ireland is a masculine pursuit, says jack, Levin, a north eastern university criminologist. When mothers kill they are far more like.
To kill victims under the age of one than children of any other age. I address and criminal ology say: parents who killed their children tend to fit one of five categories, apparent suffering a psychotic break, a parent who thinks he's killing out of all tourism because he doesn't want a child to grow up without him apparent acting out of bench against a spouse or partner apparent who kills and unwanted child apparent? Who kills from neglect or recklessness quote? They are all twisted perspectives of love, loyalty and alter ism. Levin says there are mixed motives and many others. Is cases when a parent is accused of killing a child. It dominates headlines and social media. People are fascinated by this says: Sarah west, a forensic psychiatrist at university hospitals case medical center in cleveland. It's an unfathomable kind.
except this week we examine one of the most highly debated cases to come out of the great state of texas a case they had everyone asking did the mommy. Do it darley wrote? here was a young wife and mother of three, but did she or two of her sons. That will be for you to decide. This is true crime garage, and this is the case, I Darley wrote here one of my favorite, true crime, writers is the great almost.
legendary status skip hollingsworth, who writes for texas monthly magazine and I'm using some paragraphs from a piece he did for texas, monthly's special crime issue back in July of two thousand, and two here skip briefly takes us through some events leading up to the attack as well as events after the murder of who small boys, the people in this true crime story are parents, daring and darley wrote tier and their three sons, damon devon and drake on june fifth, the boys played in the hot tub. And that evening, damon in devon, huddled under blankets in front of a television darin had just installed in the living room door,
Lee and daring would later say that they stayed up talking past midnight. They kissed each other good night. Darin went upstairs to the master bedroom where drake, then just seven months old was asleep, while darley curled up on the couch downstairs. Next to the two older boys, she had been sleeping on the couch that week. She said because she wanted to watch over demon in Devon. We ve been spending the night downstairs since school letter because she was a light sleeper and would sometimes be awakened by drake. Turning over in his grip a few hours later, a nine one, one dispatcher and relate received, a frantic call quote: someone came in here: Darley screamed they just stab me in my.
In the early morning, hours of june six nineteen, ninety six devin wrote here who was six and damon five were murdered as a slept on the ground floor of the family's well kept brick home in roulette, a suburb east of Dallas Devin was stabbed twice in the chest with such force that the knife almost went all the way through his body, Damon was stabbed. Half a dozen or more times in the back darley, who was also sleeping downstairs, had to slice wounds to her right. Forearm and one In her left shoulder and her throat had been cut. Doctor said she survived only because the knife stopped two millimetres short of her carotid artery in a written statement given to the police a few days later. Darley then twenty six told the following story: She was awakened by damon's cries of mommy mommy in the dark
didn't even notice. She was hurt. She saw a man moving through the kitchen and followed him as he went toward the garage she got to the utility room, she saw a knife and picked it up. Only then she said, did she returned to find devon endangered and realise that she had been stabbed to darlene husband darin, who was sleeping upstairs with their infant son? Drake came downstairs after hearing his wife's screams and began. Administering cpr to Devon by then the assailant had disappeared. Twelve days after damon's in devon deaths, the police arrested darley for their murders, they had no eye witnesses, no confession and no motive what they did have
was an intriguing trail of circumstantial evidence. The suggested there was no intruder that night physical evidence suggested that darley had stage the crime. Doktor statements suggested her wounds were self inflicted and there was a peculiar seen caught on videotape a few days after the murders on what would have been deafens seventh birthday. Darley drove to the cemetery with friends and family wished her son a happy birthday and then spread silly string all over his grave quote: here's a mother who is supposedly been the victim of a violent crime, said dallas county assistant, district attorney, Gregg Davis, the lead prosecutor. In the case she has just lost to children and yet she's out their literally dancing on their graves. After the murders, darley gave conflicting accounts of what exactly the intruder had done to her. One officer said she told him
she had struggled with her assailant on the couch. Another officer said she told him. The struggle was at the kitchen counter. A friend we talk to darley while she was in the hospital said, Darley told her that she remembered lying on the couch as the man was running the knife over her face, but in her formal written statement to police darling, said her. Only view of the man came as he was walking away from the couch. She said she just couldn't remember any distinct details about the attack or the killer, except that he was wearing dark clothes and a baseball cap. Was it really possible? that darley, who could be awakened by her baby moving in his crib, had slept through the stabbings of her sons, a few feet away now. Captain row, let pity, suspicious regarding darley early in their of investigation, saying that they were tipped off by a few different things
one being the nine one, one call darlene behavior and the crime scene evidence, verses, darlene account of the events of that night or in a play, we'll clip of her name on one car. It's really hard to make out what's happening, but to seek and hear her. Energy on the car and then how intense the call is the
we want
The and that was just the brief start of a call that came in to the rowlett police department june, sixth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six at two hundred and thirty one a dot m, and because the police are saying that this is one of the
things that pointed them toward darley as being their prime suspect in the murder of her two sons. I think that we should go through the transcript of that call to see if we agree with their assessment and reading further responders will have the captain and reading for darley road, here. You have yours truly roulette. Nine one one: what is your emergency? Somebody came here they broke in ma, am they just stab me and my children? What they stab me and my kids, my little boys Who, who did my little boys dying, hang on hang on, hang on hurry stand by for medical emergency ma am hang on, MA am ma, am unknown medical emergency. Fifty eight o one eagle dr ma, am ma. Am I'm and to give it an violence to you hang on a minute. Oh, my god. My babies are dying going on ma'am? Oh, my god thought he was dead. Oh my god, I don't even know potential in.
zero one unknown medical emergency. Fifty eight one. I don't even know eagle drive box. Two hundred and thirty eight cross street, linda vista and willowbrook intention: nine, zero one, medical emergency who was breathing, are they still lying? There may be possibly stabbing a1, eagle, drive box. Two hundred and thirty eight cross street, linda vista in willow burke. Oh my god. What do we do time out to thirty two? Oh, my god, oh my god needs units go. towards fifty thousand one eagle drive, fifty eight the eagle dry, my god, my babies, dead, damon, hold on honey, hysterical female on the phone says her child has been stabbed. I saw them Erin? Oh, my god came in here ma'am I need the come down and talk to me, ok, didn't you get my address
de. I won t go yes, we need help there I don't know who it was. We got to find who it was. Ma'am, ma'am, listen, listen to me! Yes, yes oh, my god. Oh my god, MA am yes. I need you to. I need you to talk to me what what what my babies are dead. Do we, honey hold on ma'am. I can't understand you. Yes, you going to have to slow down, calm down and talk to me, I'm talking to my baby they're dying. What is going on somebody came, and while I was sleeping me and my little boys were sleeping downstairs, some came in stab. My baby me I woke up. I was fighting. He ran out the garage through the knife down my boy, these are dying. There dead, oh my god, okay, so on the phone with my god. What happened? hold on honey hold on
was on it was the white phone hold on. They are wondering when we need to dispatch so I sent, double, oh my god. Oh my god. Okay thanks god? Oh my god, ma'am who's there with you, Karen ma'am. Is there anyone in the house besides, you and your children? he's helping me, but dying. Oh, my god, they're dead, okay, How many little boys is it two boys there's two of 'em there's two: what's the cross street on the address, an eagle? Oh, my god, Who would do this? Listen to me, calm down, I feel really bad. I think I'm dying when are they going to be here. Fifty eight zero one eagle, dr fifty eight zero one legal drive. When are they going to be going to be a stabbing.
they going to be here. Ma am they're on their way. I gotta just sit here forever. Oh my god, would do this. Who would do this ma'am? How old are your boys? What how old are your boys, seven and five? Okay? Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh he's dead, calm down, can you, oh god, devin? No, all my god is your name, darley? Yes, this is her. Is your husband's name therein? Yes, hurry god they're taking forever. There's nobody in your house there was was, you don't know who did this? Then a police officer is on the scene and you can hear him say: look for a rag doll, replies. They killed our babies. The police office says: lie down. Okay, just sit down darley road here, no, he ran out there, ran out in the garage. I was sleeping. My babies over you're already cut can I phone is right. Here
we all look out in the garage look out in the garage. They left a knife lying on. There's a knife, don't touch anything. I already touched it and picked it up who's out there. anybody out there I dont know I was sleeping. Ok MA am listen. There's a police officer at your front door. Is your front door. Unlocked Yes, ma'am, but where's the ambulance, okay, barely breathing. If they don't get it here, they're going to be dead god they're hurry, please hurry. Ok, they're their police officer says what about you is eighty two our on eagle her they took, they ran Whereat eagle, five thousand eight hundred and one eagle, my god, hurry are you out police officer, nothing's gone mrs wrote here oh my god! Oh my god! Why would they do this police officer? The Well, mrs rhodes hear what he say. Why would they do this?
I'm, ok, listen MA am need to need to let the officers in the front door away. I am what what need to let all please- sir in the front door. His knife was lying over there. I already picked it up. Ok, it's all right! It's ok! God! I bet. If we could have gotten the prince, maybe maybe MA am hang on. Hang on a second somebody who did it Tensely walked in here, and did it dare there's nothing touched? Ok, MA am there's nothing touched, oh my god MA am as the police officer there. Yes, ok go talk to him. Ok, the total length of the call is five minutes and forty four seconds law
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The alright we're back with our great acting skills. Cheers mates, cheers captain speaking of acting skills. Ours are not good enough to win a daytime emmy. Obviously, but what's your thoughts captain on darley row, tier you've had a chance to actually listen to the nine one. One call she's hysterical through most of it. It's very chaotic, but it's five minutes long. So it's long enough to really get feel for what's going on in probably have an opinion on what Your hearing and deduce maybe some of the emotions, the thoughts or even suspicions going on with her on the call that's hard to tell if she's, acting or
reacting because it is a mom supposedly coming out of her sleep and seeing her kids. dying in front of her and the amount of blood- that's probably at the scene, but it seems like there's no coherent thought that she's giving to the dispatcher, except or a couple lines, and those seem to be the lines that are suspicious where she is now know. His knife was laying there and I already picked it up. I bet if we could have gotten the fingerprints prints, maybe that liner almost seems to me that she's about to say well, I bet if, if I hadn't touched the knife, we could have got fingerprints. but also she is basically establishing a reason why she touched the knife and why her fingerprints would be
and the murder weapon and that's what law enforcement will point out as well as the prosecutors later, that this is the problem with her nine hundred one call that she's referencing the knife does not need to mention. The knife does not need to mention that she picked it up. It's almost like she's planting that information for everybody to be aware of hey you'll, probably find my finger. On this knife, because I'm telling you now I picked it up. might not find in intruders fingerprints on the knife, because I picked it up after he threw down the thing is so it it's a little difficult when you review the transcript of the nine when one call and after you ve heard the actual audio, or the call itself, because the first time that she mentions really finding the knife or that somebody threw down a knife she's responding
two she's answering the operators question the operators question was what is going on She says someone came in while I was sleeping me in my little boys were sleeping downstairs. The other issue with the transcript too, as you have multiple bachelors are operators communicating their at times in the nine one one call communicating with each other and not darley. You know they're responding to all. We need emergency services to this address you have the other dispatcher or operator saying something to the effect of emergency services have been dispatched or have been dispatched at this time that one of the things we weren't able to do because it was just us two reading the transcript. I don't think the transcript is that clear, but if you listen to the nine hundred one tape at some point her husband comes downstairs and she's gone. Oh my god,
Oh, my god. He starts gone. Oh my god! Oh my god reacting the same level of intensity. She is so somebody to say that she's acting, I would say. Well, then I guess the husband's acting as well, which is difficult again, because, as you know, you here come into the scene, the way that he's behaving suggest to me that he be seeing this all for the very first time right, he's walking into some shit and he's like, oh, my god, what what the hell is going on No clue and I've just walked into pure chaos, blue all over. My family so. The first time she mentions that knife. It's her reacting to the operator's question of what is going on and at that point when she says that the
man he ran out through the garage, the knife down my baby. are dying there dead, oh my god. She makes no mention of picking up the knife on that. First go round of that question which is interesting to because if it was information that she really thought that she needed to plant and get out there and provide to everyone in the heat of the will she certainly passed on it on the first opportunity. oh and then the one she says you all look out in the garage look out on the garage they left.
If lane on there's a knife, don't touch it and that's when she says why are you touched? I picked it up above, but I think it's weird though, and I don't know what she's actually intending to mean when she says somebody who did it intentionally walked in here and did it that's odd intentionally, there's nothing touched and I dunno. If she meant she meant that the intruder came in. didn't touch anything. But that's a odd line to me. But again, she I mean she's stabbed over four times how much of her body is in the shock. How much is she in shock from seeing her, not just her kids dead, but they're dying, they're dying?
front of her yeah if she's not guilty she's one hundred per cent in shock, regardless of injuries or or what have you, she would be absolutely in shock, just at the sight of her children being bloodied like that, and Can here, let's pretend for a moment that she is in fact innocent. You can hear that she is fully aware the visuals that she is waking up to and seeing that she is aware that they are die, and that is that's the gotta be the complete shock, but to address the first thing that you had mentioned a back to the knife when brought up the second time, as you pointed out, that the information is prompted by I the operator, don't touch anything while I already touched it. You know she doesn't mention touching it until it's brought up by someone else and then As you pointed out. I think the difficult thing here is at some point.
there's a lot going on and in very quickly in the Well, there's a lot going on, because what you can hear what I hear anyway and I'm sure but he will have a slightly different opinion on what they are hearing and what they believe. After reviewing the transcript What I am hearing or believe that I am hearing is that darley is. trying to give the proper information to the operator, but she's also a running and scrambling around the house. I mean envision this if, if she is innocent, she's waiting, to the children dying and she's got injuries herself. Probably, and fully understand what had happened, if she did in fact see or chain someone as they were leaving out of the home there's, probably a lot of running around to make sure they're not coming back, but also She doesn't know what happened to her husband or what happened to her her newborn
she's also trying to tend to the children. From time to time I mean you can hear her kind of checking in on the children, even though we will have officers and people first responders later saying that she didn't seem to want to tend to the children, but they weren't there for the early parts of this call. This is very similar of nine one. One called to me as as the Michael Petersen, where he's talking to the dispatcher and then going back and checking on his wife and then going back and talking to the dispatch rick. It seems very similar, but it's it's tough, because I Thank you got, tells you if, if their over dramatic that they're putting on a show, but if there are other dramatic about it than their cold hearted, so it's almost. I can't win either way. As far as what you're got reaction is
it'd be two nine one. One call like this still on some of the things that you'd brought up here. Captain the portion of saying some unintentionally came in here. Nothing was touched, nothing was touched, I don't know we can if we can, under and what she means by that? First of all, and second of all, I don't think we know who she is even speaking to when she saying those words right cause. We also don't know if the police officer- that's there, that's where it's confusing to as the transcript states that the police officers are there way before the dispatcher is able to get darley to confirm that the police officers are there. So did the police officers say something? Did her husband say something to her to prompt that, like maybe the police officers search, says to her, don't touch anything and she says nothing's been touched like
there. Then the knife, nothing has been touch. I haven't touched anything right in again: she we don't know who she speaking too, because we have dare and that arrives downstairs at some point. He is interacting with him at portions of the call she's interacting with the operator, and then you can hear operator and additional dispatchers on, so there is some confusion there as well and again I hear parts where she is clear. We at least looking over or tending to the children in some form or fashion. So we don't know who those words were intended for. So it gets difficult to say that she's planting information for people later to use that as part of their investigation. and then there's one part. That became a point of contention in this case, and that was where she says Some man came in stab my baby stab me. I woke up. I was fighting. He ran out
the garage through the knife down. My babies are dying there dead, oh my god, ok, so the reason why this is a point of contention is because the law enforcement and the prosecution will point out that, oh you told the dispatcher. You were five With the intruder, so how do you not have a description of this guy if you are remember if you were actively fighting with him, you should have some kind of description to provide to and we know that she had such a very vague description. She said later that would you agree that the quality of the call it the audio further wall's not the best. It's awful, it's it's not good. So if she says that she said I woke up and I was frightened or It was frightening. I don't know exactly what she says. I've always listened to it, a bunch, and I could be wade either way, I can
swayed either way the audio quality so poor. I can't tell if she saying was frightening. I was frightened, or I was fighting me- If I'm wrong and this statement, but investigating this a couple of things jump out as far as her story, whether her story changed or not, we have police officers saying that she told them different stories. We have friends saying that she twisted her stories here and there, like little tiny details, altered her husband hussein. Whatever statement that she gave to the police I know statement, that's the statement she stuck with all these years and they even have the defence attorneys in and lawyers saying a whatever story, see initially told that's the story. She stuck with never changed so one could she have dismissed up some of the details because using
doc and because of all this stuff. That was going on. We know that I witness is, can be wrong. So are these people just reporting, then formation wrong, that told them well and we have to keep in mind what's going on at the scene when she calls when she first places a call again. The call is five minutes. Forty four seconds long before she hangs up the phone before the end of the call police are on scene and she's, unaware that they are there. The officers probably calling into dispatch saying hey, I'm here, but the front doors locked. yeah, they're, saying mami or the police there, and she says yes and she is well this up front door unlocked and she says yes and she, then the dispatcher comes back and says you're going to have to unlock the front door. So one thing in I think in her favor here for her to be innocent is the fact that the the call is this length of time
and she's on the phone with the dispatcher. Still when police arrive on the scene, so we we have wheat. We can't see what she's doing right weed, I know exactly what she's doing physically during the course of this call. However, we do know that she is at least busy with the call itself for this amount of time? So during this time it would be It makes it a little extra difficult for her to be further staging the scene, while on the phone and police are arriving before the end of the call plus, as you pointed out at some point, Darren comes downstairs after years. The commotion she does it doesn't sound like she woke him. You know intentionally went upstairs and woke him. Did he heard the commotion and came down on his own to walk into this horrific scene, one to let every know to understand the way in which this intruder entered the.
Ass, they make a screen and a window in the garage got through that window in that grudge caught inside the garage and then went through the house that way, so I think the fact that the please show up in the front door, locked alleys, leads more towards her story making sense and when they show up on scene, we have Devin who is already dead. We damon who is still alive when first responders get to the scene.
We have darley who's bloodied she's running around and we have Darren who is downstairs performing cpr on damon and baby. Drake is still upstairs at this point as all on for one second cause: okay, postpartum: depression. What's the motive here, can anybody give me a motive of? Why should want to do this? You want to get rid of two kids, but none of the kids. You, you didn't, try to kill your kids and then blame it on your husband to get rid of him. You don't he didn't try to attack him. Nobody else was attacked other than who was in that front room
And if, if she's guilty- and she wanted to kill her kids, why would she wake her husband up before the kids were dead well I'm saying it has been, but again she doesn't actively I show any intention of her purposely waking darren. What I wear where my questions go to is if she were to kill her sons and stage this, I mean why would she call nine one one when one of them is still alive because you're running a huge risk of you know. These kids are old, they're, still little kids, but they're old enough that they could tell yeah. My mom stabbed me yeah. If they're still alive, they could tell the first responders what wit, what actually went down so
You can hear her on the phone. She is aware that one of them is still alive. So why She call why, when she just a few more minutes right and then call and act all hysterical and- and I guarantee you, she was being hysterical before the nine one one car and again that points towards. Why would you want to wake? I mean? Look, you don't know.
Think she's on medical expert. So if she again of the purpose is to kill these kids in to get rather them, then her husband comes down a, but at the time he comes down are both the boys alive, so thou give aid to chance. As for the victims to say, mom did this that I dont know I all I can say is that when well in fact actually at, we do have some evidence toward that that thought their captain it and we will get into that a quick little time line here before we get to what I believe are two very key parts of this
story, which would be the statements of darlie and the statements of Darren. Okay, that's going to add us a little more insight into what is actually going on and you already reference some items at the crime scene itself will get into those as well, but real, quick here. Captain on june sixth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six is when devin and damon ages, six and fifty one her again damon is still alive at the point when the first responders get to the scene. Darley is taken immediately to the hospital because she has suffered some injuries during the all of this attack, then we have a situation where, on june, eighth darley gives a written statement to police okay, so this statement than she provides too police, the information I have says that it took her approximately thirty minutes to write this statement for the police and this she gave to them a written state
once she was released from the hospital, so she's released from the hospital and she is immediately directly taken to the police station at the police request to provide this statement and in her statement she says, Darren and Dana. Her husband and my sister came home from working at the shop, the boys were playing with the neighborhood kids outside I was finishing up dinner damon came home, in Devon called, and I told him to be home soon because we were going to eat daring played with the baby. This is the infant drake, Dana her sister. While I pulled everything together to eat devon home, and we all ate dinner together too many people with d names after we
we cleaned all the plates. I change. I was changing drake, while Darin put everything in some containers for leftovers. We all talk a little bit about how happy we were that the shop had been so busy for the past three weeks, as we had hoped it would can ten years since work had been slow for a couple of months, devin and damon asked if they could play with one of their friends a little longer. So we said, ok, Darren Dana and I sat around and watch a little tv later, not sure of exact time. I asked dare to drive Dana home because I wasn't feeling too well. While Darren was gone, the boys brought on their blankets and pillows and asked if they could watch tv? I said yes, they came down. there's an played on the floor in front of the tv would drake. While I made some popcorn about twenty to twenty five minutes. Later daring came daring,
came in and sat down with us while we watch tv drake started to get fussy, so I made him a bottle soon after the boys fell, asleep, dare and took the baby upstairs and put him in his crib and came back downstairs We talked about a few problems we were having with the car and the boat and had a few words between us. Since I had the baby, I have been having some depression. I told Darren. I was depressed because I hadn't been able to take the boys anyway, because we only had one car. He told me he loved me and asked me if I wanted him to sleep downstairs with me. because I wanted to stay up and watch a little tv I told him no, because I didn't think he would be able to sleep couch and get any sleep. I had been sleeping on the couch the past week or so often on, because the baby slept in a room in the crib and when he moved. He woke me up
darren- and I lay together for a little bit while then decided to go to sleep because he had to work the next day this was around twelve thirty or one, I'm not sure he kissed me and said he loved he and I told him I loved him and would see him in the morning after a while, I started to get sleepy the next thing I wake up and I feel pressure on me I felt day and press on my right. Shoulder and heard him cry this made me really come awake and I as there was a man standing down at my feet, walking away from me. I walked after him and heard glass breaking I got halfway. through the kitchen and turned back around to run turn on the light. I ran back towards the till room and realise there is a big white handled knife lying on the floor. It was blood, all over me,
was in the garage, so I thought he might still be there and I yelled for Darren. I ran back through the kitchen and realising entire living area had blood all over everything. I put the knife on the how're and ran into the entrance, turned on the light and started screaming for darent? I think I screamed twice and he ran out of the bedroom with his jeans on and no glasses and was yelling. What is it? What is it? I remember saying he cut them. He tried to kill me my neck. He ran down the stairs and into the room where boys? I grabbed the phone and called nine one hundred started, giving then see pr. While I put, on my neck in a over damon's back. I remember I deem into hang on mommy. Was there I looked over a daring and saw the girl, ass table had been knocked half way off
in a flower arrangement had been knocked over. I then stood up turned around and saw glass all over the kitchen floor. I tried to glance over to see if anything was out of place or if anything was missing. I took a few steps and when the door and screamed for Karen okay. So this is Karen neil, it's their neighbour and friend, she's. Also a nurse I was bill on the phone with nine when one and I don't recall what always said, because everything was happening so fast, I went back to damon and by then he had stopped moving and the police walk through the door. The paramedics came and try to work on the children. Darin was screaming who did this? Who did this and I started asking if my babies were dead? Darren was crying and said. Yes, after I just remember, screaming and show
Dare, in my neck, dare and took me out to the front of the house and by then dear, and ran upstairs to make sure the baby was ok and then handed him to care and our neighbour I remember them holding a towel on my neck and wrapping my arm and then they put me in an ambulance. Darren in, but they told him he needed to leave. So they could take care of me. I remember we got hospital and them telling me they were taking me to surgery. They took off my necklace and put me to sleep. I woke up and minutes later the detectives: were there making me all kinds of questions at the same time here, captain the mind darlings been rushed from the hospital directly to the police station. To give that statement, we have her husband, Darin he's now providing a written statement as well. At the same time and his
payment reads as follows: we were watching tv and the roman room watching We on each be a baby. Drake had fallen asleep about ten ten thirty. I took him up to bed and parents put blanket on him and turned out lights. I went downstairs to talk to darley. We talked about the boys not being able to start baseball yet because we were so busy with the baby right now we talked about the business bills and how darley was having a hard time with taking care of the babies? Today, darley said she wanted to sleep on the couch, because she would sleep better, because a baby would keep her awake. The boys were asleep with pillows and blankets. On the floor, devin was asleep face up in front of the tv and damon was asleep between the couch and coffee table by the couch mom was on so I went upstairs
to get her a blanket and pillow and came back downstairs to cover her up, we talked a little more about her going to cancun with some friends across the street and gave her a kiss good night told her to dream. Bout me and went upstairs around one. A m I went in turn on tv in our room and watch for ten to fifteen minutes. I took my glasses off and turn tv off. I could not go sleep for a while, but finally I fell asleep. Unconsciously, I heard a noise. And then Darley screaming loud. She was yelling Devon Devon. Oh my god Devon. I woke up quickly and grandma glasses on the night stand in ran downstairs as fast as I could going into the living room. I ran Where did Devon lying on the floor, where he was when I saw him last and meal.
and over him to see if he was hurt and then looked at the coffee table to see it tipped over on him. When I looked again at his chest, there were two holes in his chest with blood and muscles piercing out. I slapped his face to get him to say look at me. No response, I started cpr and when I blew into his mouth air came out of his chest. I blew five or six times and held my hand over the holes on his chest. Then, when that didn't work, I blew into one of the holes in it chest. I looked over at darley and she was on the phone calling nine one one. I ran it's a daemon lying on the floor in the hallway between wall and side of couch. He had no pulse, but I could not see any injuries. Police came in.
And I told them that my babies were stab in. She told them that he went out of the garage I ran upstairs. To put my pants on, I looked over, drake was crying and I felt he was okay. I noticed my wallet left on the floor and all I could think to do was to go to Karen's house for help. I needed some one to help and the paramedics when they arrived, I went downstairs, ran out. The house ran across the street karen and terry door. I banged five. six times as hard as I could until terry comes to the door first and when I told them that devin and damon were stabbed, they In shock and ran over with me
to the house, and that was when they were putting demon on a stretcher. I knew the devon was dead before I ran across the street and Damon had no pulse, but the parametric carried him out in a blanket out the front door. I ran yelling that we have to find? Who did this and Karen told me that darley was cut too? I never who that she was hurt. Yet she had blood all over her from the neck down to the bottom of her night shirt She was standing in the doorway with the paramedics said she needed to go to the hospital, so we helped her into the stretcher and she said, dare, and you have to promise me, we will find this man. He killed our babies. I walked back into the house.
push my way through the police and saw the knife on the bar in the kitchen, with blood all over him went to garage to look at the window that the police had said he had entered and I went out of the house and walked across the street and the neighbors. Were there to confront me and ask about what happened, I sat for a minute on the curb and walked over to the ambulance where damon was an ass paramedic. Was he alive and they said no. I was in shock karen told me to go with darley in the ambulance, so I got in and they threw me out said they needed to work. So then they ask me questions from the fire department. He says they wanted to know. If social security number addressed name in such an. I asked what hospital and no one knew so found out.
Where Darley went, this would have been bailed, dallas, hospital and drove over to the hospital at hospital. I was questioned by detective fresh for hours. Is there any eye witness statements neighbour, whose statements that heard her scream or all things suspicious that night, so in reviewing the trial in the testimony of witnesses and such now, there doesn't seem to be anybody that was where that something was going on that night until they were alerted by either dare and or police, or you know, saw the the flashing lights and heard the sirens there were plenty of people to have an opinion about darling, behavior what kind of mother she was an plenty of opinions about the euro tears in general. So to me, captain the thing that jumps off both pages here
their statements is, they don't seem to line up one hundred percent with each other statements. second of all. They don't seem to line up one hundred percent with what it sounded to me like what was going on during the course of the nine one. One call right because it's like darley, has the recollection that she may have woke Darren up she's getting ready to call nine one one, but to back them up a little bit. His statement does say that he comes it what's going on, reacts to it and then the first he really sees darren after that she's in the process,
calling nine one. One are already on the phone with them now. My general thoughts are this. So in regards to darley statement and darren statement, I don't know that I would fully expect them to one hundred per cent line up. I mean this is a if they're innocent, just too much trauma for their stories to line up. This is a whole lot of chaos within a five to six minute, window of time. Yeah chaos is probably a better word than trauma and for them to have a full understanding and a point by point blow by blow recollection of what went down and how it went down and in every second, every minute of what was happening. You know want to be with the I would be more suspicious of them together if their statements did one hundred percent line up
because there were two days between the time that the murders took place in these statements were given or a day and a half. I don't know exactly what time of day these statements were were given at the police department with the murders were on the sixth. The statements by these two individuals individually on the eighth but the other I do want to point out to you know, because one thing that law enforcement will use against darley is that her statement does not line up with what they were seeing at the crime scene and the problem I have with that is look. I agree. First off. I agree that her statements do not line up perfectly with with some of the physical evidence at the crime scene itself, but her words they took me to the hospital they get me there. They take off. You know my jewelry, my clothing. They knocked me out, put me to sleep, so they can put me into surgery. Brain next thing. I know I wake
She says minutes later. Anybody that's ever been knocked out for a surgery, we'll tell you and I've had this happened twice in my lifetime. I've been put under two, maybe times put under and then had a surgery and you swear to god Waking up in your like, I was, I can't believe you guys were so fast. I was only out like thirty seconds, and then somebody tells you like. No, you you were out for a couple hours or you were out for a day That's one thing that I feel like rings true in her statement there where she says they took off my clothes. and then I went into surgery and then I woke up minutes later. When I woke up minutes. later in the police are asking me questions, and then they took me off to the police station and then we have later, where we have people testifying that she was drugged up afterwards, as one would expect, because she's been
pretty severely injured. In my opinion, but again that goes to the indians vary depending on who you talk to regarding her injuries, bonn and painkillers affect every babe completely different, and If I was in the hospital all for a couple days, the day I got out, I was still on pain, medication. I wanna be. I won't be able to put together my crick thoughts I mean I already sound like a stoner and I'm not stoned make to. Imagine if I'm all hopped up on pain, pills and double down on the fact that you were just I mean just its or maybe hours before riding out the statement you were in a hospital bed right. So here's what does the doktor testify to at the trial? Doctors santos testified that darley was given Xanax too the anxiety and she was also given denmark all for the pain. This is after the surgery
so she's on Zan x in denmark or an just been whisk away from a hospital bed to the police station, to give a written statement to police that, oh by the way Whatever you you here today we're going to hold this over your head for the rest of your life. So it's an important document we're going to use this. either clear you or build a case against you that darley or her husband works thinking that they're going to take these statements and and go over with a fine tooth comb to press charges against her. I I I bet that was even a thought at this moment right. She doesn't know that they're building a case against her that they already suspect her. At this point, so you say this is two days after the murder, the murder, to me. That's not enough time to collect all the evidence at the
seen get at tested for us to know whether or not there was an intruder or not. So it seems like to me, like similar same year case to germany, ramsay you're, you're coming up with theories, and then you gonna try to prove your theory before the evidence can tell you what happened. Well, and you can't really make darley give you a written statement any earlier than this, because she's at the hospital she's under doctors care she's, not thou she's in surgery. But what's up weird to me is when you want to get a written statement from Darren as quick as possible. Why does he get await this same amount of time? he's, not in surgery he's not been injured at all? In the course of this attack, or whatever went down
Why am I so afraid if they say hey, we need a statement from you and he gives the statement and then he tells his wife while yeah I gave the police statement and she goes what what did you tell them so maybe that's why they waited. I can agree with that. That would be. That would be an idea there, but, but also, if you don't believe her statements, are you asking for a polygraph test well and again back to the drugs in and her stay minor what it could have been at the time of writing the statement who knows but again they they are going to hold the statement against her in court and the testimony by doktor santos is testify that early, was given Xanax to treat anxiety in denmark for pain when asked under questioning
What all condemn all make you groggy? Yes, could general anaesthetic in your experience, lead to confusion? Yes, can it lead to disorientation yet? Can it led to short term memory loss? Yes, would you agree doctor that to be question some time before eight in the morning, let's say six, oh five, hypothetically, to be question about very seriously: Hence it six. Oh five, one hour, five minutes after anastasia being cut off. Would you be somewhat suspect as to the response you may receive from a patient answer you may get an unreliable response. Yes again, but coming up with the theory before you get all the evidence back is irresponsible. Then, on top of that,
get statements from somebody that we know see again. Here's my problem with it, it's irresponsible to come up with the theory. You know it's irresponsible to question her when she just kind of the hospital, but I think I think that was part of their play, hey she might not say things correctly and that's going to work in our favor, because now we already created the theory now we're just trying to put the puzzles. Well pieces, however, want to to fit that narrative. Well, I don't know, early agree with the idea that they are waiting to get her statement and then building the case a round her afterwards. I know that it took some time to get that statement again. She's in surgery. You can't do anything about that, but their working, the crime scene during this whole time before
or able to get her statement, so they are aware of certain pieces of physical evidence before getting the statement from her. Am I? But what I'm saying is not all the evidence is collected? Not all the evidence is tested. Evidence is supposed to lead you to a theory not to have a theory first. So yes, I I agree with you. There has been some work at the crime scene. That would give you some information, but you you didn't wait to get all the information to get all the evidence to get everything tested back before you created your narrative before created your story of what happened, which, of course, is certainly possible, but I don't know that we want to say that that's exactly what in fact went down, because we don't When police came up with the narrative that that darley killed her her children or had of a one hundred percent case built around her
what you would know immediately going into the crime scene on what some of the evidence she would know before evening having to test it is you're going to see that the murder weapon you have route evidence to believe were before any test. goes down. The murder weapon came from inside the home, so now there makes you a little more suspicious of people inside the home rather than people outside of the home? There was so some indication that, with the way that the screen was caught in the way that the screen appeared once police were on the scene that it only looked like somebody went in the screen, but never came back out, through the screen, so they were a little testy about the whole idea of well. This intruder kay
in this way and then fled back out the same way he came in based off of what they were seeing at the crime scene. They also didn't find anything missing. Then in fine again, you brought up a good point. One really frickin troubling part of this whole case. Motive right now what what would be the motive for darley to kill her sons, not kill her other son, not kill her husband and turn the knife on herself. What would be the motive for death they to do it, but also what would be the motive for an intruder to come in and kill. These kids in attacker was here that vent so now I dont have a lot of understanding of the park post, partum depression, but some kind of mental illness could be the reason that so I think I can see here. I can't see any other motive but then also like you said I mean we can.
Say that we can't say that this intruder came in there just to murder right there. The intruder could have came in for a multitude of reasons agreed now to all while she was just a young mother that lives there in and I find her attractive. So it's a sexual motivation there or that they're going to break into the house, and and now that I'm in here I don't want, maybe they these people would recognize me so I have to kill anybody that that possibly could benefit me cause for all. We know the kids woke up and saw this individual, so it is very tough. I mean it the motive on either in two. Does it make a lot of sense? What do you think captain about the whole thought of she saying the purpose of me sleeping downstairs is so the baby doesn't wake me up.
But then you know the prosecution and detectives want to know. Well, then, why didn't you wake up early? your during the attack. If you're such a light, sleeper yeah I'll do I'd question when she was stabbed and is any of the wounds that she has. Would that cause her to black out at any point, because this neck wound, which a lot of people have to state that the network is a flesh wound, I think it was a two millimetres away from the carotid artery two millimetres away from killing her correct. That doesn't mean that she did not self inflicted the wound? Is it possible that she fought with this intruder and because of
whether it's being hit on the head, whether it's being stabbed that she actually blacked out and then came back to. There are experts that have said and did say during the course of her trial based off of her injuries that there there's likelihood that she may not recall everything that actually went down, one based off of the trauma of her injuries, but all so the idea that she's waking up into the middle of a situation, so you kind of it's a double whammy effect there too, and now I am a light sleeper I'm not going to consider myself to be any kind of sleep expert, but I will say this my light sleeping is can be. you for me. There are nights at I miss out on a lot of sleep. Because of that I am not a light sleep every night of my life. ready of my life. If, if I'm sleeping
anywhere other than my home. I'm an extremely light sleeper whatever? I don't know what it is. I it's hard for me to sleep in hotel rooms or be a guest at somebody's home. Without you know, I basically just sleep for a couple hours. It at best if I'm at home- and everything is perfect, everything is right, sometimes people like a rock and theirs a whole lot of rhyme, a reason to while I sleep better knights and wisely, not great other needs. A lot of it base is based off of how, hired? I am one thing we know- is she's busy taking care of three kids. One of them is an infant. She could have just been flat out exhausted at this point. Right and one thing that's interesting to me too, and in you had reference narrative a couple times there is certainly something going on because we talked about motive well, the law enforcement and the the prosecution.
they are easy and quick to point out motive for darley to have committed these murders and then their argument is well, there's no motive for an intruder and I don't think that's correct. I don't think that's right. I can see just how money is examined till you until you catch the guy. Again pretending that she's innocent until you catch the guy or identify. Who could be you, may not. No, the motive of their individual for their actions and, I think, there's equal amounts like you were saying. Equal amounts for possibilities. If darley did it or if, in fact there was an intruder, an equal amount of motives again, I thing It drives me nuts, when we're having conversations about a possible intruder and they go wild nothing was taken, as was like. Maybe they didn't get a chance to and that's why there was a murder I may be. The person is technically not a murderer. There are there
thief, but because somebody could identify them, they became a murderer. Troubling thing to me though captain is, it would have taken a bladed weapon. Let's say it would have taken a blade to cut through that screen and police will quickly tell you that in scenario. It makes the euro cents to them because most the time burglars, which I actually don't think that there was a burglar, are if, if we're, pretend there is intruder. I dont think I dont think. Looking for valuables was the motive here for going into the home, so police will be quick to point out that most of the time a burglar will not bother to cut a screen. They will just simply remove the screen, as it's normally fairly. Easy to do in this case it would have been easy to do and they hop in the window and hop back out or leave
through a door on their way out, but if it would have been, a burglar then see that's a whole different kind of criminal A burglar comes into a home sees people in there that date they want to glow rise, the home. When no one is there, they pick a home that they think they take it, either get in and get out real quick smash and grab or can grab and nobody's there. They don't have to bother with anybody. A burglar would have came into the home, seen her and or the children and then I turned around and left, that is what a burglar would have done if, in fact it was an intruder that attacked his family. There was a different motive for going into that house altogether, but one thing I keep coming back to this troublesome for me and goes against darlene cases she's innocent is it would have taken a blade to cut through that screen. That's everything that they've told us from the tests that they conducted
on that screen. So why? If I already have a blade on me to cut the screen to get into the house, am I picking up a blade from inside the house to murder these people? no, I agree and I would like to know how they know for sure that this knife came from inside. The house was a part of a set yeah as part of a set its wanted, it would have been taken from a butcher block. It was inside the home and to take a step further. Sadly random knives, and so that's why I wondered: is that possible that it's not from a set? And there they thought it was from late to sir random knife from a drawer somewhere, Yes, exactly a lotta people just have a drawer full of knives dave. You know collected somehow throughout the years in a gift or something they purchase themselves, and it's a it's a hotchpotch of what you maybe the colors don't match up. Maybe
I have a lot of the same kind of blade and you're missing other specifics, but this was taken from a butcher block and it was there to take it a step further, though too. I could find no, where that Darren or darley were disputing that the knife came from inside the whole, my they're not no it wasn't our knife. In fact, it seems to be agreed upon by all parties that the knife did in fact come from inside the home, fine, I'm breaking into a house hypothetically and I use a pocket knife I use a box cutter. I then
go into the house, and I put that back into my pocket and then I'm startled by maybe a kid waking up or seeing people laying there you reach for the closed asylum right, so n n base of that makes sense because from the garage you have to go through the kitchen and in that kitchen area you would see. Then you see the people that were in the family room. Also I'd like to a picture of a sophisticated criminal for you, a sophisticated criminal would enter that home any again. This would be for motives that are are well beyond this. The scope of burglarizing the home. I do not know the exact You know the windows and stuff for this house seeing the outside of the house and portions of the inside, but one question I keep coming back to is: if there were
someone outside of the home, looking to break into a home and then rape, a female victim inside right think about the way that they described everybody going to bed if, if you're a rapist in your outside, looking in through the windows peeking and to see, if you could, you know if there is a potential victim inside Maybe you don't know the house. Maybe you do not know the people inside The home belongs to, but if you're lucky inside the way that everybody describes the sleeping Arrangements to me it's very: equally that a rapist looking in the window would see Darley twice, Six years old, lying the couch and, from that vantage point, I have to wonder, would he be able to He too small children lying on the floor brain not laying altogether next to each other, the boys
on the floor? She's in the couch husband upstairs You don't see him at all if you're peeking in the window and if you're a sophisticated criminal you're entering the home, all with gloves on thy hands, and you know you don't want to leave at the scene is a weapon that you brought with yourself, so use your box cutter or your pocket knife to cut the tea into the screen, outside go in through the garage through the utility room into the kitchen block right there, I'm going to use one of their knives to threaten my female victim. Whether by intention is to kill her or not I'm using they're nice, because if I leave it here, it doesn't lead back to me. They can't trace this knife back to me. I have gloves on my hand
yeah and have you ever try to cut a screen? The screen part of window dozens of times? Yes, but there is also. There is also a possibility that there's, no but it wasn't. There wasn't a cut at all you the way, those things are made once you start like a rip and that screen is going to stay in a straight line and then, if I rip it to the other side or pull it back to the other side, you could you could depend ill as long as there's some kind of hole or some kind of damage to that screen. You could easily rip. A t into that that screen without using the knife exactly exactly and then you have to wonder, would the crime scene analysis? Would they be able to determine by looking at it if it were in fact cut or torn
yeah, torn or or you use your your keys to tomatoes, the initial incision, so you could rip the screen. Their stance has always been in regards to the screen there. It was cut in in the shape of a t, says we would have made a horizontal cut and then, in the center, that roughly in the center that made a vertical cut down. There are so many reasons that this case is so frustrating, but one if, if she is guilty, what the heck is the motive, because at least I can come up with a couple plausible, motives. That makes sense if there's an intruder so much more to get to. If you have
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