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Darlie Routier /// Part 2 /// 490

2021-05-26 | 🔗

Darlie Routier /// Part 2 /// 490

Part 2 of 2


On June 6, 1996 at 2:31 am a call came in for 911 emergency services in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The caller was 26 year old mother Darlie Routier. Darlie was frantic and could be heard screaming and crying on the call. She tells dispatchers that someone broke into her home and attacked her family. When police arrive just minutes later they discover Darlie bloodied from knife wounds and her two boys both stabbed to death. Within days Detectives will say that there was no intruder and that Darlie viciously killed her sons. Join us in the Garage and pack a couple of extra cold ones as we do our best to go through the details of one of Texas’ most debated cases.

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