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Delphi Murders /// 542 /// Off The Record

2021-12-14 | 🔗

Delphi Murders /// 542 /// Off The Record


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This week we discuss the latest developments in the multi-agency investigation into the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams. The F.B.I., Indiana State Police, and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office NEED your help. Anyone with information regarding the murders of Libby and Abby or anyone who has had any contact with the online and social media profile name “Anthony_Shots” please email your tip information to abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com


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Takes about seven minutes national annual average otto insurance savings by new customers surveyed in two thousand and nineteen potential savings will vary. The my name is sergeant. German appears. The public information officer with the nanny state police, lafayette post, while getting the murders of Abigail Williams and liberty, german detectives with the carolina sheriff's office, and then the state police have uncovered and online profile name anthony shots. This profile was being used from two thousand extended two thousand seventeen on social media applications, including, but not limited to snapchat instagram, the fictitious anthony shots profile
use images of a known male model and portray himself as being extremely wealthy and owning numerous sports cars, the crater, the fictitious profile use this information, while communicating with juvenile females to solicit nude images obtain their address, an attempt to meet with them. pictured on your screen. You'll see images of the known male model and the images of the fictitious profile scented, underage females We have already identified the mail and these images that were used by anthony shots. The mail the photo is not the person event in the investigation, detectives, are seeking information about the person who created anthony shots. Proof.
Investigators would like any individual who communicated met or attempted to me. They anthony shots profile to contact law enforcement by utilizing the tipp email abbe in libya to see a ceo s age. Our f dot com. Please provide as much information as possible. Again, for example, when you community, anthony shots, how you communicate with the profile what social media applications the account used and, if Anthony shots attempted to meet you or obtain your address. If you have saved images or conversations with anthony shouts profile, please attach them to your Again, if you have any information, please contact law enforcement, utilizing, the tipp email, abbey libya to see a ceo as age or f dot com
thank you very wary. Thirteen two thousand and seventeen thirteen year old, abbe Williams and fourteen year old, libby german, disappeared and death I indiana- and this has now become an incredibly infamous case, with news spreading a coup ass, the nation almost immediately back in two thousand and seventeen, unfortunately, the next day, the bodies of both girls were discovered following day on February fifteenth two thousand seventeen a cell phone image, was released to the public that image. Trained, a person that we have been referring to as b g or bridge guy. This is because this is the suspect or the killer of the girl
who was spotted on the bridge and captured on libby germans phone. That image again was least, to the public on the fifteenth the week later audio was released, say down the hill. We can hear the suspect, saying down the hill, which sounds he's directing the girls away from the moon on high bridge and to where they will eventually be killed. I seventeen two thousand seventeen a sketch was released and then, in april of twenty nine teen, a new sketch and additional audio was released. The new sketch looked to be similar to the first sketch that was released may have been of a different person, but appeared to be younger the very least and the addition audio. That we hear is saying guys down the hill again. Almost sounding like the killer. The abductor was instructing both of the girls
starting in two thousand and seventeen when we had the apple homicide lol. judgment was asking anyone with any information at all to send tips to abbey and Libby tipp at sea. A ceo s, age are f dot com and they were request that you include the following information: the suspects name date of birth or approximate age. so called description, including height, wait, hair color I color address or location, including city vehicle information, including year, make model and call vehicle specific reason for you, tip. Why could they be? The suspect, innovation for the crime and connect two delphi indiana and, of course they were reminding the public, the individual I don't need to have all of those pieces to send a tip, but they do ass to include as many details as possible. Last week, the end
in a state police sent out the request or additional information that you heard, the top of the show this time They are asking for any one that has information and regard to an online name, a user profile on social media accounts going back the name of anthony underscore shots and, with this case being so highly publicized. This is really the first big information since a press conference in two thousand and eighteen We have a situation captain where we have a public that is, has a strong desire to help in some way help this community try to heal, bring some justice too. Situation for both of our victims, libyan abbey and their families, and so we have public debt feels like it. Starved for information give us some information. Let us help us to help. You is kind the old expression there right here what's interest,
with the new information that comes out december, seventh of the sheer just last week, as we are told at the early part of that request by I s, p indiana state police that, while in to gaining the murders of Abigail Williams and liberty. German detectives with the carol county sheriffs department and the indiana state police uncovered and online profile named anthony, underscore shots. This proof was being used from two thousand and sixteen to two thousand and seventeen on social media applications, including, but not limited to snap chat and instigate. And then later they say, detectives are seeking information about the person who created the anthony four shots profile? Investigators, any individual who communicated with met or attempted to meet the anthony shots profile or to contact law enforcement by utilizing that a male and
a phone number that is used in the delphi double messiah case the abbey and Libby tipp at sea, a ceo s, age, aref, doc. and then the number is seven hundred and sixty five, eight hundred and twenty two three thousand five hundred and thirty five phone tipp. The really interesting parts here to the general public are going to be that the start of that request. Ended by the end of it right so, bookends we have, while in estimating the double homicide break this information that we came into their of course go a vague and unclear of how they came into this information or how it's it's solved in there, homicide investigation and then the other end they're saying you know what we need more information about anthony shots and when you send us that information here is
vehicle. Here is the avenue to giving us that information and that's going to be through the same ways that we are requesting tips and double homicide which makes you believe that their connected, but also your ears, perk up when he here, online profile not limited to stamp chat and instagram, because the girls were on the bridge, they took pictures of snapchat. That's one way that their friends of family were able to locate them case has had many titles ibm the bees case five murders the snapchat martyrs yet and unfortunately, this these double homicides took place in february We have two thousand and seventeen and we covered, I believe it was early may of two thousand, and seventeen was the first time we discussed it here in the garage, and at that time I mean ye ye, Back in your look in you go okay, well, the information we have today. It doesn't, make sense
There is a lot of blanks to fill in theirs allotted dots to be connected. We don't know what exactly is connected to the case and what is not connected to libyan abbeys case rain, so you, here and go well. This situation seems a little confusing and we don't seem to have a whole lot of information. Well guess what happened the delorean and go back to may of two thousand and seventeen and see what kind of information you had and we had to do a show on the case because we were both really absorbed by thing. We were really eyeball deepen this thing for weeks and we just said luck. We understand, there's not a lot here now lot to chew on, but also maybe we can help sign some light and get some information come in, and so there was a lot of speculation offered up by us and we pulled in speculation that we were seeing on the internet and chat rooms and read it everywhere else, webs loose wherever we could find speculation and some of it you know,
probably more on point than others. But again at the time we didn't know much and we still no a whole lot, so we won't know was spot on till they get. This thing solved last four years this case has probably been investigated more times by arm chair detectives and web sluiced than any other case it's all over the place. On podcast I mean this. I was, little surprised to see the number of people and podcast they hit this update with the quickness last week, right and so here in the garage we had our case that we were talking about last week in this was really earth shattering stuff to us, because I mean cut a stunning? It stops you in your tracks, legal, ok, This seems to be something new, but I dont know really what to make of it I'm a little confused and a little foggy on how its tied in or even if it is tied into libyan abbeys case
you're. Like you said, it's the same tipp line, but there coming out in saying that this person has a suspect and the murders of abbe Libby. It seems that that's what they're implying but they're not come out indirectly saying that and then, with the news coverage of this case, being wrapped up not just by podcast by people youtube. Creators youtube and the media in general, and then you have local news coming out just the next day say well, we know who anthony shots is, or at least we know who created the cow, and they knew that back in two thousand seventeen, I am glad that you brought up the snapchat killer. Whatever that moniker was, there was floating around in two thousand and seventeen, because I've been watching a lot, a news clips listenin to a lot of different people. Reading a lot of stuff over the course of the last five.
Per hyper into it for the last seventy two hours rain, but incredible amount of stuff that you can find on the internet and elsewhere late last week, thing that I got a little annoyed with was seeing and reading multiple sources saying you know, we when we were looking This last year, when we were talking to the locals a couple years ago, we appearing these rumours of theirs kind of connection to the internet or connection to social media, snapchat referenced and We didn't feel that we should discuss at or we didn't feel that it was propria or we were asked not to mention that or didn. If it was credible rain? I just
don't really understand why anybody felt like they were to be sitting on that information. This those were rumours that were going on within weeks of the was, I not only is this case connected to snapchat, because the girls were on snapchat, taking photos of themselves at them, ridge, but he had a individual that came forward. This claim but he knew one of the girls was talking to order individual online rights I'll tell you what the situation is yes, see that that could be plausible that that that might even be likely is difficult to say. I feel like with this new information that comes out of it. Suggested that, far more likely than we once thought, or this is a whole different, a whole differ, monster into itself in regards, the tipps. You know where requesting tipp information from the publican in kudos.
Public and armchairs, loosen internet sluice out there has been no shortage of formation that has been presented to us p and the care county, sheriff's office and the fbi, how much of it is actually good information pro but not very should all would be my, speculation, you can't you know can't smack somebody on the on the hand for trying to help, and so this the situation that we find ourselves in once again, we are asked to give more help and, if anybody knows anything, let's reported, and if anybody has any information specifically about anthony shots, kind of online profile, social media profile, anthony shots, they on to hear from you now one thing: I think, as a little bit of a amiss, step here, in this investigation and amiss step in the request for information from the public that I think that they
really kind of left out. In the two thousand and seventeen request for information. I want to see by giving them some praise here, because I think it's mart invaluable to tell the public and remind them that we are looking for specific information, right name, of the individual, the reporting, if you have a date of birth, even if you can just tell us a year that he was born or approximate age, physical description, where the person may live or no location, especially at the time? time around the murders, vehicle information specific reason why you are giving the tipp right. Why do you suspect this person, and what would be their motivation for committing such a heinous crime? Their connection the area, delphi indiana, that's not you know what twenty nine hundred people live there approximately. What would be this?
persons connection to the moaning high bridge or the trail system? More delphi itself or even carol county will want Things I took notice of right away is that they had Jeremy peers asking for this information. Sergeant appears. Why did they have to blow b or carter ass, this information to law enforcement agents that any befallen this case could attend. By those guys yeah you're right captain? We have superintendent of the indian state police, douglas carter and the carol county sheriff pleasant, behoove kind of be come the face of this investigation or the faces. Of this investigation. I think I have that answer, but I want to kind to finish what does not? about in regard to this tip in in where I think there was a bit of a misstep, because my I want to give
praise, because I think giving the public what I consider to be reminding them. We want specific information here and almost the public a template. This is what we're looking for. Can you fill out as much of this template as possible when submitting your tip? This will be most helpful to us. The thing that I think they missed here was what the f b, I was telling us in the earth stages of the investigation. Because, remember I know it was your feeling was my feeling- and I think it was the feeling of every one in delphi and across this greatest of nations, that we thought that an arrest was coming really quickly when this case broke and we had the fbi up front and centre telling us the public. Do you know somebody there is behaving differently today than they behaving on february, twelfth or february thirteenth of two thousand and seventeen has this part,
and change have is their personality different? Are they angry or sad or suicidal? Are they not? speaking to any one. I have they developed a drink, Issue have wars, eradication, appearance change, appearance and the one I think that I think is the most important thing that the FBI was asking us was we want to hear from you You know somebody that was superb to be somewhere on february thirteenth and didn't show up ray they call off work. Maybe they had a doctor's appointment that they missed or may They told you that they were going to the dentist, but later you found out, they never did or never even had an appointment. Maybe I told you they were going out of town for work was, so many that you knew that left abruptly on the fourteenth or the fifteenth of February That's one thing that I think is is it needs
he thrown out there as a reminder to the public, and I think they should at that to their little template that they have given us now? I know that I'm saying that and were discussing this case in its almost five years later. So who knows Bob hold on a second there, also not telling us that this guy is even connected to the delphi murders. Could you add to what their already turn us last week? I think one of the things that they did, what was a good thing, even though media the next day said hey, we we know who this or at least who we think created this account, I thought then say did was we're looking for anybody who who has had contact with this profile. And did they try to meet up with you? Do you know any because it could be more people that use that profile right
But to answer your first question here we have sheriff tobe lesson be told the carol county comment. on tuesday that he would not deviate from the press release information. This is the request from the indian They police, he said The reason the press release came from the indiana state police too, Your question widen come from toe blessing bait and the sheriffs apartment. He says it's simply because that the agency has the most media resources available in the state of Indiana. Tumblr be denied that the case is now in Indiana state police case. He said continues to be a multi agency case in carol county. He said the information requested in the press release could be information that would help to potential we move forward with the investigation and peace printing libyan abbeys case right in regard to sergeant jerk.
Peers, delivering this message to the public. I think that Of its pretty simple, you know we have the words from toe bless him be to give his response or his answer to white income come from him right, but the india state police is always kind, have been the the focal point right. Doug carter has always kind of bin the the face voice that you think when you think of law enforcement being involved in this case so as well. Jeremy peers being the one to deliver that information may look his title he's the public information officer for the lafayette post, while he as some training with the media. I made delivered the message very clearly and look at how the case was handled early on in the very early stages, information that was coming out or the the person fielding. The questions was urgent, Kim riley before we
started seeing Doug carter all the time. And sergeant Kim riley. His title was public information officer. So it's, she's. Coming from the what is likely the most appropriate person to delay for the information one thing is a little tricky is that it's coming from the lafayette post right, so it's coming from that specific posts. They have post all over the state of of indiana. They were heard of any of them. I guess, but I thought Sergeant, Jeremy peers did a great job on his clear concise delivery of the information that we needed to know the date. They believe, but we need to know and asking and requesting for information and return, but this makes it we hear a lot more confusing of a case because again they them The statement were looking for people or keen for ebay that had contact with this from media profile
information on this individual the next day. The the estonia, but we know the individual is well It makes you question: why didn't they d come out and say we know that this guy created their cow. We know that klein keegan klein crew the cow. We know that he use the count but we need more information about him or maybe other individuals that uses do account Ok, so you might be getting ahead of some of the people here. So, let's fill them in a little bit. What we have here is a day. A late release came out tuesday, of last week stated that lafayette court documents obtained by w l EF, I tv news eighteen. This is news. Eighteen, I've seen news. Thirteen as being the one to break this end of the case, but that's another argument for another day. Review
the man behind the account, according to their account chow. Pornography charges filed in twenty twenty suggests that it is Twenty seven year old, keegan Klein keegan anthony pye com I was charged last year with thirty counts, I'm sorry with he felonies pending, miami counting the heavy we reject the court documents make no mention of the delphi case though they note f b, I made contact with klein while work another indiana state police case klein has been arrested or charge in connection to the delphi, investigation, and since we have those court records, can you go over the list of charges against klein climb is being charged with child, so cetacean: child exploitation, possession of child pornography, child exploitation, child,
education, possession of child pornography, synthetic identity, deception and obstruction of justice, one thing I want to make sure that I address before we move on to far here. Captain I get caught did all the time from people that say, and I don't I don't want to like I'm annoyed just want to make sure that I'm kind of clearing, the way for our discussion as we have it, and poligized to those of you that are not comfortable with the terminology of child pornography. contacted all the time and in this is a healthy reminder. I think this is a healthy reminder that words do matter, and people get concern and say: nick. Could you please stop saying child pornography, because it implies that the child is willingly participating in whatever is depicted in those images or where video or what have you we, you
that terminology here in the garage, because, as you just heard, that is the legal terminology that this man We can call him that will be charged with. Yet we could com a ship bag so, for the sake of being the show moving along. We use that terminology and weed I will. we point out that I feel like the gender Understanding should be added its understood by the law. A child doesn't have the ability to legally consent to whatever was depicted in those images or those videos We ve decided as a society that that's not appropriate, ended. That is illegal. In that child is probably doing something that they do not want to participate in that they are being forced to do it. We ve decided that they are too young to mentally and emotionally consent. To any of that, so I dont think that anybody here in the garage, bali,
these children are. Agreeing to do whatever that they are forced to do but again it just the terminology that used in the the legal realm, if you will, and so for four things moving along will continue to use that that terminology you had said why, Doug carter and he's kind of become the super cop. In the delphi case, he's the one it obviously very emotional and very emotionally invested in this case, it seems obvious to me, I wonder, captain if that was either decided, specifically, to make sure that the whole world then get thrown into a tale spin. We, I cannot say we cannot sit here and say if we and when I say we I mean the whole the publican hole. Is the power over reacting to this request for information. We-
I know that until they solve the delphi case, it could be we are, in fact over reacting and maybe I s- p- was fearful of over reaction by the public and so chose, not to put Doug carter's face in view on this request for the information as far as what they are requesting, can your very smart pointing out. It's a little convoluted right, captain the it's. Infusing, what they are requesting from us, because it seems like while they already knew who was behind the anthony score shots profile, or at least who created least, who created it and who was using it, for already deeds, but yet there asked thus for information about the creator about the profile itself. I think what trysting there. What's really interesting to me, there is did they.
They have not had to say that this guy is a suspect. There isn't a suspect in the delphi case they haven't had to tell us. Yes, we knew who was doing this until presented with that information and confronted with that information there, simply saying they're, leaving the door open right? We information about this profile, what it was being used for, who was using it and in what who they were interacting with and why not necessarily saying we want to know who Keegan Anthony klein was interacting with their leave, the door open to being a possibility. Maybe other people were using this profile or a similar profile. Yeah in the last few days have been doing a lot research from the dark web in this seems like a very common then, where some ache rates social media account, gets all the pictures and information and then cells that to you, an army has
contact with women or girls and has already got them to start sending videos or pictures other things too? We need to keep in mind. Is they they being law enforcement are probably very concerned that they don't know every avenue and outlet that clause used this profile for re, so You want to keep the door open, they need information, they are not going to limit they're, not going to say, hey wearily. We only want this or that of the other thing that they want the floodgates to come open with information to them about this Anthony shots profile and your exactly right. Captain you are exactly right? crime is just like any thing else on this big blue marble right. If some I've got a really good golf swing and he can draw, the ball three hundred yards and he's shoot under par every day of his life? Well, guess what
everybody in their brothers. Try to emulate that golf showing just like criminals, do a sit back and they see what works and what doesn't work and the things it don't work or get people caught. Those are the things that they avoid and the things it work. there be stealing money, embezzling money whatever or finding a victim to get new. Pictures or or a murder victim or what have you? What works? That's, what they go for they, they will copy cat what works and they will avoid what they ve seen. That does not work.
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you know the holidays or a difficult time to be missing loved ones, especially when they ve never gotten justice. That's the case in delphi, for the families of libby, german and abbe williams, but tonight libya grandfather does have some hope from that new potential led a fake social media profile, state police or trying to learn more about right. Now Emily long neck or talked with him about his wish for justice. This christmas carried around this long, no one somebody's, don't as neutral author for nearly five years, my petty has carried the weight of not knowing who killed his granddaughter Libby german and her friend, abbe williams, on a nature, trail
and don't fight in February twenty seventeen, nobody, how right to do that norman girls lives and right? You had no right to do them. This is the man policing, murmured the girls summit after Libby, captured them on video using or cell phone and also recorded, boys. Now, nearly five years later, with christmas, just weeks away, petty thinks about how different the holidays are without his granddaughter. What do you do for a living remain? What do we do to put out stock I'm only in what we do is set a place at the table this year. Patty hopes there is something the public can do for libyan abbe. Now that investigators have asked for help india, the state police wanna, hear from any one who may have had contact the social media with the profile name, anthony underscore shots
together, say the profile is connected to the delphi investigation is another step in the piece you know, and I think it is It is a big one. Penny says he hasn't read the court doc and out of miami county. Linking the profile name to this man Keegan Anthony, climb coin is in jail right now awaiting trial on a separate case involving multiple charges involving child exploitation and possession of child porn investigators, haven't name klein as a suspect or a person of interest in the murders of and libby court documents, show investigator search, klein's, Peru home eleven days after the Those bodies were found in those same documents: police alleged, client, created the anthony shots account six months prior to the girls disappearance, telling police. He made the account to contact girls, some under sixteen, my patty says doesn't recognise, klein's, name or know whether his granddaughter had any contact with him via social media, but says he warned living about strangers reaching out on the internet.
because I still so many things in relation to haiti and has been ashes of your surroundings at all times my patti says it's. His understanding tips have been coming in since Monday night when investigators asked for new information he's praying. One of those tips can eventually lead to charges against the person responsible for libyan Abby's murders were going to push forward hard to get justice. That's what I'm focused on now, we as state police today, if investigators have received any new calls or tips about the anthony shot social media profile that they asked us to share with you, but state police said they could not answer our question now. The reward for information leading to an arrest in the delphi murders now stands at three hundred fifty thousand dollars. If you can help email, the Abby and libby tip line, you see here on your screen, you can also find it on our website tonight. W
t hr, dot com, no kagan, Anthony klein. The man who court document say ran the anthony shots profile is not charge in the death of every williams and libby german, but he is in jail right now on charges for crimes against children, police right now are trying to figure out. If there's any connection to the delphi murders are rich nigh hit the road to retrace exactly what led police decline. In february, two thousand seven g.
In the days after the bodies of Abby Williams and Libby German were found, police served a search warrant at this house in Peru, where Keegan Klein lived with his father court records, say klein created the anthony shots, fake social media profile to meet underage girls, police allegedly found sexually explicit images of underage girls on multiple electronic devices. Klein was not arrested until august twenty twenty at his girlfriend's apartment in kokomo. He faces thirty felony charges involving child porn
I agree, but no charges in the delphic murders Keegan Klein was book. Do the miami county jail in august, nineteen, twenty twenty, so he's been here for well over a year now you do have to come up with twenty six thousand five hundred dollars in cash to get out on bail before his trial. So again, to be clear, there is nothing from police that connects abbey and libya to that man, but the only thing that is clear investigators really want to hear more from anyone whose communicated with that account. We have a full time line of events here, backgrounds on the killings, Remember those sketches that police have released as well all tonight on w th our dot com. So we started to touch on minsk europe than before the break there, and we mention this keegan Anthony, klein, individual and he's been directly tied to the anthony their score shots profile or italy, one of those profiles it was being used, we know that he's not been directly connected to the
libyan abbe murder. Investigation. Other then, have I s p telling us that, during the course of that investigation, they then latch on to this end any shots thing which led them to Keegan Anthony Klein. You wanted talk about a an emotional rollercoaster here right, What was your initial reaction on Monday night. When we hear police are looking for information and its some I'll tied to the delphi case, but first I thought here's, some new information that we have heard and if he could neck this with what there were stating and two thousand nineteen if these are connected, this could be some. And then, when you find out that, once you figure out there Multiple family members of the victims talk to press and say look were hopeful. This is something and kelsey which
pretty reserved in the information that she shares online was posted. This all where social media really made me feel like. Ok, now, maybe was taken a step in the right direction kelsey is Libya's older sister and your right. She doesn't have liked this sort of knee jerk reaction to any time. There's some creep. That's rested in Indiana or some of fortunate murder takes place and they have made an arrest there. She and do that you're right. She she kind of back and lets the information take direct her action, I believe some, I believe the family members are in close contact with law enforcement and I think that's another way, again, that's me, assuming that their share information because, It may be, they know more about it from their contact with law enforcement so that very much
made me feel like we're heading in the right direction, but in that something that I wondered about as well captain, because what I did was I had to go back. I felt camp to go back and watch the April twenty second, two thousand and nineteen press release with the emotional doug carter speech, followed up with the new catch in the additional audio, the addition of guys added to down the hill and in that press release at the press conference Yes, he is telling us hale, please reach out media don't reach out to the families of victims here, because we gave this new information before we are delivering it to you right now right, but we only gave it to him minutes. No or hours they just heard that this morning, And now this is still new information to them as well. So I really wonder that same thing. If that same scenario took place in this situation, where hey
we're going to send out a request from the public for information about anthony shots, about anthony shots, social media, profile and gonna come out later today. I wondered if reach out in advance so that they wouldn't be shocked when they saw it, and I'm guessing that that that may have happened here again I would assume so and you're right. It's it's a weird situation, because that money dude. I went to bed and I was like I think this is and I dont want to to too much weight to the nation that is coming out, but I still try the process it, but very least and I'll be awfully selfish hearing go. You know at this gave me some hope out because we started to feel I was starting to become doom and gloom here in this case, man like we said since sudan- Nineteen there hasn't been a lack of information and really all they stated, and I think, a few months back where they stated, we have a blackout took towards media,
we're not going to sharing information. So when this comes out, you go all there. To something and what my sword were tommy currently was. This is not the last of this information that come out there'd be more in making the following week, then, the next day When the media's you they already know who this individual is and he's already been arrested. to me that was beyond its deflating punch in the gut fighting, because I went to bed Monday night gone all right well here we have something this. This is something that they are going to. Receive a wealth of formation from the public about in this going to create new leads? It's gonna give him knew a new breadcrumb trail, probably multiple breadcrumb trails and could lead to bring sky and then yeah the news on tuesday saying we fight Well, they already know who this guy is. One thing:
a kind of one or don't you kind of wonder? Is there? Is there chance that the india state police puts out information with the idea. They don't know. I mean it, say we don't know who who is responsible for this. They said throw it out of the public. We need information about anthony, underscore shots profiles, Finally, the open ended and then maybe do they leak per sleep leak to somebody cause. I have a hard time believing that this sum station just stumbled on it or new the right place. To look. I get I guess It wouldn't be that that terribly difficult if you started to really review what they were doing in the very early processes of therein negation the martyr investigation or their knowledge of the words that they were, that they were. filing and in carrying out yeah the knowledge again good journalist has
extensive knowledge in case files and for them to have also contacts to I mean they may have some me at the courthouse, on a you know, this is connected to a case or this. This announcement is connected to this case. That sorry ongoing, I mean look, one were holding this individual for quite a long time before a trial takes place, My fate was, if you connected with the information we are now on, and you have to then assume that it somehow connected that this klein character is connected to doubt by then to me it's so either aid to a crime, a to b crime or aid to like z, crime, and what I mean by that is. We know klein was views in these profiles is our connection to the profile. Wind klein was using it to the victims. some people say yes,
There is some information on line about that. Our share these pictures with you in a second to get here, opinions on them, but the other thought was well. Maybe he had access to the profiles he was setting them up. He was using them and somebody like possibly his father then took these and to try to lore abbe Libby to the park. The thanks to your captain is the situation where it may be unknown individual was used similar profile. There was either said or or the creative end of it was inspired by and already established profile that seem to be working anthony shots and when I say working, it means what he said: to do get nude photos of under age, girls and videos, and and that sort of thing it was working because it was it was getting what he set out to achieve
times these guys are sharing image, is in an files, electronic files, with one another in trading them, some of them almost collecting them, and was this thing that he could have inspired someone else to do, or somebody saw this thing working and thought you know what I'm going to copy cat that yeah that's a thing to is sometimes you you see it profile. We ve seen this on him tvs catfish, where some eight sets but profile these shots. And then somebody else sees that profile and says well, look here This information, I can take this and set up my own one because work and then I saw and documents is, I've seen anthony underscore shots. And I have also seen anthony underscore shot without the ass Oh, no, that is just a typo or ever there was What war accounts
so then we have again some aid for that took this profile this idea and used it themselves. wives and then that would have nothing to do with Klein. But, like I said this, deep dived that I've been doing last week into the dark web. It seemed like this is something that goes on a lot more than you would expect, and the they do. It is a couple ways I set up this account. I start getting these conversations goin with different groups of under age, girls or under age Boys- and then if you access so now, you can have conversations with them. You could try to meet them up if you wanted to- or I just you pay for access, and now the account is yours so that winds up a whole web of who it could be It seems to me, like I said
big cover in some cases. I know littleton nothing about this world but what their stating in law. The research have done as well guys that do this stuff, guys that they're into the dark web guys and to using the internet, in various ways. O connor, they all kind of find each other its cause Like you, you know the gains at play, fantasy football they saw, our friends with a lot of other guys play panic, see football dislike music, a passion hobby, whatever lot of my friends are musicians so same thing. These scumbags they find each other. Yet it could be very could be just as simple as day can see online people interacting with one another and go you not. That could be it profile, and that is definitely an under age person this indicating with them. It's just
a bomb maker right, noble, is born into this world, knowing how to make a bomb, but what you do who is, if you want to take on dirty deed as a hobby. While you learn and you home that skill in you learn how to make better bombs, more sophisticated bombs, more undetectable bombs and so on and so forth and you you learn that skill and this, Can be the same situation where anthony underscore shots, and it might be annoying to hear me keep saying underscore. But as you point you ve seen anthony underscore shot at times, I have also seen. Anthony shots, with no underscore an kind of annoyingly keeps saying that, because that is specifically what the india State police is asking for so you may have a situation here where you take any. take any manufacturing.
Situation or creative situation. Some people are better at certain task in certain have different abilities than others right, so could you have a situation where somebody is really good at setting up creating a fictitious account, but another individual I'll another. Unfortunately, like minded individual, might be very good at setting them up, but is really good at doing the communication part, the back and forth of. Perhaps walking and tricky these people into getting what they want from that go yeah just because you post a couple pictures of cars on mine and discuss not your cars, but cars that your claiming are yours, houses that you claim are yours or pictures that you claim are of. You
that doesn't mean that you gonna be out to carry on a conversation, but I would also say in this day and age, which I I do believe is pretty sad as we got in and too situation where it doesn't a lot of commerce. asian or a lot of getting to know somebody before people start exchange in these types of picture, Now what I sent you through your phone, which I don't know. If you see this, this is a post that libby posted and was light by this the underscore shots account now screen shot. I have next to anthony underscore shots account normal I would say, follow, but this says requested, so I'm guessing who ever got this in nation and posted on mine requested to fall. anthony, underscore shots on mine, and I think is that monday, when the information came out, some of my
horses were saying that if you went and found these hounds online, whether routes through, I believe, is mainly through instagram, where the number of followers- was changing- sometimes increasing some trap times decree seen almost meaning that summit. Using their cow either to add p board delete people, but there was deafening people. at once, they heard this information. They try to find these accounts and then try to request to follow them. So they could get more. Information from the profile and one of the people that reach out to me almost immediately- and this was first thing tuesday m after this, is, while we're still waiting we ve just The police are looking for information on anthony shots. We don't have any of the keegan anthony klein information at this time when I, when I first get this message, but re came melissa Lee the host of the victim ology podcast, who had
delphi discussion with us here in epoch. Three. Ninety five on true crime garage delphi murders discussion was the title of that episode. And she reached out and said: hey what do you make of this, this new information and what the police are requesting and we traded some, of our reactions in in shared our reactions in some of our thoughts there. But she point Now to me- and yes, I did receive your your your picture here captain and I'm looking at it, I'm I'm not the best to make heads or tails and of these sort of things for social media. But she passed along something to me and one thing that she has done really well in her room. search of the delphi case over the years is she's very good it s. Collecting information in saving certain, things along the way, so one thing that she saved a this is a facebook post from from a facebook ruben,
two thousand and seventeen the militia says it's pretty strange, it's on par with what detectives are asking for now see below, and she sent me a picture of it, and it says liberty, german and abigail Williams case discussion a person on their own leave their name out of it. On february twenty six of two thousand and seventeen posted to the group ok, I'm weirded out. This is probably the sign that I'm paying too much attention to this case, but I went liberties instagram yesterday and noticed that a rule, striking lee attractive teenager had liked a couple of her post. I back searched his profile and it was of an old photo of a male model, not a real person, as he was claiming to be but he claimed to have just move to lafayette his profile,
private and atypical fishing profile. But he only had fifty followers today, likes from him are gone and either his name is changed or his or sorry. He deleted his profile and this poster goes on to say, I'm sure the fbi has already read all of social networking in our actions, but I just really wish I'd saved his profile aim or emailed it to the sheriff, so that was really interesting to see. That was something that she collected back from two thousand and seventeen. The other thing I would like to discuss- and I don't see it the people discussing it on line in the discussion and all that stuff is when law enforcement came out and said, hey look. We information of this proverb,
posted a love of pictures of this basically fake id said it's out at some they know it's unknown male model profile that somebody was taking the the picture. From that profile than using them for the anthony underscore shots account. But what was also in arresting and that group are they shared now. I dont know if there does share every single picture that was on that profile or has been linked to that profile. But there's again a handful of This male model some where he has a shirt on. Sometimes he has a shirt off and then there's other pictures, some being of sports cars, and then one picture bein money now. The reason why brain up these pictures is because I don't find it that they share them, but I think me
they share them khazar like is there something were missing from these pictures, meaning I can have a fake profile, and, let's say my fate profile. I'm using ac slater as my pictures, but if I a picture of my stack of money. I can still posts that if I take a picture of a real words card that I'm seen in real life, I can post that. So just because the profile as fake doesn't mean all the pictures are fake right- and I wonder if that's why I mean the stag is you know it's a large sum of money, but that doesn't mean it's impossible that it's not coming directly from klein or Whoever choosing this account the other interesting, then, is there's a lot of pictures.
Klein's fathers, facebook, fancy sports cars. So I think that's, maybe one of the reasons why they posted those, because some of those pictures actually could be real. and then maybe they're wandering, does somebody that knows Klein or knows people in his circle have they seen these pictures used on us social media profiles is again, I think it's open, ended and that's how you want to leave this thing if you're, really, okay, so it's kind of its kind of funny n n please here the sarcasm in my voice, but what no is klein, was using a fake profile to be able to connect with under age girls, so he was cat fishing them now. We have the indiana state police who are openly fishing for information about klein. An this proof this online profile and so yeah
you could certainly have a situation where somebody is using real actual photos. I think what you're doing here, though, captain is got a return to the idea of every time. You're asking the public for information. You want it to be very and ended. You don't want to close any doors, because you don't want somebody out there that might hold the key the key information that you're looking for to go, you know what well it's nothing I I need a report. This is it. This is nothing it's a waste of their time. It's a waste, my time you're, throwing, all the pictures that were associated with this profile because hoping to jog someone's memory right. We are told by I, the indiana state police that they know that the profile was being used from two thousand. Sixteen to two thousand seventeen will add up. That's a kick in the got right there that time frame, because we know the girls were killed in two thousand and seventeen and so
what they are trying to do with these images. That day, klute in there and request for information. you're, trying to jog someone's memory that maybe maybe They don't remember the anthony shots, name but maybe one of these pictures right will awaken that memory or go, or maybe maybe did have some interaction with this person, maybe I did or or so and so showed me a picture. You know a friend girlfriend of mine, showed me a picture of somebody. She was chatting with online and maybe he's gonna forget, but now, image. I can talk to her and say: what do you still have? Any of that? Can we confer if it was that profile or not. The other thing It's really interesting to me here is just The way that the of the events have of unfolded, and we can get into you know that
frame of every thing later, but thing. That's really interesting to me is just given the fact that we know the profile which used. Two thousand and sixteen in two thousand and set in seventeen with the sole best of communicating with under age, girls pedophile right so. These under age girls, some of them may be adults by this time in two thousand and twenty one day, my be less afraid or less concerned about coming forward there, their adults. Now they may feel more comfortable saint. You know, we know that there are. Fortunately, rape as one of the most under reported crimes in this country and every other country out there and allow
But that is because of the the shame in the embarrassment and and all of that, that comes with that type of of crime and so? Here it's it's, it's not the same. Obviously, but it's you know, some he's been tricked and somebody and each girl, unfortunately probably did something or sent something that they really regret, ran that they would be afraid, to come forward with when their thirteen fourteen Fifteen years old because of mom and dad might get upset, or this could embarrass my family, or this could ruin my chances of getting it to a good college. I mean you can go on and on and on the reasons why not to come forward, but now that somebody has matured a little bit and there a little bit older, maybe they'll feel a little more comfortable coming lord and an all please no that this, regardless of what they tell us this does.
have direct implications in the libyan abbe murder investigation. Well, at the end of the day klein is tied to it or not whether at the end of the day, the anthony underscore shots profiles tied to it or not. It does have direct implications because we ve set it on the show how'd. He shows that we don't captain five hundred and thirty. Some so we probably set it on the show. Five hundred and thirty. Sometimes in these. investigations we obviously, are always looking for the person who committed the crime, but along the way, it is also very helpful to be checking often crossing often axing out names of people that did not commit the crime
for everything through crime check out true crime garage come I'll I'll be posting. The pictures that we have talked about are the photos we ve talked about on our social media, instagram, twitter and facebook True crime garage joy. Back here in the garage tomorrow till then be good behind, the.
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