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Delphi Murders /// 543 /// Off The Record

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Delphi Murders /// 543 /// Off The Record


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This week we discuss the latest developments in the multi-agency investigation into the murders of Liberty German and Abigail Williams. The F.B.I., Indiana State Police, and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office NEED your help. Anyone with information regarding the murders of Libby and Abby or anyone who has had any contact with the online and social media profile name “Anthony_Shots” please email your tip information to abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com


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national annual average otto insurance savings by new customers surveyed in two thousand and nineteen potential savings will vary. Less, Twenty four hours after Indiana state police told us that they were looking for information on a social media account with the profile of anthony, underscore shots we learned that a man named Keegan Anthony klein was tied to that account and that's based off of indiana state court records Multiple and we reference a few different news outlets here- captain when we talked about this case yesterday,
so I'm a little hesitant to say who was first with the information, but multiple news outlets came forward on. Tuesday saying that we found information that identify fine, as the man authorities say was behind this account. His full name is key and anthony klein and according to heavy dot com. He has ties to the marijuana and music businesses key incline. Is indiana musician and I'm using air quotes their captain and a. nevada, casino table dealer who was behind the cat fish social All media account anthony underscore shots. This man would have been about twenty two twenty three years old, when the two girls were murdered back in two thousand and seventeen. Now, according to court records
They state of indiana his date of birth is made twenty seven nineteen, ninety four and at time, and I say at the time I mean at the time of the murders we have him living roughly forty one miles from the moaning huh a bridge and he was living his father in Peru, indiana or maybe can dive more into who this scumbag is yes to be clear here? Police have not officially accused key incline of involvement in the delphi murders case, but we can see why everybody would be speculating as such, now. The reason why say air quotes earlier captain when we talk about or of website saying that this individual is a indiana musician or a nevada casino too bold dealer. That's because one thing we do
you know about this individual. He created a fake account with I mean everything about that, account is fake. We did so yesterday. Maybe some of the pictures could be real run, I kind of doubt it, but at one I actually lean towards that. The car photos might actually be real. line in his father, they see to be car enthusiasm and they have pictures of themselves with cars somewhere to the kind of cars that are in this and these it, is right and one experience that I would recommend to everybody out there and listener land. If you ever get the chance the opportunity to do so. There are ways that can rent the car of your job seems like an hour or two hours or three hours. If you, if you get the chance to that do all that might be what these guys did, maybe or who. Now maybe they own some high and cars. I dont know enough about them other than what I was able. Dig up in the last. Seventy two
alright curled bawler parents, but when I say air quotes again, I wanted to reiterate the whole idea that this guy created a completely fake persona paint with the party of trying to chat with under age girls, so really any thing about him that he puts out there on the internet or on his actual facebook account or you know any of you is social media, where he's using his own name would be very difficult to believe right. because these liar that's In some of these things he saying like not only is a musician but he's played with bands of herb asshole names. You know hip hop groups in rock bands and names it he did that people would be familiar. with he saying that his album is coming out at the end of the month and that here going on tour or he's playing
concerts in las vegas and that he and friend own, a marrow a delivery business, and yet you know so what is odd to me? Is it some of this fact So in some of the things that we see in the fake profile see. of carried over to his online profiles, where he's using his real name klein, is using this male models photos, so he can get access to whether its conversations, videos or or pictures of minors. I dont know what age he's claim to be an these profiles, I'll think it mattered. I think at the end of the day, I think this. I think that his thought process was this. Male model is, hot enough and with the cars and the money. This will get my foot in the door and probably what he was doing with scorn around two people
area searching away. to find girls under age girls. I want to make that very clear. Under age, girls within area- maybe it's a hundred mile radius, who knows because then maybe there's a chance to meet up mercies, creeps. We watch like the ticket predator show it's always starting with online conversation and then it escalates from there but think about this way. Ok, some of that stuff worked on this fake profile. So if I do, it my real profile, they already know what I look like right and under is real profile. He shows a lot of different pictures again of may
some kind of life, but the lifestyle that he's not actually living right. I mean pictures of happy birthday to myself with pictures of bottles, expensive bottles of champagne and what appear to be an expensive restaurant, expensive my pie and sweet eta at a high and hotel and again that he be he s a picture of his pants down sit in a computer and his father's basement. That's not gonna get the ladys so from some of his. This is from Keegan Anthony klein's fee, Spock paused again according to heavy dot com, says that his profile picture is an almost photo showing him smoking. His other photos are mostly stock photos, graphics or pictures of concerts. His page gives the following information about him. Listen to this very impressive reza. May here captain he's a bit
this owner slash engineer at area the two marijuana delivery area. Fifty one was taken: the island, That is a he's an engineer. This guy looks like he couldn't organise a two car parade. While the thing is it a devilish doesn't know how to comas own hair. It says that he was a one time: armed security guard at lockheed, Martin, a former armed security. At national park service he's a former table games dealer at win, loss I guess that's one of the year that used to be a high fullerton, hotel and casino in vegas. I don't know where it stands today. Will you look like shit Klein? He was a former bail agent at vegas bail, a bail bonds, las vegas he's a former table games. Healer at california, hotel in casino he stuck. that you and I'll be sky so fully shared, went
You louis cas junior senior high school, and I know what that means. Maybe it's louis cas high school when he's he's clarifying that he was therefore junior and senior year. He lives in colorado. He lives in his that's how he is from Galveston Indiana. These in a relationship with his hand, the page klein, moved who spoke in washington in two thousand and nine those guys. So a fool of this malarkey he's a pieces. There was also another facebook group that thought that recognize that name, and that may be he was communicating and talking with people.
On mine again, we ve had law enforcement come out and say in the two thousand. Nineteen press conference are also set multiple times that they believe this individual has talked about the case and and has been online talking about the case, and they have also stated that the more they monitor a lot of of the chat rooms and I mean just like our blog page- a guarantee of somebody's gonna at some point, go to our page and go through the blog comments and see what people are posting yes and is. It is a crazy of me to say that I did that. The other day where I went through just a double check quickly that we had no anthony shots than had ever posted because Look it be completely dumb. If somebody anthony shots posted in the last week. Right, I'm not. I was born yesterday thousand years ago yesterday, according to my birth certificate, but-
I wanted to go back and check, especially from may of two thousand and seventeen. You know when we first started talking about the case to make sure we didn't have anything that was similar. To that that monaker heavy dot com really did a good job on on some other digging here with this individual. They state here that he posted on twitter several times in the days after the delphi murders, but the links are currently dead and then they state that people in is really kind of underlining what you were saying here. Captain it says people posting any true crime page devote to the delphi murders on facebook say so one using and anthony underscore shots page photo posted in the group in the past, it further on heavy dot com and not heavy loser, pedophile dotcom. Why? I wonder if we
dive into this affidavit, because I'm also hearing things from different sources light won the day after. Please initially release the down the hill audio clip that supposedly klein then took one of his cell phones and reset it did like a factory reset. Yes, so Let's definitely get into that before we do so. Let me wrap this portion up here, captain with some more information from this heavy dot com article there stating that the instagram page used by anthony underscore shots is still active, but the account is privatized, saying that the page says it has eleven post, seventy seven followers and was following three hundred and four three. I don't know exactly what this means, but this is no account. Follow me. Alaska, born indiana, raised travel, live EL, and why
You know, Ella in new york, business travel again just paying the picture of something that that is truly truly is not now getting into the affidavit itself. This is a probable cause, avid David end. It states that on February twenty fifth, two thousand and seventeen, the indiana state police and federal bureau, of investigation executed, a search warrant this, while working a another indiana state police case, the f b. I sent information to the I s, p, cyber crime, junot that an adult male was soliciting fee. They'll juveniles, utilizing these social media platforms, snap chat and instagram the
male was using the username anthony underscore shots subpoenas were sent to instagram and snapchat for the eighth, any shots account information, they instagram and stamp chat returns, provided com cast ip addresses, a subpoena was sent to comcast for the ip addresses associated with the anthem. He underscore shots account and they returned and address to law enforcement. The instagram subpoena advised the anthony shots, account was registered on July twentieth, two thousand and sixteen and the snapchat return advised the account was registered on July, fourteenth two thousand
on February 25th, two thousand and seventeen at approximately one thousand two hundred and thirty p dot m. The search warrant was executed at the residence that was on the information that they received from comcast. when they show up to this address there is a mail there and his son there as well, and the son's name is listed on the affidavit as keegan Anthony, climb they're, both located in the residents, so their interview wing Al Qaeda speed this along because it's a rather long court document. That's what she said there interviewing both of these males and smartly. They want to immediately establish one thing: your internet using here? Is this a secured network? Guess you want to know that, while because you don't want them later saying well, you know somebody could been hacking into our internet or you know the year the people that live across
free. They been using our internet for months, so it's a secured network and later they will confirm that the devices used that were using that anthem underscore shots account we're all devices that would require some one to you know, there's a security password just like have on your phone or your ipad, meaning Not only is this just a secured network, but on top of it, these devices, not everybody. In their brother has access to them. Only people that the password or the pass co. are able to access the device that was using. Their account makes sense. So far will ya. We been fall in this case for five years, but yes, once we get to this point, it seeing
you might have true wine a couple times to get all pick up. All the pieces that were put in down so he's read his room. Aids? And when I say he I mean this keegan character, ship bag, correct amano, he's, read his rights and he's interviewed and ask questions about the account. The anthony underscore shots account and profile. Initially, of course, he said You know, I do it. I do I don't know anything about it, he's denying that he created the faint social media accounts. Eventually he admits to creating the profile and admits to speaking to under age girls. Keegan, told investigators. He created the accounts approximately six months ago. Ok, he's being interviewed february, twenty fifth, two thousand and seventeen
by his own admission, he created the accounts approximately six months ago. From the time of that questioning keegan stated, he talks to girls. He knows personally, and girls, he doesn't know per head slowly to candia, let that set in for a minute. Let that kind of simmer for a little bit and let your mind wonder, he said he uses the account or accounts to tee, two girls. They he knows personally and girls that he doesn't know personally which makes me wonder how would he be connected to abbe or Libby, and we haven't seen that yet maybe somebody's uncovered that. But I have not seen that from any. My sources lay us had other than the fact that this profile at some point liked a picture
Libby posted. I wanted to make sure that I repeated that line that were klein's. Own words because to me that, for We describes and gives me a fool understanding of what kind of piece of shit predator this guy is he used the account to speak with girls that he knows personally and girls that he does not know, meaning he had under age girls, that he knew their names he had spoke to at some point any like. You know what all that that little girls q org look in or whatever the sick twisted brain, he has between his ears is tell him but I think, I'll use that account to speak with her specifically right I'll use that to talk to the girl,
Did my friends little sister or somebody that he actually knows- is an under age person. This guy's a creep not like yours, I pedophile right, it's not like some loose or that creates a profile and then just happens to get under age. Girls it like his profile or like one of his pictures, and then a conversation starts organically What size is a guy that purposely created it for the purpose of speaking to under age girls? So much so that he even initiated conversation with under age, girls that he knew personally guy in jail. Right now, he's on bond. He's been there, while maybe they're protect him right now but individually. This is not going to be protected in prison. He will get What's coming to him? Well, yeah he's not going anywhere he's he's awaiting these this trial. You know they have
I believe, ten years for the statute, limitations on these charges, so you know that they don't have to be rushed to put together their case against this end. It all now keegan goes on. It goes on in the appetite of it to state again. This is from their interview with him. After he's been made aware of his rights, he stated that if a guy told him she was sixteen or under he wouldn't care, and he would still talk to them. Now, oh creeper, when you re court documents, you have to understand, first of all that everything that they stay in these are our always very matter of fact, right, there's, no really like flame thrown in their there's no story there it's just this is what was said. This is what, admitted to an it's kind of cut and dried right, but we know you- and I have to know how these things go down this this ball of disgusted
just sit down and tell you if they told me they were under sixteen. I just kept the conversation flow and now that's how it goes. What happens if you look, I can see some of the people that you ve been talking to on here. These girls don't appear meta be eighteen, or eighteen or twenty warner. Twenty two, you know close to your age Keegan these appear to me too be. Was there any choice, you were talking to any girls over seventeen? You know. Maybe there were just under eighteen well, he starts to admit that it is having a man here yet start thrown in the questions of gone, you know a lot of states. Sixteen is kind of the cut off of consent. Did you talk to anybody that was six? well yeah. They told me they were sixteen. I guess I didn't really care. I kept the conversation, gone and axing. You know you have him admitting to speaking two girls that are under the age of
Sixteen, eventually, he admits to india, state police that the girls that he was talking to ranged in age from fifteen to seventeen years old He said that he knew their ages because was one of the things they discussed during their relations together. These creeps want to know the age, because that's what they get off on their often want to know the location of these girls as well. Even if they have no our desire to ever meet them because it's it's a part of the fantasy for them and so what we have here, that's very interesting to me, is the best we can get this. This individual to admit to is talking to girls, it were fifteen to seventeen years old. Well, that's is at a little convenient if he had any kind of conversations with abbe or libby that he wasn't willing to go near the
ages of thirteen or fourteen in his what what he's willing to admit to police whatever he's willing to admit the police does not mean that that's what it is actions were limited to know. No. We cannot believe for a second that this turd ever admitted to everything that he's actually guilty, but does that you said he is a hard time of being completely proof who, on a vague profiles, his own profile. So so, why would we think that he's gonna be a hundred percent honest with law enforcement once he's arrested. They affidavit goes on to state the king and told investigators he finds girls on instagram and then tells them to talk to him on Snapchat keegan admitted to speaking to approximately fifteen girls that were under age and advised he probably received pictures from every one of them. He advised he saved
Pictures to his gallery during his interview, key and stated he was fucked and he should have left again. There is no real story here, it's just a matter of fact, but when he says he should have left these basically saying here left the area should have jumped off a bridge. This is really interesting, he's being interviewed on February twenty fifth. Now again, it may have nothing to do with him being directly involved in the the homicides but knows he's up the no good. Now he said you're getting busted and he saying you know I should have left and king goes on to say that he packed another bag and took it to las Vegas. Now, there's
throughout this affidavit than are rejected and, at times heavily reacted. So the story gets a little vague here. He says that he returned from las vegas on february, twenty fifth, two thousand and seventeen, so oh man Ah, thank my lucky stars. This unlucky, bastard the day that he gets back, is the same day that they show up on his front porch with the with a search warrant and want to talk him about anthony underscore shots. Oh I love it. He stated he was going to leave. This is when it gets really really question marcie here, captain he said that he was going to leave when his dad was asleep key untold investigators at the main phone he uses was a white iphone. Five c c is for cocksucker, so
after this interview, he is polygraph at the peru state police post, he spoke with at length about this incident and the case and again that's the case against him. There's nothing in air to say that they were asking him questions directly about delphi double homicides, but you have to believe right captain with it just being the week before. You know what are we about twelve days eleven days after their found, murdered in the woods, and you got this creep sitting across the table from you. You have to believe that there are some questions that you're about double homicide that your peppering in throughout the course of your interview with this guy. It goes on to say, Keegan again admitted to reading, the fake anthony shots profiles and, speaking to under age girls, he told the officer interviewing him that he knew their ages because he told them they told
How old he was they were. I apologize keegan stated. He received approximately one hundred sexual pictures from under age. Girls keegan described sexual pictures as bear breast vaginas, buts and girls, and brawls and panties can also advised he received approximately twenty videos of under age girls masturbate and stated that he would masturbate to the pictures and videos that they sent him, and he also communicated this to the girls who were sending him pictures and video woe since he likes flick, chiefly he so much. We should this super glue his hand to his cock bore the purpose of that account and those fake accounts and profiles right. It they're stating in this affidavit they keegan under questioning and after pressured by law enforcement, is openly admitting. I specifically used those accounts and profiles to talk to under age. Girls.
It seems, like that's, a mean quite a bit of activity that was going on in regard to that that profile. Then the affidavit goes on to list multiple devices that were collected inside the home and residents that were involved in these different discussions and in a pictures and videos received, and things like that over the course of that roughly six month time period, which again would be from July, two thousand and sixteen to basically when busted in February two thousand and seventy
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What they said last week well and let's get into those responses here in a bit, because there have been three official responses in the last couple days and again, one today, as you just stated, but you brought up something earlier than is interesting to me and something I definitely want to circle back around two before we wrap up here today. captain- and that was- was some speculation out there right right it that one of the devices that was collected or sought after by law enforcement that belong to to kick inclined that it was erased or scrub clean, and this all kind of occur right around the same time that the cell phone image, a bridge guy, was released to the public and
audio of bridge guy was released to the public. So quick, we're view of those dates here, on February fifteenth, two thousand and seventeen, we have the picture of bridge guy the still image. That is where at least two The public- and initially there saying this is somebody we want to talk to. He could be a witness right that very smart by long where's meant to throw that out their kind of almost cat fishing. The suspect themselves we're looking for this guy to come forward, and tell us what he saw he's not really suspect. We just want to know what he saw and then eventually that will transform and more fun to this guy's, a suspect and probably then, that the murder one week later on. The twenty second is when we get the audio that comes out down the hill down the hill down the hill, and sorry I'm only laughing, because I've seen some people posted. Why would the? Why would the suspects aid
the hill down the hill down the hill. Well, that's a loop. There was created by law enforcement because they wanted everybody to hear what the suspect saying right, right? Ok, so we do have information on win. This device was kind of scrub clean and it's very entered Think here now there were, there were more pulled devices vices were collected when he admitted to what he was up to and then you know, police already knew what it was up to, but he admits to it in the interviews finally and their basically anything that communicate with anybody in the outside world is something that they want to collect from that home and that residence, because they want to do the digital forensics. On these items, I can go through a list of those items if
you like captain. Yes, I assure you there were multiple devices that were collected. Some of these are, I phones, samsung products, there's a samsung galaxy s five, my guess is that he's I get asked for next book premium tablet beyond my guess. Is that he's getting some decent phones or tablets, but they're, just older and then use in those as like burner, counts? Well, and I also want to one of throw some speculation out there. The little colonel speculation here that my belief would be that they collected any kind of electronic devices founded the whole what's listed on the affidavit appears to me to be only the items listed. Are only the items that they found inside that home that contained illegal activity of evidentiary value to the charge is dead
Incline would later face right now, there's one item in particular. There is interesting in regard to what we're talking about earlier and says this is an iphone five c and it says this fund was named. You know you have to name your devices like thereupon up a pat are your best friend or something. This phone was named kragans phone and was the when he turned into indiana state police think about ever. Second, he willingly turns this phone into indiana state place. It's almost kind of like either really hit this one very well or somehow. You guys missed it in the chaos, but I've already they do something. So here's here's an act of of good On my behalf, me per heading to you. I don't have anything else to hide, so here's this phone, that you guys you guys either mister or failed to collect for any number of reasons
and I didn't see that he had charges of this nature before these charges now so What what's weird here. Is that keep in mind they're going to talk to him about their suspicions on you are a twenty fifth two thousand and seventeen he's. actually charged with anything for my understanding until august nineteenth of twenty twenty back to their iphone five c This is the one he turns into. I s p this phone was last utilised on approximately February twenty seven two thousand and seventeen keegan would have been twenty two years old. At this time the device was secured with a pin. Code. There were numerous user names and email dresses located on the device. The user of this device used. Facebook instagram meet me snapchat aunt Ok, so we have indiana state police telling us
we want to know if you spoke with and anthony underscore shots profile at any time on snapchat or instagram, but not limited to don't limit yourself because we know based off of this affidavit. He was using other means of contacting these young girls, so this device use facebook instagram meet me snapchat and twitter. I do want to throw this out in case. It helps to jog anyone's memory. Adding captain your you know these things better than I do so. I, if I say anything wrong, hopefully you'll correct me here kick messenger is something that he was using two. I saw that on several device law back to work you're, saying well things he was doing his alice go from the platform instagram? Where, if you sent me a picture
in the dams, it will stay there forever or at this time to those seventeen. What of so? If I take you over stamp chatting, you send me a picture or disappear unless I screen shot it. But if I do screenshot the picture you'll know that I did he's covering. Tracks a little bit and according to this here, no no he's not coverings tracks he's in them on a platform to make them feel more at ease well, if you send me a picture with your shirt off, it will disappear. So the issue arms aim. Now I get it I, but I think it's kind of two fold. It is helping everything that he wants to do. I e he once did not only put them at ease, so he can get from them what he wants, but at the same time, he's not he's not so dumb. That he doesn't understand that there is a quote: unquote paper trail right, so it's also a way of its carrying
on the communication, the conversation like you're saying, but it's also in a way kind of moving it elsewhere, its existing a little one I also wonder because he had some ideas, knowledge of the stick, ology did you have a way of saving those pictures? People were sending to him without having them be notified yeah. That's that a good question and it seems likely. We know that he was saving the images and the videos per what he told were admitted to india state police. The kick this is what I found here: roquat kick as a cross platform, location used for communicating with friends in group, chats or direct messages. Initially kick looks like any other instant messaging service, sign up using an email address and password negate the need for a phone number. Okay, so back to this portion of this iphone five see that he turns into Indiana
police. They know that he was using this device on facebook. Instagram meet me snapchat and twitter to communicate or chat. Much of this dad from these applications was deleted from the device. The examination found, multiple still images saved to the device that depicted females, posing nude, partially nude and or clothe the ages of the females were indeterminate or indeterminate, sir, on approximately february twenty seven to two thousand seventeen at zero nine, forty eight hours. So, since nine forty eight in the morning indiana time they use, cleared or deleted the safari web browser history and website data from this device during the examination some information was recovered, while looking over the general forensics examination report. The officers noticed that the
user of this cell phone deleted, multiple items off of the phone before turning it into law enforcement of february twenty fifth, two thousand seventeen, the search warrant was served on klein's resin. it's an keegan was interviewed in polygraph on February twenty seventh, two thousand seven, in keegan called the indiana state police to turn in that iphone five, but they have some of the day. some more detailed information here saying that the digital forensics examination report shows at approximately nine nineteen p m, the user, of the iphone five c started to uninstall and delete apps from the phone, the you or uninstall and deleted snapchat at that time, at nine nineteen p m at approximately ten four Jeanne p m, the user uninstall and deleted instagram from the foam on the twenty sixth, at approximately one,
twelve p m the user uninstall and deleted meet me from the phone, the user put snapchat back on the device and on february, twenty seventh, two thousand seventeen at approximately one, twenty eight p m, the user. Again, stalled in deleted, snapchat from the phone keegan does admit to using these applications to chat with under age? Girls are evidence contained in these applications were destroyed when they use the leading them from the device before turning it into law enforcement. What I was saying after break was sources of mine saying that there will be new information that came out this week, so you you had they. The bomb drop of theirs is profile, anthony underscore shots than you have that neither bomb drop of saying, while this guy has already been arrested. So what information are they actually looking at and then
the question is: is it connected delphi? And so then we did have a response from indiana state police yesterday. Why? Actually they started responding to the keegan Anthony klein information within our of that information coming out right on our public, so regionally their first response was quote in and a state police do not confirm or deny any one who is or is not a suspect in any ongoing investigation. At this time we are looking for any information about the then he underscore shots profile and anyone who may have had contact with that profile. The case that you are referring to a separate child pornography case, and I quote that came from Indiana state police spokesperson, so oh I'm guessing here right!
This is in direct regard to questions about keegan anthony climb, and so when they say the case that you are right, owing to is a separate child pornography case again, though, that not necessarily mean that keegan end. decline has no involvement with the delphi case brain there simply saying that's a separate case. Those are separate charges stemming from separate criminal acts and he's already been charged in that regard, and now he's awaiting trial and you're right captain. Everybody is saying that we're supposed to be in some new information from indiana state police. Some tea this week and we here in the garage or desperately. You know, google searching refreshing our devices and in an tap computer and smack into the side. They make sure that its working, hoping you know too too
see some kind of new information and we're we're recording this Harry early on tuesday morning and want to make sure that if, anything comes out between now and the time that we hit stop that we are passing that along to you, but just note that, if anything comes out, after we leave the garage here today. Will that's gonna be new and Formation to us as well on december thirteenth. So yesterday we have the indiana state police, offering up a look into the discussion to publicly requested information about anthony shots. So their response to that- and this is a better response- little more informative here
with with some different information. It says the indiana state police has received many media inquiry. Sense are december, sixth, press release concerning anthony shots and eventually the identification of key can climb. Your questions are sir the relevant as they relate to a long, complex, an extremely complicated murder and. Negation. During the last nearly five years, we have conducted dozens of secondary investigations based on information. We received one of those investigations included a possession of child pornography case, resulting in the arrest of key can climb. The information we had have and contain
to receive concerning klein, has ebb and flowed over these last few years. We understand there was a period of time that pass between two thousand and seventeen and twenty twenty when klein was not arrested and incarcerated for possession of child pornography. Once the indiana state police presented the criminal case to the miami county prosecutor in june of two thousand and twenty a meal Action was taken by both the indian state police and the miami county prosecutor's office, which ultimately resulted inclines arrest. Like so many other pieces of this investigation, we will always were view, learn from and make any necessary adjustments Do not believe that any person has done anything intentionally wrong, but we will continue to critically evaluate our efforts
we know there is enormous interest in the. Why of everything we do, but we cannot and will not speculate one day. You will have the opportunity to see and know what we do and we look forward to that day. Yeah, it's understand, a boy think that the community at large goes goes ianu, alatas information in two thousand, seventeen wire charges being brought about right away. But again sometimes this stuff is becomes a little more tricky because specially when you have a online profile, you have to have proof that this individual is using them. it doesn't make sense and because they have, I create a profile. Like I mean, look at our twitter account. I dont know if you have ever been on the twitter account but that's one of my jobs for the show is I I let people know
bower were doing I posed about when we have new items in the website store posts when there's do episodes, but if they know that account was doing something now they have to prove that I'm the individual that day use that account. Was it you or somewhere else? I was linked. One of us. Yes, that's correct, but situation. What we have here is what you know. We believe that that I mean just all the information that we just reviewed. They know that it was a calm cast network within ip address, coming from a residence that was using that profile, they confiscated several devices that was using that profile. and then in the course of a of a sworn in, I'm sorry, not sworn in, but miranda ized interview with key
then incline he's telling you? Yes, I use those devices and I use that account and I used it for criminal activity, as in this case they got a confession bombs in the case where they wouldn't get a confession. It's very hard to prove. I still question the delay in the charges and I question it because of some that. Then I stated earlier. The the predator that this type is that this guy is Openly admitting during questioning He used the account and to communicate with under age that he knew personally one these guys, don't stop. No, they don't stop. In some of em elevate Some of em graduate for a lack of better term into more pain, activity and more into into some actual violent. I remember how he had a couple devices that using hey police- he forgot about these once I forgot about them, so you do.
no bottom surinam term, and I wonder some level of cooperation, going on with klein and law enforcement, and maybe they thought more people possibly were connected, and maybe there were training use, klein, amended, there's so much stuff behind the scenes that we might not know, or it could just be look cove. It really stopped a lot. A lot of gains from progressing court hearings, possible charges, and then we see he's in prayer and for almost a year There were just today right when we hit record. They start posting that the the coordinates being changed, because the plea deal
Talks have ended yeah, so what we have here is, I guess this is one thing that's interesting to you wonder, is all of this coming out within the past week, because he was due in court. This they re and then the hearing has been rescheduled because of everything that came out in the last week, or so. The hearing has been rescheduled four february, twenty fourth, two thousand and twenty two and the job also set the trial to begin on. May ninth- twenty twenty two, but what this tells me as they were china plead the or something is it please deal this and confessed to the delphi. Murders were what that. What was the negotiation Is it please deal down this in turn in some way that he knows was using this profile? I don't know, there's something else going on.
Here, in my opinion, and now I understand the the wheel- of justice are slow, my friend, but you know, and there's been out the goals along the way we can say sitting here late, twenty twenty one, looking back, but we didn't have cove in february of twenty seven even when they first spoke with this creep when he admitted to it. When they devices with evidentiary value on them in his residence in his possession it if covert, slowed leaping down, didn't start sawing anything down until early last year, and It looks to me like yes, I I m an ingredients with with your speculation, their captain. I think that there was there is some cooperation on his behalf, and you just wonder.
Where they using that for something or did they dropped the ball I mean they could have just simply dropped the all on this guy because they had bigger fish to fry right. They have that have the largest murder investigation going on in the state of indiana? At the same time, unlike weave reported before whether say over thirty thousand tips might be up to forty
thousand at this point, but again I'm with you lake Logan. Maybe it's a slip up, but it's like these creeps need to be locked away. Do not hesitate if you have a young daughter or young son, do not hesitate to know what's happening with them on social media, because little simple things about like may be. Yours is really handsome guidance or theirs is really handsome kid. That's following your daughter and he's only posted to pictures, and he doesn't really follow anybody, but his chin in her up like little things. That would seem like easy red flags, adults, neither be adults and make sure specially with every kid havin a cell phone in their pocket. That's a gateway to these predators and I wish we could douse all their genitals and and gasoline and light them on fire
put him out with shovels. I don't always give my wishes in this world. Well, it's. The truth of the matter is that the the coming of age discussions from no parent the sit down talk with parent and child has certainly changed right. The stranger danger conversation has changed its different today, then the warnings that you would get in the eighties Andy's and then they coming of age. You know you're becoming a teenager, and you know you am I You might end up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend nerve. You know, or a robot there's there's things going on in your little teenage world or you're young adult world. That's me. my dad or both need to sit down have a conversation with johnny little Deborah about in now. It needs to include the dangers of social media and trading compromising photos or regretful video or anything like that. Then you know that we need to teach arch
and our young adults that there are predator and there are not just out driving around or looking to prey on someone. An seedy bars they are finding their way into our homes via cell phones, electronics, computers in what have you, and so with this keegan klein situ asian again, is it to me. It looks like we have a couple of different probabilities here either of either the ball was dropped, and we're getting these charges later in the game. Then all of the community of indiana everywhere else would like, because I have, I have things showing me that this guy was travelling to las vegas into florida.
during the times between two thousand seventeen and twenty twenty, when he was officially arrested in jail. What I'm sure that they mean a love was has figure out if he was actually travelling, the time of the murderers or if he was actually as fathers house, so you got communities everywhere, all for the map that may have had this predator the town at some point, and so I wonder it's either they dropped the ball or their working. Some kind of angle here and using him because maybe he was cooperative, we know in the drug trade that they're always looking for the bigger fish and you use the smaller fish to get to that big big fish. That's what I wonder. I fully believe that the press conference in two thousand eighteen there were talk into individual, not a fictitious individual, and so I believe,
that when there were saying look to the killer, but we know who you are basically, but we were just having gotcha slip up yet we just or have enough that we have enough to charge a, but maybe not enough to convict you, and so I go off their information and that this anti he shot stuff, it makes me wonder, is whoever their target man two thousand nineteen connected to this, and so they were trying to get to that person through klein to me lie this information doesn't clear much up at all. It is eggs, everything a little more confusing and what we might end up here with captain is it February twenty? Fourth of twenty twenty two? I would expect some more answers, possibly coming out in the delta, case as well, because that's when we have the hearing that is scheduled for Keegan Klein, so I'm hoping
then, some of the rumours that that you have heard- and then I have heard- might be true- that this is kind of the tip of the iceberg here. And we're about to seal a lot of stuff going down now. That sounds hopeful to me, but I also want to the size of that could mean something completely different. It could mean that about to see a lot of of internet bust right. A lot of these different types of predators that are similar to key and anthony Klein there were about to see the tipp of the item. We ve just seen the tip of the iceberg and we're about to get a whole bunch of other people that were preying on victims in the same manner that he was and that there is no real direct connection to the delphi case. I have my suspicions and I think that that there is a good, a good chance that we are going to get some more delphi stuff and I'm
hoping that it sooner than later, obviously, and so oh buddy, for my understanding, has been given detailed information of what to expect now. What what we do know is it they law enforcement will posture at times and they will take the approach of well. Let's let's give em just enough to push him off for now in, and we can always visit this later. If we need to give, more information and maybe their response of well. There will be more information next week. They are saying this last week that be more information coming out next week. Well, what did they know at the time that we didn't know at the time? Keegan anthony klein hat was due in court this thursday brain, so even if they didn't release a direct statement in regard to this this matter, then there would be some new information at the very least this thursday, because there was a scheduled hearing in the matter, well
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