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Delphi Murders /// A New Suspect /// Part 2 /// 487

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Delphi Murders /// A New Suspect /// Part 2 /// 487

Part 2 of 2


This week we continue our coverage of the Delphi Double Homicide investigation. Recently it was announced that the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office (who is the lead in this case) has investigators looking into James Brian Chadwell ii. Chadwell is a 42 year old Indiana man with a criminal history who is now on the radar due to his recent arrest in Lafayette. Chadwell was charged with an unrelated kidnapping and attempted murder of a young girl in April 2021.

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Alright, everybody gather around those who have washed gatt grab here, grab a chair grab beer. Let's talk some true crime Today, a forty two year old man remains behind bars, accused of kidnapping and attacking a nine year old girl found chained in his home is all are being investigated in connection with the murder of two eighth grade girls. Four years ago we spoke with some of his family man,
Who told us flat out he's evil he's a monster exactly? He is an absolute evil person he's talking about his own brother genes, well, who was accused of imprisoning a nine year old girl in his basement and is under investigation in the unsolved murders of teens, libby, german and Abby Williams in two thousand and seventeen. Do I think that he's capable of what kind of crime absolutely absolutely. He shall numerous times not only to his friends but his family as well, that he has that kind of evil streak to him. Chadwell stepfather also fears the forty two year old ex con may be the mysterious figure caught on libby cell phone approaching them on an abandoned train. Trestle in delphi indiana as Gabriel. Probably you know, and should they let him back out on the street and I'd ever throw the key away this time, chad wells brother ashley, says James.
to drown him when he was four years old is absolutely capable of killing someone, Chad, which has been in and out of Well, since he was a teenager also, just really don't like people dogs, his body is covered in tattoos. One across his chest says rebellious, but this is the tattoo. That's drawing a lot of attention today. Some see an uncanny resemblance to slain libby german, look at them side by side, his brother Says that's a relatively new tattoo. I really don't think that he had that tattoo when he got out of prison. This is a virtual. reality, reconstruction of the moment, Libby and Abby, were approached by the suspected killer. It was made by crime door and app which recreates the of notorious crimes. There's libby bravely capturing the ranger on her cell phone now, could investigators finally be closing in on an arrest that he should be locked up.
and never let loose again because he's a monster. The from the website f b, I dot gov under seeking information in the double homicide case that is known as the delphi murders. It says, on february thirteenth, two thousand and seventeen liberty, german age, fourteen and Abigail Williams, age. Thirteen were hiking on the delphi historic trail near the Monon high bridge east of delphi in carroll, county indiana,
liberty and Abigail were reported missing to police. After their parents were unable to locate them at the pick up, location volunteers subsequently discovered the girls bodies in the woods east of delphi and carol county indiana on the next day february. Fourteenth two thousand and seventeen investigators have distributed a photo of a person observed on the delphi, historic trail. The photo appears to depict a white male wearing blue jeans blue coat or jacket, and a hoodie during the course of the investigation. Evidence has led investigators to believe that the aforementioned person is suspect. Being involved in the murders of liberty and Abigail. The person depicted in the composite sketch is described as a white male between five foot, six inches tall and five foot ten inches
tall weighing one hundred and eighty to two hundred and twenty pounds with reddish brown hair, I call on known the suspect is believed to be between eighteen and forty years old, but may appear younger. You vast for people want to know bout this james Brian Chad, well, the second, the man who is most recently come into the question and into the fold of possibly being the delphi killer, the bridge guy. He was arrested on April nineteenth for adopting a nine year old girl and assaulting her inside his home while and yes just comes on our radar, but it seems to me that his name has at least appeared on the radar of the delphi murder case and, as said this man was arrested, but it was late last week mid to late
Last week where the new started coming out, that carroll county might be looking at this guy as a possible connection to the delphi homicides, a man, I got it, captain my inbox was filling up rapidly. Yes well, who wanted to know more about James Brian Chad, while the second wanted us to talk about him or demanded it's time once again for a delphi
Yes, probably the most messages we've ever received as far as breaking news, so we had to take the case that we we already had a research and ready to go and put that on the back burner to discuss this one. So I'm sure there's going to be a few items that maybe we haven't uncovered because we haven't had that long to dive into this individual. But what luck? We can figure out a couple things from what you just read: five thousand six hundred and twenty five ten does does James fit into that category. Yes, five hundred and eighty two the fit into that weight range, I would say by looking at his pictures, possibly so now we have two criteria
matt reddish brown hair. I think his hair could pass for that category in stiffly and the brown category I'll say that so now we got three other criteria as he lives or was living within fifteen miles of the murders. yeah, I was arrested in April of this year. The question then captain becomes where would he have been living in two thousand and seventeen there's some information that we discussed in the last episode in that we found when looking into this guy, that he essentially was living in or at least listed an address somewhere that he was in Peru right. Indiana at the time of the year of two thousand and seventeen. Now I'm showing it's about a third
de seven mile jaunt from Peru to delphi the interesting thing here, and I dont think that this has to do exactly with this gene chadwell character. But I remember from our previous coverage. We were talking about some of the search warrants that were issued from carroll county within days of them during the two girls brian, I remember us discussing, there was a search warrant that was issued for someone or a residence, at least in peru, indiana within days again, I dont think it it is directly tied to this James chadwell guy, but but a weird thing there yeah one of my sources says it says it is that the school is directly connected to him. Again, though, you hear these this misinformation all the time and there's a couple people that talk to la
Force meant in the delphi murders case early on. My do not want to state their names, but you know you but supposedly there is a connection between this chadwell and these individuals that new Abby and Libby and and that came forward with information They gave to law enforcement. Is that possibly why Chadwell was on their radar again, the stuff that we're going to bring up Does it mean anything it could mean everything our could mean nothing like James Brian Chad while seems to be an arrest it in hay, keen or bridges, and so is it possible that he was somebody that would visit delphi to go to their park to hike around. We also know that he has trespassing on his background. So, as is a he somebody that doesn't,
necessarily stay on the trails but rome's wherever he wants to again. They were murdered in a part of the park, though, was not open to the public, so allow different things, but when they talk to chad, wells family about the rest and the possible connection to delphi, both his father and his brothers had look, we think he's capable. Of murder- and I think that's pretty telling not only coming from the father but also the brother, but then you get again conflicting reports, because he has a lot of tattoos, some of these tattoos on his arm. They look of like almost like crying children. They have no eyes they just so that there's no there's no eyes. Ended in the tattoo drawings, and there is one: where is a tattoo
if a girl- and it looks like she's either her or her a cup running or possibly that she's bleeding from her eyes, and a lot of people think that this looks like libby from the delphi, yeah. We talked about on the previous show. People do in side by side of bridge guy and potential suspects and how that gun blown way out of proportion to and uncomfortable level, but I've seen side by side of libby, german and this tattoo to this on this despicable human beings arm and people saying hey. is this: a tattoo of libby, german and one person, even post someone explain this to please someone. That knows this.
Man who knows chadwell, please tell us who the girl on his arm is, if not libby german. Now, while couple things one I'll post that picture on her instagram look anytime, we cover case a lot of pictures from the case on our instagram or facebook, and you can find those on any of those platforms at true crime garage when I look at it again. It doesn't look unlike Libby german to me, but it also looks so. very plain and nondescript- that I don't know that we could say that it is her. The tattoo to me almost looks like up a character, of some type rat more rather than you, hey. I know The love of my life is julie, could you could you put? A picture of. You know, draw a picture of jolie on my arm, while this guys, you know, he's a deuce and luck, so he has as
these weird tattoos. Why would you put that on your body? Look I like tattoos. I think people should have the freedom to put whatever they want now draw a bunch of penises if you want and put it as tattoos all over your body. I I don't care about this. Becomes a little suspicious. Now the claims I heard was he had this tattoo going all the way back to twenty. Sixteen, obviously, would that be of liberty. I would say no if that was the case, but when they talked to his brother about this tattoo, his recollection is no. He did not have that to at two until later well after he got out of jail the last time it looks like to me something from some form of entertainment. I can't put my. I can't really put my finger on it. I
I love you. I love that from a cartoon from a comic book or a cartoon or movie something of of that nature. It still this odd again. Why doesn't help case could mean anything could mean nothing. I mean he's just this guy's scum, yeah and we read through the charges that it sounds like he's going to be charged with in the April 19th incident so yeah I mean he is and regardless of how long that list of charges are, some of those charges are going to stick. We know that, thank god. There was a survivor, the person he intended to hurt in whatever manner that was whatever his intent. In fact was she survived? She will be able to testify against him. She will.
able to stand up in a court of law and point across the room and say that is the man that abducted me, that is the man that attacked me and in in her opinion and which witches should be one hundred percent validated. It he says he was going to kill me yada. In my personal opinion, that's not even going to happen they're not going to go to trial. I mean he's the fact that he has the added habitual charges of habitual offender charges that he'll be facing. I think you're saying something like five to twenty years. Extra there They're not gonna, go farther. Make, though, make a deal which is interesting, well made I mean, depending on what his representation is. If you got a strong case against the guy and you think you got a slam dunk there,
no need to deal with this dude you drag his ass the court and you you charge him with all the charges. You think you got a slam dunk with and you put them away for as long as you possibly can. No, I understand that, but because of the habitual offender charges that ramp up the amount of years they in decide to make a deal, so they don't have to does nine year old through a trial, and I think that's what they'll do. I think that's the responsible thing to do, because because what I'm saying is they have that ace in their back pocket all by the way we're charging you with these five or six counts? But on top of that we can get you another twenty years. put this girl on the stand and we'll get the twenty years extra or we can just not have her beyond the stand and we just won't throw will just. We won't put the icing on the cake we won't throw on another twenty years. But what he's looking at life
and pretty much, no matter what I don't think so I mean it could be. I think what I read was: twenty five. Twenty to twenty five years, But again, this is news: is all coming out, wrap it in in pretty fast and say I saw higher but yeah mean and, and so there's all these again back to the tattoo sub, worse than he got in two thousand sixteen his brother saying, I don't think so. I think that is a lot newer.
I'm at right. I think I'd say yes, but again is it kind of a distant generic idea of a tattoo? So I don't know how much is there? I put more weight to the fact that this guy is interested in spending time outdoors and going to different parks, and he has several pictures of him on a bridge. That's just not something that you're going to find on everybody's facebook page. I also think that this guy doesn't have a lot of fresh So I just don't think there's gonna be a lot of sources you can go to to be like do you know when this guy got this tattoo tee, no where he was at on this date to you, I just don't think there's going to be enough sources to go on, because I think this guy is such a piece of shit that he's
only basically alienated himself from from most people in his life. Well, he's had some time in and out of jail in and out of prison in his adult life, which hopefully got in the way of his social life yeah and hopefully stop some of his criminal activity. But let's see what else is a good match for chadwell you talked about some of the physical descriptions, how they match up a potentially match up or fall within the realm of, and we didn't get to his age. So you know they they're looking for someone? Eighty two forty might look younger. He certainly falls. rain she's forty two years old and was arrested on April 19th of this year? But we got to keep in mind. This is four years after the fact of the delphi double murder, so he would have been thirty eight at the time, and I do believe my
My humble go opinion is that he does look a little younger than his than his actual listed age. here. So he agree it's a big window. They gave us to work with captain, but he he does definitely fall within inside that window and I think, does look a little younger than his his date of birth yeah. It's a. it's a tricky one because there's so much, and maybe it's just because there has been so many and I couldn't name on. I couldn't tell you how many times in the last four years that also getting notifications on twitter. Some on facebook, then next see no text messages emails. What about this guy for delphi and there hasn't been one that I that has really hit my gut. That said, this is it. This is today's the day right like they say, and I
I think this one was interesting, though, because when I first started getting bombarded with the emails, and the messages on social media. My gut feeling was this: isn't the guy? I then start just gone through little pieces of evidence. Just what we know on the surface level when you go out this, none of this stuff is ruling this individual out. Now he might have some airtight alibi but this guy is such a horrible individual there's nobody out there that is going to be this guy's alibi unless a legit alibi. Well and, as you pointed out, you know his own father and brother, both now on record, saying yeah. We think he's probably capable of something like the the delphi double homicides. Of course we We should remind everybody that obviously
they are saying this after the fact after they know that he adopted this nine year old girl locked up in his basement and in her words, was trying to kill her by so of course, there factoring that in you really wonder if you could hop in the time machine and and go back to two thousand and eighteen in two thousand and seventeen and in April or march sure or june of that year, and ask these two fellas the same question. If they would in fact have the same answer now you said friends or or what people. Could we talk to there? Is somebody I'm going to leave out their whatever their posting this under because well, I don't have to tell you my reasons I'm in a leave that out. There is a post that I saw on read it the says. Some guy on facebook says he used to work with him.
I am being james, Brian Chad? Well again, he seems to be going under Brian Chad. Well, on most social circles used to work with chad well in cocoa MAO indiana around the time of the delphi murders and says that they suspected him of being involved in this person claims that he tried, to call the tip line many times, but it was through the fbi I n their comments was it was a joke. Look. I can't speak to what this person's experience was right. We don't. Oh. If this is all factual information, we can say this if you, if you're calling in a tip to your local authorities on on any case. It doesn't have to be delphi but any case, but if it worked five, the fbi, whomever you decide to call don't expect this. Doesn't in that they they'd jump into the car keys.
all available units and sirens are blazing and they go yo mild our down the road to this individuals house that you call in the tip right they're going to to their their work. the scenes do their due diligence, the probably going check you out to to make sure that you're not some not job or some some persons trying to throw this individual under the bus for reasons or no for reasons that have nothing to do with that particular case at all. But that's why again oh, my guy is saying I don't know about this guy a couple This kind of line up, but the new sent me a message that just kind of hit me and I stopped, and I'm that the most religious man or spiritual man, and I said, was I just said- I hope this is it. you now for the family? I hope, my god, is wrong about this guy, but the more that you
talk about him in the more you look into him. The more you got is trying to be inquired about it. that's, why I believe, like you, said, tips whatever this individual. This numb nuts was on a list, maybe a big list of people, but then his name pops up in the than the news, and now all law enforcement around delphi is gone. a now. Now this got now all the the sirens or goin. Now it's all hands on deck to figure out if this creep is responsible for two murders. Here's the thing that I often wonder about two, especially when we talk about somebody like chad chadwell character. I have to remind everyone and remind myself in the process- and this is something that we've talked about here on about this case, specifically
people times. We know the outcome of what went down day near the mon on high bridge. We do not know what the intent of the perpetrator was. We do not know what the goal would have been. If you will of bridge guy, could it have been two up docked. Could it have been to move them to another area? Was it in fact to kill someone anyone or targeted individual or individuals there there day near the bridge or near the park. We don't know that we won't know that until this guy is in handcuffs and tried and convicted, but which and well what I would really like to know. We got so many people covered at work, we're trying to covered ourselves here today. I want to know when I
and I will I'm hoping this thing goes to trial because if so I will be tuning in if, if able to do so, if not I'll, be reading the new snippets that are coming out at I with you captain, I think if it does go to trial, it's gonna be pretty quick in clean. It won't take a long time to convict this guy. I hope this guy folds, I think, if they put enough pressure, we're on him. This idiot likes to talk. I want to know yeah we've seen some of his social stuff he's not the brightest bulb out there but anyway, I want to know more about this lock on the basement door, because it's described as like a chain type lock in some of the news outlets that we've seen- and I understand they, depending on where you live in, depending on the structure that you live in. There are reasons to have such a lock on your basement door, but the
we're whelming majority of the time there is not. There is very little if any reason to even have a lock on your basement door one that locks from the upstairs. Keeping whatever it is downstairs. Locked up right and what I'm getting at, is look a lot of these dudes. There are I'm so opportunity. They see a potential victim. They see someone that vulnerable and they take this opportunity to presented itself to them to this month, and they seize the moment and they capture that person and do whatever it is that they do or what they wanted to do. But here. I have to believe my suspicion is one hundred almost one hundred percent captain this crime.
Of opportunity of tricking this girl inside to pet the dogs. When did that lock. and why did that lock? was it put on that door Wasn't there when this yahoo moved in. He put it on there with the purpose of what he did on April nineteenth with someone confining someone in that space. That is a different level of sadistic. That is a different level of evil. In my mind, Someone who's making preparations and waiting for that opportunity to present itself and when, Does the monster knows I've been preparing for this? I'm ready
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image? That's better h, e l, p dot com, slash garage, I love better help, you're going to love better help. I know you will check out better help dot com, slash garage today. arrived. We are back cheers, please. We want to hear from you on instagram facebook, twitter does anybody have does any of our listeners out there any information that they can share with us that we can share with law enforcement to help qualify or disqualify. And look it's not lost on us that there lost on LOS banos, actually you're right most things are lost on us hell. We been locked up in a garage for five years, but
It's not out that this is an articulation the reason why you're so curious about this chain being on the doors cause we We have one keeping us the hell. We thought it was smart to put one on the outside, but now he can't get out and so firstly, and this is a lot of speculation. What does him posting than I have slept under a bridge for five days? Ten days whatever he said: hey, I'm I'm out camping, hey out enjoying the outdoors with the nice bonfire. Oh he's hat he's got this tat too, yo people go. Are these tattoos of of girls crying on his arms, and you know, there's a hot debate over, did he Have these tattoos in two thousand and sixteen before the delphi murders daddy. Did he not have until after the fact there seems to be people posting stuff that that would are that either way I think he could be bridge guy in the tattoo.
Nothing to do with that case at all with with that murder. All I agree, and I I think where I'm at with old chadwell is One, I think we should light his face on fire and put out with the shovel a couple times, I mean I wouldn't be killing them and and to see if he'd start answer our questions after that but since we're not allowed to do that, because that's illegal in this country, where I'm at with him is either I haven't found a yet height, hair, color weight proximity, a lot of different things, there's no, no yet as far as to throw him off the list, You came back and said, while he's sixty eight, I go camping with them off the list right, but there's nothing that sticking out to me. I don't know if there's anything sticking out to you
well, no there's nothing sticking out as a no for me and theirs thing, you know that as a one hundred percent. Yes as well again, he agree the newest guy in a growing list of suspects- and you know what it before those that hate speculation, whatever that's fine, I get it because there is a lot of bad speculation out there in a lot of cases. Animal. A lot in this delphi cases? Well, but all of these people that have ended up on this suspect list and again it is a suspect list. It's been. Can piled by the public in the press and the media, not so much law enforced, other than law enforcement has with every one of these guys said. Yes, this is an individual. We are aware of yes, this individual
we are looking at a link between our case and what this guy has done, but every one of these people deserves to be on the delphi suspect list. It's a it's a list of shit, okay of shit, people, yeah, it's just frustrating and I hope. I hope in that, maybe after the week in because the other rest happen, but last monday hoping hey in seven days. Maybe we'd know a little bit more or maybe he would start talking, because again he seems to be a person that doesn't mind talking, but my other issue with him being a talker is, I think, a lot of the stuff that he post on social media is complete horse shit, where I think he is
says all this stuff about. You know what talks constantly about wanting a real woman and real woman's over the age of thirty. Okay, so saying you want a real woman over the age of thirty but you're going to rape a nine year old? She is actions don't line up at all with some of his words and we talk about speculation. Captain I do want to point out some look again. We don't know the answers to what went down, day in delphi, we won't until this thing is solved and someone is convicted, but I've in some silliness there's always been some silliness with some really out there kind of wild theories and delphi, I'm always very off put when somebody is recommending that somebody that looks like bridge guy- that this is this could be the guy is he looks like him, but all he lives in california and he's live there.
The last twenty years never even been to Indiana, couldn't even find it on a map, but one one. The new silly things that are coming out- and this is all Chad well related- is that some people are speculating did bridge guy is, is holding a puppy or multiple puppies under the jacket under the blue coat I've even seen. It suggested that that's why They took a video of this guy rather than calling nine one. One look again don't know the answers, but that seems like a an interesting thought in theory. To have a look, I mean we've always questioned dna, but I would say that if you're an avid pit bull lover and a
bull owner gets what should normally have on your person, a pebble hair. So would they be able to find any kind of dog hair at the scene of the crime, I'm am sure they might have that evidence. That would be almost as good as having dna any of domesticated animal hairs at the scene would be interesting to know, but I want to go through this one post here that I found on reddit. activity about chadwell on reddit, as well as a website, Is that all the gods of give the poster credit and all kinds of websites out there? Yes, I will this this poster. Is you in shits creek, and I thought this was- was a lotta shits creek? I thought this was a brilliant post here. It says why
peo eis persons of interest like chadwell are viable and it goes on to say A lot of people are hung up on the idea of bridge guy, being some well thought out: serial killer that always acts on the same m o and every crime they commit its core. We are likely dealing with someone who carries out sadistic impulsive behaviour and the outcome of each incident differs based on unforeseen variables. The only definite things we know about the delphi crime is that it ended in a double homicide and was committed by someone that accompanies a pixelated video slash, photo and distorted audio every else regarding this crime is speculation, since law enforcement has kept all other details close to the
asked. Even my comment, not me, but the shit's creek on it Even my comment about bg bridge guy behavior, being impulsive is speculation because there is no concrete public evidence that this individual premeditated it or acted on impulse, and that is precisely why any persons of interest that at bear my mom targets, younger kids in either an abduction scenario or attempted murder sky rockets to the top of the list. A person of interest doesn't need to commit a crime in the woods, use a hatchet knife or axe
says rumoured have it happened during the daytime victim, exactly thirteen or fourteen years of age to victims, etc, etc. A profile can be substantially board broader than that, because we don't know the facts of the crime scene and the motive behind it. It's entirely plausible, that bridge guy soul and mention was adoption in sexual assault and the situation in delphi drastically morphed and got out of hand. resulting in murder with immediate remorse, when no sexual assault occurring It's also entirely plausible that bridge guys sole intention, was murder. It's that ambiguity that makes suspects like chadwell I also he lives in the area. Visually isn't a far cry from the sky. and has shown to commit sadistic acts towards kids. You can't discredit a person of interest
because their recent victim was nine years old versus Abby and Libby being fourteen, a child to someone in their forties could easily be eight to fifteen years old. We just don't know I am hoping it is him for the sake of justice, but if it isn't law enforcement work continues just remember when dealing with mentally unstable and psychopathic individuals. It isn't always cookie cutter and I think that's good. I that's a good reminder for people out there that saying it is tat well or it is in Chad. Well, we all know and we're we're here to speculate on it because I ve been told to the emu was blown up the invoice was blown up and we had people saying look: did you see what's happening with delphi? There's movement? In the case we've had people say we just don't want to always cover cases that are cold or
cases that are solved. We want. We want to talk about stuff, that's current as well, so when these break, news happened in their big. We want to put the working, and I think it like you said I mean If we just go down the laundry lists, hype can match, weight can match, hair color can match, location can match, and age age can match. Ugliness ugliness can match creepy guy and then again, then I think you start getting into weirder ones. If you want to start talking about the tattoos- and you know whether or not this individual likes going to bridges and stuff like that, I think those are on the outside of things, but once you get past five or six, you go okay. Well. This is definitely somebody that they're going to can soup, but I I think, if it is, him
no probably within a week, because I'll be either extra charges or some statement from police. I hope they just don't go cold on it because I don't think that's fair to the public, especially the public that has been so, adamant on getting as many resources as they can to the f b. I two indiana, state, police and, and others involved in this case- correct me if my memory is wrong here, captain, but my general off the cuff kind off the rip thinking is that Daniel nations is really the only one that the man that was a sexual, or in indiana and apprehended in colorado for weird bizarre behaviour. he's the only one that I recall them not saying that they cleared, but I think they had some
remark of like well we're moving on from Daniel nations yeah. I want to say that carter said something to the effect of he's not somebody we're interested in at this time right here, an ad of the suspects that we live Did that are the publicly known once he my memory is the only one that they they had any kind of statement that could be pointing to that he's. Not our guy that we've somewhat clear hell yeah by think he's the only one that they ve ever came forward and say were looking into nations as a person of interest where other people of have had to ask the question about a specific. Person before right. They mention the name, so you go from nations they somewhat really has drawn me out again.
No we don't know is the media's con him a suspect, or are they given that term from law enforcement and if their game, that term from law enforcement? I think there's probably a handful of other items about this dick we, doubt we just aren't privy to it, sounds to me and I'm just going off of the the words and end the what what words were used in the communications back and forth between on force may and the media. It almost looks like simultaneously captain that the media suspected Chad well and as soon as they reached out to law enforcement. There yeah. This is somebody that we've been made aware of and we're looking at so almost simon simultaneously, he may have come on the radar of both at the same time, or at least he's moved up the priority list very quickly.
very recently with this arrest on a April 19th, but I think the schitt's creek poster As a very intelligent post, I think it's an intelligent posts and I think it brings up. You know some other questions in some other thoughts. You know when we talk about, we talked about how bridge guy, a serial killer and in his post very very intelligently points out that we don't know what the intentions were of bridge guy? That day did did he kill as just because he had to or felt he had to on that day We don't know, but if he was was it revenge or right and if it were a serial killer, type and You know one thing that I know a little more than the average Joe out there
you ve seen these types tat. They they have an ideal victim type, but it doesn't have to be there. I deal victim type right. We ve seen time and time again, Bundy killed a young girl most of his other victims were roughly college age girls. The lot of them happen to have brown hair. So did he have a type? Yes is he willing to step outside of that to fill fulfilled? These urges the sadistic horrible. He has yes yeah most of will. You say we saw that with bt k we ve seen time and time again with several of the serial killers. Now. Would he stop? Can he stop because that was a question that we posed earlier. If, in fact it's always been the the
for well, meaning majorities belief that bridge guy is either a serial fender serial killer. That who is who is committed these crimes before delphi or was just starting off and was going to commit them after delphi? So would he stop can He stopped and I think that's an interesting question, because when we looked in profile, somebody like the still unsolved zodiac killer, we observed a lot of things that suggested, maybe after the paul stine murder that he did in fact stop and if he did likely reason that he stopped was because he almost got caught. He was almost identify bridge guy. Was almost caught almost identified hell he have been interviewed by police, he may have been.
View by police on more than one occasion, but when you commit a double homicide and then I see your picture on the tv days later and then a couple days after that I hear your voice on the tv, that's powerful stuff. So would he stop? Could he stop if in fact he was a serial offender. Thank you so much for listening thanks for subscribing and telling a friend again any information that you think that we don't have on this dreams. Brian Chadwell, please go to our blog, leave the information there or leave the leave. The information on any of our social medias, twitter, instagram or
this book and our previous delphi coverage is delphi murders back in episodes one ten in one eleven from may two thousand and seventeen recovered it again, and July of two thousand and nineteen with a four part series- and In twenty twenty, we had a delphi murders, discussion and then, just a couple months ago, kaftan delphi murders, four years later, episodes four hundred and sixty eight four hundred and sixty nine. That was in march of this year. Also we have kelsey german, who is Libby's older sister. She was, in fact the one that dropped the girl off that day near the mon on high bridge. She recently had a tweet that was in regards to the arrest
suspicion that now surrounds James Brian Chad, while the second and she said that there is a resemblance Okay, there was a resemblance with d n c e p e t b and several others, obviously listing some other public media suspects. You can see these people and a simple google search of the girl. She says they all did bad things, but they weren't our bad guy. Imagine if every time someone sent me a picture, A name of a person I got my hopes up thinking that could be him I'd still be sitting here, broken hearted, but with no hope laughed and even more devastated. She goes on to say, Please no more side by sides. No more names turn them in. Let law enforcement do their job and people that live.
Into. Our other show off the record. O t r will tell you that we reported that just last month there was an end these to the reward fund to find the poor perpetrator of the delphi double homicides from two thousand and seventeen. An anonymous donor contributed one hundred thousand dollars, bringing the total in the reward fund to three hundred and twenty five, if thousand dollars to turn in bridge guy to make this arrest and make this conviction stick if you want to submit a tip
again. They prefer that you use the email which is Abby and libby tip at sea. A ceo s. Age are f dot com. There is a tip line if you prefer to call, and that would be to call the indiana state police at eight hundred three eight to seven.
five, three seven and until next week be good, be kind and don't the.
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