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Delphi Murders /// Under the Bridge /// Part 2 /// 510

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Delphi Murders /// Under the Bridge /// Part 2 /// 510

Part 2 of 3


Delphi, Indiana - February 13, 2017 - Middle school students Liberty German and Abigail Williams went for a hike on the Monon High Bridge Trail and were murdered. This week we continue our coverage of this very high profile case. We are joined in the Garage by Skip Jansen to discuss a new suspect and a theory that is catching fire! Previous Delphi Murders True Crime Garage coverage includes the following… Delphi Murders /// A New Suspect episodes 486 & 487 - Delphi Murders /// 4 Years Later episodes 468 & 469 - Delphi Murders Discussion episode 395 - Delphi Murders /// Off the Record episodes 321 & 322 - Delphi Murders Revisited episodes 320 & 321 - Delphi Murders episodes 110 & 111

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directly to the children who may be in this room such those clothes think when they find only a carbon tax to stop the carter, and he has taken a stand. We'll take a lesson in jail, fi community, how grateful I am
You are who inspire people, you don't even understand when you don't. You understand. Why Information is being released today, result of literally thousands and thousands of hours. Of extraordinary investigative efforts, by fi, karel, currently, the fbi, india, state police and countless other agencies. This community surrounded us. Twenty six months ago and you did everything you could to support us but, most importantly, you sure, The family These two little girls I ll, never forget it. After you here we're going to release today, I'm going to ask for your continued support your continued understanding the thing and compassion
as well as we move forward to fight it did this and we will we're seeking the public's help to identify the driver vehicle that was part of the old, the old cps s, welfare building in the city of delphi that was abandoned on the east side of county road. Three hundred north. Next to the zoo, heartland highway. between the hours of noon to five february fourteenth. Two thousand seventeen There are no who was park there. Please contact the officers at the command post, If I say building We are releasing additional portions of the audio recording from that day, Please keep in mind and talking is one person at is the person on the bridge with the girls. this is not to different people speaking please list
to a very, very carefully we are also releasing video covered from libya. Phone this video as never before previously released. the video shows the suspect walking on the bridge. When you see the video watch this watch the person's mannerisms as they walk, watch the mannerisms, as he walks Do you recognize the mannerisms has someone that you might know remember He is walking on the former railroad bridge. the deteriorating condition of the bridge, Spect is not walking, naturally do spacing between the ties. During the course of this investigation we have concluded the first sketch released will become secondary as of today.
the result of the new information intelligence over time. leads us to believe the sketch which you will see shortly is the point. And responsible for the murders of the two little girls We also believe this person is from delphi currently or as previously lived here. visits, delphi, a regular basis or works here, We believe this person is currently between your age range of eighteen and forty but might appear younger than is true age dirk directly to the killer. Who may be in this room. we believe you're hiding in plain sight. More than two years you We thought we would shift gears to a different investigated strategy, but we have
we likely have interviewed you someone close to you We know that this is about power to you. And you want to know what we know one day you will the question to you? what will those closest to you? Think of they find out that you brutally murdered two little girls to children. Only a coward would do such a thing We are confident that you have told someone what you have done or at the very least they know because different. You are since the murders we try so hard to understand how a person could do something like this to Joe to children,
I recently watch the movie called the shack. There is also a book so well about evil, about death and about eternity to the murder, I believe you have just a little bit of a conscience left. and I can assure you that how you left them in that woods is not it's not with their experiencing today to the family, I hope that you all will give them some time because we're going to be asking that there's no media inquiry or no media response for at least the next two weeks- and I hope you still. Why
the family found out about this about this information this morning,. I support the family to know that I take my last breath on this earth I'll be thinking of them. there's going to be a tremendous amount skins. I know that I know that never in my career, have I stood in front of something like this. Please be patient with us, please we're just beginning. We are. We are just now beginning and I can tell you on behalf of the sheriff and the police chief so many other partners, have stood with us over this period of time- that we will not stop
directly to the children who may be in issues such as those close think only a coward. You can't stop all right me and the colonel back in the grants talking with skip dancing about his person of interest. De p and we will not stop with work in this case since the beginning spending hours upon hours outside of the garage.
working with people and that's how we really got hooked up with skip and his person of interest it that there's so much to it. That makes sense and so much that is still confusing, but things are confusing, as why would they go with his sketch above a sketch that they had beforehand? I think I think it was a lot of ahead to do what they saw on on the video they thought. Maybe they saw They saw an odour guy. Now they get in import. Remember, law enforcement was really emphasise as you know about the younger, basing them pay attention to his. What his body is moves is always all of that not not his face. I think they're, the video is not a good representation of there. and law enforcement early on thought they were looking at somebody. You look more like the what linda being the first sketch then the second Yeah. I think when you see the picture of be dear, you see the video b g you're mine goes towards older gentlemen. You see this.
its catch. You got wilder is not anything like. I pictured this personally way younger I think people still believe that you know I think they see it in their mind that they that they see an old. person they and they can't get that they catch. They can change that made that this guy, in there in the brain yeah. I still think people are baffled by this case cousin two thousand nineteen press conference. They release the image of a way young looking individual saying he's between eighteen and where do you write well in that at that point, that was when dp recanted historian said that yeah, maybe you didn't see that guy maybe saw flannel shirt guy because he realized flannel shirt. Guy was in close. Proximity where he was during the time on the trials are said he was so, but he added No, but again the scarf to me as the big take away. If he saw some, With a scarf that he claimed was b g, then now
you're, saying that you may have seen at issue what was at first, you weren't, a scarf is well. He would have had to have been. I've never heard any evidence that effort she was wearing a scarf it So I may add that again just something else: it doesn't really line up with what you say, and yet he castle heels changing his story, ass soak him but also the picture they release in two thousand maintain the predominant. sure to me as the hair and there's rumours that he changed his appearance after that bob, But what is dp doing between two thousand seventeen and two thousand nineteen before that prescott? Oh, I think the haste thanks he says gotten away with his scott remy. You've got to you've got a rough sketch out there. That looks nothing like him f b, I said one of the things he this part might do is change his appearance, Will you wouldn't have any reason to changes appears if the sketched look? Look anything like him, he actually did. Changes appears after the two thousand nineteen press conference in the new sketch emma Jane
I grow a beard, so that would fall in line more with what they were, what they were talking about. While I also feel like the two thousand and nineteen press conference when they come out with information about the vehicle and ask and for the driver it's almost like they know who they're talking about yeah. I think I think there was a lot out. There will probably questions about that vehicle and who was in that vehicle, and you know when it was there and who drove it there and all that originally, and I think they probably lead with that, because they wanted him to know that they they figured out how that. the oh, how it all went down in that they ve been lied to about that. I think that I think that's what they. I think. That's one thing that pay or misunderstanding about one things about the case is that law enforcement, I think, was led astray for the first couple years this case, because of all this, because volume MR action and false information David admitted that there, alibis. That didn't didn't, add up this newspaper articles about So what do you see? That is that, where you go hey here's this guy on
fine he's saying I'm I'm an eye, witness here's, here's, here's the pause with all. That's know that, as well as with some other people right. So now we got a guy online. Saying I'm my eyewitness, I was there is changing the story, but then His alibis quota go his alibis would be changing their story as well. you see that happening online, and then you see this language being used by please is that what sparked should go? I think this guy should be a person of interests, absolutely yeah giving the law enforcement false information. As a reason, people do it, I mean it's, so if you can for you the eggs station is you're telling the truth. Theirs, there's a reason you're trying to send him down one path as yet ass dead. Your question: that's exactly what looked at him as a person vetch through youth,
two thousand nineteen there directly talking to your person of interest dp. Can you explain that a little bit more? I think I think a lot of things, I think just about everything they said in there. You know fact it somebody this misguide been has been falling case and ass. This one. Another thing is that when the reasons law enforcement has been so skittish about releasing stuff is not because you, don't have anything or not, because the other for another reason, long for it isn't releasing information because they know this guy is following it and using that information to his benefit. Ok, that in that's, that's pretty obvious, so that's one of the things I think that you was not least of the sketch was out there young everything changed. Disgust at the sky was not talking anymore. He beheld didn't seem we also eager to get it want to get his story out there, but I think
the thing they said it was very pointed at particularly at tat at one individual, and I can't get over the fact that after this press conference, where they won their in a new direction, taken a new direction, but the point the whole conference to the killer. calling out the killer and then to have this person interest change their appearance after the press conference. I have a real hard time getting over that yeah eight years ugly and he set his hair? Was me, I know sketches not a photo but his hair. would have been similar before shaped to what europe which saw the sketch. When, when do you, Now when he started porn away from online chat and not that long after not long after that, the exact david, not long after the press conference, mentioned, are you asked earlier about when some of the things that were said, I think that we are when they said directly to the killer. might be in this room. We believe your heart,
in plain sight in the part about never thought we would shift gears to a different investigative strategy that that goes to what I said about taking. He thought he was. He got away with You never thought you know and they knew tat. He knew there was another sketch, but you know we're thought they were gonna change to that, and I think that would just thou think that they're, making him aware that your kind of the jigsaw Here they also said that you they'd likely interviewed him. We know he wouldn't talk to law enforcement. Yeah. He was making some statements about talking with law enforcement online instead a line that he went there and talked to law enforcement a couple of times and said that he was there trying to help him. That was his saw the word to use you just someone was he was a good samaritan, does turn how bout so again changes story. He was there again changed in a store model. Times were changing his appearance were always told the lookout for that
and then we have an eye witness that is a lawyer and up and pulling away from social me he certainly has been making social media comments or anything that like he was early in the case. Why heard his name brought up with a couple people that I've been investigate the case with in the day he had, you could see everything on for me. It's his post, you can see who is friends with. He seems to have very very much so gamin dark on the internet can't find much about this individual. You guess anything. You can't see anything online about him at all. It's almost value and dark well in policies he's an I t person he actually when he was a sophomore junior in high school. He designed the counties website seems like he has a talent in this field, which you have told me
that you think that's the reason why there has been so much misinformation from the beginning. Maybe he had access to things that other people did it But is this past boy, the older individual that one of the most? into online and and is he the reason for this scrubbing of the cell phone can explain them a little bit. Well, she Lenny basically scrubbed her phone. We reached baited, it restarted reset. It said she had some glitches. Maybe it's true. Maybe it's not maybe maybe she had been talking with somebody online Certainly someone with computer skills would know the reason too. We are why you would why you were dar reset your phone like that to get rid of any information or are any trail of people. You been talking with why one of these I brought up to one of our discussions. Is we that snapchat voters were being posted.
We know that one was posted at roughly two o. Seven right, I believe, is the time there is no mention about. Did they take a couple pictures beforehand and posters? Did they take a couple? Pictured after those impostors we're not privy to that information, I'm assuming if people are saying while they were walking on the bridge and talking and taken pictures, and they were at the the part for awhile already, I'm, assuming that there was a couple snapshots already uploaded but that really does it matter. If you are following them, then you'll be able to do a search and you would have seen their avatars at the park. Kurt that's right, yeah and basically, if you're in delphi, even some of the furthest probe points return him out of fifteen to twenty minutes, drive to get there
right. So did this person of interest? Was he there? Like love? Wardsman, says if that cars and connected to the killer at twelve or one o clock, maybe his we were set up that way or maybe it's a situation where the person was tracking them through snapchat yeah is that he has very possible. He would die island, like you said he would be just a minute strive for short minutes, drive away from being able to access the bridge for anywhere. You know in that area, so well we know that dp knew their family. Then then right you're, dead, deep. He navigated yeah. Yet one of the things he says on on social media is that he knew the girls and he had ridden the bus with them before that he led maybe half a mile, but I married you know in the family,
I don't know how well you know I don't know how well they were different ages. The dp at the time was twenty two or twenty three. Obviously he was you know, seven or eight years older than Abbie or libby would. and so what we believe that db road, the bus with Libby, lived within a couple of miles from them. Also deep, his sister in law was one of their softball coaches, yeah dickens, brother quantum wife was was maybe software. Let me south africa, which is why we re arrested. If, if everything did you guys, europe saying is in fact true, it doesn't seem like tat, difficult if a case and where I'm going, but that is a couple things. Ok,
so we can. We can sit here and analyze in question and speculate as to why libby reset her phone, but what we do. What I want I want to make sure that were really touching on is there are facts. There are alot of facts that are known in this case. It just takes a lot of different locations and lotta different places to peel them from in peace them together now and regards who are phone the the statement from Libya family was that the phone was actually a factory reset. There was conducted by terror. Her aims ran the they. The phone required, the reset, because the phone was not working properly because it was an iphone six and everybody remembers old phones. They fill up very quickly with too much stuff and they have no memory left in then they dont work at all and part
The reason why they had trouble locating the girls was that there was apps. You know, find my phone and and things like that on on the phone, but because of their factory reset, those apps had not been uploaded once again to the phone right. So we we know that the food, Teresa happen, we know that terror was the one. According to levies, family was the one that conducted the factory reset does so that's. What that's where I question a little bit. How much was if we're, if we're make it going to make the leap and say that libya was hiding something. It remains a little act that she asked for the factory reset, nor not missing that fact. I'd obviously she was she would have had to have a conversation with somebody for it to be conducted. She didn't do
reset, because she didn't know how to write ya. Think that I think again the yellow. She would have lost everything she lost all you know she she liked to take pictures and in photographs that I think she will last all of that. I think the the first question would have been you know. If having a glitch had also had or save all my photos and all that kind of stuff. I don't want to get rid of, but what we've been told is that she just asked for a reset. I must say, I'm not saying they're lying on a saying that their line, I'm saying that I think, there's reason for the reset major reasons a glitch, some a girl that age you take our you lose. All that about seems are more problematic to me. In that factory reset happened ten days before right. As regards the other thing that
I do want to make sure that we bring up as well. Is that the family has gone on the record saying that, of course, Libby was on facebook, snapchat, twitter and instagram, and her Becky and MIKE had her passwords as well as they were friends on all four yeah. You know, I don't know that that that's it that the phone is a huge piece of evidence in this case, I think it may explain the you know the fact that some of it so, my dear she was going to be there that day or are you are You ve been speaking with someone, but I dont know that that, because I'll take it, if there's anything absent, What about it tells you withdraw anything absolute coming out. You know Cassini ellie. Skies admitted he knew, or maybe you're, so it s not like he was. I would insist that secret
I bet yeah. I believe at one point he was friends with Libby on facebook yeah, so I you know, I I think again. I I think next point is very valid. It's like, but if you just believe everything she said she would set this phone cause It was a glitch. She still, he actually still had to do all that stuff and maybe said look this phone is constantly not working. I don't care if it saves any of the stuff. I just want my phone. The work now. So I want to be clear: I'm not challenging either. What are you guys, I'm just what I'm pointing out or challenging the theory itself? I mean there could be any, There could be a million reasons why she wanted the to be a million reasons why she wanted the phone reset all trying to do as we lay out this theory is there again there are known facts or statements from the fan.
from other individuals, and I want to make sure that we are presenting that from all sides. So right we're throwing speculation here, it's it's it's more than fair to do so, because that all were left with at this point, but along the way, I am going to remind us of what few facts that we do know to be or statements from the family. I just want to make sure that I'm presenting those as we go because it be irresponsible to not do so and then, at the statement in regard to levies, phone from law enforcement is that facebook snapchat twitter, instagram and all on line contacts were things were: all of that was accessed analyzed and all online contacts tracked down and interviewed the other thing when we talk about technology. It's bizarre here in this case that we don't have an arrest, is that we know the I s, p indiana state police did sip.
Lena the phone records for any phone that pink within a five mile radius of the moaning high bridge during that time frame that day, so they ve got a a long list of of phone. That they know to have been in that area that time yeah added The reason for someone to dump come forward knowing their founded, paying their muslim. If I knew I phone was anywhere near there and it being there I'd come forward to I'd, just be that that goes again tilt toward. Why would you come forward right? But the reason why I'm going down this path is because its sounding more and more. To me like this is not a random, I'm looking for any type of victim here at the tray or near the brain. It sounds it sounded more mord me like this that one or both of these girls were targeted,
and give my opinion. One ounce deathly targeted effort to go down there. In this manner. The perpetrator me They know that they are going to be there that day in the phone is one way that he could have known as dry up in his pointed out, The difficult thing to here also is the statement from law enforcement and regard two additional audio that was found on the phone from that video. and to be clear, there is only one video that the picture we have is from the video audio. We have is from that video. There was one video as far as what we ve been told by law enforcement. and the additional audio his briefly described as typical girl talk,
also discussing the man and where they could be goin, it gets a little tricky to me if they, if one them are both of them may have known this aspect right? I mean who don't don't they say his name or give there. I mean, there's a whole mountain of reasons, why we don't have somebody in handcuffs waitin on a trial right now, yeah. Well, in my opinion, to be honest with you is the first two years of data. again. Carter says in the press conference were just beginning. We're just now begin. Ok, I tells me the stole away the first two years, somebody! dude law enforcement, believing something that went down the wrong path here. They went down the wrong path. I gave this got two years to cover every track get rid of every piece of evidence. Today
His story right to follow the case would stay of talk about. Numerous times a day route. They know this guy is keeping up with the case following it and so that first, two years plus another that that has meant discussed. Is it this eyes brought in as a witness. Ok therein they possibly had some miranda issues this guy wasn't read his rights for he saw before you this winter when he said he wanted to help law enforcement at that you know is that? Is that they gonna have a debate? Does the district attorney take realized? This law enforcement, the police, realise that guy s p entail cannibalize it hey. We may ass miranda palms, because this guy was interviewed is written anything. He said I We say it is a lie or not can't be used because he was read his rights. That's very entry,
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one of the things that you talk about is why would they go with gps version of the schedule as opposed to somebody else's, and it could be the small town factor. Dp comes from a prominent family. And you think that played into some of their decisions, or also the fact that he did work for the county when he was in high school. Yeah you like us. Any design the county website in ya think that at the again, I think The the small town aspect in this case can't be wait. A minute issues is having its huge and help small town people feel in this law enforcement
saw a kid coming from a private family who everybody knows who says he's a witness or there's no reason for them, not to believe it, and I think in two in eighteen when that when the georgia bureau of investigation got involved because they wanted, they were doing a peer review and wanted a first set of eyes. I think that's probably the that they realized something doesn't add up with these stories. Some done add up where your witness stories of didn't add up about the vehicle, some denial about the timeline and they were able to take the bias and prejudice out of it that the local guys may have had that hey it couldn't be. Sky because, like it or not, that happened to me all for law enforcement makes mistakes is like everybody else, their human and when the gb I came and they were able to take the bias out of it and that's when they realised that hey. Maybe this where's that we ve been told with Led down the wrong path, we've been, we've been lied to and
why didn't you know not shortly thereafter it at the beginning of two thousand and thirteen in April they would they broke. Do the press coverage and release the new sketch? I scared. SK again sketch they had two or three or four days after the martyrs. You know and again what they think they release the first one because the older, catch because they thought that was more along the lines of what they were saying on the video they had witnesses who They saw him flight that seems the likely. What that seems like obvious way to go right is to release that when that's the guy gb I came in and they looked over everything they realized hey what you think the way they seem and that sketch that had originally.
is more in line with what we think this guy is, and I wonder if that at that point did, did they go over multiple interviews or did they re? Because what does carter said this bottle times when we run our leads, will go back to the beginning right, that's right and so would act as a good point europe when they went back to the beginning and end. Maybe I mean we have on line de peace in that I've talked to law enforcement. Multiple times was right. Was it the second time that they talk to you that your story did? It makes sense with your first story, you are there Yes, I am story, didn't match your story or pharaoh story that match your story or or shall be hicks destroyed and match. Your story right, yeah, I think that the time the time line is the most important thing is again. I go back to what I said originally about for not wanting to be under that bridge between two thirty three thirty yo dp,
it, get married to a source that he was. the reason that our house as part of the arguing couple. Ok and the recent reason for was. He explained it as that they explained away why the girl he was with didn't see they said they ran into beiju. I beg you will pass on the girl. He was didn't, see her. And the reason was because they were arguing. Ok now europe The ongoing couple and Derek runs into effigy around three twenty in here from the high bridge and tells Derek that he had just heard on arguing couple under the bridge, but just before it puts arguing couple got under that bridge around three again very, but that's what you online? But what does he say, love horsemen, we dont bright eyes, yes, a bottle of arguing couple well,
is the girl you're with while my fiance and they go talk to her and she goes. I was in there was this girl because then that would have made basically the first time they ever talked to him suspicious and right, but I think that's really why he jumps out to me is: when he's constantly in his stories on line and you can actually see what he posted and go out that doesn't make any sense with the last any posted at that. Guy's also claim To be there also claiming to be I witness, but, like you said, okay, part of our young couple. That's under the bridge about three o clock, anything under the bridge to me, as per the crime scene. because right have we have the audio clip of them. Saying of the you're, saying guys down the hill correct and we know that the most
the way they got to where they ended up where they were found would have been. down the hill, but under the bridge across the I'll, be down cross, their private dropped over the creek and into the while spot so yeah you ever known deathly that you know they were deafening, He was there at that time or he would definitely have been there that Dorothy as if these admitting to being arguing Maybe maybe that was the statement that was problematic in terms yeah hey, I d. I used it to explain away while the girl didn't see it, but this back five, because whenever she and the and also may tie into why he says why recanted about the original instead baby, he thought he saw it as g he's right you because he knows that puts him there,
spot and again that's the last place. The part was to be is near that bridge under that bridge, when it thirty and a very so one thing, I'm a little unclear on of here skip ezida the regardless of what girl he what woman he claims. He was there with This woman been identified and saying that they were there with dp that day she hasn't come out publicly. Well now, what's been said, like yeah, like the captain said, what's been talked about to law enforcement, I don't know if the shit nobody's publicly come out and said they were with dp that day, okay, so if he is, if he was in fact, thereby himself. Hmm, that seems a possibility. We don't have anybody stating I was the person he claimed to have been there. With an either story. Cortez. Both stories have him with somebody else. Correct, No yes, I am season. Is he where somebody she says he's with yeah?
This is one corroborating, but again there's nobody there too. It says they saw her will she was there in her stories, changed multiple times. You know Her story carries a little weight because of the posting of that picture, but if you look at it, yeah yeah you'd have to you'd have to decide for yourself whether you think the legitimacy of that photo I mean I'm not saying. Is that it's a real photo amnesty? We don't know, we don't know one hundred percent everything about it. She said she went there to take photos that day and she she showed just a couple of pictures. I mean what you know seemed like you'd taken. You would take a lot. He went there to take photos on their stuff. That was wrong with the timestamps to write yeah the time stamp said an hour difference.
What she climbed the was see. I thought she had posted something she did she just that was the problem. They didn't. It did that time didn't line up with what the time stamp said: workers at some point, she's person from across the bridge close to the murder scene, yes from the south at yeah. I think you know what that one of the things that are happening have questions about, is, is why didn't they, your wine? They really metallic us up again, early on law enforcement was looking for our eye, so's There was a serial killer theory, possibly at the eyes, putting out flowers all over the country. They were going down a totally different road. They were, they were looking for, an odour guy, possibly like I said, a serial killer, sexual offender they weren't. Looking for you have some someone in their twenties locally. And so the folks at the investigation I got again,
it's one carter said we're just now beginning in the two thousand, and ten press coverage is because the information- that they gather over that period of time changed and that's why the emphasis was on his local, his younger, and we have a sketch ellen. What is cheyenne's motivation for pretending to be there that day I dont know saddle I don't tab. I wouldn't even really nature to guess what some by reason, some I give to my alibi I mean. If people do it all the time they do it for love. Fear money. Wait a second hang on because the It is her motivation for pretending to be there that day would be giving dp an alibi if, in fact that's not been made clear to anybody listening yet that did so. Your your thought is that cheyenne was, with d p, that day
No, no! I don't know I don't again until until it's somebody verifies that they saw her there. I don't know that she was there at all. But what would her motivation for pretending to be there. I said it to be numerous things. Your people, people provide alibi, as for other people all the time, yes, she is, she could have been doing it as a bizarre. It maybe innocently adverse may have been yeah she's, the heath if she knew he needed in a way he knew he needed an alibi because he went to law enforcement say he was there. Somebody's got to play. Somebody's got to say yes, I'm there to take, go and say kept putting the. In the middle of the crime saying so he puts himself into different spot, but there's gotta be corroborated. He knows that so put by words. To me about dp, be in there and in life begins. I am, as does the fact that there is no but that is saying that we saw him there I mean he's a meeting to be the day, their so weak. I assume it is their right.
Nobody is saying that they saw him where, a story, hasn't changed, or has it been contradicted in some way? That's right! That's! exactly right, I'm getting a little lost here because, but but I agree with nick, where it's like okay, but so her stories don't line up. But why would she even say at all that she was there? Why would she say that she saw at I dont mean again, could it could have been? He could, of course for whatever reason in the yellow and believe it s lucky. He could. He would tell I could tell him by hey. I was there, but I need my desire? Was there you know? I didn't it. Wasn't me look at the video you, that's not me obviously arm, and they would bother you know and so She may issue may give him an alibi and you know just doing innocently. I don't know that,
would still be the case. I think they can be hard. Believes that would still be the case, but but tat does deck way possible. isn't that the idea of anybody that was giving them an alibi could have been given out by originally didn't realize what they were, giving an alibi for brain. That's fair, I'm just I'm just pointing out that we're saying on what, with one hand, that if dp says he was there, then we should believe that to be true, but if she says she was there, we shouldn't believe it to be true it. Nor are we should question Bob what I should question more is not say so much whether or not she was there but what we do know is base of what she is. People online and what do the these post in these other things Then. The time line is very contradicted, so I would say I go to for as far as to say, deep,
yes said he is there. He said his eye. Witness cheyenne has come forward and Tom talked a bunch of sources. line and said that she was eyewitness not to bridge guy, but that she saw dp there right right. I question more her timeline, and so so, if she says why saw dp there? Ok, he saw dp there. And it doesn't matter. If you saw him with a girl because, if she saw him at two o clock with a girl and its at a distance, we don't know if that's not libya around Right why we don't know where she's saying that she saw him at risk. That's all I'm saying is that we know that her story has didn't morphed. So I just don't. I don't even know if she's essentially line for dp. I think you might just be
You know all wise yeah. I saw him at three, but really it was four or maybe was too. We will know we'll ask yourself why she was talking publicly anywhere any she didn't see, They d never claimed to say: did you so her bob? basically, her existence in the case is exe. leaning who she saw that day, so coming forward? Saint? Who she saw? She did she didn't see the bridge gases, offers, nothing in terms of a witness to seeing the guy who, but she is saying: oh She's trying to you know she's putting people in the correct places. Oh, I saw this guy and he was with this girl, and I saw a girl that I didn't know was going be there so for me that that's that
bet she's doing is just as are witnessing witnesses here, but should also could be describing on mine, because there is such a fascination with this case in that way, I think that she was start. She started talking no early before the case ever got to a point where it was had gotten crazy like this. But what have I been bamboozled, because the information I have says that cheyenne posted a picture that afternoon she did yeah So the way is that one would you while I was there, I mean: that's, that's what trying to get to hear where work. Circling around this a lot about whether she was there or not, but that doesn't that posting of the picture add to credibility of physically being there that afternoon, maybe maybe not I mean the picture, didn't like It- was even from the same day as well. Look. I know you like it.
I would ask you looked like it had saw again it it also the time stamp that originally she showed on the picture didn't line up when she woke when she said she was there. She paused we could have been. There could be an earlier whatever, but even even if it wasn't, let's say she's off by an hour, let's say she's off by seven hours. I am not really really care about that when I'm. What I'm trying to put the point out is that we know she posted up sure that afternoon right claiming to be there what I'm getting at is for for someone to go all why I just want to be a part of this. It gets a little difficult to you can't go back in time and posts that picture to add to your credibility later that you were in fact there, because that, after, nobody knows what had happened. It's not an event, yet it's not it's nothing! Yeah yeah! We don't know until that evening that there are in fact missing. We don't know until
by the killer noon the next day that they were kept, that they were killed by the killer right right, but we need say that here rather dance around you know we we need to be presenting a direct story, time line a narrative you for this, Yes, she she offered up the photo is as as proof that she was there, because this is it first time anybody's questioned her store and not making sense I think, what naked starting point out yeah. She offered up a photo of proof, but didn't she also pose a photo the day of the murders on her soul. The media, I she this she said she posted on yeah. I think maybe I think that was the one, where the time frame was diesel or the times tat was off again If you scout she, she did come avoid it, but she, our story, as is, is always made sense where she says she is at a certain time has never made sense. And again, I, is that? Why you're coming forward?
You tell us why you saying things that don't add up and and and your story and all that I got on. I item understand that the stories not making sense, so People have him what what contradicting stories three stories? Only one of them can be true, and why would protect somebody that murdered a thirteen and fourteen year old girl absolutely makes no sense. She has big of a piece of shit as the martyr. What are your thoughts on skips theory of his person of interests. We want to hear from you at through crime, garage dot, com and click on the blog and then join us back here for part. Three. Here
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