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Delphi Murders Unsealed /// Part 2 /// 684

2023-07-12 | 🔗

Delphi Murders Unsealed /// Part 2 /// 684

Part 2 of 2 


On February 13th 2017, two teenaged girls went missing for the trails at the Monon High Bridge in Carroll County, Indiana.  The following day search and rescue teams found the bodies of the two girls, Libby and Abby.  It was more than five years later that Richard Allen was arrested and charged with the murders.  Recently, previously sealed court documents about the case, the arrest, and evidence were unsealed and released to the public. Due to dozens of requests we have decided to discuss these documents and the details of the information found on those pages this week in the Garage.  There are significant details that many have wondered about for over six years now.  Finally, more information is now available in a murder investigation that has been previously cloaked in mystery, silence and uncertainty.

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