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DeOrr Kunz Jr. /// Part 1 /// 677

2023-06-20 | 🔗

DeOrr Kunz Jr. /// Part 1 /// 677

Part 1 of 2 


In the summer of 2015 a two-year-old went missing from a campground in Lemhi County, Idaho.  According to the 911 call DeOrr Kunz Jr. vanished on the morning of day two of a weekend long camping trip.  Little to no trace of him at all has ever been found.  When the case broke everyone was looking for the little boy.  Searchers looked for the little boy for ten straight days using every resource available to them at the time.  When the search turned up little to nothing, the parents said little DeOrr had been abducted.  The Sheriff’s department said that they have evidence that something else happened.  Since then Private Investigators have been hired, fired, donated their time to the case and have been sued by DeOrr’s father.  Klein Investigations and Consulting was one of those PI firms to join the case.  This week in the Garage we are joined by one of the lead Private Investigators who continues to work this case to find DeOrr and get justice for the lost “little man.”  We get insider and behind the scenes information about the case as an effort to make a strong push toward finally bringing this case to a close. 

If you have ANY information at all that could help this case or that could lead to finding DeOrr Kunz jr. please call the Lemma County Sheriff’s Office at 1-208-756-8980 OR if you are not comfortable talking with Law Enforcement please call Klein Investigations at 1-409-729-8798 or go to www.KleinInvestigations.com

Thank you for your help and as always - Thank you for listening, and thank you for telling a friend. Cheers. 

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