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Detective Sean Suiter /// Part 1 /// 276

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Detective Sean Suiter /// Part 1 /// 276

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Veteran Police Officer and Homicide Detective Sean Suiter was shot and killed while on duty in the murder plagued inner city of Baltimore. His case remains the longest unsolved murder of a Baltimore Police Officer. But the crime scene and the events surrounding shooting raise serious questions and many in the public are demanding the truth. This week we discuss the death of Detective Sean Suiter. Beer of the Week - Captain’s Log Lager by Cameron’s Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 Bottle Caps

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for about two years, but in that short time victims, families became friends. Friends became famous exactly a week later now in this part of harlem parkin was baltimore, remains a crime scene, inactive one as forensics recalled back out just today, but while technicians revisited suitor seen key was more than a resources. Kevin Fenwick felt compelled to meet us at his sons, crime scene Kendall fenwick, you might recall, was murdered. Two years ago after erecting a fence around is north was baltimore home to keep the drug dealers out a good hard working on his family man. His killing linger
just a little longer and the barometer of what can be bought a more violent crime statistics, a cold blooded killing that would fall to a brand new homicide detected that the time kendall fenwick was detective, sean suitors first ever case and first ever closure. People call for it to my family law, and we had this person behind bars and he always told me out would be there and he has any- has a tree foot, he has, but it didn't stop there. Through the next two years, suitor became family to fenwick in all of his relationships. That was just simply the detectives emma special, very, very special man. My brother and I love him forever. His colleagues say much the same thing. Detective Eric Perez came up in the department with Suter yesterday telling us it's all that he can do from falling apart, balancing such pain with the drive for justice,
half the battle. The emotion while stick into two to the mission, which is which is fine, who who killed sean so you have to really are No one turn ass, which on and off so that you can stay on course and and stay focused on what needs to be done. The concept of closure is subjective, it's personal, but there is perhaps no one better equipped to define it than one homicide detective and the family member of a murder victim for fenwick. Can only hope, the family of the men who worked so hard to give him his closure is afforded the same comfort, it is. This is speechless. Speechless destroying whole myself together now other species.
Meanwhile, in just a few moments, you're, the baltimore city police department is planning to brief the media of an update in this investigation. That is now, as you said, Jamie exactly one week old tonight. We will bring this press conference Do you live as it happens here from city police headquarters? For now, we're lie that city police headquarters in downtown baltimore this evening why kibler a b c two
The november fifteenth two thousand and seventeen detective sean suiter is forty. Three years old and an eighteen year, veteran of the baltimore police department and marilyn suiter, started out as a beat cop and worked his way up through the ranks to earn his detective badge. He was assigned to the homicide division back in two thousand. In sixteen we should mention two thousand and seventeen was the third straight year in which baltimore had more than three hundred killing. So almost one a day in fact them Rate was so out of control in two thousand and eighteen city organizers began, holding seventy two hours, cease fire weekends,
a time period when it is not ok to shoot someone busy homicide to take in baltimore peaty traditionally work in pairs in the detectives. Do not wear a year form, but rather a suit and tie I'm sure everybody's familiar with this, as seems to be the protocol most city. Furthermore, unlike baltimore police officers, detectives do not wear body cameras on november fifteenth detective suitor was not working with his regular partner. Suitor was pair it up with a different partner for the day and the two headed out to follow up with a possible witness on a trip. killing from two thousand and sixteen the area they went to was the nine hundred block of bennet place and what the baltimore son called quote: a notoriously violent section of the harlem park, neighbourhood of west baltimore,
detective suitor was familiar with the harlem part neighbourhood, as he was a patrol officer there at one time. According to the sun newspaper, the facts of the event is this: detective suitor in his partner saw a man acting suspiciously in a vacant law. The two detectives split up to cover different exits of the block and then detective suitor was shot. Suitor suffered one gunshot wound to the head and was rushed to the university of maryland shock trauma.
summer. The BP confirmed the shooting at five forty two p m in an e mail to the media, stating the police department was gathering details regarding the police involved, the shooting that occurred at approximately four thirty p m at nine p m detective suitor was in critical condition a news conference featuring police commissioner, Kevin Davis outlined the details of the incident without releasing the detectives name. According to Davis, the detective approached a man engaged in suspicious behaviour in an attempt to speak with him when he was shot Davis described the attack as spontaneous. He continued are eighteen year, veteran homicide detective was shot in the head. The detective was and very very grave condition, and he continues to fight for his life. Sadly, the detective sean suitor died the next day on november
sixteenth in the presence of his wife and five children. Doctors desperately tried to save the life of the respected officer they knew personally, but they were and successful. Commissioner Davis released sean suitors name to the public. In a news conference announcing his death Davis, told the media that police found evidence that the suspect was injured. but declined to elaborate on this statement he said police were searching, emerge see rooms and doctors offices for anyone with any unexplained injuries. The maryland state flag was or two half staff in within days. A reward of two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars was offered for information on the case. In the wake of detective suitors murder.
Those from all over maryland declared that they would make it their mission to find detective suitors killer. We will find the person responsible for this ridiculous. Absurd, unnecessary loss of life said. Commissioner Davis. He described detective suitor as a wonderful detective husband, father and friend Davis employed citizens to help the police bring this heartless ruthless soulless killer to justice. He ass the immediate and segregation, so captain four hours after suitor was shot police maintained a wide perimeter around the nine hundred block of bennet place, while officers checked near by homes for the shooter police helicopter circled overhead, looking for suspects the day after shooting police fanned out across the neighbourhood knocking on doors to ass neighbours if they knew anything about this building or the shooter they cornered off the whole block, cos
all the residents and looked in all of the homes, their residence expressed concern that they were often detained. when coming and going regardless of probable cause required to show I d and patted down this aggressive zone. off of the area was later declared by the media and public to be unconstitutional, and this lasted for six days after the shooting. The lockdown cause complaints from residents to say the very least, which is this sticky situation. Does your why these rights to be infringed on, but at the same time you have a officer that was killed in your area, trying to protect and serve your area. So it's like you should be a little more cooperative, possibly with this investigation. I think describing this as a sticky
Croatia is spot on by you captain good job. I you it is very difficult in its difficult for me to have an opinion on this, because on one side I want to say you know what they're looking for a cop killer, and we should do everything we can to find whoever killed this police officer rate, but at the other hand it's it's tough, because I don't live in that neighbourhood. You know, I've never had my neighborhood blocked offer six six days and be padded down and asked to show idee every time I come and go from my home, I my neighborhood, that's infringing on your rights, so I I think you're allowed to have opinion it sucks on both sides. Yeah it's gap is terrible situation, so who was on suitor. Well, suitors colleagues remembered him as a dependable investigator, who was often smiling, and that's one thing that in the search here that I found time and time again. Everybody said how much this guy was. He was always smiling, always kind of a good. You know good mannered, guy, good natured guy johnny
joan suitors, regular partner, said suitor loved the dallas cowboys. He was known amongst detectives as face on the street. Citizens knew him at a there was his his nickname, but I guess citizens on the street called him scar. Now both of this referred to a facial scar the suitor hat and then, when you put them together, you get what scarface yeah. That would have been the cooler name, rik willard, a retired officer said he meaning Suter is one of the best officers I've ever worked with and it breaks my heart former baltimore prosecutor, Jeremy Eldridge called suter a man with integrity. He continues. Souter was one person, you would always count on. He worked: tirelessly to put together very well thought out. Cases sooner was born and raised in Washington dc he enlisted in the army after high school and served until nineteen. Ninety eight he joined the baltimore
department. Ninety ninety nine, but was called back to in Iraq as a member of the art? he reserves from two thousand and five to two thousand and seven. At the time of his death. He lived in your county pennsylvania about an hour's commute to baltimore. He was married and had five children. It seems I m more common theme lately that these cops don't live in the areas that they work in the arts of live an hour or more way, Yeah and here's the thing is: I know that in some areas there are required to live in the areas that they serve their within certain mile radius of that area, that area of the country dc baltimore, heavily conjecture and you also have high crime rates in those cities as well and then the nicer neighborhoods extremely expensive to live, and so where I dont know that his salary would provide him a good home in a safe neighbourhood.
In that area. I just want to warn everybody to pay attention, because the information that we're going to give you a kind of trickles out over time, but you don't want to forget about the information that happened beforehand, that that's going to play a key role in this case and I'm tanya the more we dive into this case, the more that you're going to think. We made this up I mean this case will blow your mind. Well in the information coming out in a trickle is is exactly right because from the get go the police commissioner, he held an unprecedented number of news conferences about the shooting. Actually, there were seven press conferences The first ten days of the investigation and some have wondered why so many press conferences was this an attempt to control the narrative or,
release of information about what happened. So here are the details that were officially released by the baltimore police department concerning the shooting death of detective suitor. This is in the first ten days. Suitor was found in the vacant lot of bennet place lying face down, police recovered, detective suitors service weapon at the scene. It was found underneath his I sooner had his police radio clutched. In his left hand, more than one shot had been fired from suitors gun. Detective sooner had been killed with his own weapon. Repeat that detective sooner had been killed with his own weapon. There was evidence that a struggle occurred. The detectives killer might have been injured,
in the course of that struggle. One strange turn of events also came to light. Detective suitor was not transported to the shock trauma centre via ambulance. Instead, officers at the scene put him in a police vehicle and drove him to the hospital, which was less than a mile away this, presumably to save time instead of waiting for an ambulance. Unbelievably, while in route this police vehicle got into an accident colliding with civilian car suitor was then transferred to an ambulance at that scene of the accident and then taken to the ship. Trauma centre. Let's try to get an understanding of exactly where detective suitors body was found. He lay on the ground in a vacant lot between two houses from photos of the scene, you can see it looks like almost hidden alcove between buildings window in the surrounding houses, overlook the lot they appear be boarded up
there's a lot of vacant homes in this area, the area has been described as a place where drug addicted homeless and squatters would hang out. This is an l shaped lot, that is into bennet place on one side of the lot into schroeder story. On the other end of the EL shape law, So there are two ways to access this vacant law. Within days of the shooting, a makeshift memorial of flowers, american flags and momentous sprung up on the corner of the vacant. Lot in honour of sean suitor, detective suitors autopsy was completed within five days of the killing. The autopsy officially ruled that his death was a homicide, baltimore police investigators return
the scene of the shooting to investigate further based on what they learn from the autopsy about the bullet trajectory police said they found additional significant evidence which turned out to be the fatal bullet it was lodged in the dirt and the vacant law, and it had detective suitors dna on it. The discovery of this bullet in the lot by evidence text appears to some two have been somewhat staged. The discovery happened in front of rolling tv news cameras with what seemed like deliberate displays of the bullet police disclosed that, in total three shots were
fired from suitors gun, and one of these was a close contact. Gunshot wound to suitors head police said they found no dna or other evidence at the scene. That might lead them to the perpetrator, but earlier reports stated police found evidence that the part was injured at the scene again, so we have a situation where the law enforcement of sir tat of suit her shot in the head nurse three bullets, because there's three shots correct the bullet that hit his head that hit detective suitors head they, possibly when they find the bullet, find this.
the media is there, so they're gonna be holding this up. We found the bullet right. Ok, well, in the reason why some have stated that they believe it might be staged is that so the autopsy it took five days they had. Remember they blocked off that whole area for six days, total after the shooting and what what the people in the public go and well. You had this area blocked off for all this time. You need didn't, find the bullet until after the autopsy five days later and then, when you do find it your kind of like I mean that right and around well yeah you're, always holding it up like some kind of trophy or something like that very strange yeah. But the other key thing there is it: they state that no dna or other evidence at the scene might lead
to find the perpetrator? But we have an earlier statement by police. It stated they found. Evidence of the pope was injured at the scene, so that's conflicting things, but they clean it up a little bit with what they find to be good evidence to steer them in the right direction, so what they our originally. That may have led them to believe that the perpetrator was injured at the scene. This turned out to be too bloodstains found in the vacant law. One of the blood samples was determined to have been from an animal and one was from a local junkie who was interviewed and ruled out, so the theory that the suspect had been injured in the struggle, turned out to be baseless, baltimore police department.
They had no suspects and the killing of one of their own, while we don't need bloodstains or puddles blood and this alley what we do have, as we do have two bullets that that did not hit detective suitor. So were those bullets when we look at those bullets today, did they hate anybody? Do they have any dna evidence on them, and I think this would tell us if there was some eight. injured and the attack on detective shooter yeah. You brought up at the perfect time because the earlier information that was coming out was this very It was a little vague stating that there was more than one shot fired from detective suitors gun. It was late determine that three shots were fired from suitors own service weapon, and this came up
When commissioner Davis announced the three shell casings were recovered that ballistic lee matched suitors god he pointed out that these. Findings did not necessarily mean that no other gun was present or was fired, but the casings were found very close, the suitors body Police also pointed out pointed to a scuffle, mostly because dirt was found on suitors suit. So the conclusion was that detective suitor was attacked and overpowered by someone his gun taken, or at least trade and three shots fired with one hitting suitor fatally in the head. Talking about that him and his partner worked tracking down a guy that,
suspicious in their area, known as the report says it, they saw someone behaving suspiciously in the area and suitor decided to approach this individual right. So then, I am assuming that that point that this is our suspect. So do you have any idea of this guy? of any description of the actual suit shooter or someone who overpowered sean suitor right well see. This is difficult because, like you said we're going off of probably just a description this suspicious person that doesn't seem to be any witnesses that actually saw the shooting or the scuffle take place right. But we do have his partner that saw the suspicious individual in the beginning, and this is interesting. We also have baltimore police department their refusing to release the detectives name that was working with sooner that day it took a while for that information to come out
and they also refused to say what he had told investigators other than the suspect was a black man wearing black and white jacket. All right, that narrows down quite a bit. Rabbi think what their assuming there is a. We have one suspect right now, that's probably guy, and then we have one eye witness and now that suitors dead, we don't want to ruin. this information. We don't want to release what he has told us, because we don't want. I hit put out on this guy yeah, I mean cassettes. That's your only eyewitness! Well, two weeks after suitors death, the baltimore on release the name of the detective working with suitor that day- and this is detective david bowe manka,
Not much has known about this detective from what I could find in the papers, but reportedly he and detective suitor worked at least one case together previous to the shooting. This detective was a ten year. Baltimore police department, veteran. Then additional information came out. Commissioner Davis stated that, on the day of the shooting, bo, manka and suitor were canvassing the nine hundred block of bennett place while investigating a two thousand and sixteen triple homicide case now. This case was suitors case that they were working not bow manka case. They had no particular person of interest in their focus on that day. For that outing, according to the commissioner, though manka was also investigating a separate murder Case that he was staffed on the way this reads to me: captain is that they are in this area and they're both working these cases together by this point, because they've now been paired up, you know detectives
god they get a day off like everybody else. Apparently it was suitors partners, day off a pair Lee he and bow manka were paired up the day before as well right and when you say here talk about suitor so sooner and both make our work together. This would be the second day in a row correct, that's my understanding.
wording to the commissioner- and this is this- has to have come from bo manca. This is his account of what was going on at the time of the shooting. The commissioner says that both detective suiter and his partner, meaning bo manca, saw a person behaving suspiciously. There were two observations of this suspicious person. One occurred twenty minutes prior, meaning the shooting prior to the shooting, and one occurred just moments before the shooting. The detectives did not engage this suspicious person the first time they saw this person now in between the two sidings. The officers were in a different area, but to be clear, but mecca was not in the presence of detective suiter when the struggle went down or when the shots took place. This case is just getting started, but first a quick theory.
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what we have gone on in these cases we have detective suitor and its partner go out. We have a suspicious individual. Now we have detective suitor dead and we have law enforcement. Saying hey we're locked down. This neighborhood check any by coming in an hour, and we have a ward money for a possible cop killer, two hundred feet Ten thousand dollars for information leading to the perpetrator of the killer of sean suitor, and this case continued investigated as a homicide with police pursuing all leads but startling new information came to light about two weeks. After detective, sean suitor was killed that merged his unsolved murders. Case with another high profile case rocking the city of baltimore,
This new information suddenly changed the way people were looking at things and introduce new potential theories regarding suitors death on november thirtieth. So fifteen days after detectives was shot, a federal grand jury handed down in indictment of baltimore police sergeant and several officers on the force. What was learned is that detective suitor was scheduled to testify in and of this grand jury on the day after he was shot so on november, sixteenth, two thousand and seventeen suitor was scheduled to be a witness against sergeant wayne Jenkins in the federal criminal case and suitor. Had multiple text and phone calls with his lawyer in the two days before he was shot. His lawyer was king a meeting, presumably to discuss his testimony. That would never come to be, but
even without suitor the case was a slam. Dunk federal prosecutors had the goods on a slew of key the cops, including wiretapping recordings where the crooked detectives admitted to various, illegal activities, including selling drugs. Ok, Now that everything is nice and messy. Let's talk something through before we go any further: even though police are looking for a cop killer, those outside of the department are saying, wait a minute. This is a mysterious death. This detectives death is likely more of a mystery than first thought right. So the most basic breakdown of theories- and there are three Is this one? Sean suitor was murder a suspicious random person killed him to which police gave a vague description of and her. The autopsy determination of homicide police were still pursuing. The unknown gunman to this kind of started with the media, sean
or may have taken his own life. It was determined he was killed with his service weapon by close contact, gunshot wound and the gun was found under his body three so then you have what some of the public were thinking. Sean sooner was set to testify against corruption inside the police, force and detectives he worked with or for and he was silence and his death was a hit. He was murdered potentially by one of his own. Let's look more at detective wayne jenkins, the one that was the sergeant who was indicted genk was the supervisor in charge of the gun trace taskforce, a group of baltimore law enforcement officers tasked with getting guns off of the streets. Federal authorities brought down a wide, ranging indictment that members of the task force engaged in a pattern of corruption, including robbing citizens framing people, stealing compensated drugs
and then re selling them. They also falsifying court reports and earning fraudulent overtime pay. Six gun trace taskforce officers pled guilty to these charges to others did not salting in their trials weighing jenkins the leader of the gun, trace taskforce was charged with racketeering, conspiracy, robbery, illegal use of a fire long night we talked about on the phone a little bit. This seems really when you start investigating this aspect of the case. A very much seems like the movie training day. Sinn in in parts of american gangster as well yeah, and when you watch that movie, you think to yourself. There is no way this would happen in real life, and then you see a case brought to light like this and he's gone well, maybe a movie like that hits closer to home than we would we wish it.
yeah and for those of the people listening that are not familiar with sean suitors case. This is not our speculation. This happen. This is real life a happen. We have individuals that lead guilty and others that were later found guilty. So the gun trace tasks This was essentially a rogue unit comprised of corrupt officers disguise an elite force of public protectors. According to vocs magazine, the police officers in the unit engaged in years long pattern of criminal activities, they set people up for baseless searches, they robbed people of drugs and guns, among others, they clocked overtime when they weren't working at all. In fact, when they were on, vacation or on leave. They were billing. The department for overtime pay. They used illegally placed gps trackers to locate and
drug dealers and others they planted evidence and film themselves finding it was as far as on so as far as the overtime, I'm, assuming that this is like a task force that is run by itself, meaning that, if you, unless they on the boss because there's no way I'm working for you, but, let's just say, I'm the boss. Okay, your sergeant wayne Jenkins in this portion of the story isn't okay, say: I'm a flaming pile of shit But you work for me and you say: I'm gone on vacation, but I want paid while you to submit your time sheet to me and the nice summit to the department like the head, apartment yak, as you could sign off on a in then submitted two to the department of rice,
then if I wanted something done, nobody's double check and my work either. So that's kind of how we don't know if these guys were crop before they join the task force, but once they become apart this task force They go hey. We were on things a little different here. You wanted it aid. Why you're not working? We can help you do that. And why you're doing that, you are also going to turn the other way. Why we take drop. We take drugs from drug dealers and sell them or robbed them for their money or whatever. So it's it's a separate unit and I think that's very important. It wasn't like there was a lot of checks and balances to make sure these guys were doing crop things right. That makes things for the most part, it appears that what they were doing a large part of what they were doing was stealing from people had no recourse against the police right. You know they're going
after people that are doing petty crimes selling drugs. May you know that, money off drugs and, if you're a drug, and I'm out an officer of the oh and I go and shake you down and rob you of all your drug money. I mean you're going to do it you're going to go file? A police report saying hey this officer stole my drug money right. You know it just it doesn't work out they purchase painted in some home invasions as well. What have been classified as home and since I am assuming that taking the door of a known drug dealer and stealing their weapons. Money and drugs total. The gun trace taskforce. Members are suspected of stealing at least three hundred thousand dollars in cash. Three kilos of cocaine for Three pounds of marijuana, eight hundred grand, the heroin and jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now the diamond of wayne jenkins related, among other things, too,
an arrest he made in two thousand and ten on a case where he was partnered with sean suitor, the tube directives were investigating large scale, drug dealers, suitor and jenkins, came involved in an unmarked vehicle pursue of another car driven by one you mar burly. Basically you mar burly says he believed that the officers were trying to rob him, so he fled. And now we have a car chase, burly crashed into another car driver of that car was albert Davis and eighty seven year old, father of a baltimore police officer. He was killed and his wife was seriously injured after that, accident sooner and jenkins, arrested, burly and jenkins, directed suitor to search berlioz vehicle, According to the federal indictment documents, unbeknownst to suitor Jenkins had planted rugs and burly car suitor found. Twenty eight
I am the heroin in the vehicle, so this is to justify the car chase, but it sends burly and an associate who was also in the car to prison for federal drug offences after suitors death. U s attorney stephen shedding said the federal prosecutors did not get a chance to discuss suitors testimony with him prior to his F suitor was offered limited immunity to testify about you more bradley case know what else the grand jury would have asked him about or where his testimony would have led the investigation police commissioner Davis held a press conference and said quote what this indictment outlines in great detail is the fact that sean suitor, wasn't involved in any way, shape or form and any criminal misconduct whatsoever, and quote. However, it appears. sean suitor was actually putting Lee in a lot of trouble. There was a federal,
grand jury investigation into corrupt cops that extended to the highest levels of the police force suitor work closely and at length with several of the named corrupt cops over the course of his career pseudo worked accede civilly with at least three of the officers indicted in connection with the corruption of the gun trace task force? I know you're speaking english, but isn't making sense to me. So what you're saying on one hand, is that they're saying suter had nothing to do with this. The police commissioner, said that the police commissioner saying he he did nothing wrong and then, but you also said hey, he was going to testify and we're gonna offer him limited amounts of immunity right meaning, while he did something wrong, where they're going to give him immunity for, but are there other things that they're not going to give him immunity for
so that's very confusing. Ok, so I'm kind of just dissecting this myself in giving my opinion here on what that means. My guess is that they spoke to him about some of his testimony. What he was going to be willing to testify towards against Officers were ok, so we're gonna say you have immunity on those particular aspects of our investigation. However, during the course of you, your testimony, you could be asked any number of questions that could go outside of the box. They can go away from those particular cases, those particular aspects of their investigation. The course of that we may learn new information that now We figure out you're, not completely on the up and up MR suitor andrei we can pursue charges against you. for information later learned now, what the commissioner is here
saying in a lot of words. Basically, when you break that down is suitor, was there to rat out these other office that his testimony wasn't? He wasn't going to be put on the stand. The grand jury, because he was under investigation, he's play going to be there to testify, because we need witnesses to this illegal activity. A lot of this, legal activities going down in the only people witnessing it or other corrupt cops right and criminals, known criminals that they are victimize, basically the same ones, will get you on the stand and we are. We want the truth and I ask you: can you handle the truth, and then I tell you that I issued a code red that I still might go to jail, that right he could be open. He could open himself up to investigation per his testimony and again it's not like
it's not a situation where they go. Ok, here's these ten questions. This is what we're gonna ask you and that's it. That's all. I know it's. You are you are there and you are too Thus, your knowledge of anything. We ask you questions about. It could be anything at all right, but on top of that we have the chief of police and hey based on what we know and based on what we believe that he did not do any illegal criminal activity as a law enforcement officers. Correct. That's what the commissioner is saying now, where We'll call that into question is suitors lengthy career, stating you know he would have worked with some of these individuals at some point in his career now, its name a few of them. We know work with wayne jenkins, who was pretty much The ringleader of this of these corrupt cops right is the Denzil washington and trained yeah. He also worked with or josh brawling from my american gangster.
he also worked with detectives, maurice ward in mamma do gone so warden ganda both plead guilty to federal charges, so now have to wonder what that leaves the public wandering about what did sean sooner know about these illicit activities and his fellow detectives did he know just choose to look the other way. Was he in ratting them out like that, nor would have us believe, or did he participate, joining in with these corrupt officers, and being in on the take right, or was it again like training day what alive things that happen was Denzil wash in character would set up Ethan hawks
character and say: hey, go ahead and rent me up go ahead and tell them. I did this and they're going to drug test you and guess what you got pcp in your system. So again it could be one of those situations where we don't know what suitors going to say, because his suter gonna not say certain things there for not incriminating himself, zammit sense, oh yeah, and not an injustice to you're a little of where my feelings were when researching this case right from the guy go in the very beginning and, like all my god, this guy was a hero. He was a veteran officer of a well respected homicide, detective out just doing a good job and he was killed in the line of duty right and then you find out about all this corruption and you start to wonder: was he just another dirty
in this big story here, and the thing that I had to kind of remind myself of is what you just talked about training day, where Ethan hawk is almost four into a position. He never thought he would be, and he was he just one. To be in that drug taskforce and he gets in there finds out there doing illegal activity and Denzil washington's like yours. I go along with this right, an added, ended on more shoe to women, a bull you and doing are illegal activity right and at the end of the day, you got all well ethan hawk his character. Good guy saves the day. But if you go back through that movie, there's a lot of stuff that was incriminating or criminal activity that aid places and so therefore, yet still get in trouble for that training day. I know we're getting sidetracked here, but training day as one of my favorite. That's a great movie like king kong ain't got shit on me. Rarely
I go back and watch a movie multiple times training day. I've watched multiple times and here is when you it for me this is one I know somebody like of extreme. a fine actor Denzil washington, who I mean, I'm a big fan of I've watched many of his movies, but when an actor can be come bad guy when he's playing a bad guy and he's you're not used to him being a bad guy and he does so well that you want to punish him in the face. That's enough, That's an indian! I damn fine actor right there in the face, I'm goin on record right here. I want to punch, Denzil washington's character in the face and the face now today, captain six indicted detectives have fled
guilty and been sentenced. The ringleader wayne Jenkins got twenty five years: clap clap two detectives who pled not guilty were convicted by a federal jury on several federal charges. Here's the other sketchy thing, though, here it's unclear whether sean suiter was ever actually part or a part of the gun trace task force. There are reports out there that says he was early on but asked to be removed from this task right again and again, look at that's a sticky situation, because if you are a good cop you see bad stuff happening, and these guys are doing really bad stuff were taught him out stealing drug stealing money we're talking about robbing yeah gang them We're talking about robbing drug dealers in wartime
planning evidence on those people after the arrest them I mean this- is some bad stuff. So, if you're in that situation, you can't just go sarge room like what's goin on here. Can you we'll have to arrest me- are you now take in. They can't do that. You have to go the some bad stuff goin on. Let me get out department? Well and here's the thing to when you really dive into what these corrupt members of the task force were doing? It's almost like at some point. They became completely out of control them else like and training day like in american gangster, where these row cops all the sunday they are like. You said, King Kong. I got nothing on me, there's nobody bigger than me. I can do whatever I want. That at some point there is the behaviour
it took over. There is in fact, there's one story of these corrupt cops where they are breaking up a right. Ok and the rioters were looting, the area and after broke up the right and made some arrest. These officers decided to keep in steel, basically steel deluded items from the right the rights of the riders stalled, tvs and stuff. They went now, and I gotta give these back. Well, you you just go. We find it. You know we are. We don't know what happened to the story of know where those tvs where an event- want to know what it's like to drink with. The colonel I have to do is watch at sea of king kong, a shit on me when you get there That's that's basically impersonation of you why, when you're at the peak of drunkenness, I become bullet proof, I still think you know listen up
people when you write in and say I'd love to have a beer with the captain, you're making a mistake. Okay, because first of all I like to do the shots you're not going to be able to keep up, but and of all I'm not the party and more of the group, its colonel he becomes the kentucky fried. you know, what's the last christmas or an extra chris, and I wish I hadn't tan you don't believe me, come see us at crime. Con a new orleans this year. Yet have all our code at. What's our problem, we have appeared we'll code on our website and will mention at the end of the show you can get a dish on your crime. Con tickets, using that code gather aways, the evidence will crime, com and you'll, see video footage and and pigs and you will know that the extra crispy colonel is alive and well that's that's the one you want a party with well, but just a kind of clean this up, though you know it from an outside,
perspective you have to wonder was you? You have one of two things sean suiter was an awesome. Cop was very good at his job was a clean cop or you do have there is enough stuff out there to wonder if he wasn't so, the up and up and a lot of that is, is a leap. A lot of that is a jump, but what then comes from his knowing that he worked with at least three of these detectives that were later convicted there. But look at these guys that were convicted. They got what they deserved time in person and if detective suiter was a dirty cop, he would have got. We would have found evidence of this and we would have- and he would have done time and that's what he would have got, what he deserved. This is not what he deserved right, no matter. If he was dirty cop or not, he thought he'd killed in the line of duty and we don't know.
Why were or possible suicide. I mean this is very strange well in the way that these a little the way that these gangs work, whether they be cop, bad cop sure real. st gangs or anything like that. Most of the time. The way that this works is they bust one guy. They get some information from this one guy he starts talking. Now they got other people to investigate they start porn, People in and these corrupt cops most of em gave a wealth information about what was going on. That's what led to them pleading guilty to these charges in others being convicted, who didn't plead guilty now out of all of those officers, it's my understanding that only one of them was implicating sean suitor in. having any involvement at all with this group after the november thirty, a tooth
thousand, and seventeen indictments against members of the gun trace task force. The? U S, attorney's office filed a petition to vacate the federal conviction, of you more burly and his associates. Those were the two involved in the car chase and later the car accident that led to the older man's death. They vacated this because it was proved tat. The drugs were planted on them and that they were not actually guilty of the crimes they were convicted of when the payments were handed down. Commissioner Davis disbanded, the gun, trace taskforce describing the indicted officers is nineteen, thirty style gangsters. Now, three thousand past cases, hands by the unit. Members have been called into question and who how many convictions will be thrown out, hundreds have already been vacated. Clearly, Davis did not do a good job. The commissioner of overseeing the police department. This is because
obviously, this rogue unit was allowed to run ramp it for years under his watch this would eventually end Davis's career, but before so commissioner Davis stated in a press conference he only learned of suitors planned grand jury testimony after suitors death. He also stated that investigating off so found no connection between detective suitors murder and his planned testimony. He also said That suitor was not the target of the federal investigation, which was confirmed by the. U S, attorney's office david said there was no information. He was aware of the indicated that detective suitor was anything other than a stellar detective great friend, loving husband and great father commission Davis wrote a highly publicize letter to FBI. Director Christopher re formerly require
thing that the fbi take over the shooting of detective suitor investigation. David said that it was because he suspected, there was information about the murder that the Feds had access to that the baltimore police department did not f b. I involvement was supported by suitors family nicole suiter suitors widow apparently told the mayor that she supported the f b I taking over the case yeah, and this is because, once people start leaning towards this idea that detective suiter took his own life, this is something that she she welcomed investigation right, but also you're, going to have people investigate a case where he was possibly involved in wrongdoings with other officers and you're going to have that department. How can you trust that department too,
this investigation right. So, okay, now the f b, I doesn't want to head their investigation yeah. So to be clear, they agreed to assist in the investigation, but they publicly stated they did not want to lead the investigation, but fine with me right from obama loved one fine with me at least they're involved and if they're involved, I'm gonna trust the investigation lot more. This is coming from his his widow, which talked to him, I believe, within an hour of his death right, and so she was on the phone and they were talking about some video where he was, you know, dancing or something, and somebody took you caught him dancing and they're, making fun of it. You know, and just joking around- and she just said that he seemed very normal hm. So we have this cop that we it's it's so weird, because we have so many people,
saying this guy's a good cop in a good and a good dude. On top of that, his wife is saying he wasn't suicidal right and then you start going well again. Do you get any benefits or is his family going to get any benefits? I mean it was wasn't just him and his wife they had like they had five a lot of kids. So the thing here is, you know, win win. This came forward that this is a possible suicide rather than a homicide. Suitors family has been extremely vocal saying. We believe it was a homicide. We believe that there is evidence to point that would end that it was a homicide and they ve been extremely vocal about that, and you know what the commissioner Davis is obviously a flawed commissioner. We know that we have this rogue task force that is out there doing whatever the hell they want under his watch, but I'm sure
throughout his career. He did do a good deal of good things along the wet right now. One one mind you, I mean there's hundreds of officers, so idea that you have one person that responsible both for all those officers at how anybody gets out of that job with a good name. I don't know how it happened. You can't baby sit every officer every minute of the day and see your one person now. One thing I think we should give credit to commissioner it is for this was before he was fired, is requesting the f b I come in and take over this investigation that to me shows a couple of things. It shows smarts on his part because one he wants to be transparent. He knows that he has a police department. The is on the scrutiny of the public's I, which they should be because eight, some members- and we say that we need to be very good.
Well that some members of the police department were very much guilty of illegal activities that members were saving. That's that's a hard core fast so, commissioner, Davis, bringing in the fbi is a couple things one to be transparent and it could not hurt to have an outside agency. Take a good look at this investigation to take a good look at this case and try to solve it for them yeah and then on the other spectrum of it too. You know, like I said: if you commit suicide, I don't think you're getting. I don't think the officer's family is going to get support. I don't think they're going to get certain benefits, but if he has killed on the line of duty there taken care of and pretty well so then one could argue. Are they saying hey it's impossible that he'll kill himself because they benefit from that and that something
if you have to look into, I believe by watching and the interviews with his widow that she she just wants the truth to be told right. I don't think she cares about the benefits or not Well, after commissioner Davis was eventually fired, he was replaced as police commissioner, in january of two thousand and eighteen by veteran darrell de susa. The susa lasted less than six once as the police. Commissioner, he stepped down in may, after being indicted for federal tax evasion. One thing to susa did before he departed he set up in dependent review board to look into the unsolved killing of detective suit. So thanks. Everybody for joining us in the garage today will be right back at you tomorrow. Until then,
you would be kind, don't win.
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