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Detective Sean Suiter /// Part 2 /// 277

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Detective Sean Suiter /// Part 2 /// 277

Part 2 of 2


Veteran Police Officer and Homicide Detective Sean Suiter was shot and killed while on duty in the murder plagued inner city of Baltimore. His case remains the longest unsolved murder of a Baltimore Police Officer. But the crime scene and the events surrounding shooting raise serious questions and many in the public are demanding the truth. This week we discuss the death of Detective Sean Suiter. Beer of the Week - Captain’s Log Lager by Cameron’s Brewing Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 Bottle Caps

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Now that the table was all set, lead sift through the evidence and see if we can come up with a better explanation regarding the death of detective suitor. So there was some audio and then some video evidence in this case the difficult thing this case is information and fax seem too. come out and little nuggets here and there and it really This leaves you wondering if you have heard the whole story, so we can. I'll this and try to put it together in a presentation that makes the most sense regard the surveillance footage. This was taken from a I have a video camera attached to the food mart convenience store on bennett place, the
these have relied on the private camera in the past for footage and photos of suspects in this rough neighbourhood just like. Seemingly every other piece of surveillance footage we ve seen it their cases the time stamp, this video is off. It was later revealed to be off by eleven hours. The footage been analyzed in over analyzed and pick apart by the media and the public to be clear what it shows, I really think, is open to interpretation for one in the video is taken from across the street and weigh down the block any human food, figures visible, are small in the video has areas that appear to be out of focused or or or smudged, but here is what the video shows. According to the baltimore police department and mind you, this is taken from a statement before they release the video to the public they, They did. The video shows detective suitor in both manka. They are at bennet play
near the entrance to the vacant law. now we lose sight of both manka who was wearing a light, tat trench co and is distinguishable from the dark suited, suitor a dot and ice. I described this as a dot because that's what it looks like a dot that may be suitor is seen standing behind a white van parked on bennet place walking around described as pacing back and forth. What happens now is very unclear, but according to the official baltimore police department position what we see is suitor, pacing back and forth behind the van and then suddenly darting into the vacant. Lot. With his radio. In his left hand in his gun in his right, then shots rang out now the video from what I could find does not have sound, so We can only guess that So when the shots rang out- and we see bo manka running across the street away from the lot to take cover spit
victory the whole episode between suitor running into the lot and bo manka running, took about eight, seconds or less the vague, lot where suitors body was found is now in the line of sight of the camera we are, and formed a later that both manka had been on shore water street right around the corner when the shots were fired and he not see what happened. Owing to the baltimore police departments interpretation. There is no perpetrator. Seen on the video footage, although We argue that that's debatable and we have two witnesses to eye witnesses who do not wish to be identified, but they told w b a l t v, eleven news that they saw suitors partner bo manka, walking on the sidewalk to an opening gunfire rang out. The second witness told this new station that, after the gunfire he saw suitors partner,
in a crouch position. With his gun drawn the witness the partner than ran through the crime scene and into bennet place. So if the two, I witnesses are reliable and if what's been disclosed by the police department about the contents of the surveillance, footage is accurate than did the omega could not have been the shooter who killed sean. according to both manka, he called nine when one on his phone and then went to the vacant lot to check on his partner. So what strange here by this whole account- is that both make it not have his radio on him He had to use his cell phone to call for backup police dispatch sent out. a signal. Thirteen, an emergency call. It means urgent officer down. This took place at four thirty, six p m police dispatchers. Initially, radioed quote collar report his partner. Got shot; no describe
of the suspect. No further end quote interestingly, this directly contradicts statement. We know, commissioner Davis made about the suspect being a black man in black and white jacket. This statement by Davis about the sun seen by bible. Manka was released later on the night of the shooting, but dispatch was. Not notified of any description in the initial nine, when one call- and in fact was told there was not a description. But then an hour after the shooting dispatcher issued a city wide bolo beyond the look for a blackmail with white sleeves and a knit baseball cap. So there video, the long versions, but an hour in ten minutes, I'm not gonna imposed that version, but there is a shorter version where zoom in where they believed the detective was detective. Suitor was so. I will oppose that on our website actual from garage. We also have commissioner Davis, who
revealed that there was a brief two or three second unintended. Bull transmission from detective suitors radio, it conveyed that he will is quite clearly in distress, said Davis suitor heard to shout something, and it was. confirmed by his peers, that it was likely suitors voice in this bit of audio. And there's a loud sound that could be possibly a gun, and then silence and when was found. Suitor was still holding his radio in his left hand, commissioner, This elaborated that the body can footage from officers responding to the scene. Show this there's radio never left his hand, responding off. serves wearing body cameras turned suitor over and found him too. In grave condition. After sending suitor off to the spittle in a law enforcement vehicle officers. First concern was the possibility that, shots came from a near by building, but manka said he heard
multiple gunshots, but was not able to detect their oars, and when he ran a suitor side, there was no suspect in sight. This is confirmed by the audio recordings of the police dispatch, halls in one of the radio transmissions. The officer on the scene says, We still have a possible armed per peer officer was not able to on where it came from, meaning the gunshots we don't know, If it was on foot in the rear, allie or from one of the houses near the window, where not sure so, the block was Placed on lockdown, while officer search for the shooter in the many nearby vacant buildings, as we know, have remained on lockdown for six days, while the police department investigated mean All we know that someone drove suit or to the shock trauma centre got into an ax it and suitor was transferred to an ambulance despite this dock, thomas Scalia physician, chief at the shock trauma unit told
son later that any delay in getting suit her to the hospital did not impact his condition so more details. The bullet entered behind his right ear and travelled forward exiting from his left temple. This fact raise all sorts of questions it possible that he was wrestling with an attacker, had his arm twisted around behind his ear and the gun went off. How did the boy Get lodged into the dirt ground was soon on the ground when he was shot. That would explain the dirt some of the dirt that was found on his clothing right. But Interestingly, no mention has ever been made of the whereabouts of the other two bullets now we know that they were fired from suitor, gone, but where are they as far as we know, they ve never been located. So we have. Yes, we have the bullet casings, but no bullets. Aye. Captain, I think
we need a dive into the suicide theory, as I think this might be the biggest and most complicated of the theories put forth. The suit I'd theory, I think, has the most layers to it: one layer and a very One, I might add, is when, sooner was subpoena to testify against his fellow officers. He possum would be incriminating himself. Any link Activity is well also but the disgraced taskforce, members named twelve additional officers in baltimore police force who were in on the take. These additional off sirs, allegedly either participated in the committing of crimes, helped cover them up or enjoyed some of the proceeds. And some of these were higher ups of those named was the head baltimore police departments, internal affairs, division and Davis's number two Oh man, on the force, one was an assistant states attorney, and one was detective
Suitor now detective ganda, who we talked about yesterday, asserted specific Lay that sean suitor had for a decade participated in stealing money with the taskforce, members and other corrupt members of the baltimore police department ray He also said that suitor knowingly planted the heroin and you more berlioz vehicle. Despite all Mr Davis is repeated assertions that sean suitor was clean as away. All the news that he had been named as corrupt, as well as the other pieces of evidence about his killing. It was his own gun. It was a coup. Contact wound. No one saw perpetrator may suggest that suitor, actually killed himself Stephen, shutting the acting. U s attorney said people had suggested sooner was complicit in misconduct but Quote will never know what he knew because he's not here to speak to the circumstances. So was it possible that suitor
was crooked, and did he not want that truth to emerge our his reputation, ending his career landing. prison in shaming and impoverishing his family. It is possible, in other words, that suit her stay his own suicide to look like he was killed in action. Not being able to face zone downfall. Hence why there's three shots from his gun So this has happened before, specifically in two thousand and fifteen, a fox lake illinois. Lieutenant care billy stage his death to look like he was killed in the line of duty, but actually killed himself after stealing from youth programme, he oversaw this guy, as thousands of dollars over seven years and spend it on mortgage payments, travel, Jim memberships, among other things, but the walls were closing and he knew he was about to be nailed for his crimes right on that he died. He was on duty radioed that he was chasing three suspects
in swampy area, near fox lake, north of chicago backup officers later found his body about fifty yards from his squad car. His death said A huge manhunt involving high words of officers, the surgeon of multiple law enforcement agencies and ended up costing over three hundred thousand dollars and overtime and other expenses authority said officer, was shot with his own gun and took elaborate steps to try to make look like he died in a struggle, including shooting himself twice in the torso through his vest. The suspects were never found. Investigators finally reached the conclusion of suicide, which was vehemently opposed by his family, including his fortune. who said the officer never once thought of taking his own life and spoke excitedly and often about what he planned to do after retirement ray you, can't deny that there are parallels between that case and that
sean suitor. Why, one wonders parallel. Is that shooter has another detective with him, so even if you fired two shots may be thinking that you're goin to stunned the other detective and he's gonna look away or take cover. Now you have seconds to then make it look like you struggled with somebody and shoot yourself at the same time, so that that's a bit difference and a lot of stuff regarding the sooner case from within the department, thoughts and areas from within the department didn't come out until two thousand and eighteen, because Currently, several of the initial investigators on the suitor case came to the conclusion that he may have killed himself this being as early as a month after his death, baltimore sun son reported that month, officials inside the baltimore
These department itself were divided about where the evidence in the case pointed them too, and again have commissioner Davis, who continue to endorse the homicide theory others leaned toward suicide as the most likely explanation by march Two thousand and eighteen, the AP describe suitors death as a baffling who done it with Evan. Pointing in two different directions: murder, verse, suicide, Suitors family, of course insists that the suicide theory is absurd. They maintain That he was a happy father of five who would never have left his children. His uncle There's a sherman basil mention that suitor was eagerly looking forward to a peaceful retirement, this. Seven years away, and he had recently made plans to visit his uncle in DC with his extended family over the christmas holidays? Ball. Ok, I'll limits! Stop him
ex here, but even with the last case, the officer that took his life because he stole money if it. If it is true that detective sooner was taking money here, At least here's. What I have a problem is when everybody goes while he was a happy man, he didn't talk about any depression and he was looking forward to retirement Did he also tell you about the money? He was stealing right now, the fact that he was yeah. He did it right and we he and he Didn'T- and the first case- and so this is. This is evidence that you don't know everything about this individual- I mean you, you have to know that. That's evidence that their hiding something so I've swarm put that out there well and we didn't get into the thick of this yesterday. So I think we should now because as pointed out. There are, possibly more motivating factors for a possible suicide suitor had I've children, his salary was reportedly, seventy
eight thousand a year He died in the line of duty. His family stood to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lump sum. Pay out. A federal and state benefits ray pension, giving his widow his annual salary for life, and I actually saw one report states it would be tax free for the course of her life was that's good. should be tax. There would also be workers compensation as well as any. Possible life insurance that they had. Okay, so that it on those facts well I think, let's go into these profits. Go ahead. I have a question for you: okay, what does he get if he goes to jail? How much they well? How much does the police department pay his family? He would yet the I dont know this to be one hundred percent fact, but.
I have to believe it would be zero right. It's probably zero right, you don't get to go to jail and they go hey. We're gonna, pay your family, money or hey. What's was the benefits that your family gets? If you go to jail zero right, so you know that that becomes a difficult thing. You know that seems to me like such a big motive and then on the other side of things. You go well, of course the I. I don't believe that that his wife is arguing that he didn't kill himself because she wants money, but that has to play up factor in this that she would have a motive to keep that fight gone. Does that make sense nor yeah I mean you gonna question everything, we're question: if we're questioning sean suitors motivation right, and what may have actually happened is fair to question. Hers is well right, but then we have the question of else's motive as well, because if the police,
in the same, hey look at first we're looking for a suspect, white jacket, black and white jacket, black man. this is what we're looking for: we're shutting down a whole neighborhood and all of a sudden you go eh hey this cop wasn't dirty! Well, maybe the cop was dirty. This is what they're saying, there's that there's a sus No there's not suspect suitor wasn't dirty. He was dirty and you in you're gonna tell me We don't know if we have a shooter now we think that he killed himself. What guess, who does, after now if he killed himself, the police department so- and I understand that's- not come directly from their pockets, but You know. I've never been a part of those budget meetings and trust me. I know some people to have.
they're not pretty yeah, but I should you know. I want to include this because my take on this whole story is, while you have some investigator saying that hey there are, there were some things it Pointed to a possible suicide. I don't believe it was there. There are one hundred percent per hour upon it position that he did commit suicide and I mean that being coming directly from the baltimore police department? I don't, I don't see them trying to spin this. In that action at this point in art, in our story, in the case It appears to me to be speculation. There. Still treating this as a homicide. But these are just possible motivating factors for another possibility of suicide. And as mentioned. So why Of the benefits, the largest bennett
that would be available to families of fallen law law enforcement officers. This would come from the. U s justice department It's a program that provides three hundred. Thirty thousand dollars and pay out, and it also pays out for higher education tuition assistance for his children. So that money is not available if he was a dirty cop or if it was determined that his death was caused by his own intention so In other words, is sean suitor killed himself? Many of those benefits to his family would be drastically reduced, if not removed altogether bonn dear how much money these kids would get for college assistance I mean you know how much it is to get a computer agree. The sea in these day age, trillions of dollars right
aliens and I've actually seen different reports regarding what the tuition assistance would would have been for his children by any from you know the whole bill is paid to know, a small amount paid annually while and I'm joking about the trillions, but I mean higher education. Now I mean the price is ridiculous. Well, so if he did commit suicide, how would this have worked If this is in fact what happened, if sean suitor did kill himself, we can only wonder when he made the decision to do such a thing and how, planning went into it For one thing, there are reports that shooter suitor I'm sorry requested by manka to work with him that day being a junior partner bobo. Manka was kind of low on the total poor. As far as these, beside investigators go. He was only in the was I division for five months. Perhaps manka, was more likely to follow. Suitors too
action leaving his side to enter the vacant. Lot schroeder street side, and there would be no witnesses to what happened right. One thing got a point out here is while they were too going down. This quote. Unquote, bleed this possible lead in an unsolved homicide sooner directing himself that day he wasn't He wasn't being directed by a higher up as to where to go that he was choosing where to go, and some have pointed out, The him, knowing that it was an abandoned neighbour, you know, of a bad place, a bad part, a town right that this might be a good place to stage a murder stage. His mark and but what's weird here is that we have among video footage looking odd, almost as if he's paying attention to somebody
and then he goes into this alley. We got three gunshots, so yeah, You fire randomly and then put one in the back your head, and then, where does the gun fall? The gun falls underneath them, as he thought, now, not so worried about where they found them where they found the bullet right and the reason why is because I don't think necessarily that suter has a place himself on the ground to get the bullet where it was. The bullet could have ricocheted off at anything and fell. yeah, I mean why I'm with you on the the finding of the bullet, the location of the bullet, they killed him. I think could argue it both ways. One could indicate that he turned his gun on himself or the he was involved in a struggle.
and he ended up toward the ground, are facing the ground or on the ground and was was killed by you know a gunman who got away.
right now, but what's weird to me, though, is this the struggle? It also could have been he's pulling his trigger himself and the struggle happens where his arm goes, then behind his head. Think about like if a guy got behind him put him in a half nelson, then his arms struggling and maybe goes to fire the guineas going to shoot him and ends up shooting himself in the head. I think what we do have, though, is you know. We have ballistic evidence to to know if it came from his gun, which I'm assuming that they know that the bullet did come from his gun. They, they have publicly stated that ballistic lie, or they have proof that the three shots were fired from his gun, right and so dollar. Thing, though, too is we have the measurements of his arms and the measurement of the gun, and is it even possible for him to get the gun in the spot where he shot himself and and
facing in the direction that the bullet, what to exit the body, I think they they should be able to prove that scientifically win win. This case first broke. Ok, now, keep in mind there obviously treating this as a homicide right from the get go, but when the case first bro, the information that came out was that he had his radio in his left hand his gun in his right hand, and that he was shot in the rights. I'm sorry that he was and the left side of his head, which site typically makes it almost impossible that his arm would reach around there and shoot himself in the left side of his head right. They ended up learning very quickly into the investigation now mind you by this point. They ve already set investigators out looking for a killer cop killer and they find out that no, in fact the gunshot did come from the right side. Re entered the head at the right side.
Right. But what I'm saying is, depending on where at on the right side of his head Behind his ear, so it would have been, I think, I think I'm I mean this is the great thing about podcasting. I'm sitting we're both doing this, trying to put words right hand toward the back of our right ear, somebody's going to walk in and think we're doing hot yoga, but we're not while you do so. I would I wouldn't say that it's difficult, but it doesn't seem where does this amiable supernatural right? But again, maybe that's part of the plan. If I do it this way, it's not gonna see natural we're not gonna. What's up well and then in august of two thousand and eighteen we will get back the I r b report and we will review their findings right after this quick beer break
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and we will go through all two hundred and seven pages for that's one pays lessen. Our report does joking here we'll work it out for you in some bullet points. So the report stated that the eye are being concluded. The detective suitor took his own life with his own weapon. The report contains information that was not disclosed until this point. So, let's break it down, This is all per their report. We may argue some things along the way here captain, but let's start off in investigating the case. The police department executed twelve search warrant. conducted. A hundred and twenty three interviews followed up on fifty four tips and cleared thirty three vacant homes. In the end, they were left with no suspects, Suitor and his partner for the day bo manka had been too bennet place on the previous day as well. Suitor toolbar manka that he was in search of a street worker named Mary. This is as much information is
have about this person named Mary whom he said was a potential source of information in a two thousand and sixteen triple murder, but There is no mention of her in the murder. He's file or the debate and list of informants what implying here is that suitor may have made up this person named Mary. sooner and both make a thought that they saw the quote suspicious person from their unmarked vehicle at four o two p m, but they weren't certain. They decided to call it a day. At that point, suitor had a five, clock meeting with his attorney. The report reveals, but, I did not know this while driving away suitor toll bo manka. He saw the suspect in the alley they parked in suitor state hide the white van parked on bennet place and directed by manka to the corner of bennet place and schroeder street.
that he could see if someone came out of the opening to the vacant lot located on schroeder street according to bow manka at four thirty, six p m suitor ran towards the vacant law and out of view of both manka as or disappeared from view beaumains, observe suitor beginning to on holster his weapon with his right hand, just pride that suitor waved at both manka. The purpose of this gesture is unclear. Bo manka interpreted the wave to signify that something was happening in the vacant lot here Suitor yell, stop, stop stop police and heard gunshots, but make us reporting is a little inconsistent for this next part. The report, reed's bo manka, ran away from the law and called nine when one went back up I've within two minutes of the call by manka
spawning officer, approached the law and found suitor on the ground rolled him over and started chest compressions? Just after suitor was placed in the patrol car to go to the trauma centre. He received a text message. This is from his attorney at four forty two p m Jeremy, eldridge texted suitor who have grand jury by subpoena at one p m in federal court, and me at eleven a m at: u s a file, immediately by I can't stay past six no response. He texted again at for fifty two p m- do what is going on John but are deleted later convicted off. Sir condo and ward from the contacts of his phone along with seventy five tax and three hundred, and Thirteen call log entries. So what did the I r b report point to as evidence of suicide
the autopsy determined that there was a close contact wound where gun. Barrow was pressed to his head. The bullet had more consistent with suitors glock, although could not be one hundred percent confirmed as coming from suitors gun the evidence. Is overwhelming that the fatal weapon was suitors glock, who dna was found inside the gun barrel as well. Is on its surface. The report contributes to this as well they do to blood spatter entering the chamber. The report states that other traceable, dna or fingerprints were found on the gun, the three shelter things found at the scene came from suitors gun blood spatter was found on the inside of suitors right shirt, cuff, indicating that His arm was close. The skull and was spattered when blood was exe. held by the shot and making it unlike
that someone was forcibly holding his right risk or lower arm maude on suitors left shoe and me shows He was kneeling on his left me when he was shot. This they say is incomes. Student with a struggle but consistent with police officers, training taken need to stabilize themselves when shooting suitor was trained in self defence and knew how to use the gun slide to disable his weapon if attacked. other than trace amounts of dna, which might be a trip to the officers who transfer it suited to the hospital no dna other than his was on his person? He had defence wounds His radio was still, in his hand, inconsistent with the struggle based the video and witness statements, a suspect, would not have enough time to disarm and kill suitor and escape
manka didn't see any one running away from the seen and heard suitor yell stop instead of help, we also have suitors work computer. The search History revealed a suitor, googled von green funeral on five occasions on September six tooth thousand and seventeen when suitor was laid to rest, his family utilised, the services of VON green funeral ok, there's a lot a bullet points. There are a lot of different thoughts and allowed to go through and here's what we gotta be clear on this, because this end and review board. They didn't. I understanding dayton actually go out and conduct their own investigation. What they did was compiled all of the information that was gleaned from investigation already read and reviewed information together collector. We as a board the group and came to the
inclusion that sean suitor kill himself right, so the Warren commission and I also believe that the determination of homicide has not been overturned by this finding of the review bored so technically. This would still be should still be a homicide when investing as such now regard their bullet points. They do put together a good, strong argument that suitor, have killed himself. I would argue back that I dont gets conclusive nine months. So I think it's still unclear yeah. I agree. I agree with you on that, but it's the deleting of the contacts and the the deleting of the history that suspect what you're going to meet with your lawyer later, hmm, are you trying to get rid of it before you meet with the lawyer, and maybe it has nothing to do?
with the shooting it? So it's so darn tough, because with this case, I think that a lot of the things you can argue on both sides, like ok, For instance, you mentioned that the leading of those two contacts deleting of text messages that probably were conversations with those two contacts. Ray that simply because sean suitor was a good guy and he it was known to him by this point that those were bad guys that, were you know, corrupt cops that he was within. He didn't want any part of them. Just a unit. You know we're not the same just because we we both work for the same department. I've learned through the course of of history with you that we are not the same. We are not hands were an I'm deleting you for that purpose. Now, airbus is odd time to delete it. Well, I, I know that we know exactly when that was deleted way- you know this could have been months
advance from what I found in the report. It just says that, those were deleted when they inspected his phone. That was done and I don't it's like they're, saying that day the day that he took his own life and deleted that information as unclear regard the funeral home. Ok, I am nowhere near nowhere near the age that you would have to put me in and assisted living home, pretty close though, but when I used to drive around the state of ohio conducting interviews and some of them were taken place at these are did living hopes. There was more than one occasion where I went to one and, unlike that, was a really nice facility. I really the way that they are treating the residents there What I'm getting at is just because he googled a funeral home, doesn't mean that he was planning his death. It could be some as simple, as is he attend a funeral there
wanted to remember the name of it in case he had to make arrangements for himself at a later date or one, and you say he is going to the website each year he googled thee general name, not the exact name of the funeral home, but a general name. That would lead him to get information it's kind of if you walk ass, a restaurant, the you think, looks nice and you, like all google, John John ays. While there is also a bitch, whereas that are posted on on funeral parlors websites are that's true. So could he be looking up something of a friend of a friend a family friend that might have passed away to see what time their services more he passed away. Who knows, I think then all of that that is really only two pieces of evidence that I think are very strong in support of the possibility of suicide
all I want argue some other things. First, before we get to those but rigour Ok regarding the mud or dirt, there was found on his suit again you argue that both ways the review board wants to suggested. That means was kneeling down in a manner he is taught as an officer to stabilize himself before taking a shot right can't argue the same point that he was being attacked or in some kind of scuffle that led him down to his knee and then he was shot and then, Have the thing you have the blood on his cough. of his shirt, which says that he did there couldn't have been somebody forcing his hand, could not have forced hand there was nobody else present. I would
I like to see. I would like to see that really mapped out for all of us. You know what I mean map this thing out and show me how that couldn't mean that somebody else was forcibly holding is an right to me. That's just a non point: doesn't mean anything. I give a shit about their opinions on that. Well the thing is they could they could have a better understanding of it because they have better knowledge presented to them, where we don't have enough to go all right. I agree with that. I disagree with the right, but but I don't understand it out same. Doesn't matter me well. That's why I say I would like to see more. I would like to see that really mapped out for us scientifically to explain how no one else could have been holding his hand forcing his arm or anything at manner. yeah and then I also wonder, do we know he's in a dead spread. the reason why I mean this is is it is? It is our possibility that he runs around and says stop he fires two shots,
and then somehow, within his movements, its accidental shooting to himself that past. well and then you have. You have the few board saying well, his partner for the day says he was yelling, stop not help who we're talk about a second man who who knows what words we're going to use when find ourselves in a situation by if you're gonna sit away with another person cops normally face. Stop it's the cops, stop or I'll shoot right. So what you don't want. I mean I, I thought he'd yell help. I write. I actually think him yelling stop indicates that there may have been somebody else present in that vacant lot with him. I agree and okay, so I think the most damning part, the part that may
point the most to suicide, for me is the the view are short period of time from the from when he runs into the vacant. Lot to wear his partner, can see What's going on right, they say the debts eight seconds that makes it, Harry. That's such a short period of time for someone to get into. turkish with this officer, with sooner for power him three answering out. One of em kills suitor. It could happen, however, I think it's. It's such a small piece of time, I know find it to be very likely. The other part of that is the point and getting away right. How how did the individual get away and not be seen in that short of of attack
spam. We're talking about broad daylight eight seconds to run into a building is thus not that's, not that's pretty quick but but its doable. on. If I'm on the curb and I push you over, I can get inside a house within eight seconds yeah. You could do I mean even with your bum leg. Well, here's here's the thing you have to wonder from knowing where the bullet came from from hind is right ear. Is it possible? then he ran into that big it law and he was ambushed gun down. I mean that maybe he was in pursuit of someone or thought he saw something and was in pursuit of that, and so came up from behind him, you that explain his. You know that they say they look he's. God is radio and his hands so that doesn't indicate a scuffle he's could be calling for help his into
and could have been to call for help. That would indicate a scuffle right where you could run and he has his and on his radio left hand comes run, an n. He thinks he's something he fires fires boom somebody's behind him, grab his arm. He pulls it up accidentally pulled the trigger or purposely pulls the trigger disease. Thinks he's gonna hit that person. He's dead. You bring up a very interesting thing here. Could it be something as simple as he was in fact in pursuit of someone he thought was behaving suspiciously and loses his footing as as he's yelling stop with with the un, of firing at some point and ends up mistakenly, shooting himself does again. How old is he He would have been forty three There is also forty three year old run around the corner and he's gonna put down his knee and, as he is
doing this and maybe has gone up here again: you're. Ok, he hits his knee and ah bomb. I mean. No one can see the dance moves on doing, but it's possible. It's very possible. Look! Your body breaks down I don't care what they says and what doesn't and who cares? I mean, let's say he's in the prime of his life. We all can take a misstep. We all can be running full speed and not ceased see something and step on it or roll our ankle. Anything any of the can happen any one any time, while also you you're, you think you're in pursue. You say that before you get out of the car Are you a little jumpy because of the area, possibly so its support Well, let's go down this road, rural, quick, I've seen conflicting reports, rigour in gunpowder residue.
There are some reports out there that state that there they they clean, his hands in his body was cleaned at the autopsy. Therefore, they couldn't find gunpowder residue. That doesn't mean that their wouldn't have been that some there at some point. I have also seen other reports that state emphatically that, yes, there as gunpowder residue on sean suitors hand, which would indicate that he fired that gun himself it I one out of those three times I'm go with. There was gunpowder residue because the sources that come comes from, I believe to be more credible right, so. I'm not saying I'm not seeing one hundred percent, that is fact, but in my research scene. I believe it to be true. It seems like Everybody'S- can a lean in that way yeah. So there have people that have pointed out well, because there was gunpowder residue on his hand, then he had to have shut himself. Then one could argue, is it possible here
fired one or two of the shots, but not the shot. They killed him right. Then people have also argued well would have suitor have been smart enough to know that they would find gunpowder residue on his hand. Therefore, he purposely fired more than one shot before killing himself by again, and then you wonder about this video as a doctor in any way as a edited anyway. How long did they have this video footage before its released to the public? The thing that really drives me not, sir, really is hard for me to contemplate this whole suicide thing. As again, you have a person with you write and so now you're gonna try to stage this. If you gonna stage this, right there would have been easier ways to do it. I think what yap in your almost purposely goin, hey by the way. There's this guy, we gotta go, get em come me where he could he said, stay back in the car
radio for help or whatever right you get sent all this but you said no come with me get closer to, area where I'm gonna, ah fake. My my death I mean, I'm you think about this- that with eight about all the abandoned houses, the vacant houses in that area right suitor was not a dumb guy. This was a very smart detective face. Why, wouldn't he said, to bow manka here I think I saw that guy run into their house over there, I'm going to go in and chase him out to you yeah he could have. He could went into a space where he would have known. There would have been no witnesses right. this vacant lot. While it was vacant- and ass, their ended up being no eye witnesses to whatever happened in there that the space that its broad daylight there's a chance. Someone could have seen him. It doesn't seem to me if we're talking about
or intelligent detective planning his own suicide to look like a murder. It doesn't look to me like this would be the spot. He would pick I am very strange to me that the whole department would come out firstly and say we have a suspect. We ve seen a suspect. Are the other officer. The other detective on duty with him solace aspect. This is what we looking for we're shutting down a whole part of town and we're gonna infringe on other people's constitutional rights. To try to find this individual and then all of a sudden say yeah there was. There is never another suspect. We never saw anybody and by the way this was a suicide and you know what I have to believe that the description that they were using when they believe they were looking for shooter, that's gotta. from both manka saying hey, this is what we thought we saw before the shooting happened. This was the guy that we thought that we saw in that
I believe suitor was in pursuit of Here's a company, here's the thing there too who knows I mean this is how far fetched you can get with these possibilities. What, if he's did see? Somebody might rebecca. He sees somebody. he's saying, hey look. We saw somebody he might struggled with him, we don't know eight seconds eighteen seconds, twenty seconds, we're not really for sure right because the audio doesn't line up with the visual we don't know well and the visuals not great. No, I mean it looks I mean it looks like ants. You can't tell what is happening. I mean it looks like little blurry dots on the screen. He he go to our website and watch it you'll be like wow. That was a waste of time and the date may later now, but it's like we don't know, and then some somebody that they charge with these crimes. These dirty cops did they get to to this cause,
can say, hey unita, forget about the suspect. You saw because I think this bastard is gonna, throw us under the bus and they he's got it killed in the line of duty and his family is going to get taken care of, and ours isn't we're going to be stuck in prison. You know You're gonna say that you didn't. You didn't see anybody. I going to say that this is a suicide and if you don't say that will go after your family, I mean that's how far fetched eating go with these possibility. these now, but to me our initial reports coming from law enforcement. If we're on believe anything that law enforcement says on this report that we have a suspect, the worst shutting down this whole part of this guy damn city, to try to find the suspect, because we have a cop killer. You turn around. Howard made his later and say that it was a suicide stone, estonia by that. Well, look
I can certainly agree with an understand or try to understand, because I don't live in that community I can agree with and try to understand the viewpoint of the citizens of baltimore, saying we can't trust these police. I have two eyewitnesses right now I what I'm saying is I get that because its proven there was corruption within that department, but it's not everyone it's as far as we know a small, it's a faction of that department re, so the public is very sceptical and I think they should be sceptical of the independent review boards findings. what they released as their belief as to what happened. I am very sceptical that actually I dont fully agree with it You need to show me more evidence to tell me that he killed himself I think it stands up done. Stand up. And I won't let it stand in the garage, but we want the truth
emma what they put what the baltimore public will like we say at least a portion of em is well. We can't trust this department to give us the proper information. gonna argue on behalf of some of that department in saying this, but manka. While I feel and some of his statements to be inconsistent. I don't think that he, knowingly knew anything when he went out there that that day, meaning it was a suicide, he didn't know or mean if it was set up for suitor too, taken down he didn't know either. I think that his Statements are somewhat inconsistent, not because he's being controlled not because there's some great puppet master behind poland levers, making them do and say things a bit. I believe it's because he was out on the job in the field that day and something horrible happened. and I believe that it happened very quickly and it
be a little sketchy as to the second, by second details that you're asking this detective to later, give you so I don't. I don't find much problem with the very minor inconsistency in his story: the thing too is if baltimore policed apart. if they really wanted to set up she sooner take him down and they cover this thing up. They would have quickly around did. A man matching the very discreet, very vague description, but did they put out to the public on point and they would appended on somebody they were there. find a black man with a black and white jacket. They appended on somebody. I actually want to give them a little bit of credit that there were bringing forward some innocent guy rich, down on his luck. That has no ability financially to defend himself, so You don't have that happening.
Think I really call into question the independent review boards findings here. Captain I dont think that they have convincingly made their argument that sean suitor killed himself. I think at this day I'll go on record as saying that I believe did the original determination of homicide shouldst we'll be investigated as such and until a better information, it remains a homicide in my mind. Well, sticky, sits away one, because there is speculation that maybe he was a dirty cop, but what we do now, as we have evidence of him being a good cop, and we have evidence that he served in print to the community and anyway, that is gonna put their life on the line to protect us. We owe them something
and we owe their family something and what this, what detective, suitors family, is owed its to know the truth, rest in peace, detective, sean suitor, and you should go to true crime garage dot com for many reasons, but one of them we have our recommended page and we, recommended many books over our law journey here today we are recommending in pursuit the hunt for the belt way snipers by David reichenbach and pursue is a memoir detailing the pursuit and hunt for the belt way, snipers that lasted for twice three days in october of two thousand to when they tear is the washington capital region as they shot fourteen. Bull and random acts of pure evil you don't have to that title down. Now you can simply go to true crime garage dot com and find that listed. A recommended page this
gonna stick for premium show up the record. We talked about the Jamie class case updates, so you want to check that out. We also discuss the tv show true detect. And that's on stage or premium. So if you don't have that, go get it well. We will see everybody back here in the garage next week. Until then, please be good. be kind, don't listen.
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